From Conflict to Promotion

A myriad of things can lead to an unhappy purchase experience. If the Supplier is perceived not to care, disagreement begins to build. Often communication breaks down and defenses go up. The subsequent disappointment results in negative ‘word of mouth’. Fred Reichheld in his book, The Ultimate Question , says that “it is safe to assume that each negative comment will neutralize between three to ten positive comments about a company”.  Often, Management doesn’t even know there is a problem, and may simply dismiss the customer as “a difficult customer”.

Client Insight’s Interviewers are trained Mediators with the skills to connect, establish rapport and listen for understanding. We know from the experience of thousands of customer conversations that being truly listened to, is an engaging and positive experience that demonstrates a Supplier really cares.

The fact is, that people will open up and be honest when they feel they are ‘being listened to and heard’.  As an impartial third party, Client Insight’s Interviewers can then validate, dig deeper and identify what really happened. The narrative identifies what didn’t work and what needs to happen, for the issue to be resolved. As a result, bridges are rebuilt and an opportunity to re-establish the customer-supplier relationship is formed. Client Insight may also help to mediate the conflict into a resolution which often results in client’s more enthusiastically promoting their Supplier.

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