Q1. I’m worried my clients won’t want to take the time to give us feedback.
A. It’s a common concern. All we can give you is the facts. Having completed  thousands of interviews over more than a decade, more than 85% of those contacted agreed to be interviewed. Our interview process includes ending the interview by asking how they felt about being interviewed. The comments are universally positive – even when they had an issue.  Click here to see comments.

Q2. I don’t understand why I would spend money to do ongoing interviews. Seems expensive for little return.
A. Each program is tailored to your specific business goals and what you want to do with the insights you gain. Ongoing interviews can be very important with repeat customers. We measure the impact of changes you make to your business and your customers recognize management is paying attention to their feedback.

Q3. I couldn’t find any place on your website that explains what your service costs. How much does it cost?
A. It would not be reasonable to suggest a project cost until we have completed a Discovery Session with a company’s managers. We need to understand their goals and their customer connection points. Our services are tailored to each organization, based on the goals and budget and how they will measure a return on investment. Call us now for a no obligation chat.

Q4. Can we just hire you to train our Receptionist or someone in marketing to do the interviews and save money?
A. You could. However, learning to engage strangers quickly, create deep and meaningful conversations in a short time, staying neutral and accurately documenting what is said, is not a skill set developed through part-time effort. Is your business big enough to justify a full-time dedicated person in this role? And, it’s not just about training. Moving an underutilized person into the role will not work – we have invested a decade of work to understand the specific personality, experience and talent that is needed. Call us now for a discovery session and let’s chat about what you need.

Q5. Customers want everything their way and I’m not sure I can or even want to turn my business on its head trying to please everyone. Why start something that I will regret?
A. As Companies grow, Owners and Managers become isolated from the front lines of client interaction. An increasingly digital world increases the isolation factor. Our Interviewers are experts at listening, remaining neutral and digging below the surface to understand what is really being communicated. In our experience, once a person feels they have really been listened to and heard, they are reasonable and helpful in describing what they need to right an issue.   Here is what one of our clients told us:
“The customer feedback helped us see trends and understand what was causing them so we could adjust. Sometimes you just can’t please everyone but we could make that assessment knowing we were working with real information.” Legacy Kitchens, Stephen Buller

Q6. How can we know that people aren’t just going to complain, and try to get a better deal?
A. Customers who feel heard believe their opinions and feeling are important. They trust that you are sincere about enhancing each client’s experience with their company which reinforces a positive feeling about you as their supplier. They feel they can be honest and upfront to a neutral third party and thus provide insights that can’t be accessed any other way. Satisfied customers provide affirmative quotes, narratives and stories that can be used to promote your business. On average, Client Insight receives 8 to 10 affirmative comments per interview. That says a lot about our ability to engage your clients.

Q7. How do you share this feedback with employees?  I am concerned about the impact of negative feedback on our staff. Some may react defensively or start blaming, which could have a negative impact on customer interactions. What do we do then?
A. The Management Debrief step of our process is the venue though which we guide managers on what and how to convey feedback to employees.  The Client Insight Assessment reports help your Employees understand how their focus and attention is received and appreciated by clients. The conversations also identify where behaviors and skills could be improved. What’s important is that you recognize early where your people, processes and systems are not a good fit for your customers.  Early identification allows companies to plan, innovate and improve their results.