Third Party NPS Score (1)

Want an Accurate NPS Score? Send in the Pros

Source: The Radical Ear In 2003, Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems introduced the customer loyalty metric which was trademarked as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Determining a Net Promoter Score for your company is vital to understanding if your customers will purchase your products or services and also, if they will
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CI Blog 170117 B17 Customer U Turns

How to Create Customer U-Turns

Even the very best companies occasionally have unhappy customers, and many have discovered the secrets to turning them back into happy ones before they leave and switch brands. Key to turning around a leaving customer is how your company responds to the customer’s frustration when it occurs.  The more time that passes between when the
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Customers Like to Give Feedback….What?

A little known secret about your customers is this…..they actually like to give feedback. What? Yes, when it is for altruistic reasons. In other words, if they believe there is a genuine desire to listen to what they have to say, negative or positive. So why is it so hard to obtain customer feedback, you
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3 Roads That Send Customer Loyalty Over a Cliff

Did you know your company might be sending its customer loyalty over a cliff? You are Not Rewarding Loyal Customers Are you taking your customers for granted by assuming that customers who repurchase are loyal?  But do you know why they repurchase? Customer loyalty cannot be assumed, or taken for granted. You need direct customer
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Three Golden Keys

3 Keys to Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is not the Holy Grail of marketing. It’s not rocket science either. It turns out there are three very simple keys to capturing customers loyalty…and keeping it. 1. Reliability Reliability forms the basis for customer loyalty, and it is developed over time. Your customers need to see that your company doesn’t just make
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Where Does Your Customer Feedback End Up?

There are essentially two destinies for the customer feedback you currently collect: It ends up in the office ether. (e-ther noun: the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.) You develop an internal process to leverage customer feedback to improve your business. The primary reason to gather customer feedback is to improve
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How to Get Inside Your Customers’ Heads For some marketers, finding out what their customers think seems to require a crystal ball.  Surveys, kiosks, coupons, loyalty plans, all have their place to track purchasing preferences. But how do you know what your customers really want?  How do you get into their heads? Just ask them. Directly. In a phone conversation. Customer
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How Big is Your Iceberg?

Did you know that on average, only 4% of your Dissatisfied Customers will formally complain?  So to put it another way, your current customer complaints are only the tip of your Dissatisfied Customers iceberg. Where are the rest of them? In her book Understanding Customers, Ruby Newell-Legner wrote that 94% of dissatisfied customers don’t voice
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Orange stands out in a line of green apples

Customer Retention ≠ Customer Loyalty Some marketers make the mistake of thinking that customer retention is the same thing as customer loyalty. Not so. Just because you have repeat customers does not mean those customers are loyal. Customers might continue to buy from you for a variety of reasons that don’t include loyalty. These could include: Convenience. They have
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