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This page contains feedback results and reviews from ELRUS’ customers about their Overall Impression with ELRUS. Client Insight Inc. interviews ELRUS’ customers across Canada and Western United States. We are given full latitude to interview all customers based on region and sales data.

Feedback results of Overall Impression questions asked of ELRUS’ customers:


Below are additional ELRUS’ customer reviews:

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“We purchased equipment from ELRUS because the price was right and the quality was better. With AECON, we have to get more than one quote, and ELRUS came in with the best quote. Their chassis are probably the best in the industry. I’ve seen the one that Steep Rock had and it was doing really well for them. We liked what we saw. We like the way the plates fit onto the mounts. We did some research and the ELRUS one was the best.”

Gary G, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Calgary, AB Nov/18

“We’ve been using ELRUS for about 7 years. Because they know the equipment and they know it well. Why would I go anywhere else?”

Mario T, Alvin Caldwell Sand & Gravel, New Liskeard, ON Nov/18

“The new Salt Lake City guy, Kirk Ogden, has been here. He made sure that we had all the right parts here. It was definitely beneficial to have him come here to see what we have, and I can ask questions about the machines. He can give advice on what we are doing with the machines, if we are getting too much wear because we aren’t doing something right. ELRUS is really excellent all around.”

Mike M, Kilgore Companies, Salt Lake City, UT Nov/18

“ELRUS’ Service Tech, George came from Calgary. He showed us what to do and what not to do. He looked at everything to do with the cone. He has really good experience and expertise. The guy knew what he was doing.”

Bill A, Bill Armstrong Trucking Ltd, Thorhild, AB Nov/18

“ELRUS is the most well-known brand in the crushing industry, so I heard about them a long time ago. I purchase from ELRUS because I can’t get the rollers and the screens always, but I happened to get them from ELRUS a few times.”

Graham B, Rockard Crushing Services Ltd, Regina, SK Nov/18

“The long relationship with ELRUS and the quality of the service is why we choose ELRUS. I was led to them through my boss 14 years ago when I came here. We are very happy with ELRUS.”

Dave M, S.W. Weeks Construction Ltd, New Glasgow, NS Nov/18

“ELRUS has well-built equipment. The people at ELRUS are great too. So far we are satisfied with the jaw and we are thinking of buying more ELRUS.”

Mike L, Miller Paving Northern, New Liskeard, ON Oct/18

“I buy from ELRUS because it is convenient, the parts fit our equipment and they treat me well. The parts are good quality. I’ve tried other rollers and the ELRUS ones are the best. They seem to care about me doing well.”

Gilbert D, Lafarge Canada Inc CW – Calgary, Calgary, AB Oct/18

“If we can’t do the service ourselves, we get ELRUS to do it. Their quality control and their experience with the equipment they sold to us is why we got them to do this for us.”

Ken F, Hopkins Construction (Lacombe) Ltd, Lacombe, AB Oct/18

“I would say that our production has increased by 75% with the new equipment from ELRUS.”

Mike S, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, NL Sep/18

“Their products perform well. The 24-42 jaw we have is excellent, and we have a 6 x 20 screen deck from ELRUS. They work fantastic.”

Mark S, Farrell’s Excavating Ltd, St John’s, NL Sep/18

“ELRUS has high quality equipment and the terrific service. When we deal with them for parts, they always get them out quickly to us. ELRUS is a local company, a Canadian company. The people are easy to deal with, easy to reach and to talk to.”

Matt C, Macon Industries Inc, Surrey, BC Sep/18

“I love the ELRUS product. We have had ELRUS equipment for years. We know ELRUS and we like their equipment, dealing with their staff and we get good service.”

Jim S, Waterford Sand & Gravel, Waterford, ON Aug/18

“We have been dealing with ELRUS for years to purchase our parts. I finally got to the point of needing a new spread. I went to ELRUS and to some other companies. I talked to people who had both ELRUS and their competitor’s equipment, and they said that ELRUS is the way to go because of the service and because they have staff in Alberta. I decided cheaper is not better. I wanted to spend more money in order to get more productivity and less headaches.”

Carl R, ACE Enterprises Ltd, Yellowknife, NT Aug/18

“ELRUS is a Canadian company, the equipment is built heavy duty and the service is great. One time I had a different liner in the crusher, and I didn’t have very good luck with it. That was the first and last time I bought a different liner. I will always buy them from ELRUS.”

Cam C, Cook Brothers Cartage, Swan River, MB Aug/18

“The ELRUS conveyor is doing what we need it to do. Conveyors run at a certain speed regardless of who made them. Maintenance-wise, the ELRUS conveyors are tougher in design. Through this job, I have gotten to know ELRUS. I am the operations manager at APS. When I first came into this industry, I heard about ELRUS. But now I have worked with them for years. I talk to them on a daily basis. And 99% of the time it is a great experience.”

Joe P, APS Aggregate Services Inc, Kitchener, ON Aug/18

“ELRUS is knowledgeable & available to answer my questions and determine the parts I require. That would be a 6 out of 5! Kevin comes out all the time and he is a huge help to me. He’s around and he knows what I need. Colin is also very helpful to me, too. They are all excellent to deal with at ELRUS.”

Kenny W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Aug/18

“ELRUS knows what keeps me satisfied as a customer – their availability and customer service. Some companies just don’t do what ELRUS does. It benefits me in so many ways.”

Chris O, Lafarge Canada Inc, Edmonton, AB Aug/18

“ELRUS has been good to us. They are knowledgeable about our equipment and they will share information and troubleshoot on the phone. We have other equipment as well. We use some service places in Edmonton for those.”

John T, T & T Sand & Gravel, Devon, AB Jun/18

“The ELRUS Feeder Screen Plant is well made. There are a few issues that we have with it but the welding and construction is quality. Lots of dealer support too. I would never feel like I was left high and dry with ELRUS equipment.”

Justin B, A.L. Blair Construction Ltd, Moose Creek, ON Jun/18

“ELRUS really specializes in this industry and we have had some good past experiences with them. Based on our past experience with ELRUS with the previous control tower, we decided it was easy to have them do this one for us too. We like the control tower.”

Harold, W, Westside Asphalt & Concrete Inc, Corner Brook, NL Jun/18

“I would recommend ELRUS because good people work there, they provide good service. Their pricing is good, and so is their delivery. When I started here, they were shopping at ELRUS, so they have a history with the company. As time went on, I have had good experiences with them. They are a good company to work with. I value getting parts from them quickly.”

Wes B, Smook Contractors Ltd, Thompson, MB Jun/18

“ELRUS does a good job taking care of us and our equipment. We are actually looking now at buying some more equipment and it will be ELRUS, a van or a screen. We have a few other small stackers that aren’t ELRUS but we like ELRUS the best.”

Lyle W, Venture Construction Inc, Martensville, SK Jun/18

“I would recommend ELRUS because they are knowledgeable and 95% of the time they have what I need. It is up time, the quicker you get parts, the quicker you are making product. We have about 75% of our equipment that is ELRUS and they know the equipment and that is good for us. I appreciate their knowledge. They understand the industry and the equipment really well.”

Noel B, Kode Contracting Ltd, Prince George, BC Jun/18

“All of our equipment is ELRUS, and we know the quality and the resale value, and the customer service as well.”

Brandon F, Folden Construction, Melfort, SK May/18

“When you are in the field and you are down, you want to make sure that you can get the right part quickly, and ELRUS can do that with their inventory 99% of the time.”

Ken Fairbrother, Hopkins Constr. (Lacombe) Ltd, Lacombe, AB May/18

“I have seen the value of continuing to do business with ELRUS. Their staff are very knowledgeable guys, and if they don’t know something, they know who to call to find out. They are a good resource for knowledge and information. Plus they have positive attitudes and are eager to help, even with a project that might take time.”

Chris N, Mixcor Aggregates Inc, Leduc, AB May/18

“ELRUS parts are excellent, and they deliver for no charge. ELRUS response getting us out of a bind has been very good for us.”

Clare C, C.R. Chittick Construction Ltd, Ilderton, ON May/18

“I purchase from ELRUS because of availability, pricing, and they are local. It’s really great to have them so close to us.”

Rob F, Farrish Crushing Inc, Listowel, ON May/18

“Absolutely, I am satisfied with the quality of ELRUS equipment. I would say our efficiency and production increased by 25%. It increased our liner life on our cone, increased our production, less down time, it’s all related.”

Daryl W, Blue Star Construction Ltd, Brandon, MB Apr/18

“We bought this feeder from ELRUS because of our old one and it has been great for us. The old ELRUS one is still our best feeder. That was the biggest reason we bought another ELRUS feeder.”

Travis A, Nuway Crushing Ltd, Whitehorse, YT Apr/18

“ELRUS is easy to talk to. They go the extra mile to figure out what you need, and they are just helpful. The prices are comparable, and they are fairly close to us.”

Mack M, Penny Lee Trucking Inc, Renten, WA Apr/18

“We have had one little issue with the ELRUS equipment and it got fixed right away. We bought this equipment for a specific job and we couldn’t do without it. ELRUS equipment has increased our operational productivity. We were using two smaller machines before to do the job of this one, but they were so much slower that we are doing 4 times more production now, so 800% more than one of the old machines. We are pretty happy about that!”

Andrew K, Aim Recycling Hamilton, Hamilton, ON Mar/18

“The Saskatoon store is why we buy ELRUS equipment now. Before they were there, we bought equipment from their competition. Now our entire yard except two pieces are ELRUS and it is because of the Saskatoon branch. It was also because of Marshall. And now Jared does a good job too.”

Grant M, K. McIntosh And Sons, Outlook, SK Mar/18

“I have been treated very fairly over the years by ELRUS. On this job, we didn’t give them a lot of time to do this work. They had this piece of equipment in stock and they were able to pull it off the line to get it to us quickly. We appreciated not having to wait long for it. ELRUS gives great service to their customers.”

Dean B, Associated Aggregates Inc, Falun, AB Mar/18

“Usually we are needing parts in a hurry. ELRUS is really good about bringing parts in for us, even from other ELRUS locations if they have to, and getting them to us in a rush if we need it.”

Cam C, Dale Croswell Construction Co, Thorhild, AB Mar/18

“I think that you can ask Jared at ELRUS his opinion and he gives you 2 or 3 options. He will give you advice, but he will only sell you what you need.”

Frank M, Mortimer Brothers Construction, Regina, SK Mar/18

“I deal with ELRUS because of the ease of dealing with one supplier, and we have ELRUS equipment.”

Dennis C, Gravier Collet Gravel Inc, Notre Dame De Lourdes, MB Mar/18

“A couple of years ago we switched over to ELRUS for parts because we compared prices, and we found out that ELRUS is quite competitive.”

Jordan F, McLeod Valley Sand & Gravel, Edson, AB Feb/18

“I’ve been buying from ELRUS since 1995, two complete new spreads from ELRUS, and a bunch of other parts. We have bought a lot with Ron. He gets good deals on used equipment for us too. The Founder, Roland, pointed this out to me at an auction one time that the ELRUS equipment will make 30% more at an auction than anything else. Sure enough, it was actually more like 50% more. ELRUS holds its value.”

Pine River Holdings Ltd, Chetwynd, BC Feb/18

“I have dealt with ELRUS for over 30 years and to me, they are one of the top crushing suppliers in Canada.”

Tom S, Eagle Rock Construction Ltd, Kamloops, BC Feb/18

“ELRUS built the part for me and the workmanship was fine. It was delivered on time as well. This was an order we placed in September or October, and delivery was in December which was what we agreed. The service is always good with ELRUS. I have no complaints. We just placed a $1,500,000 order of equipment. We have other ELRUS equipment and we have always been happy with it. I have been dealing with ELRUS for a long time and know how reliable they are.”

Lloyd G, Butler Bros Supplies Ltd, Duncan, BC Feb/18

“For that service job specifically, it is limited as to who has the experience do that job. Also we have had ELRUS do a lot of service for us and we know how good they are at what they do.”

Jody B, Lafarge-Central Agg, Abbotsford, BC Feb/18

“A big factor that influenced our decision was the quoting on equipment. You know exactly what you are going to get from ELRUS. We had built a piece of equipment that no one else has. Overall, we are really happy with ELRUS.”

Warren D, Steep Rock Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Feb/18

“We have been buying ELRUS equipment quite a while. I think we have 90% ELRUS equipment and that is because of the quality.”

Mike C, Flesherton Concrete, Flesherton, ON Jan/18

“The pricing and how quickly we can get parts is why we choose to purchase from ELRUS. They have screens well stocked. In fact, they keep our inventory in their warehouse so I don’t have to wait for parts.”

John M, Orca Sand & Gravel Ltd, Port McNeill, BC Jan/18

“Pricing and availability at ELRUS is why I purchase from them. I compare with other suppliers and ELRUS is good on both price and availability of parts.”

Scott R, Concrete Recyclers, Tumwater, WA Jan/18

“ELRUS has always been top of the line for us. We are very satisfied with the quality of Site Service by them. Their Service Tech, Garett, is a real nice guy, and a pleasure to work with – more than what I could ask for. We’re just a little company and ELRUS treats us just like we were a big company.”

Dale S, Nemadar Ranch Ltd, High Prairie, AB Jan/18

“It is ELRUS’ knowledge and experience. If there is a guy who doesn’t know as much about the equipment, they send two guys and train that guy. It’s nice to have people come in and to ensure that the things we are doing on our own we are doing them correctly. We work well together, we have conversations with the guys at ELRUS and it is clear and open communication. They will make a suggestion and leave it to me to make decisions. They don’t oversell. They just state the facts and I really appreciate that about them. They are good, very polite people.”

Joe P, Aggregate Processing Services, Kitchener, ON Jan/18

“I only deal with ELRUS, even on my equipment that isn’t ELRUS. I have had such good experience with ELRUS that I don’t even bother calling anyone else about anything.”

Rick T, Lone Pine Crushing, Hughenden, AB Jan/18

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“I have been dealing with ELRUS for 22 years and they have always been really decent. When I buy equipment, I always check out 3 prices, including ELRUS, and they always come in at a good price. I have no complaints about ELRUS.”

George S, Fish Creek Excavating Ltd, Calgary, AB Dec/17

“The quality of the product influences our purchase decision. I know what I am getting with ELRUS. I know that if there are issues or a flaw, they will get on it right away and send me a solution, or send someone out, or discount materials. That is a huge factor. Their customer service is excellent. They have fail safes built in that are superior to other brands.”

Chris T, Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc, Vancouver, BC Dec/17

“ELRUS remained on site until the new equipment was working to our satisfaction. George was here until 10:00 at night helping us with other things too.”

Kevin M, Baymag Inc, Exshaw, AB Dec/17

“Just recently, we had a Trio screen deck failure, and ELRUS doesn’t normally work on those but we called them out because we knew they would do a good job. We didn’t want to use the dealer that supports that equipment because they aren’t very good.”

Kevin R, Inland Aggregates, Calgary, AB Dec/17

“ELRUS is very good about standing behind their products. I tell the guys if I have a problem and they are so good about dealing with things. I have zero issues.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Nov/17

“Overall, ELRUS treats us well and I have no complaints.”

Mark O, Mill Creek Sand & Gravel, Redwater, AB Nov/17

“I am definitely satisfied with the overall purchase experience of the Feeder Skid with ELRUS. I have purchased other things there too. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Ron about a piece I am looking at at an auction. He can find out who had it before, what it’s worth. He would do that for me. When you are 5 hours away, you appreciate that kind of relationship.”

Albert L, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB Nov/17

“Pricing on parts is a big reason we switched to ELRUS. We were paying quite a bit more with another supplier.”

Aaron S, Heritage Rock & Services, Delta Junction, AK Nov/17

“I will definiteIy purchase parts from ELRUS again. I also think it is good that ELRUS cares enough to want to know what their customers think.”

Josh K, Mainland Sand & Gravel ULC, Surrey, BC Nov/17

“I call James M with ELRUS. If he doesn’t immediately have an answer, he will get the answer from wherever he can. He is usually quick with a response either way. I like the fact that he doesn’t pretend to have an answer if he doesn’t. They go above and beyond on the shipping for us.”

Joe D, BBE Hydro Constuctors LP, MB Nov/17

“Everything went very well. I don’t think anything could have been done better with the service by ELRUS. I would like the guys that do the work to know that we appreciate what they do for us.”

Collin C, A.G. Baxter Contracting Co Ltd, Calgary, AB Nov/17

“The ELRUS Service Tech was very helpful and informative. I got the new sales guy, Jason, and he has been amazing. He comes to site whenever he is around here, and he asks me if I need anything. He calls me once a month so he is very on top of things. One time I needed something right away, and he was coming this way, so he brought it with him for me. That has happened more than once actually.”

Stephan F, Tollestrup Construction, Lethbridge, AB Nov/17

“Garett at ELRUS was very good at demonstrating the jawcrusher.”

Ben D, Maple Reinders Inc, Kelowna, BC Oct/17

“Brent from ELRUS was there and he was awesome at sharing operational tips and maintenance suggestions.”

Kenny W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Oct/17

“We had no problems with the purchase of the ELRUS crusher. I would say that the whole thing went really well.”

Jeff C, R.W. Tomlinson Limited, Ottawa, ON Oct/17

“We have one guy we can call at ELRUS in Colorado, Curt C, and he will walk us through anything on the phone. It’s great to have that kind of relationship.”

Mike S, CEMEX, Vancouver, WA Oct/17

“The service was excellent and the ELRUS product is excellent. We had to have a few parts replaced or changed. ELRUS was right on the ball in handling that for us.”

Wayne A, LTL Contracting Ltd, Shuniah, ON Sep/17

“Kevin has done a good job for us. We got a good design. We are pretty happy campers and all I can say to ELRUS is ‘Keep up the good work.’ We will purchase again from ELRUS.”

Brad B, Concrete Nor’west, Anacortes, WA Sep/17

“ELRUS always take care of things for me. Grant came back and helped us when we did our first liner change which we appreciated. I am really impressed that they will stock parts for me on site.”

Brian W, Wood’s Crushing and Hauling Inc, Sandpoint, ID Sep/17

“I love ELRUS! The other company I previously used has people who would rather look at their phones than do the work. The guys at ELRUS come out here and they are ready to work. Now ELRUS does all my repairs, and I get an honest price and that is what I am charged. And I get guys who know how to work hard.”

Curtis D, Derksen Trucking Ltd, Altona, MB Sep/17

“For us, there is no one down here that can do the work that ELRUS can do. I can call with questions and Matt can answer questions on the phone. And as for parts – they know this cone too and they have the parts for it as well. I’m just happy that I have the opportunity to work with a great company like ELRUS.”

Carl C, M P Crushing Ltd, Coalhurst, AB Sep/17

“When I have called Greg at ELRUS after hours, he answered right away and he got me what I needed. They are easy to get along with, they get the right parts for us, and they come when you want them. They provide good service.”

Lee Watson, Joe Kerr Limited, Wingham, ON Sep/17

“Everybody I have dealt with at ELRUS has been wonderful. ELRUS is a really great company.”

David F, Godbey Red-E-Mix Concrete Inc, Brewster, WA Aug/17

“George from ELRUS came out to commission the conveyor, and he was on time. He was very knowledgeable.”

Brian M, McNabb Construction Ltd, Forestburg, AB Aug/17

“We bought a used machine from ELRUS. I can’t complain, everything went well. Thor and Kevin both came out to help set it up. We got it up and running no problem. ELRUS has an excellent machine.”

Gilbert H, Germanic Mfg. Ltd, Rathwell, MB Aug/17

“Adam from ELRUS came out to do the service. He looked at everything and made sure it was all in good shape. What they did with this repair is they got us out of a bind.”

Warren D, Steep Rock Ltd, Medicine Hat, AB Aug/17

“So far we are satisfied with the overall purchase experience, as long as they help us out with the parts. Everything is working fine now.”

Andy, Ray – Ann Transport Ltd, Powerview-Pine Falls, MB Jul/17

“I would give a 9 out of 10 rating on the quality of equipment offered by ELRUS. Their staff have been very helpful. ELRUS control towers are leading the industry. The fit and finish of the final product is ahead of everybody else. They make it pretty. Not just the control panel, the interiors. The floor isn’t just plywood. It isn’t dark inside, it’s bright. It’s quite nice.”

Hugh H, Cee-Jay Projects Ltd, Kelowna, BC Jul/17

“ELRUS has the most parts that I need in stock, and they will find it if they don’t have it. James gets me what I need, and he goes the extra mile to make sure I get what I need quickly.”

Allan S, Russell Redi Mix Concrete, Russell, MB Jul/17

“This was a superb service experience: the ELRUS staff, the process, the quality of their work and their professionalism. They were efficient with time. I will definitely have ELRUS do our service again. I was so happy, that I wrote the manager at Cambridge a letter and told him how happy we were with this job.”

Bill C, JR Caza & Frere Inc, Saint-Anicet, QC Jul/17

“I have had really good experience with ELRUS. They are price checking on something for me right now. I called this morning. ELRUS provides great service so they need to know they are doing a great job.”

Chris O, Lafarge Canada Inc, CW, Edmonton, AB Jul/17

“Thor and I discussed the problem over the phone, he figured out what the problem was and when he came out he had what he needed. He discussed some things with the tower operator and with some other guys to help them understand the equipment and he did provide some good information.”

Dick D, Maple Leaf Construction Ltd, West St Paul, MB Jul/17

“My experience with ELRUS has been good. They have a good stock of parts which is getting harder and harder these days. Also, we have ELRUS equipment and we are quite happy with it. It is well built.”

Clare C, C.R. Chittick Ltd, Ilderton, ON Jun/17

“Absolutely the quality of service with ELRUS is valuable.”

Shawn R, Interoute Construction Ltd, East Kootenay, BC Jun/17

“We’ve always used ELRUS. They are close to us, and they have good equipment and parts.”

Jack V, County of St. Paul No. 19, St. Paul, AB Jun/17

“Everything about ELRUS is a 5/5. I knew Roland, the founding owner way back, and I have always had good products and good work from ELRUS. I can’t say enough good things about ELRUS and it’s been that way for many years.”

Bill W, Weir’s Construction Limited, St. John’s NL Jun/17

“I chose ELRUS because it is a well known name in the industry. I know other guys in the industry with ELRUS, and my dad bought a plant from ELRUS in 1999. Also, I find ELRUS’ pricing is very competitive and it is a Canadian product.”

Joey W, Werbicki Bros. Hauling Ltd, The Pas, MB Jun/17

“Because of the work ELRUS had done to this cone, George came out. He comes out to make sure the safeties are operational. We have been so loyal to ELRUS, we have nothing to compare it to.”

Terry M, Lawrence Meier Trucking Ltd, Dunmore, AB May/17

“ELRUS is easy to deal with, and they are dependable. They never leave you hanging. They always get back to you right away, when they said they would. What I value the most from ELRUS is the ease of dealing with them. There are never any issues. It’s the quality of their people. They have really good staff.”

Daryl Finney, Dexter Construction Co Ltd, Bedford, NS May/17

“ELRUS does good work, they are very instructional. They teach the guys while they are doing the repairs, and make it almost like a training session for my guys, especially George. If I have new staff, I ask for George because he goes into detail on why things are done a certain way, what the safety issues are, all the details. He is really great that way.”

Colin O, Burnco Rock Products Ltd, Edmonton, AB May/17

“We have had a long term relationship with ELRUS and their people. They have great people there – Greg F, Marshall, Brent and the shop staff. Everyone is very knowledgeable. Also for us it is the fact that the equipment is built in Calgary so we have close proximity to the manufacturer. I can get parts on the weekend. This is really important when we are in dire need.”       ”

Terry M, Lawrence Meier Trucking Ltd, Dunmore, AB May/17

“I think the ELRUS product is good, and my interactions with Mike have been good so far.”

Jon F, Island Crushing Co, Saanichton, BC Apr/17

“We like how the ELRUS equipment works and how it is going to help us do our work. It’s really more about the value for the dollar and how the equipment improves our productivity. The support ELRUS provides is very good support. I’m very happy with ELRUS.”

Brent M, Canada Building Materials, St. Mary’s, ON Apr/17

“ELRUS treats us well, they are loyal to us and we’re loyal to them.”

Grant M, K. McIntosh and Sons, Outlook, SK Apr/17

“I would recommend ELRUS because they have good service, parts and equipment. Their people are great to deal with as well. They provide timely repairs.”

Dan M, Interpaving Asphalt and Aggregate, Garson, ON Apr/17

“We have been dealing with ELRUS for a while and have confidence in them. We think ELRUS is on the high end for quality, and also service means a lot. If you have questions, they have lots of knowledge. They let us rent a jaw while we were waiting to get paid on a government contract where you don’t get paid until the end. They gave us 2 months with no interest and the rent went towards the purchase. That is huge for us.”

Grant M, K. McIntosh and Sons, Outlook, SK Apr/17

“Mark T with ELRUS was very helpful when I bought a piece of equipment, it wasn’t even ELRUS equipment. I have phoned him in the past on other things and he has helped me. In fact, one of the reasons I bought ELRUS equipment was because of him. I have been very satisfied with ELRUS, and Mark, who was so helpful when I phoned. It’s really the customer service.”

Kent N, Valley Rock Construction, Birtle, MB Mar/17

“I am happy with the equipment from ELRUS. We have never had any problems with the first conveyor, and don’t expect any problems with the new one. We are definitely saving on fuel consumption, machine costs, and rock truck drivers.”

Sven L, Fraser Valley Aggregates, Surrey, BC Mar/17

“I am satisfied with their service. I would definitely go back to ELRUS for future equipment.”

William B, Budget Environmental Disposal, Hamilton, ON Mar/17

“Spenser and Jared at ELRUS are so good, they have a lot of respect in the industry here. They aren’t arrogant or pushy. Spenser is a gem for that company. As long as he is there, ELRUS will do well. Jared and Spenser are the first two people I call whenever I have any crushing problems.”

Shawn W, G.W. Construction Ltd, Buchanan, SK Mar/17

“ELRUS did a nice job and they were less expensive than the competitor, in fact, exactly half the price. I have to get a couple of quotes usually, so they were reasonably priced. We couldn’t buy a frame ring from their competition, so ELRUS made one for us. ELRUS re-bored a piece for us, and built a frame ring for us. We do a lot of work with ELRUS now. We kind of have odd stuff but their service people know how to deal with our equipment. ELRUS is closer to us too, so we deal with ELRUS.”

Gary G, Aecon Transportation West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/17

“I have to say that when it comes to obsolete motors and components, it would be the same with any supplier, they would have difficulty to find a part. ELRUS is always quick to try to find those odd parts, or fix what we have to get us back up and running again.”

Frank S, City of Calgary, AB Mar/17

“ELRUS is prompt. You don’t have to wait. James is there all the time, he is there for me. ELRUS is fast with their parts. It’s a really good company, and their other staff are good as well.”

Garland S, CPB Equipment, Winnipeg, MB Mar/17

“We’ve been buying ELRUS equipment for a long time. Their people are knowledgeable. My guys know how to fix it. I’ve priced out other equipment, but the sales guys coming over don’t have a clue, whereas ELRUS salespeople have experience and knowledge of the equipment. The other thing I like is that ELRUS equipment fits together.”

John C, Flesherton Concrete, Flesherton, ON Mar/17

“ELRUS is doing something right. I just ordered an unusual part and they said they would have it to me either today or on Monday. So I know that it will for sure be here by Monday if not this afternoon.”

Merritt S, Wheatland Aggregates Ltd, Lafleche, SK Feb/17

“The ELRUS guys are great. I have been dealing with ELRUS for about 10 years and I have never had any problems. Kurt, Kyle, and Greg, they are all great. When I need parts, I call ELRUS.”

Brent M, Canada Building Materials, St Marys, ON Jan/17

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“Terry with ELRUS was on site and he made sure the equipment worked.”

Glenn S, 644735 Ontario Ltd (Snow Bros), Erin, ON Nov/16

“In the customer service and parts end, they are in the high 90s. They do a pretty good job. ELRUS is always our first choice for getting the components. We support them well and they support us.”

Noel, Kode Contracting Ltd, Prince George, BC Nov/16

“We have all ELRUS crushing equipment, and we appreciate their knowledge and parts availability. When the time comes up again when we need help, I will definitely call ELRUS.”

Ed S, Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd, Steinbach, MB Nov/16

“My past experience has me choose ELRUS, and I’ve been around. I know about ELRUS’ equipment compared to other brands.”

Glenn S, 644735 Ontario Ltd (Snow Bros), Erin, ON Nov/16

“I give full credit to Mike at ELRUS. He came out to do a routine inspection, spent about 2 hours, and helped a lot to set up the service. The site service went well and previously, we’ve had good service too.”

Neil G, Hub City Paving Ltd, Nanaimo, BC Oct/16

“ELRUS came out after we had set it up to make sure everything was okay. It was up and running but yes, they wanted to make sure that it was working to our satisfaction.”

Adam T, The Sarjeant Co. LTD, Barrie, ON Oct/16

“All our equipment is ELRUS, and it is top quality.”

Dan P, Calgary Aggregate Recycling, Calgary, AB Oct/16

“The service at ELRUS is great. The parts are there, and if they don’t have them, they can get them quickly. I have never had a minute’s problems with the guys in Saskatoon or in Calgary. They even come out on weekends. One time I had a computer go down. I took it to Calgary on a Saturday and they fixed it for me.”

Morley L, Swayze Concrete Ltd, Weyburn, SK Oct/16

“Terry with ELRUS goes above and beyond. I don’t ever have to call him back, he calls me. He made sure the whole order went smoothly from start to finish. ELRUS is my number one supplier for parts.”

Richard G, Tli Cho Landtran Transport Ltd, Yellowknife, NT Oct/16

“Usually we have parts from ELRUS the next day. Sometimes they are flown to us overnight. This past summer was the first time in 20 years that we were sent the wrong part, a cone, and they got the right one to us the next day.”

Russ Y, Pine River Holdings Ltd, Chetwynd, BC Sep/16

“I think very highly of all the guys at ELRUS in Saskatoon. They do their job 100%. It is the service that has won us over. Also we know from working with ELRUS equipment that it is better quality.”

Grant M, K.McIntosh and Sons, Outlook, SK Sep/16

“We’ve had excellent service from ELRUS. Garrett was really great at identifying potential deficiencies. We took the whole cone apart and they went through the entire machine part by part.”

TJ, Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC Sep/16

“Mike with ELRUS has been terrific. It’s great to have a sales guy who knows the equipment because he used to be an excellent service tech, and has ripped this equipment apart himself. I can send Mike or Garrett a text message and they respond right away with suggestions for what to look for, or what to check. You don’t find that with other companies. Other service people keep their cards to their chest, but ELRUS is different. They are helpful in every way they can, and share their excellent knowledge with us.”

TJ, Pitt River Quarries, Pitt Meadows, BC Sep/16

“We talked to some other guys in the industry about the Telestacker and what we heard is that there are other machines out there but that the ELRUS one is built better. So references suggested we buy this one.”

Brody, Grimshaw Gravel Sales, Grimshaw, AB Sep/16

“Brent at ELRUS came out a month after the purchase to see if everything was running okay. We haven’t had any issues with the equipment”.”

Paul S, West Central Contracting Ltd, Hinton, AB Aug/16

“Within the scope of what we ask from them, ELRUS exceeds expectations. They have good parts. ELRUS gives exceptional service and has quality equipment. They are a professional company.”

Shane, Allen Rock Products, Cove, Utah Aug/16

“ELRUS goes above and beyond with their service. We’ve had repairs done by other companies, and they are just “Fix and Go” guys. When they’re done, they leave right away. Thor is not afraid to spend that extra time, even an hour or so to make sure that everything is working right.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Aug/16

“A few years ago, our equipment was under review. It was 10-12 years old, and we starting to have high service costs. We decided to look at ELRUS and also a few competitors. When you are considering a major purchase, you want to have all the options on the table. There’s a lot of good equipment out there. We listed the pros and cons, but what it came down to in the end for us was the service. We have been so pleased with ELRUS’ field service, and that was what made the decision for us. It’s a significant factor.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Aug/16

“ELRUS is a bang up company. Kris is always really good to deal with. Their parts are very well made. In fact, the parts and equipment that ELRUS makes are above and beyond what I have seen from other companies.”

Leon S, Westlake Paving & Agg. Ltd, Kelowna, BC Jul/16

“I like the ELRUS guys, they are very good. This was a new product line for them and they have tried to learn it and understand it. Based on other suppliers we use, they are top notch.”

Bill C, Agassiz Drilling 2000 Ltd, Rosser, MB Jul/16

“We’ve had to make a few calls to ELRUS and we’ve gotten answers back right away. We can see the “feedback” in the equipment. Everything we have done to the equipment, everything that is there, is there for a reason to make life easier for the operators.”

Larry W, Westcan Bulk Transport Ltd, Edmonton, AB Jul/16

“Jared was great. He is very helpful. Jared helped with set up issues too – whatever we needed, he made sure we had it. We were bit of a different case for ELRUS because we are a feed lot so we were using the conveyor for feed, not for aggregate. So a few things had to be adapted, and we are still figuring out a few things. ELRUS has been great.”

Matt M, Buffalo Plains Cattle Company, Moose Jaw, SK Jul/16

“ELRUS is the best. Kevin even brought Mark out with him. Mark is the sales guy at ELRUS and he wanted to see the service so he could understand more about what he is selling. Kevin was great – fast as ever.”

Derrick G, Zenith Paving Ltd, Brandon, MB Jul/16

“In fact, I just had a problem a couple of days ago with the gyro, and I called Garrett and he knew exactly what the problem was right away. He knew which parts I needed and we didn’t lose much time at all. We’re only 15 minutes away from ELRUS.”

Jason, Fraser Valley Aggregates (2014) Ltd, Surrey, BC Jul/16

“ELRUS’ manufacturing and their engineering is really good. I can get something changed on a piece of equipment before it is delivered, or they can change it for me when the equipment arrives. With other equipment, I compare it to a box store. You know if something breaks, you need to buy a new one or get a better one. With ELRUS equipment, it is built to last. We bought an ELRUS one in 2012. It still looks brand new.  The ELRUS one is going to last.”

Demetrius T, Geransky Brothers Construction, Martensville, SK Jul/16

“Jared was very good as he helped me measure out the screen deck and he gave me some advice. I just bought a double deck and was in a rush to get it. What I would like to see is more room between the decks, so it is easier to change the screens. Jared suggested that we do that but I wanted the unit built in 6 weeks. We were in a rush. I was happy that ELRUS could built it in that time.”

Trent S, Silver Eagle Excavation, Biggar, SK Jun/16

“Overall, I am very satisfied with ELRUS’ field service staff. I found it valuable to have Brent come out to do the training and work directly with the foreman and crew. I really appreciate the benefit of the knowledge that Brent has and the training time in April was almost like a training class. It was important that Brent was there to talk to all our guys.”

Dale F, BBE Hydro Constructors LP, MB Jun/16

“ELRUS does a great job. Their people follow up with us, and they are always very helpful when we ask questions or have problems.”

Debbie B, Bowman Construction, International Falls, MN Jun/16

“We know ELRUS and have had good experiences with them.”

Lyle W, Venture Construction Inc, Martensville, SK May/16

“I have a good connection with Mike at ELRUS. He is a great guy who started from the ground up as a mechanic and so he understands how the equipment works. ELRUS’ Competitors have Salespeople who have maybe sold cars in the past whereas, Mike at ELRUS is young, eager and he is experienced.”

Rick K, Kode Contracting Ltd, Prince George, BC May/16

“They are very good at bringing parts in a timely manner. Anything that I have received, they have done a good job on. The parts they don’t have are ‘one off’ that I wouldn’t expect them to inventory – it is too hard and random. They are fast at bringing in those parts when we need them and that is all I can expect. I would say they are very accommodating.”

Mike B, Tri-City Materials, Petersburg, ON May/16

“I have been dealing with ELRUS for 20 years. As soon as I call, they will get a Service Tech available. ELRUS really has a lot of really good knowledgeable guys, both in Service and in Parts. They are easy to deal with and they will help you find what I need.”

George S, Fish Creek Excavating Ltd, Calgary, AB May/16

“It is the first time have dealt on this with ELRUS’ people. They were easy to approach and easy to talk to.”

Clarence M, Community Government of Wekweeti, NT Apr/16

“We have never gotten a wrong part yet. We have never made a return with ELRUS. I am very impressed with their service overall.”

Carl W, Brockman Enterprises, Humboldt, SK Apr/16

“ELRUS knows what they are talking about and they figure things out. I also like Travis their mechanic. He is very good with the equipment – he treats our equipment like it is his own. They are good to deal with.”

Sylvain, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB Apr/16

“Thor with ELRUS always does arrive on schedule. If he says he will be on site by 6:00 am, that is when he will be here. If an issue comes up, he will let me know. If you ask Thor a question about a crusher, he will answer it. He knows what he is talking about.”

Dick D, Mulder Construction & Materials Ltd, West St Paul, MB Apr/16

“ELRUS is always checking in with me making sure the equipment is running. You couldn’t ask for better people.”

Morley L, Swayze Concrete Ltd, Weyburn, SK Apr/16

“Travis with ELRUS came to teach us how to use the feeder. He showed us how to run it and that was part of the deal. Once we purchased it, we had them ship us extra parts with the unit as well. He did an excellent job.”

Clarence M, Community Government of Wekweeti, NT Apr/16

“There are cheap products, middle of the road products and better products. If you need a belt scraper, ELRUS will sell you a good one, the right one. The other thing we like about ELRUS is it is built and designed in Canada for our conditions.”

Jeff Y, Armstrong Construction Ltd, Fraserwood, MB Mar/16

“We had really good luck with the last plant we got from ELRUS. They gave us really good product support.”

Lee W, Joe Kerr Limited, Wingham, ON Mar/16

“George, from ELRUS, myself and a few of my men did the job. It was almost like a Training Course – it was very helpful for us.”

Colin O, Burnco Rock Products Ltd, Edmonton, AB Mar/16

“Lloyd at ELRUS knows our equipment and what we will need.”

Leonard H, Lawrence Meier Trucking, Dunmore, AB Feb/16

“I can say that we purchased good equipment from ELRUS. We wanted quality equipment and that is what we got.”

Romeo T, City of Calgary, Feb/16

“There is no one better than ELRUS. I have dealt with many suppliers over the past 35 years and there is no one better.”

Leonard H, Lawrence Meier Trucking, Dunmore, AB Feb/16

“ELRUS was able to tell me things that I did not know. Thor had the diagnostic tools we needed to show us what was happening. He almost has a mobile machine shop with him and he could tell me what was worn and what was not worn out. I could adjust my operations based on his advice. Thor told us exactly what we needed to do – it was helpful.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“I can give ELRUS the dimensions and they can quickly help me find what I need. They have the knowledge to address a retrofit or deal with other manufacturers.”

Harlan M, Mill Creek Sand & Gravel, Redwater AB Feb/16

“ELRUS is very good. The service is a primary reason we stick with ELRUS. We are actually just commissioning a new 550 cone right now.”

Ron F, Sigfusson Northern, Lundar, MB Feb/16

“ELRUS was able to tell me things that I did not know. Thor had the diagnostic tools we needed to show us what was happening. He almost has a mobile machine shop with him and he could tell me what was worn and what was not worn out. I could adjust my operations based on his advice. Thor told us exactly what we needed to do – it was helpful.”

Bernt Gilbertson Enterprises, Richard Landing, ON Feb/16

“I can give ELRUS the dimensions and they can quickly help me find what I need. They have the knowledge to address a retrofit or deal with other manufacturers.”

Harlan M, Mill Creek Sand & Gravel, Redwater AB Feb/16

“For us, the cost and service is the most important – it is the bottom line. Their service is good and we purchase from ELRUS because of their prices.  I will give ELRUS 6 out of 5 for shipping. It is really convenient to have Kurt deliver parts when he is able to. We are 1.75 hours from town, so if we need parts at 3:00, we will not get them until the next day. If Kurt can bring them, then we are operational by the next morning. In this business, you only get so many days so having ELRUS delivery parts increases our uptime.”

Melissa B, Farrish Crushing Inc, Listowel, ON Jan/16

“I think ELRUS has pretty much everything we need. We often put them on the spot as well. The main thing for me is that James M seems to get things to us. He is usually here once a week. He will often delivers parts to us or meets us halfway – it has worked and continues to work really well.”

Allan S, Russell Redi Mix Concrete, Russell, MB Jan/16

“Thor at ELRUS is very knowledgeable. He knows what he is doing on the job, there is no doubt about that. We have had other companies come and it takes several people from other companies to do what Thor can do by himself. He also has a good level of knowledge.”

B Derksen, Derksen Trucking Ltd, Altona, MB Jan/16

“For us, the cost and service is the most important – it is the bottom line. Their service is good and we purchase from ELRUS because of their prices. It is really convenient to have Kurt deliver parts when he is able to. I will give ELRUS 6 out of 5 for shipping. Kurt will personally deliver parts when he is coming home from work. We are 1.75 hours from town, so if we need parts at 3:00, we will not get them until the next day. If Kurt can bring them, then we are operational by the next morning. In this business, you only get so many days so having ELRUS delivery parts increases our uptime.””

Melissa B, Farrish Crushing Inc, Listowel, ON Jan/16

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“If I owned my own company I would only buy ELRUS equipment. I have worked with other gear, but it is not as good as ELRUS.”

Lenny G, Lafarge Canada Inc, Ft. McMurray, AB Nov/15

“Steve at ELRUS is a great guy. He was calling me at least every other day to see how things were going. It is the Service that sells this equipment. ELRUS is doing a good job of service. Their communication has been good.”

Danny K, Oldcastle Materials, Grand Junction, CO Sep/15

“Steve has done a pretty darn good job of representing ELRUS to us.”

Mike S, Front Range Aggregates, Castle Rock, CO Sep/15

“We are very satisfied with our purchase experience from ELRUS.”

Cory P, Burnco Rock Products Ltd, Edmonton, AB Aug/15

“I give ELRUS a score of 100%. I have no complaints with ELRUS. They are good on parts and equipment. We have had a very positive experience with them.”

Nick O, Nova Construction Ltd, Antigonish, NS Aug/15

“ELRUS is not scared to share their ideas – everything is a learning game. They will listen and hear their customers. It is important that ELRUS listens as things change and equipment use requirements change with time. From my perspective, ELRUS is listening.”

Art M, Pidherney’s Inc, Rocky Mountain House, AB July/15

“We have a great relationship with ELRUS and we have had great service from them.”

Les S, Kahkewistahaw Sand & Gravel, Broadview, SK July/15

“I think that if I was to repurchase equipment, I would purchase it from ELRUS because of Marc’s assistance. He really assisted us in purchasing a bigger crusher and then adjusting other things to fit into the budget. He helped us a lot.”

J Hynes, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, NL June/15

“If I have problems, I call ELRUS staff for advice. We send them pictures and they help us fix things up. I bought some used Sandvik equipment that they helped me with. If I was buying a new plant, I would buy all ELRUS equipment. I am happy that they will modify things to fit my requirements. I am very happy with their performance.”

C Barsi, Barsi Enterprises Ltd, Mayerthorpe, AB May/15

“ELRUS has quality service and can provide a lot of support. They have people who know what they are talking about and they are very friendly.” D Philip, Calgary Aggregate Recycling,”

Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I have dealt with a lot of other companies and can compare the service experience with them. ELRUS is the best. I can phone and ask the ELRUS staff about problems that I have with my Cedarapids equipment and they will help. Not too many companies will do that.” T Bailey, Lafarge Canada Inc-TBG EDM,”

Edmonton, AB Mar/15

“We have never had a mistake with ELRUS. We get exactly what we ask for.” G Geroge, Aecon Transportation”

West Ltd, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“We did have one little hiccup with our equipment and encountered a problem within 4 hours of start up. We had to tear it apart again and ELRUS’ Service Tech called the shop and clarified what was needed and then instructed them to “get in the truck and start driving it to us.” ELRUS got it going quickly, so I am pleased.” A Seckowski, Selkirk Paving, Crescent”

Valley, BC Feb/15

“Yes, I would score ELRUS Aggregates between 98 to 100%. They have a ton of knowledge and they do good work. I would take our equipment back in a heartbeat.” C Chalmers, Mixcor Aggregates Inc.”

Leduc, AB Feb/15

“ELRUS’ Service Tech helped me get it going before the end of the day. It turned out well.” B Wenckowski, Inland”

Aggregates (Edmonton), AB Feb/15

“We had a minor setback but the way ELRUS handled it was good. When we got the serviced equipment back, it didn’t work properly. People make mistakes and I understand that but ELRUS corrected the error.” D Hanson, Smook Contractors,”

Thompson, MB Jan/15

“I am quite happy with that Field Service from ELRUS Aggregates. I know that they do everything they can and overall, we feel looked after.” D Coderre, W.H.Coderre & Sons,”

Stoughton, SK Jan/15

“I am happy with ELRUS Aggregates. I wouldn’t be in this business if it wasn’t for them. They have treated me well.” A Laurin, Ruel Concrete,”

Peace River, AB Jan/15

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“Historically we have had a very good relationship with ELRUS Aggregates. Most of our equipment is sourced from them and they do most of our service.”
R Mantha, Harold Sutherland

Construction, Kemble, ON Dec/14

“Yeah, he was competent to create a solution. We had already diagnosed the issue. Certainly in most events, diagnosis is critical but it wasn’t in this case.”
E Lamb, Waterford Crushing,

Brantford, ON Dec/14

“They are a good bunch of guys at ELRUS Aggregates. We get along really well.”
K Fhur, ASL Paving,

Saskatoon, SK Dec/14

“It’s the service I get from ELRUS Aggregates. Their service and equipment costs a bit more money but you get what you pay for.”
D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,

Brandon, MB Dec/14

“ELRUS were actually able to take our equipment and do the servcie work faster than our OEM supplier could.”
J Lamont, Lafarge,

Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The ELRUS Service Techs are very knowledgeable and easy to get along with.”
L Jensen, Claude Resources,

Seabee, SK Oct/14

“With the ELRUS Branch opening in Saskatoon, we have directed most of our ordering out of Saskatoon. There were minor glitches at first but it works good now. Now 100% of our orders come through Saskatoon and the parts side is working really well.”
G Jones, Snake Lake Construction,

Cigar Lake, SK Oct/14

“On that particular job, we were mostly concentrated on the bearings. They will always talk to us quite a bit and identify other possible issues.”
M Thibuilt, Alvin Caldwell S&G,

New Liskeard, ON Sep/14

“I would score ELRUS in the mid 90’s. They have never wronged us. Whenever I have needed service or parts, it is never a problem.”
S Bowden, C.R. Chittick Ltd,

Ilderton, ON Aug/14

“ELRUS Aggregates did a good job for me. There was a glitch but glitches happen. ELRUS responded and got it taken care of.”
P Pals, Filipenko Brothers,

Castor, AB Jul/14

“ELRUS did a good job and identified some additional glitches, so we ended up taking it into their shop. It was smooth.”
Aggregate Producer, Winnipeg,

MB Jul/14

“ELRUS looks after me. I have only really dealt with Cambridge but the staff there are really good. They are friendly, helpful and if called upon will help us out. ELRUS has been able to develop into a company with a ‘get you rolling again’ attitude. They have a good understanding of the business – ‘production is everything’.”
C Burill, Lafarge Canada,

Glouchester, ON Apr/14

“Yes, a 100% score for ELRUS Aggregates is pretty accurate in my experience.”
S Flasha, Paul Flasha Contracting,

Whitecourt, AB Mar/14

“94% sounds about right, I would definitely recommend them.”
B Jones, Lafarge Canada,

Cambridge, ON Mar/14

“The ELRUS staff came to site not realizing I needed help. But it was perfect as they were willing to fix what I needed right away. Can’t ask for much better than that.”
G Willson, Custom Loading,

Burnaby, BC Mar/14

“So what is the value of a courtesy call from the ELRUS ‘ Service Techs? You realize that they are really looking to service their customers.”
J Danford, Danford Construction,

Madoc, ON Jan/14

“Yes, I have nothing negative to day. ELRUS Aggregates provides good service and that is what we want.”
R Smith, Alberta Aggregates,

Brooks, AB Feb/14

“Yes, for what I need, ELRUS Aggregates does really well.”
J Dagley, Associated Aggregates,

Falun, AB Feb/14

“I have been at ELRUS crushing school both in Cambridge and Calgary, they treat us really well … they always take care of us.”
J Hebert, Custom Concrete,

Timmons, ON Feb/14

“I talk highly about ELRUS Aggregates to everyone. They do good work and build good equipment.”
D Gilbert, Zenith Paving,

Brandon, MB Feb/14

“So what is the value of a courtesy call from the ELRUS’ Service Techs? You realize that they are really looking to service their customers.”
J Danford, Danford Construction,

Madoc, ON Jan/14

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“They have been a huge help to us. At times, we have needed parts last minute. ELRUS has run them out to us and that saved us down time.”

B Kelly, Summit S&G, Abbotsford, BC Dec/13

“Yeah, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Spenser or Jared back again.”

R McIntosh, McIntosh Crushing, Montmartre, SK, Dec/13

“… having ELRUS on site was great.”

G Seabloom, Hub City, Nanaimo, BC Dec/13

“ELRUS Service staff are good and very professional.”

Leon, Westlake Paving, Kelowna, BC Jul/13

“I have no problems saying that ELRUS Aggregates is 100% with Site Service.”

P Holub, Lafarge Canada, Red Deer, AB Jul/13

“The best thing about ELRUS is they get me up and running.”

A Laurin, Ruel Concrete, Peace River, AB. Feb/13

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“ELRUS Aggregates is a great company and I am happy to be affiliated with them. I have been dealing with them fpr 10 years, they are excellent. I have been to their Cone crusher courses in Calgary and sent my staff go to the Cambridge schools.”

W Randall, Dufferin Aggregates, Millcreek, ON Nov/12

“ELRUS Aggregates are pretty good and I will say hats off to Courtney – she is knowledgeable, a sharp lady with a good memory. She is good at her job.”

L Gilles, Baymag Inc, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“It is really good. Doesn’t matter who you phone or when you phone, someone at ELRUS Aggregates will follow-up and get back to you.”

C Miller, Lafarge Canada, Saskatoon, SK, Oct/12

“I am extremely happy with the ELRUS Aggregate equipment. It doesn’t break a whole bunch. We have tried other products and it doesn’t hold up. ELRUS is the best equipment you can buy. Everything is a bit heavier, built a bit tougher, it is built right the first time. It is a good experience working with ELRUS equipment.”

Woody, Diamond Ready Mix, Steinbach, MB Sep/12

“ELRUS doesn’t leave until my equipment is running, so that makes me happy.”

B Dick, Brett’s Gravel & Crushing, Ponoka, AB Jul/12

“I have no problems with ELRUS Aggregates. We have never had a problem and they always do a pretty good job … no complaints … I have been working with them for 30 years.”

Garry, Lafarge, Edmonton, AB Jun/12

“ELRUS Aggregate Systems are the 7/11 of the crushing industry, as far as I am concerned. When it comes to parts they have everything I need. If they don’t, they will get it in within a day or two. I am really impressed with their service.It is the convenience – I can get everything I need.”

Tyler, Burnco Rock Products, Edmonton, AB Jun/12

“Yes, everything ELRUS does is 100%. ELRUS Aggregates has increased my productivity.”

R Kozak, Fred Kozak & Sons, Neepawa, MB Jun/12