ELRUS ‘After Hours’ Parts And Repair Service


This page contains results and reviews from ELRUS’ customers about their After Hours Parts Sales and Service with  ELRUS. Based on our interviews with customers located in Canada and the United States, 96% of customers are satisfied with the after hours service provided by ELRUS.


This is what ELRUS’ customers had to say:

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“I call Brent at ELRUS after hours and he is really good about getting back to me. I can call anytime, day or night. He is the main person I deal with.”

Harold M, Granite Construction, Watsonville, CA Nov/18

“After hours, I usually call Kevin and he’ll calls me right back. Sometimes he is on the road, but it is never more than an hour or so for him to call me back.”

Will M, Hawaiian Cement, Aiea, HI Nov/18

“I am satisfied with the service when I call after hours. I have only called a few times and I usually call Jared or Spenser. If its parts I need, I would call Rick or Jody.”

Doug F, Doug Folden Trucking Ltd, Melfort, SK Nov/18

“It was a weekend when we started the process, and that’s when I called Kevin while he was on vacation and he answered his phone! The overall purchase experience was very professional. Kevin was great to work with.”

Jennie W, Lazy Mountain Enterprises LLC, Palmer, AK Oct/18

“I have several cell numbers of ELRUS’ staff so I always reach somebody when I call after hours, and they get me parts or advice.”

Steven F, Paul Flasha Contracting, Whitecourt, AB Oct/18

“When I call ELRUS after hours, they answer and try to find the part if it is in Calgary or Edmonton. They look after me. It really depends on where the crusher is. They’ve been really good about that for us. I can call anytime and someone will be there on the other end to help me out.”

Ken F, Hopkins Construction (Lacombe) Ltd, Lacombe, AB Oct/18

“I have Colin’s cell and I call him or text him after hours, any time and he calls me right back. I appreciate the personal service that we get at ELRUS and the speedy time of response when we call.”

Albert D, Dukes Industries, LLC, Toledo, OH Sep/18

“Kevin B with ELRUS knows his stuff, and he is pleasant. He is just a good guy. He has helped me a lot. He has even come here and worked on things on Saturdays with me.”

Bart L, Winston Quarry, Mossyrock, WA Sep/18

“I call James at ELRUS directly after hours. He is 90% of the reason we buy from ELRUS. He goes beyond the call of duty. He has acquired 85% of our parts business. And we buy a lot of parts.”

Allan S, Russell Redi Mix Concrete, Winnipeg, MB Sep/18

“Kevin at ELRUS has been great and very helpful. I have contacted him early in the morning and late at night. He follows up to make sure that we got the part.”

Shane B, Wheeler Rock Products, Wapato, WA Aug/18

“ELRUS’ service has been excellent. I have made emergency calls to get parts and they pulled through for me. One time, I called at 2:00 am and they had the parts to me the next morning to me. That was great service!”

Claude L, Alamos Gold Inc, Toronto, ON Aug/18

“If we do need a part after hours, we can reach ELRUS and they deal with it. I call Rick D’s cell. He gets the part for us or he goes through Kyle or Kurt.”

John S, Canada Building Materials, Aberfoyle, ON Aug/18

“When I do call ELRUS after hours, Mike calls me right back. We had some issues with the new plant and they acted on those pretty quickly. I have always been a fan of ELRUS, I have dealt with them for many years and I think they have great equipment.”

Lloyd G, Butler Bros Supplies Ltd, Duncan, BC Aug/18

“When contacting ELRUS after hours, I call Jared’s cell phone and he answers anytime day or night, if he is awake, even 9:00 or 10:00 at night.”

Jackson F, EDCO Aggregates Ltd, Turtleford, SK Aug/18

“The ELRUS equipment is top notch and the people behind it are as well, even after hours. I enjoy their company professionally and personally.”

Kenny W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Aug/18

“When I call ELRUS after hours, I phone James on his cell. He always answers and helps me out with what I need.”

Joe A, Moncrief Construction Limited, Kenora, ON Jun/18

“Most of the time when I call ELRUS after hours, Colin answers within the first two rings. Then he gets me what I need. The service is awesome!”

Zac E, R. G. Crushing Inc, Chehalis, WA Jun/18

“I usually call Brent at ELRUS even after hours, and he always answers. He says to call any time so I do!”

Glen B, Oliver Readi-Mix LLP, Oliver, BC Jun/18

“When we were taking delivery of our ELRUS Feeder Screen Plant, we had to call after hours to get a few things sorted out. It was all good. Drew, their Service Tech, is very knowledgeable.”

Justin B, A.L. Blair Construction Ltd, Moose Creek, ON Jun/18

“I get a hold of Colin at ELRUS when I call after hours. He is very proactive if we need a mechanic or we need parts, he does whatever he can, he will even meet us half way. He had a mechanic out to us by 6:00 am the next day one time.”

Kirk M, Knife River Corp., Portland, OR Jun/18

“There have been after hours calls to ELRUS for some gear boxes, those pieces that go down late on a Friday afternoon. Last year, our operators changed settings and pushed a piece of equipment harder. We lost the gearbox and ELRUS was the only one who had a gear reducer box. Some of the parts we needed after hours, they have delivered it right to the site. I have lots of stories of ELRUS helping us out.”

Chris N, Mixcor Aggregates Inc, Leduc, AB May/18

“Yes, we have called ELRUS after hours a few times this year so far. Usually we talk to Jared and he is very helpful. I don’t think we have ever called and not gotten someone on the phone right away. They supply everything for us.”

Leon J, SSR Mining Inc, Regina, SK Apr/18

“ELRUS will get me what I need, they will come here to my shop, or they will meet me halfway with a part when I call after hours.”

Morley L, Swayze Concrete Ltd, Weyburn, SK Apr/18

“I only call ELRUS after hours once in awhile. I have the cell numbers of the mechanic and he always gets back to me. Thor, and the parts guys, James, always call me back quickly.”

Kent N, Valley Rock Construction, Birtle, MB Apr/18

“I was satisfied with the after hours service with ELRUS, especially with Colin. I text him 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. He gets right back to me and gets me the parts I need.”

Ted Salka, Farwest Portable Crushing Inc, Gresham, OR Mar/18

“When I call after hours, ELRUS answers right away, and usually I am getting a price, or placing an order. Sometimes I just text because I am in a poor cell phone area.”

Dennis C, Gravier Collet Gravel Inc, Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB Mar/18

“Anytime I call Greg or Marc with ELRUS after hours, they always picked up the phone, or else they get back to me right away.”

Andrew K, Aim Recycling Hamilton, Hamilton, ON Mar/18

“When we call ELRUS after hours, they are prompt to do what we need. George is quick to respond and even some of my employees call to get him to troubleshoot something for them on the phone.”

Chris T, Terrane Metals-Mount Milligan, McKenzie, BC Feb/18

“I call Darren at ELRUS if its after hours, or else Terry or Ramsey. We run 24/7 here and we talk to Brent a lot, and 50% of the time it is after hours. That’s because we do a lot of our own work here.”

Pine River Holdings Ltd, Chetwynd, BC Feb/18

“ELRUS usually calls us back really quickly when we call them after hours.”

Jordan F, McLeod Valley Sand & Gravel, Edson, AB Feb/18

“When I call after hours, I call the cell phones of the ELRUS parts staff, they answer or call back within minutes. Sometimes things have to wait until the next day. We run 24/7 for the most part.”

Wayne A, LTL Contracting Ltd, Shuniah, ON Jan/18

“We called ELRUS after hours and they were there and helped us out. They said they were available after hours and they were. We were able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone with them and get back up and running.”

Don S, Harold Sorensen Trucking, Toledo, WA Jan/18

“When I call ELRUS, I talk to Colin, and a few times he has worked with me after hours on his cell to troubleshoot problems. They custom made some parts for us. They were awesome.”

Scott R, Concrete Recyclers, Tumwater, WA Jan/18

“I have Curt’s cell phone with ELRUS and I have called him on weekends. He always answers his phone. He can usually help me with troubleshooting, or he even comes out if we need a liner change or for other things if we need help.”

Burt C, Schmidt Construction, Colorado, Springs, CO Jan/18

“I have Darren’s cell phone with ELRUS, and he always answers. I would say 9 times out of 10 I get him and if I don’t, he will call me back within an hour. He takes care of what I need right away.”

Dale S, Nemadar Ranch Ltd, High Prairie, AB Jan/18

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“After hours, usually I get a voicemail, and then a call back within 5 minutes. This is like 5:00 pm on a Sunday. I’ve dealt with them for 12 years and I’ve always been able to get someone at ELRUS after hours very quickly.”

Mike Z, Margo Greenwood Consulting Inc, BC Dec/17

“We get a response from ELRUS usually right away, whether we need a part or some advice when we call after hours. We just had a mechanic out last week. He came out the same morning I called.”

Troy M, River Valley Crushing, Barrhead, AB Dec/17

“When I call after hours, ELRUS will have someone call me back in the morning, and they get me what I need. Or if I get someone, he will answer my question or get me a part.”

George S, Fish Creek Excavating Ltd, Calgary, AB Dec/17

“I have definitely called ELRUS after hours. I have actually phoned Dawson on a Sunday on his day off, and had him show up on site with our parts to get us going. He has gone above and beyond to help us out. I like dealing with Dawson. He has gone out of his way to get us what we need.”

Josh K, Mainland Sand & Gravel ULC, Surrey, BC Nov/17

“I call Kevin at ELRUS a lot. He emails me and gets the ball rolling. As soon as I am awake the next day, he has answers for me on getting me what I need. We have such a short construction season up here, so when we are going, we are going around the clock. And beyond Kevin, I have talked to Brent a lot for service advice and he has also been very helpful.”

Aaron S, Heritage Rock & Services, Delta Junction, AK Nov/17

“James at ELRUS will answer his phone anytime of day or night, even weekends. We work 350 days a year here on a remote site. There is no such thing as a weekend for us. I am calling him at 6:00 am on a Sunday and he will make things happen. He has taken parts to the airport and gotten them onto air transport for us to get it the same day. We are high maintenance and very demanding. He has done that more than once for us.”

Joe D, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Nov/17

“I have only called ELRUS after hours a couple of times. I get them right away or they call me right back. One time I ended up getting a motor from them after hours.”

Brandon M, Site Energy Services Inc, Cold Lake, AB Oct/17

“I’ve got Kurt’s cell phone at ELRUS so I can call him whenever I want. He answers and looks after me after hours.”

Mario T, Alvin Caldwell Sand and Gravel, New Liskeard, ON Oct/17

“Usually someone at ELRUS will pick up after hours and they will help me locate a part and try to get it shipped out to me quickly.”

Mike S, CEMEX, Vancouver, WA Oct/17

“I called ELRUS after hours in the past, and they answer and help me out as best they can. They are really good about that. I’ve called after hours in a bind because we needed a part and they have gotten me a part right away.”

Kelly B, 532470 BC Ltd, Nanaimo, BC Sep/17

“Once in awhile we call ELRUS after hours, if we break down. They answer and get us what we need, parts or sometimes just some help over the phone.”

Brian J, Lafarge Canada Inc, Cambridge, ON Sep/17

“ELRUS isn’t just good to deal with after hours, they are always really good.”

Dan M, Interpaving Asphalt and Aggregate, Garson, ON Sep/17

“ELRUS has always gotten back to me after hours. I usually call Kevin at ELRUS and he has been wonderful. Kevin has been the best salesmen I have ever dealt with and I have been in this business for 40 years.”

David F, Godbey Red-E-Mix Concrete Inc, Brewster, WA Aug/17

“I have called ELRUS after hours many times. Kevin is always excellent, everyone there looks after us. Even if we call at 2 am, they will FedEx parts overnight to us which is great.”

Ryan M, Anchorage Sand & Gravel Co. Inc, Anchorage, AK Aug/17

“Last time, Troy at ELRUS came in after hours and got a shaft for one of our screen decks. We drove in and picked it up. It was great to get it when we did.”

Ken S, Stewart Construction, Innisfail, AB Aug/17

“I don’t generally call after hours, but I have gotten hold of the ELRUS Calgary office a few times after hours. I do get a hold of Thor at 7 at night sometimes. We work 6 until 4, so we don’t run night shifts which is why I don’t normally have problems after hours.”

Dick D, Maple Leaf Construction Ltd, West St Paul, MB Jul/17

“Usually I phone Darren at ELRUS, and 9 times out of 10 I get him, or whoever is on after hours duty. I have had them come in after hours and get me parts lots of times. That has really been great for us.”

Steven F, Paul Flasha Contracting, Whitecourt, AB Jul/17

“I have called ELRUS after hours quite a few times. Typically I call and whoever answers gets me taken care of in a timely way. ELRUS is really good about that, for sure.”

Shayne G, Buffalo Gravel Corp, Grande Prairie, AB Jul/17

“There was an after hours call recently. I didn’t make that call, it was one of my supervisors. But what he said was that ELRUS went the extra mile to get us a part we needed right away. The guy at ELRUS drove out and met my supervisor halfway with parts.”

Chris N, Mixcor Aggregates Inc, Leduc, AB Jun/17

“I call ELRUS after hours all the time. They call me back. I talk to them and they get me the parts or the advice I need. They are really good about getting back to me.”

Don B, Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd, Arborg, MB Jun/17

“I haven’t called after hours yet, but it is an important service and it is one of the reasons I chose to purchase from ELRUS.”

Joey W, Werbicki Bros. Hauling Ltd, The Pas, MB Jun/17

“Mark with ELRUS actually accommodated me on a weekend once. I needed a part. He came in on his own time and got that part for me.”

Jeremy W, Rrox Aggregates Ltd, Sherwood Park, AB May/17

“Over the years, we have had to call ELRUS after hours a number of times. I get the after hours number and I speak to whoever is on call and they help me out.”

Terry M, Lawrence Meier Trucking Ltd, Dunmore, AB May/17

“I have the cell numbers for Dawson and Kris with ELRUS. I don’t hesitate to call them after hours. We operate every day from now until Halloween and it is nice to know I can reach them when I need to.”

John Z, Otter Creek Resources Ltd, Sechelt, BC May/17

“All the time. I call Rick Donaldson and he looks after me. We run 24/7, and so we have parts go on us in the evening or on weekends. Rick lives not far from the shop and he goes and gets the part and brings right to us. Great service.”

Brent M, Canada Building Materials, St. Mary’s, ON Apr/17

“I phoned at 7:30 last night and Alain G with ELRUS was answering my call from a Safeway store. I needed to order a part. We are very happy with ELRUS. I just ordered parts from Thor this morning. I can phone him after hours and order parts. Good of him to answer at that hour! I also phone Brent in Calgary if I have problems sometimes. I even stayed at Brent’s house when I came to Calgary!”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Apr/17

“I have called ELRUS after hours. James will fix me up or send someone out. It doesn’t happen often, maybe once a year.”

Scott G, Standard Limestone Quarries, Stonewall, MB Apr/17

“Mike and the parts guys at ELRUS are always available. I’ve had Dawson come out on a Sunday. I believe he brought a screen. None of the other companies we deal with would do that on a Sunday.”

Sven L, Fraser Valley Aggregates, Surrey, BC Mar/17

“ELRUS is really good about talking after hours. I talk to Greg after hours a lot, and I know my guys call ELRUS after hours too.”

John C, Flesherton Concrete, Flesherton, ON Mar/17

“A number of times I have called ELRUS after hours and they have picked up the phone and helped me out. Even the parts guys, I’ve called them too.”

Joe P, Aggregate Processing Services, Kitchener, ON Mar/17

“I’ve called Kris with ELRUS after hours. One time, it was pretty late but very important for me to contact him before he came through town. It was about 10:30 pm at night and I could tell he was ready for bed, but he was ready to talk to me. I needed to consult with him to decide if he needed to bring some parts with him. My screen deck was having problems, and he had to troubleshoot some things on the phone, and then a bit more when he actually got here. To get a guy that late at night who was still able to talk to me and help me out, I was impressed.”

Tyrell H, Jake-Jay Construction Ltd, Revelstoke, BC Mar/17

“It’s been a long time since we needed to call after hours, but they are definitely there for you when you need them.”

Merritt S, Wheatland Aggregates Ltd, Lafleche, SK Feb/17

“Yes I have called ELRUS after hours a few times, and I have dealt with a couple of people there. They sure did sort out the problems for us every time.”

Jason, Sand Recycling Ltd, Edmonton, AB Feb/17

“I deal directly with John or Greg Y at ELRUS after hours. It can be 10:00 at night and they are there for me.”

Dan M, Aggregate Customer, Jan/17

“We usually phone George with ELRUS direct if we have after hours problems. He usually helps us out and fixes things for us.”

Richard S, Alberta Aggregates Ltd, Brooks, AB Jan/17

“I have called Rick with ELRUS after hours a number of times. I have his cell phone number and he has always responded quickly and helped me get what I needed.”

Brent M, Canada Building Materials, St Marys, ON Jan/17

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“We have had to call ELRUS after hours several times. They always answer and they’ve gotten us what we need right away. They are really good about that.”

Jordan F, McLeod Valley Sand & Gravel, Edson, AB Dec/16

“Yes I have called after hours. Their response is great. Usually I just text or email and they answer right away. After hours I also talk to Greg Young.”

Lee W, Joe Kerr Limited, Wingham, ON Nov/16

“I have had to call the Saskatoon office guys after hours and they always answer and help me out with whatever I need.”

Demetrius T, Geransky Brothers Construction, Martensville, SK Nov/16

“I don’t do it often but when I do, I can always get a hold of Mike at ELRUS. He is available on his cellphone.”

Lloyd G, Butler Bros Supplies Ltd, Duncan, BC Nov/16

“I have called ELRUS and they’ve stayed late, they will do just about anything to get me the parts I need. I have also dealt with ELRUS in Ontario, Terry Davis. He’s called all over the weekend to help me out. He has gone out of his way to find parts for me. We’ve spent hours, and I mean hours on the phone together. He got my parts after hours by calling a parts man in Pennsylvania to ship them to me by Monday morning. I cannot say enough about Terry.”

Richard G, Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd, Yellowknife, NT Oct/16

“I call ELRUS after hours quite a bit. They either meet me in the shop or they have the parts I need sitting at the door when I get there. I’ve called on Friday nights, Saturdays, even on long weekends. We run 24/7. They know that downtime is really bad for us.”

Rick T, Lone Pine Crushing, Hughendon, AB Oct/16

“I phoned ELRUS on a long weekend, and I didn’t even know it was a long weekend. But they answered and helped me out and got me what I needed.”

Zach R, R.F. Klein & Sons Ltd, Prince George, BC Oct/16

“I’ve had to call the guys, even when they were on holidays. Most of the time they still answer, even from the golf course! I can text or call James anytime, and if he can’t help me, he gets someone else to help. So far, everything has been very good with ELRUS.”

Adolf B, Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd, Blumenort, MB Sep/16

“We’ve had to call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are only a day away. They’ve flown Brent and George up here at times. All of our equipment is ELRUS and they give us great service.”

Russ Y, Pine River Holdings Ltd, Chetwynd, BC Sep/16

“We have had breakdowns after hours. One time ELRUS delivered the parts I needed, met me halfway. They really do make an effort to meet your needs. That reduced our down time considerably.”

Chris D, Sil Industrial Minerals Inc, Edmonton, AB Sep/16

“I’ve called late at night, on a Saturday. ELRUS has always gotten me the parts I need right away.”

Wayne, Canada Building Materials, North Dumfries, ON Aug/16

“Oh lots of times, I’ve called ELRUS at 11 pm, 12, or 1 am. After that, you gotta have a heart too. But sometimes, it can mean the difference of a half day of down time.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Aug/16

“I would say that 95% of the time, we get great service from ELRUS after hours.”

Cameron F, Potzus Ltd, Yorkton, SK Aug/16

“I have had to call Thor with ELRUS at 11:00 PM to say I have a problem with my crusher. He takes the call and he helps me out.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Jul/16

“James at ELRUS is really good, he’s available after hours, and he gets us the right parts.”

Joey W, Werbicki Trucking, Creighton, SK Jul/16

“There were a few times when I needed to get a hold of someone after hours and I was able to reach Spenser. He is really good and knows his stuff.”

Troy K, L & G Crushing, Raymore, SK Jun/16

“I have had to call a couple times after hours and I have never had to wait more than 30 minutes for a call back. They deal with the problem right away. That’s what I like.”

Gary G, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Jun/16

“Sometimes I have called Thor with ELRUS after hours and he wasn’t immediately available due to family issues, but that he would call me back right away when he was available. And he did. Thor is always willing to help.”

Dale F, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Jun/16

“ELRUS has been pretty accommodating with parts/service after hours and on weekends. They try their best to help, they will talk us through things and their parts availability has been really good. I think a good example is that I met them halfway, on some parts I needed on Mother’s Day.”

Derek G, Moncrief Construction Limited, Kenora, ON May/16

“I don’t do much calling after hours to ELRUS. It has happened three times and they were prompt in getting back to us. They are good.”

Craig C, Mixcor Aggregates Inc, Leduc, AB May/16

“Some people may call it ELRUS’ culture but I roll it all up into solid customer service. How does ELRUS get their staff to answer phones on the weekend? They do it with a value for having a solid customer service offering. You cannot get staff to answer the phone without the culture and you cannot have the solid customer service without people being willing to engage.”

Shane G, Buffalo Gravel Corp, Grande Prairie, AB Apr/16

“Yes, we are very satisfied (with ELRUS after hours service). We have done it often in the past three months. Seems the equipment always breaks down on a Saturday but the ELRUS staff are very obliging. We drove to Calgary and the guys fixed the computer right away. We were up and going the same day.”

Morley L, Swayze Concrete Ltd, Weyburn, SK Apr/16

“We have always been successful contacting ELRUS after hours.”

Garry S, Lafarge Canada Inc, Edmonton, AB Apr/16

“ELRUS has been really good to me. Whenever I need help I give them a phone call and they help out. Even after hours – it is no problem.”

Colin O, Burnco Rock Products LTD, Edmonton, AB Mar/16

“I haven’t had to, but both Darren and Mark have given me their cell numbers, so if I have trouble after hours I can get help. I have no questions, that they would give me a hand.”

Teri B, Finishing Touch Aggregates Ltd, New Norway, AB Mar/16

“Once in awhile, I call after hours. I have been depending on ELRUS for a couple of years now. They have been helping us out.”

Jim B, Penn-Co Construction Canada Ltd, Blumenort, MB Mar/16

“I have James’ cell number with ELRUS. I have contacted him evenings, weekends and late into the night. He gets the ball going for me.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“I know if we have any problems, I would have no problem calling ELRUS.”

Leonard H, Lawrence Meier Trucking, Dunmore, AB Feb/16

“Yes, we have no problem there. ELRUS is pretty helpful.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“We do call after hours quite often. James is the main reason we deal with ELRUS. He is very good – he is always available or will get back to us when he can.”

Allan S, Russell Redi Mix Concrete, Russell, MB Jan/16

“I was impressed that they were willing to put the parts by the gate. Some companies will not do that but they were willing to accommodate. I was running late and it would have cost me a day.”

Jacob M, Grip Construction Ltd, Rimbey, AB Jan/16

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“We have a pretty good relationship with ELRUS. I can pick up the phone 24/7 to either Greg Y or Greg S and they will get back to me. Downtime kills us, so that level of service is what we need. ELRUS does an excellent job for us.”

Blaine B, Aggregate Processing Services, Kitchener, ON Dec/15

“I usually call Greg S or Greg Y at ELRUS – they are readily available. The parts usually arrive overnight.”

Jack H, The Sarjeant Co. LTD, Barrie, ON Dec/15

“My cone plant went down on a Friday morning and by the end of the day we had a game plan in place that had ELRUS coming to pick up our cone plant, take it to their shop for repairs over the weekend so that we could get producing again on Monday. The plan required bringing cranes and floaters to site, flying parts from Calgary and then hauling it back and using the cranes to reinstall the crusher on site. They really pulled out all the stops for us.”

Dale B, Canada Building Materials, Sunderland Pit, ON Nov/15

“When ELRUS’ Saskatoon location came on board that was really helpful. Also, we don’t use it much but anyone of their people are available in the evenings for parts.”

V McIntosh, McIntosh Crushing & Aggregate, Montmartre, SK Nov/15

“I have phoned James with ELRUS at midnight and he will do everything he can. I am way out of town and I will give him a call and he will meet me halfway. There are not many companies who will do that. With James it has always been good.”

Cliff F, Nelson River, Winnipeg, MB Nov/15

“I don’t have to call after hours very often but when I do, it is really good service.”

Terry D, Dmytryshyn & Sons LTD, Glaslyn, SK Nov/15

“Yes, I will say so. I seldom have to call but when I do, I can simply send a text and I get a response.”

Dennis C, Gravier Collet Gravel Inc, Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB Nov/15

“I don’t have to do that very often but if I get stuck, I can get a few of their guys.”

Harold S, Harold Sutherland Construction, Kemble, ON Nov/15

“I call the ELRUS reps direct after hours. They always answer or they get back to me. I appreciate that as in this industry, they know the urgency. You don’t get that everywhere and that is why we went to ELRUS instead of the company that would normally rebuild the pumps”.”

Vince F, Lafarge Canada, Fonthill, ON Aug/15

“I have talked with Marc after hours and it worked. I am very happy with the service we get from both Kurt and Marc.”

Pascal B, Quebec Stevedoring Co Ltd, Quebec City, QC Aug/15

“We were in a crucial situation and ELRUS came through for us. We called them in the middle of the night and ELRUS bailed us out. I have thanked them many times and it meant I didn’t need to apologize to a customer.”

Greg S, Hub City Paving,
Nanaimo, BC July/15

“ELRUS service after hours is very good. I have phoned Jared a lot direct and he is always around and gets me the parts. On some occasions when I am in a jam, he will deliver the parts halfway. That is very helpful. I find that Ricky is always available after hours, so that is good.”

M Longley, Swayze Concrete LTD,
Weyburn, SK June/15

“I don’t order after hours too often but when I do, the ELRUS staff jump right to it.”

J Dagley, Associated Aggregates Inc,
Falun AB June/15

“I call ELRUS sometimes after hours but because of the relationship we have developed, I feel that I can call them at anytime. I can call Mike at 9:00 in the evening and he will answer his phone. I can text Kris on the weekend and he will follow-up right away.”

S LeBlanc, Fraser Valley Aggregates (2014) LTD,
Surrey, BC June/15

“I don’t always reach ELRUS immediately ‘after hours’ but they always return our calls.”

J McNernie, Athabasca Minerals Inc,
Edmonton, AB May/15

“I definitely have no complaints with ELRUS. Every time I have called them I have received a quick response. They have been there anytime and every time I have needed help. And that goes for both Thor and James.”

B Lypyrypa, L.Chabot Enterprises Ltd,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/15

“Spencer (ELRUS’ Field Mechanic), knows what he is doing and talking about. I have also dealt with Matt and he is very accommodating.”

M Almasi, N & R Concrete Ltd,
Melville, SK Apr/15

“I had an example of a part that was mis-shipped in January. I contacted ELRUS that evening, ‘after hours’, and they put the part on the plane. Kris delivered it to our site the next morning. It was fantastic service. All I had to do was go to bed and get a good nights sleep.”

S Stone, Westridge Rock Venture Ltd,
Armstrong, BC Apr/15

“ELRUS Aggregates are available ‘after hours’. If I cannot get Kurt, then I call one of the mechanics.”

M Thibuilt, Alvin Caldwell Sand and Gravel,
New Liskeard, ON, Apr/15

“I just call Jared at ELRUS and even if it is ‘after hours’ he answers the phone. I am satisfied with their service.”

M Chamney, Chamney Crushing Ltd,
Estevan, SK Mar/15

“I have only had to call ELRUS once ‘after hours’. I got Mario on the phone and he got me what I needed. It worked out really well.”

Brandon, Site Energy Services Inc,
Cold Lake, AB Mar/15

“I have called ELRUS for assistance ‘after hours’ a few times and they have been really helpful.”

B Jones, Lafarge Canada, Cambridge,
ON Feb/15

“I haven’t had to call too many times but I have their cell phone numbers and they look out for me.”

J Asunmaa, Fort William First Nation,
Thunder Bay, On Feb/15

“I am definitely satisfied with ELRUS ‘after hours’ service. Errors on parts shipments don’t happen often but when they do, ELRUS corrects them quickly.”

C Harris, Stony Valley Contracting,
Fort McMurray, AB Jan/15

“I am definitely satisfied with ELRUS ‘after hours’ service. Errors on parts shipments don’t happen often but when they do, ELRUS corrects them quickly.”

C Harris, Stony Valley Contracting,
Fort McMurray, AB Jan/15

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“I believe that is good. I don’t hear anything other than, “I had to call ELRUS on the weekend.” I would hear if it was a problem. ELRUS are definitely accessible.”

C Chalmers, Mixcor Aggregates,
Leduc, AB Dec/14

“Very much so. Even with service, I can phone Thor at ELRUS and get him right away.”

D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,
Brandon, MB Dec/14

“Yes, it is good. I can call whenever I want and they will make sure it happens – evenings, weekends, whenever. Often they will meet me halfway.”

A Stanchuk, Russell Redi Mix,
Russell, MB Dec/14

“I have never had to call ELRUS after hours as their equipment has never resulted in needing parts after hours.”

J Garito, Porcupine Gold Mines,
South Porcupine, ON Oct/14

“ELRUS after hours service is a 5 out of 5.”

F Chapman, Chapman Sand & Gravel,
Armstrong, BC Oct/14

“I don’t have to call often but they are pretty good with after hours orders.”

D Wiebe, Arjon Construction,
Calgary, AB Oct/14

“I have never had an issue reaching someone at ELRUS. There has never been an issue with an after hours phone call being returned.”

B Bell, APS, Kitchener,
ON Oct/14

“You betcha ya. I don’t have to call ELRUS very often but a few times when I need it, they are there.”

G Anderson, D. Ray Construction,
Beaverlodge, AB Sep/14

“Yes, I had to call ELRUS once after hours and they got right back to me.”

Aggregate Producer,
Winnipeg, MB Jul/14

“ELRUS after hours service is good”. I have their cell phones and if I have to work after hours, I don’t have trouble asking others to do the same. I call Mario or Darren or Ron first.”

Aggregate Producer, Northern
BC Apr/14

“We appreciate ELRUS dedication. James will be there for us, on a Saturday or in the evening. They will do lots of different things to accommodate us.”

B Swiston, CPB Equipment,
Winnipeg, MB Apr/14

“I had a situation last year where I called ELRUS at 4:00 am and someone met me at the shop at 5:30 am to get me the parts I needed. He got me back up and running and it saved me between 6 hours and 2 days of production time. That was worth a lot.”

Central Alberta Aggregate
Producer, AB Mar/14

“I am satisfied with Elrus ‘after hours’ service. We run 24 hours a day so at some point the equipment is going to break down, ‘after hours’.”

J Buck, JMB Crushing,
Bonnyville, AB Mar/14

“When it comes to Service, I would score Thor at a 10. It doesn’t matter if I call at 7:00 am on Sunday or during business hours – he helps – his service is excellent.”

R Frykas, Sigfusson Northern,
Lundar, MB Mar/14

“I have called ELRUS on weekends a few times. On one occasion, they got the parts shipped and I had them on Monday morning. It kept us going.”

D Hanson, Smook Contractors,
Thompson, MB Mar/14

“Very much so. We don’t have to do it that often but if I call on a weekend, James always answers the phone. I call James direct.”

B Lypyrypa, L. Chabot Enterprise,
Winnipeg, MB Feb/14

“We do that reasonably often, we have a mine with a gravel crusher and so we need to keep going. Working with ELRUS Aggregates works.”

K Chown, Sand Gold Corp,
Bissett, MB Feb/14

“I call ELRUS Service Tech on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and they go out of the their way to provide us with service. That is worth a lot.”

J Hebert, Custom Concrete,
Timmons, ON Feb/14

“Yes, I can phone ELRUS (after hours). I usually wait until the next morning but I know that if I need them, I can call any time of the day or night and they will answer.”

D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,
Brandon, MB Feb/14

“It has never a problem, Mario always gets it done. After hours is when I get most of the parts from ELRUS. That is why they get the business.”

J Malin, Malin Rock, Grande
Prairie, AB, Jan/14

“I haven’t had to do that but I am sure Randy would be available if I needed to.”

E Solinski, White Stone Construction,
Steinbach, MB Jan/14

“The ELRUS Service Techs are awesome ‘after hours’. They will help us solve problems to keep us in production. They will help us figure it out over the phone and they have a good attitude, even though it is ‘after hours’.”

R Fraudes, Pioneer Construction,
Cooper Cliff, ON Jan/14

“I have called James at midnight and he usually answers the phone. Guaranteed, someone will run to the shop and get what we need.”

C Flescher, Nelson River,
Winnipeg, MB Jan/14

“Yes I am. I have called them many times to have them come service our equipment. I can call them anytime and they will get back to me.”

W Randal, Canada Building
Materials, Aberfoyle, ON Jan/14

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“We don’t do it often but there is always someone available at ELRUS. If we don’t get an answer initially, they will always get back to us.”

G Montane, Chamney Crushing,
Estevan, SK Dec/13

“I need to call ‘after hours’ occasionally. If I am in dire need, ELRUS is available, they will help me out.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada,
Saskatoon, SK Dec/13

“We usually deal with one carrier, Randy knows that and will ship to where I want it.”

J Lorensen, Bruno Contracting,
Thunder Bay, ON Dec/13

“No problem at all. We have to call ‘after hours’ from time to time, or on the weekends.”

P Seabrook, West Central
Contracting, Hinton, AB Dec/13

“Yes, I don’t call that often but ELRUS’ Service Tech, always gets back to me and he can steer me in the right direction, if need be.”

R McIntosh, McIntosh
Crushing, Montmartre, SK, Dec/13

“I get someone at ELRUS Aggregates right away and if I have questions, they get me the answers.”

G Seabloom, Hub City,
Nanaimo, BC Dec/13

“I txt ‘after hours’ to James at ELRUS and he gets back to me.’Wow’ is the word, you don’t see that in many places anymore. He is really good.”

D. Collett, Gravier Collet, Notre Dame
De Lourdes, MB Nov/13

“It seems to be fine. I have to call often as we run our crushers 24 hours per day. We are always calling on weekends and we have good service.”

R Gilbertson, Richards Landing, ON Nov/13

“Very much so. When we are running, we need parts nows. If we consider our (opportunity) cost at $2,000 per hour then when you are down right now. I have called on a Saturday or Sunday morning and James is there.”

R Kelly, Hugh Munro,
Kenora, ON Nov/13

“‘after hours’ parts service with ELRUS has always been pretty good.”

Aggregate Producer, Saskatoon,
SK Nov/13

“ELRUS calls us when they say they will call. ELRUS has never left me hanging.”

Frank, City of Calgary,
Calgary, AB Aug/13

“It has always been good in the past.”

G Ferrari, Sandhill Materials Inc,
Kelowna, BC Aug/13

“I have never had to call them ‘after hours’ or in the middle of the night. But I know that if I needed to, they would get back to me. Anytime, I call them, they call back right away.”

P Holub, Lafarge Canada,
Red Deer, AB Jul/13

“I call ELRUS’ Service Tech at all times of the day or night and he always returns my call. ELRUS comes out and he accommodates us. Thor is very good that way. It seems that ‘after hours’ is a common time for the equipment to breakdown.”

B Swistun, Birds Hill Gravel,
St. Paul, MB Jul/13

“I can call Matt from ELRUS Aggregates on a Sunday night and he will get the parts I need. Matt’s knowledge is great and he likes the crushing industry.”

R Bee Crushing, Wembley,
AB Jul/13

“Very much so. We don’t call them often, but when we call them they are right there.”

G George, South Rock Limited,
Medicine Hat, AB Jul/13

“I have never had to contact the ELRUS Branch after hours but I call their Service Tech in the evenings if need be. He is easy to reach.”

C Burill, Lafarge Canada,
Ottawa, ON Jun/13

“We don’t call them too often. We don’t want to bother them but if we need something, we call and they make themselves available. They are all good.”

I Hebert, Custom Concrete (Northern),
Timmins, ON Jun/13

“ELRUS Aggregates have been really good about ‘after hours’ service. In the 14 years I have done this, it is only 5 or 10 times I have called but ELRUS has always gotten back to me.”

B Jarvis, Richardson Brothers,
Olds, AB Jun/13

“We have a lot of parts in inventory ourselves. We generally plan ahead when we buy parts. But when we are in an emergency, ELRUS is really good about helping us out. If we call Calgary, they are good as well. Their communication is top notch.”

D Rainy, Stony Valley Contracting,
Fort McMurray, AB Jun/13

“I have never phoned on a Saturday or Sunday and not had them answer. They will find the parts and go to the shop to get them delivered (ASAP) or be there when we come to pick them up.”

K Smith, Highway Rock Products,
Calgary, AB May/13

“‘After hours’ Mario answers his phone. He is very good with that.”

J Kasprow, Brymak Enterprises,
Athabasca, AB Apr/13

“The response is good, they are there for us. ELRUS Aggregates is prompt in responding.”

M Lloyd, Karson Kartage,
Carp, ON Mar/13

“Brent and Jarad are awesome about providing ‘after hours’ service. They can answer all my questions in a split second.”

S Hiutz, Peter Crushing, Whitewood,
SK Feb/13

“ELRUS Aggregate Systems have done some ‘after hours’ work for me – they met my deadline.”

T Scarcelli, Burnco Rock Products,
Kelowna, BC Feb/13

“Last week they helped us on a Sunday. You can’t ask for more than that.”

B Bell, Aggregate Processing Services,
Kitchener, ON Feb/13

“I’ve never had a problem with ELRUS’ ‘after hours’ service. I get hold of Mario, he gives excellent service and Ron does too.”

A Murphy, Pidherney’s Trucking,
Rocky Mountain House, AB Jan/13

“I go through Mike for ‘after hours’ service, he is excellent.”

V Halls, Kode Contracting,
Prince George, B Jan/13

“I’ve talked with ELRUS Aggregates ‘after hours’, they have been helpful.”

E Solinski, Diamond Ready Mix,
Steinbach, MB Jan/13

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“Definitely. If we need Darren from ELRUS Aggregate Systems, he is right there.”

Darryl, SIL Industrial Minerals,
Edmonton, AB Dec/12

“We don’t do it that often, but when we do call ELRUS Aggregates, their ‘after hours’ service seems to work.”

E Roth, Joe Kerr Ltd, Wingham,
ON Nov/12

“I call ELRUS’ Service Tech Mike directly. He is always available.”

C Mutter, Lafarge Canada,
Coquitlam, BC Nov/12

“I know their Manager personally, so I have called him a number of times at his house. He is a good guy.”

W Randall, Dufferin Aggregates,
Millcreek, ON Nov/12

“I have needed them ‘after hours’ and ELRUS have been good, particularly during commissioning and for service. Travis came out initially, he was fantastic.”

R Lumsden, New Gold Inc,
Kamloops, MB, Oct/12

“They have organized stuff for us in Calgary that has been very positive.”

B McCurdy, Keephills Aggregates,
Edmonton, AB Oct/12

“I call them and always get an answer. We have had good luck with them, recently we were running around the clock and we called Jared at 3:00 in the morning. He answered the phone and gave us support.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada,
Saskatoon, SK, Oct/12

“I call them fairly often ‘after hours’, it works. They came back to finish the repair on a Saturday morning and then they came to site again on Monday to make final adjustments and get us going.”

J Pennings, Canada Building
Materials, Aberfoyle, ON Oct/12

“We call ELRUS’ Service Tech directly on his cell phone. He is available anytime we need him and if he isn’t able to come, he can give us advice over the phone.”

K Fhur, ASL Paving, Saskatoon,
SK Sep/12

“The repair was done in the evening. ELRUS’ Service Technician is knowledgeable and very customer oriented.”

T Haggkvist, Pitt Meadows,
BC Aug/12

“I have talked to ELRUS on a Sunday before and gotten the assistance I needed.”

Winnipeg Aggregate Producer,
Winnipeg, MB Aug/12

“I have not done that a lot in recent years but when I did they were always really good.”

C Botkin, C.D. Botkin Construction,
Regina, SK Aug/12

“They are good. ELRUS Aggregates phone is always on.”

B Dick, Brett’s Gravel & Crushing,
Ponoka, AB Jul/12

“I am very happy with ELRUS ‘after hours’ service.”

W Laidlaw, Laidlaw Sand & Gravel,
Bow Island, AB Jul/12

“ELRUS Aggregates (James) is almost available 24 x 7. He texts me after hours. I know James is there on Saturdays. I have never had any problems with access to parts.”

B Swistun, Birds Hill Gravel,
St. Paul, MB Jun/12

“Matt at ELRUS Aggregates always answers his phone.”

D Martin, Rick Martin Trucking,
Sundre, AB Jun/12

“Yes, 100% of the time, I call often as we run our equipment 24 hours a day. I think I have seen ELRUS people at the shop every hour of the night. They really have been awesome.”

Ken, Hopkins Construction,
Lacombe, AB May/12