Legacy Kitchens Installation Experience


This page contains results and reviews from Legacy clients about of their cabinet Installation Experience with Legacy Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“Legacy’s Installer, James, was really good. He was very courteous, timely, and efficient. He offered good customer care and he knew his product. James was the most valuable part of the experience.”

Annette S, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“Juraj was great. His personality was pretty fun. He was knowledgeable, answered our questions, worked hard and installed pretty quickly.”

Chantale, Heron Interior Design, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“The installation was excellent and we liked that Paul S wasn’t in a hurry when on site. He finished ahead of schedule. Paul was easy to talk to and he worked well with our carpenter, Rob, who really liked Paul.”

Donna D, SE Calgary, AB Dec/18

“Legacy’s Installer, Paul was wonderful! The whole thing went really well on Legacy’s end. I liked Paul’s attention to detail.”

Karen S, NE Calgary, AB Nov/18

“The Installer, Josh was fantastic! The panels inside the entertainment unit weren’t coordinated for colour, they were neutral, so they had to come and fix that. Josh was very personable and worked solid. He started work really early and when a problem arose he told me right away so we could discuss it. Josh told us it would be 5 days, and it was 5 days. He worked solid.”

Bess L, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“The Legacy product quality is great and we love our Installer, Paul.”

Susanna P, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“Josh was excellent. When we first met Josh, he was in the initial stages of unpacking. He was awesome at answering questions. We weren’t living there and I felt at ease that he was in the house by himself. Our Contractor was a week behind and Legacy was really good about rescheduling. The installation with Josh was excellent.”

Lisa G., SE Calgary, AB Oct/18

“I can only say that Legacy’s Installer, Guy, was outstanding. We really enjoyed him. He listened and he was great.”

Don J., SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“I also mention that the Installers are phenomenal. I value the product and installation. Paul is easy going and doesn’t get frustrated even though he could. He just shows up, works all day and gets the job done.”

Hazen S., Canmore, AB Oct/18

“Marc was awesome. He was excellent; he obviously is knowledgeable and very skilled at cabinet installation. He showed up when he was supposed to, so we didn’t have to wait around for him to arrive. Everything happened when it was supposed to. Marc emailed me as needed. I really appreciated that, because I was concerned and that helped me to know what was going on.”

Deirdre, NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Gerald is a great guy – he would listen and take time to answer my (our) questions and he let me know what to expect. He talked about their process and what they were doing and when. He worked so hard and he was friendly and took time to talk. Gerald struck me as a thorough and detailed guy. He knew what he was doing.”

Patricia D, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary, AB Sep/18

“John is an old school guy, he is an old master. He did things that a younger guy wouldn’t have done. It was his attention to detail. The scribing of the cabinets was excellent. We had some slight imperfections in the floor and John worked to make sure the scribing was done right and then he would go back to the saw, three or four times. The fit and finish was really good.”

Greg H, Cochrane, AB Sep/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Marc, is very efficient and very good at what he does. I think that is his strength. We are very happy with the installation work. In the end, we asked for his business card so we could use him again and refer him to friends.”

David S, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“James with Legacy Kitchens was awesome. It was a pleasure to have him in the house every day for two weeks. He also helped us with some other things in addition to the installation work.”

Tyler A, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“Paul with Legacy Kitchens was very meticulous, but he kept on moving. There was no complaining, he solved any problems and he made sure we knew what was happening. If I use Legacy again, I would ask for Paul. I don’t think he ever made a mess. He was so clean, it was almost disgusting.” 🙂

Peter, EF Contracting, SE Calgary, Aug/18

“The Installer with Legacy Kitchens, Wayne, demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in his work very much so. We’ve had multiple people in here and had renovations in various houses and we were impressed with Wayne. He got on the phone and spoke with the General Contractor a few times to explain things and make sure that he was meeting expectations. You could tell that Wayne was very proud of his work.”

John M, SW Calgary, Jul/18

“Legacy Kitchens is the best that I’ve experienced. Legacy’s Installer, Paul, was really nice too. The lights inside the cabinets were perfect. Paul cleaned everything up before leaving each day. I had no issues with Legacy. They did what I wanted them to do. ”

Mary P, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Anton, was fantastic. I couldn’t believe he was doing the installation all by himself. It was such a good experience – I was thrilled. I absolutely love my kitchen!”

Shauna, S, Okotoks, AB Jul/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Brad, was a pleasure to work with and have in our house. He was polite, respectful, focused and he understood what he needed to do. He was enjoyable to talk with. Brad even worked late a few times to get the job finished.”

Elle & Sid V, SE Calgary, Jun/18

“There was one panel that was warped. Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Russell, asked if he could try and fix it before he proceeded and I really appreciated that. It didn’t work out so he ordered a new one and got it all fixed. He is a very skilled carpenter and he is great to work with.”

John M, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“Todd, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, did a wonderful job. He is very fussy and particular about the installation. The mouldings fit to perfection. He was good at explaining what he was doing. I would rate him at a 5+ out of 5.”

Marilyn S, Olds, AB Jun/18

“Michael, with Legacy Kitchens, couldn’t have been better. He is a journeyman Swiss Cabinet Maker. When Michael was on-sight, I took a vacation day to watch him work. We couldn’t have gotten along better! I saw the difference between an Installer and a Cabinet Maker. He was amazing.”

Paul G, Canmore, AB May/18

“The Installer with Legacy Kitchens that does the job varies from one project to the next, but they are all really good. I’m a repeat client because the Legacy trades are clean and tidy, and good at what they do. I think I get a faster house sale because I use Legacy Kitchens.”

Shirley E, SW Calgary, May/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Anton, was very meticulous. Everyday, he left the work site in the same way – ‘spic and span’. There was nothing out of place. You would be hard pressed to know he had been there other than the work progress. Anton was very good with showing up at the time he said he would. I really appreciated that when he said he would come at 7:30 am, he was here at that time.”

Kathy B, SE Calgary, May/18

“Legacy Kitchens pointed out things that the clients wouldn’t have noticed. They kept coming back to make sure everything was done according to the highest professional standards. Ryan and Andre are professional and always on time. They are accountable and they deliver beyond what the client or I would expect.”

Andrea, Andrea Hasanagic Design, SW Calgary, Apr/18

“If you know me, I am super detailed and picky. I had no complaints about Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, James. Every mitre cut was spot on. James came back to do the kick plates. However, he didn’t come to the site with the plans. I phoned Steve because I didn’t like how it looked. Steve immediately had the plans to James and me. Even though James had packed up, he came back to fix the issue.”

Tony, SIXTY3 Developments Inc. SW Calgary, Apr/18

“We saw quite a bit of John, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer. We had a really good rapport. He was very interested in listening and answering. He always had time for you. He was very friendly, nice and easy to work with. He did very well with cleaning up the work area and tools before leaving each day. Everything was pretty much bang on.”

Garry S, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“Anton, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, was professional and he knew what he was doing. I explained what I was looking for and he got it and understood. I would outline what I wanted and when I got home it was exactly what I had asked for.”

Allen C, SW Calgary, AB Mar/18

“The Installer with Legacy Kitchens was great. Brad was friendly and personable. He was fine with our funny dog. He explained things and made good suggestions. He was very patient and meticulous with is work. We wanted it done right and Brad did that. He thought of things that we hadn’t. He suggested that we leave space between the wall and the light valence so we could slip the tile between. It was a very good idea and it limited the amount of tile that I had to cut, as we installed our own backsplash.”

John & Stacey M, SE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Marc, did a good job in the way he cleaned up the work area and followed the schedule. You could tell he knew what he was doing. Marc was experienced and it showed.”

Linda M, SW Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Larry, was fabulous. He was very knowledgeable, he has lots of experience, he is friendly and easy to talk to. I had questions and I called him. He was quick to respond and he came over to look at something that I thought may have been a bigger issue, but it was a little issue.”

Guido B, NE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Guy, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was phenomenal. He was personable, he was on time and stayed late if needed, to keep the schedule on track. He was careful of my dogs, he was respectful of the house, and he left it in great condition every day.”

Zunayed K, SE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Paul, was excellent. I was very impressed with his carpentry skills, his attention to detail and his preciseness. Our contractor was impressed with Paul’s conduct and the way he kept his tools tidy and clean.”

Bill W, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“The Installer, Wayne, with Legacy Kitchens was great. I’m a developer, I know the questions to ask and he knows how to answer them. Wayne represented Legacy very well and he knew how to correct problems in a timely manner.”

Dax A, SW Calgary Jan/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Brad, was awesome. He is a great carpenter, very efficient, and good at what he does. I thought of doing it myself and almost did. I’m picky and Brad is picky too. He followed the schedule perfectly.”

Greg S, SE Calgary Jan/18

“Marc, the Installer at Legacy Kitchens, would send me pictures and let me know what was happening. For example, the butler’s pantry entrance way was 28″ and I suggested that it should be 30″. I asked Marc to think about that and he was able to work it out so that the entrance could be 30.”

Paul A, NW Calgary Jan/18

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“Paul was definitely an experienced Installer with Legacy Kitchens, and a perfectionist. We appreciated that because my husband and I are like that too. Our values were aligned.”

Christina V, NW Calgary Dec/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer listened and answered my questions, very much so. He was wonderful. It was great the way he cleaned up the work area each day.”

Leanne G, NW Calgary Dec/17

“Marc was absolutely amazing and we would certainly use Legacy Kitchens again for a renovation like that. We made a change when we decided to use a bigger window than we had planned. Marc had an amazing ‘can do’ attitude. We didn’t feel like we were putting him out at all.”

Chris T, Airdrie, AB Dec/17

“I like John, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer. He is easy going and very knowledgeable. He will explain the details well. I know the cabinets were installed properly and will last a long time.”

Mike M, NW Calgary Nov/17

“Paul S with Legacy Kitchens is the best Installer. He is easy to get along with. If there are any issues, he works around them. Paul is super clean and organized.”

Dale, Fraser Homes Ltd, NW Calgary Nov/17

“It’s the end product that I value. Legacy Kitchens did a great job between the design and installation.”

Brian M, Millarville, AB Nov/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, James, was excellent. It was a pleasure working with him. He is very low key, tidy and cleans behind himself. He is a perfectionist and consulted with me about anything where there was a choice or a decision.”

Heather P, Cochrane, AB Oct/17

“About 30 years ago, I was cabinet Installer. I was able to review Gerald’s work with Legacy Kitchens as he was doing it. I very much appreciated the quality of his work.”

Wes S, NE Calgary Oct/17

“I think Paul, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens was exceptional. He did work that I thought was above and beyond. He provided suggestions and helped me place the double wall oven and the cooktop to make sure it was sitting well. He also helped me mount the hood fan. Paul was extraordinary. The work area was meticulous.”

Frank V, NW Calgary Oct/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Guy, was terrific. He was very professional. He was on time and came when he said he would be here. He worked diligently to get everything done.”

Norma K, SW Calgary Sep/17

“Larry’s craftsmanship was impressive. We have 3 small kids and Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was respectful of that when cleaning up his tools and the work area.”

Kris N, SW Calgary Sep/17

“The Installer, Michael with Legacy Kitchens was amazing. He helped me with stuff that wasn’t his responsibility. He went above and beyond. For example, Michael showed me some neat tricks when I was putting in the flooring. Michael always offered to clean up. I was still working. He never left a mess.”

Ian G, Canmore, AB Sep/17

“I’d give a 6/5 to Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Brad, if I could. I like being involved in the process and he was so good at listening and putting in the extra hours. We felt totally comfortable working with him. There were perfect lines and fit. Everything was straight. I am really picky and fussy and it was superbly done.”

Dave W, NW Calgary Aug/17

“My husband was home during the installation and with any questions he had, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Guy, stopped and explained things along the way. He did the same with me. I didn’t understand a few things, but Guy explained them so that I could understand.”

Deb A, NE Calgary Aug/17

“Leroy from Legacy Kitchens was a lovely guy. He was ahead of schedule. He was a first class craftsman and I was impressed with how accurate everything was. The cuts, joints, and mitres were very impressive.”

Ian L, SE Calgary Aug/17

“Brad from Legacy Kitchens was excellent. He is a good guy and he went out of his way to make sure the job was done properly.”

Ted B, Chestermere AB Jul/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Paul, was fantastic. He had to roll with some punches. The sub-flooring was installed incorrectly and it had to be removed. Paul had to come back to re-install the lower cabinets. He did that with no complaining at all.”

Liz B, SW Calgary Jul/17

“I was off work for the week of the installation and I said Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Todd, could come anytime after 7 am. Todd came at 7 am each day to accommodate my schedule.”

Tim A, Airdrie AB Jul/17

“We’ve used Rob two of the three times we’ve used Legacy Kitchens. Rob did the upstairs and half of the main floor. Paul S did the kitchen. I’d give the same scores for both of them. They were both very calm, easy to work with, listened to our concerns and what we were requesting.”

Tanya G, NW Calgary, Jun/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Thomas, did a very good job. Thomas was extremely professional. He provided high quality workmanship and made sure that solutions were identified and in place. We are very happy with his service.”

Bob B, De Winton, AB Jun/17

“I’d give Legacy Kitchens’ Installer Dan, a 6/5. He is a quiet leader, experienced and professional. Dan gives you the impression that he will take care of you, no matter what the problem is.”

Joanne M, SW Calgary, Jun/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Thomas, was wonderful. He was really personable and professional. He was knowledgeable and he did a really nice job.”

Susanna P, Westrock Custom Homes Inc., SE Calgary, May/17

“Paul, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was a ‘5 out of 5’ all around. He is really friendly, knowledgeable and a hard worker. He stayed longer than he needed to every night. We could get a hold of him easily. We trusted him.”

Stephanie I, NW Calgary, May/17

“Paul with Legacy Kitchens is one of the best trades people I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with a lot of trades people. He was super professional and was very experienced. Paul noticed things that other people hadn’t noticed and he made us aware before he continued on. He never once threw anyone from Legacy under the bus. It was the way he brought it up – it wasn’t an oversight by Legacy. It was seamless and everyone supported each other every step of the way. ”

Rod B, NW Calgary, May/17

“Larry, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, is excellent. We were really impressed. He was there on time, he’s a pleasant person and very organized. He didn’t leave any big mess, he’s efficient and he did a great job.”

Pauline P, Carstairs, AB, Apr/17

“Paul from Legacy Kitchens was excellent. He took a lot of time to make sure the cabinets were installed really well. I am very particular and I was happy to find that Paul is too.”

Fred R, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“It was great to have John from Legacy Kitchens on site. I was so impressed with the level of detail and care. I wouldn’t notice things that he took the time to make perfect. For example, pieces of molding and the cabinet doors. He was picky to make sure everything fit and the finishes were right. John was good at communicating with all the trades. He was collaborative.”

Wayne B, SW Calgary, Apr/17

“Marc, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, did excellent work. The quality and craftsmanship were really good.”

Ron P, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“James at Legacy Kitchens went above and beyond. He would check with me to make sure I was happy before he did things. We would definitely use him again.”

Janice M, Okotoks, AB, Mar/17

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens, Mark, doesn’t talk a lot, he gets on with the work and he is friendly. I was really pleased with how Marc handled cleaning up the work area and tools each day.”

Linda K, SE Calgary, Mar/17

“Thomas listened. We have 2 cats and he was able to tell us when he was coming, so we could put the cats away. Thomas would take time to answer questions. He was super helpful with the venting box beneath the sink. Thomas left his saw in the garage and we were fine with that. There was no huge issue with dust. He cut outside and that was great; we had asked for that.”

Kate P, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“I talked to Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Brad, and it was obvious that he was very proud to be working with Legacy Kitchens. He spoke so highly of them. Brad does great work and is awesome! Brad does his job and is really good at it. For me, that makes a big difference.”

Trish B, NW Calgary, Feb/17

“Legacy’s Installers were a son and father team. They were fantastic. They were very friendly and open – we could ask questions and we were never made to feel like we were wasting their time. I liked that they were down to earth people.”

Nancy W, Southern AB, Feb/17

“Overall, we are extremely happy. Legacy Kitchens did a good job. The quality of the workmanship, the cabinets, and the Installer were absolutely amazing.”

Jerry V, NW Calgary, Jan/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Juraj, did excellent work, showed up on time, worked hard, cleaned up the area every day. I think he was here for two full days. We had no issues.”

Kathy S, NW Calgary, Jan/17

“I was here for the first week of the renovation by Legacy Kitchens. I met with Rob, their Installer and all the guys on the first day. Rob cleaned up each day when I was here. I assume he did that all along because it was pretty clean when we got home.”

Ellen V, SE Calgary, Jan/17

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“Absolutely, Juraj, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in his work. Juraj was awesome and does awesome work. He was super fast.”

Joyce M, NE Calgary, Dec/16

“Patrick did the upstairs work and Thomas, the Installers at Legacy Kitchens, did the downstairs work. It was all the same anyway. It was seamless.”

Linda P, Calgary, Dec/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Paul, was a really good guy and easy to talk with. He helped me with some ideas about the central vacuum system and I felt that went above and beyond.”

Jerad D, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“I was very impressed with Marc’s professionalism with Legacy Kitchens. He and Gaston were close and he kept plugging on. I was very impressed. Marc went to the extra trouble to make sure that the stain on some casings would match. He worked with me on varying the stains so that they would match.”

Glen H, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“I remarked far and wide about how clean it was kept by Legacy Kitchens’ Installer. He did a beautiful job installing.”

Annabelle S, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“Legacy Kitchens did fabulous work and their product is great. The Installer, John, sometimes went above and beyond.”

Sandy W, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“Once again, the Legacy Kitchens people were really good. James was quick and efficient and he cleaned up to our satisfaction.”

Bernard K, SE Calgary, Oct/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, James, was amazing because he was here by himself. I kept thinking that someone else would come to assist him, but that didn’t happen. James was fast and efficient.”

Janet H, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“Craig, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, went above and beyond. There were many things that I wanted to add, and immediately Craig would say ‘no problem’ and he would get a quote. Even on weekends he would send me quotes or answer questions. Craig came out to our home, which is an hour drive, on a weekend, just to help out with some issues with the floor installers. It was so clean that you would not know there was a renovation happening.”

Jana V, High River, AB, Oct/16

“I think that Marc was great to work with. We troubleshooted and came up with some design solutions/changes on the fly. Dealing with Marc, the Installer at Legacy Kitchens, and Jennean, the Designer, made it easy. We came to our home daily (we had moved out) and Marc made time for us. He made sure it was safe when we were there. He demonstrated thoughtful consideration for us. He worked late and made sure he kept to the schedule.”

Chris T, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Dan, was really good. He is an excellent worker. He knew what he was doing and he set about his work with no hesitation. He is neat and tidied up everything.”

Roberta T, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“Josh did a great job and it looked fantastic. Legacy Kitchens held him to a high standard, and the deficiencies were all identified and pointed out.”

Kevin A, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“I really liked the Installer with Legacy Kitchens. Rob was a super guy, very nice, and he did such a nice job. He’s really friendly.”

Marie B, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“We loved Todd at Legacy Kitchens. He did a fabulous job in a room that was not square. He made the kitchen in an old house look great.”

Glenda Z, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“Paul S, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was very good. We had a lot of questions for him and he always took the time to answer us. We always knew when he would be here and he was always here on time. He was excellent. Little things that someone else might pass over, Paul would check. If he thought something wasn’t quite how it should be, he would check with the Designer, Paul Wedel, to make sure things were right.”

Lurline W, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“Thomas was so tidy and pleasant and took such pride in his work. He took time to explain when I had questions and when I asked him to fix something he said no problem. Thomas took time to make things even. He exceeded my expectations and I think I have high expectations. I’ve looked at other kitchen renovations, done by other companies, and ours with Legacy Kitchens is much better.”

Susan B, SE Calgary, Jul/16

“I was pretty happy it was so easy to talk to Dan with Legacy Kitchens about what he was doing. I was always curious about what was happening and he was great to talk to and he explained everything.”

Ken S, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“This installation with Legacy Kitchens is a 10. John is an unbelievable craftsman. Some of the cuts he had to do were phenomenal. I’m a craftsman myself, so I know just how good John is.”

Brent F, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“We give Legacy Kitchens a day to do the installation and they complete it in a day – it is neat and tidy. Legacy’s Installers are very good. The product and the installation quality is really good.”

Dan M, Modus Site Supervisor, Jayman Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens has a great service team and great system. They use an iPad and can book the service right from there. That is really good.”

Wayne D, Warranty Manager, Baywest Homes Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installers are pretty qualified and do a really good job. I would say that is their strength.”

Brent C, Construction Manager, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“I would definitely use Leroy at Legacy Kitchens again. He did my kitchen, so I asked for him to do my bathroom. I would definitely recommend Leroy because I trust him and he was always there when he was supposed to be. He kept an eye on everyone who was working on site and also the job they were doing. If there was a problem he got it fixed right away. I like Leroy because he is a very nice man. He listens, he is personable and is hardworking.”

Karen E, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“Now our kitchen looks just like Legacy Kitchens’ showroom. It is beautiful. We would have liked to pay less money but you get what you pay for. The Installer, Marc, knew what he was doing and he just did it.”

Keith B, Irricana, AB, Jun/16

“The Installer with Legacy Kitchens was always right on time or a bit early. The installation was outstanding and I cannot dream of anything bad to say.”

JT H, NW Calgary, Jun/16

“I have worked with Legacy Kitchens for 15 years and they are a top notch company. They show up for Mark-outs, they do a good job of drawing the Mark-outs on the floor and they also provide cabinet layouts. The layouts are quite accurate, in fact we align our drawings to reflect what the cabinet layouts say.”

Stewart C, Production Manager, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“I deal with Legacy Kitchens on many facets, from site measure and mark out to installation and final service. Legacy’s systems are pretty flawless. They have a process whereby they pre-schedule an inspection and then do the touch up service. Their system works very well.”

Michael E, Site Supervisor, Morrison Homes, Calgary, May/16

“We probably have the quickest build times in the industry and we are very demanding on that front. Legacy Kitchens has always worked on their quality of Installers and the time frames we have needed. They come to inspect their installations and if we call for service product, 90% of the time it is already ordered. They also have top notch service. We have a great relationship on communicating and getting things done.”

Stewart C, Production Manager, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“Paul, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was spectacular. My contractor made a lot of mistakes and used Paul to make it right and fix things that were wrong. Paul made things happen.”

Sheila K, SE Calgary, May/16

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens did a very good job. He was meticulous and tidied up after himself. He did everything within the time frames that he said he would.”

Sue M, SE Calgary, May/16

“Marc with Legacy Kitchens was great to work with. He had a great sense of humour, which helped because we spent a lot of time together during the day. We asked Marc to do some additional minor carpentry work for us and he did that well.”

Loretta S, NW Calgary, May/16

“Thomas, the Installer, was fantastic. He is easy to work with, easy to talk to, and he is good at his job.”

Cheryl I, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Juraj was excellent due to the quality of his work, his patience, his attention to detail and he listened to how we wanted things to be. He was very, very professional and his work was exceptional. We are very glad that we worked with him.”

Coleen R, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Richard is another guy like Gavin: he is the best part of Legacy. Richard did a very careful job together with his wife, Chantelle. You couldn’t have better Installers. They were fabulous.”

Martin M, NW Calgary, Apr/16

“In renovations, you can run into unforeseen problems. Legacy’s Installer, Juraj, was excellent. I could say, “I wish we had this here”, and Juraj could be flexible.”

Teresa G, Chestermere AB, Mar/16

“I’d give Paul, Legacy’s Installer all 5’s/5. He was very good. He’s a nice guy and he got along with my dog and hardly anyone can get along with my dog.”

Holly Q, SE Calgary, Mar/16

“A lot of times we were home with the kids while Marc, Legacy’s Installer was working. We stayed out of his way. Marc was great with the kids.”

Joanna W, Chestermere, AB Mar/16

“With Legacy’s Installer you actually felt like it was his kitchen because he cared so much. The Installer’s work was what made our impression with Legacy. He was unbelievable. The biggest thing was that you felt like he actually cared.”

Susan K, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“The Installer listened to me and answered any questions that I had. It was a pleasure to have him working in my house.”

Kathy W, NE Calgary, Feb/16

“Legacy’s Installer was so meticulous and very flexible in working with us.”

Len D, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“If I could give a ’10’ to Legacy’s Installer, I would. The quality, the speed, and his knowledge of all options was amazing. He did a perfect job. He was upfront and explained why things were done a certain way. He is a very nice person, extremely polite and it was a pleasure to work with him.”

Darrell L, SW Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy’s Installer definitely knows his stuff. It was nice having him in the home because you felt that you could trust him. He demonstrated quality. He did a good job of answering our questions. The Installer takes pride in work, his work space and all that he does.”

Tina G, NW Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy’s Installer was exceptional. He had some very good ideas. My contractor raved about him.”

David W, NW Calgary, Jan/16

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“I can’t say enough about the two gentlemen who did the installation. They were absolutely professional, very attentive, and listened to our concerns. They made time to talk to me, they were proficient and absolutely knew what they were doing.”

Dan M, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“The Installer with Legacy Kitchens is efficient. He gets to it and he is effective and collaborative. I was very impressed with him. He works with precision and knows what he is doing. Legacy’s Installer is truly a professional.”

Linda W, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer is skilled and competent with a nice calm manner. If glitches arose, he was very willing to make sure that things would get fixed. If something couldn’t be fixed right away and if parts need to be ordered, he was very reassuring and told us not to stress.”

Margo G, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“Legacy’s Installers are the best workers I’ve ever met. They are very efficient, polite and know what they are doing. We were very impressed – they were professional and high quality workers. They worked quickly and were a huge help in getting the kitchen done.”

Ruta, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy’s Installer was efficient and polite. He was a nice person to have in the house. I would highly recommend him. He did the installation very, very well.”

SW Homeowner, Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy’s Installer went over and above to do an excellent job.”

Pat B, Calgary, Nov/15

“The Installers were very nice, respectful,and professional. The Service Tech, who came at the end, showed me the mistakes and he just took care of everything. The Designer was easy to work with through the back and forth emails.”

Amy M, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy brought the cabinets when they said they would and it was done just like ‘ABC’. We did request their Installer because he did such a good job on our own home. I would also ask for him again if there were another project.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“I was very pleased with the Installer at Legacy Kitchens. He was very competent, very nice and I would recommend him as well. He did a very clean job.”

Suzi T, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The Installer was amazing, like the Designer. If we asked any questions or asked about general information, he took the time to explain. We had issues with the laundry chute that were more related to the builder than Legacy, and Legacy’s Installer offered ideas and solutions. He was friendly and efficient.”

Lacey W, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“The Installer with Legacy Kitchens was great and he followed the Coordinator’s schedule to a tee. He did exactly what needed to be done, perfectly, and always on time.”

Korina J, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy’s Installer was a wonderful guy. He was accommodating, patient, and if we had questions, he would stop and answer. At the end of the day, the house was spotless.”

Zoe B, Cochrane, AB Oct/15

“Legacy’s Installer was amazing. His installation was great, especially the way he cleaned up and left our home. He is a great contractor.”

Stacy Y, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens was incredible. He was very professional, knew his work, and did fine craftsmanship.”

Terry D, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The Installer was great. If I had a question of asked to change something small, he was most accommodating.”

Kerry C, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy’s Installer even made little brackets to hold the trims and things out of the way. He was well organized and cleaned up well.”

Leslie P, Okotoks AB, Sep/15

“The Installer explained everything and answered all of our questions about the installation process.”

Gerry F, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens’ craftsmanship was fantastic. He is such a great carpenter. We had a few architectural issues to deal with and their Installer came up with a fantastic solution.”

Candice C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“I felt very confident with Legacy Kitchens’ Installer in our home, whether we were here or not. He is a super guy.”

A Moore, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer even fixed things that we caused, such as little nicks. He examined everything minutely, like an x-ray. He was very meticulous.”

Terry O, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was really a great guy in all respects. He is the most skillful carpenter that I have ever seen.”

Ulrich M, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was excellent. He provided helpful information and advice. He appeared to be genuinely interested in doing a quality job and doing it well rather than fast. It felt like he had our best interest at heart. He brought forward any issues rather than waiting for us to notice them.”

Bernadita O, NW Calgary, Aug/15

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens was excellent. He was methodical and respectful of the cabinets and our existing house. He was quiet, a very steady worker and he arrived on time. He was a very good Installer.”

Heather C, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens listened and answered questions very well. He was just super! The Service Technician was awesome. He showed care for each individual cupboard. He opened each door and examined it. Then he came back to fix anything that needed to be fixed.”

Ron M, SE Calgary, Aug/15

“I had a whole list of little things that I felt needed to be corrected. Legacy Kitchens’ Installer corrected everything. I was quite impressed.”

Jennifer M, SE Calgary, Jul/15

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens was great. He was very friendly, takes care of everything, answers questions and gives advice without being asked for it.”

Danny, Serenity Custom Homes, Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer has great experience and he is good at getting it right. We did two kitchens at the same time. The two kitchens are the same, but also a little different because the walls are not square. He worked really well with that situation. He is a good problem solver.”

Jane E, NW Calgary, Jun/15

“I give top marks across the board for Legacy Kitchens’ Installer because he was first class and very accommodating. He really worked to make sure the experience was excellent and professional. He was unbelievable. He basically treated it like it was his own home. He gave it 110%.”

S Jones, Calgary, Jun/15

“We were the most impressed with Legacy Kitchens’ Installer. I can’t say enough good things about him. He liaised between all the trades and also with Legacy. He did a great job!

C Nernberg, Balzac, AB, Jun/15

“The Installer at Legacy Kitchens was very responsive, going beyond the call of duty. I had drawer inserts from a Big Box store. The Installer said that Legacy had much nicer ones for me to consider, that would only be a few dollars more. He cut them and fitted them for me and they are much nicer.”

C Tremblay, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was very good. He was patient and comfortable to be with. Legacy’s Service Technician was absolutely fabulous. He came early and stayed late. He helped us to fix the nicks on the counter top.”

G Chappelle, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“Our project with Legacy Kitchens was done early. They asked us if their Installer could come on the Monday. He was able to start that afternoon. We were happy that Legacy picked up the boxes, so we didn’t have to load them into our SUV and to take them away.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“We were extremely happy with Legacy Kitchens’ Installer. He was so professional and also extremely pleasant. He is a good person and we were thrilled with him.”

D Eason, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was a great ambassador for Legacy. He seemed to care about what he was doing. He took great pride in his work and the finished product was excellent.”

A Palmquist, SE Calgary, May/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was great. We contracted him to do other work as well. He remembered everything we asked him to do that may have varied from the original scope.”

S & T Smith, NW Calgary, May/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer should be a 10 (out of 5). He was so nice and wasn’t at all arrogant about explaining things, considering that he was such an expert at what he was doing.”

E Taylor, Southern AB, May/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer is exceptional. He is the nicest guy and treated our home with respect. He cleaned up way beyond what I would have expected, since he would be coming back the next day.”

K Shaw, SW Calgary, May/15

“The cabinets from Legacy Kitchens came a couple of days early, on a Friday instead of the Monday. That was great and their Installer phoned us to make sure it would be alright if he started on the Saturday. We liked working with Legacy’s Installer. He worked hard and he liked my cooking.”

C Williamson, Southern, AB, May/15

“The Installer for Legacy Kitchens gave input on some things in the kitchen that he knew through his experience as an Installer. He made us aware of possibilities to change this or that. It was very helpful to hear his input and we appreciated that he provided it.”

M Osman, NE Calgary, May/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer is exceptional. He is the nicest guy and treated our home with respect. He cleaned up way beyond what I would have expected, since he would be coming back the next day.”

K Shaw, SW Calgary, May/15

“We were very satisfied with Legacy Kitchens’ Installer’s work. We called him in later to do a few things for us.”

P Gagnon, SW Calgary, Apr/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was awesome. The first day he came at 8:15 am and he apologized because he was scheduled for 8 am. That was amazing! I’ve had trades show up 4 hours late and not say anything about it. He cleaned up where a lot of trades don’t do that.”

R Thomas, SE Calgary, Apr/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Installers were the best I’ve worked with in years and the project was done on-time. They were fantastic.”

Randy, Calgary Contractor, Mar/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Installer was very professional, precise and careful in his work. He was personable and worked to our schedule.”

G Karran, NW Rural Calgary, Mar/15

“I have nothing but fantastic things to say about the Legacy Kitchens’ Installer. He is one of the best renovators and the nicest of people.”

P Newton, SW Calgary, Mar/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s Installer was so kind and accommodating and he always went the extra mile.”

Sharon & John, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy’s Installer came up with some good suggestions which he also delivered. I’m really happy with it and Legacy Kitchens made another sale as a result.”

R Nodder, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s Installer was amazing and his helper was great too. They were both wonderful to work with.”

K Evans, SE Calgary, Feb/15

“The Legacy Kitchen’s Installer was beyond expectations. He was the most meticulous man I have ever met. The Legacy Installer was highly recommended by friends in our community.”

S Crouch, Leslieville, AB Jan/15

“The Legacy Installer was easy to deal with. He showed up on time, worked late and got the job done really quickly. The Installer also did a couple of extra things for me and I really appreciated that.”

D Simson, Canmore, AB Jan/15

“It all went off without a hitch. They were so nice to have around, they explained what they were doing and they cleaned up every day so we could carry on. There was minimal inconvenience.”

L Ferguson, SW Calgary, Jan/15

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“Legacy Kitchen’s Installer was fantastic! He has attention to detail and he’s meticulous. If something is out of place, he takes the time to fix it. He’s not the type that says ‘that’s not my job’.”

L Eagleton, rural Calgary, AB Dec/14

“This is an old home and Legacy’s Installer did a magnificent job of making the cabinets fit. His work is exact and precise. He is very respectful. He made the kitchen look very professionally done.”

A Gough, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The Installer had a unique problem because the fridge was not as shown on the manufacturers specifications. He had to change the filler and also ensured that the stove lined up exactly with the upper cabinets. He is very precise. It was nice that Legacy Kitchens was so concerned with proper fit. I didn’t have to be watchful of them. Everything fits like a glove.”

L Cheyne, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy’s Installers were certainly good at what they did. They had some innovative ideas when things didn’t fit perfectly. One of the walls was bowed, but you wouldn’t know it now.”

Harv, NE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The Installer’s work was ‘perfect times 2’; he was so exceptional. We never had to check Legacy Kitchen’s work. Their Installer took time to answer questions and he addressed every concern.”

T Mak, NW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“Legacy’s Installer offered a couple of options and ideas for things that made a big difference for us. For example, the white electric dustpan would have been ugly, and the Installer knew that black was available. The black colour works in perfectly.”

L Dyck, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“He was very helpful in improving our design as the installation occurred. Legacy’s Installer was integral to another design feature. He did top-notch work in our kitchen and that just flowed through to the other projects he did for us.”

D Mandseth, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Legacy’s Installer was amazing. He took the time to talk with me and we had some good chats. He was a real work horse and just did his work.”

D Braitenbach, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Legacy Kitchens provided a built-in stool for our daughter. Their Service Tech made sure that it worked perfectly for her. He worked with us to make sure that it was easy and safe to use. Initially, no one knew how it would work but they were willing to try and improvise.”

Mt Pleasant, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“He cleaned up and he demonstrated craftsmanship and pride in his work. Legacy Kitchens Installer’s installation was flawless.”

S Marshall, W Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Legacy’s Installer immediately made me feel comfortable. He went above and beyond to remove my old sink and countertop. He gave me some assistance in removing my old kitchen and I appreciated that. He was so so helpful.”

G Topor, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy’s Installer was amazing, he came on a Saturday to get things completed. He also gave me his cell phone number, so I could touch base with him.He helped me unload a bunch of stuff one day. That wasn’t his responsibility but he happily did it.”

T Johnson, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy’s Installer went above and beyond for us. We had a water leak in our furnace room and so he noticed it and put a pail under it to catch it. Then he took time to call me and he fixed it. It was unrelated to our project but he stepped in to resolve it.”

C Scott, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“He was very informative and helpful. It was clear that Legacy’s Installer would do whatever was required to ensure I would be satisfied.”

M Wood, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“He was awesome. He was friendly. Legacy’s Installer does good work and wanted to get the job done right. He has an amazing memory and I didn’t have to remind him of anything.”

B Costley, Canmore, AB Sep/14

“Legacy’s Kitchens Installer was lovely, I chatted him up so much. It was clear that he loves his job and it is visible in his work. He loves the hands on work and being able to see results. I was excited to see his progress.”

S Clark, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Legacy’s Installer was tremendous. He is an amazing man. He knew his stuff. He made no mistakes and he explained things really well. If there was an issue, he was forthcoming, he would talk about it and help us decide how it should be resolved. Compared to other trades, he was outstanding.”

Larry, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“Legacy’s Installer was quite funny. He had some great ideas and did good work. We ran across a few issues but between him and our General Contractor they got everything resolved. It was great.”

K Neumiller, Airdrie, AB Aug/14

“Legacy Kitchen’s Installer did a really good job. Everything is done well and I have had a number of compliments from other Contractors.”

L Reinsch, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Installer was a good ambassador for them. We were on site a number of times and at no time did he complain about conditions. He was proud of working for Legacy.”

B Jordon, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“We could tell Legacy’s Installer cared so much about what he was doing. He took so much time to do the work and it was clear that he took a lot of pride in it. It was almost like he was building his own kitchen. He cared about how everything turned out and he was a real stickler for details. It was a great experience.”

T Vona, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Installer was very good. He was a quiet guy and just went about his work. He was very professional and did a really nice job. We were living across the street at the time, so I would come over each morning and talk with him.”

D Anderson, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“I am glad we got the Installer that we did. He was punctual, focused and wasn’t easily distracted. He took his time to make sure it was done right. Safety was important for Legacy’s Installer and he made sure things were safe for me and my kids. He is like a good baker, things were neat and tidy and well done.”

M Solomon, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“You have to see it to understand the quality of Legacy’s cabinet installation – it is superb / exceptional. I am an Inspector for Architects in Calgary and I think that Legacy’s Installer’s work is in the the top 5% that I have seen and I have been doing this for 30 years.”

B Dickson, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Legacy’s Installer was exceptional regarding the installation and I feel that we were fortunate to have him as our Installer. He wanted to get the work done and get it done perfectly. One night he stayed until 7:30 trying to get me the options I wanted. He was able to address issues on the fly and adapt quickly. I greatly appreciated that.”

Canyon Meadows SW, Calgary, AB May/14

“He was great. Legacy’s Installer was very particular – it had to be done right and if it couldn’t be, he would not do it. He was nearly a perfectionist.”

C Beattie, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy’s Installers were great. They were confident and it was clear that they knew what they were doing. Just the way they did it. They came across design issues but just fixed them right away. It didn’t slow them down. I was really happy with their work and they were also very friendly.”

S Wattie, NE Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy’s Installer was very professional. He even left us some extra material so we could trim out an extra feature in our family room. That was very helpful.”

B White, Canmore, AB Apr/14

“He was careful and protected the cabinets when he was done. Legacy’s Installer was also willing to help with other aspects. He did a very good job of the installation.”

S Maass, Calgary, AB Apr14

“We appreciated how picky Legacy’s Installer was. After dealing with a lot of trades that didn’t really care, it was good to have someone who did. Their Installer truly cares about the job that he does and he is really good at it.”

K Goodrich, NW Calgary, Apr/14

“He was great. Legacy’s Installer was really informative and was definitely on my side. I would use Legacy again because of the way the Operations staff handled things.”

K Watson SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Legacy’s Installer was a 120% kind of guy. He was a perfectionist. He didn’t let anything slide. He is very professional and was probably one of the best trades on our project.”

A Rasmussen, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“He did an excellent job. We were amazed at the work Legacy’s Installer did. He made perfect cuts and he really knew what he was doing. My father was a millworker himself and he was really impressed with the finish work.”

K Harcsa SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“When Legacy’s staff were in our house they were never in the way and they appeared to be happy doing their work. They didn’t sluff off or not show up, they just went about their work and got it done.”

G McQueen, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“Legacy’s Installer was excellent. Our ceiling was off a bit and he didn’t want to touch the mouldings until everything was in place. He is very professional and a real perfectionist. It looks great.”

D Cassie, SW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“He actually offered advice and he fixed another problem we were having. Legacy’s Installer went over and above and on one occasion, he contacted our Designer to get things resolved.”

S Karkut, SW Calgary, Feb/14

“Legacy’s Installer was very polite, a real gentleman. He always had good tips and would take time to explain what he was doing if I didn’t understand.”

T Neitsch, NE Calgary, AB Jan/14

“Legacy’s Installer was professional, he worked hard and he was very precise in his measurements. Installer has a high personal standard, he takes pride in his work and it shows. He was a pleasure to deal with.”

K Teron, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“Legacy’s Installer was polite and respectful. He was excellent and demonstrated very good craftsmanship. He did excellent work.”

G Garvey, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“”The cabinet installation was really good. It was outstanding and I couldn’t say enough about their Installers work. I asked him to make some changes and he did. He went out of his way and was totally opposite to our contractor.”

M Weber, NW Calgary, Dec/13

“I was pretty happy with Legacy’s Installers. They did a good job, they were very precise and careful.”

Discovery Ridge SW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy’s Installer was very good. He came when he said he would come and if he was unsure about something, he would ask. Sometimes if he didn’t think something looked right, he would ask our input and give us options. He was good that way.”

V Scheleppe, SW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“He was amazing. We had a very positive experience with Legacy’s Installer. He explained what he was doing, he showed us how he would do things and he gave us options. We asked for more space and he did what was required to make that happen.”

Kelvin Grove SW, Calgary, AB Nov/13

“100%. Legacy’s Installer was available so if I needed him, I could email or text him. He was very clear about when things would get done and when he would be at my house. He was very positive and very knowledgeable.”

M Vermaat, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Legacy Installer was a real gem, a precious man. He was meticulous and was very pleasant to deal with. He was quiet and just went ahead and did his work. He didn’t ask for anything and did a meticulous job.”

Vera C, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Legacy’s cabinet Installer was excellent and very helpful. He is did a good job and he poured his heart in the project.”

Bearspaw NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Legacy’s Installer was awesome. Renovations are more difficult than new builds as walls are not straight. He went out of his way to make things right. My experience is that Legacy’s Installation and service people are good.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“He helped me out and was awesome. When you are making a thousand decisions sometimes it is just nice to have someone tell you what is best. Legacy’s Installer was a person who does it everyday and knew what should be done and why.”

Jane H, Springbank, AB Oct/13

“He was so good. It was unbelievable what Legacy’s Cabinet Installer could do. Our house is 20 years old and the ceiling and walls are not straight. He worked with it and in the end you cannot notice – he was very very good.”

Denise C, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy Installer was very tidy, he put cardboard down on floor before coming in and always cleaned up after himself. He showed craftsmanship, we were so impressed with him.”

Catherine K, Airdrie, AB Sep/13

He did a phenomenal job and was amazing. Everyone who sees our cabinets say that it is an amazing job. Legacy’s Installer said “I like to have my work speak for itself.” He work is amazing.”

Tuscany Estates NW, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy’s Installer was premo and he provided a lot of guidance. He worked evenings and weekends to accomplish our schedule. He would spend an hour at the end of the day to clean things up. The Installer’s attention to detail was amazing.”

Thorncliff NW, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“He was a very good installer, hardworking and he knew his stuff. Legacy’s Cabinet Installer worked continuously until he got it done.”

Rocky Ridge NW Calgary, AB Aug/13

“The quality of installation was excellent and our cabinets are quality product.”

Canmore, AB Jul/13

“We were behind on all the scheduling due to my sub trades. We worked with Legacy’s Coordinator and she helped us coordinate things, it wasn’t Legacy’s fault we were behind. She explained each stage and returned calls as quick as she could.”

Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great with organizing things and their Project Manager kept the men on track. We didn’t have to deal with any of that. We didn’t even have to coordinate the appointment with subs as the Coordinator had already done that, far in advance of the date.”

Ranchlands NW, Calgary, AB May/13

“There were 3 or 4 outstanding items after we took possession of our home. Legacy’s Coordinator provided a schedule to get them complete. What she did was done properly.”

Watermark, NW Calgary, AB May/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was absolutely pleasant and the information she provided around process was good.”

Mission SW, Calgary, AB May/13

“Legacy was very accommodating for my schedule and their Coordinator was good about following up.”

Braeside SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional and pleasant to work with. She understood the disruption to the household and made a schedule that adapted to that. She was diligent.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator did a great job.”

Sandstone Valley NW, Calgary, AB Mar/13

“We had an instant rapport with Legacy’s Coordinator. She is very very good at her job – that became apparent very quickly.”

Patterson Blvd NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“I was very happy with Legacy’s Coordinator, she always returned my calls.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“The craftsmanship and quality of our cabinets. The Legacy Installer was very thorough and was a pleasure to work with.”

West Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

“Legacy scheduling was valuable, it helped me understand the timing. They let us know what was going on and that was very valuable to me.”

Beltline SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“What I really liked is that we had a basic idea of what we wanted and they walked us through it all. We had a schedule that was unheard of in terms of them being on time. The whole design was fabulous and it all came together quite easily.”

Wildwood SW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“The schedule that Legacy’s Coordinator sent at the beginning was brilliant. It all flowed from that and it made it so easy for us to know when we needed to make decisions and who was coming, when.”

Edgemont NW, AB Dec/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was certainly on top of things in terms of scheduling.”

Strathcona SW, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“They were right on time. They did things exactly the way they planned it, again a breath of fresh air. They did it exactly how you expect, but frequently don’t always get and that was very good.”

Cochrane, AB Nov/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great. The first time I talked to her, I just felt like I’d known her forever. She was fantastic.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“She set my expectations by telling me what was going on and then was very professional about handling things. I appreciated that, Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator was good to work with.”

Marlborough NE, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“My husband really appreciated working with Legacy’s Coordinator. He really respected her work, she was quick to respond and her schedule was on time. We really appreciated the quality of the product as well.”

MacEwan NW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“The installation happened on time but then the countertop got delayed and so the rest of the schedule was impacted as well. Legacy’s Coordinator stayed right on top of it though. She was very responsive, she was awesome.”

Hawkwood, NW Calgary, AB Sep/12

“I really appreciated the relationship with Legacy’s Coordinator […] she was good about hearing our questions. She helped us arrange a last minute order of handles and sent someone back to install them. I want to pass on a ‘Thank You’ to everyone at Legacy Kitchens for ‘a job well done’.”

Tuscany NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“I talked a lot with Legacy’s Coordinator and she was very pleasant to work with. She got the schedule completely right … it started and ended when they said it would.”

Killarney NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator is a great person. She did the best she could under the circumstances.”

Meadowbrook, Airdrie, AB Jul/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was pleasant to work with and was very patient with us.”

Elbow Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good to work with, her schedule was right on time.”

illrise SW, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very pleasant to deal with actually we went on holidays while the installation was being done and when we came back, everything that was supposed to be done was.”

Canmore, AB Jun/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was good to work with, she listened and took time to answer my questions.”

Okotoks, AB May/12

“She was pleasant and professional, great to work with. Plus, Legacy’s Coordinator had figured out the schedule exactly to the day … it was great.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB May/12

“We were very satisfied with the Coordination that Legacy Kitchens provided … we valued Legacy’s professionalism.”

Cedarbrae SW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“The schedule was important for us as we had to schedule in other trades. Their Coordinator’s knowledge and understanding of the sequence of events was critical. Legacy’ Coordinator helped us plan the project and let us know when we should bring in the other trades. The coordination was a very critical role and Legacy did it very well.”

McEwan NW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator was wonderful. At one point there was a glitch with the granite people and she got right on them and got it resolved. This was out of her box and she still took care of it and I really appreciated that. It was amazing. They said we would be out of our kitchen for 6 weeks and that’s exactly what happened. We had a firm date for getting back in and they were 3 days early. Legacy Kitchens … very impressive.”

Dalhousie NW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“It was a very good experience. It amazed me that they oversaw the whole project even though we were only paying Legacy for the cabinets, Plumber and Electrician. That speaks to the kind of company they are … it was very impressive to me.”

Highwood Park NW, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“Our renovation project went like clockwork. Legacy’s Coordinator and I worked together to coordinate the trades and it was done very quickly. She was good to work with.”

Marlborough Park NE, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“Legacy’s Coordinator may be tired of hearing from us but she did a fantastic job … she was pleasant, professional, great to deal with.”

Rosemount NW, Calgary, AB. Jan/12

“She was excellent … Legacy’s Coordinator was very helpful.”

Kilarney SW, Calgary, AB Jan/12

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“Legacy’s Coordinator was awesome … she promptly returned calls and if she didn’t know an answer, she found someone who did … she also verified that the schedule would work for us.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“It was excellent, Legacy Kitchens schedule was fantastic, they were right on things and that was amazing.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was fabulous … great … wonderful to work with … she handled thing very smoothly. She called us and let us know and that made all the difference … great communication!”

Signal Ridge SW, Calgary, AB. Nov/11

“She was very good to work with … Legacy Kitchens Coordinator was amazing … if for some reason they couldn’t come, she called us and let us know … that’s all it takes, to communicate.”

Charleswood NW, Calgary, AB Nov/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was excellent. She was friendly, very well organized and was flexible with schedule and timeline. We appreciated that.”

Stanley Park SW, Calgary, AB. Oct/11

“She was very helpful and was excellent at returning calls. Our Legacy cabinet project proceeded on schedule.”

Calgary, AB Oct/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very good to work with and she kept the project on schedule.”

Springbank, AB Sep/11

“She was fantastic, Legacy’s Coordinator went ‘above and beyond’ on getting everything scheduled and taken care of.”

Sundance SE, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very prompt at returning calls.”

Bearspaw NW, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“She listened and answered my questions with very positive tone. Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional and was prompt in answering phone calls and emails. That was great.”

Mount Pleasant NW, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great, she really knows her stuff and went ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“Our Legacy Coordinator was very understanding and took full control … she was terrific to work with.”

Riverdale Resident NW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“The kitchen cabinet project ran right on schedule. It went very smoothly, there were no problems – it was like clockwork.”

Balzac Resident, Jun/11