Part of the Team

Part of the Team

We are tribal creatures. This is why many of us yearn for the experience of being on a team.  There is a kind of magic that occurs when you are part of a group, part of a team, and you are all pulling in the same direction to achieve a common goal. Did you know
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The Butterfly Effect

Source Several decades ago at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Edward Lorenz posed a question: “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”  Since that time, “the Butterfly Effect” has been the term used to describe situations where a small action results
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Business team negotiating

The Power of Conversation – Part 2

We are continuing the dialogue about the Power of Conversation! In our experience of having thousands of conversations with customers across North America and around the world, we are convinced of the value and power of having customer conversations to gather feedback. Here are a few more reasons why we are keen on conversations: Better
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The Power of Conversation – Part 1

It is the oldest form of communication. Conversation. It is arguably still the most effective one too. Nothing compares to the speaking and listening exchange between two people.  Beyond just the words, conversation is about how it is being said. Tone of voice, inflection, hesitation, emotion, dynamics … are vital for quality communication. This is
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Setting the Bar low_Rez

Who is Setting Your Customer Service Standards?

Who is setting your Customer Service Standards….your industry? Your ego? Or your Company? Some industries have “industry standards” but the bar is set quite low, just slightly above common courtesy in fact. If your industry does have customer service standards or benchmarks, even very good ones, why not determine how your company can exceed them?
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People won't complain

People Won’t Tell You What You’re Doing Wrong

Canadians are famous for being polite people. Perhaps too polite. Rather than ruffle feathers, many people are content to put up with problems, inconveniences, even bad customer service, to avoid lodging a complaint.  Perhaps this is part of the residual British influence on Canadians, to keep a “stiff upper lip.” Sometimes customers will not complain
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Referrals to Family and Friends2

Do Your Customers Refer You to Family and Friends?

In these days of online reviews, customer purchase decisions are increasingly influenced by referrals.  Word of mouth counts for a lot, even if it comes from total strangers. However, when referrals come from family members and friends where there is a high level of trust, they are that much more powerful in influencing a customer’s
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Business man waiting for a call.

Waiting for Customer Feedback? Go and Get It!

Has your company set up passive customer feedback mechanisms where you are waiting to receive responses from your customers?  How long do you wait? You might wait a very long time. But why wait? Your customers are busy people.  Our observation is that many people don’t bother to provide customer feedback, especially if they have
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customer_appreciation road sign_rez

Do your Customers Know You Appreciate Them?

Many businesses have “Customer Appreciation Day” events and sales. Sometimes, it is a Customer Appreciation Week.  Companies and customers tend to associate “appreciation” with getting a bargain, a discount, some kind of measurable benefit at the cash register.   But is this the most effective way to show your customers how much you value them?
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Intel on Your Employees or ROle

Getting Intel on a Role in Your Company

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK SERIES: Part 1  Your company has recently created a new front line position and you are wondering if it is working the way you had hoped. Or, you may also be wondering if the new employee is working out. Of course, spying on your employees is not the approach you wish to take,
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