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This page contains results and reviews from Legacy Kitchens’ clients about of their Overall Impression of the purchase experience.

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LG Overall Impression

Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“The all around package was really good. I liked that they all came to the house with the Designer before the project started. They looked at the scope of work, so there wouldn’t be any surprises. They looked after all of the permits and there were no additional charges unless I asked for something new. It was as quoted.”

Linda L, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“The Legacy staff came with a good attitude and they asked if there was anything we wanted them to do. They followed up when needed. You can’t do more than that. They are wonderful people. We appreciate the experience we had with Legacy Kitchens. We love the product and the kitchen. It makes me smile everytime I see the kitchen.”

Donna D, SE Calgary, AB Dec/18

“We were very pleased with everything and we are enjoying our renovation. We had great advice and insight between Legacy and Rochelle. They were very quick too.”

Jennifer M, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“I’ve used Legacy on and off for 12 years or more. Working with Legacy is smooth and seamless. Paul makes my life easy. All the staff do a good job and that is a huge labour savings for me.”

John, Big Eyed Fish Projects, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“My experience with Legacy was top-notch. I was mostly dealing with Steve. We had meetings with Crystal, Steve and myself. Steve explained everything so well. He and Crystal worked together to come up with a good plan and design.”

Marilyn W, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“The cabinets were delivered early. It worked out beautifully. Legacy’s Coordinator, Annette, understood our vacation schedule and she did a little magic to make the delivery time work optimally.”

Oksana N, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“I’m very happy with the outcome of the Legacy Kitchens project, especially compared with others who worked on this renovation. The cabinet part was the best part of my whole renovation. I rank Legacy very high. I’m pretty happy with the overall job performance, organizing and management. If someone asked me, I would recommend Legacy.”

Dunwein Ye, SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“Legacy’s customer service is very good, right from talking to Kim, the Designer, to the Installer and to the additional things that we added onto the project. Legacy was timely and organized. The customer service was great.”

Marie W., Dewinton, AB Oct/18

“Legacy made sure all the details were looked after. They listened to concerns, and the project was executed to the day of the schedule that we agreed on.”

Lorna & Dave C, NW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“Rob was great. I have to say that the whole process was so easy, I wish I had found Legacy a year earlier. I have told friends about them. Everyone was right on schedule, all the time. Everyone was great.”

Deirdre, NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“We could see that there was a team. When we visited the showroom, people were really interested in helping us. They asked us the right questions and we didn’t have to worry about anything.”

Greg H, Cochrane, AB Sep/18

“Legacy’s part of the project was on schedule and I am happy with the end product.”

Kim V, Millarville, AB Sep/18

“Legacy Kitchens is very good, they have pride and professionalism. Paul, their Installer, was there until he got it right. I didn’t have to babysit them. Legacy did what they said they would do. They showed up and got it done on time.”

Peter, EF Contracting, SE Calgary, Aug/18

“The quality of workmanship is very important and it’s very high at Legacy Kitchens. The scheduling of the different trades and the payment process was very good. Their Coordinator, May, emailed the schedule and if there were deviations, she was good about explaining why and she was good at accommodating our specific needs.”

David S, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“We ended up with a great result. I am very happy with Legacy Kitchens and 100% satisfied with the results and the quality of the cabinets. I am also 100% impressed with Legacy’s staff. They come pretty close to being Rock Stars.”

Judy O, NW Calgary, Aug/18

“Legacy Kitchens has a big showroom, a wide variety of product, they execute well and at an appropriate price. We’ve done a few dozen projects and they’ve all gone pretty well with Legacy Kitchens. The price is where we want it and the quality is good.”

Andy K, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“I just appreciated the willingness of Legacy Kitchens to fix the tiniest little detail. They wanted to make sure it was right. They sent a little piece back twice to get it the right length. There were little details that I might not have noticed. When they had it all fixed, I could see that it did make a difference. Everyone was so generous with their ideas and their openness. It was easy to work with all of the people at Legacy.”

Shauna, S, Okotoks, AB Jul/18

“I have a trade company as well and I know the hurdles and all the moving parts that it takes to do a project. Legacy Kitchens achieved that and did a good job. I shopped at a few different places. Legacy’s selection was superior and their product was as good or superior for that level of product. Legacy produces what they say they are doing to do.”

Roland G, Dead Man’s Flats, AB Jul/18

“I have been working with Legacy for many years. I am definitely satisfied. They are my only call for cabinets. I recommend Legacy to all my clients. Legacy’s pricing is reasonable. If there are problems, there are no questions asked. Legacy will fix it right away, It is done – no need for debate, they just do it.”

Brian B, Hammer For Hire, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“We had visited other cabinet retainers and were disappointed. We didn’t know what we were looking for so retailers would tell us “when you are ready and know what you want, then come back.” Legacy Kitchens offered us the ability to go through a discovery process with them. Legacy’s Designer, Kimberly explained and educated us. They were welcoming and showed us they wanted our business.”

Jeannette W, Southern AB, Jun/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, Russell, did a fantastic job and was conscientious to make sure everything was done right. He went out of his way to make sure everything was great. You couldn’t ask for better service. I cannot say enough good things about Legacy’s staff.”

John M, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“I’ve never run into a company who is so responsible as Legacy Kitchens. Just the fact that they showed up on time, were always in contact and were easy to get a hold of set them apart. The first day, all the trades came to our home. It was really an amazing experience. Dan, their Service Tech was here, and Brian, the Installer and Derek, the electrician as well. They listened to what we wanted, they provided alternatives and we discussed what could be done and not done.”

Laureen M, NW Calgary, May/18

“I thought the Legacy Kitchens’ staff were very experienced and good quality people with a good product. I like their forward planning and that they could do the project sooner than another Contractor.”

Andrew M, SW Calgary, May/18

“It’s a wonderful product that Legacy Kitchens offers. It is exactly what we wanted, real walnut. The drawers are soft close and Michael, their Installer, as well as Mike, the Service Tech, made the fit and finish perfect. Every alignment and every gap is just right. They wouldn’t stop until they had it right.”

Paul G, Canmore, AB May/18

“I am satisfied with the quality of product offered by Legacy Kitchens and that’s why we went back to Legacy. It’s because they were professional. The installation was seamless and we didn’t have to worry about much. I love my kitchen.”

April F, Olds, AB Apr/18

“Legacy Kitchens was great to work with. Everything seemed to go the way it was supposed to go. Legacy’s people were friendly, easy to work with and they understand what we wanted. Overall it was a great experience.”

Franca T, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“It’s everything about Legacy Kitchens that is impressive. I’ve worked with other builders and other kitchen companies.The colour of the cabinets is exactly what we ordered and they take responsibility for ensuring everything is right. You can not beat Legacy’s post installation customer care.”

Andrea, Andrea Hasanagic Design, SW Calgary, Apr/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ staff provided lots of follow-up. What we liked is that Legacy’s staff answered all our questions. There were no surprises along the way and they were easy to deal with. The end result was great. They are a well oiled machine and run their business well.”

Duane J, Cochrane, AB Mar/18

“We had no issues with Legacy Kitchens. We would score Legacy Kitchens at 100%. They were professional, on time, and they did a great job. I would give the quality of product a 5+/5. We only had a few hiccups along the way and for a project of this size, that is surprising. Legacy had the people and the resources to deal with it quickly. Most of the issues had nothing to do with Legacy Kitchens.”

Sonja L, Chestermere, AB Mar/18

“I would use Legacy Kitchens again because of the quality of everything that was done. I am very fussy. Legacy was responsive to any concerns, both prior to starting and as we went along.”

Linda M, SW Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens was very good. Even the receptionist was great. The first time I went into the showroom, I had my granddaughter with me. She had her iPad to amuse her and the receptionist was entertaining her and gave her a cookie. I was able to talk to my Designer. It was great.”

Karen N, SE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“At Legacy Kitchens, they know what they are doing. We were really happy with the kitchen. As a consumer that was really important to us.”

Jill O, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“I was not just another customer. It was a whole experience. The staff at Legacy Kitchens were all good. Every person was top notch – you can’t buy that. The entire team made it a great experience. It was not just a select few individuals.”

Zunayed K, SE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“We are so thrilled. This is a top notch company and a top notch product. We wouldn’t change a thing after 6 months. A number of people have come into our house and asked who did the work. We’ve always said that it was Legacy Kitchens and they are worth every penny.”

Paul A, NW Calgary Jan/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kim, was great. She was very thorough, she gave us some good ideas and she was willing to work with our needs. This was a new build and Kim was the only person we dealt with. We valued that Kim explained the different options and that fit the criteria and that were important to us. We were happy, overall, with the experience.”

Steve C, NW Calgary Jan/18

“We interviewed 4 to 5 companies and no one came back to us with the level of detail that Legacy Kitchens’ Designer did. Michael was ready to work with us and with our budget. We came in on budget. Everything else was beyond what we expected. It was on time and there was no arguing. Legacy delivered on what they promised. We are super impressed.”

Rob & Mona N, SW Calgary Jan/18

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“My son and daughter-in-law who were not involved in the design, but are in the design business themselves, were very much impressed. To me, this has been a very good experience, the results have exceeded my expectations, largely due to Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Suzi, who knew what she was doing and worked extremely well with Brian, my contractor.”

Carol H, Canmore, AB Dec/17

“We’ve had several people over who have loved every bit of it. The cabinets and hardware are wonderful. I was very surprised that Legacy Kitchens completed on schedule. There was a little bit of play in the calendar so they would make up time if they needed to. Emails and phone calls were returned quickly by Legacy Kitchens’ staff. I never felt like we were anything but Number 1.”

Leanne G, NW Calgary Dec/17

“We have done a number of renovations before and Legacy Kitchens was the best we’ve dealt with. Legacy is specialized. Their core business is kitchens and they have a good reputation.”

Leslie S, NW Calgary Dec/17

“It wasn’t a hard decision to use Legacy Kitchens. It went really well the last time. Legacy can stick to the budget and schedule, whereas with other Contractors it can drag out.”

Mike M, NW Calgary Nov/17

“Legacy Kitchens provides a solid plan to start with, a really good schedule and Legacy is on time and provides quality. Pass on a big thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this renovation.”

Taz and Richard, NW Calgary Nov/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ workers are professional and courteous. It’s the finished product and the overall impression that I value. They have a nice selection and showroom. It’s a one stop shop for my clients. I need to offer high end cabinets. Quality and service are the two things that are really important to me. Legacy Kitchens stands behind their product.”

Dale, Fraser Homes Ltd, NW Calgary Nov/17

“I was very impressed with everything, particularly how Legacy Kitchens presented themselves and the knowledge of what we could and could not do. We appreciated them very much.”

Teresa M, Priddis, AB Oct/17

“The project with Legacy Kitchens was on budget. There were no surprises or hidden costs. It was all professional. I renovated my entire house. Legacy is the only service provider that I would say this about. I’m not being generous when I say that they deserve the 100% rating.”

Heather P, Cochrane, AB Oct/17

“Legacy Kitchens provides really good quality for the price we are paying and they maintain that level of service. If there were questions, they found the answers and got back to me right away. It was a renovation, so they found out what they needed to know and they ordered what they needed. I didn’t need to nudge or encourage them to deal with issues. They dealt with the situations. Legacy Kitchens is my ‘go-to’ for cabinets. They are service conscious and that gives me huge confidence for me to sell Legacy to my clients.”

Dave M, Dasan Interiors Inc, SW Calgary Oct/17

“It was an easy process with Legacy Kitchens. I’ve never done a renovation before. I’ve heard about renovation nightmares. I’ve been talking to a friend who is doing her kitchen with someone else. We had a better process and better quality and she is having a nightmare.”

Marj F, SE Calgary Sep/17

“We love our new kitchen. We really liked the design that Kelly, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer did for us.”

Jill A, NW Calgary Sep/17

“We picked Suzi because we had worked with her before, as an interior designer. Suzi said she was working for Legacy Kitchens now. We had no issues at all. The cabinets look great. The workmanship was excellent. Scoring Legacy at 100% feels right. We had no issues.”

Ian G, Canmore, AB Sep/17

“I would not hesitate to use Legacy Kitchens again. I am very satisfied. Also, I would say that it was a reasonable price for the product. I was happy to spend that amount. Their level of professionalism is very high. Legacy was the 5th place I went to check out. As far as quality and price, that is where I got the best deal for my money. It’s extremely good quality at a reasonable price.”

Lori B, SW Calgary Aug/17

“The Legacy Kitchens people cared about the project and our home and took the time to explain. To get it done on time is amazing. A lady I worked with who used someone else took a year and a half to complete the job.”

Deb A, NE Calgary Aug/17

“It’s very good service. I’m in the construction industry and I deal with trades all the time. Legacy Kitchens were very good, I would use them commercially.”

Greg H, NE Calgary Aug/17

“I like my new kitchen. The renovation with Legacy Kitchens was easy. I picked my countertop and back splash very quickly and it came eas. It was an easy experience.”

Bev B, NW Calgary Jul/17

“I’ve known about Legacy Kitchens for a long time. They have done business with us. Also, 25 years ago Legacy did my kitchen in my home. This project was for a rental house.”

Cathy O, SW Calgary Jul/17

“Legacy Kitchens was very accommodating. There was no doubt in our mind that Legacy showed interest and concern. I know they do some huge projects. We are pretty small potatoes, yet they treat you like top dog. The $20K to $30K that we spent on our projects is a lot of money to us. They showed concern and dedication to smaller projects.”

Tim A, Airdrie AB Jul/17

“I’m quite pleased, but also a bit biased, because we designed it. It’s now been six months since Legacy kitchens completed the work.  Friends who have seen the old and the new kitchen really think that the new kitchen is superlative. I’ve heard their comments about how nicely designed the kitchen is.”

Fred S, Canmore, AB Jun/17

“We went to Legacy Kitchens because our kitchen was done by Legacy and we wanted the products to match the cabinets that were already there. The original build was by Legacy and this was an add-on office. Everything went very well. It was a great opportunity to work with them.”

Bob B, De Winton, AB Jun/17

“I think that overall Legacy Kitchens is such an experienced team and it shows. I was impressed. These guys have done this before! They are mature, professional and nice people, too. I said to them all that I would miss them.”

Joanne M, SW Calgary, Jun/17

“I feel that Legacy Kitchens provides quality. The whole project from start to finish was a fantastic experience.”

Rod B, NW Calgary May/17

“After we worked with Legacy Kitchens, numerous people have said how nice our kitchen is and we’ve increased the value of our home.”

Tara R, SW Calgary, May/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Rob, had a lot of suggestions and our home wouldn’t look as good as it does without Rob’s advice. The cabinets are gorgeous.”

Naomi D, Cochrane, AB May/17

“There were no issues. We always had great people to deal with. We like everyone at Legacy Kitchens. It’s a good team and they are thorough. They keep you up to date on the progress. They did a real push to get our order in and then kept us posted. We appreciated that.”

Pauline P, Carstairs, AB, Apr/17

“I was very happy. If someone asked me about the kitchen, I would recommend Legacy Kitchens and their Designer, Rob. The cabinets look great, everybody who walks in here loves them. You get what you pay for.”

Sharon S, Crossfield, AB, Apr/17

“I’m very happy with my cabinets from Legacy Kitchens. I feel very pleased and proud of the kitchen.”

Fred R, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“We had done a kitchen in a previous home about 4 years ago. With Legacy Kitchens, we found that everything was seamless and any incident was dealt with. The price point was fantastic. They worked with us in a tight small kitchen. They really listened to make sure we got everything we wanted to. We had no problems; it was perfect. I can’t speak about Legacy enough. They did a great job.”

Katherine S, Banff, AB, Mar/17

“We’ve had a lot of different Contractors and we’ve both said that Legacy Kitchens was the best. If there were any problems Legacy was always available and helpful.”

Ron P, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“The people at Legacy Kitchens were fantastic. Legacy has a good reputation in Calgary, which is especially helpful if you don’t know them.”

Linda K, SE Calgary, Mar/17

“We were very satisfied. Legacy Kitchens was done and ready before we were ready. We were very happy with Legacy who were great, to be honest. Everything went well. There were no problems. I wouldn’t bother going to check out their competition.”

Trent S, NW Calgary, Feb/17

“I emailed Legacy Kitchens to tell them that the whole process was accurate, right from the date of installation to when each of the tasks would happen. The whole crew is an asset for Legacy. Everything went so smoothly. They never had to apologize for rescheduling. The dates they gave me to start with stayed the same.”

Chantal G, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“My parents used Legacy Kitchens about a decade ago. Legacy had the cabinets that I wanted. Since I had looked at their website, I knew about their process. I liked the way it was explained and laid out on the website. I had the recommendation from my family and I was there when their renovation was done by Legacy, so I saw how it was done.”

Jenni L, NW Calgary, Feb/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, John, was absolutely fantastic! He was friendly, easy going and he did some things that weren’t really in scope. For example, he put in a new baseboard around the fridge. We had the extra material handy. I felt he was happy to do anything to satisfy us.”

Ellen V, SE Calgary, Jan/17

“Legacy Kitchens compares positively. I like the showroom. I like Allison because she is obviously an expert at kitchens. I can’t be an expert in all areas. I appreciate her suggestions and guiding us in the right direction.”

Nicole, Nido Interiors, NW Calgary, Jan/17

“I’ve been working with Legacy Kitchens for a lot of years. They have a comparable price point for better service.“”

Colin, Elevated Developments Inc., SW Calgary, Jan/17

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“When we met Rob at Legacy Kitchens’ showroom, he explained about the quality of the wood and we really liked what we saw. Rob talked to us about the product quality and the whole process. It was more than we really wanted to spend, but it was worth it in the end.”

Joyce M, NE Calgary, Dec/16

“We went through a renovation with another company and our experience caused us to look elsewhere this time. You can tell we were very pleased with the whole project by Legacy Kitchens. Legacy’s Service Technician, Andre, was great.”

Linda P, Calgary, Dec/16

“We had a few people do quotes. Sara really liked Susan, Legacy’s Designer. With Legacy Kitchens, we could do a large portion of the renovation ourselves, and we could pick and choose what we wanted to do ourselves and what Legacy would do. It was awesome, due to Susan’s input.”

Jerad D, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ showroom was overwhelming because I thought it was out of our price range. When I compared their business approach and what they were offering as compared to other companies, I felt it was good value. I thought that since Legacy doesn’t nickel and dime me, I wouldn’t do that to them. You get what you pay for and there is value for the dollars. Legacy is not cutting corners or using cheaper materials.”

Sandy P, NE Calgary, Nov/16

“I was very impressed. I would absolutely use Legacy Kitchens again. I’m looking at having more done. I searched their reputation on different web sites. Legacy seemed to have a good reputation, and now I know it is a very well deserved reputation.”

Annabelle S, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“Legacy had a personal approach and they made sure they had the time to take a client on. They had a vested interest and truly cared. We were not just a number, Legacy cared about the outcome.”

Tamara D, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“Legacy Kitchens made the renovation easy to deal with. There is a lot that goes into a project like this. It can be a stressful situation and Legacy definitely made it easier by helping with ideas, options and setting it up. Legacy made it stress free.”

Kim D, Gem, AB, Oct/16

“The project coordination was so good, that we didn’t have to worry. We walked into this cold. We had never been to Houzz or showrooms. We were babes in the woods although we knew what we did and didn’t like. Our friends told us that Legacy Kitchens would walk us through the process and that we would be fine.”

Janet H, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“We had a couple of people recommend Legacy Kitchens and Legacy lived up to their recommendations.”

Bernard K, SE Calgary, Oct/16

“The overall experience was really good. Legacy Kitchens’ showroom is one of the best we were in. Their staff all have a high level of knowledge and that made our project better. It was a better design than any other company suggested. May, their Coordinator, was amazing. Mark and Gaston were very thorough and fantastic. Post-completion support is still fantastic. Everything rolled up well and there is nothing that would make us hesitate to recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

Chris T, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“Right from the beginning, from the first face I saw at Legacy Kitchens, the Legacy people were absolutely amazing.”

Marnie W, SE Calgary, Sep/16

“We covered the General Contractor role and built the house ourselves. We had lots of different trades from time to time on the site. When Legacy Kitchens came in, they understood what was needed and finished it. There were no issues that Legacy didn’t take care of on their own. That wasn’t the case with the other trades. Legacy was pain free.”

Kevin A, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“I can’t imagine getting better service than with Legacy Kitchens. The tradespeople have worked with Paul for many years and they can’t say enough things about Paul. We are so happy and delighted with how it all turned out. We didn’t know where to start. Paul had wonderful, practical ideas.”

Lurline W, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“The ease of the process with Legacy Kitchens was way better than we experienced anywhere else. Michael would get back within an hour. We had better service than elsewhere. The showroom had everything you could imagine.”

Graham D, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“I wish I had done this years ago and I would have done it earlier if I had known about Legacy Kitchens.”

Marie B, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“I looked at a lot of different places. At Legacy Kitchens, the quality of the product was good and the people that I talked to were clear about the installation and the timelines. It was the product plus knowledgeable people that influenced my decision to use Legacy.”

Craig S, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“We know Legacy Kitchens is reliable. They respect the schedule, we can reach people and have answers to our questions or concerns and when there is an issue it will be resolved. We can reach May or Gaston, and when the house is upside down, there is less stress when little things are taken care of.”

Lucie C, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“I’m more than satisfied, I am thrilled. It was done ahead of schedule. We are going to do another project with Legacy Kitchens.”

Krista P, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“I would also say that Legacy Kitchens staff really show that they care. If they are in the area they will pop by to see how I am doing. Between Mark and myself, we built a good relationship. They have some good Installers and we latched on to them as much as possible.  They raise concerns that they notice and show us how things could improve. Legacy staff do the the little extra things but they still keep us on schedule.”

Dan M, Modus Site Supervisor, Jayman Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens is always a pleasure to deal with. Their staff are courteous and very professional to deal with. Ken is always safety conscious and enjoyable to deal with at the same time. I would say he is a great guy. He knows how to mix business with a great personality.  Legacy’s staff are always prompt to deal with.”

Stephen P, Site Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“I would say that the areas Legacy Kitchens does well are product design, color choices, scheduling system for service and customer service.”

Wayne D, Warranty Manager, Baywest Homes Jun/16

“I am not sure that I want to say that Legacy Kitchens exceeds our/homeowner’s expectations but it is an exceptional and superior product. It fits a luxury offering. It fits for Albi very well. I will say that Summer is a great Designer. The work that I see coming back seems phenomenal. I know that Legacy does a good job of installation. I can speak confidently to customers about the craftsmanship and expertise.”

Amber B, Interior Selections, Albi Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ product and installation quality is good. The end result is what we want – they do a very good job.”

Lewis P, Internal Operations Manager, Albi Jun/16

“I like working with Legacy Kitchen and have a lot of faith in them. They do a good job – their service is very good. I would say that Legacy is a Leader. They have a lot of market share. They get their product in front of a lot of people. Legacy certainly has the ability get the job done and done on time. They have the ability to service our type of clientele and that is not always easy. We have some clients who are not the easiest to manage. Legacy stands behind their product and gets projects done correctly. I appreciate that. They certainly service our clients.”

Aaron J, Field Team Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“We want Legacy staff to know that we appreciate the good job that they did. They need to be acknowledged for the good work. We got good service and there are not many companies that will do that anymore. Our kitchen was pretty hassle free. Any hiccups associated with Legacy Kitchens were quite minor.”

Joanne T, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“We had no problems from start to finish. Legacy Kitchens scheduled the work and followed through in alignment with the schedule. If there were any issues, they resolved them with no complaints.”

Keith B, Irricana, AB, Jun/16

“Michael was fabulous and I would not hesitate to recommend Legacy Kitchens at all. Their whole crew is fabulous.”

Shannon T, Airdrie, AB, Jun/16

“I have dealt with other Cabinet Suppliers and Legacy Kitchens is by far superior to any other.  Legacy is very easy to work with, they strive to improve and always met the deadlines. Other companies really struggle. Legacy Kitchens communicates really well. They hire staff who you can work with and get things resolved.”

Dwight F, Site Supervisor, Jayman, Cochrane, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens is efficient and offers competitive pricing. Their showroom is amazing. It is up to date, really nice and has a wide product offering for our customers to see. All of our business is with Legacy.”

Graham O, Estimating and Purchasing Manager, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“In touring through their facility, both their showroom and back areas, I would say that Legacy Kitchens is definitely driven by customer satisfaction. I would say that Legacy strives to be a Market Leader.”

Kimerie J, Sales Manager, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“I think Legacy Kitchens is good at pushing new colors out. I know they have been introducing some new colors (recently). On the Customer Service side, Tanys has been phenomenal. She gets to know our customers, creates a good kitchen for them and our customers are happy.”

Dawn B, Project Coordination Manager, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“We have been through Legacy Kitchens’ warehouse and it is professionally laid out. They have a lot of people and they run a very professional company. I think that makes them a leader in the industry.”

Bryon, M, Site Supervisor, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“For the quality of cabinets at Legacy Kitchens, the price point was awesome. We looked around at different places and we were able to get close to what we envisaged at a price that enabled us to do what we wanted.”

Jeremy S, SW Calgary, May/16

“Legacy had a really good selection. It was all on time, professional and the finished quality was excellent. The whole experience was excellent.”

Marlene N, SW Calgary, May/16

“It was nice to have advice and professional help at every stage. We were provided with a lot of suggestions and ideas. Our kitchen is more usable. I had more confidence when I worked with Legacy Kitchens. We had a little glitch because some of the cabinets were not fitting due to plumbing and electrical issues. Legacy was able to get people to come and do the work needed. It all worked out well. Everything went smoothly.”

Sue M, SE Calgary, May/16

“We think the kitchen is beautiful.”

Cody G, Springbank AB, Apr/16

“The quality at Legacy couldn’t get any better. I liked the uniqueness of the kitchens that I saw.”

Coleen R, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Legacy has a great product at a sensible price point, well sold, well installed, and any issues were well handled.”

Martin M, NW Calgary, Apr/16

“We really got along well with all the staff and the contractor. They are nice people and very friendly. Now, they are our friends.”

Arlene D, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“They have amazing service. Legacy is a good company and that is hard to find these days. If I needed to do this again, I would be knocking on Legacy’s door again.”

Elizabeth G, Calgary, Mar/16

“Legacy said they would stand behind the quality forever. We are pleased with how it looks. We love what we chose.”

Curt S, Cochrane, AB Mar/16

“Legacy Kitchens has very qualified people who know their stuff. They are professional and do such a good job, which means that they will finish on time and want to see us happy with the result.”

Susan K, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“Knowing that Legacy Kitchens is well established helps. I knew that renovations other than cabinet installations were new to Legacy. However they had all their ‘ducks in a row’ for easy access to subcontractors. It was a well thought out process and that gave us a lot of confidence in Legacy.”

Jessica N, SE Calgary, Feb/16

“We have no regrets. It was a great experience. We would use Legacy Kitchens again.”

Carol H, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“Legacy constructed my kitchen the way I wanted. I’m proud of what Legacy did and what I did.”

Priscila G, SE Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy Kitchens is professional; their workers are friendly and informative. Overall, it was as great experience.”

Brenda B, SW Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy was so close to being perfect! They’ve come back when they need to. There is nothing to improve. They have a wonderful team.”

Monica M, SW Calgary, Jan/16

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“Legacy basically takes ownership of the kitchen design and construction which eliminates any concerns for the builder. They do a job and they do it well. Legacy makes my job easier.”

Jim P, Maximus General Contracting Ltd, Calgary Dec/15

“Legacy is a well run, professionally represented company. They are right on the mark and have extremely good trades people. I come from the trades myself and Legacy exceeded every expectation. They were on time and on budget.”

Dan M, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“Everyone is amazed at the renovation that we had. Everyone was well mannered and on time. It was an amazing experience because of the people.”

Sandra, SE Calgary, Dec/15

“The staff are all good at Legacy Kitchens. Legacy is far better than other Cabinet Suppliers – it’s that you get what they promise. Legacy delivers on time, the Installer comes on time, and everything is done the way it is supposed to be done.”

Bob, Shelby Homes, Calgary, Nov/15

“We did a previous renovation with Legacy. We were extremely happy the first time around. Legacy followed their schedule to a tee. This time, we worked with all the same trades. We are quite happy with them and the final product.”

Lia M, SW Calgary, Nov/15

“Because I was retrofitting the cabinets, the cost was reasonable. The Legacy name has a reputation. They stand behind the quality that they offer.”

Susan S, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“I can’t think of one thing that fell off on the deal. It came together really well.”

Brad M, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy has a good quality product and good design.”

Joanna Z, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy has solid communication, and everything was timely and all my interests were addressed.”

Ryan, SW Calgary, Nov/15

“There was no grief at all. Legacy people would come early in the morning and they were so professional in how they handled this renovation. I couldn’t have asked for more on anything.”

Carole S, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“We love our kitchen. It was designed with clever ways to solve our storage issues.”

Belinda W, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“I was impressed with Legacy’s staff, their attitude and level of professionalism. That’s why we invited Legacy back to do the bathroom, after doing our kitchen.”

Mabel L, NW Calgary, AB Oct/15

“This is our second renovation with Legacy Kitchens. We worked with the same Designer both times. If we had any problems with our cabinets, Legacy would come out and fix things after 6 years, with no charge.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“The best experience through this whole build was dealing with Legacy. This was my first time purchasing from Legacy and I will be back over and over again because of my experience. It was fantastic. Legacy is on top of their game and I don’t usually say that.”

David G, GalloRia Inc, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“We are extremely pleased. We really enjoy our kitchen. We have an open area, so we see the result every day. It’s a delight to be in our kitchen and living area.”

Zoe B, Cochrane, AB Oct/15

“Legacy’s Project Manager was very good in timing his visits and asking when he could stop by. He was accommodating. I don’t think he ever had to return a call because he always answered the phone. The overall experience with Legacy was fantastic.”

Cory P, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“I’m thrilled with the quality of the product and the response of Legacy when I called to ask their Service Technician to come back to do some touch ups. Everything was done on time.”

Kerry C, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy has a friendly environment and professional staff. The Installers were high quality. It was hassle free.”

Terry D, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The Project Manager with Legacy Kitchens is very easy to work with.”

Biagio O, Ultima Homes, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“We built years ago and have used Legacy every time since then for our new homes or renovations. Our first experience with Legacy was good, so we continue to use them.”

Stacy Y, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The biggest thing for me is that when my Contractor left me ‘high and dry,’ Legacy was still there for me.”

Malcolm H, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“We are totally satisfied with the product. The overall quality of the cabinets was beautiful. Others that we looked at weren’t as nicely finished.”

Jona W, NE Calgary, Sep/15

“It was all very well done, very professional and very well constructed. There isn’t a flaw anywhere. Each step was done perfectly.”

Randy C, SE Calgary, Sep/15

“Legacy Kitchens is better than some other cabinet suppliers that I’ve used in the past. We have a couple of projects on the go with Legacy right now.”

Susanna & Brian, Westrock Custom Homes Inc, Calgary, Aug/15

“We felt confident with what Legacy Kitchens’ Designer was offering us. We had a budget and what Legacy offered seemed reasonable. Legacy recommended a granite company for us. It all seemed good.”

Heather C, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ workers stay out of people’s way. They help out others on the job if there is a need. For example, they may lend a tool or offer a solution.”

Allan, AK Design & Development, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“I would use Legacy Kitchens again. They have a wide range of quality. Everything went very well. (In addition to the kitchen) Legacy did our downstairs and bar area as well as the laundry room.”

Trisha Y, Calgary, Jul/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Technician was very patient and always had time for questions. He was extremely professional and good at his job.”

Debbie M, SE Calgary, Jul/15

“The information that was provided when we first went into the showroom was pretty thorough. They covered all bases and didn’t leave anything to chance.”

Zane P, NE Calgary, Jul/15

“Absolutely, I would use Legacy Kitchens again! Legacy has a high standard. We had other renovations going on at the same time. Legacy Kitchens was the best part of the experience.”

S Jones, Calgary, Jun/15

“I checked out a few places and Legacy Kitchens stuck out. I liked the choices and options available and I liked their Designer who is a ‘no nonsense’ person.”

C Tremblay, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“We’ve been getting lots of compliments and we are telling people that Legacy did our kitchen. The cabinets are fantastic. They also put a bookcase in the living room and added a new wall.”

B Chappelle, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“I would say I am happy with Legacy Kitchens and the issues were dealt with. Things were positive with Legacy from the get go.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“We were very satisfied with Legacy Kitchens. Once we were in the showroom and talking to their Designer, we decided to use Legacy.”

C Nernberg, Balzac, AB, Jun/15

“It all started with the Designer with Legacy Kitchens. He was the best ambassador Legacy could have. He knows his stuff and he is a people person.”

R McDonald, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“We considered the costs, the fact that Legacy Kitchens could handle the trades for us and Legacy’s professionalism. We got 3 quotes. Legacy offered the most comprehensive service, particularly with organizing the trades.”

S & T Smith, NW Calgary, May/15

“I’ve had 2 renovations done in the past (with other companies) and I was disappointed each time. This renovation with Legacy Kitchens took much less time and I like everything that was done.”

P Wallace, SW Calgary, May/15

“Legacy came through every time we had a comment. They went over and above to meet our needs. I was impressed with every single one of the Legacy staff.”

S Fernandez, NW Calgary, May/15

“I liked the displays and the service at Legacy Kitchens. The staff were friendly and they talked to you.”

C Williamson, Southern, AB, May/15

“This was one of the smoothest renovations I’ve done and we’ve done a lot of renovations. I couldn’t believe how smoothly this went. It was a surprise!”

K Shaw, SW Calgary, May/15

“We had a very positive experience with Legacy Kitchens and we’ve recommended them to other people that we know. We are very pleased with the result.”

R Thomas, SE Calgary, Apr/15

“Legacy Kitchens have supplied quite a few different kitchens for me. I’ve never had any problems, the projects roll along pretty smoothly and the finished work is very nice.”

B Evans, Contractor, Central AB, Mar/15

“The renovation was a very satisfactory experience. You hear horror stories about renovations and we didn’t experience that with Legacy Kitchens.”

L Henderson, SW Calgary, Mar/15

“Over the years, a few times, I’ve tried other cabinet companies and there is no comparison to the reliability I get from Legacy Kitchens.”

B Evans, Contractor, Central AB, Mar/15

“Legacy Kitchens has a process that works very well. Everything was on schedule. There were no surprises.”

K Rubinstein, NW Calgary, Mar/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ people were tidy and they came on time and left on time.”

S Rockley, SE Calgary, Mar/15

“The quality of Legacy Kitchen’s product is good for the price paid.”

A Martin, NE Calgary, Mar/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s price point was fair for the quality and service provided.”

A Walton, SE Calgary, Feb/15

“The overall experience with Legacy Kitchens was positive and the quality of the workmanship is good.”

K Evans, SE Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchens did a great job. We have a beautiful kitchen that we are really happy with.”

W Siemens, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“I got the impression that Legacy wants the customer to be really happy. The service team wasn’t satisfied until the job was done right. I didn’t have to complain or keep phoning to get little things corrected. That’s nice service in this day and age.”

A Hunter, Canmore, AB Jan/15

“There were no hassles; absolutely no hassles! There was no one I had trouble working with; everyone was friendly, cooperative and Legacy Kitchens got it done when they said it would get done.”

L Ferguson, SW Calgary, Jan/15

“The quality you get for the price is good! The overall experience was good! Once the decisions were made, the project flowed as it should. Legacy Kitchens delivered when they said and installed ahead of schedule.”

B Bonner, NW Calgary, Jan/15

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“There was communication, openness and honesty on both sides. It was easy to communicate with the Designer and the Contractor he suggested. They caused us to change our minds about renovations, after a previous bad experience.”

C Wensley, SE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The product was great. I was very happy with the design. It’s a top notch product and everything went so smoothly. It was a pleasure to deal with them.”

L Bryant, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“You can see why Legacy Kitchens is the biggest supplier. They are a well greased machine. The quality is good and the end result is beautiful.”

R Keeping, NE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Legacy Kitchens provided a service that we didn’t think existed anymore. We had other trades involved in our overall renovation and Legacy staff topped them all. All stages of the Legacy process provided phenomenal service.”

I Bodnar, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“They really did what I wanted. I did a little design and they worked with it. They found the best way to do things and the best solutions. Legacy Kitchens were professional and understood what I wanted. I had no problems at all.”

S Haji, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Legacy Kitchens really knows what they are doing. Their people all showed that they actually care. I left them to their work, because I trusted that they would do a great job.”

L Senko, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“We had a really good experience with Legacy Kitchens. They were on time and on budget. Overall we are pretty happy.”

N Brodie, NE Calgary, AB Oct/14

“We had a really good experience with Legacy Kitchens. They were on time and on budget. Overall we are pretty happy.”

N Brodie, NE Calgary, AB Oct/14

“Yes, it felt like their primary goal was to insure we would be satisfied. Legacy’s staff all wanted me to be a happy customer and pleased with the end result. Everyone was in sync, a well oiled team.”

D Braitenbach, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“They are professional and very efficient. Legacy staff don’t BS you on the all the stuff they will do. They just do it. Legacy Kitchens staff are totally professional and always upfront and honest.”

T Johnson, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Overall, I value the workmanship and the professionalism of Legacy Kitchens. Everyone was good to deal with from start to finish and top to bottom.”

C Maylan, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“I want to thank the whole team at Legacy Kitchens and hope they all receive the praise for a job well done. Their quality of service and product came together to make our experience a good one.”

G Topor, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“As a result of working with Legacy Kitchens, we have an awesome kitchen that I am very very happy with. It makes our home feel like a million dollars. It was a total transformation when I compare it to what we had. ”

L Lawson, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“I am really impressed that Legacy Kitchens cares enough that they hire a third party to confirm everything is alright, at the end of the project. I was dreading this project and they made it so easy. Legacy took care of things that I wasn’t even aware of.”

K Rahme, SW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Legacy Kitchens is super organized and they make a kitchen renovation so easy. Legacy is predictable, they have lots of product to choose from and you could pretty much do anything with them.”

E Picco, SW Calgary, Aug/14

“When one of Legacy’s Service Techs came out, he was training a new person. He said that Legacy had a very specific way to do things and a standard to meet. That was good to hear, it made me comfortable. It was good to see them specifically training their staff. It built my trust in Legacy.”

L Reinsch, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“We had no issues with Legacy and they exceeded our expectations.”

S Orford, NE Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy did a good job. Legacy is great, I have nothing bad to say about them.”

W Thomas, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“It seems that Legacy Kitchens has got some really good systems. I have never done a project this large and I was really pleased with Legacy’s staff. There was no disharmony at any point. It was clear that everyone at Legacy loves their jobs. It makes for good results and happy customers.”

K Cerminara, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“All the people at Legacy are exceptional. They know the product and they know how to handle customers. Legacy has a good training program that other businesses really need to have.”

D Anderson, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“People want a reliable Supplier/ Contractor and you never know what you are going to get. We knew with Legacy we would get a very nice result.”

V Falk, Cochrane, AB Jun/14

“Of all the suppliers and trades that we dealt with during the build, Legacy was the most problem/issue free.”

Dewinton, AB May/14

“The whole experience was good. Everyone says that renovations are terrible but we enjoyed working with everyone at Legacy.”

B Redmond, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy’s whole process is very good. After a good experience with Legacy Kitchens, they told me that if I ever had any concerns, I should call them and they would address it. That means a lot!”

S Wattie, NE Calgary, AB May/14

“Sure, I would score them at 100%. Everything worked out really well and I am looking at doing another project with Legacy Kitchens.”

D Whitney, Banff, AB Apr/14

“Legacy Kitchens is very good at what they do. They have the process figured out from beginning to end without making a customer feel like you are a number. They have maintained the personal touch and that is really easy to lose.”

K Goodrich, NW Calgary, Apr/14

“I am more than satisfied with Legacy Kitchens. Everything is so neatly done, it is a very beautiful kitchen. I am getting lots of compliments from friends.”

C Chukwu, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“It feels that Legacy was very professional. We are not very old and Legacy’s Designer was willing to listen and work within our budget. They have good product.”

Elboya SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“We are not necessarily the easiest people to please, as I tend to have high standards. My husband and I have sat here several times and said ‘there is literally nothing we would do different’. We are very happy with our Legacy kitchen.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“I cannot say enough about Legacy because they made the renovation so easy. Choosing the style and color of cabinets was the most difficult part. It was tougher than actually doing the renovation.”

R MacDougall SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Legacy’s staff took their time and did it right the first time. They didn’t have to do the extra things, but they did. If we were around they asked us questions and got our input.”

G McQueen, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“We are really happy with the finished product and Legacy’s follow-up and customer service is incredible.They noticed every little scratch and brought it forward to resolve”.

D Cassie, SW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“The end result is that we walk into our kitchen every morning and every afternoon after work and we love it! Our kitchen is gorgeous and it’s well made.”

Loftis, SW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“I am very very satisfied with our Legacy cabinets. I love the product. It seemed a tad expensive at the time but now that I see the quality, I realize you get what you pay for.”

G Garvey, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“I have been in business for 40 years and as a company we take pride in our work. Legacy is very high tech but are similar in their approach. I told them what I wanted to spend and they came in under it. Most guys are trying to sell you the moon, not Legacy Kitchens, their Designer was great.”

J Dorchak NW, Calgary, AB Jan/14

“Legacy made the whole kitchen renovation process easy to go through. We had confidence in them from the start.”

K Teron, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“They came in on time and on budget. They were professional and pleasant. The quality of work was great. They didn’t try to up-sell anything. They were respectful of our budget and of the age & style of our home.”

Thorncliff NW, Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy treated us very well. It seemed that for their staff it wasn’t just another job. They really enjoy their work.”

J LaFontaine, NW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“It is amazing and we are really happy with the end result. Legacy Kitchens does good work, they do custom high-end work in a timely manner and it is done within one’s budget.”

A&R Singroy-Miles, SW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“I think that 95% sounds about right. Legacy has a very good team.”

V Phan, SE Calgary, AB Dec/13

“The whole package, Legacy has very good people working for them. I was with people that I knew I could trust. There is a lot of professionalism about them. They inquired and helped me make good decisions that worked for me, as opposed to being right for them or easy for them to implement.”

Vera C, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“The whole experience with Legacy Kitchens was good. We had good feelings throughout the project and they did a good job. The Showroom was helpful, as we had some difficulty visualizing the end result.”

David H, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“I know they are a good company and I feel comfortable with them. I feel that my money has been well spend. I am happy with the end result.”

J Pozzebone, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“All around we couldn’t recommend the company more highly – the Legacy Designer we worked with was a great guy. He listened. He was personable, he seemed to know his job and design. He shared his experience with us and we appreciated that.”

Panorama Hills NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Out of all the trades, Legacy has been the best as far as service and getting service work done. I really don’t have anything to complain about.”

Waterside NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“They did a good job and they care take of the details. If there was any issue they resolved it. There was no question about it. My overall experience was excellent.”

Rita D, West Hillhurst NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“My kitchen looks completely amazing. I am just sitting here looking at it and thinking about how pretty it looks.”

Miriam W, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“All the service was done when we took possession. If I were to build again, Legacy Kitchens would be the only company I would consider using.”

Watermark NW, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“We were looking for a company that had a quality showroom. We valued the organized manner in which Legacy operates, The fact that they kept the schedule.”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“It was overall a good experience, we are happy with our new kitchen. It was Legacy’s workmanship and scheduling that was so helpful. We are out of town and Legacy was fabulous with it.”

Springbank, AB Aug/13

“I would give them a 10 (out of 5). I really feel you get what you pay for. Legacy Kitchens provides good service. I have recommended them to my sister.”

Chestermere, AB Aug/13

“I do a lot of the design myself but Legacy’s Designer was easy to deal with I didn’t have to work hard and he immediately knew what I was looking for. He took my ideas and came back with good suggestions and why he was suggesting changes. We could have a frank conversation and he would tell me what he thought. He is very easy to deal with.”

Tuscany NW, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“They have professional staff and I wouldn’t want to do it without someone as good as Legacy Kitchen’s Designer.”

Watermark NW, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“We’ve done our own renovation before so we understand what was involved. We were happy overall with Legacy Kitchens. We knew their quality and Designer and trust them.”

Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“Legacy was pretty good to work with (my 6th project). I think it is a combination of quality, price and good Design consultation.”

Bankview SW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“We found it easy, we were in control of what we were doing and could capitalize on their expertise. We have a functional, practical and beautiful kitchen.”

Panorama Hills NW, AB May/13

“We had an idea of how we wanted to design things. Legacy’s staff explained why some of that wouldn’t work. If something needed fixing it was. They returned on my schedule, so they were accommodating, follow up was well done, and the design made the best use of the space. People say “Wow” when they see our kitchen. We score Legacy at 100%.”

Sundre, AB May/13

“Legacy respected my dollar. That’s huge for me. They treated me well because it’s the right thing to do, not because they expected to see me again. Legacy stands out as a company.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Everything just went so well. Legacy has a great team of people who all work together. They have checkups on the checkups to catch errors. It is a great system.”

Strathmore Resident, AB Apr/13

“We had a fabulous experience with Legacy.”

McKenzie Ridge SE, Calgary, AB Mar/13

“I have already referred Legacy because I like their product, their service and they inspect and resolve everything without question. They have a high standard for excellence in their inspection and service.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“That it was a pretty simple process. Everything ended up just right. We had a great finishing carpenter – he said, these are the nicest cabinets I have ever seen.”

Fort St. John, BC Feb/13

“We were pleased with the overall quality of work that was done – it was excellent. It was a full service offering including the scheduling and hiring of the electrician, the plumber and installer. That was really worth it. I have heard a lot of nightmare stories out there.”

Beltline SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“I’d say we had a very good experience, that Legacy did everything they said they were going to do and that the design work was very good.”

Signal Hill NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“They were very good, very professional. I am very happy with the kitchen that they did previously and the bathroom done this time.”

Lake Sundance SE, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“My overall experience with Legacy was great. They were efficient; their scheduling was good; the quality of the product was good and their Designer did a good job of helping me pick the design.”

Fairview SE, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“The kitchen is beautiful and we thought the process all worked well. It was a very positive experience.”

West Springs SW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“We got the kitchen we wanted. Legacy had great product selection at the right price point.”

Glendale SW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“The end result was that we got a beautiful kitchen. We saved up for 8 years and Legacy gave me my dream kitchen, the one I’ve always wanted.”

Valley Ridge NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“Everything was done in good time and we are really enjoying our new kitchen from Legacy Kitchens.”

Wildwood, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“I would definitely use Legacy Kitchens again. We have recommended them to friends in the past and will continue to do so.”

Meadowbrook, Airdrie, AB Jul/12

“There was some damage from the granite guy (he felt terrible about it) and after Legacy’s Service Tech was done, you couldn’t tell. He was like a magician. I’ve never seen better work. I was satisfied with Legacy’s work – everything was excellent and there was a lot of attention to detail. Legacy Kitchens can be really proud of what they are and we are thrilled with them. I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens.”

Wildwood SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“We have dealt with Legacy Kitchens before and they are always very good to deal with […] there is no stress in dealing with them and they do what they say they are going to do.”

Millrise SW, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“I am very very happy. It was totally worth it. I have heard nightmare stories about a renovation taking months and this wasn’t a huge amount of time, Legacy Kitchens finished our project in only 5 weeks and it was on time.”

MacEwan NW, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“If we were to do another renovation we would use Legacy Kitchens in a heartbeat. I wanted someone to own the process and Legacy Kitchens did exactly that. The project went better than we expected it could go.”

Douglasdale SE, Calgary, AB May/12

“I am absolutely satisfied. Legacy Kitchens did a wonderful job and I love the cabinets. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a renovation. I love the functionality of this kitchen. It’s efficient and everything is well placed. I swear it takes me less time to empty the dishwasher now than it ever did in my old kitchen. I also love the style, how it looks and feels in the kitchen.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB May/12

“Legacy Kitchens was very flexible. Some companies oversell to push a lot of add-ons and to get you to use their trades …. Legacy was flexible and we ended up with a nice finished product.”

Elboya SW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“Legacy Kitchens does a very good job, the end result is great. We are extremely happy. Legacy’s staff is very professional. The design is good and the product is very good quality. Legacy as an organization is very dependable. Legacy really makes the effort and strives to do a good job. They do their best to meet the schedule and in the end they insure that the customer is happy.”

McEwan NW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“We are very happy with the work done by Legacy … they were able to create solutions for problematic spaces.”

Roxboro SW, Calgary, AB. Mar/12

“Absolutely, I would recommend Legacy Kitchens. There were issues but I am happy with the kitchen.”

Scarboro SW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“Legacy is great to work with … their service is very good in terms of staff, professionalism and workmanship … they (Legacy) care.”

Oakridge SW, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“Their product was the quality we were looking for. The whole kitchen renovation experience with Legacy was amazing.”

Acreage Owner, MD of Foothills, AB Feb/12

“I would use them again and I would have no problem recommending Legacy Kitchens to neighbors & friends. Their carpenter was very talented.”

Bankview SW, Calgary, AB Jan/12

“We are really happy with Legacy Kitchens … we have already recommended them to friends.”

Coach Hill SW, Calgary, AB. Jan/12

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“Were we satisfied? Definitely! And we will certainly recommend them … we are very happy Legacy Kitchens.”

Radisson Heights NE, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“I was impressed by their level of service, of all the contractors we dealt with Legacy Kitchens were the easiest to work with.”

Bonavista, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“Absolutely, we are satisfied with Legacy Kitchens. We have already recommended them to neighbors and friends.”

Hamptons NW, Calgary, AB. Nov/11

“My husband was petrified of doing a kitchen renovation. At the end of our Legacy Kitchen’s project he said “I think we could do another renovation”. That’s absolutely amazing coming from him. Legacy did an excellent job of managing this for us and what my husband said, says it all … I would not hesitate to recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

Charleswoord NW, Calgary, AB. Nov/11

“I have already referred Legacy. I am very impressed and pleased. Legacy’s staff were patient and were good workers.”

Marlborough Park NE, Calgary, AB. Oct/11

“There were some issues with Legacy when I used them the first time but they were very good and so I knew I wanted to use them again. This was my second project with Legacy and I highly recommend them, in fact I am already using them on another project.”

Cranston SE, Calgary, AB Oct/11

“I am totally happy to recommend Legacy Kitchens based on their people, the service I received and the quality of work done. I am very very happy with my kitchen renovation.”

Beddington NW, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“We are definitely satisfied with our Legacy Kitchen’s installation, we have already recommended them.”

Glen Eagles, Cochrane, AB Sep/11

“Yes, they did a great job on our home. Legacy’s staff are very professional and courteous.”

Calgary Homeowner, AB Aug/11

“I a very satisfied with Legacy Kitchens and I was impressed with their quality of product and the professionalism of their staff … I will definitely recommend them.”

McKenzie Lake SE, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“I’m so pleased with Legacy Kitchens, it would be hard to think of something that Legacy could have done better.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“I am completely satisfied with my experience at Legacy and have already recommended them to friends.”

Airdrie Homeowner, AB Jul/11

“The custom kitchen design is beautiful. I just love my new kitchen. It works so well.”

Chaparral Resident SE, Calgary, AB Jun/11

“I’d give the custom kitchen design a 50 out of 10. It was great. The whole custom design process was superb and we couldn’t be happier. We get a lot of Wow comments from people when they see it for the first time.”

Hidden Valley Resident NW, Calgary, AB Jun/11