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My Business is doing really well and we are ready to take it to the next level but I am not sure where to focus …

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I want to drive more referrals and make our processes more customer friendly and efficient. The question is how do we do it …

Client Insight champions both sides
of the business relationship

Client Insight’s way of gathering customer feedback completes the Sales Cycle by initiating a ‘call to action’ for the customers ‘to recommend’ their supplier. It triggers buyers to ‘tell their story’ to colleagues, friends and acquaintances and it also frequently inspires the start of a new order.

Using effective buyer feedback is a sound business decision, that directly ties to improved profitability.

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Why Customer Feedback

Companies that gather the perspective of their clients, gain the advantages of reconnecting with buyers and bringing the ‘voice of the customer’ into their business planning. Re-connecting with customers, renews the customer-supplier relationship and demonstrates that ‘this supplier really does care’ … ‘they really want to know what we experienced and how they can improve.’

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Customer Loyalty Research

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The benefit of measuring customer loyalty is that a company’s customer loyalty index can be correlated to its profitability. Research shows that for every 5% improvement in customer loyalty index, a company’s profits improve by 25% to 100%. Reichheld, Fred The Ultimate Question, 2006

Studies have shown that buying is both a logical and emotional decision. The importance of how a customer feels during and after a purchase experience is often overlooked.  Yet, feelings determine a customer’s overall satisfaction and potential to rebuy and more importantly their loyalty.

A Few Clients’ Results

Click on a company name to the right or their logo below to see how the results of Client Insight interviews of that company’s clients/customers is reported and used to improve their business. View an example of what that company’s clients are saying about their purchase experience.


Stakeholder Engagement


Client Insight facilitates member, stakeholder and public engagement interviews that provide the input that organizations need to make important decisions.

A few examples of areas Client Insight has helped institutions, non-profit and charitable organizations to gain objective information include:

  • Validation of support for Board direction and strategy
  • Wider perspective from members on priorities and issues
  • Opportunities for infrastructure and process improvements
  • Options to increase the value of services offered
  • Insight on ways to improve member/stakeholder engagement


From Conflict to Promotion

Some projects do not go as planned. Misunderstandings can result in conflicts and an unhappy service experience. Client Insight’s Interviewers listen and seek to understand the Respondent’s perspective. In some cases, bridges are built and the customer-supplier connection is re-established …

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CI’s Methodology

Over the past decade, Client Insight Inc. has developed a field-proven methodology that is tailored to the unique needs of each business we assist.

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Business Improvement Process


Value of Being Interviewed – A Respondent’s View

The Management of the companies that we work with get significant value from their customer’s (respondents) feedback. But what about the respondents, do they value the opportunity to provide their suppliers with feedback? Here is what some of them have said:

“Now I understand how Legacy Kitchens has developed its strong customer service. Getting customer feedback is part of developing a focus on the customer and getting engagement from their team. We hardly had any follow-up work - likely the result of Legacy's work on process and this survey is a part of that ..."Doug J, Calgary, AB Mar/15
“Yes, I would say so. If I owned the business I would want to know what my customers are thinking. I hold Cabinet Solutions in high regard because they hire someone to call and get feedback. You were polite and were not pushy. The first time you called, it was not convenient for me but you were willing to find a time that worked for me. This is a nice service, so thanks for calling and have a good evening." Scott M, Calgary, AB Oct/14
“Yes, it is valuable. Some people have a bad experience but do not talk about it. This interview really provides "freedom of speech" and allows me the opportunity to talk about my great experience with Bellasera Design Studio."
Zoe T, Calgary, AB Jun/15
“I think it is important as it helps ELRUS know what is good and what we as customers are happy with. It is a good idea."Dwayne F, Tri-Wave Construction, Brandon, MB
“Oh yes, I think so. I'm in business and you want to know what your customers think of you. Giving feedback results in a company being able to improve and do a better job."Steven K, Calgary, AB Sep/15
“Yes, it is nice to hear from them and know that ELRUS Aggregates are checking to confirm that we are satisfied. Thanks a lot.”
Lorin I, Salvador Ready Mix, Cranbrook, BC Aug/15
"Yes, feedback is important because if I had a problem, Affinity Kitchens should know about it. This feedback is definitely helpful - Affinity is asking the questions and it is the right thing to do. Thanks for calling."
Mary Jo K, Phoenix, AZ Aug/15
"Yes, I do think there is value but it is tough to articulate. I think the sense that there is follow-up is good - it really shows that Cabinet Solutions cares. Thanks for calling."
Cathy M, Calgary, AB Aug/15
“Yes, I actually believe in providing feedback. I don't know how companies know how they are doing if they don't ask for honest feedback. If you never ask how satisfied your clients are, how will you ever know? Thanks very much for calling.”Dave B, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15
“Oh, for sure there is value. A company that actually solicits feedback shows that they are interested in improving the customer experience. This shows that the company is progressive. This is a reason that our customer satisfaction with Legacy Kitchens is so high.”
Gerry F, Calgary, AB Sep/15

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