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Timeline: 2018| 2017

Why Refer JORI

Here are Reviews of JORI Logistics’ Customers:

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“I would recommend JORI because everything works for us. I have been dealing with JORI for 20 years. I value that it all works – the accessibility and promptness.”

Brian C, Brico Holdings Inc, Nov/18

“The service that JORI has given is why I would recommend them. It has been good and is generally done in good time. They have been really good with us, I have no issue.”

Brad D, GMR Electric Motors Ltd, Nov/18

“I would recommend them because we are both in Calgary. JORI is very accessible for us. They have tailored their offering to meet our needs. They are reasonable to work with.”

Allison P, Elbow River Marketing, Nov/18

“We would very likely recommend JORI. It is mostly their service – we have never ever had an issue. JORI is constantly checking up on things and constantly trying to improve the things they do for us.”

Kathryn H, Envent Engineering Ltd, Nov/18

“It is one of the few parts of our business that we have no issues with. We don’t have to be concerned or worried about it at all.”

Brad K, Modern Tool Ltd, Nov/18

“We have recommended JORI because Jackie knows what she is doing.”

Sara L, Envent Engineering Ltd, Nov/18

“I would recommend JORI because Sarah and Alex are both awesome. If I have a question, Sarah will answer it in a timely fashion. If I expect to have a problem shipment, all I have to do is send Sarah an email and she will handle it. I don’t have to do anything more. Alex is exactly the same. They are both on the ball, they both have a lot of knowledge and I depend on them for their expertise.”

Alma C, Specialty Beverage Solutions, Oct/18

“I would recommend them because of their customer service on both importing and exporting product. I find that their staff are knowledgeable and they are easy to deal with. JORI gets the job done, so I don’t have to worry about it.”

Cheryle L, Shel-B Sales Inc, Oct/18

“Since we have taken over the business we have had no issues with JORI. Our product is cleared in a timely manner and their service has been very good.”

Carole S, Vancouver Irrigation and Landscape Lighting, Oct/18

“We like the service we get by working with smaller companies like JORI. When we call the largest broker, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.”

Curt R, Turbo Auto Transport, Oct/18

“JORI Logistics and Sarah do such a good job for us. We have had no reason to look anywhere else. Our history with them is many, many years. So that is why I would refer them.”

Harit K, Pacesetter Equipment, Oct/18

“I would recommend them because of the service that Dalia provides. I also appreciate the interaction with Sam and Neil.”

Hector M, Exchanger Industries Ltd, Oct/18

“I would say because JORI is excellent. They care about their business and their customer’s business.”

Sandy B, Aurora, Sep/18

“I would recommend JORI because of my experience. They get me a quote when I need it. The turn around time is good, the response is good and the pricing.”

Mona W, KMG Industrial Lubricants, Sep/18

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because of the good experience we have had with them. It is working and has restored the confidence and trust we need in the process.”

Richard B, Levy’s Machine Works, Sep/18

“I just think the customer service from Gary is great. When he goes on holidays he tells me who to deal with and JORI’s second string are good to deal with as well.”

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Ltd., Sep/18

“JORI is really good to work with. They are dependable, and they get us the answers when we need them.”

Tammy M, Levy’s Machine Works, Aug/18

“I would recommend JORI because they take care of things and we don’t have to worry. We have had no problems.”

Rick D, North Cariboo Flying, Sep/18

“I think they are very responsive. They do what we ask them to do in a timely manner and I think that is great. We are happy with their service so we will definitely recommend them.”

Dirk H, Gestalt Haus Ltd., Aug/18

“For the things that I have already mentioned. Gary is highly responsive, and he knows what he is doing. Things run well, and Gary goes ‘above and beyond’ when he needs to.”

Ryan H, Can Supply Wholesale, Aug/18

“I would recommend JORI because we have had zero problems.”

Greg B, Alberta Marine & Auto, Aug/18

“What I like is that with JORI Logistics the communication is easy. I know who I am dealing with. For me, I like dealing with people I know, people who come around to visit and people who care. That is the personal touch I get from JORI.”

Ivan K, Kambi Enterprises Inc, Jul/18

“Sometimes, Freight Forwarding companies are a dime a dozen. We had complex issues and so we needed someone like JORI Logistics. We were starting out so we needed competitive pricing and good service and JORI provided that for us. It all worked, JORI got us what we needed.”

Jamie H, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“I already have recommended JORI Logistics. They provide us with the service we need and customs clearance is pretty much automated. The way things work now are fine. We get all the information we need.”

Dave C, Factory Outlet Trailers, Jul/18

“I have no problem recommending JORI Logistics because so far, there are no issues. Everything is working perfectly.”

Jitender G, Gaba Stone Inc, Jul/18

“I would say the excellent customer service is why I would recommend JORI Logistics. You don’t always find that in Freight Forwarding companies.”

Lesley I, Sangraf International, Jul/18

“I score JORI Logistics at a 10, for sure. I have been referring JORI all the time because of their service, they are always there for us. JORI is completely dependable.”

Zahid M, Hunter Well Science Ltd, Jul/18

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“For the most part, since we started this company. JORI has been doing our customs work and we haven’t had any issues. That is worth recommending.”

Garret J, Stronghold Oilfield, Oct/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because they are easy to work with, they are local and they respond quickly.”

Dana, Merlin Instrumentation, Aug/17

“JORI Logistics’ service has been solid and reliable without a lot of headaches, that’s all I can really ask for.”

Aaron M, One Eye Industries, Jul/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because I do not have any headaches with them, and my deliveries get to my clients. We tried a couple of other companies at first and it was a headache to get our shipments on time.”

Andreas S, Merlin Integrated Solutions Inc, Jul/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics mainly because of their service. I like the consistency of the people we deal with. They know our products and they know us. We have the confidence that they offer competitive pricing. We know that if there is any issue, they will take care of it.”

Kerstin H, Gestalt Haus Ltd, Jun/17

“I’ve always dealt with them, ever since I started here. JORI Logistics is easy to deal with and I know them all. I send an email and they get back to me. It’s an easy process, I don’t have to call them a bunch. We usually handle most things with an email.”

Gradon T, D & R Concrete Equipment Sales (1988) Ltd, Jun/17

“JORI Logistics babysits our account well. We have had no issues with them. There might have been small issues going to Alaska but they deal with them promptly. They are knowledgeable about what they do.”

Guy W, Collega International Inc, Jun/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because of how they treat us. They are good partners with us.”

Rod, Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd, Jun/17

“JORI Logistics has been great. They are getting shipments done and that is what matters.”

James B, EMCO PC, Jun/17

“We recommend JORI Logistics all the time because of their prompt service, knowledgeable people, and they take care of our freight and customs work so well.”

Kaiser Z, Steelhaus Inc, May/17

“We have had a very good experience with JORI Logistics. There have been very few issues with hold ups. Once we hand it off, we don’t hear about our shipment until it has arrived.”

Lowell W, Pacesetter Equipment Ltd, May/17

“I have been recommending JORI Logistics because they are competitive, they provide good service, they know what they are doing. JORI gets all our business.”

Robbie F, Eskimo Refrigeration Ltd, May/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because they are easy to deal with, they are good people and they are very knowledgeable.”

Trevor V, Brittania Industries, May/17

“JORI Logistics’ staff are friendly, quick, accurate, and they are always there when I call. There is no waiting around with them. JORI is providing good service for us.”

Nancy Hamilton, Calgary Scientific, May/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics for companies who want a small level broker, someone who is local. Some people don’t like working with the really big brokerages because they are very impersonal.”

Kerry C, Norwesco Industries (1983) Ltd, May/17

“We have been quite happy with the service by JORI Logistics. They move all of our freight and they are reliable and really easy to deal with.”

Mattie C, ALS Wellvention, Apr/17

“A big part of why I would recommend JORI Logistics is Elaine’s customer service. She is fantastic, she does care, and I have her cell phone number. She goes above and beyond to help us. She even helped our owner Dave and Vicki. Elaine is the main reason I would recommend JORI.”

Ashley B, Factory Outlet Trailer, Mar/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because of their impeccable service of their people, the speed in which Sarah, JORI’s Customs CSR, gets back to me, and the fact there have been no problems.”

Carole S, Vancouver Irrigation, Mar/17

“I already recommend JORI Logistics because they are very efficient and capable of offering good service. Their people are very good to deal with, whether it is Jackie or Sarah, and really all of them at JORI do a great job.”

John K, Modern Tool, Mar/17

“JORI Logistics seems to be easy to deal with, and they are efficient in getting back to me when they have all the information. I also appreciate that they are fine when things get changed up on our end, they can handle that. All of their staff are quite knowledgeable and easy to deal with. If they don’t have an answer to a question, they will find it and get back to me.” Amber M, Morwest Crane and Services, Mar/17 “I would recommend JORI for Canadian shipments because they provide a good solution for our specific Canada needs where others have failed. JORI understands the GST and other Canadian issues.”

Jamie H, Sangraf, Mar/17

“I have already recommended JORI Logistics to a few of our clients. I recommend JORI because of the quality of their service. We’ve dealt with them a long time, and they are always very accommodating and helpful.”

Tamara L, Nortruck, Mar/17

“We have had very little problems compared to who we dealt with in the past. JORI Logistics’s rates are competitive, we’ve never had any complaints. We trust JORI, because there have been no major mistakes. Their staff are cooperative and competent, so we’ve had no issues with them either.”

Puru K, AMR Processing, Mar/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because of the simplicity of dealing with them. I just ship my stuff out and don’t worry about it. My boats show up when they are supposed to. I never have to stress about my shipments. I am treated fairly and the quality of customer service from JORI Logistics is great.”

Blair A, Alberta Marine and Auto, Feb/17

“I recommend JORI Logistics because of their great service, personable staff, and the fact that I’ve had no issues.”

Dale B, Instabox, Feb/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because of their competence, professionalism, the fact that we have had no issues, and that the staff are great. They are courteous and they get back to me quickly.”

Nancy H, Calgary Scientific, Feb/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because they know what they are doing, they are prompt, helpful and professional. I was using JORI for over 10 years where I previously worked, and 6 years here. Another company came to see me yesterday to pitch his company, but they don’t measure up to JORI. What I appreciate is that the service quality with JORI has been consistent over the years.”

Richard D, North Caribou Air, Feb/17

“I have worked with JORI Logistics for so many years and I have never had a situation that couldn’t be fixed. We have issues at times but things get resolved. JORI’s prices are good but the most amazing thing is JORI’s customer service. They respond, they are here to help, they even take care of our Customs Audits.”

Mihaela R, Cathedral Energy, Jan/17

“I have never had any issues with JORI Logistics. I really enjoy working with them. I would rate JORI at a 10/10. They are so easy to deal with, the paperwork is done, they are timely and they can answer all my questions.”

Sara D, Definitive Optimization, Jan/17

“I would recommend JORI Logistics because they have done so well for us. We haven’t dealt with anyone else and we don’t want to. We have always felt that their rates are good. We don’t want to deal with anyone else because we are satisfied with their service. We know them, we trust them and they know our business.”

Joan M, RBI Canada 2000, Jan/17

“Because JORI Logistics is professional and a Canadian company, I would recommend them. They put 100% effort into everything they do for us.”

Tami P, Network Innovations, Jan/17

“I would score JORI Logistics at 10/10 because it is all working just fine regarding customs clearance solutions. When something happens, I get JORI’s Freight CSR, Matt involved and it is taken care of. They seem competitive. I have recommended JORI to others.”

Jonni B, Agency One Lighting, Jan/17

“I have had nothing but good experiences with Elaine and with JORI Logistics. JORI is the only company I know – I couldn’t recommend any other company because I am not aware of any other. I have had good experience with JORI.”

Jon E, Wilo Canada, Jan/17