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Pricing: The Barometer You Could Be Using

The Price is Right® How do you know if you are charging the right price? That is a difficult question for Business Owners to answer. A few approaches that some Owners use are: Let the Sales Team figure it out. Calculate hard costs and add a reasonable margin. Figure out what the competition are charging
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Customers are People, Really

In his book, Customers are People: The Human Touch, John McKean asserts that our decision to buy is based on the degree to which we are treated as people. Specifically, he says that ”70% of a customer’s decision to buy is based on human interactions and only 30% is based on product attributes.” The human
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The #1 Reason Customers Leave

Sales expert Gerry Layo says, your customers don’t stop buying. They just stop buying from you. They go somewhere else. But why? The Rockefeller Corporation study found that there are a number of reasons, but one surpasses them all. Image source Indifference! Customers leave because of a “perceived indifference.” They aren’t feeling the love, shall
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There are 3 sides to every story.

Film producer Robert Evans said, “There are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth.” Every person in your company who deals directly with customers should be reminded of this. Many employees rush to defend the company when a problem with a customer arises. The problem is, the cost might be losing
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Your email said what?

We are all familiar with the many ways emails and tweets can get you into some serious trouble. Although emails and tweets can be helpful and often a very efficient way to communicate, they are a one dimensional – absent of tone and nonverbal nuance. In the business sphere, emails and tweets can create problems
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Customers want CLARITY!

We interviewed a customer last week whose only complaint about their Supplier was that they needed to provide clarity.  We decided to find out how our client could unpack the desire for “clarity” and we discovered 3 things companies could have their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) do to provide more clarity and a more satisfying
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Do You Have Your Cart Before the Horse?

Brand loyalty has been a focus for many companies recently.  In an effort to distinguish their companies from the pack, they have tried to create new buzz and recognition around their brand identity to increase brand loyalty.  But that may be putting the cart before the horse. If we say that brand loyalty is the
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Do You Have an Early Warning System?

One of our clients recently said: “What I value the most about working with Client Insight is the ongoing comfort of knowing that we are doing what we should be doing with our customers. It provides us the validation that what we are doing is correct. It is in effect, an Early Warning System when
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Sometimes the smallest actions can initiate huge results. Take customer feedback, for example. What if your customer provides very positive feedback about an interaction with a particular employee? What if the employee went ‘above and beyond’ to make this customer happy? What if the employee found out how the customer reacted to their excellent service?
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Want an Accurate NPS Score? Send in the Pros

Source: The Radical Ear In 2003, Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems introduced the customer loyalty metric which was trademarked as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Determining a Net Promoter Score for your company is vital to understanding if your customers will purchase your products or services and also, if they will
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