Pinnacle Group Renovations Customer Reviews

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★★★★★     Lynne H. | SE Calgary, AB | Aug 2019

A couple of years ago, the Pinnacle Group was doing a Reno Open House in our neighborhood of Riverbend, then later we saw one in Bank View. The decision for us was that we could see the work they had done and would do. Seeing it was the selling point for us. We were impressed with their work. What I valued the most was feeling comfortable about having them in my home. A renovation is a huge intrusion and we have a lot of stuff, but I felt comfortable having Pinnacle and their staff/trades in our home. I felt secure.

★★★★★     Annette V. | Okotoks, AB | Jul 2019

I was looking for renovators who would guarantee a ‘move in’ date, a solid budget and had a penalty if they didn’t finish on time. I decided to go forward with Pinnacle as they had a warranty and I could see some of their projects in progress. I would recommend Pinnacle Group to anyone. They finished on time, they had a budget guarantee, and they will come back and fix things if there are issues in the future.

★★★★☆     Jon W. | NW Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

I would tell people to definitely consider Pinnacle Group and get a quote as they do great work and you have a higher degree of certainty as to what you will get. If there was anyone on the Pinnacle Team who was awesome, it was Brennan. He was responsive, courteous, a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable about renovations and project management, he is patient and explained things really well. My rational for the 4 is that we are very happy with the results but initially, Pinnacle’s process was not clearly explained to us.

★★★★★     Tim T. | NW Calgary, AB | Jun 2019

We were thinking about moving but decided to renovate based on early interaction with Pinnacle Group. We are happy we did and are happy with the result. I think that they know what they are doing. They try their best to stick to a budget and timeline. Pinnacle is also flexible and accommodating, and we appreciated that.

★★★★★     Robin B. | NW Calgary, AB | May 2019

We would recommend Pinnacle Group because of their quality of work and the trades they brought to our site. They are polite, careful, tidy and lovely people to work with. They were also timely in starting and completing the work. I value our finished product. We now have a beautiful home and it is exactly what we wanted.

★★★☆☆     Pinnacle Customer | SW Calgary, AB | Apr 2019



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★★★★★     Linda E. | Woodbine | Calgary, AB | Dec 2018

The end product of our project is just absolutely fantastic. We went to Pinnacle because we had confidence that it would all be done well. That confidence and understanding that things will be taken care of was foundational to our decision. We knew that if any issues came up, they would be taken care of.

★★★★☆     Pinnacle Customer | SE Calgary, AB | Dec 2018

The Pinnacle Group’s Site Supervisor, Brennan provided a lot of value during our project. The overall design was good, and my wife was quite involved in that.

★★★★★     Krista L. | Bankview | Calgary, AB | Nov 2018

The fact that they were on budget and on time, is really huge for me. The Pinnacle Group does what they say they are going to do and the quality of their work is really fantastic. We have another phase to do, but that is next year.

★★★★☆     Evan B. | Glamorgan | Calgary, AB | Oct 2018

I will tell people that we had issues that were not Pinnacle’s fault, but they have been absolutely reliable in getting them fixed. Not everyone has a Contractor that makes it right. For me that is a big deal. Our project is now done, and the Pinnacle Group has met our expectations.

★★★★★     Joanne R. | Oakridge | Calgary, AB | Sep 2018

I would recommend the Pinnacle Group based on their people, their work ethic and their value to make sure that their clients are happy. If there was something that wasn’t right along the way, Pinnacle addressed it and made it right. It was clearly important to them.

★★★★☆     Madan S. | Edgemont | Calgary, AB | Aug 2018

I feel that the Pinnacle Group inspire confidence. They present themselves as a cohesive and friendly team. They are friendly and enjoyable to work with. They have a high standard for their quality of work and they do not cut corners.

★★★★★     Glenda L. | Riverbend | Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

We would recommend the Pinnacle Group for several reasons: The way the project began – the insight, the unique ideas from the early design meetings were all things we would not have thought of or considered. They helped us create dreams and a vision – that was very helpful. The final result is just stellar. Our renovated home is beautiful and the bookends are so solid. By that I mean, our project started well and finished well – it was on time and on budget. We have nothing negative to say.

★★★★★     Erik F. | Mt McKenzie Park | Calgary, AB | Jul 2018

We have lived with an undeveloped living space for 20 years but now we have a basement that is functional and open to share with friends and family. It is beautiful as well, so we want to spend time there. The Pinnacle Group opened that space for us and we are really pleased. Paul has shared his interest and passion for making accessibility open to people. They already have a lot of knowledge in that area and so I am sure their knowledge will just continue to increase.

★★★★★     Taryn P. | Edgemont | Calgary, AB | Jun 2018

Paul was always enthusiastic and professional when we talked to him. It was clear that he wanted our experience as clients to be a good one. I also cannot say enough good things about Brennan. The Pinnacle Group’s staff are efficient and friendly. We now have a beautiful home.

★★★★★     Reg K. | Collingwood | Calgary, AB | May 2018

I liked working with the Pinnacle Group’s staff. They are all excellent people. It was a very good experience – we had lots of good laughs, it was fun. Things came up along the way but it all got worked out. They are a great company to work with. They also worked in a timely fashion.

★★☆☆☆     Pump Hill Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Apr 2018


★★★★★     Woodbine Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Apr 2018

Yes, I am satisfied with PN they did a good job for us.

★★★★★     Mary B. | Hillhurst | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

They really stood behind the philosophy and commitment to their SCC guarantee. The Pinnacle Group were also very concerned about the standard of quality of the product. I never had the feeling they were selling something that I didn’t need. For example, they refinished our wood flooring and fireplace instead of replacing them. They really seemed to care about finishing a high quality project on time and on budget.

★★★★★     Carissa I. | Vista Heights | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

Everyone was professional and the Pinnacle Group finished the project on time. The design aspect at the beginning was good. I needed a fully accessible wheelchair bathroom, so Paul had to take more time to understand all our needs. He was good at that and wanted to make sure my needs were met. It was new for them and also new for me, as I hadn’t designed a space like that before. We worked together and the result turned out.

★★★★★     Stacey K. | Tuscany | Calgary, AB | Mar 2018

I like the fact that Brennan operates as a GC and takes charge of the project and all the trades. It eliminates the stress on me and that is important. This might seem silly but we have two dogs. One of our dogs cannot be rubbed with a person’s legs or feet. When it occurs, the dog gets all stressed out. Brennan did a good job of informing everyone of it. As a result, our dogs were not stressed out. It was great that I could give control over to Brennan so I didn’t have to deal with the stress. That was a big thing for me.

★★★★★     Lee W. | Lake Bonavista | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

Their service was outstanding and they have a strong sense of professionalism. They are approachable and can put up with me. They can take a joke and give it back, so it is good. The Pinnacle Group is open and honest. We got that vibe from Paul right away and we knew we could trust him.

★★★★★     Jennifer G. | Evergreen | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

There were two issues during the Pinnacle Group renovation and in both cases, they said they would resolve it. They said don’t worry, we will fix it and they did. We are really happy with the end result. We knew we could trust them and that they had a better sense for visual than we did. I feel confident recommending Pinnacle as we know that they will deliver a good result.

★★★★★     Kelly M. | Charleswood | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

The final product is what I value the most, our project ended up the way we wanted it. I am an Accountant and so the end result is important. All aspects of Velvet’s interaction were helpful for us. She met with us and listened to my ramblings and brought the whole thing together.

★★★★★     Margarita G. | Evergreen | Calgary, AB | Feb 2018

I have a friend who started a renovation and it was only supposed to take 4 months. After 14 months, she is still waiting for it to be finished but has no idea as to when it will be done. We didn’t have any concerns like that with the Pinnacle Group. They finished on time.

★★★☆☆     Homeowner | Chestermere, AB | Jan 2018


★★★★★     Rik G. | Brentwood | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

I enjoyed the professionalism and expertise that Paul brought to our project. The Pinnacle Group’s team and almost every subcontractor was excellent. Paul stands behind what he says and the transparency in what they are doing is great.

★★★★☆     Glamorgan Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018


★★★★☆     Janet B. | Brentwood | Calgary, AB | Jan 2018

I think it is the workmanship, the finished product is very nice. You hear about projects with major issues and we never experienced any major issues.

★★★★★     Dave H. | Okotoks, AB | Jan 2018

They are very true to their word. Paul came in with a budget that we didn’t initially like but he followed through and delivered on that budget. They knew how much it would cost. They gave us a core set of options (our needs) and also gave us a good number of other options so we could also choose our wants. And we did choose a lot of them. Our house looks great!


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★★★★☆     Kelvin Grove Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Jul 2017

Yes, I would definitely recommend the Pinnacle Group but I would put in some caveats. We had some trouble getting the designs updated. In the end, we are happy that we choose the Pinnacle Group and we are very happy with the end result. Brennan was engaged right from the start and he knew what was going on.

★★★☆☆     Springbank Customer | Calgary, AB | Jul 2017

We are happy with the result but the journey was a disappointment.

★★★★☆     Scarboro Homeowner | Calgary, AB | Jun 2017

The overall look of our house is amazing and the resulting pride we have in it, is great. We also appreciated the way that Paul broke down the costs and quote for the renovation. It was detailed and that helped. We had issues to resolve at the end of the project that was just too long.

★★★☆☆     Homeowner | Priddis, AB | Jun 2017

What I value the most is Pinnacle’s expertise at what they do. Pinnacle Group is really skilled at putting a good design together. The beginning of our project was really good – the planning conversations and the vision was top quality. That led to project satisfaction and so it brings my score up. The implementation wasn’t so good and I am not happy about that but the end result is great.

★★★★★     Angela W. | McKenzie Towne | Calgary, AB | May 2017

We had a few moments on this project but they did a fantastic job. Pinnacle’s trades were excellent. Everyone but the management were awesome. Just as the project was finishing, my neighbor asked if I would recommend them and I told her that I definitely would. I would recommend Pinnacle, because their staff and trades are excellent. The end result turned out really good and we have a lovely bathroom.

★★★★★     Greig S. | Varsity Estates | Calgary, AB | May 2017

It was a really good experience. Paul attracted us with his warmth and his genuine personality. It was clear that he had integrity and we could tell he knew how to run a business. I think it was those qualities that attracted us to them. For me, they are significant values and are important. Working with the Pinnacle Group was an extremely positive experience.

★★★★★     Al S. | Willowpark | Calgary, AB | May 2017

I would recommend Pinnacle because they are trustworthy. They do their work ‘on schedule’ and to the best of their ability.

★★★★★     Joe L. | Oakridge | Calgary, AB | Jan 2017

I value the relationship we had with every one of the Pinnacle staff. Everyone was very personable and it was clear to tell they were on our side. I don’t think I got ‘blow back’ on any issue or complaint that we had.


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★★★★★     Kevin T. | Hillhurst | Calgary, AB | Nov 2016

They have a good timeline. They provide a reasonable amount of communication at the front half of the project. I have limited experience with trades but the Pinnacle Group did it in the time and cost they committed to. That is a good thing.

★★★★★     Phil L. | Lake Bonavista Estates | Calgary, AB | Aug 2016

I have two sets of friends who used the Pinnacle and they were both satisfied with the project and the people involved. I am in the same ball park. My personality and experiences give me too much information and knowledge. I would have no problem recommending them.

★★★★★     Tracey T. | Harvest Hills | Calgary, AB | Jul 2016

I valued the feeling of caring and the sense of family that comes with the Pinnacle Group. Their trades and staff come to see the project at the Turnover date. Paul’s wife even came to site and it just makes it feel like one big family. I valued that sense the most.

★★★★☆     Wendy G. | Glendale | Calgary, AB | Jul 2016

We are satisfied with the end result but it was a frustrating path here. There were a lot of frustrations along the way and when we think about it, it really related to one of their staff members.

★★★★☆     Stacey Z. | Wildwood | Calgary, AB | Jun 2016

I just want to say in closing that that our experience had some bumps but I don’t think it is a typical Pinnacle performance. I think the Pinnacle Group is a fantastic company and experienced a bump in the road. If they can make some process changes then it will improve their process. I don’t think our experience represents their typical renovation project. Thanks for reaching out and being patient in connecting for this interview.

★★★★★     Tina S. | Oakridge | Calgary, AB | May 2016

They were so great to deal with. The Pinnacle Group may not be the cheapest company but I would rather pay a bit more to get the kind of service that they provide. They were timely and everyone in their organization was pleasant. Even when there was an issue, it was pleasant and Pinnacle would take care of things. They listened to our concerns.

★★★★★     Linda M. | Greenview | Calgary, AB | Mar 2016

I had great confidence in Pinnacle. They have high standards and I felt that they understood and considered our individual circumstance. This may sound odd but it felt that Pinnacle was there to take good care of us. What I mean is that they were very considerate of our situation and some of our requirements. That made our whole project work out well.

★★★★☆     Homeowner | Greenwood | Calgary, AB | Mar 2016

This type of feedback process is invaluable for everybody. Pinnacle can only get better with it.

★★★★★     Barbara R. | Airdrie, AB | Jan 2016

The Pinnacle Group has met the start and completion dates every time. Their craftsmanship is so good; their trades and suppliers are so good and when issues arise they address them and take care of them. That is great. For me, it is easy to refer the Pinnacle Group because I trust them and know that any issues will be taken care of.