How Big is Your Iceberg?

Did you know that on average, only 4% of your Dissatisfied Customers will formally complain?  So to put it another way, your current customer complaints are only the tip of your Dissatisfied Customers iceberg.

Where are the rest of them?

In her book Understanding Customers, Ruby Newell-Legner wrote that 94% of dissatisfied customers don’t voice their complaints and 96% of them will walk away and never come back.

That’s a substantial number of unhappy customers that you might not hear from, yet lose. Maybe it’s time to address the major iceberg below the water and not just the tiny one above.

Does your customer feedback program enable you to zero in on what creates a Satisfied Customer? Are you measuring satisfaction versus dissatisfaction and do you have specific questions and tools to probe why up to 96% of your non-complaining customers might not be satisfied? Silence is not “golden” because it does not indicate satisfaction. This is why your customer feedback must include effective questions and actionable data on customer satisfaction.

How easy is it for your customers to provide feedback, including complaints? Does your process include a human connection or is it a cold automated process? People like to be heard and feel heard.

If  you would like to hear more about how a third party could engage dissatisfied customers in a conversation where they would feel free to share their concerns, give us a call. Rebuilding the connection with these customers can convert them into your company’s most loyal customers.

At Client Insight, we tackle icebergs. For more information, contact us.

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