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1901 Legacy Ratings by Client Insight Inc

Legacy Kitchens has retained Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience. These are the results from 208 interviews conducted since December 2017. Click the Legacy Kitchens Customer Reviews link to find out more.

Continue scrolling down this page to see the results compiled from more than 1,400 customer interviews conducted since June 2011 which include the following topics:

 What Clients ‘Value The Most’ About Legacy Kitchens

Legacy Kitchens’ Response to Unforeseen Issues

Overall Impression of Legacy Kitchens

Why Clients Refer Legacy Kitchens

Legacy Kitchens’ Design Experience

Legacy Kitchens’ Installation Experience

Legacy Kitchens Customer Reviews

What Clients ‘Value The Most’ From Their Experience With Legacy Kitchens


Above are the top 5 factors that clients value about the purchase experience with Legacy Kitchens.


“I liked the choices Legacy offered. There was a choice of price range and a variety of things, all in one shopping experience. Their Designer, Paul is fantastic, he knows his stuff and he is anal about detail.”

Henry K, SW Calgary, AB Jan/19

“We knew we would end up with a ‘home run’ kitchen and we certainly did. We have seen how they work. We appreciate the quality of the product. It’s a ‘no brainer’ for us to use Legacy.”

Donna N, SE Calgary, AB Dec/18

“We are very happy with the outcome and the design of the kitchen. The quality of the cabinets is excellent and the way it was done with the scheduling was amazing. May, Legacy’s Coordinator is a magician. I can’t imagine getting that all organized on my own.”

Don J, SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

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Legacy Kitchens’ Response to Project Issues


Issues often surface during projects where multi-trades and suppliers are involved. It is often not a question of if, but rather when. Here are some of the stories that show how Legacy Kitchens responds to project issues.


“We had a few glitches in that some drawers had to be reordered and a bathtub didn’t come in on time. These were subcontractors and we didn’t have to fight any battles. May and Dan at Legacy looked after the issues. That is going above and beyond.”

Deborah C, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Paul, was amazing and we did run into some issues. One cabinet overlapped a light switch but he was able to fix it. There were 2 or 3 other things he fixed as well as he could.”

Hazen S, Canmore, AB Oct/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, John and their Service Tech, Dan, were good about resolving the service issues. They understood that one of the faces on the cabinets wasn’t up to standard. They worked out a new design for the shelving and manually made up a piece.”

Andrew M, SW Calgary, May/18

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Overall Impression of Legacy Kitchens


The above Chart shows the results of Overall Impression questions asked of Legacy Kitchens’ clients for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 98% of clients were satisfied with the quality of Legacy’s products.


“Legacy stayed on schedule, they were super helpful and we didn’t have to worry about anything. I felt perfectly safe with their people in my home. They worked well within the budget and the time frame.”

Laurie G, NW Calgary, AB Jan/19

“The all around package was really good. I liked that they all came to the house with the Designer before the project started. They looked at the scope of work, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. They looked after all of the permits and there were no additional charges unless I asked for something new. It was as quoted.”

Linda L, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“I’ve used Legacy on and off for 12 years or more. Working with Legacy is smooth and seamless. Paul makes my life easy. All the staff do a good job and that is a huge labour savings for me.”

John, Big Eyed Fish Projects, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

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Why Clients Refer Legacy Kitchens to their Friends & Neighbors

Why Clients Refer Legacy Kitchens

Above are the top 5 reasons why clients recommend Legacy Kitchens to their friends and neighbors.


“This is my third kitchen with Legacy. They did what they were supposed to do in a timely fashion. They worked like I wanted a Contractor to work. I’d recommend Legacy because they are professional and they get the work done properly and on time.”

Val H, Cochrane, AB Jan/19

“When we were looking for people to help us with the redesign of the space, I was very comfortable with Bellasera and their Designer, Jennifer. I liked Jennifer’s ability to work with us and understand what we were trying to accomplish.”

Rick C, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“I recommend Legacy because they are reliable to deal with. Legacy is on time, Susan, the Designer, is lovely to work with and my Coordinator, Talisa, is excellent.”

Susanna P, Westrock Custom Homes, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

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Legacy Kitchens’ Design Experience


The above Chart shows the results of client’s Design experience with Legacy Kitchens for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 96% of clients indicate that Legacy’s Designer clearly explained the cabinet features and options available.


“Susan sold the whole company; she made us believe in Legacy. She was awesome. I can’t say enough about Susan. She is friendly, a great listener, and she has been at Legacy for 25 years. They are great to work with. I’d do it again!”

Marie G, SW Calgary, AB Jan/19

“It was an amazing experience. I tell everyone about Legacy. I was totally impressed with the customer service, from the service before the cabinets arrived, the delivery, during the installation and even after the cabinets were installed. The customer service was incredible.”

Lorraine B, Cochrane, AB Dec/18

“Legacy did a great job! Our cabinets are custom made, everything fits beautifully and the pricing was good.  The Designer, Jason, listened carefully and he offered lots of suggestions which improved our ideas. He is very talented at maximizing the space.  I’ve seen custom cabinetry in other places and, in comparison, our kitchen and bathrooms look really, really good.”

Claudette M, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

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Legacy Kitchens’ Installation Experience


The above Chart shows the results of the client’s experience with Legacy’s Cabinet Installer for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 99% of clients indicate that Legacy’s Installer cleaned up the work area and tools before leaving each day.


“We were super impressed with the installation process. The Installers were amazing. We even had a recent follow up to replace a door. It was really well done.”

Legacy Customer, NW Calgary, AB Jan/19

“Legacy’s Installer, James, was really good. He was very courteous, timely, and efficient. He offered good customer care and he knew his product. James was the most valuable part of the experience.”

Annette S, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“The Installer, Josh was fantastic! The panels inside the entertainment unit weren’t coordinated for colour, they were neutral, so they had to come and fix that. Josh was very personable and worked solid. He started work really early and when a problem arose he told me right away so we could discuss it. Josh told us it would be 5 days, and it was 5 days. He worked solid.”

Bess L, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

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