I Purchased The Best Equipment Available On The Market


What makes one brand of aggregate equipment better than another? The management at ELRUS Aggregate Systems wanted to know, so they hired Client Insight Inc. to gather customer feedback and help them understand from a customer’s perspective.

This page contains results and reviews from ELRUS’ customers about why they believe that ELRUS Equipment is the Best Equipment on the market. Client Insight Inc. interviews ELRUS’ customers across Canada. We are given full latitude to interview all customers based on region and sales data. The feedback results below ‘speaks for itself’ and provides customer insight into ELRUS business. Read the customers’ reviews and stories.

Timeline: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012


Here are Reviews of ELRUS’ customers:

2017 ↑ Back to top

“ELRUS equipment works the way it is supposed to. It is dependable, lasts a long time, is user friendly and maintenance friendly. We have less down time which is very important. Their staff are definitely very helpful. I was on the phone with Kurt today in fact. They give us excellent support.”

Brent M, Canada Building Materials, St. Mary’s, ON Apr/17

“We bought a new cone from them 6 years ago, and that is a bearing cone or a bushing cone which I prefer. ELRUS is the best, so that’s why we order everything now from ELRUS.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd. Brandon, MB Apr/17

“ELRUS equipment is built for the province of Saskatchewan for the type of equipment we run and the type of material we crush. We crush river rock, and the different applications we have, ELRUS understands. Their service is good and they understand Saskatchewan contractors. The other outfits don’t. That’s the reason ELRUS has got the market in this province.”

Shawn W, G.W. Construction Ltd, Buchanan, SK Mar/17

2016 ↑ Back to top

“ELRUS is the biggest crushing equipment company and they have the best quality.”

Doug F, Doug Folden Trucking Ltd, Melfort, SK Nov/16

“I’ve been in this business for 20 years, and ELRUS’ equipment is heavier built, better built, more thought through. When you’re buying equipment, it is better not to buy the cheaper one because it will cost you more over the long run with maintenance costs. ELRUS will run for years.”

Demetrius T, Geransky Brothers Construction, Martensville, SK Nov/16

“We bought the cone plant, and the computer on it is second to none in productivity. It gains you 15 years of knowledge because you can get it in specs. I run it mostly on automatic and I know you can get a little bit more production if you go out of automatic. But they have a really good system with that computer. ELRUS is sometimes a bit higher priced but the service we get is also second to none. Also, ELRUS equipment holds its value better because it’s made better.”

Grant M, K.McIntosh and Sons, Outlook, SK Sep/16

“I didn’t look elsewhere because I have been using ELRUS equipment for years and I have been happy with it.”

Paul S, West Central Contracting Ltd, Hinton, AB Aug/16

“Well I do deal with other suppliers but from my vantage point, ELRUS is the best. When we first started this plant, the boss bought cheaper equipment, and over the years we have replaced most of it with ELRUS. Now we are about 90% ELRUS because it lasts longer. ELRUS is way better quality equipment, way easier to work on and it’s more operator-friendly. It is easier to maintain and it’s built for the long run.”

Demetrius T, Geransky Brothers Construction, Martensville, SK Jul/16

“Every salesman sells you the best machine in the world. Very rarely is that actually the case, but this one has lived up to the claim. This plant was a stretch for us because we deal with straight material. It is working well and we are happy with it.”

Larry W, Westcan Bulk Transport Ltd, Edmonton, AB Jul/16

“I think so. We are very happy with ELRUS and with the conveyor.”

Matt M, Buffalo Plains Cattle Company, Moose Jaw, SK Jul/16

“I think ELRUS is one of the best suppliers on the market.”

Trent S, Silver Eagle Excavation, Biggar, SK Jun/16

“I agree, for the situation we were in (purchasing the best equipment). It (screen plant MS612) is producing the result we were looking for.”

Rick K, Kode Contracting Ltd, Prince George, BC May/16

“I think so. We know ELRUS and we mainly use their equipment in our aggregate line.”

Lyle W, Venture Construction Inc, Martensville, SK May/16

“Yes, we have purchased the best. We needed to produce both 2? and 3/4? rock and the machine (Feeder Screen Jaw Skid) from ELRUS can do both, at the same time. It is a good quality machine. We actually flew down to Calgary to look at it while it was being built. We looked at all the equipment they were building and ours is not that big but we have had no problems with it.”

Clarence M, Community Government of Wekweeti, NT Apr/16

“I would agree [that I purchased the best equipment on the market]. In this situation, having sourced the Control Van from ELRUS, we got what we needed and we absolutely got what we wanted.”

Frank S, City of Calgary, Feb/16

2015 ↑ Back to top

“Actually, I will give ELRUS a 5/5. The Impactor (Plant C1521) has done an amazing job for us. We have 8 of their screen plants and they are all good. We have the first Superior zipline in Ontario. We run 12 spreads and a number of wash plants.”

Blaine B, Aggregate Processing Services, Kitchener, ON Dec/15

“I think we did purchase the best equipment. I like ELRUS equipment – it is built pretty strong. I think that ELRUS equipment is also more user friendly.”

Lenny G, Lafarge Canada Inc, Ft. McMurray, AB Nov/15

“I did purchase the best – we had one before (Cone H6800) and we just loved it. It is a good unit – it is easy to use and easy to service. ELRUS provides really good support and are always available to talk us through things, after hours.”

Ross A, Buffalo Gravel Corp, Grande Prairie, AB Nov/15

“This is the first ELRUS equipment I have seen. It is too early to tell. It is working well so far – it has been great. There have been a few minor issues but ELRUS has been pretty good about responding.”

Danny K, Oldcastle Materials, Grand Junction, CO Sep/15

“We purchase from ELRUS the best equipment on the market. Ron gets back to us when we need him. When we are working with him on a purchase, he definitely helps and gets us the information we need. He will negotiate a bit and I feel that we get the best price we can.”

Cory P, Burnco Rock Products Ltd,
Edmonton, AB Aug/15

“I believe I did (purchase the best equipment available on the market). We have quite a bit of ELRUS equipment. We can get parts and service from Brent or Jared at ELRUS, and that means a lot. They will try talking us through a problem before we have to call them out. They have a good inventory. Downtime is an evil word in this business and ELRUS helps us mitigate against it.”

Lyle W, Venture Construction Inc,
Martensville, SK July/15

“I would have to say I purchased the best equipment for a Canadian company. There is other good equipment out there but ELRUS builds good quality for the cost. They do a pretty good job.”

Art M, Pidherney’s Inc,
Rocky Mountain House, AB July/15

“For our needs, we did purchased the best equipment on the market from ELRUS. Marc helped us out specifically around the capacity of the cone crusher.”

J Hynes, Iron Ore Company of Canada,
Labrador City, NL June/15

“It has been a good experience working with ELRUS Aggregates. ELRUS’ equipment stands the test of time and does the job without much downtime. ELRUS builds good equipment.”

M Black, Tri-City Materials,
Petersburg, ON May/15

“ELRUS covers the bases and provides excellent equipment. It is very heavy duty stuff, built to take the material and tough conditions in the Canadian Shield.”

D Fortner, BBE Hydro Constructors LP,
Keeyask, MB Apr/15

“I think the quality of ELRUS’ equipment is better than the competition. We run other equipment as well, but ELRUS is good quality.”

G McIntosh, K.McIntosh and Sons,
Outlook, SK Mar/15

“ELRUS has the expertise and many years experience. When they build equipment they build it much stronger than anyone else. ELRUS really is top notch. When you ask or explain a problem, they know what you are talking about and what you need. From a workmanship perspective, I would put ELRUS at 100%.”

D Philip, Calgary Aggregate Recycling,
Calgary, AB Mar/15

“At the end of the day it is the customer service that matters. If I have a problem, I can give them a call and they answer the phone. If the person I am talking to doesn’t know the answer he will direct me to someone at ELRUS who does. When you are running equipment, there are always glitches. I can call ELRUS at 8:00 in the morning or 8:00 in the evening, it doesn’t matter, they will get me going.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada,
Saskatoon, SK Jan/15

“I believe so. I looked at other feeders and to me, ELRUS has the best feeder available. I have been in business for over 40 years. There is lots of other cheaper stuff out there but I am past that point. I want quality and with ELRUS, I know what I am getting and I am willing to pay the premium.”

K Anderson, Kinsella Transit Mix,
Kinsella, AB Dec/14

2014 ↑ Back to top

“Yes, I did. It is the ELRUS name, the work that goes into it and the quality you get in their machines. They stand behind the equipment. I have Elrus feeders and conveyors.”

D Urlacher, Urlacher & Sons Construct, Neilburg, SK Aug/14

“Yes, I did. A Superior conveyor is better than KPI-JCI or Thor conveyor.”

E Marshall, Earl Marshall Trucking, Erskine, AB Aug/14

“I believe so as the cone has increased our production. We haven’t had too many problems. There were some hiccups but that is normal with new equipment.”

R Breaks, Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC May/14

“I am fond of the unit, whether it is best or not doesn’t really matter to me. I would think that it is right up there from a quality perspective though.”

J Olineck, Lafarge Canada, Red Deer, AB Jul/14

“There may be other equipment just as good but I like using ELRUS Aggregate Systems because of their service. They will always look after us.”

M Croft, Flesherton Concrete, Flesherton, ON Jul/14

“I would think so. I haven’t seen other control vans and it is our second unit from ELRUS. It is top of the line from my perspective. Some other people may differ but we are happy, the control van is put together well.”

S Emmons, Emshay Enterprises, Moose Jaw, SK Jul/14

“ELRUS has pretty good equipment – the resale value of ELRUS is alright.”

F Pellack, Pellack’s Crushing, Jarvie, AB Apr/14

“There are other potential suppliers of this equipment but the long standing and trusting relationship I have with ELRUS makes the equipment the best. Even if there were other comparable brands, the value of the service level from ELRUS far exceeds any other equipment or suppliers.”

J Mundy, Sand Recycling, Edmonton, AB Apr/14

“One of my Site Supervisors at McMurray says that this stacker has more features and is nicer to operate than a Thor Stacker. That is positive. I can buy what I want but it is good if the field find it easy to use.”

B Samson, Aecon Mining, Timmins, ON Apr/14

2013 ↑ Back to top

“The equipment is all very well built. The Calgary production is heavy duty.”

T Vance, Canadian Silica, Peace River, AB Dec/13

“ELRUS conveyors are heavier duty and the fact is they are in Calgary, so they are close by if something goes wrong. They have the parts.”

B Wenchowski, Inland Aggregates, Edmonton, AB Nov/13

“I would say that ELRUS has the best equipment available.”

R McIntosh, McIntosh Crushing & Aggregates, Montmartre, SK Oct/13

“I think I did.”

C Botkin, C.D.Botkin Construction, Regina, SK Sep/13

“I agree 100%.”

D Gilbert, Zenith Paving, Brandon, AB. Aug/13

“ELRUS’ manufactured product is really superior to their competitors. They also do a good job of selling the equipment.”

S. Wilson, GW Construction, Buchanan, SK Aug/13

“I think so. I lean towards the electrical parts and the van is well built.”

Warren, Steep Rock Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Aug/13

“We feel we purchased the best equipment on the market.”

R Ponomar, MP Crushing, Coalhurst, AB Aug/13

“ELRUS Aggregates has a good line of crushers for portable plants. We have had really good luck with them. It goes to work every day and gives us no issues. It is an industry standard – it is one of the best portable plants out there.”

M Black, Tri-City Materials, Petersburg, ON May/13

“As far as I am concerned ELRUS has the best equipment in the industry. If it were my choice that is all we would run. ELRUS builds dependable equipment and they provide excellent service.”

K Smith, Highway Rock, Edmonton, AB May/13

“ELRUS Aggregate equipment runs well and lasts. I just turn it on in the morning and it runs.”

Aggregate Producer, Central SK, Mar/13

“ELRUS staff have worked on crushers for many years and you can phone them up and talk to them about problems. ELRUS carries top of the line equipment.It is the only equipment I own.”

Aggregate Producer, Yorkton, SK Feb/13

“The two ELRUS vans are about as good as it gets in that piece of equipment. I have found ELRUS Power Vans to be the best.”

B McNabb, McNabb Construction, Forestburg, AB. Jan/13

“ELRUS Aggregates has the best equipment around.”

G. Mortimer, Mortimer Brothers Construction, Regina, SK Jan/13

“ELRUS’ equipment is the best; a lot of their stuff (we use) hasn’t broken down.”

W Hiebert, Mulder Construction, West St Paul, MB Jan/13

2012 ↑ Back to top

“Yes, I think that is true ELRUS Aggregate Systems builds the best equipmet available on the market.”

L Strocher, River Valley Contractors, Drayton Valley, AB Dec/12

“If we have a warranty claim, Barry is right on top of things and quick to get us an answer. At times we disagree but in the end, it all works out.”

L Wilson, Venture Construction Inc. Martensville, SK Oct/12

“We went with ELRUS because we needed something in a timely manner, the equipment was readily available. Now that we have their equipment, why would we start stocking parts etc for another machine. We have developed a relationship with ELRUS and we are getting good parts and service from them.”

J Hutchison, San Gold Corp, Bissett, MB Oct/12

“We are finding that they produce good equipment. I don’t know if it is the best but it certainly is up there among the best.”

M Scott, Spring Creek Aggregates, Terrace, BC Aug/12

I believe that ELRUS builds the best quality equipment in the market. We still have some equipment running that we purchased in 1979. ELRUS also has the parts and service required to support their equipment. I currently have one spread but 4 screen decks that are all interchangeable. The result is huge: my labor cost is cut down significantly; we only have to handle the product once”

T Meier, Lawrence Meier Trucking, Medicine Hat, AB May/12

“Strongly agree. We have been using one unit for 10 years and it has been a good experience. We have had minimal downtime and minimal maintenance cost.”

T Falk, Diamond Ready Mix, Steinbach, MB Mar/12