Legacy Kitchens Customer Reviews


Sep 2018

★★★★★     Pat M. | SW | Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

I’d recommend Legacy because they were professional; good to work with; and good at fixing issues along the way. They respected us and our home.

★★★★★     Greg R. | Cochrane, AB | Sep 2018

I couldn’t imagine Legacy Kitchens doing any more than they did. Everything worked out well. I don’t have a ton of experience as it was our first kitchen. If renovations are done as Legacy did this one, then what is the problem with renovations? I could imagine other providers would do a lot less.

★★★★★     Martha G. | SW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

We valued Robert’s design, plus, it came with all the support and recommendations of other Contractors and products. We had confidence in Legacy’s reputation and that was proven to be true through out the project. our experience.

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | NW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018


★★★★★     Ann S. | SW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

Legacy is amazing. I am over the moon satisfied with everything that the people at Legacy did. There are about 6 people in the neighborhood who have used Legacy and their friends and friends of friends have all used Legacy as well. Why would I go anywhere else? I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

★★★★★     Patricia D. | Calgary Interior Designer | Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

I have seen Legacy’s work over the years on other projects and I used to work with a Calgary Builder who used Legacy. I have a lot of confidence with them and I am proud to take my clients there.

★★★★★     Yvonne M. | SW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

Legacy Kitchen’s staff were always helpful and attentive.

★★★★★     Deirdre | NW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

I valued the peace of mind. It might sound corny but having all the trades respond when they were supposed to, reduced my anxiety. I didn’t have to call the trades to follow up on the schedule. And the kitchen looks excellent!

★★★★☆     SW Calgary Home Owner | Calgary, AB | Sep 2018


★★★★★     Kim V. | Millarville, AB | Sep 2018

Legacy’s part of the project was on schedule and I am happy with the end product.

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | SE Calgary, AB | Sep 2018


★★★★☆     Calgary Homeowner | SW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018


★★★★★     Glenn W. | Calgary Builder | SW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

Legacy is much better than average because of their professionalism, friendliness, and the quality of work. I use them for new builds. With some trades, I wouldn’t want them to interact with my customers, but with Legacy, I’m happy if they speak directly with the customers.

★★★★★     Calgary Home Owner | SW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

We’ve done a lot of renovations and owned a lot of homes. The majority of Legacy people were excellent, easy to contact, paid attention to detail and took notes. I didn’t have to become a General Contractor. Often, that can happen. For the most part, people showed up on time, did what they were supposed to do and answered questions.

★★★★★     Marlys | ‘Not for Profit’ Manager | NE Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

We are super happy with the cabinets and the installation job that Legacy Kitchens did.

★★★★★     Pamela D. | NW Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

I love the new cabinets and the design. I love that we went from oak to white. They changed the design from traditional and it’s now much more modern. That appeals to me more.

★★★★★     Calgary Home Builder | Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

I receive nothing but professional, timely and courteous service from Legacy Kitchens. The installation was fabulous.

★★★★★     Calgary Home Builder | Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

Allison was wonderful the whole way through. She was easy to get a hold of in a timely fashion. When we had questions, she was there to answer.

Aug 2018

★★★★★     Kerry S. | Sundre, AB | Aug 2018

Because I live just outside of Sundre, I find it difficult to find good trades people in this small town rural environment. That was one of my first questions to Noel at Legacy Kitchens. The fact that they would come to this location was really important for me and influenced my decision to use Legacy Kitchens. I place value in people. I valued their Designer, Rob, who was excellent. I would highly recommend him.

★★★★★     Peter | EF Contracting | SE Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

Legacy Kitchens did their utmost in providing great service. The Designer, Allison took my Client’s through everything and helped them. My Clients are picky and they were very happy with Allison and all the staff at Legacy. The missing pieces came just before the Clients’ party! Legacy’s people showed professionalism in handling the issues related to how the Supplier dropped the ball.

★★★★★     Tyler A. | SW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

I value the quality of the Legacy Kitchens product and that they have a warranty. Legacy won’t disappear. They have been around for a long time. Legacy Kitchens is doing an awesome job!

★★★★★     Judy O. | NW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

We ended up with a great result. I am very happy with Legacy Kitchens and 100% satisfied with the results and the quality of the cabinets. I am also 100% impressed with Legacy’s staff. They come pretty close to being Rock Stars.

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | SE Calgary, AB | Aug 2018


★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | NW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

Legacy’s Designer Kimberley is the best person to work with. I would recommend her name to friends or whoever I know. She is very friendly and positive. She provided great ideas, suggestions and she knows what she is doing.

★★★★★     Dave P. | SW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

We have already recommended Legacy Kitchens. When people walk into our house they are impressed with our kitchen cabinets. They are put together well.

★★★★★     Ingrid F. | NE Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

Shawn, Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, was good. He was personable and quite chatty. Their Installer, Anton, did the final inspection and was pleasant and very accommodating. When he found that one of the cabinet pieces was the wrong colour, he was on top of that and found another piece.

★★★★★     David S. | SW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

I value the quality of workmanship, It’s very important for me and it’s very high at Legacy.

★★★★★     Vicky S. | NW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

Legacy has good customer service; excellent tradesman and they are on time with their work. I just really love the product, the Allura cabinets. I would definitely use them again, but I’m now done my renovations for at least the next 20 years. I appreciated that Rob came out to the house a few times and the Installer, Paul, was excellent.

★★★★★     Abbie C. | NW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

Robert, Legacy’s Designer was there from the beginning and available for us throughout the project. His availability made it feel more genuine, more concerned that he wanted us to be happy with the whole result. He wanted to ensure that the whole process was going well. He wanted to make sure we would be happy.

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | NW Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

I would recommend people to go with Legacy Kitchens. They have a lot of cabinets to select from and they are more competent than others.

Jul 2018

★★★★★     Mary P. | NW Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

The is the first time we’ve done a renovation. We liked everything about Legacy Kitchens. It was perfect for us and I would happily recommend Legacy. Anybody who comes into our kitchen and admires and asks about our cabinets, hears about Legacy Kitchens. They did a wonderful job.

★★★★★     Scott W. | WPI Renovations | SE Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

The Service Tech at Legacy Kitchens, Rick, was solution seeking for a few issues that we had. He was really good with the client on cabinet location issues. He ensured we would be satisfied.

★★★★★     John M. | SW Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

We liked the Legacy Kitchens’ staff and the showroom. The whole process was perfect for me and my husband. There is no way I would go with anyone else but Legacy.

★★★★☆     Calgary Home Owner | NW Calgary, AB | Jul 2018


★★★★★     Roland G. | Dead Man’s Flats, AB | Jul 2018

I have a trade company as well and I know the hurdles and all the moving parts that it takes to do a project. Legacy Kitchens achieved that and did a good job. I shopped at a few different places. Legacy’s selection has a superior cabinet supplier. Legacy does what they say they are doing to do.

★★★★★     Danny S. | Hayati Homes | Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

In this case, I was the Builder and the Homeowner. I use Legacy Kitchens a lot. Sometimes I bring in a client for a custom build and sometimes I build on spec. I use Kelly, their Designer, all the time. Kelly understands my clients’ needs. She knows how to stay within budget and she doesn’t try to upsell all the time.

★★★☆☆     Cochrane Homeowner | Cochrane, AB | Jul 2018


★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | SE Calgary, AB | Jul 2018


★★★★★     Andy K. | Ranger Homes | Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because they have a big showroom, a wide variety of product, they execute well and at an appropriate price.

★★★★★     Shauna S. | Okotoks, AB | Jul/18

Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, Andre, came out a few times. I made a few little nicks in the cabinets before Andre arrived and he appreciated that I was honest with him about that. He fixed it right away and addressed any concerns. He was willing to make it right. It was perfect!

★★★★★     Lynda S. | Sieben Specialty Homes | Cochrane, AB | Jul 2018

To me the price point and value are important.

★★★★★     Calgary Home Owner | NW Calgary, AB | Jul 2018


Jun 2018

★★★★★     Jeannette W. | Southern AB | Jun 2018

Because Legacy Kitchens cares, I would recommend them. You feel like you are the only customer they have and that they want to do their best for you. Legacy staff have a passion for what they are doing. They care from the start of the project right to the finish.

★★★★★     Lyndy G. | SW Calgary | Jun 2018

We ran into an issue with how the cabinets were measured. Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Anton, did what he could to make it right. Anton did a beautiful job. Legacy’s product, service, and their installations are very good.

★★★★★     Tricia W. | SE Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

We valued the way it was all done by Legacy Kitchens – everything was on time. We had a number of things to arrange as well, like plumbing and electrical. Annette, their Coordinator, was very accommodating and she helped to make things run smoothly. Legacy made a plan and executed it really well.
Brian B. | Hammer For Hire | NW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

I have been working with Legacy for many years. I am definitely satisfied. They are my only call for cabinets. I recommend Legacy to all my clients. Legacy’s pricing is reasonable. If there are problems, there are no questions asked. Legacy will fix it right away, It is done – no need for debate, they just do it.

★★★★★     Terry W. | SW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

I interviewed 6 companies just to find out more before I selected Legacy Kitchens. I went with Legacy because of Michael, their Designer. He was confident, and he had his group at my house within days to get me an estimate. He was on it bang, bang, bang and he was ready to go. Everyone knew what they were doing to provide an accurate package.

★★★★★     Marilyn S. | Olds, AB | Jun 2018

I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because I really like the cabinets. I really appreciate the service that Legacy offers. They are prompt, on time, they are willing to talk and explain things. I have no complaints at all.

★★★★★     Terri P. | SE Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

If there were any concerns, Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, John took care of them. He was easy going and took time to review them with me. He was amenable and addressed everything on my list. John really went the extra mile on the ‘roll outs’ in our pantry. There were some issues that I didn’t think looked very good, so John had to customize a solution for them. He took great pains to make it right.

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | SE Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

We value the end result which is made up of quality product, good installation and a creative design.

★★★★★     Lise C. | NW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

We like the end result of our project. Actually, we value everything about the project. Our kitchen now looks 100%.

★★★★★     Linda W. | SW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jason was helpful, and it seemed like he was beside us all the way. He was really easy to deal with. He came over to the house, he helped us measure and figure out what we could do. Jason went above and beyond.

★★★★☆     Calgary Homeowner | SW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018


★★★★★     Lynda S. | Calgary Builder | Cochrane, AB | Jun 2018

We had done a fair amount of checking and we found that Legacy’s pricing was quite realistic. We are happy to the point that we have put their cabinets in our new Showroom.

★★★★★     John M. | NW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

Everything went great with Legacy Kitchens. During installation we had an issue with the cabinets due to a mismeasurement by the countertop supplier. Robert, Legacy’s Designer, ordered a new one right way and it got fixed.

★★★★☆     Calgary Home Owner | SE Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

In the end, Legacy resolved all the issues.

★★★★★     Elena J. | SW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

Legacy absolutely did their utmost to ensure we would be satisfied. In the end, John asked me to look around one more time. He said if there is anything that you would like me to fix, I will fix it. When he left, it was perfect.

★★★★★     Jessica F. | SW Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

I think Legacy offers a good price point for the quality of cabinets. They offer a good variety of cabinets and the quality is good. Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was really professional. Their operation is very organized and their service is good.

May 2018

★★★★★     Karen W. | SW Calgary, AB | May 2018

I’ve recommended Legacy Kitchens to our neighbours and Legacy has already completed our neighbour’s kitchen. I’d recommend Legacy because of the professionalism and scheduling. In our experience, they finished on schedule and when they came back after it was all done, all the issues were resolved quickly. We weren’t left waiting. We were really happy with all of the people involved. They were very professional and the quality of the work was really good.

★☆☆☆☆     Homeowner | DeWinton, AB | May 2018

The Designer was a disappointment as they never reached out after the design. I’m glad that you followed up. I wanted to tell someone, and I didn’t know who to talk to.

★★★★☆     Andrew M. | SW Calgary, AB | May 2018

Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, John and their Service Tech, Dan, were good about resolving the service issues. They understood that one of the faces on the cabinets wasn’t up to standard. They worked out a new design for the shelving and manually made up a piece.

★★★★★     Dona P. | SE Calgary, AB | May 2018

The level of communication by Legacy Kitchens was superb. The quality of workmanship was excellent. Both Larry, the Installer, and May, their Coordinator, were absolutely wonderful.

★★★★★     Laureen M. | NW Calgary, AB | May 2018

I’ve never run into a company who is so responsible as Legacy Kitchens. Just the fact that they showed up on time, were always in contact and were easy to get a hold of set them apart. The first day, all the trades came to our home. It was really an amazing experience. Dan, their Service Tech was here, and Brian, the Installer and Derek, the Electrician as well. They listened to what we wanted, they provided alternatives and we discussed what could be done and not done.

★★★★☆     Dean, Taiga Homes | Calgary, AB | May 2018

Steve is very personable, he works in a timely fashion and I’m happy with the end product. Since that project I sent my Mom to Steve to design her cabinets. I think that speaks volumes!

★★★★★     Kathy B. | SE Calgary, AB | May 2018

I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality and workmanship and the all around general production. What I experienced, is what I expect other people are looking for.

★★★★★     Margo H. | NW Calgary, AB | May 2018

Every time I had a concern or a worry regarding our project, I contacted Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jay-Dean, and she was on it. There was no time that she wasn’t focused on what I wanted. When I think of Legacy, I think of Jay-Dean.

★★★★☆     Ron C. | SW Calgary, AB | May 2018

The issues we had were systemic rather than with specific people. Some things weren’t caught because of the way the system was set up.

★★★★★     Shirley E. | SW Calgary, AB | May 2018

Jennean is awesome. She is patient, calm, she knows what she is talking about, and she provides an independent perspective. I’m now onto my 5th kitchen with Jennean.

★★★★☆     Carol L. | NW Calgary, AB | May 2018

Legacy is a great company to work with and if our case can be useful for planning for future renovations, that would be good. Legacy has kitchens down pat.

★★★★☆     Calgary Homeowner | SW Calgary, AB | May 2018


★★★★★     Ron Z. | NW Calgary, AB | May 2018

It’s the quality of the cabinets and how well they look.

★★★★★     Canmore Homeowner | Canmore, AB | May 2018

It’s a wonderful product that Legacy Kitchens offers. It is exactly what we wanted, real walnut. The drawers are soft close and Michael, their Installer, as well as Mike, the Service Tech, made the fit and finish perfect. Every alignment and every gap is just right. They wouldn’t stop until they had it right.

★★★★★     Jim D. | NW Calgary, AB | May 2018

I would recommend Legacy because we were quite happy with the final product that we got. We are happy with the installation as well.

★★★★☆     Calgary Homeowner | SW Calgary, AB | May 2018

This (giving feedback) is very helpful for the company and it’s good overall.

Apr 2018

★★★★★     Garry S. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

I’d have no trouble recommending Legacy Kitchens to neighbours and friends. They have a good product. We hear horror stories from people who have used other companies. Legacy has a timeline and they follow it. The job that Legacy did was on budget and very good. You can’t ask for more.

★★★★★     Anne D. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

There were no surprises, only a few hiccups. The hiccups we experienced had nothing to do with Legacy Kitchens. It was the company we ordered the toilets from. Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, accommodated all the nonsense and then Adrian came back to install them. Legacy accommodated the delays with the toilets very well.

★★★★★     Jim H. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

We valued Legacy Kitchens’ honesty. It seemed like they would listen to what the customer wanted and deliver what was asked for. They didn’t try to load us up on extras. I liked the ease of working with Legacy.

★★★★★     Andrea, Andrea Hasanagic Design | Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

It’s everything about Legacy Kitchens that is impressive. I’ve worked with other builders and other kitchen companies. The colour of the cabinets is exactly what we ordered, and they take responsibility for ensuring everything is right. You cannot beat Legacy’s post installation customer care.

★★★★☆     Calgary Homeowner | NE Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

I feel like I lost the Designer along the way. She didn’t check back after a certain period. I emailed her about issues after the project got going.

★★★★★     April F. | Olds, AB | Apr 2018

I have shown pictures of my kitchen and everyone asks where we got it done. I’ve told everybody about Legacy Kitchens. We’ve used Legacy before and we know what they are all about. They are well priced and faster than other options in Olds. We like what they have to offer. It’s easy to go into the showroom and to pick things. Legacy has everything all laid out and we know what we can choose from.

★★★★★     Jill K. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Legacy Kitchens had to come back to fix something. The shelves weren’t level because the drills holes didn’t line up exactly and that needed to be fixed. They came back right away, it was no problem at all.

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018


★★★★★     Franca T. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

The quality of the product and the work was great, but I think it was the people that I valued the most from working with Legacy Kitchens. James and Kim knew what we wanted and they did the work the way we wanted it done.

★★★★★     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

If I ever do this again, yes, I’d use Legacy. We lived through it.

★★★★★     Nicole N. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Our Legacy Designer really understood what we were looking for and I appreciated that. She stayed within the budget and looked for ways to not spend extra money. I was pleasantly surprised with that approach.

★★★★★     Lyle S. | Canmore, AB | Apr 2018

Things went really smoothly with Legacy Kitchens. We are happy with the results and would recommend Legacy to anyone. We were completely satisfied that things were as expected. We did small modifications after the fact. I have nothing to say that was a problem.

★★★★★     Tony, SIXTY3 Developments Inc. | SW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Kudos to Annette, James, Steve and Rick at Legacy Kitchens. I have nothing but accolades. We had a problem with a glass piece in a door and the door was a millimeter and a half longer than the door beside it. Legacy replaced it and not once did they make me feel uncomfortable for doing that. I pushed Legacy and they came through every day.

★★★★★     Jill K. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Kim listened to my input and my concerns. My father was also a part of the project and Kim acknowledged what he had to say too. The whole process and project transformed my kitchen to be very functional and modern.

★★☆☆☆     Calgary Homeowner | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Legacy has an awesome product and excellent service. I’m very satisfied in the end, but just not happy with the communication. I’m happy to know that they have a 3rd party getting communication, so that puts Legacy up on my scale because it shows that they care.

★★★★★     Joy B. | NW Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Michael was very thoughtful about what he was doing. He was willing to listen to what we wanted and he was willing to offer suggestions. Michael’s skill at interacting and communicating was a key component of the project. He was always respectful about finding out what would work best for us.

Mar 2018

★★★★★     Mike B. | NW Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

I liked the whole process; the design work; the way the Legacy approached their work; and the way they resolved all the issues promptly. If it weren’t for a couple of issues with the manufacturing, it would have been done on time as well. A few years ago, I had a bathroom renovated by another company and they promised it would be done in 4 weeks and it ended up being 9 months. You hear of horror stories with renovations.

★★★★★     Linda M. | SW Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality, installation and the way they dealt with any concerns. One cabinet didn’t fit as well as I thought it should. They were able to rework it and satisfy any of my concerns.

★★★★★     John & Stacey M. | SE Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

We valued Steve, Annette and actually all the Legacy Kitchens’ staff. They were friendly and easy to deal with. We appreciated the end result, and the fact that they tried to do the best job they could. We are enjoying our new kitchen.

★★★★★     Allen C | SW Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Anton, the Installer, was professional and he knew what he was doing. I explained what I was looking for and he got it and understood. I would outline what I wanted and when I got home it was exactly what I had asked for. Legacy provided good service and they earned the right for me to give them feedback. The reciprocal of receiving good service, is that you should take the time to provide feedback.

★★★☆☆     Calgary Area Designer | Cochrane, AB | Mar 2018


★★★★★     Les, Tral-Les Construction Ltd. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Steve, Legacy’s Designer, went above and beyond. He went the extra mile. The Home Owners were a difficult customer and Steve made sure they were happy and he did whatever was needed to make it work for them.

★★★★★     Brenda H. | SW Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Legacy was on time and when they were done, they were done. Even small repairs they did quickly. You hear horror stories of people waiting months and months to get finished.

★★★★★     Bertha K. | NE Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Legacy Kitchens had a schedule and they went by it directly. If I had any questions they were answered. There were a few issues that came up afterward and Legacy was immediately out to my home to repair the issues. I think they even went overboard and repaired some damage that I may have done.

★★★★★     Sonja L. | Chestermere, AB | Mar 2018

It was probably our interaction with Jennean, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, that we valued the most. She was a very big help and really easy to work with. We had similar tastes, so I think that helps.

★★★★★     Mike M. Urban Castle | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Legacy’s workers are extremely professional. They arrive prepared. They are clean and they protect the floor. The Installers such as Josh and Anton are fantastic and I know our clients appreciate that.

★★★★★     Linda M. | SW Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Gavin was easy to work with from start to finish. He worked within our existing structure as this was a renovation, not a new home. Gavin did a good design without being able to move a wall. The design is very suitable for the space that we have. I think he did a good job.

★★★★★     David N. | NW Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

The final outcome of the project was well done. It’s not cheap but I think we got what we paid for.

★★★★★     Cheryl W. | SE Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

I realize that nothing is perfect on any project, something will inevitably go wrong. The question is when mistakes happen, how do you deal with it? Legacy Kitchens did a good job and handled it with no question. A few doors came incorrectly, they didn’t hesitate to reorder new ones. I had issues with the ceiling but Legacy took care to get the supplier back and fix it. I felt they did quality work and they delivered what they said they would.

★★★★★     Duane J. | Cochrane, AB | Mar 2018

Legacy Kitchens looks after all parts of the project from start to finish and we appreciate that. We are happy with the end result.

★★★★★     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Legacy was just fabulous from the interaction with the Designer, to the finished product.

★★★★★     Bertha K. | NE Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Allison helped me with the design of the cabinets and she had good recommendations. I did not feel any pressure.

★★★★☆     SW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

I was disappointed with the Design and Implementation aspects of the project but Legacy’s Service came through. My faith was in John and he delivered. I appreciate the call back from a third party.

Feb 2018

★★★★★     Bill W. | NW Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

We were really pleased with the quality of product, which was outstanding. The service and all staff were excellent. Any issues were very minor. We’ve wholeheartedly recommended Legacy Kitchens to people we speak with.

★★★★★     Zunayed K. | SE Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, gave us a great timetable that showed when the trades would come. There was a delay in getting the sink and May made sure there was no overall time delay.

★★★★★     Guido B. | NE Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

If I had to pick one thing that I valued the most about Legacy Kitchens, it was that the service was fabulous, from Kim, the Designer, and right through to the service follow-up.

★★★★★     Karen N. | SE Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

Legacy Kitchens was very good. Even the receptionist was great. The first time I went into the showroom, I had my granddaughter with me. She had her iPad to amuse her and the receptionist was entertaining her and gave her a cookie. I was able to talk to my Designer. It was great.

★★★★★     Danny R. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

Paul is one of the best in the business. He is experienced, he is a great Designer, and he has good ideas for different situations. It’s the service from Legacy Kitchens that I value the most, particularly in the design process. Paul is great at what he does. He does on-site mark-outs that are the best I’ve seen.

★★★★★     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

I think we got a lovely kitchen for a reasonable price.

★★★★★     Brad W. | NW Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

Legacy Kitchens made sure issues were dealt with even after the walk through. We find small issues and they came for a look and fixed it with no resistance. That’s what you want.

★★★★★     Jill O | NW Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

I am really pleased with our renovation by Legacy Kitchens. I look at the before pictures and it is amazing. Our kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling and before, we had a wall that was bare. We have a step down into the family room and we opened that up by 18″ and it made an incredible difference. We have a window that opens, it looks much bigger and we can see our backyard. The difference is amazing. I am so happy we went in this direction. We knew it would be good and it turned out so much better than we thought it would be.

★★★★★     Calgary Home Builder | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

Legacy is professional; they measure everything and it fits really nicely; the detail is clean cut lines; their people are very respectful. All people at the site were very clean, organized and there were no problems.

★★★★★     Teena B. | Black Diamond, AB | Feb 2018

Michael, the Designer, with Legacy Kitchens is excellent. He really knows my needs and he knows what Legacy can provide. I’ve worked with Michael a few times. He is very approachable and so easy to talk to. Michael was very helpful in accommodating us and in providing insight about the product.

★★★★★     Lorrie G. | NW Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

I found Legacy easy to work with. They were professional. There was a range of choices, although not necessarily what I was looking for.

★★★★★     Drew M. | NW Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

There was one small issue with the timing of the plumbing. The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens got back to us and sorted it out. We chose Legacy Kitchens because of the comments from other people and Legacy’s overall ability to understand what is going on with the project as a whole.

★★★★☆     Carolyn T. | Airdrie, AB | Feb 2018

I valued having good craftsman who take pride in their work.

★★★★★     Brock | Calgary Builder | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

I liked Legacy’s Designer, Suzi and I recommended her to my clients. Michael and Mike were great. It was not a problem for them to do it right. Sometimes trades people say um and ah, whereas Michael and Mike went above and beyond. I have no complaints.

★★☆☆☆     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

I would do another project with Legacy but would not want to use their Subcontractors. The actual work and the outcome was fantastic. The kitchen is super functional and really well organized. Legacy resolved issues to the best of their ability.

Jan 2018

★★★★★     Dave S. | SW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

The biggest thing about Legacy Kitchens is how organized they were. They answered the phone right away. The scheduling was spot on. The project was done over a 6 week period and the scheduling was awesome. We added on a few things and tweaked a few things, so from a customer service perspective, Legacy was excellent.

★★★★★     Rob & Mona N. | SW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

Daniel, the Service Tech with Legacy Kitchens, sure knew what he was doing. We had one concern with the pantry doors. The doors did not align. It is a place that shows, because it is where the living room starts. Daniel worked hard on that, but it wasn’t perfectly level to what it should have been. He had to come back because I could still see the shelving through the door. The customer service really impressed us. We had no push back. Legacy had responses right away and the quality of service was exceptional. They never argued.

★★★★★     Paul A. | NW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

We really liked that Legacy Kitchens was the designer, the installer, and the organizer of all the electrical and plumbing work, and moving the wall. They coordinated the flooring, backsplash and the painters as much as they could. It was a one stop shop for the entire project. There were many fingers in the pie – everything from the permits to the subtrades. They did a very good job of organizing and keeping us informed. We weren’t here, and for it to turn out as well as it did, was an excellent outcome.

★★☆☆☆     Calgary Contractor | SW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

Their communication and organization were inconsistent, but I don’t want to be too harsh. The quality of work was very good and they definitely made an effort to rectify the issues we had. They got us across the finish line.

★★★★★     Greg S. | SE Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

We liked Jason, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, from the moment we met him. He was great at answering questions, especially with me doing the sub-contracting work myself. I don’t think that answering my questions would have been easy. Jason listened and he believed in us. It worked out great. My wife is very particular and Jason listened a lot. I’m an Engineer and also very particular. A lesser person than Jason couldn’t have done it.

★★★★★     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018


★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

I’d recommend Legacy for a lot of the reasons. It is the quality of product, timelines, thoroughness and being on schedule. They are professionals, whether they are working with a Contractor or Homeowner.

★★★★★     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018


★★★★★     Calgary Home Builder | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018


★★★★★     Steve C. | NW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

There was some damage on the fridge gable and Legacy Kitchens sent someone to repair it. There is a scratch mark where the recycling container screw hit a panel. They are coming to repair that. Legacy met our needs. It was a good process.

★★★★★     Paula H. | SE Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

Overall, they were pretty good. We went and had a look at a few other places as well.

★★★★★     Hazkar Homes | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

We recommend Legacy Kitchens because they are so efficient. They know exactly what they are doing.

★★★★★     Barbara H. | NW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

Legacy Kitchens’ Service Technician, Andre, came 2 to 3 times because there was a misunderstanding. The pantry was to have 5 shelves and it came with 4. So Andre measured and submitted the order. The Supplier didn’t read it properly and the shelves didn’t fit. Then, it was the wrong finish. We got 6 shelves in the end. It didn’t bother me, the staff were all so pleasant. Legacy’s staff were so understanding because I was so lost with the project. Everyone tried to help me as much as they could.

★★★★★     Myles O. | NW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

We valued Legacy Kitchens’ ideas and the layouts that Gavin, their Designer, did for us.

★★★★☆     Dax A. | Calgary Developer | Jan 2018

I would give Wayne their Installer a 17++. He was great. I’m a Developer, so I know the questions to ask and he knows how to answer them. Wayne represented Legacy Kitchens very well and he knew how to correct problems in a timely manner

★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | SE Calgary, AB | Jan 2018


★★★★★     Gord B. | NW Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

Legacy stands behind their work and they did a great job. Their Designer is very personable and he follows through. He does what he says he will do.

Dec 2017

★★★★★     Chris T. | Airdrie, AB | Dec 2017

Renovation and home construction can be a nightmare. It’s hard on the budget. It can turn a family upside down. Legacy Kitchens handled it so smoothly. They kept us up to date. There were only two times over 7 weeks that we weren’t sure if a trade was coming or not. That is unheard of. Legacy’s work is all encompassing. It included flooring and wall removal; this was a big project. Legacy handled it all.

★★★★★     Christina V. | NW Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Due to minor defects on the cabinets, a few had to be reordered. Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, Andre, was prompt in doing that. We were asking a lot of questions and we had concerns. He ordered everything for us. It all came in on time. We would definitely recommend Legacy Kitchens to someone else.

★★★☆☆     Calgary Builder | Calgary, AB | Dec 2017


★★★★★     Calgary Homeowner | NW Calgary, AB | Dec 2017


★★★★★     Leanne G. | NW Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Legacy Kitchens handled newbies like us very well. They were always professional. They never let it show if we had silly questions. We’ve never been through this before. They could answer any questions or concerns. I valued that very much.

★☆☆☆☆     Calgary Area Home Owner | Springbank, AB | Dec 2017

This time when one thing went wrong then, 20 other things went wrong. It was no one’s fault. I was sure happy when it was done. In the end, we are happy but we were not satisfied with the way it went.

★★★★☆     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Jennean, the Designer, was fabulous as she understood what we would be okay with and what we would not be okay with. At the first meeting, she was attentive so she could understand what we wanted. It was a good experience.

★★★★★     Carol H. | Canmore, AB | Dec 2017

I have no cause for dissatisfaction. I know the quality of Legacy Kitchens’ product. Things worked very well for me and I was absent through the process. I’m sure that when someone is there they would do an equally good job. I reviewed everything when I went to the condo and to see the finished product. All of it went extremely smoothly. When I had seen everything, I wrote to Suzi, their Designer, and told her that my expectations were exceeded. I was thrilled.

★★★★★     Valerie W. | NE Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

This is the second home we have done with Legacy Kitchens. The first was a home in Radium. We were happy with the quality, the price and the service. Legacy really wanted to make us happy. The two cabinets were ordered wrong and that was it. After waiting 2 weeks for the 2 new cabinets to arrive, there were a couple of issues. Ryan fixed them right away. They would do anything to make us happy.

★★★★★     Leslie S. | NW Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Legacy Kitchens is prompt, professional, and with on time delivery.

★★★☆☆     NW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Every project has ups and downs and ours sure did. I’d suggest that people do their due diligence and watch the trades to check everything they do. It’s good to hear Legacy values feedback and I think they will fix the bad stuff. Absolutely, someone is listening. I want to see Legacy succeed. Tradesman are artists. It’s a Calgary company. We want to see them do well.

★★★★★     Ken P. | NW Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Paul did an amazing job paying attention to the design details. There were no issues at all. He was prompt through the project and well experienced and practical. Paul knocked it out of the park for us.

★★★★★     SE Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Dec 2017


★★★★★     SW Calgary Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Legacy has quality people and they do quality work.

★★★★★     Cathy R. | SW Calgary, AB | Dec 2017

Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, John P, moved heaven and earth to fix the microwave issues. Legacy worked to resolve any issue and they didn’t leave you hanging.