ELRUS Aggregates Mechanical Service Overall Impression


This page contains results and reviews from ELRUS’ customers about the Overall Impression of site and shop service from ELRUS Aggregate Systems. Client Insight Inc. interviews ELRUS’ customers across Canada and the Western USA. We are given full latitude to interview all customers based on region and sales data.  The graphed results below ‘speaks for itself’ and provides customer insight into ELRUS’ business. Read the customer stories below:

Timeline: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

  • Satisfied with the service experience
  • I will continue to have ELRUS service our experience
  • I will recommend ELRUS to industry associates & partners
  • Satisfied with the quality of service provided by ELRUS
  • ELRUS can be called upon “to get us out of a bind”

Here are Reviews of ELRUS’ customers:

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“Just recently, we had a Trio screen deck failure, and ELRUS doesn’t normally work on those but we called them out because we knew they would do a good job. We didn’t want to use the dealer that supports that equipment because they aren’t very good.”

Kevin R, Inland Aggregates, Calgary, AB Dec/17

“ELRUS figured out that it was a broken wire. Then together with Rick, George figured out how to do a temporary fix until we could get the right part. It’s all working well now.”

Paul S, West Central Contracting Ltd, Hinton, AB Dec/17

“Everything went very well. I don’t think anything could have been done better with the service by ELRUS. I would like the guys that do the work to know that we appreciate what they do for us.”

Collin C, A.G. Baxter Contracting Co Ltd, Calgary, AB Nov/17

“I think the ELRUS Service Tech was Brent M.  He was very helpful and informative. I got the new sales guy, Jason, and he has been amazing. He comes to site whenever he is around here, and he asks me if I need anything. He calls me once a month so he is very on top of things. One time I needed something right away, and he was coming this way, so he brought it with him for me. I think that has happened more than once actually.”

Stephan F, Tollestrup Construction, Lethbridge, AB Nov/17

“I call Kris at ELRUS. He is always my first call about everything. I haven’t had to call for service after hours, but I phone Kris to talk about things, and he gets back to me right away.”

Marty H, Westlake Paving & Agg. Ltd, Kelowna, BC Nov/17

“I love ELRUS! The other company I previously used has people who would rather look at their phones than do the work. The guys at ELRUS come out here and they are ready to work. Now ELRUS does all my repairs, and I get an honest price and that is what I am charged. And I get guys who know how to work hard.”

Curtis D, Derksen Trucking Ltd, Altona, MB Sep/17

“For us, there is no one down here that can do the work that ELRUS can do. I can call with questions and Matt can answer questions on the phone. And as for parts – they know this cone too and they have the parts for it as well. I’m just happy that I have the opportunity to work with a great company like ELRUS.”

Carl C, M P Crushing Ltd, Coalhurst, AB Sep/17

“When I have called Greg at ELRUS after hours, he answered right away and he got me what I needed. They are easy to get along with, they get the right parts for us, and they come when you want them. They provide good service.”

Lee Watson, Joe Kerr Limited, Wingham, ON Sep/17

“Adam from ELRUS came out to do the service. Yes he looked at everything and made sure it was all in good shape. That is exactly what they did with this repair, they got us out of a bind.”

Warren D, Steep Rock Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Aug/17

“It’s good that ELRUS is concerned about their customers and wants to make sure everyone is happy.”

David L, Carillion Canada Inc, Edmonton, AB Aug/17

“This was a superb service experience: the ELRUS staff, the process, the quality of their work and their professionalism. They were efficient with time. I will definitely have ELRUS do our service again. I was so happy that I wrote the manager at Cambridge a letter and told him how happy we were with this job.”

Bill C, JR Caza & Frere Inc, Saint-Anicet, QC Jul/17

“I have had really good experience with ELRUS. They are price checking on something for me right now. I called this morning. ELRUS provides great service so they need to know they are doing a great job.”

Chris O, Lafarge Canada Inc, CW, Edmonton, AB Jul/17

“Thor and I discussed the problem over the phone, he figured out what the problem was and when he came out he had what he needed. He discussed some things with the tower operator and with some other guys to help them understand the equipment and he did provide some good information.”

Dick D, Maple Leaf Construction Ltd, West St Paul, MB Jul/17

“ELRUS is reliable and they answer the phone no matter what time of day. I always found them knowledgeable and prompt. Also, we have ELRUS equipment.”

Joe A, Moncrief Construction Limited, Kenora, ON Jun/17

“Everything about ELRUS is a 5/5. I knew Roland, the founding owner way back, and I have always had good products and good work from ELRUS. I can’t say enough good things about ELRUS and it’s been that way for many years.”

Bill W, Weir’s Construction Limited, St. John’s NL Jun/17

“ELRUS does good work, they are very instructional. They teach the guys while they are doing the repairs, and make it almost like a training session for my guys, especially George. If I have new staff, I ask for George because he goes into detail on why things are done a certain way, what the safety issues are, all the details. He is really great that way.”

Colin O, Burnco Rock Products Ltd, Edmonton, AB May/17

“We have used ELRUS in the past and we will continue to use ELRUS.”

Bevin, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, NL May/17

“Jared with ELRUS is pretty quick to respond. The service is pretty good with Jared. We have his cell and he is always there when we need to talk to him.”

Leon J, Silver Standard Resources Inc, Regina, SK May/17

“Everything went very smoothly. We had no issues with ELRUS.”

Jim B, Penn-Co Construction Canada Ltd, Blumenort, MB Apr/17

“I took the class in Leduc from ELRUS. I’ve got a good working relationship with them and a good friendship too.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Apr/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because they have good service, good parts and good equipment. Their people are good to deal with as well. They provide timely repairs.”

Dan M, Interpaving Asphalt and Aggregate, Garson, ON Apr/17

“ELRUS did a nice job and they were less expensive than the competitor, in fact, exactly half the price. I have to get a couple of quotes usually, so they were reasonably priced. We couldn’t buy a frame ring from their competition, so ELRUS made one for us. ELRUS re-bored a piece for us, and built a frame ring for us. We do a lot of work with ELRUS now. We kind of have odd stuff but their service people know how to deal with our equipment. ELRUS is closer to us too so we deal with ELRUS.”

Gary G, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/17

“I have to say that when it comes to obsolete motors and components, it would be the same with any supplier, they would have difficulty to find a part. ELRUS is always quick to try to find those odd parts, or fix what we have to get us back up and running again.”

Frank S, City of Calgary, AB Mar/17

“ELRUS is prompt. You don’t have to wait. James is there all the time, he is there for me. ELRUS is fast with their parts. It’s a really good company, and their other staff are good as well.”

Garland S, CPB Equipment, Winnipeg, MB Mar/17

“I think ELRUS does good work. Everything went well, I can’t think of how it could have been better.”

Jon L, Lafarge Canada Inc, Calgary, AB Jan/17

2016 ↑ Back to top

“The guys at ELRUS do a good job for me. They might not always get the credit when credit is due.”

Lloyd G, Butler Bros Supplies Ltd, Duncan, BC Nov/16

“We have all ELRUS crushing equipment, and we appreciate their knowledge and parts availability. When the time comes up again when we need help, I will definitely call ELRUS.”

Ed S, Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd, Steinbach, MB Nov/16

“I give full credit to Mike. He came out to do a routine inspection, spent about 2 hours, and helped a lot to set up the service. The site service went well and previously, we’ve had good service too.”

Neil G, Hub City Paving Ltd, Nanaimo, BC Oct/16

“They are the supplier of our equipment so they have knowledge about it. Their technicians are trained on ELRUS equipment so they know what they’re doing. I tell the guys when they’re here that they are doing a great job.”

Mike G, Dufferin Aggregates, Dundas, ON Oct/16

“ELRUS has a good product. It’s built to last.”

Brett D, 1400684 Alberta Ltd, Ponoka, AB Oct/16

“Mike with ELRUS has been terrific. It’s great to have a sales guy who knows the equipment because he used to be an excellent service tech, and has ripped this equipment apart himself. I can send Mike or Garrett a text message and they respond right away with suggestions for what to look for, or what to check. You don’t find that with other companies. Their service people keep their cards to their chest, but ELRUS is different. They are helpful in every way they can, and share their excellent knowledge with us.”

TJ, Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC Sep/16

“We’ve had excellent service. Garrett with ELRUS was really great at this (identify potential deficiencies). We took the whole cone apart and they went through the entire machine part by part.”

TJ, Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC Sep/16

“I value that ELRUS does good work, they get the job done, and they are quick to help us out.”

Leonard G, Hammers Gravel Supplies Ltd, Viking, AB Sep/16

“ELRUS goes above and beyond with their service. We’ve had repairs done by other companies, and they are just “Fix and Go” guys. When they’re done, they leave right away. Thor is not afraid to spend that extra time, even an hour or so to make sure that everything is working right.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Aug/16

“Brent with ELRUS is great. We didn’t really set up the service on the phone, we just brought the equipment in to the shop. Brent did a good job.”

Ron, GCS Energy Services Ltd, Red Deer, AB Aug/16

“Spenser with ELRUS is really good.”

Cameron F, Potzus Ltd, Yorkton, SK Aug/16

“ELRUS is the best. Kevin even brought Mark out with him. Mark is the sales guy and he wanted to see the service so he could understand more about what he is selling. Kevin was great – fast as ever.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Jul/16

“In fact, I just had a problem a couple of days ago with the gyro, and I called Garrett and he knew exactly what the problem was right away. He knew which parts I needed and we didn’t lose much time at all. We’re only 15 minutes away from ELRUS.”

Jason, Fraser Valley Aggregates (2014) Ltd, Surrey, BC Jul/16

“Overall, I am very satisfied with ELRUS’ field service staff. I found it valuable to have Brent come out to do the training and work directly with the foreman and crew. I really appreciate the benefit of the knowledge that Brent has and the training time in April was almost like a training class. It was important that Brent was there to talk to all our guys.”

Dale F, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Jun/16

“ELRUS does a great job. Their people follow up with us, and they are always very helpful when we ask questions or have problems.”

Debbie B, Bowman Construction, International Falls, MN Jun/16

“I’m certainly happy with my dealings with ELRUS. We have never had any problems with them.”

Troy K, L & G Crushing, Raymore, SK Jun/16

“Most of the time ELRUS has the parts. We do maintenance once a year but I would say that 95% of the time, they have the parts we need.”

Sylvain C, Colacem Canada Inc Div Bertran, Calumet, QC May/16

“I have been dealing with ELRUS for 20 years. As soon as I call, they will get a Service Tech available. ELRUS really has a lot of really good knowledgeable guys, both in Service and in Parts. They are easy to deal with and they will help you find what I need.”

George S, Fish Creek Excavating Ltd, Calgary, AB May/16

“Overall the ELRUS staff have been very accommodating and helpful. We have some issues that we are dealing with but they are working on them with us.”

Derek G, Moncrief Construction Limited, Kenora, ON May/16

“I have known and been impressed with ELRUS for years. We will need George at ELRUS to help us set the ASRi once we are back up and running. We will also need some help getting our telestacker going.”

Jack M, Athabasca Minerals Inc, Edmonton, AB Apr/16

“Thor with ELRUS always does arrive on schedule. If he says he will be on site by 6:00 am, that is when he will be here. If an issue comes up, he will let me know. If you ask Thor a question about a crusher, he will answer it. He knows what he is talking about.”

Dick D, Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd, West St Paul, MB Apr/16

“ELRUS is always checking in with me making sure the equipment is running. You couldn’t ask for better people.”

Morley L, Swayze Concrete Ltd, Weyburn, SK Apr/16

“George, from ELRUS, myself and a few of my men did the job. It was almost like a Training Course – it was very helpful for us.”

Colin O, Burnco Rock Products Ltd, Edmonton, AB Mar/16

“We have had no issues at all. We do a lot of our own maintenance but ELRUS has always been good.”

Randy D, Dyck Construction, Winnipegosis, MB Feb/16

“There are a lot of times that we go back and forth on things. We collaborate with them and I haven’t done that before with ELRUS. If I have a problem I will dig into it until I have a solution.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“Yes, ELRUS is very good. The service is a primary reason we stick with ELRUS. We are actually just commissioning a new 550 cone right now.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Feb/16

“Thor at ELRUS is very knowledgeable. He knows what he is doing on the job, there is no doubt about that. We have had other companies come and it takes several people from other companies to do what Thor can do by himself. He also has a good level of knowledge.”

B Derksen, Derksen Trucking Ltd, Altona, MB Jan/16

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“We enjoy working with George and Travis at ELRUS – they are both really good.”

Lee T, Inland Aggregates, Edmonton, AB Dec/15

“Thor with ELRUS knows his stuff, and he comes when he says he will come. He will update us if something changes … we cannot expect more than that.”

Vic D, Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd, West St Paul, MB Dec/15

“George handled the whole thing and it was pretty good. We put a push on to get the crusher repaired. It was a big repair and we needed to finish a project before winter. It is a project that would normally take about four weeks and ELRUS put on another man and got the job done in about two weeks. They took care of us.”

Norm A, River Valley Crushing, Barrhead, AB Dec/15

“We do a lot of work with ELRUS – they are definitely way up there. When I need help, they will accommodate us. I have some of my own mechanics on site and Matt, with ELRUS, has often answered questions or shown them things.”

Dale B, Canada Building Materials, Sunderland Pit, ON Nov/15

“ELRUS has always been fair to me. Other companies are good for a bit but if you don’t order product on a weekly basis they soon treat you like you don’t exist. We have times that we don’t purchase for a month and when that happens, James comes out with donuts to see how we are doing.”

Cliff F, Nelson River, Winnipeg, MB Nov/15

“I believe that Lavis will continue to engage ELRUS. I have actually set up the guys to call ELRUS direct if they have any trouble. ELRUS is good that way – you can call them for diagnosis and if you cannot fix the equipment yourself, they will send out a Service Tech.”

Ralph E, Lavis Contracting Co Ltd,
Clinton, ON Aug/15

“ELRUS has since been back to repair our standby pump and they will have the pump sent to them for overhaul in the winter. I find the ELRUS guys great to work with. In this industry, you have to have the quality of service in a timely manner.”

Vince F, Lafarge Canada,
Fonthill, ON Aug/15

“I dealt with Matt from ELRUS on the Shop Service. He was excellent. We have been there for two major events and both times I have been very happy.”

D Garcia, Garcia & Sons Transfer Ltd,
Fort Nelson, BC Aug/15

“Darren with ELRUS has been around and has been a wealth of information for us. He has helped us understand what we should consider and not consider and has been good at helping us resolve problems. He gave us a lot of good ideas.”

Dwayne F, Tri-Wave Construction Ltd,
Brandon, MB Aug/15

“ELRUS came when they said they would and they got us working on time. It was good.”

Colin C, A.G. Baxter Contracting Co Ltd,
Calgary, AB Aug/15

“Everything with the service from ELRUS worked out well and the equipment is still working fine. I will use ELRUS again. I have been working with ELRUS for the past 15 years. ELRUS is a good company.”

L Ferby, Ferbey’s Sand and Gravel Ltd,
Vermillion, AB July/15

“ELRUS’ field service is more expensive than the competition but you get what you pay for. ELRUS puts the care and attention in whereas the competition do not. I have had nothing but an awesome experience with ELRUS.”

S LeBlanc, Fraser Valley Aggregates (2014) LTD,
Surrey, BC June/15

“Matt at ELRUS is a really great Service Technician. He is very informative, which allows us to plan and budget for repair work that we will need to do. With other suppliers, you don’t receive much information. Matt and ELRUS are great that way.”

Site Service Customer,
Carp, ON June/15

“I know what ELRUS Aggregates can do and what they can’t do and to be honest, there is not much they cannot do for us.”

J McNernie, Athabasca Minerals Inc,
Edmonton, AB May/15

“I scored ELRUS at 100%. I am happy with their service I will be calling ELRUS again for parts.”

M Almasi, N & R Concrete Ltd,
Melville, SK Apr/15

“I have been pretty impressed and happy with what they have done for us. The guys at ELRUS are all good.”

A Elek, Solid Rock Products Inc,
Calgary, AB Apr/15

“The service ELRUS provided was good. I had Gino working at my site and I was pleased with his work.”

M Bowman, Lehigh Materials,
Vancouver, BC Apr/15

“ELRUS has quality service and can provide a lot of support. They have people who know what they are talking about and they are very friendly.”

D Philip, Calgary Aggregate Recycling,
Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I have dealt with a lot of other companies and can compare the service experience with them. ELRUS is the best. I can phone and ask the ELRUS staff about problems that I have with my Cedarapids equipment and they will help. Not too many companies will do that.”

T Bailey, Lafarge Canada Inc-TBG EDM,
Edmonton, AB Mar/15

“We have never had a mistake with ELRUS. We get exactly what we ask for.”

G Geroge, Aecon Transportation
West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“We did have one little hiccup with our equipment and encountered a problem within 4 hours of start up. We had to tear it apart again and ELRUS’ Service Tech called the shop and clarified what was needed and then instructed them to “get in the truck and start driving it to us.” ELRUS got it going quickly, so I am pleased.”

A Seckowski, Selkirk Paving,
Crescent Valley, BC Feb/15

“Yes, I would score ELRUS Aggregates between 98 to 100%. They have a ton of knowledge and they do good work. I would take our equipment back in a heartbeat.”

C Chalmers, Mixcor Aggregates Inc.
Leduc, AB Feb/15

“ELRUS’ Service Tech helped me get it going before the end of the day. It turned out well.”
B Wenckowski, Inland

Aggregates (Edmonton),
AB Feb/15

“We had a minor setback but the way ELRUS handled it was good. When we got the serviced equipment back, it didn’t work properly. People make mistakes and I understand that but ELRUS corrected the error.”

D Hanson, Smook Contractors,
Thompson, MB Jan/15

“I am quite happy with that Field Service from ELRUS Aggregates. I know that they do everything they can and overall, we feel looked after.”

D Coderre, W.H.Coderre & Sons,
Stoughton, SK Jan/15

“I am happy with ELRUS Aggregates. I wouldn’t be in this business if it wasn’t for them. They have treated me well.”

A Laurin, Ruel Concrete,
Peace River, AB Jan/15

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“Historically we have had a very good relationship with ELRUS Aggregates. Most of our equipment is sourced from them and they do most of our service.”
R Mantha, Harold Sutherland

Construction, Kemble, ON Dec/14

“Yeah, he was competent to create a solution. We had already diagnosed the issue. Certainly in most events, diagnosis is critical but it wasn’t in this case.”
E Lamb, Waterford Crushing,

Brantford, ON Dec/14

“They are a good bunch of guys at ELRUS Aggregates. We get along really well.”
K Fhur, ASL Paving,

Saskatoon, SK Dec/14

“It’s the service I get from ELRUS Aggregates. Their service and equipment costs a bit more money but you get what you pay for.”
D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,

Brandon, MB Dec/14

“ELRUS were actually able to take our equipment and do the servcie work faster than our OEM supplier could.”
J Lamont, Lafarge,

Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The ELRUS Service Techs are very knowledgeable and easy to get along with.”
L Jensen, Claude Resources,

Seabee, SK Oct/14

“With the ELRUS Branch opening in Saskatoon, we have directed most of our ordering out of Saskatoon. There were minor glitches at first but it works good now. Now 100% of our orders come through Saskatoon and the parts side is working really well.”
G Jones, Snake Lake Construction,

Cigar Lake, SK Oct/14

“On that particular job, we were mostly concentrated on the bearings. They will always talk to us quite a bit and identify other possible issues.”
M Thibuilt, Alvin Caldwell S&G,

New Liskeard, ON Sep/14

“I would score ELRUS in the mid 90’s. They have never wronged us. Whenever I have needed service or parts, it is never a problem.”
S Bowden, C.R. Chittick Ltd,

Ilderton, ON Aug/14

“ELRUS Aggregates did a good job for me. There was a glitch but glitches happen. ELRUS responded and got it taken care of.”
P Pals, Filipenko Brothers,

Castor, AB Jul/14

“ELRUS did a good job and identified some additional glitches, so we ended up taking it into their shop. It was smooth.”
Aggregate Producer, Winnipeg,

MB Jul/14

“ELRUS looks after me. I have only really dealt with Cambridge but the staff there are really good. They are friendly, helpful and if called upon will help us out. ELRUS has been able to develop into a company with a ‘get you rolling again’ attitude. They have a good understanding of the business – ‘production is everything’.”
C Burill, Lafarge Canada,

Glouchester, ON Apr/14

“Yes, a 100% score for ELRUS Aggregates is pretty accurate in my experience.”
S Flasha, Paul Flasha Contracting,

Whitecourt, AB Mar/14

“94% sounds about right, I would definitely recommend them.”
B Jones, Lafarge Canada,

Cambridge, ON Mar/14

“The ELRUS staff came to site not realizing I needed help. But it was perfect as they were willing to fix what I needed right away. Can’t ask for much better than that.”
G Willson, Custom Loading,

Burnaby, BC Mar/14

“So what is the value of a courtesy call from the ELRUS ‘ Service Techs? You realize that they are really looking to service their customers.”
J Danford, Danford Construction,

Madoc, ON Jan/14

“Yes, I have nothing negative to day. ELRUS Aggregates provides good service and that is what we want.”
R Smith, Alberta Aggregates,

Brooks, AB Feb/14

“Yes, for what I need, ELRUS Aggregates does really well.”
J Dagley, Associated Aggregates,

Falun, AB Feb/14

“I have been at ELRUS crushing school both in Cambridge and Calgary, they treat us really well … they always take care of us.”
J Hebert, Custom Concrete,

Timmons, ON Feb/14

“I talk highly about ELRUS Aggregates to everyone. They do good work and build good equipment.”
D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,

Brandon, MB Feb/14

“So what is the value of a courtesy call from the ELRUS’ Service Techs? You realize that they are really looking to service their customers.”
J Danford, Danford Construction,

Madoc, ON Jan/14

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“They have been a huge help to us. At times, we have needed parts last minute. ELRUS has run them out to us and that saved us down time.”

B Kelly, Summit S&G, Abbotsford, BC Dec/13

“Yeah, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Spenser or Jared back again.”

R McIntosh, McIntosh Crushing, Montmartre, SK, Dec/13

“… having ELRUS on site was great.”

G Seabloom, Hub City, Nanaimo, BC Dec/13

“ELRUS Service staff are good and very professional.”

Leon, Westlake Paving, Kelowna, BC Jul/13

“I have no problems saying that ELRUS Aggregates is 100% with Site Service.”

P Holub, Lafarge Canada, Red Deer, AB Jul/13

“The best thing about ELRUS is they get me up and running.”

A Laurin, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB. Feb/13

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“ELRUS Aggregates is a great company and I am happy to be affiliated with them. I have been dealing with them fpr 10 years, they are excellent. I have been to their Cone crusher courses in Calgary and sent my staff go to the Cambridge schools.”

W Randall, Dufferin Aggregates, Millcreek, ON Nov/12

“ELRUS Aggregates are pretty good and I will say hats off to Courtney – she is knowledgeable, a sharp lady with a good memory. She is good at her job.”

L Gilles, Baymag Inc, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“It is really good. Doesn’t matter who you phone or when you phone, someone at ELRUS Aggregates will follow-up and get back to you.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada, Saskatoon, SK, Oct/12

“I am extremely happy with the ELRUS Aggregate equipment. It doesn’t break a whole bunch. We have tried other products and it doesn’t hold up. ELRUS is the best equipment you can buy. Everything is a bit heavier, built a bit tougher, it is built right the first time. It is a good experience working with ELRUS equipment.”

Woody, Diamond Ready Mix, Steinbach, MB Sep/12

“ELRUS doesn’t leave until my equipment is running, so that makes me happy.”

B Dick, Brett’s Gravel & Crushing, Ponoka, AB Jul/12

“I have no problems with ELRUS Aggregates. We have never had a problem and they always do a pretty good job … no complaints … I have been working with them for 30 years.”

Garry, Lafarge, Edmonton, AB Jun/12

“ELRUS Aggregate Systems are the 7/11 of the crushing industry, as far as I am concerned. When it comes to parts they have everything I need. If they don’t, they will get it in within a day or two. I am really impressed with their service.It is the convenience – I can get everything I need.”

Tyler, Burnco Rock Products, Edmonton, AB Jun/12

“Yes, everything ELRUS does is 100%. ELRUS Aggregates has increased my productivity.”

R Kozak, Fred Kozak & Sons, Neepawa, MB Jun/12