JORI Logistics Overall Impression


This page contains results and reviews from JORI Logistics’ customers about their Overall Impression of the experience with JORI Logistics.

Timeline: 2018 | 2017

Ji Overall Impression

Here are Reviews of JORI Logistics’ Customers:

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“With other companies you don’t get the sense that they really care. JORI really cares and are doing the best to make their customers happy. I honestly cannot think of much that could improve. They do a great job. They have ‘Lunch and Learns’ and they try to keep their customers on board with the changes occurring. They are really great at communicating changes.”

Kathryn H, Envent Engineering Ltd, Nov/18

“We don’t have to deal with Sarah at JORI very much as things run incredibly smoothly. We talk to her when things go sideways. When there are issues and she takes care of it. She is our ‘problem solver’ and that is good for us. Honestly, Sarah is outstanding. We would be devastated if Sarah was not there. She dealt with my father for years before he retired. One of my father’s final instructions was “to take good care of Sarah.”

Brad K, Modern Tool Ltd, Nov/18

“JORI has been accommodating our shipments and the customs clearance with the railways. JORI is providing additional support on truck shipments crossing the border. JORI makes themselves available to us and their staff are knowledgeable. They came into our office and provided an information session on incoterms. That was helpful.”

Allison P, Elbow River Marketing, Nov/18

“JORI is an excellent company and I have been dealing with Dalia. I would like to give JORI more business as I am happy with their service and support and because I trust Dalia. I want a long term relationship with my Suppliers and I trust Dalia and the work she does. I believe she will take care of things and that is what I want.”

Hector M, Exchanger Industries Ltd, Oct/18

“What I like about Harprit and JORI Logistics is that they are professional, and they know what they are doing. I have also learned a lot in the process. It is nice to be able to reach someone and/or have your calls returned promptly.”

Quiana C, TSS Total Safety Inc, Oct/18

“I deal with Sarah at JORI a fair amount. We have never had any problems or difficulties. We are very satisfied with what she does for us. She is knowledgeable and she get things done in a timely manner. Sometimes I am not the best in giving her much time to react. She is good.”

Harit K, Pacesetter Equipment, Oct/18

“Yes, I do. With Alex I can just give her the freight and know that she will take care of it even if unforeseen issues arise. If we are in a hurry or on a tight schedule I know that Alex will get it done. That makes things easier for me.”

Michael C, TWA Panel Systems, Sep/18

“I have her direct line and I constantly need to talk with her. Harprit’s customs knowledge is incredible.”

Kaiser Z, Steelhaus Inc., Sep/18

“Matt is my ‘go to’ guy. I would say that Matt is incredible. I walked into this position in February and he helped me through the learning transition. He continues to do that now as well. Whenever we have a shipment to send, I send him an email or call him and he helps me get all the documents in place.”

Duncan M, Segretech Inc., Sep/18

“I was satisfied because our aircraft were always cleared. We had no delays.”

Calgary Customer, Aug/18

“JORI’s response times are reasonable and I appreciate they are doing the follow-up calls with a third party. It helps a Supplier better themselves.”

Levi, Innovator Industrial, Aug/18

“I have been taught and educated that nothing is ever perfect. It is really hard to gives 5’s on everything – no one is perfect.”

Shelby H, Epoch Western Canada, Aug/18

“I just want to say that I am more than satisfied with JORI Logistics. I would give them a score of 10 out of 5 because of their service. Alex, JORI’s Freight CSR does the tracking and provides me with shipment updates. I cannot expect to get anything more than that. It is all good. Anytime I ask something, Alex gets back to me in 5 or 10 minutes. She is always prompt, what else could I possibly need?”

Jitender G, Gaba Stone Inc, Jul/18

“JORI Logistics gets 100% of my business. I don’t deal with anyone else. I am happy with JORI. I think that JORI is getting better and better and they seem to know more and more as time goes. The fact that they are getting the job done is why I use JORI. That is the bottom line and the most important thing.”

Ivan K, Kambi Enterprises Inc, Jul/18

“We have been working with JORI Logistics since day one and it has always been good. Jackie and Joshua are good on the freight side. JORI has a very good team. I can call Jackie in the evening or a Saturday. She is professional about things, it doesn’t matter when I call. That is why we are still working with JORI. Every time we call, they help us out.”

Zahid M, Hunter Well Science Ltd, Jul/18

“JORI Logistics’ Customs CSR, Elaine, has made everything work. She is doing things in the background to make our shipments very automated. She has all the knowledge needed about the product we are moving.”

Dave C, Factory Outlet Trailers, Jul/18

“Everyone we dealt with at JORI Logistics was good. I will say that the customs clearance seemed to work well. JORI did a good job and went the extra mile.”

Jamie H, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“Dalia at JORI Logistics has gone over and above a number of times. We had a problem in Los Angeles and Dalia made me aware of it. JORI handled it and got it fixed. Dalia went above and beyond for the Sayreville, NJ mill and hired a truck with 2 drivers so the product would make it on time. That saved the mill from going down, so Dalia really saved the day. She is actually doing that again for us right now.”

Lesley I, Sangraf International, Jul/18

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“We’ve never had any problems at all with JORI Logistics regarding customs clearance. I would say JORI staff really care.”

Garret J, Stronghold Oilfield, Oct/17

“It’s convenient that JORI Logistics takes care of freight and customs all in one. It’s easy for me to send an email or pick up the phone and call Josh or Matt and they take care of everything. And their rates are decent.”

Andy G, Axxess Industrial Supplies Inc, Aug/17

“I am working with JORI because they are local and they were the first ones to reach out to me when I started my new company. I value how quickly they respond. I use them for all of my freight and customs work now.”

Dana, Merlin Instrumentation, Aug/17

“Everything has been really good with JORI Logistics. If there have been any issues, they have been minor.”

Aaron M, One Eye Industries, Jul/17

“We have never really had any issues with JORI Logistics, of any kind. I am absolutely confident that if an issue came up, JORI would help me resolve it. They were our broker when I started working here. I have never had a reason to go elsewhere.”

Gradon T, D & R Concrete Equipment Sales (1988) Ltd, Jun/17

“Jackie at JORI Logistics is very good at returning calls and emails in a timely manner. I can’t see anything that could be improved. For what JORI does and the efficiency with which they do it, I would say they are doing a great job.”

James B, EMCO PC, Jun/17

“JORI Logistics was already being used when I started here 4 years ago, and as I understand it, they had been using JORI for many years at that point. We always manage to get everything worked out.”

Troy M, Accu-Thread Machining Ltd, Jun/17

“We have had no issues with JORI Logistics at all. It’s been wonderful all these years. We’ve been in operation for 13 years and JORI’s service has been consistently good.”

Marty K, G.A.S. Analytical Systems Ltd, Jun/17

“JORI Logistics is doing what they promised they would do for us. We don’t have to chase them.”

Rod, Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd, Jun/17

“We have been dealing with JORI Logistics for 40 years and we aren’t going anywhere else. They’ve been very good for us. JORI has gotten us rush clearances too. They are very good with handling details like that.”

Robbie F, Eskimo Refrigeration Ltd, May/17

“JORI Logistics has such great customer service. They go out of their way for us. We are a last second business, and Gary and Jackie with JORI, get the shipments on the plane and gets it there the next morning. Then they get the freight to the rig for us – it’s just amazing what they do for us. We always hit our goals because of JORI.”

Kaiser Z, Steelhaus Inc, May/17

“JORI Logistics knows what they are doing all the time. In our line of work, it boils down to three types of entries and we tell them which one we want to process and we provide them with paperwork, they review it and let us know if anything is missing. We get feedback from our customers and our goal is to provide the best customer service. That is also JORI’s goal and they are achieving it.”

Curt R, Turbo Auto Transport, May/17

“JORI Logistics is providing the service I ask for. They are fairly comparable to other forwarders. If their prices are higher, they will work to match other freight forwarders.”

Jeff F, Whiteridge, Apr/17

“We use JORI Logistics for everything, and we find all of them easy to deal with. There have been no major issues with the shipments themselves.”

Mattie C, ALS Wellvention, Apr/17

“We deal with JORI Logistics’ Salesperson, Robert M. He returns messages in a timely manner, even returning text messages to our agent in Canada, sometimes at odd hours of the night. Before we did the first transaction, the owner of JORI made a trip to Toronto, and he went out of his way to come to Cleveland to meet with me personally to understand our business. That was above and beyond. I am very impressed with JORI.”

Jamie H, Sangraf, Mar/17

“The Customs CSR at JORI Logistics, Sarah, is exceptional. She gets back to me very quickly and gets things done unbelievably fast. She is very competent and I think she is fantastic!”

John K, Modern Tool, Mar/17

“JORI Logistics is definitely look after us. When we need them they are there for us, and they have competitive pricing.”

Tamara L, Nortruck, Mar/17

“The people we dealt with at the previous company lost our goods, several times, and blamed it on something, making us search for it. So we had to find someone else. We have used JORI Logistics for last three years and we are really happy we have found a reliable company.”

Puru K, AMR Processing, Mar/17

“There are always ups and downs with any company but JORI Logistics has always provided great service for us. We have used them for 5 years. We have 5 manufacturers and we use them for all five manufacturers. Every time we get a new manufacturer, we just let Emily, JORI’s Customs CSR know.”

Ashley B, Factory Outlet Trailer, Mar/17

“I am confident JORI Logistics would help resolve any issue because of their professionalism, they answer my questions, and their service is impeccable. If there was a problem, I know they would address it. And we keep dealing with JORI because we have never had an issue with them.”

Carole S, Vancouver Irrigation, Mar/17

“The owner of our company has worked with JORI Logistics in the past, and likes the employees that work there. They’re quite flexible and can get me information I need in a short time frame. I value the ease of communication with their people.” Amber M, Morwest Crane and Services, Mar/17 “I’ve never had any issues with JORI Logistics. As a matter of fact, JORI has saved our bacon a few times. They’ve gotten difficult items through customs for us. I have shopped around and actually JORI gets us better rates.”

Richard D, North Caribou Air, Feb/17

“Mostly I deal with Elaine at JORI Logistics and she handles everything for us very well. We have 13 different lines of boats and numerous other products. One of the companies that approached me was my brother’s company and I told him “no”. I have a good working relationship with JORI, and I’m getting all that we expect and need from them. Elaine has been doing a great job.”

Blair A, Alberta Marine and Auto, Feb/17

“JORI Logistics’ service is just great and their people are very personable. There have been two times when I have been in dire straights, and both times I had to get something shipped on an emergency basis. JORI came through and handled everything.”

Dale B, Instabox, Feb/17

“Jackie, the Freight CSR at JORI Logistics, is the person to go to when you want something fixed. If a shipment is stalled or there are problems at the border. She is very dedicated and does a great job. Of all the vendors I deal with, I would say that JORI would legitimately get a score of 100%. I don’t think any other vendors would. I cannot say enough good things about Jackie.”

Lance P, Cathedral Energy, Jan/17

“Sarah, the Customs CSR with JORI Logistics, calls me when she sees problems and I call Jackie, their Freight CSR, when I have questions. I actually call Jackie with everything and I think I do that, because I know her so well. Sarah is excellent though. She responds quickly and is knowledgeable.”

Joan M, RBI Canada 2000, Jan/17

“JORI Logistics is a very professional company. They are easy to work with and they know their stuff in terms of customs. JORI is my ‘go to’ company if I have customs questions. I have asked questions of their Freight CSR, Jackie, many times and she takes the time to answer me. She is really good about doing that.”

Tami P, Network Innovations, Jan/17

“I deal 100% with Elaine, JORI Logistics’ Customs CSR. Product comes in by plane or ocean going vessel. For the most part, I don’t pay much attention to customs or freight as Elaine takes care of it. That is really my experience, Elaine does good work. She has come by the office on visits. She takes care of things so in my mind, she obviously cares.”

Jon E, Wilo Canada, Jan/17

“JORI Logistics’ Freight CSR, Matt, is extremely helpful and really good to deal with. He is also quick if I need an answer, he is on it right away. That is really helpful in this business as any shipment has to be made right now.”

Sara D, Definitive Optimization, Jan/17

“JORI Logistics is great. They have the best customer service, it doesn’t matter if the weather is good or if it is a storm, they are great. I have 24×7 service with my Rep. and they respond to any possible issues that we have.”

Mihaela R, Cathedral Energy, Jan/17