Customers Like to Give Feedback….What?

A little known secret about your customers is this…..they actually like to give feedback. What?

Yes, when it is for altruistic reasons.

In other words, if they believe there is a genuine desire to listen to what they have to say, negative or positive.

So why is it so hard to obtain customer feedback, you ask?  We can all rhyme off the obvious reasons:

  1. People are too busy.
  2. People regard customer feedback as a ploy to make more sales.
  3. People don’t believe feedback makes any difference.

And so on.

But what if they felt their feedback was truly valuable to your company?

At Client Insight Inc., we have conducted thousands of telephone conversations with customers, and we have asked them this final question: Is it valuable to YOU to be able to provide your feedback?

Remarkably, about 90% of customers say “Yes”, and when asked why, they explain it is because they believe the company can’t improve if it doesn’t know there are issues, and that it should receive credit when credit is due.  When you disregard the truly grumpy or the legitimately angry customers (which are actually a very small percentage of the public…), you will discover that most people are fair-minded and understand that feedback is crucial for their supplier to remain healthy and profitable.

We have also discovered that positive feedback dramatically outweighs negative feedback. Even customers who have a problem, issue or concern often recognize that if it is addressed, they will remain loyal. Sometimes a problem or issue is the catalyst required to build a stronger business relationship.

What is your company missing by believing the myth that customers hate giving feedback?

You might be missing constructive criticism, but most likely, you will be missing a lot of cheers from customer cheerleaders.  And why would you want to miss out on that?

At Client Insight, we hear the cheers.  For more information on hearing cheers for your company, contact us.

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