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This page contains results and reviews from what Cabinet Solution’s clients Value the Most about of their cabinet purchase experience with Cabinet Solutions.

Timeline: 2015 | 2014


Here are Reviews from Cabinet Solutions’ Clients:

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“We got great service in the showroom. Everyone at Cabinet Solutions was really friendly. It was great.”

Amanda R, NE Calgary, AB Oct/15

“The cabinets are quite reasonably priced. I found that they had good quality and I enjoyed having something to sit down with and give me advise on the purchase. The whole interaction with the Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was really good.”

Jane L, NW Calgary, AB Oct/15

“Cabinet Solutions had what I was looking for and they knew how to put it all together. Their design service and ability was good for me. I knew they were associated with Legacy Kitchens and that gave me a level of comfort that took away any hesitation to deal with them. Because I had dealt with Legacy in the past and had a good experience, my expectations were that they would provide good product and that I would be satisfied.”

Bud A,  AB Oct/15

“Most of the cabinets from Cabinet Solutions were delivered but we also picked up some additional cabinets at the end of the project. The cabinets were delivered on schedule and they are wonderful.”

Erin F, Canmore, AB Sep/15

“The experience of working with Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was very good. He knew exactly what he was doing. I could tell he had done it many times. Their price point may have been a bit higher but their service was really good. Cabinet Solutions gave me everything that I needed.”

Mark M, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“I walked in off the street one day and met the Designer at Cabinet Solutions. She asked what I wanted and I showed her my plans, we talked a bit more and she said she would have a design to me the next day. I was surprised, she did and she was great. I also like the quality of their product for the price. Their service was excellent.”

Lori H, High River, AB Sep/15

“We valued the time frame that we could get the job done in with Cabinet Solutions.”

Linda C, Airdrie, AB Sep/15

“I valued that the Designer at Cabinet Solutions was very helpful to work with.”

Paul J, Calgary, Aug/15

“The quality of the cabinets is good and I was really comfortable dealing with their staff. Cabinet Solutions has really great people, beginning with their Designer, to the end with the Receptionist when I brought in damaged product.”

Heather A, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“The cabinets from Cabinet Solutions are lovely. Their Designer was friendly and good to work with. Their product and the price were also good.”

Cathy M, NW Calgary, Aug/15

“Working with Cabinet Solutions was easy and we got what we wanted.”

NE Calgary Homeowner, Aug/15

“Cabinet Solutions was very approachable and their Designer was easy to work with and she would let us modify things. I never felt that I was inconveniencing her.”

Rob E, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“It was easy to do business with Cabinet Solutions. It worked extremely well.”

Allan J, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“I would return to Cabinet Solutions as I am a happy customer. Another thing was that I ordered custom cabinets and they came a week ahead of time.”

Paula A, NW Calgary, AB Jul/15

“We used our first cabinets from Cabinet Solutions 4 years and there was no issue. They still looked new after 4 years, so that is why we went back.”

Sue S, Castlegar, BC Jul/15

“It was an easy experience and the recommendations made a difference. I was pleased with the Designer. She provided a full set of drawings.”

Brian S, SW Calgary, AB Jul/15

“I value Cabinet Solutions’ good customer service. I value good product that will stand up – that is what I got.”

NE Homeowner, Calgary, AB Jul/15

“We valued the Designer’s help from Cabinet Solutions, with the design and in making it right when we found a cabinet was damaged.”

Noreen P, Calgary, Jun/15

“Everything with Cabinet Solutions was done very professionally. I was happy with the product.”

Mike D, Calgary, Jun/15

“I liked that I could call the Designer at Cabinet Solutions at any time. He made me feel understood and he would explain why something was or wasn’t a good choice. He was accessible.”

Pam Z, Calgary, Jun/15

“For me, everything from Cabinet Solutions that was designed fit perfectly and was easy to install. For my wife, it looks good and is functional. You should see our kitchen!”

Lyle D, Southern AB, Jun/15

“I got what I wanted from Cabinet Solutions: a cabinet at a fair price.”

Randy J,  Calgary,  Jun/15

“It looks great and is functional. That’s what matters most to me from our Cabinet Solutions experience.”

Shelley J, Calgary, Jun/15

“We value the customer service at Cabinet Solutions and the product itself.”

Kathy P, Calgary, AB May/15

“The customer service is what I valued the most. The Cabinet Solutions’ Designer was great and the quality of the product was good too.”

Sabine H, Calgary, AB May/15

“I value Cabinet Solutions’ knowledge, their in-stock product and their timely process. We flip houses so the ability to go in with a design and walk out within a day or two with cabinets is very valuable to us.”

Melanie B, SW Calgary, AB May/15

“The customer service was great at Cabinet Solutions. We were really pleased with their Designer.”

Manuel G, Calgary, AB May/15

“What I value the most about my overall experience, is dealing with Cabinet Solutions’ Designer. He was very good. Even on questions about installation, he was helpful. He got me in touch with the right people and I had so many things to do right then. He really helped to take a lot of pressure off. Cabinet Solutions just made the project simple.”

Kevin T, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“We value the quality of cabinets. The planning and design phase is really good. Cabinet Solutions is very accurate and they don’t miss any details – for example, they include kick plates and spacers. You don’t have to worry because they know what they are doing and make sure you have everything.”

Chris B, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“Cabinet Solutions did a free drawing for us. That was really helpful. I went to other places but they wanted a deposit and I wasn’t completely sure I was going to buy new cabinets. I like my cabinets from Cabinet Solutions.”

Cheryl N, Calgary, AB Apr/15

“I am really pleased with the way the cabinets look in the kitchen. They are just lovely and my wife loves them too. We asked for a floating cabinet on the one wall. It takes up the entire wall and it is really a neat looking thing.”

Warren E, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“We really valued the showroom experience. Cabinet Solutions staff let me look around and then they listened to what I wanted. They didn’t try to up-sell but they helped me where I needed help.”

Dawn C, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I appreciated the helpfulness of Cabinet Solutions’ staff. Even the people in the back were helpful. They were friendly and were happy to load the material in my vehicle. I had to make a return and they were very good.”

Satisfied Customer, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Cabinet Solutions was very efficient. It was a short time that I spent with them and they worked hard to get it right.”

Sharon B, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“Cabinet Solutions provided a good economical choice that could be done very quickly. It was good that they had cabinets in stock.”

Homeowner, Calgary, AB Mar/15

“The new kitchen project with Cabinet Solutions was easy, fast and efficient. I had my kitchen installed and complete within two weeks and that includes the hard surface countertop.”

Sandy C, NW Calgary, AB Feb/15

“I valued Cabinet Solutions Sales Person’s involvement, it was really key. She could explain what would work and what would not – that really made sense to us. She gave us options and we could then choose what we wanted. Her input was really valuable.”

Martin B, NW Calgary, AB Feb/15

“Cabinet Solution’s product was available immediately and we were under some time pressure to get it done. The cabinets were pre-assembled and that was good.”

NE Homeowner, Calgary, AB Feb/15

“What I valued the most about our experience with Cabinet Solutions was their product and the end result we had with it.”

Out of Town Homeowner, Calgary, AB Feb/15

“We valued that Cabinet Solutions did everything that they promised. If there would have been any problems, I am confident they would have resolved them.”

James C, NW Calgary, AB Jan/15

“I had a 1959 kitchen and now I have a modern, efficient and clean kitchen. I value the end result. Now I have a usable, functional and high quality kitchen from Cabinet Solutions.”

Darren P, NE Calgary, AB Jan/15

“We valued having Cabinet Solutions Designer’s input. He definitely has experience and he challenged some of our ideas which was good. He also helped guide us on color and style choice. I think his involvement really gave it the personal touch which was good.”

Callie F, SW Calgary, AB Jan/15

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“Their Designer was so helpful. I had never done this before and she really led me through the process. She suggested an Installer who was very good. She helped me with the design, the type and color of faucets. She told me where I could get my counter tops etc. People who see my place are so impressed.”

Ed J, SE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“It is a big deal for me to be able to do this type of renovation. There was some personal connection with their Designer and it felt that he genuinely cared. It felt that he was interested and wanted me to be successful.”

Homeowner, NE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I valued the lack of hassle that we had with Cabinet Solutions. Also, the great response from the Designer and it was easy. The cost of the cabinets was very affordable.”

Ed N, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I valued Cabinet Solution’s integrity, professionalism and overall respect for the customer.”

Tim A, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“At the end of the day when I got everything put together, Cabinet Solution’s Designer knew what I needed. He was really good, he went ‘over and above’ to help me out.”

Luigi M, NE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“We got what we were looking for and it is good quality product.”

Ed S, SW Cochrane, AB Nov/14

“We valued working with Cabinet Solution’s Designer. She was very professional and she communicated very well, both by email and telephone. Her timeliness was very good.”

Chris T, SW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Cabinet Solution’s is a good place for me as a Contractor as I can send my clients to their showroom and I don’t have to be there. They can pick what they want and then I can improvise, based on what the customer wants.”

Lorne D, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“I valued the experience. It is difficult to find a Supplier who, at the end of the day, you are completely satisfied with. I was completely satisfied with Cabinet Solutions. It was their customer service.”

Scott M, Olds, AB Oct/14

“It was the relationship with Cabinet Solution’s staff. I got good value.”

Sue A, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“I needed to be able to be comfortable and trust the supplier that I am purchasing from.”

Eldon A, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Cabinet Solution’s customer service was really fantastic. We also now have good cabinets.”

Onnie M, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“The time that Cabinet Solutions took to help us with the layout. It was one on one and their Designer answered all the questions we had.”

Barb L, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“That Cabinet Solutions could match our cabinets up perfectly. That is a bonus after 10 years and the end result is amazing. It took our kitchen from a good kitchen to a great kitchen.”

Ronald M, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Yes, their Designer was good to work with and the cabinets were good as well. They arrived when she said. There was no messing around. Everything was good with Cabinet Solutions.”

Brent O, Strathmore, AB Sep/14

“It is a quality product at a decent price.”

Ken E, Carstairs, AB Aug/14

“I will say it is the product quality and the price. We have shown off our cabinets to friends and we are very happy with them. Even this phone call for customer feedback is a good sign about Cabinet Solutions.”

Charlie B, SE Calgary, AB Aug/14

“It was the quality that Cabinet Solutions provided at a reasonable price.”

Ryan W, Whitehorse, YK Aug/14

“The process that Cabinet Solutions uses works well and the Installer they suggested was good.”

Greg D, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“It was their willingness to go the extra mile. We matched 3 different sets of cabinets and their Designer was willing to help us do it.”

Earl R, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Cabinet Solutions has good prices, good product and good staff.”

Candice P, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“The process that Cabinet Solutions uses works well and the Installer they suggested was good.”

Greg D, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“It was their willingness to go the extra mile. We matched 3 different sets of cabinets and their Designer was willing to help us do it.”

Earl R, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Cabinet Solutions has good prices, good product and good staff.”

Candice P, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“We were looking for value in these cabinets. Cabinet Solutions is a good 2nd tier cabinet supplier. I don’t say that in a negative manner, they have a niche market and they do a good job of it. We are pretty happy.”

Doug K, Golden BC, Jul/14

“Cabinet Solution’s prices are fantastic, their product is great and everything about them is good.”

Gary P, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“With Cabinet Solutions everything was done on time and everything was predictable. Their staff were all helpful. We are quite happy.”

Bev M, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“My thing is that I am always looking for the shortest distance between two points and that is exactly what I got from Cabinet Solutions. When it works that way, it really is a treat. It all worked, it was consistent and I was thankful to be able to work with a company like Cabinet Solutions.”

Roger D, SE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“They were also able to supply us with an Installer, otherwise we would have had to find someone on our own. Cabinet Solutions gave us a great product.”

Clifford M, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Getting the cabinets when I wanted them. It was a standard product and I had a timeline that I was under. Cabinet Solution had the cabinets in stock.”

Mike B, SE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Cabinet Solution’s service is good. They have great people, who are easy to deal with in all sorts of transactions. Their product is good as well.”

Derek K, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“The professionalism of Cabinet Solution’s staff is really good and they treat people with respect.”

Lilian U, Renfrew NE, Calgary, AB May/14

“They are in a good location (easy access) and they have great staff. Cabinet Solutions really has their offering nailed.”

Dan M, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“The cabinetry we got from Cabinet Solutions is good quality and it arrived on schedule. It has performed the way I wanted it to.”

Kevin R, SW Calgary, AB May/14

“We are happy, we love the quality and Cabinet Solution’s staff are really helpful and quick to respond.”

Dave, Bow Island, AB May/14

“It was easy to purchase. I knew what I was getting and the product quality is good.”

Christian B, NW Calgary, May/14