Cabinet Solutions Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

Cabinet Solutions has retained Client Insight Inc., a Calgary based research firm, to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience.

The goal is to listen to customers and hear their stories: what went well, what was valued, and what could improve. Speaking to a third party encourages thorough and honest feedback and elicits a deeper understanding of the customer experience. The process allows a large cross section of Cabinet Solutions’ customers to express their views and have their experiences heard.
Cabinet Solutions uses the feedback to improve their processes and tweak all aspects of their service and product offerings. This customer feedback enhances Cabinet Solutions’ goal to provide a high level of service and immediate product availability.
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★★★★★     Joe M. | Calgary, AB | Aug 2019

I have dealt with Cabinet Solutions  twice, and have been very pleased because of the price comparison, and the quality of the cabinets. I had done research the first time I used them. I went on the internet, and asked around. When it came time to do another project, I automatically chose Cabinet Solutions.

★★★★★     Paul A. | Calgary, AB | Aug 2019

The staff at Cabinet Solutions was so helpful, and went above and beyond. I have never been treated so well. I had an established budget, and their website helped me to see exactly what I wanted, needed, and how much it would cost. Their website was the best by far. Their Designer, Kaitlin, was fantastic. She realized that I was green, and was being my own Contractor, so she took me by the hand. She was very helpful, I could not have asked for better. She told me what I needed to know about measurements, we discussed styles and finishes. I was trying to match some cabinets. She didn’t make me feel like a dummy.

★★★★☆     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB  | Aug 2019

I would certainly tell anyone to check Cabinet Solutions out. They have reasonable prices, and no hiccups.

★★★★★     Tammy M. | Calgary, AB | Aug 2019

The service was great. They were easy to deal with, and I got what I needed. Cabinet Solutions Designer, Terri, was very accommodating and helpful. I have no complaints.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB  | Aug 2019

It was a totally smooth process. They did not even ask for a deposit, which pleasantly surprised me, and they did what they said they would do. The whole experience was very pleasant, and I am enjoying the final product. I also liked the people. They were very careful and meticulous. They had some tricky spots to deal with, and everything went well.

★★★★★     Felicia S. | Calgary, AB | Calgary, AB | Aug 2019

I did a bit of research, and their prices were the best. Communication was key for me. Terri was very professional, and she knew what she was doing. She gave me a lot of ideas about colors, and information about prices. There was only one follow up call, when I requested that a drawer be replaced. They were very helpful, and delivered right to me.

★★★★★     Mike H. | Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

I liked the good service and the good prices. I am a Realtor, and if anyone asked, I would recommend them. The cabinets were great. Their Designer, Daniel, was knowledgeable and very helpful, both at the time of ordering and during the after service.

★★★★★     Christine G. | Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

Cabinet Solutions Designer, Teri, was absolutely easy to work with. She knows her stuff. She answered my questions and helped me get my order together.  I would recommend Teri for sure. The staff did a great job.

★★★★★     D. P. | Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

We have already recommended Cabinet Solutions to friends, I would say because of the overall experience and the price. Daniel was the reason we went with Cabinet Solutions. I value their service and the price.

★★★★★     Kevin C. | Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

I came in with rough plans on a piece of drywall, and Kaitlin was able to give me options and prices. The project wasn’t the easiest to solve and she was very helpful. They had the cabinets I wanted at a reasonable price.

★★★★☆     Herb O. | Calgary, AB | Jul 2019

My wife looked around. Cabinet Solutions was easier to get answers from than the Big Box stores. I felt that dealing with Daniel, their Designer, was helpful. He was definitely friendly and personable. It seemed that Daniel and the staff had a bit more knowledge of the product and the business than the Big Box stores. 

★★★★★     Sandra A. | Calgary, AB | Jun 2019

The people and the price sold it to me. Kaitlin was knowledgeable, she was prompt, she made any changes that I wanted, and she answered all of my questions and concerns. I have already recommended Cabinet Solutions because of the product knowledge, quality of product for the price, on time delivery and Kaitlin’s service.

★★★★★     George A. | Calgary, AB | Jun 2019

Cabinet Solutions had the product we were looking for and they were pretty good to deal with. The reason we picked them was that they had the Kitchen Craft doors that fit our cabinets. We would be okay using Cabinet Solutions again.

★★★★☆     Brad M. | Calgary, AB | Jun 2019

I found the design process was quite painless. I also appreciated the option to get design assistance and then take the cabinets on the same day. I was satisfied with the selection options and thought I had ordered the correct cabinets. The cabinets that were delivered were the wrong color. Even after the order mix up, I felt the price was fair. Also, dealing with Teri was good. She handled the problem with empathy and consideration and I appreciated that. Teri specifically understood my situation and why I had ordered that color. I talked to her about it and in the end, I felt like I was fully compensated for the color issue. I am also pretty satisfied with the whole experience.

★★★★★     Pamela J. | Calgary, AB | Jun 2019

I called Kitchen Craft directly and asked them to give me the name of a supplier in the area. I needed cabinets that matched, and Cabinet Solutions was the supplier. They were efficient and did the job I asked them to do.

★☆☆☆☆     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | Jun 2019


★★★★★     Pauline & Fred | Calgary, AB | May 2019

Teri is unbelievable! We had a flood in our house and we were both completely lost. We had replacement value insurance but the insurance company stiffed us. We started at Legacy but only found out about the insurance after design was done. We were referred to Cabinet Solutions, but we would give both companies our higher recommendations. Everyone at both companies treated us like gold. They helped us so much while we were going through some troubling times. They were patient, supportive and it just felt like they were there for us. I love the cabinets. They worked with us to get the design right, and they were accurate about when cabinets would come in. They really came to our rescue.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Canmore, AB | May 2019

Teri was very helpful. I came in with a rough drawing and she put a design together. She gave me the numbers and a quote and I left with a load of cabinets. I am thinking about going back to purchase some more cabinets as I will never make them myself. It is a really easy fix for me. I have already recommended them to my father who needed cabinets for his rental properties. It was fast, easy and a good price.

★★★★★     Jody C. | Calgary, AB | May 2019

I have dealt with them a bunch of times and they are great. I am a ‘do it yourself’ guy and so far, I have done a bar, some bathrooms etc. Their prices are awesome, their service is great and they have good quality product. I buy the cabinets and then put them together myself. I have plans and Teri makes them better. That is why I go there. I have done tons of renovations and Cabinet Solutions just makes it easy. I will come up with a vision, I will take it to Teri and she fixes up the design. I have never had any problems.

★★★★★     Meghraj K. | Banff, AB | May 2019

Kaitlin was easy to work with. It was good to be able to do it from Banff, so I didn’t have to drive into Calgary. Their product is definitely good. There is no question that it is superior to Big-box store product.

★★★★★     Les H. | Calgary, AB | May 2019

From my perspective, everything was okay. I didn’t get their custom cabinets, I only bought their stock cabinets and that worked really good. Everything was available in a timely manner and it all worked. Grant delivered and installed my cabinets. Kaitlin was really good to work with and their Installer was professional. The only issue that I had was there were a couple of doors that came out damaged. The first was replaced but I am still waiting for the second door.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | May 2019


★★★★★     Sabine H. | Calgary, AB | May 2019

I have worked with them before, they have been great. Daniel is super helpful, knowledgeable and he has a background of construction so he can give some good advice. Cabinet Solutions’ product is awesome for price point. Grant was the Installer and I would rate him as a 10 out of 5. They also give accurate timelines which helps when you are doing a bigger project.

★★★★☆     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | May 2019


★★★★★     Dan P. | Calgary, AB | Apr 2019

Their prices are good and the quality of the cabinets are also pretty good. Compared to other cabinets on the market, Cabinet Solutions’ cabinets perform very well. For some of my customers and projects I use Cabinet Solutions exclusively. I also do custom kitchens as well but for the right customer, Cabinet Solutions is the best.

★★★★★     Barry M. | Calgary, AB | Apr 2019

I would recommend them because the overall experience was good. They were helpful, friendly, the price point was right and the product quality was good. It was a good match for what we needed.  We were very impressed at the quality for the money that we paid.

★★★★★     Donna R. | Invermere, BC | Apr 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the design process with Kaitlin. She was awesome to deal with. It was a great experience. I valued Cabinet Solutions’ friendly approach and very helpful staff.

★★★★★     Diane W. | Three Hills, AB | Apr 2019

Cabinet Solutions is where we went to get our kitchen cabinets about 16 years ago. I would recommend them because of the way that Kaitlin helped me. She had ideas and suggestions and knew how much time it would take for the cabinets to arrive. She was good on the computer and she listened and had time to change the design around.

★★★★★     Bernard A. | Calgary, AB | Apr 2019

I was able to get some custom designed cabinets as well as some regular cabinets. I chose Cabinet Solutions because their selection of styles, they could adapt and design around my requirements. The cost was reasonable.

★★★★★     Matt M. | Calgary, AB | Apr 2019

I would use Cabinet Solutions again just because of their service. We found what we needed and we didn’t have to spend a bunch of money to get what we wanted. It was a cost effective solution.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | Apr 2019

I have already referred Cabinet Solutions because their pricing is very competitive and their service was very good. It was a very good experience.

★★★★★     Scott W. | Panorama, BC | Mar 2019

Cabinet Solutions was easy to deal with, Daniel was straight forward and there was no BS. I would definitely use them again.

★★★★★     Klint, Stardust Renovations Inc. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

I will definitely recommend my customers to Cabinet Solutions. We got soft close doors and full extension cabinets for a good price. I think that Cabinet Solutions’ atmosphere is more in alignment with what my customers want. They want to deal with friendly people.

★★★★★     Betty K. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

Daniel was excellent. And Cabinet Solutions’ other sales people were great as well. I found their cabinets to be good quality.

★★★★☆     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

Cabinet Solutions staff should be more engaged with their customers. I am a repeat customer and it seems like they should have given better customer service.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

I was satisfied, and I probably would go back.

★★★★★     Don S. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

I am going to go back to Teri because I have a new customer who wants to upgrade their cabinets. I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because of the way I was treated. They were friendly, accommodating and respectful.

★★★★☆     Bob W. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

The hardware that Cabinet Solutions provided was good and the touch up kit was very helpful.

★★★★☆     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019


★★★★★     Mike G. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

I thought the cabinets were good quality and reasonably priced. Their process works well as you can come in with your own design and then have someone look at it to do modifications. There were a few iterations and that was good. I didn’t want to be sold anything but rather Teri educated me on what the options were and then allowed me to make a good decision. I was happy with that.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Golden, BC | Mar 2019


★★★★★     John G. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

I would recommend them because of price point, quality and what you get. They provide good value. It was a great deal.

★★★★★     Sylvia C. | Calgary, AB | Mar 2019

The quality of the product was exactly what I was looking for. It was a good match.

★★★★★     Les J. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

I would recommend them because of my positive purchase experience. They sell good builder grade cabinets. Cabinet Solutions is a good company and I am not a person who will typically vouch for suppliers.

★★★★★     Drazenko B. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

It was a tight time frame to get the cabinets but Teri helped me. I have no complaints; it was very good.

★★★★★     Mila C. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

We have gone to other stores and not seen as good a product at such a reasonable price. We have looked around a lot but have gone back to Cabinet Solutions. It was a good experience.

★★★★★     Les J. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

The interaction with Daniel was good. He was also willing to help us after the sale was done.

★★★★★     Scott P. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

I am satisfed and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Cabinet Solutions for more cabinets.

★★★★★     Zack D. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

They were open on Saturdays and that had a bit of impact. They were available when I was available. Quality product at a reasonable price.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Rosebud, AB | Feb 2019

I am really happy with the cabinets. We are impressed.

★★★★★     Cabinet Solutions Customer | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019


★★★★★     Stephen B. | Calgary, AB | Feb 2019

I would recommend Cabinet Solutions because of the good quality and service.