There are 3 sides to every story.

Film producer Robert Evans said, “There are three sides to every story – yours, mine, and the truth.”

Every person in your company who deals directly with customers should be reminded of this. Many employees rush to defend the company when a problem with a customer arises. The problem is, the cost might be losing the customer.

The customer has a story, the company has a story and the truth is often somewhere in the middle. In other words, there is truth in both sides and your employees should be coached to be mindful of that.

At Client Insight, we gather customer feedback for our clients through phone conversations with their customers. We can obtain the full “customer story” with objective listening and no interjection of “the company story.” We hear many positive stories and some negative ones too.

For our clients, the goal of obtaining the “customer story” is to hear their reality and find out if there are ways to re-calibrate to improve the customer’s experience. Hearing the customer’s truth and perspective is necessary to properly evaluate their concerns and determine an appropriate response.

Recently, we talked to customers who have become “ex-customers” and we obtained candid feedback on what caused them to leave. For our clients, these stories sparked immediate attention and efforts to salvage the relationship. We know the customer’s truth prompted our clients to investigate their policies, procedures and the personnel involved. This was how they arrived at “the truth” which moved them forward towards creating a better customer experience.

If your company is interested in knowing “the truth” about your customers, give us a call.

At Client Insight, we are truth specialists.

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