People Won’t Tell You What You’re Doing Wrong

Canadians are famous for being polite people. Perhaps too polite. Rather than ruffle feathers, many people are content to put up with problems, inconveniences, even bad customer service, to avoid lodging a complaint.  Perhaps this is part of the residual British influence on Canadians, to keep a “stiff upper lip.”

Sometimes customers will not complain about areas of service that need improvement because  they are concerned the current level of service will drop further, or that that they will be singled out.

In fact, 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, and 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.  According to Bain & Co., an unhappy customer is four times more likely to go and buy from a competitor if the problem is service related vs. price or product related.

What’s worse is your unhappy customers will “talk behind your back” and tell other people their complaints.  They may be silent with you, but they are almost never silent about their complaints with their network of family and friends. If your customer is a business owner, it may be that he or she doesn’t want to compromise what is “currently working”, even if it is not working well.

For company leaders who want to improve customer service, these “silent” complainers are a problem.  If your customers are unhappy but they won’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, how will you know?

You have to ask them.

Imagine that you are an unhappy customer, and you receive an email feedback survey from the supplier. How likely is it that you will take that opportunity to air your grievance with the company online? Does a multiple choice survey give you the ability to talk about the details, and how you feel? Or does receiving an email survey somehow feel automated and insincere?

If you received a phone call from a third party, and you were asked to describe how things have been going, and where you thought improvements could be made, would you be more inclined to “tell all”?

At Client Insight Inc., we obtain valuable and actionable customer feedback through in depth telephone conversations. We have uncovered issues and solvable problems for our clients by speaking directly to their customers. In some cases, our clients have responded with necessary and significant changes to improve the customer experience.  We have also seen our clients “rescue” badly damaged customer relationships and turn things around by responding appropriately to negative feedback they would not have gained any other way.

We believe that in order to really know if your customers are unhappy, and why they are unhappy, you need an independent third party to “talk behind your back” to your customers to hear their complaints.

At Client Insight Inc., we are in the business of talking to your silent customers, so that you know what is really going on, and where you can improve their experience, their loyalty, and your business. If you would like to learn more, give us a call.

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