Affinity Kitchens’ Response to Unforeseen Issues


Unforeseen issues in a kitchen renovation project are not uncommon. How a company addresses and responds to challenges is very important to their clients. It can make the difference between a delighted or a frustrated customer. Here are the stories of Affinity Kitchens’ clients.

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Here are Reviews of Affinity Kitchens’ Clients:

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“We had problems with a few drawers, but Affinity resolved them quickly. We are very pleased. Affinity resolved any issues that we had along the way.”

Betsy P, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/19

“Affinity’s Project Manager, Jamie, identified a few service concerns and so did we. Affinity took care of it and did a good job. I didn’t have to mention it again. Affinity just took care of it the first time.”

Gary S, Chandler, AZ Jan/19

“We had a delay due to beams that were late in coming in. It had nothing to do with Affinity. Affinity did exactly what they said they would do.”

Therese B, Fountain Hills, AZ Dec/18

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“Initially I got an Installer who was not very good and I was not very impressed. Stephen, the General Manager, came and talked to me and said that he would get a different Installation team. He sent Mike and Mike’s helper out and that was Affinity’s saving grace. Mike was amazing. He did a really good job. Actually everyone from Affinity did a great job after Mike was here.”

Chrissy W, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/18

“Where we had issues, Affinity resolved them right away. There were no complaints or push back, they just addressed them and we moved forward.”

Andrea A, Phoenix, AZ Nov/18

“There was one hiccup on our project. When we came down our stairs, you could see the top of the cabinets. We didn’t think about putting a cap on the top of the cabinets until they were installed. But Affinity Kitchens came back and fixed that for us.”

Larry G, Phoenix, AZ Oct/18

“A custom piece was coming off so my Contractor noticed it and called Affinity Kitchens to come out. Affinity resolved the service issues in a timely fashion. Affinity’s Service Tech, Mark worked hard while he was here to get it done. He was so thorough, efficient and professional and his work was excellent.”

Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ Jul/18

“Some of the cabinets that came didn’t have the same color. The errors were from the cabinet manufacturer. But Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, saw that and sent them back. I would have likely lived with it but Tim was not satisfied and I value that. I have to say that the manufacturer lived up to their standard. They said that they would make it right and they did – no questions asked.”

Shane K, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/18

“When one of the cabinets wasn’t right, Affinity Kitchen’s Field Supervisor, Jamie had a piece custom made in Affinity’s shop. It was perfect. Jamie identified more problems than I did. I looked at things and he noticed things that were not quite to his standard. He wasn’t trying to sugar coat things, but rather he wanted to get it right.”

David B, Scottsdale AZ Jun/18

“There was some chaos at the end of our project. Everyone sort of came on the very last day and the Appliance installers needed Affinity Kitchens to be present in order to finish. I think it was 4:00 pm on a Friday. Jamie, Affinity’s Project Manager, made himself available and helped resolve the issue. He came through for us and we were impressed.”

Amy G, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Ray, was great. He could have left us in a jam but he did what he could. It was remarkable. When the Contractor’s activity started going south, Ray become the mediator to try and shore things up. He attempted to do project management to keep things right. Ray had a lot of empathy for us and did everything he could do. Our Contractor dropped the ball.”

Lynn H, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“The manufacturer mixed a few things up but Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator adjusted the schedule and kept the work going. He did a great job with communication.”

Connie S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“Theresa, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, was also very instrumental in helping us work through issues. We had a challenge when our granite supplier installed the granite. The chalking he used turned bright yellow and Theresa immediately got Jamie C, their Field Supervisor, to site to help us through the issues. He is extremely likeable, pleasant and a professional gentlemen. We had great service from Affinity and Theresa. Even when she was on vacation, she was able to get someone from Affinity to follow up promptly. We were impressed.”

Roger L, Tempe, AZ Feb/18

“The project progressed as we expected but there were surprises along the way. Affinity Kitchens was flexible and made the moves they needed to make, to keep the project moving forward.”

Tom L, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/18

“One little issue we had was the LeMans units, they didn’t turn out as well as we hoped. Affinity Kitchens did everything they could to resolve it. It was the configuration of cabinets with the stove. They made it work for us. Jamie also found a blemish on a cabinet door that I hadn’t seen – he said he would take care of it and he did.”

Barbara S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

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“If there is an issue and there seldom is, Affinity Kitchens are on it right away. They resolve any issues with no questions asked. They fix everything and get it done, and get it done professionally.”

Andie C, General Contractor, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/17

“There was an issue with the installation. Affinity Kitchens fixed everything at the end. The timeliness was the problem. We reached an agreement and I am now very happy. I reached out to them and they honored my comments. It’s not that someone dropped the ball, it was the process and the project that created issues. I had a unique project. The issues are now resolved and I’m very happy with Affinity’s response and the resolution. I would give them a gold star.”

Kasia S, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Project Manager, Jamie, was very prompt and he took care of any issues right away.”

Mark A, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“We were out of town and we had a General Contractor doing the oversight. A day or two after the installation, Affinity came back and did all the lining up and realigning of the doors and drawers. Affinity Kitchens responded promptly.”

Jack R, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“One cabinet was starting to go in the wrong place. I pointed that out and the Installation Team with Affinity Kitchens was happy with that and addressed the concern right away. Jamie came to inspect the cabinets to make sure they were up to quality standards. He found problems I hadn’t found. Jamie ordered new cabinets because the stain didn’t quite match. Affinity’s staff is a 6+ out of 5.”

Susan P, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“The lining under the kitchen sink was missing when it came time to put it in. We couldn’t find it anywhere. Affinity Kitchens simply ordered a new liner. Then, 3 weeks later, I found the liner on my son’s trampoline as he had taken it outside. I called Affinity to let them know and there was no problem. Affinity cancelled the order and there was no talk of a re-stocking charge or concern from Affinity. There was no problem whatsoever.”

Deidra G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/17

“I think Affinity Kitchens did a really good job overall. I would score them higher because of the product and everything went well, except the length of the installation time. When the installation was taking longer, Affinity didn’t just leave it. They brought someone in to get it done right.”

Diane D, Moon Valley Interiors, Phoenix, AZ Jul/17

“Our corner cabinet was designed correctly, but the supplier built it wrong. Everything had to stop. The issue was dealt with fairly quickly. After that, Jamie at Affinity Kitchens did the rest of the project and he was excellent. He was very good to work with and did whatever I wanted him to do. The steel banding on the edges of the cabinets were wrong. Again, it was a manufacturing issue. Jamie replaced everything that I asked him to replace and I didn’t have to argue once. Affinity did everything they could to make me happy and I was pleased about that.”

Rebecca O, Prescott, AZ May/17

“Debbie is always available. Some people don’t even return phone calls and emails but that is not the case with Debbie. I am very high on Affinity Kitchens. In my current home, we ran into a problem with in the laundry room sink and that space was really really important to me. Debbie worked with us to find the proper sink for that space and then she helped us get the faucet centered. When you are in the midst of a renovation, there are 58 moving parts and Debbie calmly figured out a solution for us. That is just one example of the many things that Debbie did for us.”

Susan H, Scottsdale AZ Apr/17

“Affinity Kitchens came to resolve something that wasn’t really their issue to resolve. After it was done, Marco sent an email to make sure everything was perfect. That is a good example of the extent that Affinity Kitchens will go to. Affinity has been very patient with me. I needed 120 pulls for my cabinets and they were on backorder. Affinity had to reschedule 4 times before I had everything in place – then they came and spent a full day getting them installed.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/17

“Mike and Mark with Affinity Kitchens were both very helpful and creative in working with our difficult design. Mark even suggested an additional support for a hanging cabinet. It was definitely needed. Mark went above and beyond. The Affinity portions of the project were on schedule as much as they could be. There were some delays from other contractors that caused delays for Affinity. Affinity was accommodating of the delays caused by others.”

Susan L, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“Once the old cabinets were removed an issue arose. Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, came out immediately and helped modify the design. It was a good experience.”

LeAnne Z, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, was also very helpful. He called and communicated when it was needed. There was an issue with the granite (placement and timing). I live in California and the project for my parents was in Phoenix. I started the project but was not always on site. There was an issue but I was in CA, so considering that, everything was handled well.”

Maro V, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Service Technician, Mark, came to finish the project when the cabinet that was replaced arrived. Mark did a super job with finishing the project. He did all the crown molding and finishing work. He cleaned up and took cardboard with him. I can’t say enough good things about the people at Affinity.”

Gene D, Gilbert, AZ, Feb/17

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“Affinity Kitchens found all the issues and just took care of them. We had no worries.”

Tom C, Phoenix, AZ Dec/16

“The Project Manager with Affinity Kitchens, Jamie, went above and beyond. He noticed some things that we didn’t even notice and we had three sets of eyes looking at it. Anytime we point out something to Jamie, he just acknowledges it and doesn’t ask questions – he just takes care of it.”

John B, Bercel Builders Inc., Tempe, AZ Dec/16

“We had a problem matching the grain of the cabinets, but that was more an issue of their suppliers than Affinity Kitchens. We had 14 door panels that had to be redone and it had to be done 3 times. Having said that though, Affinity Kitchens took care of it for us. When we had questions, they agreed with us and never made us feel like it was difficult to request a reasonable level of quality. I never felt afraid to say that it wasn’t working for us. We have been very comfortable and happy that we decided to work with Affinity Kitchens. They responded every time we asked for help.”

Dan & Tricia C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/16

“There were a few things that needed to be resolved, but Affinity Kitchens fixed it right away.”

Diana K, Phoenix, AZ Nov/16

“Affinity Kitchens is easy to work with – if issues come up, they just fix them. It is really the ease of working with them.”

Denise C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“I value their level of dependability. We had an issue come up and the owner of Affinity Kitchens was willing to work with us. He recognized the issue and that we were disappointed and worked with us to resolve it.”

Hugh C, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“There were two issues – one mistake was corrected. We are still waiting for a replacement drawer but Stephen K, Affinity Kitchens’ General Manager, has helped to facilitate that.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“There was nothing that went wrong in our project. There were a few things to fix but Affinity Kitchens took care of it in a day or two.”

Kara P, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“There is nothing further Affinity Kitchens could have done considering the their quality of product and the time frame. When customers use Affinity, they know they are dealing with a higher end product and it may take a little more time. Time is the biggest factor and this is not negative on Affinity’s part. Affinity Kitchens needs to rely on suppliers and shipments. Affinity is always good about scheduling and coordinating.”

Justin R, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/16

“Affinity Kitchens resolved the issues as they best could. The challenge was in the manufacturing of the product. There were numerous doors that did not match and had to be sent back to the manufacturer multiple times. It took longer than it should have due to the manufacturer issues, not Affinity issues. I’ll call the completion by Affinity a 5/5, considering all the effort.”

Mike H, Paradise Valley, AZ, Jun/16

“I will say there was one panel beside the fridge that was wrong. So that had to be reordered by Affinity Kitchens and Mike couldn’t finish it – someone else installed that. Mike was meticulous and he made sure that everything was done just right.”

Helen B, Phoenix, AZ, Jun/16

“We found termites on our project so Marco was able to hold the cabinets back until we were ready for them. Affinity Kitchens was open to adjusting the schedule and I found that helpful.”

Carol S, Scottsdale, AZ, Jun/16

“I’m very pleased with the cabinets from Affinity Kitchens. Other than a bump in the road, Stephanie went out of her way to do a good job. The bump in the road was resolved.”

Stuart M, Luxor Custom Homes, Phoenix, AZ May/16

“The fact that Affinity Kitchens can do everything that they did made a difference. I interviewed others who just wouldn’t be able to handle the job as well as Affinity. It’s unusual to get it right the first time or make it right in the end. Affinity has a service level that sets them apart from others who provide this type of service. I think they have a warehouse where they check everything and ensure quality control.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“Everyone did quality checks. Some cabinet doors were not 100%. Affinity had no problem in replacing the doors. When they delivered the dishwasher, it didn’t fit quite right so Mark adjusted the cabinetry to the dishwasher.”

Robert F, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“There were unforeseen issues because pieces came in damaged and needed to be coordinated with existing counters. The project was more complex than Affinity could have anticipated. It wasn’t on schedule, but that didn’t matter. There were a lot of last minute tasks due to damaged pieces. The project took longer, but I didn’t care as long it worked out perfectly in the end, which it did.”

Chuck W, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“I have been contracting for 40 years. Every company has issues and challenges. I am sitting here right now and everything has been resolved by Affinity. That would not be the case with every company out there.”

Jim C, Paradise Valley, AZ Mar/16

“Affinity Kitchens was really good. They never said no and they never got angry when we were dealing with issues.”

Nancy N, Phoenix, AZ Mar/16

“The coordination by Affinity worked well and if there were issues, they were resolved.”

Homeowner, Cave Creek, AZ, Mar/16

“On the inspection, the Project Manager even noticed things that needed to be resolved that I hadn’t even seen. He had a really high standard. Anything that was not right initially was fixed up and resolved.”

Beth B, Scottsdale AZ, Feb/16

“There were some issues on our project, as there are on any large project. Sometimes that meant reordering material by Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator. We have been in the Valley for 15 years and have done a number of projects. We found that Affinity provided the best vendor experience that we have had.”

Art A, Fountain Hills AZ, Feb/16

“I never had any trouble with them – that is really rare in the building world. There were some damaged and wrong cabinets, but nothing is ever perfect. Affinity just resolved everything in a timely manner. There were no excuses. Affinity is the best cabinet company that I have worked with.”

Nick P, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/16

“It wasn’t a perfect project, but Affinity’s Coordinator is attentive to detail. When we had issues, they were dealt with.”

Bob N, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/16

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“While the cabinets were being installed, I was back in Illinois and a problem occurred. Affinity Kitchens’ Designer got together with my contractor and resolved the problem. It was likely a miscommunication. The problem got fixed and there was no impact on me. Their Designer took care of it and it didn’t cost us another dime.”

Michelle C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“My contractor pointed out that two sets of top cabinets were off. The Project Manager at Affinity Kitchens agreed and ordered new ones. He was great and my contractor was happy to work with him.”

Lisa C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

Affinity 6 Professional Team

“Our cabinets were modern/contemporary and they ended up being stripped – the grains of the wood were showing through the finish. Affinity Kitchens’ Manager and Field Supervisor came out to see the cabinets and agreed with us and said it all had to be replaced. Affinity stood behind it and that made the whole project go right for us.”

Rich G, Fountain Hills, AZ Oct/15

“The first set of cabinets were in rough shape but both sets were delivered on schedule. The problem was the first set had to be returned. Affinity Kitchens sent all the cabinets back and then sourced from a different manufacturer. Affinity is wonderful and they did what they said they were going to do.”

Mariza D, Phoenix, AZ Sep/15

“At one point, we had a drawer malfunction and Affinity came in and got it resolved. It was easy to get that fixed with Affinity.”

Jan C, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/15

“There was one issue that came up with regard to a product that was delivered. The Installer and Coordinator worked out a solution that was better than the original design and product would have been.”

Dave B, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Project Manager was the perfect person for the job – he was excellent at it. When there was a problem with a cabinet, he said ‘they would do whatever was required to make it right.’ That is what I wanted to hear. He took 100% responsibility, even when he found it was a problem with the countertop and not the cabinet. The end result is that Affinity got the issues resolved to my satisfaction.”

Paula C, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“The Service Technician was already addressing small issues before I noticed them. It is now beautiful. He dropped a panel and had already ordered a new one before I even talked to him about it. I was impressed that he addressed the problem without hesitation.”

Mary Jo, Phoenix, AZ Aug/15

“We had a couple cabinets where there were minor issues and they ordered new cabinets – no hesitation. I was impressed with that.”

Mary Jo, Phoenix, AZ Aug/15

“There were a few issues as a result of the General Contractor. Affinity Kitchens’ staff did an exceptional job at fixing it up. They added detailed wood paneling and got it all fixed and installed on site. Affinity had to go ‘above and beyond’ to make things work. I found that the whole team did that together. They had to reorder some panels for a tub deck because the GC didn’t build according to the plan.”

Cynthia, Cynthia Woody Designs, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“There were some issues that I had determined from the design phase that needed to be addressed. Some problem solving was required and Affinity Kitchens did a good job of fixing those things. Affinity’s Installer and staff were flexible and dealt with any issues that came up.”

Shannon D, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“The cabinets were installed and the granite people came to install the countertop and an issue came up. The granite people said it was Affinity Kitchens’ issue and Affinity thought it was the granite supplier’s issue. I asked them both to come out and have a meeting and resolve it. Affinity accommodated that and it turned out to be a granite issue. I was so impressed that Affinity was prepared to come out and work together to figure out the problem and come up with a good solution. “

Cindy B, Tempe, AZ Jun/15

“I was thoroughly pleased with Affinity Kitchens. As I said earlier, it was refreshing when they were coming out. They worked well under pressure and adjusted when curve balls came. At one point we were at the ‘tipping point’ with our Contractor and Affinity Kitchens accommodated our request to get some things done before the weekend. It was great.”

John B, Chandler, AZ Apr/15

“We had a brainstorming meeting as we ran into some installation trouble along the way. Affinity Kitchens’ Designer helped come up with a plan and we solved the problem.”

Tyler, General Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/15

“We had some delays along the way and the project took longer than we expected. Affinity Kitchens made everything right for us in the end. They went to a lot of trouble to make everything right.”

Kathy M, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/15

“There was a blip along the way but Affinity fixed it immediately. Affinity Kitchens makes my job as a Designer so easy, I love it. There was one issue. I made one phone call and Affinity fixed it the same day or the next day. It was fixed immediately, no questions asked.”

Bonnie, Interior Designer, Phoenix, AZ Mar/15

“I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they make the process easy and they take away a lot of the headaches you get in the construction projects. It seems that in the construction industry nothing is on time or on budget but with Affinity Kitchens the project was ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’.”

Alisha N, Gilbert, AZ Feb/15

“Even when there was an issue with the cabinets, Affinity’s Designer stepped up and took accountability for it. Everyone makes mistakes but on this project he took a bit of a hit to make it right. Affinity Kitchens handled the issue really well and did what they needed to do, to make sure we would be satisfied.”

Dannette S, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“I initially had some concerns with the Installation but I talked about it to them and they addressed it to my satisfaction. It was no problem and Affinity Kitchens took care of it.”

Kathy C, Tempe, AZ Feb/15

“When problems occurred, Affinity’s Designer wasn’t interested in blame but rather he was curious about how he could help resolve the issue, even when it wasn’t his fault. That type of person is a dying breed. He provided amazing customer service and was enjoyable to work with.”

Dannette S, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“There was some confusion as to how the cabinets were to fit together. Affinity’s Project Manager came the second day to clarify the issues and the Installer got it all fixed.”

Tempe Homeowner, Tempe, AZ, Jan/15

“The staff at Affinity Kitchens were even willing to help resolve issues that were not their problem.”

Juliet R, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan/15

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“I would put Affinity at 98%. I don’t think that any company can really get beyond that on an overall score. The thing that is important for me is that if there is an issue, Affinity Kitchens will go back and resolve it.”

Vicki B, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“I know when I get a delivery date from Affinity Kitchens that I can count on that date. If there is a hold up or delay, I will get notice weeks in advance with Affinity. With other suppliers, I will find out the day that delivery is supposed to occur. In business, I depend on information. My project is successful and profitable if my suppliers deliver on time.”

Al S, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“Affinity Kitchen’s commitment to communicate and complete things is very good.”

Vicki B, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“Affinity’s staff were equal or better than any other trades I have worked with. They took care of their part of the project, they were accommodating and found solutions when needed. I have never worked with Installers who took care of everything, they did a remarkable job.”

Cal C, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/14

“Affinity’s staff identified things that I didn’t even see and Affinity wanted to fix them. I really appreciated that. Most company or trades, I would say 99%, would have just overlooked those things. As a result, I knew I could trust Affinity Kitchens.”

Ann L, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“I was impressed that Affinity Kitchens noticed issues before I did and brought them to my attention. I would expect that but it is not always what you get. Affinity would never cover anything up and I didn’t have to identify issues, they did that for me. I trust Affinity and believe that in the long haul, they will stand behind their product.”

Noily P, Phoenix, AZ Sep/14

“I was impressed that Affinity Kitchens noticed issues before I did and brought them to my attention. I would expect that but it is not always what you get. Affinity would never cover anything up and I didn’t have to identify issues, they did that for me. I trust Affinity and believe that in the long haul, they will stand behind their product.”

Noily P, Phoenix, AZ Sep/14

“We had some issues that could have been prevented but Affinity’s Coordinator did the best he could as far as the timeline was concerned. Mistakes happen and Affinity Kitchens was attentive to our needs and getting the issues resolved.”

Jamie I, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator had to reorder some material but he stayed on top of it that and worked with my schedule.”

Louise N, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“The mere fact that Affinity Kitchens stood behind their product has made me very very pleased. I would definitely use them again.”

Ellie K, Phoenix, AZ Jul/14

“All the parts of our project with Affinity Kitchens went off without a hitch. If issues came up, they just resolved them. They handled it really well.”

Mario R, Cave Creek, AZ Jul/14

“We had some pieces that needed to be replaced but Affinity Kitchens took care of it.”

Dennis S, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was very responsive, very accommodating and did a wonderful job for us.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“He communicated well. Affinity’s Coordinator was great to deal with.”

Gina G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was awesome, I loved him. He was extremely responsive and he kept me in the loop and up to date. He had to reorder some material but he stayed on top of it that and worked with my schedule.”

Louse N, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“It was a wonderful experience from start to finish with Affinity Kitchens. What I was most impressed with was that if I had any concerns, Affinity was always there to correct the problem without any attitude or question.”

Barbara A, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Project Manager was very helpful in managing the issues. He noticed some imperfections and got them resolved. We didn’t have any problems getting issues fixed.”

Homeowner, Tempe, AZ Jul/14

“With Affinity Kitchens there was no haggling on service. They resolved issues with no argument and no questions asked. Their Project Manager identified issues that I hadn’t noticed. That really showed us, we were in good hands with Affinity.”

Chris H, Phoenix, AZ Jun/14

“We were impressed with Affinity’s staff. Nothing goes perfect but they were top notch in dealing with the issues that came up during our remodel project.”

Frank R, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“Any little problem with our remodel project and Affinity’s Designer was on top of. She went ‘over and above’ on many things. She was great to work with.”

Barbara B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“We have had a few challenges on our remodel project but Affinity’s Designer was able to accommodate us. She created a design that others said could not be done. She made it work.”

Frank R, Scottsdale, AZ May/14