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There are 3 sides to every story.

Film producer Robert Evans said, “There are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth.” Every person in your company who deals directly with customers should be reminded of this. Many employees rush to defend the company when a problem with a customer arises. The problem is, the cost might be losing
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Your email said what?

We are all familiar with the many ways emails and tweets can get you into some serious trouble. Although emails and tweets can be helpful and often a very efficient way to communicate, they are a one dimensional – absent of tone and nonverbal nuance. In the business sphere, emails and tweets can create problems
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Customers want CLARITY!

We interviewed a customer last week whose only complaint about their Supplier was that they needed to provide clarity.  We decided to find out how our client could unpack the desire for “clarity” and we discovered 3 things companies could have their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) do to provide more clarity and a more satisfying
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How to Create Customer U-Turns

Even the very best companies occasionally have unhappy customers, and many have discovered the secrets to turning them back into happy ones before they leave and switch brands. Key to turning around a leaving customer is how your company responds to the customer’s frustration when it occurs.  The more time that passes between when the
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Where Does Your Customer Feedback End Up?

There are essentially two destinies for the customer feedback you currently collect: It ends up in the office ether. (e-ther noun: the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.) You develop an internal process to leverage customer feedback to improve your business. The primary reason to gather customer feedback is to improve
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Got Customer Feedback? Now What?

The surveys are in. The focus groups are done. The telephone interviews are complete. Now what? A surprising number of companies make the investment to gather customer feedback, but then fail to develop a plan for how to use it effectively to improve their products, services, or processes. Take these three primary action steps to
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Rescuing A Customer Relationship

We have likely all dealt with an upset or unhappy customer. Special skills are required to rescue the relationship and with the right approach, a raving mad customer can be turned into a raving fan.  But it takes effort and some key skills to salvage the situation. STEP 1: PREPARE yourself. Hearing an unhappy customer’s
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