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This page contains results and reviews from Legacy Kitchens’ clients about of their cabinet Design Experience.

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Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“It was an amazing experience. I tell everyone about Legacy. I was totally impressed with the customer service, from the service before the cabinets arrived, the delivery, during the installation and even after the cabinets were installed. The customer service was incredible.”

Lorraine B, Cochrane, AB Dec/18

“Rob had a really good idea and we bought it! There were features and options that he took time to explain to me. My wife really liked him too. We’ve showed off the cabinets to all of our friends.”

Dennis W, SW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“Paul W gave great explanations of what was available. He listened and heard us. I’m really pleased with the kitchen that we ended up with.”

Donna D, SE Calgary, AB Dec/18

“Legacy did a great job! Our cabinets are custom made, everything fits beautifully and the pricing was good. The Designer, Jason, listened carefully and he offered lots of suggestions which improved our ideas. He is very talented at maximizing the space. I’ve seen custom cabinetry in other places and, in comparison, our kitchen and bathrooms look really, really good.”

Claudette M, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“Jane is an amazing Designer. She really understood what we were looking for. She was helping us to make good choices because she understood what we wanted.”

Oksana N, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“I was most impressed with Steve. It was meeting Steve that influenced my decision to use Legacy. He bent over backwards to give great service. He gave me a lot of confidence and he explained everything clearly. He came recently for a follow-up visit to check everything out. He was very personable and good at his job.”

Marilyn W, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“Legacy Kitchens is great. They are all lovely and great to deal with. My favorite part was the design work with Allison. I would definitely work with her again. I really enjoyed James, the Installer, too. He was very professional and his attention to detail was amazing. He has the perfect personality along with the skills for this job. James made sure things were perfect before he left.”

Karen B., NW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“I found Steve amazing. He was what sold Legacy for us. We were considering Legacy and another company and Steve’s knowledge and excitement about our project sold us. From the beginning of the process with Steve coming out to measure, he had different ideas than the other company. Steve found every nook and cranny that we could use. His design was superior.”

Lisa G., SE Calgary, AB Oct/18

“Allison was great. She was very attentive and explained things very well. We were comfortable that we knew what we were getting and what we could expect.”

Don J., SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“Working with Arno, Legacy’s Designer went very well. This is our first kitchen renovation and if we did it again, we’d do the exact same things.”

Greg H, Cochrane, AB Sep/18

“I really enjoyed working with Paul. He has a lot of expertise and good suggestions. I appreciated the suggestions and we incorporated them into the design.”

Pamela D., NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Allison was wonderful the whole way through. She was easy to get a hold of in a timely fashion. When we had questions, she was there to answer.”

Calgary Home Builder, Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Kim, the Designer at Legacy Kitchens, was awesome. We hope to work with her again. You have to understand that this kitchen in the church has to please 150 people. Kim understood that and worked with us. All of the funds were from fundraising. We could only do half of the project at this time. Kim worked with us to get the best bang for the money.”

Ingrid F, NE Calgary, Aug/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jennean, was very easy to get along with, she was very professional and she exceeded expectations. Jennean’s design ideas were in line with my wife’s ideas and that was a big factor in selecting Legacy. Jennean presented a positive picture. She was phenomenal.”

Tyler A, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“Arno, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, listened and he had a genuine curiosity. He understood what we both wanted and answered our dumb questions. That was the difference between Legacy and their competition. We had a small project but Arno treated us like we were purchasing $60k of cabinets. We didn’t go with their competition because they gave us the impression that they were doing us a favor just to work with us. Arno was good to work with.”

Dave P, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“In this case, I was the Builder and the Homeowner. I use Legacy Kitchens a lot. Sometimes I bring in a client for a custom build and sometimes I build on spec. I use Kelly, their Designer, all the time. Kelly understands my clients’ needs. She knows how to stay within budget and she doesn’t try to upsell all the time.”

Danny S, Hayati Homes, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“I would rate Legacy Kitchens’ Designer at a 10/5! Allison was very professional, she knew her job and she fulfilled all my expectations. She came up with some new ideas for us. I valued the quality of product installed, the design and the changes of the layouts that Allison provided.”

Roland G, Dead Man’s Flats, AB Jul/18

“I would give Kim, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, a 6 or even a 10 out of 5! Kim was perfect. She was so calm and she explained everything really well. She is extremely nice and she understood everything that we talked about. Kim came back to see us and to find out how things were working out for us. She was perfect for us.”

Mary P, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Allison, sold us on Legacy. She made it easy. Allison understood what we were after and helped us understand their process, asking about our budget, etc. It just made sense to go with them.”

Terri P, SE Calgary, Jun/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jason was helpful and it seemed like he was beside us all the way. He was really easy to deal with. He came over to the house, he helped us measure and figure out what we could do. Jason went above and beyond.”

Linda W, SW Calgary, Jun/18

“I interviewed 6 companies just to find out more before I selected Legacy Kitchens. I went with Legacy because of Michael B, their Designer. He was confident and he had his group at my house within days to get me an estimate. He was on it bang, bang, bang and he was ready to go. Everyone knew what they were doing to provide an accurate package.”

Terry W, SW Calgary, Jun/18

“I felt Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jay-Dean, did a fabulous job. I really liked that she took her time with me. I changed my mind a lot and Jay-Dean was very patient with me. She wanted to make sure I was happy. Jay-Dean really cared a lot and wanted to find out what I needed and wanted.”

Margo H, NW Calgary, May/18

“Michael was very easy to work with right from the get go. That’s one of the reasons that we went with Legacy. I felt very comfortable. Michael is very professional and timely at returning emails and answering questions. There were no issues whatsoever.”

Karen W, SW Calgary, May/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jay-Dean, was excellent! When she came out to the house, she listened to what we wanted. She really did have creative ideas and she helped us find ways to reduce the price. Everything worked out perfectly. It turned out to be exactly what we wanted.”

Laureen M, NW Calgary, May/18

“Kim listened to my input and my concerns. My father was also a part of the project and Kim acknowledged what he had to say too. The whole process and project transformed my kitchen to be very functional and modern.”

Jill K, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“I’ve used Legacy Kitchens many times before and I highly recommend them. Steve is knowledgeable and resourceful. I’ve known him for 20 years. He is a great guy.”

Andrea, Andrea Hasanagic Design, SW Calgary, Apr/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kelly, was wonderful. We walked in and we hit it off right away. We talked and got everything sorted out. When Kelly came to the house, she listened to everything and put it all into the design. It’s exactly what I told her I wanted.”

Anne D, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Gavin, was easy to work with from start to finish. He worked within our existing structure as this was a renovation, not a new home. Gavin did a good design without being able to move a wall. The design is very suitable for the space that we have. I think he did a good job.”

Linda M, SW Calgary, AB Mar/18

“The Designer is really what set Legacy Kitchens apart from the other kitchen suppliers. Steve put an honest effort into the design. Other suppliers, didn’t seem to want to help us design our kitchen. I felt that Steve really wanted to make his mark on our kitchen. He wanted to show us the options and give us the best design he could. We really appreciated his input and his ideas.”

John & Stacey M, SE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“We talked to other people who had used Legacy Kitchens and had a good experience but we also knew Arno, their Designer, and knew he would do a good job for us. He really knows his stuff and had good ideas.”

Duane J, Cochrane, AB Mar/18

“Paul is one of the best in the business. He is experienced, he is a great Designer, and he has good ideas for different situations. It’s the service from Legacy Kitchens that I value the most, particularly in the design process. Paul is great at what he does. He does on-site mark-outs that are the best I’ve seen.”

Danny R, Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kimberley, was fabulous. She was very professional, knowledgeable and she made the whole experience very positive for us.”

Guido B, NE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Michael with Legacy Kitchens is excellent. He really knows my needs and he knows what Legacy can provide. I’ve worked with Michael a few times. He is very approachable and so easy to talk to. Michael was very helpful in accommodating us and in providing insight about the product.”

Teena B, Calgary, AB Feb/18

“The product is excellent. It’s high quality, the drawers are fantastic, it looks like a showroom kitchen. Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Allison, did a great job working with Jinny on the design. Allison had suggestions for things that we didn’t think about. We wouldn’t change a thing which is the single best testament to the design of the kitchen. She nailed it.”

Paul A, NW Calgary Jan/18

“We liked Jason, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, from the moment we met him. He was great at answering questions, especially with me doing the sub-contracting work myself. I don’t think that answering my questions would have been easy. Jason listened and he believed in us. It worked out great. My wife is very particular and Jason listened a lot. I’m an engineer and also very particular. A lesser person than Jason couldn’t have done it.”

Greg S, SE Calgary Jan/18

“Michael took the time and met with us when it was convenient to us. He listened and came back with a first design that was what we envisaged. He was available beyond. Michael was the one who really sold the project to us and he was the point of contact for us. Michael hit it out of the park for us!”

Rob & Mona N, SW Calgary Jan/18

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“Michael, the Designer with Legacy Kitchens, gave us all the options and let us decide without pushing us. He wanted us to get the kitchen that we wanted. Michael provided good ideas on functionality.”

Cathy R, SW Calgary, Dec/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Suzi, was amazing, I’ve worked with various people before and Suzi was tops. She listened to what I wanted. Suzi gave very good suggestions to improve the things I was suggesting. She would think of something slightly different that might work better. Suzi knew the product inside out so she could tell me what would work and what could be improved.”

Carol H, Canmore, AB Dec/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kim, was a perfect choice for us. If we had obvious questions, she answered without judgement. She helped us along the way. Kim was able to read the space we had and she could fill in the gaps. I expect that Kim would also be good with people who are more experienced than us.”

Leanne G, NW Calgary Dec/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Mike B, was good! He came up with a great design and it came together nicely. He did a good job.”

Mike M, NW Calgary Nov/17

“I’d give Paul W, the Designer at Legacy Kitchens, a 5+/5 because he took a lot of time with measurements and observing how we used the kitchen and moved about the house. It was really cool. Paul is an excellent Designer.”

Taz and Richard, NW Calgary Nov/17

“We were thrilled with the final product and the amount of time that Rob, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, took with my husband and me. Rob was so patient, he showed me different combinations of things. He really was so helpful and his tastes matched mine.”

Pat L, SE Calgary Nov/17

“I am thoroughly impressed with how Jennean at Legacy Kitchens handles the situation and talks with the clients. Jennean will lead the client through the design by asking questions and she has enough knowledge and history to design in a really skilled way. She does more than listen; she hears from the clients and my point of view. Jennean is what I like to expect in a professional.”

Dave M, Dasan Interiors Inc, SW Calgary Oct/17

“We’ve used Paul as a Designer with Legacy Kitchens before. We have an awkward place – it’s an old style u-shaped kitchen with bricks. We were very happy with the design that Paul came up with previously. Now, we’ve added on and changed some things and once again, Paul came through for us with a design that we really like.”

Dawn S, NW Calgary Oct/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Allison, understood what I wanted, more than I did. I was very impressed. She was the most prompt of all the contractors that I worked with on this project. Allison was really friendly and understood budget and design concerns. She was helpful, understanding and never made me feel pressured.”

Heather P, Cochrane, AB Oct/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jeannine, was excellent in every way. She made the process easy. She worked through all the design aspects with us. Jeannine showed us how the kitchen would look with a computer image. That aspect was very cool.”

Marj F, SE Calgary Sep/17

“Steve, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, was very attentive to the end and until the installation was done. We had a few issues and he had it handled it the same day. Steve seemed like a star. He was friendly and he was engaging. My wife and I were completely happy with the kitchen part of the project.”

Dennis B, SW Calgary Sep/17

“The Designer, Allison with Legacy Kitchens, was very responsive and excellent to work with. She had a sense of what we were looking for and working within parameters that we set out. There was no pressure or up-sell.”

Kris N, SW Calgary Sep/17

“Everything was really good with Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jay-Dean. She was friendly, down to earth, she took the time to talk to us and we were really comfortable with her.”

Pam K, NE Calgary Aug.17

“It all went very well with Legacy Kitchens. It was everything, such as the options Kim, Legacy Kitchens Designer provided and the manner of her presentation. She was on time and it was a good working relationship.”

Greg H, NE Calgary Aug/17

“Michael from Legacy Kitchens was very helpful. He knew his product and he made suggestions for various design details that would have otherwise been overlooked.”

Ian L, SE Calgary Aug/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kim, is very good. She listens, takes notes, comes up with ideas and she brings solutions for issues. She is agreeable.”

Theresa S, NW Calgary Jul/17

“We have recommended Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jennean, to a friend. We like the way she got back to us quickly with the design and she kept in touch to make sure there were no issues. She had some good ideas, little things I never would have thought of. She was easy to work with and talk to.”

Bev B, NW Calgary Jul/17

“I really like the fact that I can go and look at things. I’m a visual person. I liked working with Kelly. She came back with solutions when there were a few things that needed to be tweaked. Legacy Kitchens has a good reputation, and I don’t want to work with someone who is not established. Legacy is a well established business.”

Cathy O, SW Calgary Jul/17

“The Designer, Paul W, was a very strong part and a good part of our renovations. He was helpful and available. We’ve referred him to many friends. We would recommend Legacy Kitchens mostly due to Paul. He is a kitchen magician. He exceeded our expectation in the amount of time he spent with us.”

Tanya G, NW Calgary, Jun/17

“I loved Jennean, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer. She is really easy to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone. Jennean was super approachable, she listened to what I wanted and she also made some really good suggestions. Jennean didn’t just do what I said, she challenged me in a good way.”

Kaitlyn E, SE Calgary, Jun/17

“Stephanie, the Designer at Legacy Kitchens, was very outstanding. She provided a lot of good insights during the design and she was very helpful in selecting cabinets and colour etc. She did a very good job with the design.”

Bob B, De Winton, AB Jun/17

“Robert, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, is personable and stayed on budget. He is creative and always available. He listened to what I wanted and he explained about the cabinet features really well.”

Stephanie I, NW Calgary, May/17

“Allison from Legacy Kitchens was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable, yet she still listened to what we wanted. She came up with good suggestions and left it up to us at the end of the day. I appreciated that.”

Rod B, NW Calgary May/17

“I love the design and functionality of the new cabinets. Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kelly, did a good job.”

Tara R, SW Calgary, May/17

“We went to Legacy Kitchens’ showroom and we were impressed. Gavin came over to speak with us and he showed us his previous work, his approach and attitude. It was the Designer who drew us in. Gavin’s confidence, knowledge, and his upfront and practical discussion impressed us. Also, he could tell us the approximate cost right away so we knew we were in the ballpark. We thought we knew what we wanted at the beginning and he challenged our ideas, so that we literally changed it completely. He was great.”

Wayne B, SW Calgary, Apr/17

“Jason from Legacy Kitchens would listen so carefully and he provided us with options. Jason was so good at re-working the design until we were satisfied that it was right. He cared and wanted the design to be a reflection of who we are. He was very creative and helpful in making it our space. Jason laid it out in a very succinct way so it was easy to follow every stage. He came out several times to touch base and see how it was progressing. It was amazing how he worked to make our vision come true.”

Isabella A, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“Jay-Dean had really good design ideas. It was a quality product and the installation and service from Legacy Kitchens were excellent. It was really Jay-Dean that made it all work.”

Fred R, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“We really liked what was offered through Legacy Kitchens and right away, Bekki was proactive about what we could do and what we wanted. She was very easy to work with.”

Teresa M, Canmore, AB, Mar/17

“We did not know much about kitchen design at all. Jennean at Legacy Kitchens brought it to the simplest terms and she took the time to understand how our family worked. We found that Jennean’s family is similar to ours. We loved Jennean. Jennean is very approachable, kind and responsive.”

Penny N, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“I loved Bekki with Legacy Kitchens. She was professional. I had specific concerns and she listened and worked with me on everything I mentioned. Bekki was meticulous in her approach. It was the price. Also, we wanted quality. We were renting a condo that had high end cabinets. Bekki came to look at the cabinets we liked in the rental condo and she was able to assure us that the Legacy quality would be similar.”

Katherine S, Banff, AB, Mar/17

“Legacy’s Designer, Rob, was amazing and is awesome at providing helpful ideas. He made me feel comfortable and he came up with a great design. My interaction with Rob and the overall service experience with Legacy Kitchens is what I valued most.”

Trish B, NW Calgary, Feb/17

“Jay-Dean was absolutely fantastic with her knowledge and suggestions. I wanted a place to put spices and she had options. She came up with configurations for garbage and recycling in big pull out drawers. Jay-Dean even came for a home visit after the project was done and she brought me a gift basket.”

Kate P, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“Kelly, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, did have creative ideas and it worked well for us. We are so pleased that the kitchen is so functional.”

Chantal G, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“This is our second project with Paul and Legacy Kitchens. Paul is awesome because of his creativity and he listens to you and does what you want. He is always available for any questions at all.”

Sonya E, SE Calgary, Jan/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jay-Dean, was fantastic. She would listen to all of our questions and would be honest in a gentle way. I was very comfortable with Jay-Dean. She was very knowledgeable about what choices were available to us. Jay-Dean was very helpful to achieving our vision of our kitchen.”

Ellen V, SE Calgary, Jan/17

“Jay-Dean at Legacy Kitchens was very nice and patient. I really liked her. She was very patient to try to help me out. She is the best.”

Angela L, SW Calgary, Jan/17

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“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Rob, is awesome. I’d recommend him because Rob is very friendly, he has good ideas and he is easy to get along with.”

Joyce M, NE Calgary, Dec/16

“Paul with Legacy Kitchens was amazing, we totally enjoyed working with him. Everything he said was exactly the way it was. Paul was very clear about the Project Agreement. Paul did a friend’s place 20 years ago and they recommended Paul even after all this time has passed.”

Linda P, Calgary, Dec/16

“Michael, the Designer at Legacy Kitchens, was quite open and had great explanations. When we were stuck with decisions he helped guide us.”

Joanne C, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“The Designer with Legacy Kitchens, Steve, was super to deal with, personable, friendly, and I could be honest with Steve. He took the feedback. He had some ideas in his head and if I didn’t agree, he was cool with that. I didn’t have to argue with him.”

Tamara D, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“From the beginning I really trusted Gavin’s opinion because I didn’t know what I wanted for the kitchen. Gavin brought out the ideas. We left it up to him and I really like what we have. We trusted in Gavin and his ideas.”

Sarah A, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“We’ve had other renovations on our house and by far this was the best experience. I couldn’t imagine a better experience. It was fantastic working with Legacy Kitchens.”

Annabelle S, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“Michael was really easy to work with. He was helpful, professional, very nice and everything happened very quickly. We picked Legacy Kitchens because Michael got the design work back to us very fast. We went to 2 other kitchen companies and they took weeks longer to get their designs back to us.”

Jana V, High River, AB, Oct/16

“As far as the design goes, Michael really knows what he is doing. People who see my kitchen can’t believe how much bigger it looks. It functions really well and he did an excellent job of the design. When I came back from China, I could hardly recognize it. I was impressed. There were a few little things to tweak and Legacy Kitchens came back immediately no questions asked. They assured us that it was no problem to come back to fix anything.”

Jill and Gary O, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“I can heap praise on Steve, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer. He did a great job of the design. The moment that we said something wouldn’t work for us, he had the red pen out and instantly processed what we were saying. He didn’t hesitate and we were off to a new idea. We felt like we didn’t have to fight him on anything.”

Janet H, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens, Steve, has been doing this for so long, he is knowledgeable about everything and he knew which things would be worthwhile for us to consider. It was really straight forward, simple, and enjoyable. We are really happy.”

Andrea B, DeWinton, AB, Sep/16

“We had a good interaction with Jennean with Legacy Kitchens. It didn’t matter if she was on her days off, if it was the evenings or after hours, Jennean always got back to us. We appreciated her responsiveness. She never made it feel burdensome. That involvement helped in the decision to go ahead with Legacy versus other companies. The fact that Legacy was easy to work with resulted in it being an easy decision to go with Jennean and with Legacy. In the end, Jennean really exceeded all our expectations.”

Chris T, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“Jay-Dean with Legacy Kitchens was awesome. She is organized and she has good taste and good design ideas. Jay-Dean is on time, she follows up, she has great customer service and is very good at her job.”

Trisha O, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kelly, was so friendly and we were really comfortable and at ease. She was wonderful. Kelly was open to what we wanted to do. It wasn’t a huge renovation, but Kelly treated it as though it was. Kelly listened and understood.”

Kathy R, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“Our impression of working with Paul, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, is that he set the stage for a good renovations with no hiccups or issues. Paul is more thorough than most people. He listened and brought back ideas. He was always available when we asked to meet with him. He put in over and above time. He has always said ‘call me’ if there are any issues.”

Lurline W, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“Michael, the Designer, was excellent. We chose Legacy Kitchens before, when I had another job done in Calgary. I was totally pleased with the other jobs and so we back to Legacy Kitchens.”

Teena B, Black Diamond, AB, Aug/16

“At the point of installation, we trusted Paul at Legacy Kitchens totally. He kept us in the loop and everything went smoothly. Paul was incredible. He was always listening carefully and he never made assumptions. He analyzed things in a collaborative way. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and that really helped the process. He not only works at a high level, but right down to the minutia and detail. Paul is very approachable and it was a very positive experience.”

Margaret G, Calgary, Jul/16

“Where there were small differences of opinion, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Paul, discussed the matter really well with us and sometimes we went with his idea and sometimes we went with our idea. He was always good with the decision. He was very good at working things out with us.”

Scott G, Calgary, Jul/16

“I’m so appreciative of Robert with Legacy Kitchens because I was overwhelmed. He was fantastic. I had so many questions and he was so patient and didn’t blink an eye at answering. Robert was awesome. I have handed out all his cards.”

Krista P, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“Steve with Legacy Kitchens took time to listen and he communicated with us very well. We have no concerns, Steve was 100%. He made good suggestions but then let us make the decisions.”

JT H, NW Calgary, Jun/16

“JayDean was good and our tastes match. We went to a few other companies but we didn’t like their showroom as much. Their design was not as good either. They were $10,000 cheaper but we went with Legacy Kitchens because of the design. Legacy did come down in price a lot when we started talking more to them.”

Joanne T, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Allison, gave us good suggestions and guidance. She didn’t steer us in any particular way other than she gave us choices and options and let us select what we wanted. It were really good. She had no agenda. When we needed Allison and she was there for us.”

Keith B, Irricana, AB, Jun/16

“Jay-Dean at Legacy Kitchens was very professional. She came out and measured the site. She was on time. We were delayed and she was waiting for us.”

Marlene N, SW Calgary, May/16

“The whole thing with Legacy Kitchens was great. Michael, the Designer was professional, clear and available. He gave us ideas for 2 options that would stay within the existing kitchen footprint. We are thrilled with the end result. The Legacy team was easy to work with and I’d recommend them.”

Anne E, SW Calgary, May/16

“Paul with Legacy Kitchens is a genius at what he does. We left the project in his hands and he came up with the most amazing cabinets for us. We have nothing but amazing things to say about Paul. He is an absolute genius, and very personal and willing and eager to respond to all our needs.”

Simon and Marion H, Canmore, AB, May/16

“The Designer, Susan, was great; I love her. She has become a really good friend. Susan is detail oriented and has lots of great suggestions. I’d absolutely recommend her. She is really gifted at what she does.”

Cheryl I, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“The Designer, Gavin, was the best part of the whole process. He listened and was not exasperated when we went in circles, or when there were differences between my wife and me. It takes a lot of interpersonal skills to deal with both a husband and wife with different ideas and to overlay artistic skill on top of that is amazing. Gavin had a great ‘chair side manner.’ You don’t want to lose him!”

Martin M, NW Calgary, Apr/16

“Even the people that Legacy referred us to were excellent. When I was in the showroom for the last time and the last part of the decision making process, I had a question about the microwave that I should get for the microwave cabinet. Rob, the Designer, told me what kind of microwave and what things I needed to purchase. This saved me a lot of trouble; it made it easy for me. Rob told me about a good type of hood fan and he told me where to get it. Rob made it easy for me and he went out of his way to help me. This was above and beyond. “”

Coleen R, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Jennean made me feel like my project was important, even though it is a small kitchen. She was very interested in helping me with the flooring and backsplash selections, even though I wasn’t buying them through Legacy.”

Janet W, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“Michael is excellent at what he does at Legacy. He is very talented. I liked the way that he understood that I can’t read a 2 dimensional design drawing. He caught onto that immediately and sent me a 3 dimensional diagram so that I could understand the kitchen design.”

Elizabeth G, Calgary, Mar/16

“I’m a Contractor and I did this project for my own house. Rob is a good guy, straight up. Legacy was a bit expensive compared to other products, but I am 1000% percent satisfied.”

Todd M, SW Calgary, Mar/16

“We used Legacy’s Designer before for our kitchen. I think the greatest compliment is that we invited him back to do our bathrooms. He is great at getting the right solutions. He doesn’t try to “upsell”. He seems genuinely interested in getting you what you want.”

Carol H, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“I’d give Legacy Kitchens’ Designer a 6/5 if I could. Our kitchen turned out to be fantastic. He helped us to envision what it could look like.”

Bonita F, Airdrie, AB Feb/16

“Legacy’s Designer was fantastic. I can’t say anything but good things. She was friendly and reassuring. She would get back to me within the hour if I had any questions. She went above and beyond.’”

Karen L, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“Legacy’s Designer was really excellent. She did a really great job in understanding the space that we had available and how we could use it. She had lots of awesome ideas. We could never have achieved the great use of space without her input and design.”

Chelsea R, SE Calgary, Jan/16

“The Designer was very helpful. She got what I wanted right away. She did all the drawings and then she walked us through them. If we wanted a change, she was happy to provide it, and she went through all the paperwork with us and was good about explaining everything. She also came out when the construction was in progress to see how things were going along.”

Margaret H, NE Calgary, Jan/16

“I thought Legacy’s Designer was really excellent in everything he did for us. I was amazed at his expertise in designing the kitchen and bathrooms. I was amazed at the detail. When you are waiting and your house is torn apart, it’s good to know that everything is measured to the exact inch. “”

SE Calgary Homeowner, Jan/16

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“Legacy has probably one of the best kitchen designers in the City of Calgary, if not the best. A friend of ours who is an Interior Designer recommended him. He transformed our kitchen. It’s absolutely perfect.”

Dan M, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer came into our house and had an immediate grasp of what we were trying to achieve with our limited space. She had creative solutions around that.”

Daryle P, Chestermere, AB Dec/15

“The Designer with Legacy Kitchens came over a couple of times and went over and above what other places would have done. He paid close attention to what was going on.”

Agnes N, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“We really liked the Designer. The one thing we appreciated most was that he was very willing to make sure that we, as clients, got what we wanted, including little things such as drawer dividers.”

Margo G, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer provided creative solutions. For example, shelves that pull out in lower cabinets. These weren’t things that we talked about when our original kitchen was installed. Our cabinets are now more functional.”

Susan S, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“The Designer was especially helpful. I’m not a tall person, and it is wonderful to have my dishes down low. Everything he suggested worked well for me. He has a good eye.”

Carole S, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“The Designer with Legacy was very helpful. He took a long look at our kitchen and considered the space, storage, and recycling bin. None of them are visible anymore. I’m not having to crawl to reach into the lower cupboards anymore.”

Belinda W, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“The Designer with Legacy Kitchens is a great gal. She’s very knowledgeable.”

Bob, Shelby Homes, Calgary, Nov/15

“Everything was positive. Several times, the Designer took her personal time to be available for us to discuss the project. She was very professional and at the same time easy going.”

Ruta, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy’s Designer was very good to deal with. We really enjoyed meeting him and working with him. I can’t suggest anything to improve.”

Bill W, SW Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy’s Designer was very accommodating. He listened and had good ideas. He was easy to work with. If I were to do this again, I would have had Legacy’s Designer completely design the kitchen rather than the interior design company we worked with.”

SW Homeowner, Calgary, Nov/15

“The Designer with Legacy Kitchens was awesome. He returned emails and phone calls promptly. He gave me great insights and new ideas including some things that I wasn’t thinking about. To sum it up, he made sure I was looked after. It was great service.”

David G, GalloRia Inc, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer was amazing and could understand what I was explaining and build that into the vision. He finds options, he can see what I am looking for and still stay within my budget. He has a friendly manner. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Lacey W, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy was on time without any kind of needling or pushing from us. They managed the project themselves, on time and as we wanted to see things done.”

Mabel L, NW Calgary, AB Oct/15

“Legacy’s Designer pointed out some better ways to do things to keep our costs down. He was not out to sell us high end He asked for our budget; there was no pushing. The ideas he put forward were excellent and he listened to our concerns and ideas as well.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“I am very pleased with how it went. I researched other companies and compared with others, I was very happy with Legacy. The kitchen is exactly how I envisioned that it would be.”

Suzi T, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy’s Designer was exceptional and she gave us all the options. We worked well together. She was knowledgeable, accommodating, thorough and friendly.”

Zoe B, Cochrane, AB Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer was absolutely fantastic. He asked us the right questions to help us with the things we didn’t think about. We felt comfortable with his knowledge and his thought process about the kitchen design.”

Cory P, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“We connected with the Designer at Legacy Kitchens. She knew what we wanted and was able to catch onto what we needed. The project agreement was all laid out really well.”

Terry D, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was very helpful and knowledgeable. We have done several kitchens with him. We have enjoyed our association with him.”

Biagio O, Ultima Homes, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“I’d recommend Legacy’s Designer to neighbors and friends for sure.”

Jessica S. Sep/15

“Legacy’s Designer blew me away with his capabilities. He was always listening and engaged. He would say, ‘This is what I hear and this is what I can offer.’ He was great at listening and he had a lot to suggest.”

Leslie P, Okotoks AB, Sep/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was awesome. She is very intuitive and knew how to steer us toward what we were looking for. She was amazing and had excellent suggestions. We would absolutely deal with their Designer again.”

Candice C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“We changed the design at one point to a better design and we are very satisfied with the result. The Designer was really good with the change. It was initiated by the Designer because he had attended a conference and had a new idea for our kitchen. He presented the idea to us and we really liked it. It was a great idea.”

Gerry F, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was awesome. She is very intuitive and knew how to steer us toward what we were looking for. She was amazing and had excellent suggestions. We would absolutely deal with their Designer again.”

Candice C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“We really liked the product. We looked at the showroom and saw that it is not cheap laminate. It’s good quality. The Designer came up with really good design that worked well with our space. She had thought about how to maximize the space and also, design wise, she knew what would work and not work. We did get a quote and design from another place. Legacy’s Designer has more experience and it came through in the design.”

Carlye H, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer came to see our place and then came over again if we had any concerns or issues. He got back to us right away, usually within the hour, which is amazing. He is a very friendly person.”

Terry O, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer is a great guy. He listens and he took time. It was as though we were the only clients that Legacy had. He showed us almost too much. This is not a criticism because he was extremely helpful.”

Ulrich M, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“When we were still doing the quote and figuring out the design with Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Legacy brought in the trades to speak with us directly before we completed the design or final quote.”

Bernadita O, NW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer was more than willing to go over things to help me out. He was just superb. He was both professional and easy to work with. He wasn’t pushy and he worked with you.”

Ron M, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer has a good eye and she is good with our clients.”

Susanna & Brian, Westrock Custom Homes Inc, Calgary, Aug/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was very professional, helpful and knowledgeable.”

Heather C, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens suggested some really good things. He knows the details and we didn’t know anything about kitchen renovations. He was really valuable with his suggestions.”

Barry & Cheryl F, SW Calgary, Jul/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer came out to the site quite a bit more than I think other people would do. He directed the construction people, particularly to get the measurements exact. Our stove fits exactly.”

Trisha Y, Calgary, Jul/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer gets a ’10’ because of his personality – we just clicked. He knew to look at me for final decisions and not at my husband. He listened to what we wanted. He knows his work and has good suggestions.”

Cindy J, NW Calgary, Jul/15

“The whole experience with Legacy Kitchens was great. We’ve worked with their Designer previously on at least two other occasions. Legacy is always very professional. It’s obvious that they are concerned about what their client’s think.”

S Jones, Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer was marvelous. He had new ideas and he showed that he listened to our ideas too. It was collaborative. He was very good at explaining, to make sure we did understand everything.”

B Chappelle, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was unbelievably patient with us. He helped us and told us what we needed. When we discussed that we were actually going to purchase the cabinets, he came out to our home and then he could really see what we were trying to explain. I couldn’t ask for a better design.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was so good. Rob redid our design about 3 to 4 times. He really listened and tried to do the best with our small kitchen. It was challenging because of the location of a load bearing wall that couldn’t be removed. Rob came up with such a good solution. So, I really have to give Rob a 5 +++ score (out of 5).”

D Eason, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“This is our second Legacy Kitchens project. We first had a kitchen renovation done. That went so well, that I called the Designer with Legacy again to do the wet bar downstairs. I wanted to spruce it up. He knew exactly what I was talking about and it went very well.”

R McDonald, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer spent whatever time was required. We made multiple changes that he accommodated. He was knowledgeable and saved us from making some errors. We are not just happy with our new cabinets, we are thrilled!”

M Sorensen, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“It was a very interactive process between the Designer at Legacy Kitchens and my wife. We would say what we wanted and she would help us to understand what could work. We would bounce around ideas and it worked well.”

S & T Smith, NW Calgary, May/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens was really helpful and informative. She explained why we couldn’t have certain things that we thought we could do. She didn’t just agree with us in order to get the job done. She made sure we understood everything and why some things could work better.”

M Osman, NE Calgary, May/15

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens is very good at his job. We had never purchased a kitchen before and he gave us great ideas and great advice. The kitchen renovation was seamless.”

R Thomas, SE Calgary, Apr/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Designer could work with what we had, stay inside our budget and still provide us with a really nice kitchen. We previously had a Designer from another company do an assessment of our kitchen. They were over the top in generating a very high cost with knocking out walls.”

K Roth, SE Calgary, Mar/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer took a lot of my ideas and worked with them so that it was my design with the Designer’s tweaks and suggestions. I liked all of their ideas and I used the suggestions because they were up-to-date.”

S Rockley, SE Calgary, Mar/15


“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer was very knowledgeable about design and was very willing to work with any suggestions that we had. She is a very approachable and nice person to work with.”

K Roth, SE Calgary, Mar/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Designer really made an effort to understand what was needed. They made suggestions and we changed what we thought we would do based on the suggestions.”

K Rubinstein, NW Calgary, Mar/15

“The appearance of the kitchen is excellent. The Legacy Kitchens design work was good with the limited options we had available. We exploited the opportunities that were available.”

L Henderson, SW Calgary, Mar/15

“I’ve dealt with Legacy Kitchens’ Designer for a lot of years. I value the design process and the Designer is very good at his job.”

B Evans, Contractor, Central AB, Mar/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Designer had lots of good ideas including things we hadn’t thought about.”

B Comin, NW Calgary, Mar/15

“The Legacy Kitchen Designer was easy to work with, readily available, had great ideas and could work to my schedule.”

R Nielsen, NW Calgary, Mar/15

“The Legacy Kitchen Designer had a real sense of creativity and she could envisage new ideas for our the kitchen.”

Sharon & John, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchens has great Designers who come to your home and put together a 3D drawing to take you through what the kitchen will look like.”

W Siemens, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“The Legacy Kitchens Designer really listened and has a sincerity and genuineness that other renovators don’t come close to.”

C Malek, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“The Legacy Designer was phenomenal and the measurements were exactly right on. I’m happy with the placement of the special purpose cabinets. Even though the Designer put forward some ideas that were popular in most kitchens, the Designer was willing to consider doing it my way.”

L Peters, Langdon, AB Jan/15

“The actual design was thorough. I liked being able to go through the design layout to see the types of cabinets, drawers, sink and taps. I went into the project knowing what I was getting. Then, it turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be. I’ve had the cabinets for 4 months and there is not one thing I would change.”

L Lee, SW Calgary, Jan/15

“I used Legacy Kitchens again because of the excellent kitchen workability and design that was done by the Legacy Designer in our 1999 renovation. We didn’t structurally change the design because the original design was so good. We just updated a new look and materials.”

S Fraser, SE Calgary, Jan/15

“It was clear that the Legacy Designer genuinely wanted me to have the best possible kitchen. I never felt rushed or that I had a stupid question. He took whatever time was needed to help.”

S Leonard, SE Calgary, Jan/15

“We didn’t have a big kitchen and now it seems much bigger! The Legacy Designer listened to all of our ideas and then he came up with some great ideas for us. It turned out so well; it’s fantastic!”

L Ferguson, SW Calgary, Jan/15

“The Legacy Designer listened to what I wanted and was quick to get everything done. The drawing was done right away. The Designer responded to emails or calls promptly. I never felt I had to wait on them.”

A Hunter, Canmore, AB Jan/15

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“We have a small bungalow with a 1960’s kitchen. The third bedroom had been renovated into a huge back entry that was essentially wasted space. Legacy’s Designer put cabinets along the wall. The amount of space we have now is amazing. It’s neat, tidy and absolutely perfect.”

L Cheyne, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I looked around at a lot of places before deciding on Legacy Kitchens. Meeting with a Designer at Legacy was really the beginning of the whole project. The Designer could eliminate a long conversation because he had a lot of experience. He knew the products and the pricing. He was great. I trusted him.”

R Keeping, NE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy’s Designer remembered that we wanted a docking station, so that went in too. It’s hard to know where to draw the line with renovations, so the Designer gave us two designs. We took the design that didn’t touch the ceiling. The Designer made every square inch functional and it even looks bigger.”

L Cheyne, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I was really happy. The Designer was great, the project was timely and communication was excellent. The Designer gave us good ideas; he knew what we wanted; he had expertise and was able to see where things should be. He helped us with the little details that we hadn’t thought about. He thought of ways to make things more comfortable and practical.”

I Grisaru, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The Designer was fabulous. I thought he came up with great ideas. I had a few different designs done by other companies. so that I could get other quotes. I was very happy with the design that the Legacy Designer did; it was much better than the others. Then, I found out the price was reasonable as well.”

L Bryant SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The Designer put in the necessary time and the first day we laid out the plan. Legacy’s Designer put together exactly what I had in mind. Without him, I wouldn’t have known what could have been possible. In the end, I got what I wanted and I’m happy with the result.”

L Walls, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy’s Designer had strong communication skills and was awesome at designing our kitchen.”

B White, Cochrane, AB Dec/14

“Basically the Designer came up with the ideas. It wouldn’t have happened without her. We really like the result of our Legacy Kitchen’s renovation.”

M Lilles, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The Designer was wonderful from beginning to end. The design and ideas from Legacy Kitchens were beyond our expectations. We are pleased with the colour, style and everything.”

C Wensley, SE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The thing I liked about Legacy’s Designer was that he gave us several options and ideas to choose from. The Designer was creative and accommodating.”

R Farrugia, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“As an Engineer, I wanted to have particular drawers and specific features. The Designer did a great design for us. If there was something that was not possible to do, the Designer explained why it was not possible and he helped us to find suitable alternatives. In the end, I got what I wanted from Legacy Kitchens with the Designer’s suggestions. He is very experienced.”

M Kosivchenko, SW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Legacy’s Designer did an amazing job! He listened completely and we were very happy with how he interpreted what we wanted. He gave us options that we wouldn’t have known about or considered without his help. We are very pleased.”

L Dyck, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Legacy Kitchens was willing to work with us even though we didn’t have a big budget. It was so amazing. Legacy just delivered.”

D Mandseth, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“She was great to work with and professional, kind and caring. Legacy Kitchen’s Designer listened to my requirements as the project went along. She was very upfront, she measured my kitchen twice and was great to work with.”

D Braitenbach, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Absolutely, we are really happy with our cabinet design. We have recommended Legacy’s Designer to friends and everyone is very happy with the designs he creates.”

C Scott, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy’s Designer took the time to understand us and make us feel understood as clients. That was valuable. He was professional, thorough and his suggestions were very helpful. His demeanor and design influence was a big reason we went with Legacy.”

G Topor, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“In general, she was quick to get back to us. Legacy’s Designer was more than willing to come out and look at our space and give us her opinion. She was a friendly and nice person to deal with.”

M Lofgren, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“I enjoyed dealing with him, he was fantastic. You can tell that Legacy’s Designer really really loves his job. He was excellent and actually got excited about our project. He was fabulous.”

T Johnson, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“It was excellent. Legacy’s Designer had a good vision and was conscientious. She came when she said she would and did what we asked. She always returned our calls and we are pleased with the cabinet design.”

R Draper, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“I am pleased with the design and functionality of my kitchen. Legacy’s Designer was friendly and gave me options. He was never pushy and he helped me get a design that was just right for me. I thought he went ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty.”

S Clark, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“We had a vision in our heads so when we talked to Legacy’s Designer he heard us. The plan that he came up with was exactly what we wanted. It was all good and we are really pleased.”

K Neumiller, Airdrie, AB Aug/14

“He was amazing. Our house has almost no square walls, so on every corner there was a challenge in putting cabinets. The design that we settled on was version #15 and Legacy’s Designer was patient and pleasant throughout the whole process. We never felt that it was taking too long.”

S Traynor, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Designer was very thorough and understood their product really well. I was impressed as he wanted to know how I lived, how I used my kitchen and he designed it accordingly. I have already recommended him to a few other people. I have never seen anyone as thorough, clear and detailed as he was.”

D Afseth, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Designer is likely one of the most detailed individuals I have ever met. It worked really well, it was wonderful. He was really really good and knew every little thing. He was so knowledgeable, experienced and good with the details.”

S Orford, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Designer was pleasant and gave us a good explanation of the process. He came to the house and really took his time to with us. He was fabulous.”

K Cerminara, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“He was awesome. Legacy’s Designer was opinionated but he was willing to explain, argue and tell me why I needed certain things. His ability to have the vision for the cabinets in a small kitchen with vaulted ceilings was great. He knew how to get good space utilization without it looking strange. I needed that expertise.”

S Sage, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“We got a lot of the Designer’s time and were trying to meet a budget and we appreciated his help. I got him to do the basement cabinets as well and he referred me to Cabinet Solutions. They were really good.”

S Marcellus, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Legacy’s Designer was super to work with. His attention to detail represented the near perfect install that was done.”

K Klotz, Dewinton, AB May/14

“Legacy’s Designer was pleasant to deal with and we have already recommended her to friends.”

B Redmond, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“He was great. Legacy’s Designer listened really well and didn’t make me feel rushed. He came out to the house to take measurements. His design was perfect, just what I was looking for. I love the design of my kitchen.”

S Wattie, NE Calgary, AB May/14

“I think that dealing with Legacy’s Designer is what I value the most. He was easy to deal with and I like Legacy’s product.”

Scarboro SW, Calgary, AB Apr/14

“Legacy’s Designer came up with a very innovative design that we would have never thought of ourselves. It was very good. She was helpful, available and responsive. We couldn’t ask for anything else.”

T Peregovits, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“I have nothing but top marks for Legacy Designer. It was important for him that we got what we wanted and I really appreciated that.”

M Glover, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“We wanted to get a good Designer and play around with some different ideas. When we got Legacy involved and sat down with their Designer he made recommendations on window placement. We are really happy with his suggestions and developed trust in him early on.”

A Rasmussen, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“It really worked well. We had shopped around first and we chose Legacy because their Designer knew exactly what I wanted. Others couldn’t get my vision but he listened and got it and had some extra ideas as well. He really knows his trade.”

K Harcsa SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Because their Designer really listened. He didn’t immediately have a solution. He walked in the space asking questions and listening to what I wanted. He incorporated all my opinions into the design brilliantly. He was right on with his advice and suggestions. Everything was ‘bang on’.”

J Heynen SE, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“I am very positive about my experience with Legacy’s Designer, she was extremely helpful and understanding of my needs. I had a budget and she was very helpful in getting us what we wanted and needed within the budget.”

B Lallie, NE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“The design of our Legacy cabinet project is awesome. We talked to a lot of Designers who just wanted to make a sale but Legacy’s Designer was more interested in finding out what we needed. He came up with a design that met our needs. He set our expectations and it went ahead just as he said.”

K Grant, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“She actually went out of her way on a number of occasions for us. Legacy’s Designer helped me pick the counter top and went with me to pick granite and backsplash. She gave advice and opinions on things and that was very helpful.”

S Karkut, SW Calgary, Feb/14

“Legacy’s Designer is a very brilliant man, as far as I am concerned. He listened and sketched out what we wanted. The cabinets are everything we expected. He is very very knowledgeable and I am sure that he has 10,000 plans inhis head. We talked about budgeting and of all the suppliers, Legacy was the only one that came in under budget.”

J Dorchak NW, Calgary, AB Jan/14

“He listened and took us seriously. Legacy’s Designer reacted to any concerns we had. He was quite helpful.”

J Maclean Calgary, AB Jan/14

“Legacy’s Designer was a super nice guy. He was easy to work with, he listened to my ideas and didn’t push his own view point. He worked with me, he was great.”

A Vickers, SE Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“Legacy’s Designer was very knowledge-able and we could tell that he had years of experience. He took time and was considerate. He thought about things we wouldn’t have thought about. He considered my height when designing the kitchen. Legacy’s Designer was prepared and very knowledgeable.”

J LaFontaine, NW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy’s Designer made the project sound painless. He was really good and had good ideas for the use of space and making our limited kitchen space more functional. He gave us options and the project went smoothly.”

D Kozmyk, SW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy’s Designer was great, he had great ideas and we are really happy about how it turned out. He came to see the project after and it made us feel good to know the Designer was happy with the way the project turned out.”

L Magnan, SW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy’s Designer was excellent, we spent a lot of time with him doing the kitchen design (3 full days). The kitchen has turned out to be beautiful. We just love it.”

Shirley K, NW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“The Design experience was fantastic, we had a really good experience. I had been holding off on doing this for years. Legacy gave me exactly what I wanted.”

Lisa K, Airdrie, AB Nov/13

“He was excellent, we had a great time. Legacy’s Cabinet Designer made us feel important, as he gave us his full attention. We would be happy to work with him again.”

Kelvin Grove SW, Calgary, AB Nov/13

“She gave me three different designs that were excellent. The first two were good but we ‘brain stormed’ them and Suzi came up with a third. We loved working with Legacy’s Kitchens Designer.”

Shelley Z, Canmore, AB Oct/13

“Legacy’s Designer did a very lovely kitchen for me – my experience was good. There were things that he suggested that I wasn’t so sure about – now that I am working with them I am so glad that I listened to him. He had very good ideas and balanced the functionality and aesthetics very well.”

Waterside NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Legacy’s Designer made it easy to make choices. He knew what I was looking for and helped me get there. He made it easy and zoomed in on what I wanted. He listened a lot and had cool ideas and asked “did you think of this or did you consider that?” He was great.”

Lana C, SW Calgary, AB Oct/13

“I was really happy with the whole process. It costs but they were competitive. I think part of it is that I had such a good rapport with Legacy’s Designer. I felt that she had added a lot to my project. There were a couple quotes slightly less but the good experience with the Designer and a few other factors kept with us with Legacy.”

Windsor Park SW, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy’s Designer talked me into moving my fridge and that was the best thing I did. He had excellent ideas. When I walked into the kitchen, the fridge was the first thing I would see. The Designer said it should be moved and it was the right decision. It allowed me to see my beautiful cabinets first. The kitchen now looks bigger as well.”

Gloria V, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy’s Designer was amazing, he helped us figure out the best use of drawers and he had good ideas on how to fill hard to reach areas. Our cabinets look outstanding. He was attentive, we would hear from him in the evening and weekends (emails), which was impressive.It felt like we were his only customer.”

Lindsay M, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy’s Designer was good to work with and was patient when I changed my mind a few times. She was very accommodating and I would say she worked hard for us. Legacy offered a competitive price on the cabinets as well.”

Rosscarrock SW, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“I would say that Legacy’s Designer was very patient. I didn’t realize there were so many details to determine. He was accepting of our decisions, he wasn’t trying to force anything on us, he just explained the options. He helped us make good decisions. He certainly accepted any concerns we had and dealt with them well.”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“The design experience with Legacy Kitchens was great. He won for best design and listening to the client. He just nailed and it and am happy with outcome.”

Waterstone, Airdrie, AB Jul/13

“My wife really liked Legacy’s Designer, he was easy to work with, open to our input, we liked his designs.”

Sun Valley SE, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“We have a good quality kitchen and Legacy’s Designer had good insight in designing it. He was great. He was great in dealing with problems, once he was aware of them. I was happy with their offering of colors and the quality.”

Elbow Park SW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“He was very easy going and it was a pleasure to work with him. Legacy’s Kitchen Designer gave me ideas for the microwave and spice rack and they worked out well.”

Kingsland SW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“The direct contact with Legacy’s Designer was great. He was always available, willing to help us out and our needs were considered first. The personal contact with our Legacy Designer was important.”

Panorama Hills NW, AB May/13

“My husband and I wanted totally different things and Legacy’s Designer was able to bring it all together. We both love it!”

Braeside SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Designer was helpful and very patient as we were not the best at making selections. She was very helpful as we didn’t really know what we wanted.”

Cochrane, AB Apr/13

“Initially, we worked with a Designer at different company. We ended up firing the Designer because they wouldn’t listen to what we wanted. We were astounded at Legacy’s Designer and her willingness to spend the time and really listen and get a sense of what we were looking for, what our style was. Her listening ability was phenomenal; she really understood what we were looking for. The result was very good. Legacy’s Designer was very creative and brought good energy to the meetings. She was so willing to help us find the perfect kitchen.”

Silver Springs NW, Calgary, AB Mar/13

“He communicated. Our Legacy Designer was very concerned that we get the kitchen we wanted and the kitchen we needed. He was very good at asking “have you considered this or have you thought about that.” He was detail oriented. Everything we needed to consider, was considered. There were a few design changes (we had insight and suggestions from my brother). We came back to our Designer with those changes and he wasn’t defensive, rather he was open and appreciative of the feedback. “This is your kitchen and you need to be happy with it.” Our Legacy Designer was very detailed but also very good at grasping the big picture.”

Varsity NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“Our project was a major undertaking for us. I am just sitting here looking at it as we talk, it is a wonderfully big job and I am just thinking how beautiful it is. Our Legacy Designer had the vision and she helped us discovery it. What a beautiful job!”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“The most enjoyable aspect our Legacy’s Kitchen project was bouncing ideas back & forth between our Designer and ourselves – she provided a lot of attentiveness and we value the end result – we have a nice kitchen.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

“Our kitchen has tons of functionality, it is very convenient to use and has tons of options. Our Legacy Designer went ‘above and beyond’, in the design of our kitchen – we were treated like Royalty.”

West Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“Legacy’s Designer was creative and there were a lot of new cool new things to consider.”

Varsity Heights NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“Legacy’s Designer had very good ideas. Before anything got drawn up, we positioned furniture to simulate an island and give us a feel of the space needed. We did different layouts and we got a good feeling of what we wanted. He did an awesome job.”

Riverview SE, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“It took us several runs to get the right thing, but Legacy’s Designer was very open to making changes and giving us what we wanted.”

Mount Royal SW, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“Legacy’s Designer definitely listened. I asked him what he liked in designs and he likes a very modern, white, clean, cement look, the opposite of what I like. I wanted a country kitchen, very warm looking. He definitely heard me and gave me what I wanted without trying to change my mind.”

Water Valley, AB Nov/12

“Legacy’s Designer definitely listened. He had good ideas and accepted what I wanted. He didn’t try to pressure me into changing my mind or spending more money. That made it easy to trust him and I am very happy. I am 100% pleased with my new Legacy Kitchen.”

Patterson SW, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“Legacy Kitchen’s Designer was very knowledgeable. She knew what was a good idea and what was not and pointed that out to us. We are very pleased with our new kitchen.”

Douglasdale SE, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“My husband and I took a long time making decisions and we changed our minds along the way but Legacy’s Designer was very patient with us. She was great. She was very helpful. She had lots of good ideas. She was fast. She was amazing. She returned our calls within hours. It was amazing and we really enjoyed working with her.”

Hawkwood NW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“I appreciated that he came to site and spent time with us to see how we live and to ask how we use our space. I think we challenged him to think differently and he was open to that.”

Lakeview SW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“Legacy’s Designer was very helpful throughout the project. We ran into some issues with design and he was very good about coming back and making the changes that needed to be made.”

Ranchlands NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“She was really good and we enjoyed working with her. Legacy’s Designer did a great job of designing our kitchen, bathrooms and fireplace. She was instrumental in helping come up with a fabulous and very unique design. We are really pleased. She spend a lot of time getting the design figured out and considered the look, the feel and also the scale. It is not easy to design a fireplace but she got everything right.”

Killarney SW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“Legacy’s Designer was wonderful to work with. She had great drawings and they really helped give the visual what we needed. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing.”

Elbow Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“Legacy’s Designer worked very hard to make everything fit into the space and keep it on budget. We keep going back and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

Springbank, AB Jul/12

“He understood that I needed more storage space […] I really love my new kitchen. I have more storage space, extra shelves and pull out drawers that I really like.”

Parkdale SE, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“Our Legacy kitchen project proceeded as per schedule … they left some time for unexpected surprises and contingencies. They accommodated our gas fireplace issues in a very professional way and the Legacy Designer worked hard to figure out what was wrong with our Blanco sink. There was a high degree of professionalism involved.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“We were so impressed with the interaction with Legacy’s kitchen designer in the showroom. We felt very comfortable with her there and when she came into our home. She didn’t push us into things we didn’t want to do and when she came back with the design, we were blown away.”

Oakridge SW, Calgary, AB May/12

“As I said before, I am quite picky, but Legacy’s Designer didn’t rush me. She treated me like I was her top priority when I know she probably had other projects as well. When she was in my home measuring, my Contractor and I were having a glass of wine and I offered her one and she refused. She said she needed to be concentrating on the measurements and she was very professional about it. I want to emphasize that she was very very good.”

Coachhill SW, Calgary, AB May/12

“We are definitely pleased with the design & functionality of our Legacy kitchen … it is excellent.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“Our kitchen is perfect and Legacy’s Designer was very pleasant to work with. We also really liked that they were on schedule.”

Edgemont Park NW, Calgary, AB. Apr/12

“”One of the most important things was that Legacy’s Cabinet Designer knew when to listen and when to help. We had done our homework and had a good idea of what we wanted and he definitely heard us. We had a good technical conversation about various aspects of the project. He advised us on some things we hadn’t considered. Our kitchen looks just like what we wanted.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“We are absolutely thrilled with Legacy’s Designer and the kitchen.”

Roxboro SW, Calgary, AB. Mar/12

“Legacy’s Designer provided a good explanation of the process … Legacy Kitchens is fantastic.”

Lynx Ridge SW, Calgary, AB Feb/12

“He did a great job on our kitchen design, it’s awesome.”

McKenzie Lake SE, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“He was right on things … our Legacy Designer was very good.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB. Jan/12

“We are very pleased with the cabinet design. We will certainly recommend our Legacy cabinet designer to anybody looking for kitchen cabinets.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB. Jan/12

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“Our Legacy Designer really had good suggestions on how to make our space work … he was great.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“Our cabinet Designer was super helpful and great to deal with … we have such a great kitchen now.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“It’s a unique design that works for us … Legacy’s Kitchen Designer had different ideas than others had suggested and we are quite thankful as it works for us.”

Glendale SW, Calgary, AB Nov/11

“Our Legacy Kitchen Designer did an amazing job. He gave me stuff that other people told me I could never have … I love my cabinets … the kitchen is beautiful … he is really good at what he does.”

Tyndale Park NE, Calgary, AB Nov/11

“Our Legacy Kitchen Designer had good suggestions, was very thorough in the design and we enjoyed working with him. He came up with a complex custom kitchen design … we are very happy with it.”

Stanley Park SW, Calgary, AB. Oct/11

“Legacy’s Kitchen Cabinet Designer did an awesome job. He really listened to what I wanted and made the design functional for the way I work. He had creative ideas, I love my new cabinets and my new kitchen.”

University Heights, Calgary, AB. Oct/11

“He was a good listener, he was pleasant, he returned calls. Legacy’s Installer incorporated our ideas and helped us put them in place.”

Springbank, AB Sep/11

“Legacy’s Designer did a fantastic job. She was easy to talk too and listened to what I wanted. We ended up with a design that really opened up our kitchen.”

Coventry NE, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“She was good to work with. Legacy Kitchens Designer really understood what we wanted.”

Mount Pleasant NE, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“We are very pleased with the design work. Legacy’s Designer was fantastic and did a very good job.”

Bearspaw NW, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“Legacy’s Designer was good to work with, she listened and incorporated my ideas into the design. That was big for me.”

Scarboro SW, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“I liked my Legacy Designer, he was pleasant, informative and extremely helpful.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“Our Legacy Cabinet Designer was experienced and knowledgeable, a great guy to work with.”

Elbow Springs, AB Jul/11

“We have done other projects (long distance) like this but no one has ever been as good as Legacy Kitchens. They were amazing.”

Point McKay NW, Calgary, AB Jun/11

“The Kitchen Designer was very easy to get along with. He came up with an awesome design and we pretty much went off his first sketches. It was an easy kitchen design process.”

Erin Woods SE, Calgary, AB Jun/11