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How do you get your customers to recommend your business? What are the reasons that so many of ELRUS customers recommend them? That’s a question that ELRUS management have been curious about, so they hired Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and find out why, from their customer’s perspective. The top 5 reasons from highest are Quality of Product & Design, Service, Staff Knowledge and Experience, Availability of Equipment/ Parts/ Service and Relationship.

Use the links below to read why ELRUS Aggregate customers recommend them. ELRUS may be a good equipment, parts and mechanical service supplier for your business.


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“I would recommend ELRUS because of their professionalism. ELRUS has a good supply of parts, and their knowledge of crushing and parts for the equipment is really good.”

Paul S, West Central Contracting Ltd, Hinton, AB Dec/17

“ELRUS knows a lot about the equipment, between George and the techs. They provide great service.”

Kevin R, Inland Aggregates, Calgary, AB Dec/17

“ELRUS always been able to answer all my questions or else, if they didn’t have an answer, they have been able to send me to someone who could answer my question. They are knowledgeable, and when they are here, they take their time to teach me things, and because I am new to crushing, I really appreciate that.”

Stephan F, Tollestrup Construction, Lethbridge, AB Nov/17

“ELRUS was really good. They did what we needed, and in a short time, and I was very impressed with the cost. ELRUS also has good people. My problem is I sit in the office and I don’t always get to meet them. I just get to talk to them on the phone.”

Collin C, A.G. Baxter Contracting Co Ltd, Calgary, AB Nov/17

“I would recommend ELRUS. It is their machinery and they know what they are doing. All the people at ELRUS have been very good and give good service. The equipment is pretty good so far.”

Marty H, Westlake Paving & Agg. Ltd, Kelowna, BC Nov/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because they give great customer service, they have knowledgeable staff and really good products.”

Ryan M, Anchorage Sand & Gravel Co. Inc, Anchorage, AK Oct/17

“I would recommend ELRUS mainly because of Brent. He is so knowledgeable. You don’t see that kind of knowledge too often. The job he did when he came out here was really thorough. I was out at another site and he did the same thing there.”

Doug L, Granite Construction, Everett, WA Oct/17

“ELRUS did a great job. The jawcrusher has been running great. I work near the jaw, and I used to hear the noise it made all the time and now it is quiet. They were good at fixing it and it came back looking like a different jaw. It was all nicely painted!”

Lisa L, Superior Construction & Excavating, Meridian, ID Oct/17

“ELRUS has great service, especially in comparison to other vendors we have used. In fact, we have switched to ELRUS because of their superior service and better equipment and parts.”

Kelly B, 532470 BC Ltd, Nanaimo, BC Sep/17

“They are well equipped to do their job. ELRUS has the parts I need. They are usually there to help with repairs quickly. We have no issues with ELRUS. We put in a new crushing plant this year and the ELRUS guys helped us get up and running and taught us about the equipment. They were really helpful.”

Brian J, Lafarge Canada Inc, Cambridge, ON Sep/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because they are knowledgeable. They understand the machine, they know everything about the cone from one end to another. They can look at the cone and tell you if you need wear plates, they know the specs on everything.”

Doug F, Doug Folden Trucking Ltd, Melfort, SK Sep/17

“ELRUS provides great service and they are very accommodating to design and build something that will work for you. They are open to change. We had them build a mixer for us. It is something they had never done before and we asked for that, and they were able to design and make what we needed and it works for us.”

David L, Carillion Canada Inc, Edmonton, AB Aug/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because of ease of use, and if you need equipment, or need them to build something for you, they can do it. They have done some custom builds for us.”

Warren D, Steep Rock Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Aug/17

“We love the service at ELRUS, the staff are competent and they know their stuff. We have specialized equipment and they were able to work on it well.”

Stephanie F, BMH Systems Inc, Markham, ON Jul/17

“I recommend ELRUS because the service is good, they know their equipment and they are knowledgeable about everything. If Thor can’t come, then Kevin can come, so they have depth, more than one person can help me out.”

Dick D, Maple Leaf Construction Ltd, West St Paul, MB Jul/17

“ELRUS provides great service. It’s easy, friendly, and the staff get back to you right away. If we are down, we are not making money. Time is so important. ELRUS usually has everything we need in stock. They have it on the shelf. Lots of guys in my position love the people that carry inventory. We can wait a day and get a part cheaper somewhere else or pay a bit more from ELRUS and get the part right now.”

Chris O, Lafarge Canada Inc, CW, Edmonton, AB Jul/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because of the service we receive and the people. I only have one piece of ELRUS equipment but I buy most of my parts there. That’s because the guys at ELRUS are good to deal with and they have a lot of knowledge. The branch is well stocked, and they are accurate with parts. I am willing to pay a little extra money for the service. There are cheaper parts around but I choose to pay the higher price because of the quality of service I receive at ELRUS.”

Shayne G, Buffalo Gravel Corp, Grande Prairie, AB Jul/17

“ELRUS is reliable, and they answer the phone no matter what time of day. I can’t remember all the details, but I do remember that I needed parts in a hurry and ELRUS drove them half way for me to where we were.”

Joe A, Moncrief Construction Limited, Kenora, ON Jun/17

“I would buy more crushers from ELRUS if I could. If I was in the market to buy a crusher, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. I have an ELRUS jaw, a deck with an ELRUS cone, 2 ELRUS towers and I have Grizzly on a different spread. I have a few other pieces too. It’s good. It does the job. I have taken it off in some situations when I didn’t need it, but it’s good when I do need it.”

Bill W, Weir’s Construction Limited, St. John’s NL Jun/17

“ELRUS is very professional in their dealings. Good product and good technicians that understand the equipment and who are able to support the customer completely.”

Bevin, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, NL May/17

“I would recommend ELRUS, and I do, for their prompt service, and their pricing is very good. I have had to call Darren on many occasions after hours and he has sorted things out for me.”

Chris D, Sil Industrial Minerals Inc, Edmonton, AB May/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because of the parts we can get sourced pretty quick. They have a good stockpile of parts in Saskatoon. If we have a part failure, they can get a new one for us very quickly. The guys, Jared, Spencer and Rick, are all really good guys. Jared comes up and makes sure that we are all stocked up. He’ll look at what we need and bring it to our attention so we are not going to have down time.”

Leon J, Silver Standard Resources Inc, Regina, SK May/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because of the quality of their equipment and the best service you can get anywhere. And they will even service other equipment like Sandvik. We are extremely happy with ELRUS. We bought a new crushing spread and we didn’t even look anywhere else.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Apr/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because they are always on time, they are good at diagnosing the problem correctly, are easy to get a hold of and do good work.”

Jim B, Penn-Co Construction Canada Ltd, Blumenort, MB Apr/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because they do good work. I’ve got no complaints. Their staff are friendly and very professional too.”

Bert L, L.Chabot Enterprises Ltd, Winnipeg, MB Apr/17

“I’ll recommend ELRUS to anyone I talk to if the subject of service comes up. I would recommend ELRUS because they do have very good knowledgeable staff and speedy service. They also have competitive prices which we have to keep on track with more and more every year.”

Frank S, City of Calgary, AB Mar/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because of the service I have gotten is beyond anyone else, and for parts, they are always easy to get a hold of. I deal with different people for other suppliers but Darren has always been good for us. Other suppliers can take days to get back to me, but ELRUS always responds quickly.”

Tom B, Lafarge Canada Inc, Fort McMurray, AB Mar/17

“ELRUS has a really good machine shop and they have service techs who are well trained and who really know what they are doing. I’ve been using ELRUS for five or more years. ELRUS is reasonably priced. Their estimates are very close. If it is off at all, they will call. We get no surprises with ELRUS. Their service techs are really good.”

Gary G, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/17

“I’d recommend ELRUS mainly because of the good customer service. ELRUS has good people.”

Jason, Sand Recycling Ltd, Edmonton, AB Feb/17

“I’ve had good experiences with ELRUS, so it would be an easy decision for me to make to recommend them.”

Jon L, Lafarge Canada Inc, Calgary, AB Jan/17

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“I would recommend ELRUS because I deal with other suppliers too. ELRUS’ equipment is superior, and they stand behind their equipment. They have the parts and the service available when you need it. I just bought a screen deck from another supplier, and they just dropped it off on the doorstep and went on their way. ELRUS would never do that. ELRUS would help with setup, and make sure it was working properly.”

Demetrius T, Geransky Brothers Construction, Martensville, SK Nov/16

“I do recommend ELRUS all the time because of the long-standing relationship and good service.”

Lloyd G, Butler Bros Supplies Ltd, Duncan, BC Nov/16

“I would recommend ELRUS because of their knowledge and good service. When they come out, they come prepared.”

Ed S, Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd, Steinbach, MB Nov/16

“Because of their knowledge base, I recommend ELRUS. They are easy to get along with, and they have so much stock for my crusher on hand. The availability of parts and their Service Techs are very good. I can call them anytime and they can get me up and running, even over the phone.”

Steven F, Paul Flasha Contracting, Whitecourt, AB Oct/16

“I recommend ELRUS because of the quality of their work and the time they take to do the work. I am absolutely satisfied!”

Dan R, Stony Valley Contracting, Fort McMurray, AB Oct/16

“I will recommend ELRUS because of their knowledge, their experience, and the availability of their parts.”

Mike G, Dufferin Aggregates, Dundas, ON Oct/16

“I would recommend ELRUS because their customer service is fantastic. They go the extra mile, they try whatever they can to find the best solution, and their pricing is good. I buy a large quantity of parts and ELRUS does have the best price.”

Chris S, Gillis Quarries Ltd, Springfield, MB Sep/16

“ELRUS is quick to respond and quick to be on site. Garrett has made a huge difference there. We had some issues with Gino, but it has been like a 180 for us with Garrett.”

TJ, Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC Sep/16

“ELRUS has a nice group of guys, and they know what they are doing. I don’t buy everything from them. I check the prices on things and sometimes I buy from their competition.”

Adolf B, Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd, Blumenort, MB Sep/16

“ELRUS has good equipment, their service and parts guys are good in Calgary and SK. They will get something fast to you, even if you need a part, and they don’t have it on the shelf, they will take something apart in the yard, and they’ll get it for you.”

Cameron F, Potzus Ltd, Yorkton, SK Aug/16

“I would recommend ELRUS because they’re good, and we have ELRUS equipment which is good equipment.”

Don B, Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd, Arborg, MB Aug/16

“They do good work. When I started crushing years ago at Royal, they also worked with ELRUS and they never had any problems.”

Ron, GCS Energy Services Ltd, Red Deer, AB Aug/16

“I already have recommended ELRUS because ELRUS is the best! The people are phenomenal. Darren, Thor and Kevin are great to work with and James even delivers parts to me. The service is just great! I won’t even consider anyone else.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Jul/16

“Oh absolutely, ELRUS is right up at the top in this industry. We haven’t had low quality stuff. We have looked at the competition, and there are some parts that are cheaper, but when you factor in that ELRUS delivers, and other guys will charge you for freight, then the deal isn’t so great. Plus nowadays, you might be getting a cheap Chinese knock-off part. So we look at the value.”

Dale F, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Jun/16

“I would recommend ELRUS because they are on time and prompt to get back to us. They are knowledgeable and they stick around to make sure everything works for us. They are always really helpful. Spenser has been really great.”

Troy K, L & G Crushing, Raymore, SK Jun/16

“We would recommend ELRUS because they provide good service, and they have good parts. Our ELRUS equipment has lasted a long time and this is a rough business. We demand a lot of the equipment.”

Debbie B, Bowman Construction, International Falls, MN Jun/16

“ELRUS has the parts we need, so for sure I would recommend them.”

Sylvain C, Colacem Canada Inc Div Bertran, Calumet, QC May/16

“George with ELRUS stayed until 5:30 to make sure everything was good and that our guys understood. He had to travel back to Calgary, a 3 hour trip but he wasn’t in any rush to leave. Whenever someone gives you good service, you want to pass it on. I want ELRUS to get more work and giving them a referral is sort of like thanking them.”

George S, Fish Creek Excavating Ltd, Calgary, AB May/16

“Absolutely. If we have questions, the ELRUS guys have a ton of knowledge and that includes their Site/Shop Service guys, their Parts guys and their Sales guys. They are good at sharing the information and if they don’t have an answer, they will find out. If I call at 3:00 pm and they don’t know, then by 9:00 am the next day, they will have an answer.”

Craig C, Mixcor Aggregates Inc, Leduc, AB May/16

“ELRUS has a wide knowledge base and they are up there in the industry. ELRUS is leading and pushing the industry forward. They are keeping up with technology and advances. They are always looking for the next step at increasing production, managing costs down and maintaining quality.”

Aaron S, Selkirk Paving, Crescent Valley, BC Apr/16

“Most definitely I’d recommend ELRUS. I like their screen decks and everything else that goes with it. The Sandvik cones do a good job as well.”

Dick D, Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd, West St Paul, MB Apr/16

“ELRUS is dependable and reliable. The equipment always breaks down on the weekend but you can call them on Saturday morning at 7:00. They will help and if they cannot coach you through it, they will come out and fix the problem. ELRUS staff are very obliging.”

Morley L, Swayze Concrete Ltd, Weyburn, SK Apr/16

“ELRUS is very professional, very knowledgeable and they have been prepared. They have looked after us, they have gotten our equipment up and running.”

Jim B, Penn-Co Construction Canada Ltd, Blumenort, MB Mar/16

“It is a good training for our guys. We took the Cone to the Leduc Shop and I brought some of my guys. We got hands-on training and that is very beneficial. He told us what to look for. There were a lot of steps we had been missing so we got a refresh on what to look for and what to do.”

Colin O, Burnco Rock Products Ltd, Edmonton, AB Mar/16

“I would recommend ELRUS because if Spenser cannot find the problem he will phone someone who can. They have always figured out what the problem is and how to solve it. Who else would we call? Spenser has access to a bunch of guys in Calgary who have many years experience.”

Kent F, ASL Paving Ltd, Saskatoon, SK Mar/16

“ELRUS knows what they are doing. They are the crushing guys and I don’t think there is anyone else.”

Randy D, Dyck Construction, Winnipegosis, MB Feb/16

“I already have recommended ELRUS. They will go the extra mile for us. They are not a business hours Branch. When you are dealing with a guy like James, of course you will send people his way. Now that I have a good relationship with ELRUS in Winnipeg I haven’t had near as many problems getting parts. I can text James and have the parts the next day.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“Right before we did the commissioning on the Cone, Thor offered to bring some pails of grease along. It was charged on the account but Thor didn’t need it, so he called and said that I would be getting a credit on one pail because it wasn’t used. As a result, I trust these guys immensely.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Feb/16

“Thor with ELRUS is a very knowledgeable person and can do the work of two guys. We had another company come and our cost with them was higher. It took more men to do the same thing that Thor could do by himself.”

B Derksen, Derksen Trucking Ltd, Altona, MB Jan/16

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“Yes, I would recommend ELRUS because of the people that ELRUS has working for them. Travis and George are both helpful and very professional. They are both very knowledgeable and they have personalities, so they are good to deal with. We can talk with them.”

Lee T, Inland Aggregates, Edmonton, AB Dec/15

“The staff at ELRUS have been around a long time and they know what they are doing. I like the Mechanical Service side of it, they have a bunch of good guys.”

Adam W, Green Drop Ltd, Calgary, AB Dec/15

“I like their screen decks and everything about them. The ELRUS staff are all helpful – they don’t pussy foot around. With ELRUS, everything is up to snuff.”

Vic D, Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd, West St Paul, MB Dec/15

“ELRUS is always good to us. You can call 24/7 and they will jump in a vehicle and meet you halfway. ELRUS provides unmatched service.There are companies coming around to sell us screens and they are very helpful initially, but you try calling at 5:02 pm and they will not answer the phone.”

Cliff F, Nelson River, Winnipeg, MB Nov/15

“I would recommend ELRUS Service. We have had Matt here on a number of occasions and he has a lot of expertise. Our guys like working with him as well and that helps.”

Dale B, Canada Building Materials, Sunderland Pit, ON Nov/15

“ELRUS’ service was excellent. They got our unit up and running and we hadn’t used them for a service repair before. We were in the midst of getting our equipment setup for a job and they kept me informed of the progress along the way. That was valuable to us.”

Lorne I, Salvador Ready Mix Ltd,
Cranbrook, BC Aug/15

“Even though we didn’t buy their equipment, they didn’t shun us. Rather, Darren worked with us and educated us. They have been great people to work with and help us understand the equipment. Hopefully, when we are in the market again, we will get ELRUS equipment”.

Dwayne F, Tri-Wave Construction Ltd,
Brandon, MB Aug/15

“Since we bought the first equipment from ELRUS, they have been good about parts and service. ELRUS has an easy system and inventories the parts. They will have complete bearing kits in stock so you just have to give them a call, as opposed to anticipating and ordering ahead. They make it easy and they also have a lot of knowledge. You can call them up for diagnosis. They have crusher schools that I have gone to and sent my guys to.”

Ralph E, Lavis Contracting Co Ltd,
Clinton, ON Aug/15

“I would recommend ELRUS because they didn’t know me from Adam on the first shop service and they got me in right away and got me going. They did the same this time – it was very good service.”

D Garcia, Garcia & Sons Transfer Ltd,
Fort Nelson, BC Aug/15

“Because of the professional experience and their helpfulness, I would recommend ELRUS. They looked after us even though they didn’t build the pumps.”

Vince F, Lafarge Canada,
Fonthill, ON Aug/15

“ELRUS told me what time they could come. They were there and fixed my problem. It is really hard to get that type of service these days. It is pretty simple and ELRUS did a pretty good job.”

Colin C, A.G. Baxter Contracting Co Ltd,
Calgary, AB Aug/15

“ELRUS comes when you call them and it seems that other companies really don’t. We really need to keep operating in this business. It comes down to the minute and you cannot make any money if the equipment is not running.”

Site Service Customer,
Ponoka, AB July/15

“We get good service from ELRUS. They have the parts and the people who know how to service our equipment.”

L Ferby, Ferbey’s Sand and Gravel Ltd,
Vermillion, AB July/15

“I would recommend ELRUS because they are in a niche industry and they do good work.”

Site Service Customer,
Calgary, AB July/15

“I would recommend ELRUS because of their product quality, their service and their product knowledge. Wherever I go in my life, I will be using ELRUS. I have used other suppliers as well, but I haven’t seen a company that will join you in the trenches and help you resolve a problem like ELRUS.”

S LeBlanc, Fraser Valley Aggregates (2014) LTD,
Surrey, BC June/15

“The prompt service and their knowledge at ELRUS is why I would recommend them. Matt helped us take the crushers apart and showed my guys a lot of things they needed to be aware of. We were really impressed with that. ELRUS is really great to work with.”

Site Service Customer,
Carp, ON June/15

“99% of our equipment is from ELRUS. I have used other companies’ equipment and ELRUS is better. It is well built and their frames are really good.”

T Bailey, Lafarge Canada Inc, Fort
McMurray, AB June/15

“I will recommend ELRUS Aggregates because they got the job done and we got back going.”

L Greenwood, Hammers Gravel Supplies LTD,
Viking, AB June/15

“There are not a lot of companies around with the experience of ELRUS on crushing equipment.”

Satisfied Customer,
Ilderton, ON June/15

“ELRUS Aggregates have the parts and know how to fix our equipment. They have the experience and I have known them for years.”

J McNernie, Athabasca Minerals Inc,
Edmonton, AB May/15

“I have always had a good experience with ELRUS. Everything you need is always there with parts. We do a lot of our own work but they have the inventory if we need it. Lloyd is really good and Marshall pops in once in a while. It is always a good experience with ELRUS.”

A Elek, Solid Rock Products Inc,
Calgary, AB Apr/15

“I already have recommended ELRUS because some of the equipment around our ‘neck of the woods’ was sold by a service provider who has horrible service on parts and technical service. ELRUS can get us parts and have the ability to provide mechanical service. ELRUS can even sell us competitor’s parts even though they are not the dealer.”

M Almasi, N & R Concrete Ltd,
Melville, SK Apr/15

“I do recommend ELRUS because Thor (Service Technician) is very thorough and he knows what he is doing. I have confidence and trust in his work.”

B Lypyrypa, L.Chabot Enterprises Ltd,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/15

“ELRUS is a reliable company. We had our Nordburg fixed at ELRUS and it cost half the price that Weir Services would have charged in Edmonton.”

G Geroge, Aecon Transportation
West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I have always got excellent service from all the staff at ELRUS. George, Brent and all the guys are helpful.”

T Bailey, Lafarge Canada Inc-
TBG EDM, Edmonton, AB Mar/15

“We have dealt with ELRUS Aggregates for 22 years and we have a bunch of their equipment. I am confident they will do the job for me.”

B Wenckowski, Inland Aggregates
(Edmonton), AB Feb/15

“ELRUS Aggregates are very accommodating, professional and easy to deal with. It was a great experience.”

A Seckowski, Selkirk Paving,
Crescent Valley, BC Feb/15

“I recommend ELRUS because of their professionalism and knowledge. They know how to address the problems. Their Techs are usually on time and get the job done as efficiently as possible.”

B Jones, Lafarge Canada,
Cambridge, ON Feb/15

“I would recommend ELRUS Aggregates because they have good shop service. Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful.”

C Chalmers, Mixcor Aggregates
Inc. Leduc, AB Feb/15

“We bought our equipment from ELRUS Aggregates and they have always looked after us. We buy liners from them and they stock liners for us. We feel it is important to go back to ELRUS as they have looked after us.”

D Coderre, W.H.Coderre & Sons,
Stoughton, SK Jan/15

“We did another rebuild on a screen deck and it wasn’t ELRUS product, but surprisingly enough, Thor knew how to fix it. He had all the info and knew how to do it. He is very versatile and it resulted in my not having to call out another crew.”

D Hanson, Smook Contractors,
Thompson, MB Jan/15

“It is the way that ELRUS presents themselves. For example, when Travis comes he gets right after it. There is no dogging it – when he comes, he is here to fix the equipment.”

A Laurin, Ruel Concrete,
Peace River, AB Jan/15

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“Because of our experience with ELRUS and the strength of their people. Their service approach, their professionalism and their responsiveness is good. For us, product support is very critical. ELRUS has invested in the people to make it work and they are one of the strongest players in the market.”

E Lamb, Waterford Crushing,
Brantford, ON Dec/14

“If we need parts or service on other brands of equipment, ELRUS will help out. I can get rollers for other conveyors and ELRUS has a good supply of them on hand. Dealing with ELRUS is a lot easier.”

K Fhur, ASL Paving,
Saskatoon, SK Dec/14

“I would because they do good service work and they build quality product. I know the guys at ELRUS Aggregates (and I trust them).”

R Martin, Martin Bros. Crushing,
Listowel, ON Dec/14

“When ELRUS does the service work it is always good.”

J Lamont, Lafarge,
Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Overall ELRUS Aggregates is a pretty good company. No one is perfect but they are good.”

R Hill, Pidherney’s Trucking,
Rocky Mtn House, AB Nov/14

“I have had good luck with ELRUS’ service as they have definitely gotten me out of a bind.”

R Taylor, Lone Pine Crushing,
Hughenden, AB Nov/14

“Even if they make a mistake, ELRUS Aggregates are good about fixing it and making sure we are happy with the end result. They care about what they do. ELRUS is a good company and are reliable.”

R Beatty, Ken Beatty Construction,
Erickson, MB Oct/14

“ELRUS provides good service. They are on time, they are here when we need them. In this case, the one weld broke but Spenser came back right away and resolved the issue.”

C Alexander, 101084852 SASK Ltd,
Unity, SK Oct/14

“We have two crushing systems. To get information from our other suppliers is not easy. With our ELRUS equipment it is readily available. They put our parts on the plane the next day. Their service and supply chain is the reason I would recommend ELRUS to anyone. With ELRUS, our downtime is minimal compared to Metso or Sandvik.”

L Jensen, Claude Resources,
Seabee, SK Oct/14

“Their service is great and ELRUS field staff are very accessible. It is totally amazing.”

G Jones, Snake Lake Construction,
Cigar Lake, SK Oct/14

“ELRUS Aggregates has good service. Last winter I had issues with a fly wheel on my jaw. Greg F from Calgary called me and they got on it (and got it fixed).”

M Thibuilt, Alvin Caldwell S&G,
New Liskeard, ON Sep/14

“I would recommend ELRUS Service because they deal with my problems right away.”
S Bowden, C.R. Chittick Ltd,
Ilderton, ON Aug/14

“I recommend ELRUS because they will get us what we need. ELRUS has a big shop in Calgary and if we are in a bind, they will get it fixed for us.”

N Anderson, River Valley Crushing,
Barrhead, AB Jul/14

“ELRUS provides a good quality machine and the knowledge to support it. New stuff is always coming on the market and we can touch base with ELRUS for the information. They are up to speed.”

L Sparrow, Lafarge Canada,
Kelowna, BC Jul/14

“We have used ELRUS over the years and I have yet to be disappointed with them. They are not the cheapest but the job is done right. We have been in the business since 1963 and have used ELRUS over the years.”

P Pals, Filipenko Brothers,
Castor, AB Jul/14

“I value the fact that Elrus’ word is good. If they say they will do something, then that is what they will do. Other companies pay lip service and tell you what you want to hear but then do nothing about it. Elrus are more ‘old school’ in that way. I like doing business with people whose ‘word is their bond’. Everyone at Elrus operates from that perspective.”

J Buck, JMB Crushing,
Bonnyville, AB Mar/14

“I would recommend ELRUS because I believe that they build the best equipment available. The majority of their equipment is built in Calgary, so they are local. They also have a fantastic line of parts in Nisku and what they don’t have there, is in Calgary. At worst parts are next day service. Elrus also has a good stock of screens. Erus is a one stop shop. Elrus since day one.”

S Flasha, Paul Flasha Contracting,
Whitecourt, AB Mar/14

“We like their products, the Sandvik equipment is good and we are happy with their screen decks. Overall, we are happy with their products.”

B Esau, Summit Sand & Gravel,
Abbotsford, BC Mar/14

“The fact that they know what they are doing. ELRUS Service Techs are knowledgeable and understand their equipment. When we are in the field and working 24 x 7, all we want to do is get the equipment back up and running. We all have deadlines.”

R Smith, Alberta Aggregates,
Brooks, AB Feb/14

“I have a long history with ELRUS that goes back to Saskatchewan 35 years ago. I knew Rolly and when I moved to BC I remained in the crushing industry. When they opened up the Surrey branch for service and parts supply, I was happy.”

L Gerbrandt, Butler Brothers,
Duncan, BC Feb/14

“They are easy to get along with, friendly and they offer good service. If we have a problem, I can get the guys at ELRUS Aggregates in a minute.”

D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,
Brandon, MB Feb/14

“I would recommend ELRUS because their people are great. Their staff are really ‘top notch’.”

J Malin, Malin Rock, Grande Prairie,
AB, Jan/14

“Because they are dependable. I can call them and they will arrive on site within an hour. They are on time and are good mechanics.”

W Randal, Canada Building Materials,
Aberfoyle, ON Jan/14

“Because of the service, their timing and the explanation that Gino provides. There is no muddy water, everything is clear.”

G Seabloom, Hub City Paving,
Nanaimo, BC Dec/14

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“I would recommend ELRUS because of my past experience with them. I have never had a problem, George has always been there and he keeps in touch with me.”

D Thomsen, McPhee Construction,
Edson, AB Dec/13

“Because I have no trouble with ELRUS Aggregates. They provide the knowledge and parts and they are close by – always available. I am satisfied.”

L McLean, Noble Concrete, Picture
Butte, AB Nov/13

“I would recommend ELRUS Service because they can answer my questions at a moment’s notice. We don’t have a lot of rework or return work with ELRUS. It is done right the first time on both service as well as new equipment.”

Rick, Alberta Rock Products,
Edmonton, AB Aug/13

“I have been using them for a long time. I have had other outfits on site but ELRUS has the right guys – good qualified people that do the right thing.”

P Holub, Lafarge Canada, Red Deer,
AB Jul/13

“I would recommend ELRUS because of their Service Tech. In today’s work world, it is hard to find someone with experience and knowledge.”

B Swistun, Birds Hill Gravel, St. Paul,
MB Jul/13

“When a man comes in to do repairs, you know within a few minutes whether it will be good or not. It a is gut feeling and I am fine with Cecil. I trust him and I know he will do his best.”

B Samson, Aecon Mining Inc.
Timmons, ON Jul/13

“The equipment is good, it is thought out and maintenance is easy.ELRUS has simplified a lot of things. For example you can get the screen bearings in a kit with the bearing housing, the bearings, the seals, bolts and everything – you just slap it on.”

R Elliot, Lavis Contracting, Clinton,
ON Jul/13

“I would recommend ELRUS Aggregate’s Service Tech because of the experience and knowledge he brings to the table. He is a very helpful individual.”

C Burill, Lafarge Canada, Ottawa, ON

“They give good service, they know what they are doing and they carry a good inventory of parts in Saskatoon. I am surprised how many parts are there, it is great.”

D Folden, Doug Folden Trucking,
Melfort, SK, AB May/13

“Because they are friendly, courteous and they always call me right back if I am having trouble. Everything is good with ELRUS. Everything is right.”

L Hicks, Lawrence Meir Trucking,
Medicine Hat, AB May/13

“I value ELRUS’ knowledge and reliability. We can call them for help on technical issues and that is why I would refer them.”

D Coderre, WH Coderre & Sons
Construction, Stoughton, SK Apr/13

“ELRUS Aggregates’ service is great and their machines are well designed.”

J Ayotte, Beton Barrette Inc., Val
D’Or, QC Apr/13

“I would recommend ELRUS because of their prompt service, their knowledge of the equipment and they have a good support team, whether it is in Calgary or Edmonton based, I get help and answers.”

A Laurin, Ruel Concrete, Peace
River, AB. Feb/13

“Their quality of service is excellent. ELRUS makes sure it’s fixed properly and ready to run. Their standard is to fix it properly but they will do a patch repair to get the machine running.”

Aggregate Producer, Central SK,

“I always do. ELRUS Aggregate Systems runs a ‘good ship’.”

B Bell, Aggregate Processing
Services, Kitchener, ON Feb/13

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“It is the experience. I have never had an issue when I have called for service or needed a warranty issue addressed. ELRUS gets back to you and goes the extra mile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ELRUS.”

B Bell, Aggregate Processing,
Kitchener, ON Dec/12

“I recommend ELRUS because their Service Techs do really good work. I have never had anyone else on site, they are reliable, they do a good job and they are readily available. They will work anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend.”

C Mutter, Lafarge Canada,
Coquitlam, BC Nov/12

“Because it is good service – they are knowledgeable people, George is willing to take the time to share information and insight. They provide good preventative practices and general info about our equipment.”

L Gilles, Baymag Inc, Calgary, AB

“ELRUS’ Service Techs are getting better and they are really nice guys to work with. They are not condescending in any way. I really appreciate that.”

K Fhur, ASL Paving, Saskatoon, SK

“I would recommend ELRUS’ Service Techs as I have a good connection with them and I trust him.”

T Haggkvist, Pitt Meadows, BC

“Sure, everyone in the industry knows about ELRUS Aggregate Systems. I trust them, I have known George for 30 years.”

Garry, Lafarge, Edmonton, AB