Is there a chip in your Customer Service?

You know how this goes. It starts as a tiny chip in your windshield, not too bothersome. You ignore it. You could have had it filled right away and solved the problem.

But you ignored it.  Big mistake.

Then one morning when the there has been a dramatic change in temperature, you discover that tiny chip has become a massive crack.  Now it will be much more expensive because you will need to replace your entire windshield.

Most companies experience “chips” in their customer service. Somewhere along the customer journey, small problems arise. Sometimes they are addressed; sometimes they are ignored.  Sometimes, no one is aware of them until they become major problems.

Client Insight Inc. has phone conversations with customers to connect and measure the health of relationships. We have discovered many of those “chips” and brought them to the attention of our clients.  Even loyal customers can sometimes say, “If there is one thing they could improve on, it would be this…”  Or they say, “Everything’s great except for one thing, the way they do this…” In one case, we interviewed one customer four times over a 5 year period and he was very happy each time. Then came the fifth interview. Something had gone wrong with the relationship and this formerly happy customer was angry and agitated.  Our client would not have known about this dramatic change if it hadn’t been for our call.

Those are all tiny chips that can expand over time into serious cracks in the relationship which are much more expensive to address. Short five question online customer satisfaction surveys rarely turn up these kinds of small issues that can become big ones. That is why a more in depth conversation with customers is so valuable.  Not only do we ask the right questions; we also have the opportunity to probe an answer for further details and clarification with the customer.  This information is like gold to our clients. Or…it is like filling a tiny chip and preventing it from spreading into a huge crack.

If you are interested in finding and addressing customer “chips”, contact us.  

We specialize in crack prevention.

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