What Customers ‘Value The Most’ About JORI Logistics


This page contains results and reviews from what JORI Logistics’s customers Value the Most about of their experience with JORI Logistics.

Timeline: 2018 | 2017

JI What Customers Value

Here are Reviews of JORI Logistics’s Customers:

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“I value the ease of service that I have with JORI. It is one call or one fax and it is done. JORI is a one stop shop. An ‘all in one’ service. I tell them what’s coming and they take care of it. A BOL is sent and the product show up and for me, that is what is important.”

Colin S, G.D. Liquidators Ltd, Nov/18

“It’s their reliability that we value the most. We can depend on them. That puts my mind at ease with product movements, JORI has it covered.”

Kathryn H, Envent Engineering Ltd, Nov/18

“What is important to me is service. JORI finds us the trucks we need and they put the right paperwork in place. I value the service that JORI has provided.”

Brad D, GMR Electric Motors Ltd, Nov/18

“The factors that are important to me are knowledge, as there are a lot of logistics and rules to be aware of, and communication, having someone to reach and speak with. Not having to wait for hours or days to have calls returned is significant. What I value is their knowledge and communication. Working with JORI has been good, everything is smooth.”

Quiana C, TSS Total Safety Inc, Oct/18

“I value the people and my impression of JORI is that they deal with their customers as people not as numbers. I value Dalia’s work as she takes care of things and provides the details. I also value the fact that Sam, the owner, met with me as well.”

Hector M, Exchanger Industries Ltd, Oct/18

“The knowledge and service of JORI’s staff is what I value the most. I feel that the JORI staff care about the job and make sure they are doing a good job. JORI’s staff are generally knowledgeable and we have used their knowledge in making decisions on how we move vehicles.”

Curt R, Turbo Auto Transport, Oct/18

“I take comfort in knowing that JORI is familiar with our business and will take care of things. They are trustworthy, reliable and competent.”

Harit K, Pacesetter Equipment, Oct/18

“I like the fact that I don’t have to get involved. They take care of everything unless a real messy issue comes up. In the year we have been dealing with them, I think that I have only needed to be involved twice.”

Doug T, Southampton Industrial Manufacturing Inc, Oct/18

“A key thing for us is price in our decision to work with JORI. The flat fee is helpful as there is no volatility in prices for customs brokerage. It is their professionalism that I value the most.”

Carole S, Vancouver Irrigation and Landscape Lighting, Oct/18

“I think it is the speed of service and response time that Harprit provides is what I value the most. I ask for information and I get a quick assessment and then a quick follow-up.”

Edmonton Manufacturer, Sep/18

“I value that JORI’s work is done in a timely, quick and fast manner. I send an email or make a phone call and someone answers right away. I never have to chase anyone to move our product. It is a seamless process.”

Reydal B, Pure Icelandic Seafood, Sep/18

“It is the experience and knowledge that all the JORI Logistics staff have. They have taught us how the freight and customs systems work. They have shown us the ins and the outs and how to expedite the process. It has been very valuable for us.”

Kaiser Z, Steelhaus Inc., Sep/18

“I will say right off the start, JORI is excellent. I say that because Gary is there every time we call him. He gets everything moved on time and if there are issues, he gets them fixed immediately. I would say that he provides exceptional customer service.”

Sandy B, Aurora, Sep/18

“I value the service that JORI provides. Matt helps me out, he personal and we have a good working relationship. I don’t want to have to deal with anyone else and he also laughs at my jokes.”

Levi, Innovator Industrial, Aug/18

“I value the friendliness of JORI staff. Gary is always easy to deal with and puts up with my crap.”

Shelby H, Epoch Western Canada, Aug/18

“It’s their customer service and their reliability that I value the most with JORI Logistics. JORI has good people who are willing to be helpful.”

Lesley I, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“I value JORI Logistics’s immediacy. If I need something, I get it right away. They have helped us from day one and they are always there. I can call them at anytime and they have the answers we need.”

Zahid M, Hunter Well Science Ltd, Jul/18

“When we started shipments to Regina, JORI Logistics’ Salesperson, Robert Miller went to the warehouse to get things started. He was in constant communication with us. He was there when they were first unloaded – that is going the extra mile. JORI provided the personal touch. It showed the commitment that you don’t get from a lot of companies. That was JORI’s strength. The relationships we had with JORI were key.”

Jamie H, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“I would say it is the communication – JORI provides me with all the information I need and they do it ahead of time. These are the things that are so valuable.”

Jitender G, Gaba Stone Inc, Jul/18

“I value everything that JORI Logistics does for us. They provide us with the service we need. If I developed a new traffic lane, I would want to do it with JORI.”

Dave C, Factory Outlet Trailers, Jul/18

“The personal touch is what I value the most about JORI Logistics. I know who I am dealing with and they know what we need.”

Ivan K, Kambi Enterprises Inc, Jul/18

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“The timeliness of their service and getting everything done is what I value about JORI Logistics. We get orders that have to be across the border the next day, and JORI makes that happen.”

Garret J, Stronghold Oilfield, Oct/17

“I pick up the phone and make a quick call or send an email to JORI Logistics. That is important for me. I don’t have to do the paperwork which frees up a lot of my time. Certain shipments we do all the time so Matt and Josh at JORI are very familiar with them. It’s nice to just throw out a name to them and they know what is going on.”

Andy G, Axxess Industrial Supplies Inc, Aug/17

“I never hear anything bad about JORI Logistics, it just works. If I start hearing about problems, I just don’t have time for that. JORI does everything for us now.”

Andreas S, Merlin Integrated Solutions Inc, Jul/17

“The communication back and forth with JORI Logistics is really valuable. Everybody at JORI seems very friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to.”

Aaron M, One Eye Industries, Jul/17

“What I value the most from working with JORI Logistics is the satisfaction that I know that everything is taken care of. It is worry free.”

Troy M, Accu-Thread Machining Ltd, Jun/17

“When JORI Logistics is asked to do something, it gets done, They are quick to respond to our needs, if we need something overnight, they can make it happen.”

Gradon T, D & R Concrete Equipment Sales (1988) Ltd, Jun/17

“What I value the most with JORI Logistics is the service, knowing that our shipments are taken care of with no issues.”

James B, EMCO PC, Jun/17

“The people and their professionalism of JORI Logistics is what I value. I have dealt with a number of JORI staff over the years and I can say that all of them have been great to deal with.”

Marty K, G.A.S. Analytical Systems Ltd, Jun/17

“What I value the most with JORI Logistics is the long term relationship we have had. It is based on consistency, and reliability. Believe me, if they weren’t doing what we needed them to do, we would go elsewhere. But we can count on them.”

Rod, Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd, Jun/17

“I value JORI Logistics’ customer service because they are easy to work with. We have worked with a lot of different brokers and the relationship we have with JORI is very good. They understand our business and what we need. It flows well.”

Curt R, Turbo Auto Transport, May/17

“We have had an ongoing relationship with JORI Logistics and will continue to use them. What I value with JORI is the accuracy of the paperwork which has meant that we have never had any border issues.”

Lowell W, Pacesetter Equipment Ltd, May/17

“What I value the most about JORI Logistics is their customer service and on time deadlines. There are so many other competitors out there who would want our business but there is no way they could give us the service we get with JORI Logistics, so why would we go anywhere else?”

Kaiser Z, Steelhaus Inc, May/17

“What I value the most with JORI Logistics is the level of communication with their people, the phone calls, emails, and just how thorough they are with what they do.”

Trevor V, Brittania Industries, May/17

“The ability of JORI Logistics’ Sales Person, Rick, to get the job done is what I value. He delegates a lot of work now. He put good people in place. If you have a problem, you know that Rick is going to fix it and he is fun to work with.”

Robbie F, Eskimo Refrigeration Ltd, May/17

“I value the efficiency of JORI Logistics, how quick they provide service and their friendliness.”

Nancy Hamilton, Calgary Scientific, May/17

“JORI Logistics is very efficient, down to business, they don’t fool around. When I need something, they just do it. It’s the speed of their service, the customs pricing is good, and their people are great to work with.”

Natalia P, Drader Manufacturing, Apr/17

“JORI Logistics is easy to deal with, and with minimal problems. They do everything for us now. I know the company has been using JORI for a while and has had a good experience with them.”

Mattie C, ALS Wellvention, Apr/17

“I value the service by JORI Logistics on the brokerage side. They are very helpful and their service for customs and forwarding is really good.”

Jeff F, Whiteridge, Apr/17

“Trouble free performance by JORI Logistics, and honoring the commercial and delivery promises that were made in advance of the shipment is what I value the most.”

Jamie H, Sangraf, Mar/17

“JORI Logistics’ prompt service and friendly staff would be my top two reasons I value them. They make my job easier. Nortruck had been using JORI for years before I got here. Because of the quality of their service, we see no reason to end that relationship.”

Tamara L, Nortruck, Mar/17

“We chose JORI Logistics for us because of the price. What I value the most with JORI is their level of service. I can count on it. ”

Carole S, Vancouver Irrigation, Mar/17

“I’ve never met anyone at JORI, past or present, that I didn’t feel comfortable with. They have very good people. I was impressed with their approach and the fact that is a smaller family owned business, and so are we. You just get a feeling that you are not just a number the way you are with a bigger company.”

John K, Modern Tool, Mar/17

“What I value the most is that JORI Logistics can get difficult items shipped for us. Aircraft engines are difficult to get into Europe and JORI handles that for us.”

Richard D, North Caribou Air, Feb/17

“I value that working with JORI Logistics there is no stress! I just know that JORI will handle everything and I don’t have to worry about shipments.”

Nancy H, Calgary Scientific, Feb/17

“JORI Logistics takes work off my plate. I tell them when a shipment is ready, and they handle everything beyond that point. If there is an issue, they let me know and they resolve it. I don’t have to worry about anything.”

Rose P, Ametek Instrumentation, Feb/17

“I am very certain that JORI Logistics would help me resolve any issues that came up. I value the consistency of the service. I never have to worry about our customs work.”

Blair A, Alberta Marine and Auto Feb/17

“We’ve never had any issues at all with JORI Logistics. We’ve worked with them for 6 or 7 years, and we’ve had great service. We value their efficiency. They can make things happen quickly.”

Dale B, Instabox, Feb/17

“In dealing with JORI Logistics, I know that I will be taken care of. I give them information on a shipment and I know they will give me their best effort at getting me an answer as soon as they can. I am also comfortable with the rates they charge. JORI responds the same day and they keep me updated as things progress. JORI will take care of any issues.”

Tami P, Network Innovations, Jan/17

“I value JORI Logistics’ reliability. I cannot say enough good things about Jackie, the Freight CSR with JORI Logistics. I have known her for many years and we have an excellent relationship. She is knowledgeable, I trust what she is telling me and she is a very pleasant person.”

Joan M, RBI Canada 2000, Jan/17

“Matt, JORI Logistics’ Freight CSR, is awesome, he is a good guy and provides great service. He answers every single question that I ask and he has never let me down. Matt is dependable and we can get the answers we need.”

Jonni B, Agency One Lighting, Jan/17

“We have no issues with JORI Logistics. Everything happens as it should. We have success, so why would we shop around? If we were anything but 100% satisfied, we would have already looked elsewhere. I have never looked elsewhere. Anytime I email Elaine, their Customs CSR, I get the answers I am looking for.”

Jon E, Wilo Canada, Jan/17

“I enjoy the communication that I have with both Matt and Elaine at JORI Logistics. In dealing with their CSRs, it feels like they treat me as a person as opposed to just a number.”

Sara D, Definitive Optimization, Jan/17

“JORI Logistics has a strong customer service level. They are friendly. Every time I call them, they help me out.”

Mihaela R, Cathedral Energy, Jan/17