ELRUS Aggregates Parts Ordering Experience


This page contains feedback results and reviews from ELRUS’ customers about the Parts Order Experience with ELRUS Aggregate Systems. Client Insight Inc. interviews ELRUS’ customers across Canada and the Western USA. We are given full latitude to interview all customers based on region and sales data. The graphed results below ‘speaks for itself’ and provides customer insight into ELRUS business. Read the customer stories below:

Timeline: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

  • ELRUS’ partsman is knowledgeable/available to answer questions
  • The parts I need are really available at ELRUS
  • ELRUS provides a helpful shipping solution

Here are Reviews of ELRUS’ customers:

2017 ↑ Back to top

“I just dealt with ELRUS a few weeks ago and they got me what I wanted.”

Tyrell H, Jake-Jay Construction Ltd, Revelstoke, BC Mar/17

“Jared and Spenser with ELRUS are so good. Spenser is a gem, such a hard worker. I purchase parts from Spenser because I like him so much. Really everyone in the ELRUS branch office does a great job. Rick, Jody, all of them.”

Shawn W, G.W. Construction Ltd, Buchanan, SK Mar/17

2016 ↑ Back to top

“They are local and their turnaround on parts has been impressive. A lot of the parts are from down south (US) and turn around 1.5 to 2 weeks. I find that ELRUS is good, they come to the table.”

Rick O, Jack Cewe Ltd, Coquitlam, BC Feb/16

“I can give ELRUS the dimensions and they can quickly help me find what I need. They have the knowledge to address a retrofit or deal with other manufacturers.”

Harlan M, Mill Creek Sand & Gravel, Redwater AB Feb/16

“ELRUS does a great job, I have never had an issue and they are always there to help.”

Jon L, Lafarge Canada Inc, Calgary, Feb/16

“I have Sandvik cones and ELRUS sells the Sandvik genuine parts. I also get rollers, head pulleys and tail pulleys from them. ELRUS has what I want and it is generally available at reasonable prices.”

R Martin, Martin Bros Crushing Ltd, Listowel, ON Jan/16

“For us, the cost and service is the most important – it is the bottom line. Their service is good and we purchase from ELRUS because of their prices. It is really convenient to have Kurt deliver parts when he is able to.”

Melissa B, Farrish Crushing Inc, Listowel, ON Jan/16

“I have received wrong parts once but ELRUS was good about getting it fixed. It was a motor and eurodrive and they got us the right one within a few days. I have known James for a long time and he has always treated us well. He has a lot of knowledge.”

Darryl W, Blue Star Construction Ltd, Brandon, MB Jan/16

2015 ↑ Back to top

“99% of the time, ELRUS has the parts. When they don’t have the parts, they go ‘over and above’ to get us the parts. They will do what they need to, to make it happen. It is not uncommon for them to call another supplier or customer to see if there is a spare available. They are really good.”

Jack H, The Sarjeant Co. LTD, Barrie, ON Dec/15

“I want to say that ELRUS really treats us well. We are probably the only ones that use an extra coarse liner on our cone. They have always had it in stock for us. Other companies come along and want to sell us liners but I don’t really care about the price – ELRUS takes care of us by stocking the extra coarse liner and I really appreciate that.”

D Coderre, W.H. Coderre & Sons Construction, Stoughton, SK Nov/15

“I have had good luck with ELRUS. When I am looking at used ELRUS stuff, they tell me what I need to know. They are upfront and honest – I rely on them for that. Marshall R has been a good contact for me.”

Rick T, Lone Pine Crushing, Hughenden, AB Nov/15

“I give ELRUS a score of 97%. ELRUS is a Canadian company and I have been dealing with their people for a long time. I used to deal with Roland and now I deal with Steve P, Greg F or Carollyne C.”

Harold S, Harold Sutherland Construction, Kemble, ON Nov/15

“Russ at ELRUS is good at getting me the parts I need. He will work for me and tries his best. He will track down the shipments and keep me updated on progress.”

Harold M, Granite Construction Company, Salt Lake City, UT Oct/15

“ELRUS is doing a good job already. They are always nice; they call before they are coming up to confirm it fits. They ask if we have any special needs before they leave their shop. The guys are staying in contact with us at the right levels. We have a good good working condition (relationship) with ELRUS.”

Mabel B, Lake County Road & Bridge,
Leaderville, CO Sep/15

“ELRUS has the parts available. For regular parts they have all the inventory and for hard to get parts, they jump to the pump and get them for you. Most parts are available over night.”

Ed S, Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd,
Steinbach, MB Aug/15

“I deal with Troy, Lloyd and now Jason at ELRUS. They are all good. When I go for the parts, they have the right ones.”

K Stewart, Stewart Construction,
Innisfail, AB Aug/15

“I will admit that some of the things that I order are a bit out of the blue. I don’t have a problem with ELRUS. On consumables they are always there and always well priced.”

N Ostero Jr, Nels Ostero LTD,
Taylor, BC July/15

“The thing I like about ELRUS is their willingness to hold the inventory in Vancouver. With ELRUS we can always get the parts in a couple of days whereas with their competitor,  we have to order 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time.”

Greg S, Hub City Paving,
Nanaimo, BC July/15

“I am surprised that ELRUS has as much stock as they do. They have everything that I need for my 3′ cone (430 cone). The good backup that ELRUS has is that if Saskatoon doesn’t have it, the parts are only an overnight away from Calgary.”

Doug F, Doug Folden Trucking Ltd,
Melfort, SK July/15

“I would say that the ELRUS location at Nisku has more than enough parts for our needs.”

J Dagley, Associated Aggregates Inc,
Falun AB June/15

“It is very easy to contact ELRUS for parts. Most of the time – let’s say 99% of the time, the parts are available. We usually order in the morning and sometimes the parts show up in Weyburn that evening. If not, it always shows up the next day.”

M Longley, Swayze Concrete LTD,
Weyburn, SK June/15

“Right now we are very happy with the service we get from ELRUS Aggregates.”

S Henriquez, De Beers Canada Inc,
Gahcho Kue, NT May/15

“What we buy from ELRUS is a new line for them. They are well versed in crushing but new to drills. They are on a learning curve but are definitely working on it. We are happy with what they are doing for us so far.”

B Corbett, Agassiz Drilling 2000 Ltd,
Rosser, MB May/15

“ELRUS Aggregates’ customer service has been excellent.”

K Kunz, De Beers Canada Inc,
Gahcho Kue, NT May/15

“ELRUS Aggregates are meeting my needs. I can call them by 4:00 pm one day and have the parts by 9:00 the next day and I am located 6 hours away from Winnipeg. Randy is dedicated. I know that he will drive to the depot on his own time if I have called after the shipping time. It is a good relationship.”

C McFatridge, Barrens Northern Transportation,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/15

“A lot of the parts purchases at ELRUS are related to the ELRUS equipment we have – OEM. Their competitor’s parts are always two days away, whereas ELRUS’ parts are only a day away.”

C Driedger, Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd,
La Crete, AB Mar/15

“ELRUS Aggregates are meeting my needs. I can call them by 4:00 pm one day and have the parts by 9:00 the next day and I am located 6 hours away from Winnipeg. Randy is dedicated. I know that he will drive to the depot on his own time if I have called after the shipping time. It is a good relationship.”

C McFatridge, Barrens Northern Transportation,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/15

“A lot of the parts purchases at ELRUS are related to the ELRUS equipment we have – OEM. Their competitor’s parts are always two days away, whereas ELRUS’ parts are only a day away.”

C Driedger, Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd,
La Crete, AB Mar/15

“Availability on any part that is current wear and tear is fast at ELRUS.”

R Moore, Tawich Construction Inc,
Wemindji, QC Mar/15

“I get everything that ELRUS Aggregates ships the next day. It is always there.”

G Dueck, Lafarge Canada, Calgary,
AB Feb/15

“I have never had any issues getting the right parts from ELRUS Aggregates.”

P Rowe, Cantex Okanagan
Construction, Penticton, BC Feb/15

“I like dealing with Darren at ELRUS Aggregates because he is upfront and honest. He doesn’t tell us what we want to hear if he cannot say it honestly. He is knowledgeable and aware of what is happening. He follows-up and monitors to make sure things are completed.”

C Harris, Stony Valley Contracting,
Fort McMurray, AB Jan/15

“For the day to day consumables, ELRUS Aggregates is pretty good. Darren has come and sat down to talk and plan as to what we need. ELRUS stocks parts for us and that helps.”

J Thiessen, Marnevic Construction,
Fox Creek, AB Jan/15

“Purchasing parts from ELRUS Aggregates works good as I can reach them by email or phone.”

A Harris, Rowe’s Construction,
Hay River, NWT Jan15

2014 ↑ Back to top

“Sure the parts are available most of the time but sometimes they come from Calgary. The pricing is fair.”

G Saumer, Lafarge,
Edmonton, AB Dec/14

“We get excellent service from ELRUS Aggregates. I don’t know what we would do without James on our account. He goes the extra mile. He serves us with an urgency, other suppliers are not that pressed.”

A Stanchuk, Russell Redi Mix,
Russell, MB Dec/14

“I have been able to talk to anyone at ELRUS. If someone doesn’t know they will seek to find an answer and then get back to me. They follow-up, so I can talk with anyone.”

C Nelson, Mixcor Aggregates,
Leduc, AB Dec/14

“Troy from ELRUS Aggregates will quote me on the little stuff. With the competition, if it is an order that is less than $1,000, they don’t bother. But Troy will. He also stays in touch and clarifies that I have been looked after.”

K Royko, Lafarge,
Carseland, AB Dec/14

“I can just text or call Randy and he gets back to me right away. He knows what he is talking about. I give a part number and he finds it.”

D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,
Brandon, MB Dec/14

“My experience is that I need to talk with Darren at ELRUS because my requirements are very niche oriented.”

D Kucher, Carillion Canada,
Edmonton, AB Nov/14

“The ELRUS staff are very knowledgeable and their parts are readily available.”

JR Harder, Sundre Contracting,
Sundre, AB Oct/14

“ELRUS has been extremely good to us. They go out of their way for us. Kurt has driven parts over and you cannot ask for better service than that.”

B Bell, APS,
Kitchener, ON Oct/14

“The pricing is fair, as long as the quality is alright. The jaw plate that Kurt got is fine and it is good quality.”

T Crain, Crain’s Construction,
Maberly, ON Oct/14

“ELRUS stocks the parts until we need and there is a big benefit in having the Saskatoon branch.”

D Wilson, Buddwil Enterprises,
Yorkton, SK Sep/14

“We have a mixed bag of equipment but Kris is working with me to inventory the parts I need.”

G Burns, Vihar Construction,
Smithers, BC Sep/14

“It not that often that I don’t get the parts I need from ELRUS Aggregates, so I score them 5 out of 5″.

G Hebert, Inland Aggregates,
Winnipeg, MB Sep/14

“Delivery sometimes means that ELRUS Partsman brings the parts right out to our site. He has bent over backwards for us.”
S Good, Standard Limestone,
Stonewall, MB Aug/14
“If need be, their Partsman will bring the parts halfway. It helps!”

R Cavel, The Murray Group,
Moorefield, ON Aug/14

“I usually deal with Mario who has more experience and insight. But recently I have been dealing with Matthew a lot. His knowledge is increasing and I have had no problems with him. He is right on.”

E Hegadus, Feldspar,
Lloydminster, AB Jul/14

“When you buy something from a dealer, you expect to pay more but I think we are getting the same pricing as wholesale from ELRUS. They have been really fair on pricing.”

R Prisiak, McClement Rock,
Regina, SK Apr/14

“ELRUS staff are willing to expedite things. I called Leduc at 3:00 pm with a problem and Engineering in Calgary had a solution for us by 5:00 pm. Amazing.”

Aggregate Producer,
Northern BC Apr/14

“ELRUS has parts inventory; their pricing is competitive; their staff are knowledgeable and if they don’t have the parts they will find them right away. James services us and he is in contact with us on a regular basis.”

B Swiston, CPB Equipment,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/14

“Yes, it is very easy to contact ELRUS for Parts and they are pretty accommodating about getting the product shipped to us.”

R Frykas, Sigfusson Northern,
Lundar, MB Mar/14

“I can call ELRUS anytime, day or night, no problem. They also have after market for parts for equipment that they don’t even carry. They can get me those parts faster than the dealer. That is very impressive.”

D Hanson, Smook Contractors,
Thompson, MB Mar/14

“High marks to ELRUS as their staff are knowledgeable and can answer our questions.”

P Zacharius, United Concrete,
Williams Lake, BC Mar/14

“I deal mostly with ELRUS’ Calgary branch because they have never let me down. I have dealt with them for a long time, so its hard to argue with success.”

K Gardiner, Spring Creek,
Terrace, BC Feb/14

“I would say that ELRUS is working with us on stocking the parts we need.”

S Moss, JG Stewart Construction,
Orillia, ON Feb/14

“Mario and Matt are always good. They know the equipment we have, so we haven’t had any trouble.”

L Strocher, River Valley Contractors,
Drayton Valley, AB Feb/14

“The parts are readily available and if not they do their utmost to get them from another branch.”

E Solinski, White Stone Construction,
Steinbach, MB Jan/14

“I purchase out of Leduc and yes, they are easy to get a hold of and are reliable about returning our calls.”

P Franz, Grimshaw Gravel,
Grimshaw, AB Jan/14

“I can get a hold of Mario anytime I need, that is worth a lot. Even on the weekends or his days off. He is very good about that and if he doesn’t answer, he will call back. He helps us out a lot.”

D Polowy, Lafarge Canada Inc,
Fort McMurray, AB Jan/14

2013 ↑ Back to top

“If he doesn’t have the parts I need, he will track them down for me. That is worth a lot, it saves me time. It’s all about saving time, getting back to you, researching the parts and finding them. You trust a guy like that. Randy is readily available.”

J Lorensen, Bruno Contracting,
Thunder Bay, ON Dec/13

“We deal with the whole crew in Leduc for parts, whoever answers the phone. They are all great.”

P Seabrook, West Central Contracting,
Hinton, AB Dec/13

“ELRUS Partsman wants to make sure we have the right part and he wants to be able to answer the questions. He follows through. He corrects things if mistakes are made.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada,
Saskatoon, SK Dec/13

“ELRUS is really good at that (we can always connect with them).”

G Montane, Chamney Crushing,
Estevan, SK Dec/13

“I have been really happy. It doesn’t matter what my question/need is, ELRUS will help. Anything I ask, Jared is there to help. If I want something he will order it right away. Jared is really good. Rick is really good as well, very willing to help.”

R Boen, W.F. Botkin Construction,
Regina,SK Dec/13

“Definitely. They work with us, so we have an arrangement that suits us both. ELRUS people always accommodate us.”

J Bonnar, Colacem Canada,
Calumet, QC Nov/13

“I deal with whoever answers the phone but it is often Kurt. He is a good guy, I am pretty satisfied and actually I haven’t had any bad guys from ELRUS.”

R Gilbertson, Richards Landing,
ON Nov/13

“They are very helpful and accommoda-
-ting. They try to help as much as they can.”

Aggregate Producer,
Saskatoon, SK Nov/13

“I have no problems with them, I never have. I have been dealing with ELRUS Aggregates for the past 3 years.”

M Seymour, Farrell’s Excavating,
St John’s, NL Oct/13

“The material that we order regularly is generally in stock. It is the McLanahan parts that can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to get (we don’t need those often).”

B Laflamme, Orca Sand and Gravel,
Port McNeill, BC Sep/13

“”The material that we order regularly is generally in stock. It is the McLanahan parts that can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to get (we don’t need those often).”

B Laflamme, Orca Sand and Gravel,
Port McNeill, BC Sep/13

“Lloyd is very good. He can figure out stuff and ELRUS has been in business for long time. Lloyd is great.”

G George, South Rock Limited,
Medicine Hat, AB Jul/13

“I haven’t had any trouble getting the right parts from ELRUS Aggregate Systems.”

B Jarvis, Richardson Brothers,
Olds, AB Jun/13

“In completely the order from ELRUS Aggregate Systems, I am confident that we will get the right parts. I have never had a wrong part shipped to us by ELRUS.”

K Smith, Highway Rock Products,
Calgary, AB May/13

“I’m not confident that we order the right parts at all times. ELRUS staff catch us when we order the wrong parts; they coach us through when we initially order… very helpful.”

T Kenny, Minto Explorations
Vancouver, BC Apr/13

“We don’t contact them a lot, after hours, but Kris gets back to me in 1/2 hour.”

C Crawford, Crawford Aggregates,
Victoria, BC Mar/13

“They are very good. I give ELRUS Aggregate Systems high marks – that is why I switched to them. We switched to ELRUS because of great service.”

T Scarcelli, Burnco Rock Products,
Kelowna, BC Feb/13

“The main reason is the ‘after hours’ support that ELRUS Aggregate Systems provides. When we need something, James delivers it to us. He understands the costs of downtime – we run 24/7.”

C Hayden, Sigfusson Northern,
Lundar, MB Jan/13

2012 ↑ Back to top

“ELRUS Aggregates have always given us good service. If we have a request, Troy will spend a lot of time tracking things done – that saves me a lot of time. Troy will just do it. It helps out considerably.”

S Anderson, Canfrac Sands Ltd,
Calgary, AB Dec/12

“I deal with Mario most often. Contacting him by email works really well, he is great from that perspective. Mario knows his parts really well. Sometimes I don’t know the specifics but Mario will provide guidance and help me determine the parts that I need.”

A Harris, Rowes Construction,
Hay River, NWT Nov/12

“After hours, ELRUS is pretty good. They will meet me at the shop ‘after hours’, they take care of us pretty good.”

T Grimm, Fish Creek Excavating,
Calgary, AB Oct/12

“ELRUS has been great. I have a connection with James, Barry and Thor. They have all helped us out, they have gone “above and beyond” for us.”

C Flescher, Nelson River Construction,
Winnipeg, MB Sep/12

“I do order over the phone. I know what they have and what I need. I go to them for Dodge bearings, cold roll shaft and Conveyor parts.”

Mike, Carmacks Enterprises,
Edmonton, AB Aug/12

“ELRUS is excellent. They go the extra mile all the time. I have been dealing with them for 20 years and used to get parts from Calgary. Now that they are in Winnipeg it is even better. We had a screen problem 1000 miles north of Winnipeg. James drove the parts to site to get us up and going faster.”

Winnipeg Aggregate Producer,
Winnipeg, MB Jul/12

“James is always there for me and right on the ball, he is quick and efficient. I have nothing bad to say about ELRUS at all.”

R Karain, San Gold,
Rice Lake, MB Jun/12

“For sure, they typically have everything I need or it sure seems that way. We like to keep the machines running. If I need anything it is there, ready to go.”

Ken, Hopkins Construction,
Lacombe, AB May/12

“We receive the right parts from ELRUS Aggregates 99% of the time”

B Bell, Aggregate Processing,
Kitchener, ON May/12