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“I would purchase from them again. My father was a carpenter and it seems that I have a little more background than most of my friends. For anyone who does have the background, I would definitely refer Cabinet Solutions.”

Jane L, NW Calgary, AB Oct/15

“They had what I needed; they configured it for me so it would work. I don’t know all the combinations and permutations and what can fit where. We purchased in-stock cabinets and they had the experience to put it all together. I thought it was well done.”

Bud A, AB Oct/15

“We were really happy with the price point and the quality of the cabinets. It went really well. It was a happy medium between custom cabinets and what you can get at the box store.”

Amanda R, NE Calgary, AB Oct/15

“It was just simple and effortless, working with Cabinet Solutions. Our kitchen design was not difficult but they knew exactly what we needed. It was for a basement suite. The CS staff knew what we wanted and they accommodated us very smoothly.”

Linda C, Airdrie, AB Sep/15

“I have already recommended Cabinet Solutions to friends because their products are good. I was also able to customize where I wanted. Near the end of the project, I was able to add (we ordered stock cabinets) and that was easy. Their Designer was easy to work with and she answered my calls right away.”

Erin F, Canmore, AB Sep/15


“I was absolutely treated well and if I had any problems they listened and did something about it. They rectified any issues I had and that seems like a rare occurrence these days. I bought a new washing machine from a department store at the same time and had problems within a week. I had to fight with them but eventually I got it fixed. Cabinet Solutions was nothing like that.”

Lori H, High River, AB Sep/15

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions mostly because the design phase was so easy. I showed their Designer the pictures of my old kitchen and he turned it into a new one. All the pieces he provided fit perfectly.”

Mark M, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“We already have recommended Cabinet Solutions. Some family members have already purchased from CS and it was good for them as well. They had everything in stock. There were no surprises and from start to finish, their service was excellent.”

Dustin G, Vulcan, AB Sep/15

“Everything was great, they were super and easy to deal with. I was very impressed. I can’t think of one thing that would have improved my experience.”

Heather A, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“Pricing was very good at Cabinet Solutions. The Designer was very knowledgeable and the design was a big part of it. I can be a bit picky, but she was good to work with.”

Rob E, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“Cabinet Solutions was excellent – I have already recommended them to a lot of friends. It was quick, easy and they sell cabinets for a good price.”

Allan J, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“This is our second project with Cabinet Solutions. I would recommend them because I was satisfied with the design of the cabinets.”

NE Calgary Homeowner, Aug/15

“Cabinet Solutions was very nice to work with. There was no pressure and they offered good product. I would definitely recommend them.”

Cathy M, NW Calgary, Aug/15

“I already have recommended Cabinet Solutions. For me it comes down to what I get for my dollar. Cabinet  Solutions quality is great for budget oriented projects.”

Paul J, Calgary, Aug/15

“At the end of the day, I find the Kitchen Craft product to be exceptionally good for the price. It also seems that Cabinet Solutions is here to stay, and if we had issues they would be there to fix them.”

Sue S, Castlegar, BC Jul/15

“Cabinet Solutions was recommended to me by two different Contractors. I would highly recommend Cabinet Solutions’ people and their product. I felt completely included in the transaction. It was an open dialogue that went back and forth; it was enjoyable.”

Brian S, SW Calgary, AB Jul/15

“I recommend Cabinet Solutions because they were very good to deal with and provide great product.”

Elizabeth S, Red Deer, AB Jul/15

“Their customer service is great. We ran into some warranty issues with the supplier, but Cabinet Solutions has handled it all really well.”

NE Homeowner, Calgary, AB Jul/15

“I have already referred Cabinet Solutions to a friend. He is very happy with what he got. I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because they can custom order or you can get their “off the shelf” product. It is easy to work with them and you get good cabinets.”

Paula A, NW Calgary, AB Jul/15

“The cabinetry is good and our whole house is done by Cabinet Solutions. I would recommend them because of the good quality cabinets.”

Elaine B, Cochrane, AB Jul/15

“Cabinet Solutions’ Designer knew I was getting granite, glass tile, and high gloss cabinets so he said that I should get diffused lighting. I told my Electrician what I wanted, however, he still came with the ‘landing strip’ lights that are too sharp. He was having trouble understanding my point, so I got Cabinet Solutions’ Designer on the phone to explain things to the Electrician. The result is that I have much nicer lighting than I would have had without the Designer’s help.”

Pam Z, Calgary, Jun/15

“One of the pieces from Cabinet Solutions came damaged and we didn’t notice until the granite was installed. Cabinet Solutions’ Designer immediately handled it and reordered and put a “rush” on it. We really appreciated her speedy attention to this.”

Noreen P, Calgary, Jun/15

“It is very convenient to buy Cabinet Solutions in-stock items. That is extremely convenient for the projects we are doing. It is very valuable. Cabinet Solutions are quick and helpful whether you are well versed in the business or not. They are really good at walking you through the process and telling you what you need to know.”

Melanie B, SW Calgary, AB May/15

“We would recommend Cabinet Solutions because we were very happy with the quality of the product and the service we received was very good. The Contractor who built our house, saw our cabinets and asked about who we bought them from and how we found them. Since then, he has used Cabinet Solutions.”

Kathy P, Calgary, AB May/15

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions for many reasons. I was extremely happy, the customer service was great and the quality of product was outstanding. I like recommending good people and good companies.”

Sabine H, Calgary, AB May/15

“Cabinet Solutions’ Designer  was very helpful in putting the plan together.”

Karen M, Calgary, AB May/15

“I have recommended Cabinet Solutions to a friend and Cabinet Solutions was recommended to us. Overall, everything worked out alright.”

Gina C, Calgary, AB May/15

“I was really pleased with the customer service at Cabinet Solutions.”

Manuel G, Calgary, AB May/15

“Cabinet Solutions’ product was really good. Their Designer was really good to work with. She was able to take my measurements and make sure that everything fit.”

Cheryl N, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“In all the shopping for cabinets we have done, Cabinet Solutions offer the best quality for the best price. You cannot beat that. A good friend who installed my cabinets has used them himself. He confirmed they were good quality.”

Chris B, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“I would refer others to Cabinet Solutions because I had a good experience. Their staff were excellent. If I had to get more cabinets, I would go straight to Cabinet Solutions. I wouldn’t bother looking anywhere else.”

Kevin T, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“Cabinet Solutions offer good prices. It makes me wonder why one of their competitors is twice as much. I would go back to Cabinet Solutions.”

Satisfied Client, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“We would recommend Cabinet Solutions because of their selection of color and designs. We lucked out because our original cabinets were Kitchen Craft and so we could get replacements from Cabinet Solutions. Their staff will help you, so you get whatever you want.”

Dawn C, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Our project went well from start to finish with Cabinet Solutions. There are lots of things that can go wrong but we didn’t have much trouble so, we are happy. It was very good.”

Daryoush Y, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Cabinet Solutions provides very good value for the money. The price is very fair for the quality of cabinetry. I think their closest rival is Home Depot but Cabinet Solutions was more economical than them and it was all in stock. With Home Depot you have to order everything. Using Cabinet Solutions really speeds up the process.”

Satisfied Customer, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I really like that they have cabinets in stock. We had a tight timeline and did a kitchen renovation in less than 2 weeks. Cabinet Solutions was very good.”

Homeowner, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“The cabinets are nice and I thought my only other option was to go to Ikea. Cabinet Solutions provided better service and the cabinets look good. For the budget, they were good quality.”

Sharon B, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I am really pleased with the cabinets and we have them throughout the house. The price was right in comparison to other places. We like what we got from Cabinet Solutions.”

Warren E, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I am completely satisfied with Cabinet Solutions. Their staff were helpful in the showroom and that gave us a good impression of how it would go.”

James C, NW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“I was impressed with how accommodating the staff at Cabinet Solutions were and we got an expensive looking kitchen at a reasonable price.”

Tina M, SE Calgary, AB Jan/15

“We felt that Cabinet Solutions provided better quality and definitely better service than their competition.”

Callie F, SW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because it was good value for the money and Cabinet Solutions treated me well.”

Sandy C, NW Calgary, AB Feb/15

“Cabinet Solutions provides reasonable product and they were good to deal with. Their process is simple, so it was easy.”

NE Homeowner, Calgary, AB Feb/15

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because they are flexible and really easy to work with. We can get the cabinets so fast with them and it is easy.”

David, Grassy Lake, AB Feb/15

“I would recommend them because they listened to my needs and they worked within my budget. They found some creative ways to make it look good and remain within the budget. I really appreciated working with Cabinet Solutions.”

Tina M, SE Calgary, AB Jan/15

“She designed everything and did a really good job for us. Cabinet Solutions Designer was also available and open to our input and feedback. It is like a free design if you buy the cabinets, so that is why we would recommend Cabinet Solutions.”

James C, NW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“Because I am happy with everything that transpired. I am satisfied with the quality. I went to 5 other Suppliers to look at cabinets but decided to go with Cabinet Solutions.”

Darren P, NE Calgary, AB Jan/15

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because we got quality product at a good price.”

Matt K, SW Calgary, AB, Jan/15

“We already have recommended Cabinet Solutions because we are very happy with the experience. We priced out cabinets at other Suppliers but feel we got better quality and better service from Cabinet Solutions.”

Callie F, SW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because the product that we ordered was exactly what we got. Everything was on time and there were no hassles.”

Gus P, SW Calgary, AB Jan/15

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“We were so impressed with Cabinet Solution’s level of professionalism. They also had a good variety of quality cabinets. We have used another supplier on a project in the past. The other supplier’s cabinets were twice the price but not twice the quality. We got much better ‘bang for the buck’ with Cabinet Solutions.”

Tim A, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“It was such a pleasant experience. Cabinet Solutions Designer had good ideas on the door handles and knobs and suggested where I could go for options. She designed some things I would have never thought of, so that is why I would recommend Cabinet Solutions.”

Ed J, SE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I felt that my Cabinet Solutions experience was very helpful for someone going into an unknown arena. I had never done this before. I felt that it was fun to complete the design and to make the choices. It was not only informative and effective, it was a fun experience for me.”

Homeowner, NE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I would recommend them because of the quality of their product. Also, Cabinet Solutions Designer’s interest in our project and our experience with him influenced us, as well.”

Ed N, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I had a very positive experience with Cabinet Solutions. Their price was right and their Designer was very good. She treated my husband and I very well and was insightful, creative and helpful. The product for the price is very good.”

North West Resident, Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Cabinet Solutions showroom was extremely nice and they had a good variety of product. The cost was something that pleased us, it worked for our budget.”

Chris T, SW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The product that we got from Cabinet Solutions looks identical to what we wanted. It is a perfect match.”

Scott R, NW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Cabinet Solution’s Designer made it easy and she got us what we wanted. Overall it wasn’t painful and the design is nice.”

Erica G, SE Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Because Cabinet Solution’s staff were very helpful, friendly and always responded to my questions. Their Designer has her days off on Tuesdays, but she always got back to me the next day. Their Receptionist was friendly as well.”

Sue A, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Because they are an excellent company and provide excellent service. It was a great experience. Cabinet Solutions has pretty cool people working for them.”

Lloyd V, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because they do what they commit to. They are also knowledgeable and I didn’t feel pressured to make a purchase. It was a good experience.”

Scott M, Olds, AB Oct/14

“I couldn’t have done the design without Cabinet Solutions. We gave their Designer the measurements of our walls and he was able to put our design together. Their design service is a great and it was included in the cabinet price.”

Roberta M, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“The knowledge that their Designer had was great. Also because of the quality of Cabinet Solution’s product. Our addition looks really nice.”

Onnie M, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“I am happy. I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because overall, it was a good experience.”

Eldon A, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“I have dealt with Cabinet Solutions through work in the past. I woud recommend them because I had a good experience with them.”

Jim G, NE Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Cabinet Solutions provides decent quality cabinets for a reasonable price.”

Ryan W, Whitehorse, YK Aug/14

“I like Cabinet Solution’s product and the Installer they recommended was good. Overall they have a pretty good process. Their showroom is good. It wasn’t perfect but typically things that have customization never are. I will work with Cindy in the future. She helped me get the parts I required.”

Greg D, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“We would recommend because our experience was good with Cabinet Solutions. We went in and they did a good design. The price was fair, the service was good and the cabinets arrived on time. We messed up and had to order another cabinet but they got it expedited for us. Everything about Cabinet Solutions was good.”

Doug K, Golden BC, Jul/14

“Because I ended up with what I needed without any hassle or heartache. Too often the experience with Suppliers or Contractors is that you end up with something different than what you ordered or expected. I got exactly what I expected and Cabinet Solutions was completely transparent.”

Mark K, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Cabinet Solutions has a lot of choices and the cabinets will fit in any kind of a layout. You can go with stock product (which is cheaper) or a more custom cabinet – they have a lot of options.”

Clifford M, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“I refer Cabinet Solutions to all my customers. Their price, quality and staff are great. I have no complaints.”

Gary P, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Because they are easy to deal with and had a good inventory. I didn’t really look at everything they had as I didn’t want to spend a lot of time.”

Mike B, SE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Their service is good. They are great people, easy to deal within all sorts of transactions. Cabinet Solutions provides good product as well.”

Derek K, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“I just liked the modeling program that Cabinet Solutions had. It helped me visualize what we would get. The experience was also good – their Designer was positive and easy to work with. I could phone or email back and forth with no issues. There was no point where I was frustrated or confused.”

Lowell S, NE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Because they do good work (design wise) and the product is available in a timely manner. The product is good quality, it fits together well. If there were problems, Cabinet Solutions was there to get them resolved.”

Don B, SE Calgary, Jun/14

“I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because for the price point, they have the best product.”

Dan M, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“Because their staff are friendly and helpful. We are really happy with Cabinet Solutions and the product they provide. They are the only place we go for cabinets. I bought my cabinets from them 14 years ago.”

Dave, Bow Island, AB May/14

“Both because of the quality of their product and the Installer that they recommended. The Installer did a good job.”

Kevin R, SW Calgary, AB May/14

“It was easy. Cabinet Solutions has a good door selection and I had no problems. Their price was pretty good.”

Christian B, NW Calgary, May/14

“Cabinet Solutions had the product and price point we were looking for. It helped that their Designer provided service and ideas. They had more selection than we expected.”

Chris C, SE Calgary, AB May/14