Here are a few books we have found helpful in our practice. They may be helpful in your business so we have included a brief list and short summary to help guide your discovery.

Making Meaning

By Steve Diller, Nathan Shedroff & Darrell Rhea, New Riders, 2008
This book explains the evolution of consumer demand going from the Product focus in the early 20th century to the Brand focus in the second half of the 20th century and to the Experience focus in the 21st century. Meaningful experiences are becoming the drivers of value and determinants of consumer selections and choice.

The Ultimate Question – Driving Good Profits and True Growth

By Fred Reichheld, Harvard Business School Publishing Corp, 2006
A book further developing the science/art of building customer loyalty and measuring the financial impact of companies who work to accomplish satisfied and loyal customers and more importantly, customers who will refer them.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

By Patrick Lencioni, Jossey-Bass, 2002
An interesting book written in fable style format that helps management teams work together. We have used this book to help Management Teams communicate, manage conflict and set goals for stronger performance.

The Power of a Positive No

By William Ury, Bantam Books, 2007
Learning to say ‘no’ is an important part of everyone’s personal development. Ury provides a great model for saying no constructively and developing respectful assertive conversation.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

By Stephen R. Covey, Fireside, 1989
This well known book has been helpful in establishing solid principles for my life. The 5th habit is developed from St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer that states “…that I may not so much seek to be understood, as to understand”. I had the opportunity to visit Assisi, Italy in the Spring of 2014 which was a very cool experience.