JORI International Performance from a Customer’s Perspective

JORI International is continually looking for ways to improve the quality of their customer service. As a result, they have hired Client Insight Inc., a Calgary based market research firm to interview their customers and measure the level of customer satisfaction.

JORI wants to understand the customer perspective and what they value in order to discover areas that could be improved to serve their customers even better.

Client Insight’s role as an unbiased third party is to engage JORI’s customers in a conversation to hear their stories, enquire about what worked, understand what didn’t work and find out what could be improved. Client Insight takes a curious approach and is interested in helping the respondents communicate their stories.

The Customer Reviews below provide a clear understanding of what customers experience with JORI International:

What Customers ‘Value The Most’ From Their Experience With JORI International


Above are the top 4 elements that customers value about the purchase experience with JORI International.


“I value the peace of mind in dealing with a Supplier we know will take care of the issues. We have the confidence in JORI International that we need. We had issues with the previous Supplier and that can be a significant barrier to get things to the destination on time.”

Richard B, Levy’s Machine Works Ltd, Aug/18

“It’s their customer service and their reliability that I value the most with JORI International. JORI has good people who are willing to be helpful.”

Lesley I, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“The timeliness of their service and getting everything done is what I value about JORI International. We get orders that have to be across the border the next day, and JORI makes that happen.”

Garret J, Stronghold Oilfield, Oct/17

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Overall Impression Results


The above Chart shows the results of Overall Impression questions asked of JORI International’s customers. For example, 97% of customers interviewed said they were confident that if an issue came up, JORI International would help resolve it.


“I think JORI International is very responsive. They do what we ask them to do in a timely manner and I think that is great. We are happy with their service so we will definitely recommend them.”

Dirk H, Gestalt Haus Ltd, Aug/18

“JORI International gets 100% of my business. I don’t deal with anyone else. I am happy with JORI. The fact that they are getting the job done is why I use them. That is the bottom line and the most important thing.”

Ivan K, Kambi Enterprises Inc, Jul/18

“It’s convenient that JORI International takes care of freight and customs all in one. It’s easy for me to send an email or pick up the phone and call Josh or Matt and they take care of everything. And their rates are decent.”

Andy G, Axxess Industrial Supplies Inc, Aug/17

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Why Customers Refer JORI International to their Colleagues & Business Partners


Above are the top 4 reasons why customers recommend JORI International to their colleaugues and business partners.


“Gary at JORI International is very knowledgeable. He has gone ‘above and beyond’ for us and helped us a number of times when he didn’t need to. We had our product held hostage and Gary came to the rescue and got things fixed. He is highly responsive and knows what he is doing.”

Ryan H, Can Supply Wholesale, Aug/18

“We had complex issues and so we needed someone like JORI International. We were starting out so we needed competitive pricing and good service and JORI provided that for us. It all worked, JORI got us what we needed.”

Jamie H, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“I would recommend JORI International mainly because of their service. I like the consistency of the people we deal with. They know our products and they know us. We have the confidence that they offer competitive pricing. We know that if there is any issue, they will take care of it.”

Kerstin H, Gestalt Haus Ltd, Jun/17

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