Cabinet Solutions Design Experience


This page contains results and reviews from Cabinet Solution’s clients about of their Cabinet Design Experience with Cabinet Solutions.

Timeline: 2015 | 2014

  • Designer was approachable, engaged & willing to help
  • Designer clearly explained the available features & options
  • Designer had creative ideas & helpful guidance
  • I didn’t feel pressured to make a purchase
  • I am pleased with the design of my cabinets

Here are Reviews of Cabinet Solutions’ Clients:

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“Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was great. She asked me to get some more information for her to make her estimate more accurate and her drawings more complete. We had some back and forth interaction and that was a good thing. It resulted in a better design solution.”

Jane L, NW Calgary, AB Oct/15

“The Designer with Cabinet Solutions seemed to know what she was doing and that was good.”

Amanda R, NE Calgary, AB Oct/15

“To be perfectly honest, I was looking around at different companies. Some companies tried to push me in the direction they wanted to sell that day. Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was more than willing to listen and was very innovative as to how I could get the most cabinets in a small spot. My husband and I are tickled with the way it turned out.”

Lori H, High River, AB Sep/15

“The Designer with Cabinet Solutions did what he said he would do. He made our kitchen fit perfectly. I was doing the install myself, so I was a bit concerned they may not supply all the parts I needed. But they did. He is very good at his job.”

Mark M, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“Working with the Designer at Cabinet Solutions went really well. I am thrilled with my cabinets and she was fantastic to work with.”

Erin F, Canmore, AB Sep/15

“It didn’t take long for us to connect with Cabinet Solutions’ Designer. We stopped by on an impromptu basis and she dropped what she was working on and helped us out. We had drawings and some plans in about 15 minutes. She was informative and very good to work with.”

Paul J, Calgary, Aug/15

“The Designer really knew her stuff. She was awesome.”

Rob E, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“I thought the Designer at Cabinet Solutions was lovely to work with; she was helpful and kind.”

Cathy M, NW Calgary, Aug/15

“I found Cabinet Solutions’ Designer very helpful.  The design and quality of the cabinets is great. We put the cabinets in to sell the house.”

Sue S, Castlegar, BC Jul/15

“I felt that the Designer was very accommodating and she answered all my questions. I felt she went over and above in her assistance. It was very good.”

Brian S, SW Calgary, AB Jul/15

“Cabinet Solutions was great to work with. Their Designer was very good.”

Elizabeth S, Red Deer, AB Jul/15

“The Designer has provided good customer service and has been good to work with all along the way. The Designer invested so much time with us that she wanted to see us get what we wanted.”

NE Homeowner, Calgary, AB Jul/15

“The Designer did what we wanted and I got what I needed. It worked well and I am very happy with what I got.”

Paula A, NW Calgary, AB Jul/15

“I used to manufacture cabinets. I took a design to the Cabinet Solutions showroom and they tweaked it to make a few things work even better. These guys really knew what they were doing. I knew that because I understand what they were doing.”

Lyle D, Southern AB, Jun/15

“The Designer at Cabinet Solutions was fantastic. He has been in the building industry and he has done his own renovations. He knows about where to get things and what to watch out for. I found their Designer to be very knowledgeable. He had creative ideas and gave lots of advice.”

Pam Z, Calgary, Jun/15

“We will definitely use Cabinet Solutions’ Designer again.”

Shelley J, Calgary, Jun/15

“Working with Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was terrific as she has such good knowledge. She thought of things and knew the impact selecting A versus B. She came up with ideas that we would not have thought of.”

Karen M, Calgary, AB May/15

“The Designer at Cabinet Solutions was extremely friendly and awesome to work with. He came up with a design I wouldn’t have come up with. The Installer who he recommended, was also amazing.”

Sabine H, Calgary, AB May/15

“Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was great to work with. He was very quick and he was knowledgeable. He made some good suggestions and was really helpful.”

Melanie B, SW Calgary, AB May/15

“Cabinet Solutions’ Designer is great. We were going to do a project a couple of years before but then we decided not to proceed. She was able to look up the project in their system and find all the details. We didn’t realize, but we decided to go with the same cabinets now as we did before. It took her a while, but she found it. That saved us a lot of time and effort. She went above and beyond for us.”

Chris B, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“The Designer at Cabinet Solutions’ was very good. I didn’t use a Designer and I knew roughly what I wanted, but didn’t know how to put it together. I laid out the measurements and their Designer took it and suggested spots for the fridge, the stove, dishwasher and everything else. It all worked out just great. He also had a lot of awesome ideas.”

Kevin T, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“The Designer at Cabinet Solutions was a great person to work with and I think she was the best part of the whole experience.”

Satisfied Client, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“We had a situation where we had to redesign one cabinet. Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was good to work with. We are really happy with the end result. It turned out great and she was very good. We had a tough space to design around and so she was very accommodating. It worked out really well.”

Dawn C., Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Cabinet Solutions’ Designer really knew what he was doing as he used to be a cabinet Installer. He had the background and knew what would fit and what wouldn’t.”

Sharon B, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Their Designer was really good as she helped us out a lot and was always really prompt. Cabinet Solutions’ Designer had good advice and was very responsive.”

Homeowner, Calgary, AB Mar/15


“He was really helpful and was happy to make small adjustments to the design so that I could get exactly what I wanted. I had an older kitchen and wanted the cabinets to fit into the exact space. Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was very creative, pleasant and helpful.”

Satisfied Customer, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“There was a conflict in what we wanted and what Cabinet Solutions’ Salesperson suggested. She was really engaged and took time to explain her reasoning and she also provided guidance on our decisions. It was our decision but she was specific about the kitchen layout and the clearances that we needed. She was very helpful.”

Martin B, NW Calgary, AB Feb/15

“I am very pleased with the design and functionality of my cabinets. Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was very helpful. I liked him, he was knowledgeable and he had some good insights about fillers and little things. He used to be an Installer and he was able to answer all my questions.”

Acreage Homeowner, Calgary, AB Feb/15

“Working with Cabinet Solution’s Designer was great. It was neat to see the whole computer program and how all that works. I had no idea how to design my kitchen but he was so good at fitting everything in. It was great.”

Sandy C, NW Calgary, AB Feb/15

“We had to make a number of design changes but Cabinet Solution’s Designer just made things happen. I didn’t like the one door but she got us a new one in a short time period. She really had a “can do attitude” – it was good.”

NE Homeowner, Calgary, AB Feb/15

“We had a situation where we had to redesign one cabinet but Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was good to work with. We are really happy with the end result. It turned out great. She was very good. We had a tough space to design around and so she was very accommodating. It worked out really well.”

Dawn C., Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Cabinet Solutions Designer came recommended by a Contractor. My experience was that she was pleasant to work with.”

Matt K, SW Calgary, AB, Jan/15

“The Design experience was awesome with Cabinet Solutions. When we ended up having problems, they were kind enough to help us out.”

James C, NW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“Their Designer was helpful, knowledgeable and had good ideas. I am happy with my Cabinet Solutions kitchen and everyone who has seen it has been impressed. It is modern and gives people a real wow.”

Darren P, NE Calgary, AB Jan/15

“Cabinet Solutions Designer was approachable, engaged and willing to help.”

Callie F, SW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“Cabinet Solutions Designer was very responsive. I didn’t feel pressured at all and she provided good advice.”

Tina M, SE Calgary, AB Jan/15

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer was a good guy. He was professional and had a lot of product knowledge.”

Gus P, SW Calgary, AB Jan/15

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“My Designer at Cabinet Solutions seemed pretty good and I am pleased with the design & functionality of the cabinets. I only had a few questions but I never felt ignored.”

Scott M, Olds, AB Oct/14

“She treated me really well even though I had some stupid questions, Cabinet Solution’s Designer put me at ease. It was good, it was very good.”

Sue A, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Their Designer was really good. She provided great customer service.”

Onnie M, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“The Design process was fantastic and their Designer was so helpful. We had a bit of a weird situation as we were only replacing the island. Cabinet Solution’s Designer helped us make the island better than we thought possible and the cabinets were all delivered on time.”

Onnie M, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Yes, absolutely. Cabinet Solutions Designer was pleasant and professional to work with.”

Ronald M, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Cabinet Solutions Designer knew what she was doing, it worked really well. It was all good.”

Brent O, Strathmore, AB Sep/14

“Our design worked very well. Cabinet Solution’s Designer provided an estimate and I took it home. The next time, my wife came along and we chose the complete opposite to what I had selected. It is now in and it looks wonderful.”

Charlie B, SE Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer was very good to deal with. When we needed something done, she did it. We were scheming about the plan and she was willing to design it and do full layouts. It is very good.”

Ken E, Carstairs, AB Aug/14

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer was very helpful and patient. He really knows his stuff and was happy to help. His level of knowledge was strong.”

Gary P, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“We liked Cabinet Solution’s Designer and he was very personable We love the Design and there was no pressure to make a purchase.”

Clifford M, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“I had several estimates done by Cabinet Solution’s Designer. He was very prompt and professional and that was a huge reason we chose to go with Cabinet Solutions.”

Kasey C, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“I got what I ordered from Cabinet Solutions. Their Designer knew what he was talking about and was happy to help me. He was completely engaged.”

Mark K, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer was good to work with and had a good personality. He was never irritated by our indecisiveness and dealt with it really well.”

Lowell S, NE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“”She provided some guidance on what was a personal decision. I think she gave us assurance that we were headed in the right direction. With Cabinet Solution’s Designer everything went smoother than we expected.”

Kent R, NE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“I am more than pleased with Cabinet Solutions. I didn’t think it would work but we are in it now and it is working fantastic. It is a tight space with a low ceiling and it all fits.”

Lowell S, NE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“She was knowledgeable and provided a good explanation. Cabinet Solution’s Designer provided good service.”

Derek K, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer helped me out. There was no pressure to make a purchase, I had no complaints.”

Mike B, SE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“I am pleased with the design, there was no pressure and Cabinet Solution’s Designer was really good to work with. She had helpful ideas.”

Lilian U, Renfrew NE, Calgary, AB May/14

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer was really good to work with, he knew his stuff and made good suggestions. It was all good.”

Christian B, NW Calgary, May/14

“I would absolutely recommend Cabinet Solution’s Designer. She was there every time I needed her. She was quick, approachable and made things easy.”

Dan M, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“It took 4 or 5 design revisions but Cabinet Solution’s Designer was good to work with. We made revisions by phone and in person. We were trying to solve a problem and it was solved.”

Kevin R, SW Calgary, AB May/14