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1901 JORI Ratings by Client Insight Inc

JORI International Ltd. has retained Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience. These are the results from 142 interviews done since January 2017. Click the JORI Customer Reviews link to find out more.

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What Customers Value the Most about JORI International

Overall Impression of JORI International

Why Customers Recommend JORI International


JORI Customer Reviews

What Customers ‘Value The Most’ From Their Experience With JORI International


Above are the top 4 elements that customers value about the purchase experience with JORI International.


“JORI is incredibly reliable at what we need them to do. Their staff know that part of our business better than we do and I am fine with it. They have taken that worry away from us. They have to be price competitive, which they are. To be honest, I don’t want to deal with customs side of the business at all. I want JORI to take care of everything, which they do.”

Brad K, Modern Tool Ltd, Nov/18

“The knowledge and service of JORI’s staff is what I value the most. I feel that the JORI staff care about the job and make sure they are doing a good job. JORI’s staff are generally knowledgeable and we have used their knowledge in making decisions on how we move vehicles.”

Curt R, Turbo Auto Transport, Oct/18

“I value the peace of mind in dealing with a Supplier we know will take care of the issues. We have the confidence in JORI International that we need. We had issues with the previous Supplier and that can be a significant barrier to get things to the destination on time.”

Richard B, Levy’s Machine Works Ltd, Aug/18

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Overall Impression of JORI International


The above Chart shows the results of Overall Impression questions asked of JORI International’s customers. For example, 97% of customers interviewed said they were confident that if an issue came up, JORI International would help resolve it.


“With other companies you don’t get the sense that they really care. JORI really cares and are doing the best to make their customers happy. I honestly cannot think of much that could improve. They do a great job. They have ‘Lunch and Learns’ and they try to keep their customers on board with the changes occurring. They are really great at communicating changes.”

Kathryn H, Envent Engineering Ltd, Nov/18

“What I like about Harprit and JORI International is that they are professional, and they know what they are doing. I have also learned a lot in the process. It is nice to be able to reach someone and/or have your calls returned promptly.”

Quiana C, TSS Total Safety Inc, Oct/18

“JORI International gets 100% of my business. I don’t deal with anyone else. I am happy with JORI. The fact that they are getting the job done is why I use them. That is the bottom line and the most important thing.”

Ivan K, Kambi Enterprises Inc, Jul/18

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Why Customers Refer JORI International to their Colleagues & Business Partners


Above are the top 4 reasons why customers recommend JORI International to their colleaugues and business partners.


“I would recommend JORI because everything works for us. I have been dealing with JORI for 20 years. I value that it all works – the accessibility and promptness.”

Brian C, Brico Holdings Inc, Nov/18

“I would recommend JORI because Sarah and Alex are both awesome. If I have a question, Sarah will answer it in a timely fashion. If I expect to have a problem shipment, all I have to do is send Sarah an email and she will handle it. I don’t have to do anything more. Alex is exactly the same. They are both on the ball, they both have a lot of knowledge and I depend on them for their expertise.”

Alma C, Specialty Beverage Solutions, Oct/18

“I will say right off the start, JORI is excellent. I say that because Gary is there every time we call him. He gets everything moved on time and if there are issues, he gets them fixed immediately. I would say that he provides exceptional customer service.”

Sandy B, Aurora, Sep/18

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