Customers want CLARITY!

We interviewed a customer last week whose only complaint about their Supplier was that they needed to provide clarity.  We decided to find out how our client could unpack the desire for “clarity” and we discovered 3 things companies could have their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) do to provide more clarity and a more satisfying experience for their customers:

1. Use Layman’s Terms

The customer said: “If you are talking to a brain surgeon and they only give a complex medical explanation, it doesn’t help the patient understand what they are dealing with. In our case, the CSR is quick to point out what she knows and that she has done her job correctly. It doesn’t feel like she is good at explaining things that we will understand with clarity.”

Our suggestion is that CSRs need to translate their industry ‘mumbo jumbo’ into layman’s terms. Train your CSR’s to replace jargon with everyday language.

Some CSR’s regard questions from customers as criticisms, implying they have done something wrong. Insecurity can lead to a defensive tone with a customer, when the customer may simply be trying to understand at a deeper level.

  1.   Give Clear Answers to Questions

Another comment made by the customer was: “I don’t feel that my questions about certain charges and duties are really answered.”

It seemed to us that the customer was frustrated by asking questions and not receiving adequate answers. Our suggestion is that CSR’s be trained to ask a customer, “Have I answered your question?” If the answer is “No,” then the CSR should back up, start over and use a different approach to answer the question.

  1.  Demystify with the WHY

An additional comment made by the customer was: “We want to understand the big picture and how the whole process works. We sell more than 100 products from about 20 suppliers so there is lots to know. So, we need to provide our customers with adequate information so that they can make informed decisions. It is currently really confusing and the information we are getting often contradicts other sources.”

Helping customers understand WHY the process works the way it does goes a long way to demystifying “HOW the whole thing works.”

We believe that customers ask questions for clarity because they genuinely want to understand what their Supplier does, how the industry works and how the rules and regulations apply.  Questions should be met with clear answers which demystify the WHY.

At Client Insight, we work with our clients to develop the questions which will zero in on their customers’ experience. We hope to unearth issues such as lack of clarity and frustrations of having questions left unanswered.  We are interested in helping your company bring clarity to your customers. Give us a call.

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