Legacy Kitchens Coordination Experience


This page contains results and reviews from Legacy clients about of their Coordination Experience with Legacy Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, is fabulous. Once we had everything signed, their Designer, Kelly, introduced us to May. We liked her personality and commitment.”

Anne D, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“Annette, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was a Rockstar. When I was talking about specific details she knew what I was talking about and she never made me feel like I was asking unnecessary questions.”

Tony, SIXTY3 Developments Inc. SW Calgary, Apr/18

“The Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens, Annette, keeps me well informed and she helps me stay organized.”

Andrea, Andrea Hasanagic Design, SW Calgary, Apr/18

“Annette, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was good with everything. She listened and answered my questions. She got right back to me or my client right away.”

Les, Tral-Les Contruction Ltd, SW Calgary, AB  Mar/18

“May, the Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, was very responsive. She would get right back to us and she was very courteous in our conversations. No matter how small our question or request, she made us feel that it was important and that she would treat our issue as being important.”

Linda M, SW Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was great. Annette was very friendly and personable. She called me regularly. Annette explained the billing and the process when they would bring the cabinets and install the kitchen. She explained what would happen and when it would happen.”

John & Stacey M, SE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“I’ve built different houses for work and this house is for us personally. I’ve never had issues with Legacy Kitchens. Any issues were followed up in a timely manner. Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Annette, was always on top of things. I was delaying their delivery and she always followed up with me.”

Teena B, Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Annette, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was great to deal with. She communicated really well as far the process was concerned.”

Danny R, Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, provided me with a calendar of who was going to be in the house. It was followed to a ‘T’.”

Karen N, SE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, was fantastic. She responded right away and when she didn’t know something, she let me know that and said she would follow up and get back to me. For example, the dumpster company put the dumpster on the wrong side and Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, got on it right away and sorted it out.”

Rob & Mona N, SW Calgary Jan/18

“It was an excellent schedule that the Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens provided.”

Paul A, NW Calgary Jan/18

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“The Coordinator, May, was really good. We worked with her on our last schedule, as well. Legacy Kitchens stuck to the schedule.”

Mike M, NW Calgary Nov/17

“Legacy Kitchens is a very slick operation. The schedule provided gave me faith that a company can do what they say.”

Ann M, Cochrane, AB Nov/17

“The schedule and dealing with May, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was exceptional. May made it easy for us and she explained things very well. When May said something would happen, it did. We’ve done other renovations and we wished we had used Legacy before.”

Rick G, NW Calgary Nov/17

“Annette, the Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, was very good at what she did. She didn’t make promises she couldn’t keep. She followed through on everything she said she would.”

Frank V, NW Calgary Oct/17

“In general, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, did a good job of planning and coordination. We had a couple of issues and we were happy with the support she provided.”

Nigel H, NW Calgary Oct/17

“Most of our connection with Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was through email or phone. It was timely and it was exactly what was needed.”

Wes S, NE Calgary Oct/17

“Everything went smoothly with Legacy Kitchens. I appreciate the Coordinator, May’s efforts on scheduling.”

Karen G, SE Calgary Sep/17

“The Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens, May, is fantastic. We were lucky to have her.”

Jan C, SW Calgary Sep/17

“We had a few conversations with Annette, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator. The schedule she provided was good.”

Stacey W, Okotoks, AB Sep/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, was very good. She sent a schedule and they stuck to that schedule.”

Deb A, NE Calgary Aug/17

“Annette from Legacy Kitchens always got back to us in a reasonable time frame and she would have solutions right away.”

Pam K, NE Calgary Aug.17

“The schedule from Legacy Kitchens was very helpful because it allowed me to integrate other aspects of the work such as the painting and the flooring. May was very cooperative to allow me time to schedule the other trades.”

Ian L, SE Calgary Aug/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Annette, was great. She was easy to deal with.”

Liz B, SW Calgary Jul/17

“Annette, the Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens, was always available to answer questions.”

Barry T, Veritas Homes & Reno, NE Calgary Jul/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Annette, is very accommodating. There were no lapses in the schedule. It was all ‘boom, boom, boom’. We ordered a custom panel for the dishwasher and I called the guys from Miele about installing the faceplate on the dishwasher. They said they don’t really like to do that. I called Annette and said that I felt I could do it. Annette said that I didn’t need to do anything because she had a guy about 5 blocks away. That is service that you couldn’t believe! He was right over.”

Tim A, Airdrie AB Jul/17

“The schedule created by Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was extremely helpful. It educates the clients and is vital to making the clients better equipped. The process helps everyone.”

Joanne M, SW Calgary, Jun/17

“Working with Annette at Legacy Kitchens was easy. She was very friendly and accommodating in working around my schedule and in getting things booked. Annette didn’t make me feel like my question and concerns were stupid. She wanted to address any concerns.”

Kaitlyn E, SE Calgary, Jun/17

“The Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens, Annette, was wonderful and great with scheduling.”

Tanya G, NW Calgary, Jun/17

“I was taken aback by May, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator. She is really on top of the game! That is what really made the project work. The coordination makes it really nice because you know where you stand and who is coming and at what time.”

Mike C, NW Calgary May/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, was very, very good. She was attentive, listened and she went a little out of her way to make little things better. She was great.”

Tara R, SW Calgary, May/17

“Annette, the Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, was very prompt, responded well, and was organized.”

Shirley E, Calgary May/17

“We valued Legacy Kitchens’ customer service and Annette, their Coordinator, most of all.”

Erin J, Southern Alberta, Apr/17

“May from Legacy Kitchens was very helpful. She was very quick to return calls and I appreciated working with her. The schedule that May created was very helpful. It was posted on my fridge so I knew who was coming and when.”

Judy G, NE Calgary, Apr/17

“May is a goddess. It’s not just the organization and that everybody was on time and we knew when they were coming. The goddess part is May’s personality. You could see that they are like family at Legacy Kitchens and they work together. There is a relationship between all of these folks. May would be in communication with you right away. You never felt like you didn’t know what was going on. If you needed May, you could call her at any time. She cared about who you and Legacy became part of our family because they showed that they care. The caring is not just about the product. It’s about the people.”

Isabella A, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“The schedule was the best part! Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, gave us the two month schedule. We didn’t expect it and it was wonderful.”

Penny N, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens actually gave me a printed off schedule. We’ve never had that happen with anyone before. The scheduling was awesome.”

Ron P, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“May, the Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, was excellent. The whole process was laid out with dates and she was always on the ball if anything needed to change or just to confirm things. She was always very pleasant.”

Margaret C, Beiseker, AB, Mar/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Patricia, would keep us posted with reminders about the dates.”

Chantal G, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“I got a detailed checklist and Patricia, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, took my concerns into consideration. Patricia handled the hiccups that can happen during construction. There was a wrong piece ordered and at one point. When I wasn’t home, the Installer cut a place in the kick plate for the vacuum. We weren’t planning to use that outlet, so they fixed that.”

Kate P, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, was also fantastic! It was such a positive experience all around. If any little issues came up, they were communicated to us and dealt with right away. We weren’t in Calgary when the renovation was going on. That didn’t matter, the project was seamless. The communication through emails and messaging kept us informed along the way.”

Ellen V, SE Calgary, Jan/17

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“We always had great contact with May, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, and received timely responses. She kept us in the loop.”

Joanne C, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“Patricia, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was great as well. She was very organized as to when the cabinet guys were coming. Her help with the counter top guy was above and beyond.”

Jerad D, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“The Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens, Patricia, helped with the first project in the basement. May did the second project upstairs. My responses are the same for both, a score of 5/5.”

Linda P, Calgary, Dec/16

“The Legacy people all went above and beyond. I needed some extra knobs and since it took such a long time for them to come in, Patricia, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator gave them to me. It was all really, really good with Legacy. Legacy staff were so friendly and were all amazing: Kelly, Patricia, Paul, Ryan. You are not dealing with salespeople. My cabinets are absolutely beautiful. Everything about them is fantastic.”

Joan R, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, was equally fantastic. The thing that I loved about the whole renovation is that when Michael took vacation, May took over.”

Annabelle S, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“The schedule that May with Legacy Kitchens provided was exceptionally professional. It was accurate and realistic.”

Glen H, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“The schedule by Legacy Kitchens was awesome. It was really helpful as a day by day thing and they kept to it which was amazing. It was also a huge help for our planning and knowing who would be in and out of the house. In the middle of the project, I think May took vacation. One day I got an ‘out of office’ notice and the other person got back to me before I contacted them. The back up systems were excellent.”

Janet H, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Patricia, was really good in terms of listening and explaining. We had a couple of issues at the end and they were dealt with.”

Bernard K, SE Calgary, Oct/16

“Patricia was very accommodating due to the other things happening in our renovation schedule. Legacy Kitchens was able to work around our renovation schedule.”

Marilyn M, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“May at Legacy Kitchens was very accommodating and very flexible toward our needs as the schedule required changes. We communicated well and there was quite a bit of back and forth between each other about the changes.”

Don L, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“We liked the way that May, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, and John, the Project Manager, organized the subcontractors. I’ve done renovations before and I couldn’t have organized it the way that they did. The subcontractors all cooperated with one another.”

Susan W, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“We had other trades that Legacy Kitchens does not coordinate: flooring, tile, painting, countertops, windows etc. The other trades have a big impact on the Coordinator, May’s schedule, but the great thing is that May was willing to work with me on that. She also had some very good suggestions / recommendations as to what time slots I should schedule them. We worked together a lot and the collaboration really helped. It was very positive.”

Chris T, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“The Coordinator, May, was easy to work with. We weren’t here at the time of the renovation. We were away for the winter. We felt comfortable leaving the renovation in Legacy Kitchens’ hands. It was done in a timely fashion and everything was complete.”

Kathy R, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Patricia, worked hard and bent over backwards to make the renovation timely. She understood that we were in a hurry.”

Glenda Z, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“May, the Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, was awesome! She followed through and would get right back to me when I had questions.”

Lorna S, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“I love May at Legacy Kitchens. She communicates; she always gets back to us as soon as possible and does everything she can to arrange things. We really like to deal with May. She is a very nice person.”

Lucie C, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“Patricia with Legacy Kitchens blew us away too. We were expecting the completion to be 3 weeks later than it was. It was ‘under promise’ and ‘over deliver.’”

Krista P, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, was very helpful.”

Brent F, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“It is Legacy Kitchens’ Account Rep’s style of communication that makes a difference. I am cc’ed on every email she sends to our homeowners. That seems like a small thing but we have very strict timelines at Albi. As a result of the cc’s, I am 100% in the loop. Summer is also aware of our timelines and she is constantly clarifying what she needs and where things are at with the projects. We have process steps that are very interdependent. For example, we need cabinets determined before we can get granite pricing. Summer is fully aware of the process and when information is needed. She is diligent in keeping us informed. To us that is worth a lot.”

Amber B, Interior Selections, Albi Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Account Rep, Summer, is very knowledge and very congenial – we have heard no negative feedback from our clients about Summer.”

Lewis P, Internal Operations Manager, Albi Jun/16

“I want to say that both Legacy Kitchen’s Field Supervisor, Mike and their Coordinator, Talisa have been fabulous to work with.”

Grant Revak, Site Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“May at Legacy Kitchens was wonderful because she listens, she has a good sense of humor and she is very organized. May would get back to me in a timely manner. Another thing that I like about May is that she knows what is going on, all the time.”

Karen E, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“Patricia, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was outstanding as well. Patricia has a nice personality and a good approach. She always responded to our inquiries and her communication was clear. She was very easy to work with.”

JT H, NW Calgary, June/16

“May with Legacy Kitchens did a good job of coordinating the project. When May scheduled the trades, they were there. She gave Marc a schedule – Marc posted the schedule on site and everything happened accordingly. They followed the schedule to a T.”

Keith B, Irricana, AB, Jun/16

“The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, Patricia, was very clear and Legacy’s smooth process was unbelievable.”

Anne E, SW Calgary, May/16

“We were very, very happy with Patricia at Legacy Kitchens. She was very organized and helped us figure out the best timing for delivery and installation.”

Sue M, SE Calgary, May/16

“Patricia at Legacy Kitchens was awesome. Whenever something went wrong, she made it better. Patricia listened to us. We had a few finicky things at the end and she stayed with us through the end.”

Jeremy S, SW Calgary, May/16

“Annette was warm and easy to deal with. She has quite an outgoing personality which is really good.”

Shelley E, Brooks AB, Apr/16

“Gaston was excellent. He does good work and follow up. This is part of the reason that I am using Legacy again. Legacy looked after the small details and managed on a really tight schedule.”

John P, Springbank AB, Apr/16

“May was lovely, fabulous, so accommodating and upbeat. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a renovation.”

Judy S, NE Calgary, Apr/16

“Patricia, the Coordinator was wonderful, especially with the second purchase from Legacy. After the kitchen, I purchased a desk that had cabinet drawers with a top. Patricia was wonderful with that.”

Marcia W, Cochrane, AB Mar/16

“Patricia, Legacy’s Coordinator was excellent and very well organized.”

Elizabeth G, Calgary, Mar/16

“Legacy’s Coordinator, May was very efficient and timely.”

Curt S, Cochrane, AB Mar/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator is fantastic. Her customer service is great and she returns calls promptly. One phone call to her will get things resolved.”

Carol H, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“The schedule was excellent and well laid out. The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens is so friendly; I felt like I was a friend by the end of our project.”

Michelle D, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“Legacy’s Coordinator was amazing. She kept us informed and made sure the Contractors were all on schedule and she was on top of everything. It was unbelievable.”

Robin P, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“It was wonderful working with Legacy’s Coordinator. She is easy to communicate with. We had a few back and forth conversations to coordinate our schedules and we had no problems.”

Erin G, SE Calgary, Jan/16

“The Coordinator’s timeliness with her communication back to us helped to resolve the issues and the stress. We knew that she was taking responsibility for getting things right. She earned our trust; we knew her word was good and she kept her promises.”

Tina G, NW Calgary, Jan/16

“The Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens is very efficient and whenever you call her or leave a message, she calls back right away. She is friendly and likeable.”

Priscila G, SE Calgary, Jan/16

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“The Coordinator with Legacy Kitchens is brilliant. She is cooperative and pleasant. The schedule she provided was perfect.”

Linda W, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“We were out of the country for a lot of the construction. A couple of things popped up while we were away. If there was a problem, the Coordinator handled it and kept us informed through email. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Paul H, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“The odd drawer front needed to be replaced and the Coordinator made sure we were happy with the end product. She was very prompt, always listened, and gave us confidence that there would be a positive resolution. She was very professional and we knew we were valued.”

Margo G, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“I had a calendar from Legacy for when things would happen and they did happen. I didn’t have one minute of concern for anything. It went so smoothly. It was important to me that Legacy coordinate all of the trades.”

Carole S, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was easy to work with and flexible. I could see that she wanted to meet my requirements.”

SW Homeowner, Calgary, Nov/15

“She was just the best Coordinator. She kept the job going for us and got back to keep me updated and so forth.”

Brad M, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“The Coordinator with Legacy listened and got back to me right away. She helped resolve any issues.”

Belinda W, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy’s Coordinator is fantastic. She was awesome in getting back to us and was not just professional, but she spoke to us like a personal friend. She put us at ease on the phone.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“I couldn’t believe how ‘on target’ the project was with the Coordinator’s schedule from Legacy Kitchens.”

Korina J, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“They were all fantastic people at Legacy Kitchens. The Coordinator was exceptional at what she does. She answered inquiries immediately. She was friendly and thorough.”

Zoe B, Cochrane, AB Oct/15

“Legacy’s Coordinator is fantastic. She is accommodating and helpful. If I needed something changed, such as the time someone was coming to the house, she would do that. She was very helpful.”

Cory P, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very helpful. I was the one dragging my feet and they accommodated me. I was sent all the scheduling details in the mail. It was really comprehensive.”

Terry D, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator is very helpful and punctual. She follows through well.”

Biagio O, Ultima Homes, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very responsive and helpful. We had a couple of instances where we needed minor changes to facilitate work done by other trades. The Coordinator was ‘right on the ball’ in assisting us.”

Gerry F, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“Legacy’s Coordinator was fabulous. She was easy to talk to. The Coordinator was willing to listen and to help solve the problems. She was very friendly.”

Sue K, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“In this case Legacy was a Subcontractor to the main Contractor. The main Contractor didn’t consult enough with Legacy. Anything that the Contractor didn’t fix, Legacy fixed. Legacy gets a 6+ out of 5. When my Contractor left, I contacted Legacy’s Coordinator and she got things on track.”

Malcolm H, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“The Coordinator took a lot of extra time with us to explain how things would work. This was helpful because it was our first build.”

Candice C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“Legacy’s Coordinator is professional. She always updated me and informed me about the delivery and any delays.”

Mila C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was really great helping me understand the timing of the installation.”

Leslie P, Okotoks AB, Sep/15

“The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens was very easy to work with. She was friendly and had the right attitude when she came to the house. She went over things and was right there to explain.”

Ron M, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was awesome even when we ‘put a screw in the works’, she worked with us and was flexible. She moved things along and gave us a good explanation for any question we had, no matter how minor.”

A Moore, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“We’ve communicated with Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator a lot over the past 2 years. We have a good working relationship as we’ve got to know her better over this past year. We have no problems in getting a hold of her.”

Allan, AK Design & Development, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator communicated very well. She was always calling me to check in and to confirm appointments. I appreciated that.”

Asma S, NE Calgary, Jul/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ scheduling and service were excellent. Their Coordinator was very helpful. I appreciated the quick access to someone like her. I could count on their Coordinator to reply in an hour or two. All the Legacy staff were excellent.”

Jennifer M, SE Calgary, Jul/15

“We knew exactly what the renovation process would be with Legacy Kitchens. If something were delayed, we were informed by their Coordinator.”

Cindy J, Calgary, Jul/15

“We appreciated knowing that we could change the schedule with the Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, if we needed to.”

B Chappelle, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“The schedule that Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator provided was really a big help.”

S Jones, Calgary, Jun/15

“The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens was very personable and accommodating.”

G Anhorn, NW Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was very helpful and patient. We had questions about the sink size and who was allowed to cut holes in the cabinets. She advised us to have the Installer cut the cabinets, not the plumber.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“The scheduling work with Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator worked well, again. It was just as slick as for the kitchen (renovation). Between their Coordinator and the Designer with Legacy and the Contractor we used before, it all went like clockwork, very smoothly.”

R McDonald, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordination was absolutely critical and I think that is a key strength of Legacy. The electrician, plumber, tiler, granite countertop were all coordinated by their Coordinator. They love working for Legacy as their organization keeps to a schedule. I credit the coordination she did. That is a key strength.”

B Runnalls, NW Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator is fabulous; we are happy about everything that happened. She was very responsive, quick and clear.”

S & T Smith, NW Calgary, May/15

“I was never unsure about anything because the timing of the renovation was on the Legacy Kitchens’ schedule.”

K Shaw, SW Calgary, May/15

“I am in the retail business. I know that we’ve all had an experience where people don’t listen to the client, whereas with Legacy Kitchens, they did listen to us! Their Coordinator was right on the scheduling of everything, from the installation of the cabinets through to resolving the deficiencies.”

R Thomas, SE Calgary, Apr/15

“The Legacy Coordinator was flexible with scheduling so we could accommodate the needs of our other trade contractors.”

W Siemens, NW Calgary,Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator understood the situation from our point of view and was very responsive.”

A Walton, SE Calgary, Feb/15

“Our schedule was correct to the day; our project with Legacy Kitchens was incredible.”

J O’Donnell, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s schedule was correct to the day; it was incredible!”

J O’Donnell, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator did a good job because everyone came on time.”

S Rajan, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“The Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator always found us the right person to talk to and she kept our project on track.”

Sharon & John, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“The Legacy Coordinator was very personable and approachable. It was her goal that we would be happy. Any questions that I had were answered. It was clear that the Coordinator wanted to ensure we were satisfied.”

C Flanagan, NW Calgary, Jan/15

“I couldn’t believe how exceptionally well it was coordinated! Every day, what we expected to happen, did happen. We were scheduled to leave for a holiday and Legacy said the job would be done and it was done!”

L Ferguson, SW Calgary, Jan/15

“If I didn’t understand something, the Legacy’s Coordinator would make sure I had answers to my questions, even if she had to call other people to find out. They were accommodating when we needed to change the schedule due to unexpected events.”

C Kost, SE Calgary, Jan/15

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“Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator was really positive. We had to rework our plumbing because a previous owner didn’t do the plumbing properly in a prior renovation. As a result the schedule for the kitchen work needed to be changed but she lined everybody up. She accommodated the changes and was flexible, while focused on a timely completion.”

L Cheyne NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator is great because she works well with the other Contractors.”

R Keeping, NE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator was very good, pleasant and conducted herself in a professional manner.”

R Benedict, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was excellent! She sent us an amazing, detailed document including details, pictures of staff, timelines and so forth. The directions were very clear about space needed for cabinets, how long the installer would need, timeline for warranties etc. The Coordinator was really organized, with timely emails letting us know what to expect. We are very fussy so these comments are meaningful coming from us.”

L Dyck, SW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was awesome, professional, and helped us to understand everything. When we asked to change the delivery time and date, there were no problems.”

M Kosivchenko, SW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“She emailed me the time frame and a complete itinerary for the steps of the project. Legacy’s Coordinator was very helpful.”

F Potts, SECalgary, AB Nov/14

“She was awesome. Anytime I called Legacy’s Coordinator she calmed me down and said that she would just rearrange things. She was caring and understanding of the little glitches that came up.”

D Braitenbach, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Our Legacy project was so on time, I couldn’t believe it. So many friends told us that you have to add a month for this type of project. Legacy was right on time. The scheduling was excellent and their Coordinator did a fantastic job.”

D Mandseth, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was absolutely wonderful. She stayed on top of things and would anticipate when we needed to talk before I would even think about it. She would take care of business first and then ask how the project was going. She was completely on top of things.”

S Marshall, W Calgary, AB Oct/14

“We appreciated Legacy Kitchens Coordinator’s follow-up and attention to detail. Her schedule helped us understand the timing of events.”

Mt Pleasant, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“She was great to work with. Legacy’s Coordinator returned calls and was pleasant to work with.”

Teravista, Windermere, BC Oct/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator did a great job at taking care of all the details towards the end of our kitchen renovation project.”

C Witmer, SE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“She is pleasant and easy to deal with. Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional and helped me deal with any issues that I had.”

G Cheng, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“She is fantastic and really really good to work with. I say that because Legacy’s Coordinator would keep me informed and let me know what was happening. She has really good communication skills.”

M Wood, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator had great communication skills and I was really impressed with that.”

M Condic, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy’s organization made it simple for me to live through. Their Coordinator was very good. The quality of trades was also great. The Project Manager was such a nice guy. He was so informative and continually said, “Yes, sure I can do that.”

K Rahme, SW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“She sent out the document that explained every step of the kitchen installation. It was excellent and I had all the required steps needed to prepare. Legacy’s Coordinator was also very accommodating to our schedule which was great.”

L Lawson, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was pleasant to work with. She kept me informed all the way along. I really appreciated that.”

S Clark, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“She returned my calls and Legacy’s Coordinator also sent out an email that explained the project schedule. It was easy to understand.”

L Reinsch, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great. The experience was very professional. Legacy was one of the easiest trades we worked with.”

A Geortzen, Okotoks, AB Jul/14

“She was excellent, Legacy’s Coordinator was pleasant and professional.”

M Seward, SW Calgary, Jul/14

“She was awesome. Legacy’s Coordinator was friendly, courteous and provided great customer service. She made sure all the issues were resolved without me having to worry about it. She was great!”

A Bir, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good. Actually, she is still involved and is handling things very well.”

D Anderson, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“She was fantastic. Legacy’s Coordinator was flexible, easy to get a hold of and she returned my calls. We had a few frustrations and she was understanding of our challenges. She was understanding and patient, I appreciated that.”

M Solomon, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“She was very friendly, understanding and always tried to solve problems. Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional. There were some delays but she was apologetic about it. She handled things really well.”

A Nielson, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good. I found something that was missed so I called her and she said that she would get a Service Tech out right away and she did. She was very pleasant.”

South Calgary, SW Calgary, AB May/14

“She was on top of things. Legacy’s Coordinator cares and demonstrates everything that you would want an employee to be”.

B Redmond, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy Coordinator was pleasant. She sent out a package that was good – it had everything laid out, so we understood their process.”

J Holman, SW Calgary, Apr/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator returned calls and followed up on things. She was very diligent in that manner. She was accommodating for us regarding the tile installation as well. She also sent out a good little checklist and it was helpful. I followed it and it raised some questions which I could then get answered.”

M Glover, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“She has an extremely pleasant manner and email presence. Legacy’s Coordinator comes across in her emails as being extremely helpful. She is ideally suited for her job.”

T Peregovits, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was wonderful to deal with, she was a delight. She is very informative and very accommodating.”

M Mele NW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good at customer relations. She had a lot of patience with us on the phone.”

Elboya SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“I had discussions with Legacy’s Coordinator around payment, she was pleasant and professional.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“One thing we were really impressed with is that Legacy’s Coordinator called on a number of occasions just to make sure everything was good. That was excellent and we really felt looked after.”

G McQueen, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“She kept us in the loop and was really helpful. We were the ones holding up the project but Legacy Coordinator accommodated us. We were happy with that.”

D Cassie, SW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“We have had good interactions with Legacy’s Coordinator. She does a good job and is professional.”

A Kolaczek, SW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“Legacy was flexible with the installation dates. I had to push it out a number of times and they were very accommodating. Legacy’s Coordinator was excellent and she returned my calls, every time.”

K Teron, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“She was very good, Legacy’s Coordinator had the service guys come out as soon as I called her. Coordinator arranged things in a very timely manner.”

G Garvey, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“Legacy’s Coordinator contacted me and said that she was my ‘go to’ person. She kept in contact with me all along the way. I always felt ‘in the loop’.”

M Kalny, SW Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“Legacy’s Coordinator was awesome. If she didn’t know something she would find the answer right away.”

V Scheleppe, SW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy was the only team that stayed on schedule and dealing with Legacy’s Coordinator was great.”

G Hallock, NE Calgary, AB Dec/13

“She was awesome. Legacy’s Coordinator listened and explained things.”

G Fitzgerald, Rocky View, AB Dec/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was amazing. There were a bunch of things that went wrong and she kept working them and getting them resolved.”

Lana W, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Dealing with Legacy’s Coordinator was good. When she called, she was polite and when she left messages she left them in a polite manner. She was pleasant and professional.”

Sandstone Valley NW, Calgary, AB Nov/13

“She always returned my calls quickly and she never left me waiting. I cannot complain at all, I thought Legacy’s Coordinator was great. It took a day to connect with her but after that, she was right on top of things.”

Vera C, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was really good. She was excellent the whole time and the project schedule was absolutely perfect.”

Huntington Hills NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“She is very pleasant and had great customer service. When Legacy’s Coordinator scheduled things, the people came on time. It was my pleasure to work with her.”

Julia C, NW Calgary, AB Oct/13

“I took care of the lion’s share of the coordination but I dealt with Legacy’s Coordinator as well. It was all pretty easy as she returned my calls and took care of the deficiencies. She was awesome.”

Lana C, SW Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was super, very organized and very responsive. If there were any issues, she was right on top of them.”

Greg H, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“She was very very good. Legacy’s Coordinator set up delivery and installation dates that worked for me. She was also good about returning telephone calls.”

Lori S, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator’s ability to keep the schedule on track was outstanding. Her schedule was followed to the day. Unbelievable how she kept it on schedule, it was very nice. You hear so many nightmare stories out there.”

Brent T, Calgary AB. Sep/13

“She was absolutely outstanding. Legacy’s Coordinator was knowledgeable, empathic, focused, timely, friendly and responsive. I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job.”

Thorncliff NW Calgary, AB Aug/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was amazing. She was totally organized, an amazing resource and freely shared the big picture information we needed.”

Springbank, AB Aug/13

“We had a good experience with Legacy’s Coordinator.”

Silverado SW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“We were behind on all the scheduling due to my sub trades. We worked with Legacy’s Coordinator and she helped us coordinate things, it wasn’t Legacy’s fault we were behind. She explained each stage and returned calls as quick as she could.”

Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great with organizing things and their Project Manager kept the men on track. We didn’t have to deal with any of that. We didn’t even have to coordinate the appointment with subs as the Coordinator had already done that, far in advance of the date.”

Ranchlands NW, Calgary, AB May/13

“There were 3 or 4 outstanding items after we took possession of our home. Legacy’s Coordinator provided a schedule to get them complete. What she did was done properly.”

Watermark, NW Calgary, AB May/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was absolutely pleasant and the information she provided around process was good.”

Mission SW, Calgary, AB May/13

“Legacy was very accommodating for my schedule and their Coordinator was good about following up.”

Braeside SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional and pleasant to work with. She understood the disruption to the household and made a schedule that adapted to that. She was diligent.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator did a great job.”

Sandstone Valley NW, Calgary, AB Mar/13

“We had an instant rapport with Legacy’s Coordinator. She is very very good at her job – that became apparent very quickly.”

Patterson Blvd NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“I was very happy with Legacy’s Coordinator, she always returned my calls.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“The craftsmanship and quality of our cabinets. The Legacy Installer was very thorough and was a pleasure to work with.”

West Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

“Legacy scheduling was valuable, it helped me understand the timing. They let us know what was going on and that was very valuable to me.”

Beltline SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“What I really liked is that we had a basic idea of what we wanted and they walked us through it all. We had a schedule that was unheard of in terms of them being on time. The whole design was fabulous and it all came together quite easily.”

Wildwood SW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“The schedule that Legacy’s Coordinator sent at the beginning was brilliant. It all flowed from that and it made it so easy for us to know when we needed to make decisions and who was coming, when.”

Edgemont NW, AB Dec/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was certainly on top of things in terms of scheduling.”

Strathcona SW, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“They were right on time. They did things exactly the way they planned it, again a breath of fresh air. They did it exactly how you expect, but frequently don’t always get and that was very good.”

Cochrane, AB Nov/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great. The first time I talked to her, I just felt like I’d known her forever. She was fantastic.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“She set my expectations by telling me what was going on and then was very professional about handling things. I appreciated that, Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator was good to work with.”

Marlborough NE, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“My husband really appreciated working with Legacy’s Coordinator. He really respected her work, she was quick to respond and her schedule was on time. We really appreciated the quality of the product as well.”

MacEwan NW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“The installation happened on time but then the countertop got delayed and so the rest of the schedule was impacted as well. Legacy’s Coordinator stayed right on top of it though. She was very responsive, she was awesome.”

Hawkwood, NW Calgary, AB Sep/12

“I really appreciated the relationship with Legacy’s Coordinator […] she was good about hearing our questions. She helped us arrange a last minute order of handles and sent someone back to install them. I want to pass on a ‘Thank You’ to everyone at Legacy Kitchens for ‘a job well done’.”

Tuscany NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“I talked a lot with Legacy’s Coordinator and she was very pleasant to work with. She got the schedule completely right … it started and ended when they said it would.”

Killarney NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator is a great person. She did the best she could under the circumstances.”

Meadowbrook, Airdrie, AB Jul/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was pleasant to work with and was very patient with us.”

Elbow Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good to work with, her schedule was right on time.”

illrise SW, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very pleasant to deal with actually we went on holidays while the installation was being done and when we came back, everything that was supposed to be done was.”

Canmore, AB Jun/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was good to work with, she listened and took time to answer my questions.”

Okotoks, AB May/12

“She was pleasant and professional, great to work with. Plus, Legacy’s Coordinator had figured out the schedule exactly to the day … it was great.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB May/12

“We were very satisfied with the Coordination that Legacy Kitchens provided … we valued Legacy’s professionalism.”

Cedarbrae SW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“The schedule was important for us as we had to schedule in other trades. Their Coordinator’s knowledge and understanding of the sequence of events was critical. Legacy’ Coordinator helped us plan the project and let us know when we should bring in the other trades. The coordination was a very critical role and Legacy did it very well.”

McEwan NW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was wonderful. At one point there was a glitch with the granite people and she got right on them and got it resolved. This was out of her box and she still took care of it and I really appreciated that. It was amazing. They said we would be out of our kitchen for 6 weeks and that’s exactly what happened. We had a firm date for getting back in and they were 3 days early. Legacy Kitchens … very impressive.”

Dalhousie NW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“It was a very good experience. It amazed me that they oversaw the whole project even though we were only paying Legacy for the cabinets, Plumber and Electrician. That speaks to the kind of company they are … it was very impressive to me.”

Highwood Park NW, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“Our renovation project went like clockwork. Legacy’s Coordinator and I worked together to coordinate the trades and it was done very quickly. She was good to work with.”

Marlborough Park NE, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator may be tired of hearing from us but she did a fantastic job … she was pleasant, professional, great to deal with.”

Rosemount NW, Calgary, AB. Jan/12

“She was excellent … Legacy’s Coordinator was very helpful.”

Kilarney SW, Calgary, AB Jan/12

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“Legacy’s Coordinator was awesome … she promptly returned calls and if she didn’t know an answer, she found someone who did … she also verified that the schedule would work for us.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“It was excellent, Legacy Kitchens schedule was fantastic, they were right on things and that was amazing.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was fabulous … great … wonderful to work with … she handled thing very smoothly. She called us and let us know and that made all the difference … great communication!”

Signal Ridge SW, Calgary, AB. Nov/11

“She was very good to work with … Legacy Kitchens Coordinator was amazing … if for some reason they couldn’t come, she called us and let us know … that’s all it takes, to communicate.”

Charleswood NW, Calgary, AB Nov/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was excellent. She was friendly, very well organized and was flexible with schedule and timeline. We appreciated that.”

Stanley Park SW, Calgary, AB. Oct/11

“She was very helpful and was excellent at returning calls. Our Legacy cabinet project proceeded on schedule.”

Calgary, AB Oct/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good to work with and she kept the project on schedule.”

Springbank, AB Sep/11

“She was fantastic, Legacy’s Coordinator went ‘above and beyond’ on getting everything scheduled and taken care of.”

Sundance SE, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very prompt at returning calls.”

Bearspaw NW, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“She listened and answered my questions with very positive tone. Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional and was prompt in answering phone calls and emails. That was great.”

Mount Pleasant NW, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great, she really knows her stuff and went ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“Our Legacy Coordinator was very understanding and took full control … she was terrific to work with.”

Riverdale Resident NW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“The kitchen cabinet project ran right on schedule. It went very smoothly, there were no problems – it was like clockwork.”

Balzac Resident, Jun/11