What Factors Influenced (WFI) The ELRUS Parts Purchase Decision?


What are the factors that influence an Aggregate Crushing business to purchase from ELRUS Aggregate Systems? That’s a question that ELRUS management have often asked, so they hired Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and find out the answers customer’s perspective. The top 6 reasons from highest to lowest are Service, Relationship, Product Quality, Availability, ELRUS is the OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer and due to ELRUS’ Value or Price Offering.

Use the links below to read why customer’s purchase from ELRUS Aggregate Systems. ELRUS may be a good equipment, parts and mechanical service supplier for your business.

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“Pricing, availability and their guys has us choose ELRUS for parts.”

George S, Fish Creek Excavating Ltd, Calgary, AB Dec/17

“I did send my crusher to have ELRUS rebuild it. That was because of Brent. His customer service and knowledge is what made me choose them.”

Brad W, Walker Sand & Gravel, Canon City, CO Dec/17

“We have always dealt with ELRUS so when I moved into my role, I was introduced to them and I am pleased to be dealing with them. We do have some ELRUS equipment.”

Josh K, Mainland Sand & Gravel ULC, Surrey, BC Nov/17

“I’ve been in this industry for 20 years and I have always used their portable equipment. ELRUS is a good company. Service is number one with ELRUS, which is important especially when it costs crushers so much money for down time.”

Gabe M, Quality Aggregates, Renten, WA Nov/17

“Availability of the parts and price and service has us choose ELRUS. There was a clerical error with another dealer here. We were paying retail + 25% instead of cost plus 25%. They were marking up the shipping too. And we can get better shipping rates on our own. Then we met Kevin, and by the end of that day, we had placed our first order with ELRUS and we haven’t looked back.”

Aaron S, Heritage Rock & Services, Delta Junction, AK Nov/17

“I purchase from ELRUS because of Kurt and Kyle. I don’t have to fight for anything. They know my spread. They know the parts I need. I get my parts right away, and the right parts. I don’t have to go measure things for them. They will call me right back and tell me when the part will be there. When I need to rent a piece, Greg Y tells me yes or no, and what it will cost. He’s on top of things.”

Mario T, Alvin Caldwell Sand and Gravel, New Liskeard, ON Oct/17

“A lot of our equipment is ELRUS. They will be able to stock more of the parts that we need. Compared to other suppliers, I find it easier to get things from them and they are prompt about locating parts and getting them to us as quickly as they can.”

Mike S, CEMEX, Vancouver, WA Oct/17

“ELRUS prices are still competitive and I like the ease of talking to them and their technical support.”

Dan M, Interpaving Asphalt and Aggregate, Garson, ON Sep/17

“ELRUS has what we need, good service, they know my equipment. It’s simple. We’ve been dealing with ELRUS for 16 years.”

Adam W, Green Drop Ltd, Calgary, AB Sep/17

“Pricing, availability and the level of service at ELRUS is why we choose them for parts.”

Marilyn J, Klondex Canada Ltd, Bissett, MB Aug/17

“My employer and Jerry, the crusher foreman, have both said I should order from ELRUS. We have ELRUS equipment too.”

Corrine E, Drayton Sand & Gravel (2003) Ltd, Drayton Valley, AB Aug/17

“This is a long term relationship that we have with ELRUS. Also, it’s a family owned business and that means a lot to me and to us.”

Lloyd G, Butler Bros Supplies Ltd, Duncan, BC Aug/17

“We own ELRUS equipment. The past foreman was always able to get what he needed from ELRUS.”

Russ M, Tawich Construction Inc, Wemindji, QC Jul/17

“The service, availability of parts, and the price has us choose ELRUS.”

Nick O, Nova Construction Ltd, Antigonish, NS Jul/17

“On the parts side, I am a firm believer in shopping with mother. I always get ELRUS service to do liner changes too. We’ve probably done 70-80 liner changes and we have never done one without an ELRUS tech. They can always see stuff that we don’t. I believe that has cost us less down time and saved us money in the long run. If I go to sell or trade pieces off, they also know what parts has been put into it and know how it has been maintained. So I get good money for what I trade in.”

Steven F, Paul Flasha Contracting, Whitecourt, AB Jul/17

“For me it is the fact that I think ELRUS is a good company. I knew the founder and he was a real good guy. I have always had faith in ELRUS and they have never let me down.”

Lee, C & B Stirling Enterprises, Grandview, MB Jun/17

“Initially, the biggest one was proximity. ELRUS is the closest supplier to us but after that, it was the professional appearance of their facility on the inside. The outside is fine, but what impressed me was the inside. It is very well organized, everything is labelled, and their systems were adequate. I’ve been in other places that work off spreadsheets and pen and paper. There is a lot of room for error that way. Also, and this is really important, is the the friendliness and knowledgeable experience of the ELRUS staff. They are so patient too.”

Chris N, Mixcor Aggregates Inc, Leduc, AB Jun/17

“I knew the Founder of ELRUS and I spent time with him at auctions and prior to auctions. I’ve had a long history with the company. And I have some ELRUS equipment.”

Don B, Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd, Arborg, MB Jun/17

“MACON recommended we use the ELRUS screens, so they really made the decision for us to go with ELRUS. I was happy with that decision.”

John Z, Otter Creek Resources Ltd, Sechelt, BC May/17

“I would say it is mostly the knowledge people at ELRUS have about their equipment, and their knowledge of what I need.”

Lavis Contracting Co Ltd, Doug F, Clinton, On May/17

“ELRUS has a very good product. Our equipment is 95% ELRUS and they have high quality service.”

Art M, Pidherney’s Inc, Rocky Mountain House, AB May/17

“They have the parts we need for cone crushers, and we also have some ELRUS towers and trailers.They have the parts we need for cone crushers, and we also have some ELRUS towers and trailers.”

Ron M, Martin Bros. Crushing Ltd., Listowel, ON Apr/17

“I think it is the past dealings with them. We have been working with ELRUS for several years now.”

David L, Carillion Canada Inc, Edmonton, AB Apr/17

“Back in the 90s, we bought some ELRUS screen plants, cone frames and stackers. They are still going strong.”

Rick B, Pioneer Construction Ltd., Copper Cliff, ON Apr/17

“We’ve been dealing with ELRUS all along since we got the cones. We got the cones somewhere around 1990. I know tomorrow if I got into trouble, I could phone Kurt or Kyle and they would help me out right away because we have a good relationship.”

Shawn M, Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richards Landing, ON Mar/17

“When my down time costs thousands of dollars a day, it is the service that I can count on. ELRUS doesn’t mess things up. They keep my down time to a minimum.”

Tyrell H, Jake-Jay Construction Ltd, Revelstoke, BC Mar/17

“We’ve been dealing with ELRUS all along since we got the cones, somewhere around 1990. If we ever do get in a bind, I could phone Kurt or Kyle and they would help me out right away because we have a good relationship.”

Shawn M, Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richards Landing, ON Mar/17

“Well this time, we were just phoning around to find out who had the part, and one of the other suppliers said it would take 2 months to get it. We needed the part right away, so ELRUS could get it faster than anyone else could.”

Gwen S, W.D. Smith Gravel Services, Grovedale, AB Feb/17

“We have been using ELRUS basically back from when ELRUS started. So we know the company. I can’t even remember how we got connected to ELRUS in the beginning, but we have been using them ever since.”

Merritt S, Wheatland Aggregates Ltd, Lafleche, SK Feb/17

“I bought a crusher from a local guy who had been dealing with ELRUS. They had been doing work on that machine. They recommended ELRUS to me.”

John, Unity Sand and Gravel Ltd, La Crête, AB Feb/17

“I ran into Phil with ELRUS at a trade show several years ago. He came out to visit us and that is how the relationship started. I have been buying parts from him ever since because of the promptness of their service.”

Mark D, Southwestern Sales Corporation, Tecumseh, ON Jan/17

“I need a wide range of parts, and ELRUS has most of them. There are a few things they don’t carry, but the majority of my parts, I get from ELRUS.”

Karl B, Lafarge-Brockville, Cambridge, ON Jan/17

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“ELRUS provides top notch service, and they can get parts to me quickly.”

Gordon S, Clifford Sheaves Construction, Grand Bay West, NL Dec/16

“Speed of service, pricing and availability of parts is why we purchase from ELRUS.”

Dennis C, Gravier Collet Gravel Inc, Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB Dec/16

“I choose ELRUS for parts because of availability. They have the screens that I need.”

Greg B, Vihar Construction Ltd, Smithers, BC Dec/16

“I inherited the ELRUS equipment. Since I came, we’ve bought another 5 pieces of ELRUS equipment and it is all working well.”

Noel, Kode Contracting Ltd, Prince George, BC Nov/16

“The availability of parts from ELRUS and their knowledge of where to find the parts is why we purchase from them.”

Lee W, Joe Kerr Limited, Wingham, ON Nov/16

“In a word, it was Rollie. ELRUS has always been good to me over the years. They are keeping up the tradition.”

Bill, H, Holt Transport, Irma, AB Nov/16

“The availability of the parts, their people and their knowledge is why we purchase from ELRUS. Like I said, if I have a problem, they come up with a solution that works for me. They have the ability to troubleshoot on the phone for quite a wide range of equipment.”

Zach R, R.F. Klein & Sons Ltd, Prince George, BC Oct/16

“The parts are available in a timely fashion and I always get the right parts from ELRUS. When I talk to Terry, sometimes I think I know which parts I need, but he is an expert and he will say I need something a bit different. So I go with his suggestions and sure enough, he is right.”

Richard G, Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd, Yellowknife, NT Oct/16

“The quality of the parts and service, the on-time delivery, their pricing is excellent. Whenever I ask for a quote, they beat all the competition on pricing.”

John M, Orca Sand & Gravel Ltd, Port McNeill, BC Oct/16

“We know the ELRUS equipment in comparison to other equipment. ELRUS costs more or sometimes is the same price, but at auction or for resale, ELRUS will be worth 35% more. That’s because it is overbuilt. But in this industry, there is no such thing.”

Russ Y, Pine River Holdings Ltd, Chetwynd, BC Sep/16

“Actually, the Regional Manager here makes the decisions about our suppliers. We have ELRUS equipment so that is one of the big reasons. We are not far from the ELRUS office which means we can get parts quickly.”

Martin B, Dufferin Aggregates, division of Holcim, Cambridge, ON Sep/16

“We have ELRUS equipment, so we buy OEM parts. Then we started using ELRUS service which is impeccable. They solve our problems.”

Chris D, Sil Industrial Minerals Inc, Edmonton, AB Sep/16

“I chose ELRUS because of the availability of the parts.”

Wayne H, Lafarge Canada Inc, Red Deer, AB Aug/16

“The guy I replaced here told me to go to ELRUS as he had very good experience with ELRUS too.”

Rob, Kerridge Concrete Ltd, Calgary, AB Aug/16

“I have been dealing with ELRUS for 20 years, I know all the people and I have ELRUS equipment. They’ve always given great service.”

Wayne, Canada Building Materials, North Dumfries, ON Aug/16

“Travis knows our crusher really well, and if I call and describe a problem I am having, he’s right on top of it. He knows what the problem is, and what parts I need to solve it. I am confident that Travis knows what I need.”

Stephan F, Tollestrup Construction (2005), Lethbridge, AB Jul/16

“I got a few quotes from other companies, and ELRUS’ was the cheapest. We had dealt with them a lot before in Alberta, so it was a bit of a “no brainer” to go with them. They make bang up parts.”

Leon S, Westlake Paving & Agg. Ltd, Kelowna, BC Jul/16

“Price and the availability of the parts (is why we purchase from ELRUS). James has had to do some digging for us to find oddball parts, and saved us from having to do that. The whole experience is a quality experience with ELRUS and their parts are good quality.”

Joey W, Werbicki Trucking, Creighton, SK Jul/16

“Another company took my Cedarapids Crusher apart a year ago and when it piled up in November I found out that some things had been done wrong. I have been doing this for a lot of years and went to a crusher school a while back. When Thor at ELRUS helped me take it apart, we found some shoddy work done by their competition. I find that Thor is pretty knowledgeable. Thor is a pretty good guy and I trust him. Actually, I trust all the guys at ELRUS.”

Ted P, Tedlon Services Ltd, Thompson, MB Jun/16

“We bought a Crusher from ELRUS in 1992, and it is still going. Then we bought a second one. They are really good machines, good products. Also, we knew Roland, and he was a very personable fellow. He treated his customers like friends. His daughter is the same. We haven’t had contact with her since his passing, but we talked to her at his funeral and she is the same way.”

Ryan B, Ken Beatty Construction, Erickson, MB Jun/16

“Availability of parts, pricing and I can get the right parts quickly. I think I buy parts from ELRUS 3 days a week! They have a really good selection of bearings and they have all the bushings.”

Gary G, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Jun/16

“We find ELRUS to be quite knowledgeable. They are good about responding to emails. We have the relationship setup so that we can communicate mostly by email. The parts arrive in the target timelines we expect, but it could be faster.”

Lakeram R, Rosebel Gold Mines N.V., Suriname, SA May/16

“They are working with us to get to that spot. If we don’t have something, then ELRUS is more than willing to help us find it. Initially, they were very good about informing us of what critical parts we should have in inventory.”

Dale F, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, Keeyask, MB May/16

“It is the size of ELRUS as a company. They are a manufacturer in Calgary and they purchase a fair amount of belts from us.”

Doug S, Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd, Calgary, AB May/16

“ELRUS also has a lot of long term staff and I like the fact that I can talk to the same people season after season. There is some turnover but there are a lot of staff at ELRUS who have years of experience. That is the reason they have such good Customer Service. It is their intent and integrity and their commitment to doing the right thing.”

Shane G, Buffalo Gravel Corp, Grande Prairie, AB Apr/16

“I have no issues with ELRUS – the parts come on time. Their invoicing is accurate and they are easy to deal with.”

Rob J, Minto Explorations, Vancouver, BC Apr/16

“ELRUS has everything we need, when we need it.”

Garry S, Lafarge Canada Inc, Edmonton, AB Apr/16

“ELRUS is one of the companies that understands Customer Service. They are always looking out for my best interests of their customers. They do what they need to do to make our lives easier. I like going into their office. I am always treated well.”

Teri B, Finishing Touch Aggregates Ltd, New Norway, AB Mar/16

“I have never had any issues. I have always gotten the right parts from ELRUS.”

Steve D, Spring Creek Aggregates, Terrace, BC Mar/16

“ELRUS has everything we have needed and it has been more than satisfactory. Every bit of business that I have done with Elrus has been good, there have been no problems.”

Andy G, Pyramid Construction, St. John’s NL, Feb/16

“ELRUS may not be the cheapest but if they can get the parts quick they usually win the deal. Price-wise, they are usually right in ballpark. They generally can get me the parts quicker than anyone else.”

John M, Orca Sand & Gravel, Port McNeill, BC Feb/16

“I usually go to ELRUS for the conveyor parts or scrapers when I am in an emergency. As far as what I buy I have no suggestions for improvement. It works well and they will typically find what I need.”

Harlan M, Mill Creek Sand & Gravel, Redwater AB, Feb/16

“Most of our equipment is from ELRUS. I guess lots of guys sell this stuff but with ELRUS the service quality is there. The ELRUS staff respect their customers and the fact that it is an ongoing business. I have priced out some things with others and ELRUS is quite price competitive.”

Allan S, Russell Redi Mix Concrete, Russell, MB Jan/16

“The knowledge of the people you deal with (their employees) with sales and parts guys. They have a lot of experience and are well trained. It just seems that the ELRUS staff know more. They are also a Canadian company and right now, that matters.”

Darryl W, Blue Star Construction Ltd, Brandon, MB Jan/16

“We had an ELRUS screen deck and the guys seemed knowledgeable. They also helped us out with some conveyors that we had. Our conveyors were off shore but that didn’t stop them from helping us out. It was simple stuff but their willingness to help makes a difference.”

Jacob M, Grip Construction Ltd, Rimbey, AB Jan/16

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“ELRUS is always ready to help. I have been dealing with them since 2001 and I have always been satisfied with their service.”

Jack H, The Sarjeant Co. LTD, Barrie, ON Dec/15

“When we purchased the wash plant from ELRUS, Marc was the Rep and we have been dealing with him ever since. We have had a good experience dealing with Marc. He provides good information and advice. He is always there and available when we have had any trouble with the machine. He provides quick response to our questions and inquiries.”

Sylvain H, Les Pavages Chenail Inc, Montreal, QC Dec/15

“I trust ELRUS a lot, particularly Ron. It is now the trust and relationship I have with them – initially it was the quality of equipment. I think that quality equipment got us in the door but it is the trust and relationship that keeps us there.”

Rick T, Lone Pine Crushing, Hughenden, AB Nov/15

“I think it has to do with their personality and the fact that I could deal directly with the owner. They were always willing to modify things to fit for our organization. We became friends (Rolly) and I became close friends with some of the staff as well. Nothing has changed from my perspective and that makes business simple and enjoyable.”

Harold S, Harold Sutherland Construction, Kemble, ON Nov/15

“I will go back to the unique parts that they have. Specifically the Superior parts are superior to other supplier’s parts. I go to ELRUS for Superior rollers, Browning gear boxes and Sealmaster bearings. It is really the quality parts that I go to them for.”

Satisfied Parts Customer, Saskatoon, SK Nov/15

“ELRUS is located near our operation, so they have become our first stop. Over time, we found their service and pricing to be good, so we just continued going to them.”

Don S, Inland Aggregates, Winnipeg, MB Nov/15

“The relationship and equipment is why we choose ELRUS. I prefer their cone over the others we have had.”

V McIntosh, McIntosh Crushing & Aggregate, Montmartre, SK Nov/15

“I want to use OEM original liners from ELRUS because they will work and are dependable.”

D Coderre, W.H. Coderre & Sons Construction, Stoughton, SK Nov/15

“I think that with ELRUS, we are on a lot better terms and I give a lot of the credit to Russ. He is the big part of my success – he will look after me and my needs. If something has gone bad, he tries to get it right. He is relatively new to ELRUS and Sandvik equipment but he is a quick learner. He is a really good fit for ELRUS right now.”

Harold M, Granite Construction Company, Salt Lake City, UT Oct/15

“ELRUS have been in the business for a lot of years. I have been in the industry for 30 years and ELRUS is pretty easy to deal with.”

Leon S, Westlake Paving & Agg. Ltd,
Kelowna, BC Aug/15

“We buy from ELRUS because of their good and well engineered product. ELRUS also provides good after sales parts and service.”

Ed S, Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd,
Steinbach, MB Aug/15

“We have a fair amount of ELRUS’ equipment, so we go back for parts. I have worked with ELRUS for 35 years and given my experience, I think they do a pretty good job.”

K Stewart, Stewart Construction,
Innisfail, AB Aug/15

“It is their equipment and our past experience with ELRUS is why we purchase from them. They are a creative company – they are not set on just their own designs. They are willing to take our input and apply it and create new/better parts for us.”

Dan R, Stony Valley Contracting,
Fort McMurray, AB Aug/15

“We buy from ELRUS because of their service and their people get back to me right away. If I request a quote, I get a response within a day or two. When they are here, they also provide guidance on questions that I haven’t even asked.”

Greg S, Hub City Paving,
Nanaimo, BC July/15

“I have a long standing history with ELRUS. I know them well and there is a good amount of trust with them.”

N Ostero Jr, Nels Ostero LTD,
Taylor, BC July/15

“We purchase from ELRUS because of their pricing and their parts availability.”

Gail H, CPB Equipment,
Winnipeg, MB July/15

“I can get Dodge bearings from many places but I first go to ELRUS because of their customer service and if they don’t have the ones I need, they will find them.”

M Dunphy, Carmacks Enterprises LTD,
Edmonton, AB June/15

“We purchase from ELRUS because of their customer service and their willingness to help. We have dealt with other companies but ELRUS just seems to treat us way better.”

M Longley, Swayze Concrete LTD,
Weyburn, SK June/15

“We have a contract with ELRUS and we have been directed to purchase all our parts from them. If we had to do it again, I would advise that we purchase from ELRUS as the service has been good.”

K Kunz, De Beers Canada Inc,
Gahcho Kue, NT May/15

“It is convenient to get parts from ELRUS Aggregates. The staff at ELRUS are really good.”

J Dingman, Dufferin Aggregates Div of Holcim,
Mill Creek, ON May/15

“I got involved in our crushing program and I was given two names. The other company lost the race. At ELRUS Aggregates, everything runs so quickly.”

L Kipling, Rowe’s Construction,
Hay River, NT May/15

“One thing about ELRUS, they stand behind what they sell better than anyone else in the industry.”

D Stringer, Esker Aggregates,
Timmons, On May/15

“I need “just in time” parts and that is what has taken me to ELRUS. I do some competitive shopping but when I need the parts, I need the parts. Sometimes I also need to purchase on weekends.”

W Omachinski, Williamson Trucking,
Reston, MB May/15

“It is convenient to get parts from ELRUS Aggregates. The staff at ELRUS are really good.”

J Dingman, Dufferin Aggregates Div of Holcim,
Mill Creek, ON May/15

“Randy at ELRUS came up to see us and just from talking with him the first time, we decided to give them a try. Randy is very knowledgeable compared to who we were dealing with before. His knowledge blew us out of the water. They also have a good inventory of parts.”

C McFatridge, Barrens Northern Transportation,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/15

“We purchase from ELRUS because of their service, knowledge and awareness of the machines we have. It’s good that I can describe what I need and have them know what I am talking about.”

J Regier, Clouthier Construction,
Pembroke, ON Apr/15

“We purchase from ELRUS because they have manufactured most of our equipment (OEM) and they usually have the parts we need. I give them top marks.”

M Seymour, Farrell’s Excavating,
St. John’s, NL Apr/15

“I only met Kris at ELRUS after I started as a Service Technician for Dawson Construction. Kris came by, introduced himself and said they could supply us with parts. I wanted better service than I was getting from their competition. I wanted to give Kris an opportunity to be able to supply us with parts. It is moving along really well.”

K McDonald, Dawson Construction Ltd,
Kamloops, BC Apr/15

“We run ELRUS equipment and by purchasing parts from ELRUS, I don’t have to chase the ‘after market’ parts suppliers. ELRUS has what we need.”

M Thibuilt, Alvin Caldwell Sand and Gravel,
New Liskeard, ON, Apr/15

“One of the big reasons is that Westridge is young and energetic and we sense that ELRUS has a similar attitude. The main reason for using ELRUS is that the local suppliers haven’t given us the customer satisfaction levels that we were looking for. A fellow like Kris (at ELRUS) is very good to work with. He has done well and will continue to do well for us.”

S Stone, Westridge Rock Venture Ltd,
Armstrong, BC Apr/15

“I think that ELRUS has a great performance record and they handled the order smoothly and efficiently. The whole transaction was smooth.”

R Lawry, New Gold Inc, Kamloops, BC Mar/15

“The service at ELRUS Aggregates is good and the invoicing is accurate.”

R Moore, Tawich Construction Inc, Wemindji, QC Mar/15

“We are always looking for the best overall value as opposed to the best deal – that is why we go to ELRUS Aggregates.”

P Rowe, Cantex Okanagan Construction,
Penticton, BC Feb/15

“When I first started in the Industry, Troy was always the guy that could explain things and help me out. ELRUS always had good advice and ideas and that was a huge help for me.”

G Dueck, Lafarge Canada, Calgary,
AB Feb/15

“The ELRUS staff all seem to be good people. I run older equipment and they are helpful. Their service is good and they sell good quality parts. ELRUS focuses on quality and they stand behind the product.”

J Asunmaa, Fort William First Nation,
Thunder Bay, On Feb/15

“It is ELRUS’ customer service that makes the difference for me. ELRUS Aggregates is the way to go.”

J Thiessen, Marnevic Construction,
Fox Creek, AB Jan/15

“The only reason I deal with ELRUS is because of the service we receive from Darren. What makes the difference is the the way we are treated and handled.”

C Harris, Stony Valley Contracting,
Fort McMurray, AB Jan/15

“We purchase from ELRUS Aggregates because they are convenient and have a good variety of parts.”

Aggregate Producer, Calgary,
AB Jan/15

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“For a lot of the business that we do, we support our OEM for after-market parts. For ELRUS we support them and they have done quite a good job at extending that to us as well (same level of support).”

D Grainger, Mulder Construction,
West St. Paul, MB Dec/14

“It comes down to the fact that ELRUS has what we need and they are there. For us their Nisku store is only 3 blocks away from our shop. Location is very good.”

C Chalmers, Mixcor Aggregates,
Leduc, AB Dec/14

“I can go where I want for parts, but I end up going where I can get the parts and where I will be treated with respect. Troy at ELRUS Aggregates knows my equipment and he knows what I generally need.”

K Royko, Lafarge,
Carseland, AB Dec/14

“We have a past relationship with ELRUS but what keeps them as our supplier is the availability and the service. I had my own business for years and I kept clients by providing a high service factor. James is doing a good job and cheaper is not always better.”

A Stanchuk, Russell Redi
Mix, Russell, MB Dec/14

“It is the relationship that I have with the ELRUS staff. I enjoy working with Randy, Thor and Darren. It has gotten so that we are friends. I have dealt with Randy for the last 12 years.”

D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,
Brandon, MB Dec/14

“They are the OEM and they have an inventory of the parts. ELRUS has a variety of product available and we have a national agreement. ELRUS is our supplier.”

G Saumer, Lafarge,
Edmonton, AB Dec/14

“I buy from ELRUS because they know the equipment that I have. I talk with their staff and I can trust them.”

R Tardiff, MIRM Enterprises,
Girouxville, AB Nov/14

“I purchase from ELRUS Aggregates because of the past positive experiences I have had.”

M Sales, REDA Enterprises,
Bonnyville, AB Nov/14

“We purchase from ELRUS Aggregates because we are a loyal customer. Their prices are competitive and we have done business with them for 35 years. ELRUS has been a good company to work with and hopefully we are a good company for them as well.”

D Wiebe, Arjon Construction,
Calgary, AB Oct/14

“It’s the service and selection of parts that we get from ELRUS Aggregates.”

B Bell, APS, Kitchener,
ON Oct/14

“It’s their service and inventory of parts. If our plant is down we lose production, so parts close by at ELRUS Aggregates is important.”

G Hebert, Inland Aggregates,
Winnipeg, MB Sep/14

“Our past experience with ELRUS Aggregates is what takes us back. They are also our OEM Supplier.”

C Oneshuk, Burnco Rock Product,
Edmonton, AB Oct/14

“The main thing for us was that ELRUS had the Major Wire screens (Flexmat) and Kris has been very very helpful.”

G Burns, Vihar Construction,
Smithers, BC Sep/14

“Years of using them with success. ELRUS is a good company.”

D Wilson, Buddwil Enterprises,
Yorkton, SK Sep/14

“It’s the long term relationship we have with ELRUS Aggregates.”

L Gerbrandt, Butler Brothers,
Duncan, BC Aug/14

“We have bought the machinery from ELRUS and their service is excellent.”

R Cavel, The Murray Group,
Moorefield, ON Aug/14

“The reason I purchase parts from ELRUS Aggregates is because of their service.”

S Good, Standard Limestone,
Stonewall, MB Aug/14

“It’s the relationship I have with their Partsman. He is very good and provides good service. I have also dealt a lot with Elrus before.”

D Peter, Peter Crushing,
Whitewood, SK, Aug/14

“That is where the Superior Telestacker and Stackpac came from. I have never had any troubles getting parts from ELRUS Aggregate Systems. Sometimes parts need to come from Iowa but ELRUS does their best to get them as fast as possible. We purchased our telestacker about 10 years ago but it has worked like a charm.”

E Hegadus, Feldspar,
Lloydminster, AB Jul/14

“It is our past experience with ELRUS Aggregates that takes us back. We have always had a good experience with them and we have been dealing with them for 15 years.”

M Croft, Flesherton Concrete,
Flesherton, ON Jul/14

“The factors that influenced our purchase decision was that they had this crusher available and the fact that ELRUS has the parts in inventory to service the equipment.”

B Ptolemy, Ptolemy Construction,
Rosetown, SK Jul/14

“It’s the quality of ELRUS Aggregate’s equipment. The Sandvik line is good and ELRUS jaws are good. It is about quality and resale value.”

R Prisiak, McClement Rock,
Regina, SK Apr/14

“I deal with ELRUS because of the excellent service experience I have had. We have dealt with them since 1996. For me, Roland Russell was a great guy. He always went out of his way to come by and say hello. He was a very personable individual.”

Aggregate Producer, Northern
BC Apr/14

“In the middle of the season (when you are under pressure) you purchase from the first person who can get you the parts. That is just the way the industry works.”

B Swiston, CPB Equipment,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/14

“I like OEM parts, there are lots of aftermarket parts for jaws but they are not as good as OEM. The downtime on the machinery is worth more than the cost difference on the parts. We bought a used Elrus jaw and the boys like it, it works well.”

B Hare, North Shore Construction,
Miramichi, NB Mar/14

“A big part of the reason we purchase from ELRUS Aggregates is because of their service. That is the reason I have guided ownership to continue purchasing from them. ELRUS builds quality equipment.”

R Frykas, Sigfusson Northern,
Lundar, MB Mar/14

“ELRUS Aggregates are the specialists as crushing is their business. If I need to order parts and I don’t have the part number, they will help us figure out what we need. They will get it right.”

D Hanson, Smook Contractors,
Thompson, MB Mar/14

“ELRUS gave us performance guarantees on screen media and said they would stand behind it. The screen media actually exceeded the guarantee, so we are quite impressed.”

T Anderson, Lehigh Materials,
Sunshine Coast, BC Feb/14

“In our case, they are local. We are an hour away from ELRUS but that is still close enough. It is not like we have to order from the US.”

E Roth, Joe Kerr Limited,
Wingham, ON Feb/14

“It’s about our long standing experience. They have the knowledge and good parts people and mechanics. I am more than pleased with ELRUS Aggregate Systems.”

K Gardiner, Spring Creek,
Terrace, BC Feb/14

“It is the availability of parts and Kurt is excellent, he knows what he is talking about. I don’t even have to talk numbers and he will get what I need. His knowledge is strong and that is worth a lot.”

J Luckasavitch, J&P Leveque Brothers,
Bancroft, ON Jan/14

“Because they know what they are talking about and what they are doing. I have never had an issue with buying from Elrus.”

R Fraudes, Pioneer Construction,
Cooper Cliff, ON Jan/14

“Their service and pricing.”

D Desilets, SIL Industrial Minerals,
Edmonton, AB Dec/13

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“The total overall quality of the package is what I am looking from ELRUS Aggregates, it’s the value not just price.”

P Rowe, Cantex Okanagan,
Penticton, BC Dec/13

“The salesperson is a big factor. Randy is knowledgeable, he will make suggestions, point me in a direction and give me options. The big thing is he returns my calls.”

J Lorensen, Bruno Contracting,
Thunder Bay, ON Dec/13

“The factors that influenced my purchase decision are ELRUS’ parts availability, price and service.”

D Phaneuf, Snake Lake Construct,
Prince Albert, SK Dec/13

“Because I have no trouble with them. They provide knowledge and parts and they are close by – always available. I am satisfied.”

L McLean, Noble Concrete,
Picture Butte, AB Nov/13

“Because ELRUS is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We also get manganese from them … they are a well-known crushing supplier.”

B Henry, Anderson Rental,
Saskatoon, SK Nov/13

“Parts availability is big and Ron is a decent guy to deal with. He comes to site and sometimes, I give him a call.”

L Liedke, Burnco Rock Products,
Calgary, AB Nov/13

“The cost, availability and the service is right with ELRUS Parts. We have moved purchases from other companies to ELRUS because of their service.”

B Laflamme, Orca Sand and Gravel,
Port McNeill, BC Sep/13

“Their customer service is a big part of our decision to purchase from ELRUS Aggregates.”

Frank, City of Calgary,
Calgary, AB Aug/13

“OEM. It is because I have some of their equipment. It is a one stop shop for me.”

R Taylor, Lone Pine Crushing,
Hughenden, AB Jul/13

“I have been dealing with Scott, Brent, Lloyd and Troy for years. Our Calgary shop is close to ELRUS Aggregates – so they are very handy for us.”

G George, South Rock Limited,
Medicine Hat, AB Jul/13

“The reason we purchase is because when I need something, ELRUS Aggregates is there and the parts are available.”

Matt, Yellowhead Aggregates,
Edmonton, AB Jun/13

“The delivery of parts, they bring it down personally. I don’t have problems with anything about ELRUS Aggregate Systems.”

B Lindsey, Lafarge Canada,
Lethbridge, AB Jun/13

“Kurt is easy to deal with, he can help out and if he doesn’t have it or know the answer, he will dig around until he finds it. I think that is the main reason we use ELRUS Aggregate Systems.”

Brady, Drain Brothers Excavating,
Lakefield, ON May/13

“The biggest things were Roland, Ron and rest of the staff at ELRUS. I bought all the parts to build the first crusher. The relationships, the quality and the level of service I get is super.”

J Kasprow, Brymak Enterprises,
Athabasca, AB Apr/13

“When I purchase from ELRUS Aggregates, it’s because of the availability and the guarantee of the right parts.”

S Hardy, Les Pavages Chenail Inc,
Montreal, QC Apr/13

“I like the way they build their equipment. I like their drawings, set up and turnaround time. Parts are usually readily available. It is a really nice package…”

C Crawford, Crawford Aggregates,
Victoria, BC Mar/13

“We purchase from ELRUS because of the equipment portability and their availability of parts.”

G Broda, Broda Construction,
Kamsack, SK Feb/13

“The purchase factors relate to the relationship I have, their pricing and the service that ELRUS Aggregate Systems provides us.”

T Scarcelli, Burnco Rock Products,
Kelowna, BC Feb/13

“My boss says to go to ELRUS, they seem to know what they are talking about and they get us the right parts. I personally have a good relationship with people at ELRUS Aggregate Systems, they treat me fairly well. I think they have good quality parts.”

J Robertson, Potzus Ltd Yorkton, SK Jan/13

“That I get the right parts and that they are available. They service us well and after sales service is important to us. If we have issues ELRUS Aggregates will respond. That is a big factor for us. Parts inventory is good and it is readily available.”

E Solinski, Diamond Ready Mix, Steinbach, MB Jan/13

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“ELRUS’ parts inventory is crucial for us and their staff will ‘bend over backwards’ to help. Their phone service is good – it saves us time, as we don’t have to spend time phoning around.”

Morley, Swayze Concrete,
Weyburn, SK, Dec/12

“They are very knowledgeable. If I have any questions, Darren is reachable at any point. ELRUS Aggregates knows their stuff.”

Darryl, SIL Industrial Minerals,
Edmonton, AB Dec/12

“A lot of the people in their organization know the industry. Their people have worked & lived in the industry and know what they are talking about.”

R Gilbertson, Bernt Gilbertson
Enterprises, Richards Landing, ON, Nov/12

“We bought a business that had an ELRUS plant. Since then, we have spent millions of dollars with them. For us service is important, it makes our business run. It comes at a cost, but ELRUS delivers.”

Aggregate Producer,
Chetwynd, BC Oct/12

“I like ELRUS and the knowledge the staff have as it converts to additional product support. ELRUS provides quality parts and service as well. I knew Rolly and our relationship goes back 25 – 30 years.”

L Gerbrandt, Butler Brothers
Supplies, Duncan, BC Sep/12

“ELRUS builds things to last. They build good quality machinery and I think it stands out, above the rest.”

C Botkin, C.D. Botkin Construction,
Regina, SK Aug/12

“Small things: like Greg has taken me out a few times and that has upped my confidence in dealing with them. We have a lot of their equipment, likely 90% is from ELRUS.”

A Toffan, The Sarjeant Co,
Barrie, ON Jul/12

“We have ELRUS equipment, so usually we just give them a model number and they can tell us what we need.”

L Wyles, Belvedere Aggregates,
Chetwynd, BC Jun/12

“We wanted to deal with a company who had bench strength: the ability to source parts and had the expertise and ability to provide service.”

K Glassmen, ASL Paving,
Saskatoon, SK May/12

“Because their price and parts availability. We like the ELRUS equipment and have a few screens, conveyors and cone plants.”

R Kelly, Hugh Munro Construction,
Winnipeg, MB May/12