ELRUS Aggregates Service Deployment And Invoicing


This page contains results and reviews from ELRUS’ customers about their Service Deployment and Invoicing experience of site and shop service from ELRUS Aggregate Systems. Client Insight Inc. interviews ELRUS’ customers across Canada and the Western USA. We are given full latitude to interview all customers based on region and sales data. The graphed results below ‘speaks for itself’ and provides customer insight into ELRUS’ business. Read the customer stories below:

Timeline: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

  • ELRUS’ service Tech arrived on schedule
  • ELRUS’ Service Tech was competent & able to diagnose the problem
  • He was focused & able to repair the issues in a reasonable time
  • ELRUS remained on site until equipment was working to our satisfaction

Here are Reviews of ELRUS’ customers:

2016 ↑ Back to top

“ELRUS was able to tell me things that I did not know. Thor had the diagnostic tools we needed to show us what was happening. He almost has a mobile machine shop with him and he could tell me what was worn and what was not worn out. I could adjust my operations based on his advice. Thor told us exactly what we needed to do – it was good.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“The billing for ELRUS is very good – very organized. I think they were bang on or less than the original $ estimate. It took a little longer but it was not an issue as we were using the spare.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Feb/16

2015 ↑ Back to top

“It was a good quote. ELRUS finished the project within $2K of the initial estimate and they added a few things along the way. It was a 3 – 4 week job. They put an extra guy on it and got it done in 2 weeks.”

Norm A, River Valley Crushing, Barrhead, AB Dec/15

“Thor at ELRUS is good and he is easy to reach. He comes when he says he will and if he has a problem, he will call us and update us on it. On one problem, Thor was in the middle of another repair, so he connected us with Brent and he talked us through the problem. We found the solution and kept on producing.”

Vic D, Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd, West St Paul, MB Dec/15

“ELRUS send our Hytorc to Edmonton to get repaired. They let me use theirs in the meantime so everything was good. It took a few weeks but I had theirs to use so it didn’t matter. We only use the tool about 12 – 15 times per year. When we need it, it is the most important tool to have.”

Adam W, Green Drop Ltd, Calgary, AB Dec/15

“We have been dealing with ELRUS at this site for the last 4 or 5 years. We purchased a unit from them and we do a lot of work with ELRUS. We had a major breakdown that could have resulted in huge delay and costs. If ELRUS hadn’t had the spider gears in stock in Calgary, there would have been major delays. Everyone above me at CMB is very impressed with how quick that service went.”

Dale B, Canada Building Materials, Sunderland Pit, ON Nov/15

“ELRUS explained some other issues and gave us the option of doing the work right away or delaying until fall. ELRUS was available for phone calls when we put the pump back into service.”

Vince F, Lafarge Canada, Fonthill, ON Aug/15

“ELRUS kept me informed and had it running in plenty of time. We discussed it with them and they had a different type of repair they suggested. ELRUS had worked on other Eljay crushers, so they had plenty of experience. It is all working right now.”

Lorne I, Salvador Ready Mix Ltd, Cranbrook, BC Aug/15

“Matt with ELRUS was good. He got right to it to repair the issues. ELRUS is always good that way, providing information.”

Ralph E, Lavis Contracting Co Ltd, Clinton, ON Aug/15

“George with ELRUS is good about teaching us the right way of doing things. He has a lot of experience and he explains everything when he is here. With some people everything is a secret but not with George.”

Site Service Customer, Ponoka, AB July/15

“The mechanic at ELRUS is a good teacher. He is very thorough and he always tells us what he is looking for and why. George is very informative and that helps us to diagnose issues the next time. It is helpful.”

T Bailey, Lafarge Canada Inc, Fort McMurray, AB June/15

“Yes, I am satisfied with the overall purchase from ELRUS and we will repurchase again.”

L Greenwood, Hammers Gravel Supplies LTD, Viking, AB June/15

“When they did our cone, Scott phoned me and said we needed to replace the mainframe cone seal as it got overheated and distorted. We are glad he pointed that out and identified it as an issue.”

G George, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“It was really good. We gave ELRUS a short timeline and they put in some significant effort to get our equipment repaired quickly. They came to Invermere to pick-up our plant and delivered it to Fort St John, where we have moved in the meantime. It worked well.” A Seckowski, Selkirk Paving, Crescent”

Valley, BC Feb/15

“ELRUS’ Service Tech was here sooner than I thought. I called in the morning and they were on site before noon. I was surprised. Apparently, he had been in Leduc overnight and he came out with parts and all.” B Wenckowski, Inland Aggregates”

(Edmonton), AB Feb/15

“Yes, ELRUS’ initial rough estimate for our Shop Service was easy to understand. The tear down was quick and the final bill came in marginally under their initial quote.”

C Chalmers, Mixcor Aggregates Inc. Leduc, AB Feb/15

“Travis is top notch guy and he treats me right. He goes out of his way to explain how things work and when he comes, he works hard. I am actually expecting him in my yard to do some more work any minute now.”

A Laurin, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB Jan/15

“The updated quote was not too much different than the original and when the final bill came in it was in alignment. There were no hidden costs or extras that came up after the project.”

D Hanson, Smook Contractors, Thompson, MB Jan/15

“One thing that has been very helpful for is that they set up a shop in Saskatoon. That is really helpful for us and there is a good guy working there as well.”

D Coderre, W.H.Coderre & Sons, Stoughton, SK Jan/15

2014 ↑ Back to top

“ELRUS made a Service Tech available quite quickly. He did work late to complete that part of the project, it was not a problem.”
E Lamb, Waterford Crushing,

Brantford, ON Dec/14

“Spenser is doing a good job. We get along with him really well. On most of the jobs, we help out and it is a good learning opportunity for our staff.”

K Fhur, ASL Paving,
Saskatoon, SK Dec/14

“Matt is good to deal with as he will open the shop for me on a weekend, without a problem.”

Aggregate Producer,
Millcreek, ON Dec/14

“ELRUS ended up taking the pinion for our unit to their shop. It was the right thing to do as they have more equipment at their disposal there.”

R Martin, Martin Bros. Crushing,
Listowel, ON Dec/14

“Brent diagnosed the problem and indicated that there was not worse damage. ELRUS Service Tech did a bang up job of replacing the parts.”

R Hill, Pidherney’s Trucking,
Rocky Mtn House, AB Nov/14

“ELRUS came up with a solution / modification that addressed a recurring issue that we have had.”

J Lamont, Lafarge,
Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The ELRUS mechanics recognized a few issues that we hadn’t noticed, so we had those resolved while it was apart.”

G Jones, Snake Lake Construction,
Cigar Lake, SK Oct/14

“I called Matt from ELRUS Aggregates not too long ago and asked for some help with my cone crusher. He helped me out.”

M Thibuilt, Alvin Caldwell S&G,
New Liskeard, ON Sep/14

“Every time I have Matt or Cecil out, they are good about explaining things and sharing information.”

S Bowden, C.R. Chittick Ltd,
Unity, SK Oct/14

“ELRUS is good with after hours service and with Spenser, I am confident he will arrive on schedule.”

C Alexander, 101084852 SASK Ltd,
Unity, SK Oct/14

Yes, we call Spenser and Jared quite often. They are a good information source for us.”

L Jensen, Claude Resources,
Seabee, SK Oct/14

“Whenever Spenser or Jared are here, they do more than we ask and expect. They do the tasks and look at other stuff on their own. It is very good and they make maintenance suggestions which is good. Other suppliers come in, do their job and just leave, whereas ELRUS takes a look around to see if there are other problems. They are pretty good that way and they pick up stuff that we don’t see. It is very valuable.”

L Jensen, Claude Resources,
Seabee, SK Oct/14

“We got it back, set it together but it cratered within a few hours. I called them at 10:00 am and ELRUS had people at our site by 1:00 pm (we are 3 hours from Calgary). They reacted immediately, it was impressive. ELRUS did a good job of fixing it. We were back up and running in less than 24 hours. That was pretty good.”

P Pals, Filipenko Brothers,
Castor, AB Jul/14

“Thor of ELRUS Aggregates is good, he is open to questions and will provide an opinion and good feedback.”

Aggregate Producer, Winnipeg,
MB Jul/14

“Matt from ELRUS was easy to deal with, he has a good understanding of the machine itself. We were having problems with the hydraulics and he replaced a drive motor. We were also concerned about the bearings but he checked that out for us and it was alright.”

C Burill, Lafarge Canada,
Glouchester, ON Apr/14

“I would give George a 6 out of 5 on his competency and ability to diagnose issues.”

S Flasha, Paul Flasha Contracting,
Whitecourt, AB Mar/14

“George came out and he was on schedule, friendly and prepared to get the job done.”

J Buck, JMB Crushing,
Bonnyville, AB Mar/14

“The ELRUS staff definitely went over it and looked at causes to make sure same issue wouldn’t happen again.”

B Jones, Lafarge Canada,
Cambridge, ON Mar/14

2013 ↑ Back to top

“ELRUS Service Tech is on top of things, he always makes a point of providing me information and identifiying any potential deficiencies.”

D Thomsen, McPhee Construction,
Edson, AB Dec/13

“Our equipment is working well, they did a good job.”

B Kelly, Summit S&G,
Abbotsford, BC Dec/13

“Absolutely. Gino is pretty good, I have no complaints. He gives an explanation of what he is doing and helps to explain things.”

G Seabloom, Hub City,
Nanaimo, BC Dec/13

“Cecil is a wealth of knowledge, ask him anything and he will try and help.”

B Samson, Aecon Mining Inc.
Timmons, ON Jul/13

“Dominic is great on that. I really enjoy having him come. I usually put a few younger guys with him, he is a wealth of knowledge and he is a great teacher as well. He is interested in helping people learn and grow the knowledge base.”

C Burill, Lafarge Canada,
Ottawa, ON Jun/13

“ELRUS’ Service Tech is always ready to go to work, friendly and a master of his stuff.”

Ken, Hopkins Construction,
Lacombe, AB Jun/13

“ELRUS’ Service Tech is always on time, if not early. There is very little down time with ELRUS because of their service.”

L Hicks, Lawrence Meir Trucking,
Medicine Hat, AB May/13

“We’ve had a good experience with ELRUS. They are by far the best to deal with and the best to give service on aggregate equipment.”

B Bell, Aggregate Processing Services,
Kitchener, ON Feb/13

2012 ↑ Back to top

“We have had nothing but great success with Mike and ELRUS Aggregates. Mike has done a lot of the repair work on our cone and jaw. His knowledge level is strong, he is good at what he does – he is likely one of the best. He is very engaged in customer service. If he doesn’t have something we need, he will find it for us.”

C Mutter, Lafarge Canada,
Coquitlam, BC Nov/12

“Matt is a good mechanic, very smart and an easy guy to talk to. He is good at his job and always leaves me a written report.”

W Randall, Dufferin Aggregates,
Millcreek, ON Nov/12

“There is a lot of value in helping the customer understand the equipment, knowing what to do for maintenance and providing an explanation of what is inside and how things work. They do that well.”

L Gilles, Baymag Inc,
Calgary, AB Nov/12

“ELRUS Aggregates’ Service Tech is really good to us, no complaints at all. Every time I call, I can reach someone or if I leave a message, they get back to me.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada,
Saskatoon, SK Oct/12

“They tell us what they think will make our equipment run better – more efficiently. They provide helpful information.”

J Pennings, Canada Building Materials,
Aberfoyle, ON Oct/12

“I can phone ELRUS’ Service Tech anytime of day or night. Weekday, weekend, midday or in the middle of the night. He will answer the phone, he will step me through my problem and help me resolve the issue. If we cannot fix it, he will hop on the plane the next morning.”

L Georget, Claude Resources,
Seabee Mine, SK Oct/12

“I have never had a problem. ELRUS’ Service Tech comes out 3 to 4 per year, so I can count on them.”

D Ross, Joe Kerr Ltd,
Wingham, ON Sep/12

“Yes, ELRUS’ Service Tech remains on site until the equipment is working to our satisfaction.”

Woody, Diamond Ready Mix,
Steinbach, MB Sep/12

“Just as he was finishing, I lost track of the Service Tech for a couple of minutes. He was checking out our other equipment and noticed a concern. It turned out that everything was alright but it was good he did that.”

K Fhur, ASL Paving,
Saskatoon, SK Sep/12

“ELRUS’ Service Tech asked the questions and diagnosed the issue. He narrowed the issue and brought the parts we needed, so it was good.”

Garry, Lafarge,
Edmonton, AB Jun/12

“These guys can tell you over the phone what is wrong. They often recognize future issues and tell me to ‘keep an eye on this or that’.”
B Dick, Brett’s Gravel & Crushing,
Ponoka, AB Jul/12