McCartneyADR Inc. Client Feedback and Results

Here is what McCartney ADR’s clients are saying about Jim McCartney and the mediation service he provides. All feedback is gathered by Client Insight Inc., a third party research firm that interviews clients with the intent to measure results (client satisfaction), identify improvement opportunities and gather affirmative quotes, narratives and stories.

What do you value the most from your experience with Jim McCartney of McCartneyADR?

“Jim’s ability to adapt to the personalities and dynamics involved. He can read and understand people … as a Mediator, Jim McCartney knows when to step in and when to back off.”
Senior Adjuster Jun/11 Edmonton, AB.

“Jim McCartney brings a combination of competence and people skills to Mediation. By people skills I mean that: Jim can have a meaningful conversation with anyone … it doesn’t matter title or rank; Jim can put anyone at ease.”
Plaintiff Counsel Sep/11 Calgary, AB.

“I value Jim McCartney’s perspective. I have the sense that just as he is able to express his perspective to me and my client, he is able to do the same with the other side. That perspective helps to move towards a reasonable settlement.”
Plaintiff Counsel, Sep/11 Calgary, AB.

“He is tenacious and he speaks plainly. When asked he brings another point of view – it is helpful.”
Plaintiff Counsel, Aug/11 Calgary, AB.

“His preparation and persistence.”
Plaintiff Counsel, May/11 Calgary, AB.

McCartney ADR Result
  • I will use Jim McCartney’s mediation services again.
  • I will recommmend Jim McCartney to colleagues & acquaintances.
  • I am satisfied that Jim McCartney’s is a skilled & effective Mediator.
  • I am satisfied with the process used for mediation.
  • Our dispute was resolved as a result of the Mediation.
  • I feel that the Mediation provided good value for the money.

What are some of the mediation skills demonstrated by Jim McCartney?

“I want someone with the appropriate skill set, intelligence and knowledge to deal with lawyers and complex matters. Jim has been involved in litigation, arbitration and mediation, so he has a lot of experience and expertise. He also has been involved in the Oil and Gas sector. That expertise becomes invaluable. Jim is able to reduce things to their simplest form … that really helps a group to resolve a dispute. Besides all that, Jim is a good guy, he is a genuine good person. At times ‘hand holding’ is required and Jim is able to do that very well.”
Defense Counsel, Apr/11, Calgary, AB.

“… empathy and careful impartiality.”
Defense Counsel, May/11 Calgary, AB.

“Jim’s people skills are fantastic. He is very professional. In a caucus, he will help people focus on the right things. He gently prods and suggests without directing. He understands what is important.”
Senior Adjuster, Jun/11 Edmonton, AB.

“Jim McCartney was determined to get a settlement … he definitely worked very hard … he said on a number of occasions that he understood what I was saying, I really appreciated that.”
Defendant, Aug/11 Calgary, AB.

“What Jim McCartney is very good at is expressing to both sides the other side’s point of view in a way that it can be listened to and heard … as Mediator, Jim was able to explain to the insurance company the things they needed to hear in a way that they could understand them. My client was listening to Jim do that and the result was that my client really felt heard. In effect, Jim was saying what my client felt in an articulate and clear manner. Jim McCartney can do that for both sides. The effect is that the non-lawyers in the room feel that mediation is worthwhile.”
Plaintiff Counsel, Sep/11 Calgary, AB.

“Jim McCartney has a good presence to him … he conveys an understanding and confidence of the subject matter … his opinions carry weight … that is useful as it provides the client with the comfort of a second opinion. Out of all the JDRs and private mediations I have done – Jim is one of my top two choices.”
Plaintiff Counsel, Sep/11 Calgary, AB.

“As a mediator Jim McCartney is good at bringing the parties together … he rolls up his sleeves and gets involved. I like his style, he is very personable … my clients like him as well. Jim is approachable so people open up to him … Jim is willing to have a conversation … he is willing to facilitate … he is good at maintaining neutrality … Jim pushes the parties, to move forward. He talks to them, he relates to them, but he isn’t pushy in the move towards settlement … he is neutral party. Jim keeps everyone grounded in the mediation … and brings everyone to a point of being ‘reasonable’. People just want to be treated fairly and get a reasonable settlement … that is why I use Jim. I now have two mediators who I will use and Jim is at the top of the list.”
Plaintiff Counsel, Apr/11 Calgary, AB.

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