Pinnacle Group Renovations’ SCC 3-Way Guarantee


One of the risks of starting a home renovation is whether your general contractor will stick with it and finish your renovation on schedule. The Pinnacle Group has addressed that risk with their SCC 3-Way Guarantee. To measure the performance of the SCC 3-Way, the Pinnacle Group hired Client Insight Inc. to have a conversation with their clients after the project is done and get their perspective. The graph below shows the results of the SCC 3-Way guarantee components and demonstrate the ‘voice of the customer’.

Timeline: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Here are Reviews of The Pinnacle Group Renovations’ clients:

2017 ↑ Back to top

“As far as the pricing, the project was completed according to the original agreement. The SCC Guarantee would have helped impact our decision to choose Pinnacle Group if we hadn’t used them before. We knew what we could expect from the Pinnacle Group.”

Al S, SE Calgary, May/17

“Our project was completed in alignment with the original quote. Our decision to choose Pinnacle Group was made based on our interaction with the owner, Paul, the quality of workmanship and the SCC Guarantee.”

Greig S, NW Calgary, May/17

“Our project started based on the Builder Trend schedule. That was a big concern that we both had. I like the guarantee of an overall cost and the guaranteed start and finish were significant as well.”

Angela W, SE Calgary, May/17

“I would say that Pinnacle Group’s SCC guarantee was a significant factor for us. You hear a lot of horror stories out there so it was important to us that Pinnacle was concerned about the start date, the finish date and the overall cost.”

Joe L, SW Calgary, Jan/17

2016 ↑ Back to top

“The SCC guarantee helped us choose Pinnacle Group – there was value there.”

Kevin T, NW Calgary, Nov/16

“I didn’t have a ton of change orders. That goes back to Pinnacle Group designing the scope at the front. I wanted a clear understanding on the scope – I am a very decisive person and knew what I wanted. I knew the clear start and end date.”

Tracy T, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“Yes, the project by Pinnacle Group was within the original quote.”

Homeowner, SW Calgary, Jun/16

“The thing I like about Pinnacle Group Renovations is that they are on the ball and they do things right. They are very professional and they will let you know when things go sideways. We had a situation where our Shaw gateway went down and Pinnacle had someone there in 30 minutes to have the issue resolved. They put their attention to the details and if there are issues, they are right on top of them.”

Tina S, SW Calgary, May/16

“Pinnacle Group Renovations is a fabulous company to work with. They provide good service and they are upfront and honest and will do an excellent job.”

Homeowner, SW Calgary, May/16

“The project was within the original quote. Anything that was added, we were well advised of and given the option to authorize or decline. The guarantee gave us a sense of accountability. We were not prepared to be involved in a project where the cost doubled or the timeline doubled. The guarantee was definitely a reason why we chose to work with Pinnacle Group Renovations. It was definitely a part of the decision.”

Satisfied Client, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“I was well aware of their guarantee to start and complete on time and their cost guarantee. To me that was attractive feature and it impacted our decision to work with Pinnacle Group Renovations.”

Linda M, NE Calgary, Mar/16

“Yes, it definitely had an impact. On this project, we were on a tight timeline. My husband was going in for hip surgery so we had to make sure the project would be done before he went in. Pinnacle Group Renovations made sure of it. If there had been an open ended date, we would have waited but we knew that we could trust Pinnacle Group so we went ahead with the project.”

Barbara & Jeff R, AB Jan/16

2015 ↑ Back to top

“That was one thing that we liked about Pinnacle Group Renovations. I hate being ‘nickel and dimed’ on projects. The original quote was accurate to complete our project on budget. We did have a few change orders, but that was our decision.”

Homeowner, Calgary, Nov/15

‘We appreciated the way that Pinnacle Group Renovations worked. For example, there were a few things that they ran into: Pinnacle made me aware of the issue and just fixed it, no questions and no additional charges. I liked that. Many other companies would want additional compensation. It makes working with Pinnacle less risky and less stressful.”

Kristina H, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“Absolutely, the SCC Guarantee did impact our decision to choose Pinnacle Group Renovations. We have two young children and we didn’t want to be out of our house for an extended period of time. We had friends recommend Pinnacle to us. They spoke of Pinnacle’s integrity. Time was the #1 factor, so the guarantee was significant.”

Homeowner, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“The SCC Guarantee by Pinnacle Group Renovations had an impact and that was why I hired them.”

Homeowner, NW Calgary, June/15

“Our biggest fear in doing a renovation was that it would end up costing way more and it would take much longer to complete. It was important for us that the quote and timing be accurate. That was a big reason we went with Pinnacle Group Renovations.”

N Tremblay, SW Calgary, May/15

“When we first talked with Pinnacle Group Renovations, we liked the SCC guarantee. We liked that they gave us a start, a finish date and they wouldn’t change the pricing until the end of the project”.

SW Calgary Homeowners, Apr/15

“Renovation companies are notorious for not meeting deadlines. However, the Pinnacle Group Renovations has a good reputation, good processes and systems to keep their projects on time and on budget. That was key for us and that is why we chose to work with them.”

Priddis Homeowners, Mar/15

“From our past experience with the Pinnacle Group Renovations, we just expected that everything would be done on time.”

Byers, SW, Calgary, Feb/15

“Yes, Pinnacle Group Renovations’ guarantee had an impact on our decision. Our project happened during the worst winter in 100 years so if we take that out of the equation, everything would have been on time.”

D Drall, NW Calgary, Jan/15

“The Pinnacle Group Renovations provides a start and stop date and for us that was worth a lot. You hear so many horror stories on renovations.”

South Calgary, Calgary, AB Dec/14

2014 ↑ Back to top

“I liked their website and the projects they had done. I liked their approach and what they had been doing.”

D Dane, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“It is a very good incentive. When you hear about other people’s renovation nightmares … it helped to determine our decision.”

M Brown, De Winton, AB Nov/14

“I think it definitely helped. It was a big factor as it gave us security on the finish date and the overall price.”

P Budy, Calgary, AB Aug/14

“The main reason we chose Pinnacle Group Renovations was their willingness to be flexible to our project. Whenever we made a change, a quote was provided. It was very process driven and determined by the changes I made. It was good as there were no surprises.”

C Hughes, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“One thing that made Pinnacle Group Renovations different from other General Contractors was that they recognized our vision and our budget and implemented without significant surprises and timeline or budget changes. Pinnacle was clear about what they could do within our budget and scope. There was really good awareness. They aligned our vision and products selections with our budget. There wasn’t extra time or extra cost added to the project.”

L McFarland, Calgary, AB Apr/14

“When we interviewed different suppliers, it was clear that others would not make any timeline or budget guarantees. We wanted a General Contractor who would work with us and keep us focused on our budget. That was a big factor and Pinnacle Group Renovations delivered.”

L McFarland, Calgary, AB Apr/14

“We needed to know that our house would be complete before winter set in and it started to snow. It gave us confidence that they would have it finished. We had done renovations before with other suppliers that had not turned out so well. Pinnacle Group Renovations came through for us.”

B Robson, Airdrie, AB Mar/14

“Yes, I would certainly say that the Guarantee had an impact. There was nothing vague about the agreement, everything was listed and in good detail. All our questions were covered.”

Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB Jan/14

2013 ↑ Back to top

“Absolutely no question the SCC Guarantee impacted our decision to purchase from the Pinnacle Group Renovations. Being confident of the start date, finish date and a good handle on the budget was a big factor for our decision. The design was the other big reason to go with Pinnacle.”

Kelvin Grove, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“”The SCC 3-Way Guarantee was significant. You hear about the nightmares in town. There were a few companies that offered a start and completion guarantee, so we pursued those.”

Bearspaw, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“The SCC Guarantee had a lot to do with our decision to renovate with the Pinnacle Group Renovations, absolutely. The impact was huge for me as an engineer, it’s like an AFE (approval for expenditure).”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Pinnacle Group Renovations isn’t a huge company and I liked the fact that they had an assured start and completion date. The SCC Guarantee was part of the decision.”

Brentwood NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“The SCC 3-Way Guarantee was a key deciding factor in us renovating our home with the Pinnacle Group Renovations.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

5 SCC 3-Way Guarantee

2012 ↑ Back to top

“I definitely took the SCC 3-Way Guarantee into consideration. There are lots of people who do renovations, we had our basement done previously it was to be a 3 month project that took more than 6 months. I was looking for someone who had a start and completion date. That was a really important factoring in our decision to renovate with the Pinnacle Group Renovations.”

Signal Hill SW, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“The SCC 3-Way Guarantee was a significant component of our decision to renovate with the Pinnacle Group Renovations. We like things that are well designed, well done and well executed. Craftsmanship that has a functional elegance but is not ostentatious – that is what Pinnacle provided.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“Yes, the SCC 3-Way Guarantee was important. We wanted a clear end date for our home renovation project.”

Springbank, AB Aug/12

“The budget aspect of the SCC 3-Way Guarantee definitely had an impact on our decision to renovate with the Pinnacle Group Renovations. I had seen some of their work and understood their commitment.”

Coachhill SW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“The SCC 3-Way Guarantee influenced our decision to renovate our home with the Pinnacle Group Renovations.”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“Yes, the SCC 3-Way Guarantee was likely one third of the decision. The balance was due to Pinnacle Group Renovations’ design process and design creativity.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“That was one of the main factors in my decision to hire the Pinnacle Group Renovations. I had worked with Paul before and knew how much of a stickler he was for completion dates.”

Lake Bonavista Estates SE, Calgary, AB May/12

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