Legacy’s Response to Unforeseen Issues


Unforeseen issues in a kitchen renovation project are not uncommon. How a company addresses and responds to challenges is very important to their clients. It can make the difference between a delighted or a frustrated customer. Here are the stories of Legacy Kitchens’ clients.

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Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“Brian fixed a cabinet door that I had dented. He did it in a blink of an eye. He realized that we were human and I had dropped something. It was above and beyond for him to fix something that I had damaged.”

Anne and Claire Y, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“There were little bits to take care of afterward and they were handled well. There was a misunderstanding about one of the features in our cabinets and Legacy was able to look after it at no additional charge.”

Oksana N, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“There was a design flaw related to our Designer. When I called Arno, he was immediately on it to make sure the drawings were corrected before it went any further. This was really important and I’m happy that he responded so quickly.”

Sonja Z, SE Calgary, AB Nov/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Paul, was amazing and we did run into some issues. One cabinet overlapped a light switch but he was able to fix it. There were 2 or 3 other things he fixed as well as he could.”

Hazen S., Canmore, AB Oct/18

“We had to make the change in the countertop, so we had to revise the schedule. Once the schedule was changed they were all on time. When we decided to do redo the counter, we agreed to the new schedule. Especially when we were concerned about the countertop, and there was discussion between Guy and John, everybody helped us out to make sure we were satisfied.”

Don J., SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“The work was beautiful. Legacy came back to fix the problem about the fridge doors. It was just the length of time for the installation and clearing the deficiencies that was difficult.”

Cathie B, NW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“When you have big things like this done, you expect something to go wrong. Nothing is level in our home, which is over 100 years old. Legacy recognized that and they approached it that way. It was easy for me. Although we lived through 6 weeks of demolition, I feel I should have done the kitchen a long time ago. It was much easier than I thought it would be.”

Deirdre, NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Legacy Kitchen’s staff were always helpful and attentive.”

Yvonne M, SW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“We’ve done a lot of renovations and owned a lot of homes. The majority of Legacy people were excellent, easy to contact, paid attention to detail and took notes. I didn’t have to become a General Contractor. Often, that can happen. For the most part, people showed up on time, did what they were supposed to do and answered questions.”

Calgary Home Owner, SW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager found service concerns that we didn’t catch. To me as a customer, it just showed their commitment to quality. It clearly shows that Legacy doesn’t take the attitude of “if they don’t see it, then I don’t have to deal with it.”

Dave P, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“Legacy Kitchens did their utmost in providing great service because of my Clients’ experience. Their Designer, Allison took them through everything and helped them. My Clients are picky and they were very happy with Allison and all the staff at Legacy. The missing pieces came just before the Clients’ party! Legacy’s people showed professionalism  in handling how the Supplier dropped the ball.”

Peter, EF Contracting, SE Calgary, Aug/18

“Shawn, Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, was good. He was personable and quite chatty. Their Installer, Anton, did the final inspection and was pleasant and very accommodating. When he found that one of the cabinet pieces was the wrong colour, he was on top of that and found another piece.”

Ingrid F, NE Calgary, Aug/18

“The Service Tech at Legacy Kitchens, Rick, was solution seeking for a few issues that we had. He was really good with the client on cabinet location issues. He ensured we would be satisfied.”

Scott W, Grier – WPI Renovations, SE Calgary, Jul/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, Andre, came out a few times. I made a few little nicks in the cabinets before Andre arrived and he appreciated that I was honest with him about that. He fixed it right away and addressed any concerns. He was willing to make it right. It was perfect!”

Shauna, S, Okotoks, AB Jul/18

“We ran into an issue with how the cabinets were measured. Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Anton, did what he could to make it right. Anton did a beautiful job. Legacy’s product, service, and their installations are very good.”

Lyndy G, SW Calgary, Jun/18

“If there were any concerns, Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, John took care of them. He was easy going and took time to review them with me. He was amenable and addressed everything on my list. John really went the extra mile on the ‘roll outs’ in our pantry. There were some issues that I didn’t think looked very good, so John had to customize a solution for them. He took great pains to make it right.”

Terri P, SE Calgary, Jun/18

“Everything went great with Legacy Kitchens. During installation we had an issue with the cabinets due to a mismeasurement by the countertop supplier. Robert, Legacy’s Designer, ordered a new one right way and it got fixed.”

John M, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“Every time I had a concern or a worry regarding our project, I contacted Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Jay-Dean, and she was on it. There was no time that she wasn’t focused on what I wanted. When I think of Legacy, I think of Jay-Dean.”

Margo H, NW Calgary, May/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager, John and their Service Tech, Dan, were good about resolving the service issues. They understood that one of the faces on the cabinets wasn’t up to standard. They worked out a new design for the shelving and manually made up a piece.”

Andrew M, SW Calgary, May/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Michael, is very professional and excellent at what he does. We did run into some issues that prevented the work from being done for a couple of weeks. I didn’t have good success with going through the trades for a resolution. I called Michael at Legacy and he got back to us right away and helped us to resolve the issues.”

Carol L, NW Calgary, May/18

“Kudos to Annette, James, Steve and Rick at Legacy Kitchens. I have nothing but accolades. We had a problem with a glass piece in a door and the door was a millimeter and a half longer than the door beside it. Legacy replaced it and not once did they make me feel uncomfortable for doing that. I pushed Legacy and they came through every day.”

Tony, SIXTY3 Developments Inc. SW Calgary, Apr/18

“There were no surprises, only a few hiccups. The hiccups we experienced had nothing to do with Legacy Kitchens. It was the company we ordered the toilets from. Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, accommodated all the nonsense and then Adrian came back to install them. Legacy accommodated the delays with the toilets very well.”

Anne D, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“Legacy Kitchens had to come back to fix something. The shelves weren’t level because the drills holes didn’t line up exactly and that needed to be fixed. They came back right away, it was no problem at all.”

Jill K, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“I realize that nothing is perfect and on any project, some thing will inevitably go wrong. The question is when mistakes happen, how do you deal with it. Legacy Kitchens did a good job and handled it with no question. A few doors came incorrectly, they didn’t hesitate to reorder new ones. I had issues with the ceiling but Legacy took care to get the supplier back and fix it. I felt they did quality work and they delivered what they said they would.”

Cheryl W, SE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens had a schedule and they went by it directly. If I had any questions they were answered. There were a few issues that came up afterward and Legacy was immediately out to my home to repair the issues. I think they even went overboard and repaired some damage that I may have done.”

Bertha K, NE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality, installation and the way they dealt with any concerns. One cabinet didn’t fit as well as I thought it should. They were able to rework it and satisfy any of my concerns.”

Linda M, SW Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, gave us a great timetable that showed when the trades would come. There was a delay in getting the sink and May made sure there was no overall time delay.”

Zunayed K, SE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Legacy Kitchens made sure issues were dealt with even after the walk through. We find small issues and they come and look and fix it with no resistance. That’s what you want.”

Brad W, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“There was one small issue with the timing of the plumbing. The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens got back to us and sorted it out. before. We chose Legacy Kitchens because of the comments from other people and Legacy’s overall ability to understand what is going on with the project as a whole.”

Drew M, NW Calgary, AB Feb/16

“Daniel, the Service Tech with Legacy Kitchens, sure knew what he was doing. We had one concern with the pantry doors. The doors did not align. It is a place that shows, because it is where the living room starts. Daniel worked hard on that, but it wasn’t perfectly level to what it should have been. He had to come back because I could still see the shelving through the door. The customer service really impressed us. We had no push back. Legacy had responses right away and the quality of service was exceptional. They never argued.”

Rob & Mona N, SW Calgary Jan/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Technician, Andre, came 2 to 3 times because there was a misunderstanding. The pantry was to have 5 shelves and it came with 4. So Andre measured and submitted the order. The Supplier didn’t read it properly and the shelves didn’t fit. Then, it was the wrong finish. We got 6 shelves in the end. It didn’t bother me, the staff were all so pleasant. Legacy’s staff were so understanding because I was so lost with the project. Everyone tried to help me as much as they could.”

Barbara H, NW Calgary Jan/18

“There was some damage on the fridge gable and Legacy Kitchens sent someone to repair it. There is a scratch mark where the recycling container screw hit a panel. They are coming to repair that. Legacy met our needs. It was a good process.”

Steve C, NW Calgary Jan/18

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“Due to minor defects on the cabinets, a few had to be reordered. Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, Andre, was prompt in doing that. We were asking a lot of questions and we had concerns. He ordered everything for us. It all came in on time. We would definitely recommend Legacy Kitchens to someone else.”

Christina V, NW Calgary Dec/17

“This is the second home we have done with Legacy Kitchens. The first was a home in Radium. We were happy with the quality, the price and the service. Legacy really wanted to make us happy. The two cabinets were ordered wrong and that was it. After waiting 2 weeks for the 2 new cabinets to arrive, there were a couple of issues. Ryan fixed them right away. They would do anything to make us happy.”

Valerie W, NE Calgary Dec/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech, John P, moved heaven and earth to fix the microwave issues. Legacy worked to resolve any issue and they didn’t leave you hanging.”

Cathy R, SW Calgary, Dec/17

“We have a spice rack in the island. It was put in backwards. The spices were facing away from the stove. So Legacy Kitchens sent Rick, their Service Technician to come to fix it. It took him hours. I thought they would send away for another spice rack, but he took it apart and re-did the whole thing.”

Pat L, SE Calgary Nov/17

“I had only two small issues. Legacy Kitchens was here right away to fix them. They were ahead of schedule. I’m very pleased with the cabinets, workmanship and everything that Legacy provided.”

Bob M, SE Calgary Nov/17

“It’s about trust and confidence. Legacy Kitchens did what they said. If they were running behind, they stayed late to keep the project on time.”

Rick G, NW Calgary Nov/17

“It took us a long time to complete the project because the tile was delayed. We had it custom ordered and installed. Rick came back right away to complete the toe kick in laundry room and he did a little patch as well. This is an older home and it’s not exactly straight. Rick was a very big help. Legacy Kitchens was there right away to resolve the issues. I expected to wait because was it was so long after the tiles were complete.”

Dawn S, NW Calgary Oct/17

“It wasn’t a perfect install. Some pieces had to go back to the factory. Legacy Kitchens noticed them right away, showed them to me and ordered them right away. Some stuff just happens. You can’t have a perfect job. If you focus on some small things, you might lose sight of the more important issues. I’m happy with the way it worked out. The client loves the product as well and is showing it off.”

Dave M, Dasan Interiors Inc, SW Calgary Oct/17

“There were a few little issues to be repaired and Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator sent a representative right away to look at it. Annette is quite engaged in what she does and she was helpful in getting our project completed.”

Frank V, NW Calgary Oct/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Technician, Mike had good suggestions. Suzi laid out the design prior to demolishing the kitchen. Some bulkheads weren’t as we were expecting. Both Michael, the Installer, and Mike made suggestions. Mike came in when Michael was still working. We had no issues at all. The cabinets look great. The workmanship was excellent.”

Ian G, Canmore, AB Sep/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ staff did make a tiny hole in the ceiling. It wasn’t really their fault. The guys who were painting asked them to put the cabinets in the middle of the room and away from the walls. The boxes were piled high to the ceiling. The guys who did the ceiling were here and they were able to fix it. It was good that they all seemed to know each other. They all went the extra mile.”

Jan C, SW Calgary Sep/17

“Gavin was really good in the beginning during the design work. Our second meeting was the same. Then he had a trip planned and there was a major mistake in the project. They painted the island the wrong colour and that was a big issue. Legacy Kitchens fixed it immediately and they did a phenomenal job. Gavin is a very good designer. I valued the uniqueness of Gavin’s design and how well Legacy got the project finished.”

Vicki I, NW Calgary Sep/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager helped solve a problem that occurred after the countertops were installed. One piece was askew because of the underlying dryway. John took steps to correct it without question. There was no argument at all.”

Ian L, SE Calgary Aug/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Annette, followed through and she was very thorough. If I had any questions they came back to me right away. They took care of everything. Annette was very thorough and understanding as to timelines. We set a date for the delivery of cabinets and then I had to postpone because we were delayed. She was so understanding.”

Lori B, SW Calgary Aug/17

“The cabinets are awesome. Legacy Kitchens is meticulous. There is a pantry cabinet along the side of the fridge and another cabinet above the fridge. The pantry cabinet door didn’t line up with the top of the fridge. My wife didn’t think it was quite right. When the Installer came in the next morning, he said something about this, even before my wife said anything. Legacy ordered up the two new doors right away.”

Tim A, Airdrie, AB Jul/17

“I’d like to give a ‘6’ out of 5 on Legacy Kitchens’ problem solving. When an issue arose, it was handled very nicely and to the best of everyone’s ability. When the cabinets were delivered, the water valve on the fridge got turned on and there was a minor flood in the kitchen and ceiling below. Everything was repaired to the customer’s satisfaction. There was no difficulty in handling the problem. The Legacy people are good and it was handled respectfully all around.”

Brian B, Hammer for Hire, SE Calgary Jun/17

“We are happy with the end result. The Project Manager with Legacy Kitchens, John, was professional. I was very impressed that he would stop in and do things himself as needed. He was quick, efficient and a great guy to work with. He was very responsive. There were a few issues that all got fixed. It was done beautifully.”

Joanne M, SW Calgary, Jun/17

“I made some changes to the appliances mid way through, although Rob with Legacy Kitchens had told me at the start that it would be difficult to make changes. There was a little hiccup in making sure the new appliance specifications were transferred to the Installer. We had a few things to be fixed and the Coordinator, Annette, made sure it happened right away. She was always available and very accommodating.”

Stephanie I, NW Calgary May/17

“We were looking at buying a larger fridge. To install a larger fridge we would need to have our granite counter cut down. We couldn’t find anyone but Legacy Kitchens to do the job of cutting down our granite counter. Once we were at Legacy we decided to do more than just cutting the countertop. We’re glad that we ended up doing more.”

Tara R, SW Calgary, May/17

“We had an issue with a new appliance and some water leaking. We called Legacy and John responded immediately. Legacy Kitchens followed through on the warranty.”

Isabella A, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“We dealt with Legacy Kitchens for years when we had our own construction company. We always have a great experience. It is all excellent. There were a few things they had to come back to straighten away. They came back right away. This time, we were using Legacy for ourselves.”

Pauline P, Carstairs, AB, Apr/17

“Michael, Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, went above and beyond. He had some good ideas and was proactive in getting things done without asking us. He made some adaptations to a cold air return that were needed. He was very friendly.”

Teresa M, Canmore, AB, Mar/17

“John at Legacy Kitchens had to pick up the task mid way through the project. There was barely a blip. He stepped right in. I was impressed with the professionalism.”

Penny N, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“Legacy Kitchens paid attention to issues. There was one cabinet that was too small and they fixed it right away. There was no hassle to correct things.”

Kris R, SW Calgary, Mar/17

“After we had used the kitchen for a while, we wanted to move the cutlery drawer and have another shelf put in. Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, Patricia, had a shelf cut and Jay-Dean just brought a cutlery tray when she came for the home visit. She also ordered extra knobs for our closet doors.”

Kate P, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“There were gaps in the middle panel of the door. During the walk through, the Service Technician said, “We are changing all the doors on the wall units. We don’t want to take a chance that there could be a difference in the colour if we have to do this later”. Legacy Kitchens is a great company, well organized and they deliver a good service and product.”

Chantal G, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“We had to stop the project due to some health reasons. We had to take a break after installation was done but Patricia, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator was helpful. They were good about that. They were willing to adjust based on our schedule. All things considered with our health issues, Legacy Kitchens adjusted and it worked out really well.”

Michel B, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“We only had one issue and Legacy Kitchens resolved it. The profile on the countertop was wrong and they gave us a credit to resolve this issue. They helped us with everything from beginning to end.”

Lori B, SW Calgary, Jan/17

“When it was discovered that we needed a bigger gas line to meet code, we were told by Legacy Kitchens right away so that we could obtain quotes and get the work done within the schedule.”

Ellen V, SE Calgary, Jan/17

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“Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was friendly, the project was on time and the quality was top notch. One door was dented and Ryan, Legacy’s Service Technician fixed it right away. There was a slight mix up on the cutlery drawer and Susan, the Designer, ordered it right away. The final price was what we expected it to be.”

Jerad D, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“The Service Technician with Legacy Kitchens fixed the problems. Everyone at Legacy has a positive attitude and seems professional and pleasant to be with, particularly the Designer, Michael and Paul, the Installer, did their utmost.”

Carrie K, Bearspaw, AB Dec/16

“Legacy Kitchens had a schedule and they stuck to it even through the difficult circumstance. Legacy showed a good balance of flexibility to address additional things that we might want to do. For example, Marc offered to have the ceiling redone because there were so many holes due to the installation of the pot lights. He called in people who redid the ceiling and still stuck to schedule. The 2 days weren’t even added to the schedule.”

Glen H, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“We only had one small glitch. I didn’t notice a change on the colour coding on the design until the drawing was blown up and on our kitchen wall. When I called Steve, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, he called me back right away and made sure it was corrected immediately. The final design was to have a stone piece whereas the design was showing wood. As soon as the design issue was corrected, we had to order a couple of other pieces. Ryan, the Service Technician, came and reordered the new pieces immediately.”

Tamara D, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“Marc, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was dedicated and professional to a fault. There was something that went sideways. It was an oversight on something very obvious. Marc came back at 6 pm on a Tuesday to fix something that he remembered needed to be fixed. He was so dedicated. Marc did an excellent job.”

Sandy P, NE Calgary, Nov/16

“Jay-Dean, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer communicated very well. We had to deal with a few things like curved walls. Jay-Dean sorted it out very well and I enjoyed it. She was a good communicator and that is not always the case.”

Tom E, Priddis AB, Oct/16

“Our renovation had a lot of problems that were no one’s fault, it was just ‘life issues’. Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, May, made sure we were kept up to date and that everything happened as fast as it could.”

Jana V, High River, AB, Oct/16

“Michael knew what he was doing. We had a few issues with a bulkhead and I really liked that the Legacy Kitchens team consulted with one another to determine the best thing to do with the bulkhead. The kitchen now has a more contemporary look which is attuned to my taste. The Legacy team listened to what I wanted.”

Jill and Gary O, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“We had a bit of an issue with the island. Gavin with Legacy Kitchens tried to make the island as big as possible. There was an issue because the piece of granite from Alberta Marble wouldn’t cover the island as one piece of granite. Legacy and Alberta Marble worked together to make sure that a piece of granite would fit the island. It all worked out in the end.”

Kevin A, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“One of the kitchen doors, from the earlier renovation, was sent in for replacement and that is still outstanding. With Legacy Kitchens, the product is guaranteed to be perfect. We had the kitchen done last year, and we went straight back to Legacy Kitchens for the next renovation.”

Martin L, Calgary, Aug/16

“There was a hiccup with the granite supplier and Paul met with us at the granite place to sort out what we needed, because they had sold the piece that we wanted. Paul made sure they would get what we needed. I can’t say enough good things about Paul and Legacy Kitchens.”

Lurline W, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“A few issues occurred and Legacy Kitchens contacted us right away to let us know what was happening and that they were looking after it. Legacy Kitchens was wonderful from the moment we walked into the showroom until the completion of the project.”

Kathy R, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“The project was completed according to the new revised date which was due to late delivery of the appliances. Legacy Kitchens was very accommodating.”

Brent F, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“We ordered a sink and the one that came was the wrong one. Patricia, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, was on it, so it didn’t affect anything. She was patient, as I was confused about some things.”

Krista P, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“Everything went so smoothly. One minor hiccup with the countertop was more the fault of the countertop supplier than of Legacy Kitchens. The adherence to the timeline went so well and the end product looks beautiful. We were a little apprehensive because we’ve had other renovations that went sideways. Legacy didn’t disappoint at all. They came in over the weekend to get caught up on things. We were slightly behind due to unanticipated asbestos removal. The electricians did overtime to get caught up.”

Ken S, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“I haven’t heard of any problems. Legacy Kitchens communicates well with our customers and I appreciate that part of it. Legacy has stepped up and other suppliers are not willing to do that. An example is that we had a customer in Watermark and Legacy stepped up big time to make that situation better. It was noticed and appreciated.”

Aaron J, Field Team Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“When I have a concern, it is dealt with right away by Legacy Kitchens. Mark, their Field Supervisor, will deal with it right away”.”

Dan M, Modus Site Supervisor, Jayman Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens went back and fixed a few jobs that I had trouble with and I appreciated that.”

Wayne D, Warranty Manager, Baywest Homes Jun/16

“When issues come up with Legacy Kitchens, the trust and connection results in more of a give and take situation. It is just easier to work together and resolve problems when they come up.”

Amber B, Interior Selections, Albi Jun/16

“I find that Legacy Kitchens is good about delivering the product on time, Installers showing up on time and installations getting done on time. But if something is missing, then I connect with Mike, Talisa or James. Some of their staff make the extra effort but I find if I am not there, it doesn’t always happen. Then I talk to Mike and he puts things in place – he delivers. Some of their staff do amazing repairs.”

Grant Revak, Site Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“Gaston, Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager wasn’t happy with the doors and drawers. I didn’t notice it but he wanted it fixed properly and that is what they did – got it fixed. It wasn’t big stuff but I could tell that Legacy was concerned and I was impressed and so was my wife.”

Keith B, Irricana, AB, Jun/16

“Every time I called Legacy Kitchens in a panic, their Designer, Michael, responded immediately. He addressed all my concerns – renovations are a challenging time.”

Shannon T, Airdrie, AB, Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens replaced any parts that we had concerns about with no questions. Legacy did what they said they were going to do and their service was outstanding.”

JT H, NW Calgary, Jun/16

“I scored Legacy Kitchens at 100% because of what happened this morning. We had a unit change from Sale to Spec, so we scrambled to change the countertops from hard surface to laminate. Our plumber arrived on site and the sink tops were not cut out. I called Talisa and she had someone there to cut them out by noon. That is mind boggling service. I didn’t expect it to happen right away and I feel that I gave her a realistic timeline to have it done by. But she went to work and was able to get someone right there. Talisa exceeded my expectations and our plumber was still on site, so he didn’t have to make a second trip.”

Jeff L, Site Supervisor, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“Yes, I would agree. I know we had a very difficult client a while back who was quite demanding. Legacy Kitchens really stepped up and worked with us to please him. We try and align with trade partners who will look out for us.”

Dawn B, Project Coordination Manager, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“We have the odd glitch, but if we find an issue Legacy Kitchens deals with it. People make mistakes, but Legacy is quick to respond. It gets looked after and that is the key.”

Timo M, Site Supervisor, Morrison Homes, Calgary, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Kelly, did a great job. We ran into a couple of snags and she spent the time to work it out and to work with us.”

Sue M, SE Calgary, May/16

“I found May, Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator, to be very attentive. When we had the occasional scheduling issue, such as with our appliances coming late, she was quick to respond to accommodate and adjust the schedule. We also had an issue with the demolition of our flooring and May responded very quickly.”

Loretta S, NW Calgary, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer, Thomas made a change to the design, because the aesthetic wasn’t very satisfying. Thomas cleared it with us first. He said that he wanted to shift something over because he felt it would look better with change. The change he suggested made all the difference. Thomas wanted it to look just right. It wasn’t a problem with the design, it was just something that came up once we could see the pieces installed.”

Val L, SW Calgary, May/16

“Legacy resolved all the issues. We had several cabinets that were marked from the strapping from the container. If there were any little thing that was not just right, they scheduled a repair as soon I called them. Patricia seemed to manage this and they were here on time. I have no complaints.”

Coleen R, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“I’d recommend Legacy because everything was good. There was lots of stuff that screwed up, as you would expect, but I knew it would all get fixed, so I wasn’t concerned. I always knew everything would be fixed.”

Cheryl I, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“When the microwave was too high, Legacy adjusted the height of the microwave. No one tried to say that I should stand on a step stool. I appreciated that the microwave height was fixed.”

Elizabeth G, Calgary, Mar/16

“At the walk through, even though we didn’t ask about a small issue, Ryan, Legacy’s Project Manager said that it was not right and needed to be fixed. We really appreciated that Ryan wanted things to be right, and wasn’t depending on us to point things out.”

Marina B, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“Legacy’s Installers suggested that the microwave shelf would be too far out. I had to see it first. Once it was up, I could see it that was too far out, so they cut it back. Someone came back to do the touch ups. They were flexible and accommodating.”

Curt S, Cochrane, AB Mar/16

“Legacy’s Coordinator is awesome. She kept the Contractors on track. The flooring guys were superb. They noticed the colour was off on a few boxes. She got it straightened out right away. She is on top of things.”

Amber N, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“The schedule was a little skewed because of the tile setting. Legacy could bring it back on track. Legacy fixed some things that were broken, for example, we had a cracked ceiling. For the amount of money, it was definitely worthwhile.”

Jennifer D, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“As soon as Legacy’s Installer realized there was an error, he set about trying to figure it out and fix it. He didn’t lose his cool. He had it figured out the next morning.”

Susan K, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“If we recognized that a cabinet wasn’t as we designed, Legacy was extremely responsive. If there were a gap or an issue, Legacy rectified it quickly, to our full satisfaction. They were quick to acknowledge anything that wasn’t quite right and put a remedy in place. Legacy didn’t try to convince us to accept anything that wasn’t optimal and they came back more than once for a service visit. They were very flexible.”

Mike & Sue C, SW Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy’s Installer was phenomenal. We came across a couple of problems along the way. I suggested that we call Legacy, but he said he could deal with it right away. He maneuvered around problems. Their Installer was above and beyond.”

Joleen C, Rural Alberta, Jan/16

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very supportive. We ran into some problems along the way that I imagine were typical ‘construction stuff.’ When I saw the mistakes and didn’t know if the workers had noticed, I would call the Coordinator. She always followed up to make sure things were taken care of. Even after the final check-up she reassured me that Legacy would take care of things.”

Tina G, NW Calgary, Jan/16

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“We are so happy with what they did. There were a couple of defects that the Service Tech noticed and fixed. When we compared our experience with our friends who have had renovations, the difference was night and day.”

Paul H, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“The quality of the work was good and some things needed to be worked around because the framing wasn’t straight. The Installer dealt with the problems well.”

Jay S, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“We did run into a little issue when the project was underway and we definitely needed Legacy’s Designer’s involvement from Legacy’s Designer and he definitely re-engaged and saw us through the issue.”

Margo G, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“I would score Legacy Kitchens pretty close to 100%. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was that two door fronts were damaged in shipping. They were replaced in the first service visit.”

Mark B, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“The Installer with Legacy was great. There were some slight modifications needed and he didn’t even flinch, he just got it done. He cleaned up at the end of the day much better than most people I’ve seen in the trades.”

Brad M, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“We were quite busy with our schedules, so we asked Legacy’s Coordinator to change some dates, especially the countertop installation. She did her best to change the times and find the best dates and options for us.”

Ruta, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“We have cabinets that are white with a grey ‘frosting’ on the front, but several cabinet doors were ‘inside out’ with the grey frosting on the inside rather than the outside. Some pieces were put on backwards and had to be replaced. Legacy fixed everything. They had to paint the grey on the outside of some pieces so that they didn’t have to redo all the pieces. This all took extra time and work, even though the project was still completed on time.”

Amy M, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“When my master bedroom bathroom cabinets were installed, the layout was different from what the Designer had drawn. The Installer said that something wasn’t framed properly and that he didn’t like the look of the result. Legacy’s Project Manager suggested installing a ‘cubby’. It was clear that he took pride in wanting the finished look to be phenomenal.”

Lacey W, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“There was a little blooper with the trim. Between the Project Manager and the Installer, it was all resolved professionally and accurately.”

David G, GalloRia Inc, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“There was a misunderstanding about the under counter lighting, however, this was all corrected and handled very professionally through Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“We had a problem with the island and Legacy Kitchens went out of their way to solve the problem.”

Biagio O, Ultima Homes, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“The kitchen plumbing line wasn’t in the right spot to begin with and Legacy’s Installer just phoned the plumber and he came over right away and moved the line. The Installer wasn’t held up at all.”

Korina J, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy was so willing and able to rectify problems and answer questions. There were a few problems that I thought would be insurmountable, but they took it in stride and made sure the end product was the best it could be.”

Leslie P, Okotoks AB, Sep/15

“Legacy had great customer service and was very responsive to my needs. For example, I called to get a cabinet lifted because the Tile Installers were coming. Legacy came the next day.”

Gerry F, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“There was a problem with the stove and one of the cabinets.  Legacy Kitchens’ Service Tech said it didn’t matter who created the problem, that he would just solve it. It turned out that the flooring people created the problem. I called Legacy on Friday and things were fixed on Monday.”

Sue K, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“We really loved our whole experience with Legacy. They even let us pushback the final sign off because we were up in Yellowknife. We appreciated their flexibility.”

Carlye H, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“There is a new type of ‘Lazy Susan’ with 2 drawers. It was expensive, but really optimized our space. There were some problems with it at first and the Service Tech at Legacy Kitchens got it working. One of the doors in the pantry was warped. It was changed out 3 times until it was perfect! To top it all off, there was a gift basket delivered to our door at the end. Legacy was really first class.”

Darcy W, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“We went into the showroom without an appointment because we just wanted to have a look around and see what Legacy was about. The Hostess was amazing and she got a Designer to meet with us immediately.”

Candice C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

Legacy Kitchens’ Installer is absolutely a fabulous guy. We had picked out a paint colour for our kitchen walls on our own and the first coat had been applied to the new drywall. We could tell it was not the right colour as it didn’t work. He came back with a sheet of sample colours and he showed us what colours would work. His advice was excellent.”

Ulrich M, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Service Technician appreciated that the colour of one of the drawers was different from the others and it was stripped back to the wood and the right colour was applied. He was very fair with follow-up issues.”

Heather C, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“Whatever issues may have been there were fixed by Legacy Kitchens. Legacy even replaced all items that weren’t perfect.”

Terry O, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“We had an issue with the stain because it wasn’t the same colour as the sample that we selected. I was thoroughly impressed with Legacy Kitchens’ Service Technician. I felt like he was there to protect the customer, like a customer advocate and Legacy Kitchens really worked with us to earn our satisfaction.”

Rocky A, NE Calgary, Jul/15

“There were a few things that were delivered from Legacy Kitchens that were wrong. Their Designer was on site and fixed the errors as needed. Our General Contractor had no problems with Legacy.”

Cindy J, Calgary, Jul/15

“We had a toe kick issue and some things not fitting well in a drawer. Legacy Kitchens’ Coordinator looked after it very quickly and effectively.”

Jane E, NW Calgary, Jun/15

“We just left Legacy Kitchens’ Installer to work. If something wasn’t fitting right, he would talk to us about it. There were some issues and he said that when the deficiency guy comes by that he would deal with it. He fixed a squeaky board for us, he didn’t just leave it, or say that it wasn’t his job. He was very fussy and he made sure things fit.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“Under the island, the cabinets were initially set up for a touch ‘spring’ opening. When we were sitting at the island, our knees were always causing the cabinets to open. When I mentioned this was a problem for us, Legacy Kitchens’ Project Manager and Service Technician removed the spring opening feature and put in handles.”

C Tremblay, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“When issues did come up, Legacy Kitchens was able to resolve the issue at no extra cost to me, even though the problem was neither my fault or Legacy’s fault. The appliance manufacturer didn’t provide enough detail on the fridge measurement for Legacy Kitchens’ Designer to know how much space was needed. So Legacy had to move the wall unit down a few inches. Legacy did a great job in resolving this issue.”

M Perreault, NW Calgary, Jun/15

“We ordered cabinets for both the bathrooms upstairs and the kitchen. We’ve now done the bathrooms. Legacy is extremely accommodating with our schedule change in waiting for us to get started on the kitchen. That flexibility is great.”

R Honsberger, SE Calgary, May/15

“The plumber with Legacy Kitchens went ‘above and beyond’. There were a couple of problems with the washer and dryer, however, he made sure he got everything done well. He was very courteous and polite.”

P Wallace, SW Calgary, May/15

“We changed the thickness of the granite after we had set up the design. We hadn’t realized that the range would then sit higher. It didn’t look right. The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens arranged for their Service Technician to come to make the adjustments. He elevated everything so that the range was at the correct height. There was no charge and no questions asked. He was amazing!”

M Osman, NE Calgary, May/15

“The Legacy Kitchens’ Installer took on some things that I didn’t think were clearly his job and did them well. He built a customized vent over the range by fabricated a box with a stainless steel lining and it fits perfectly. The Legacy Installer knows what he is doing.”

G Karran, NW Rural Calgary, Mar/15

“We threw Legacy Kitchens a few curve balls and they had to remove a fireplace with two tons of stone and concrete. We valued the ease of the whole process.”

L Henderson, SW Calgary, Mar/15


“I know that the design is one thing but the most important thing is the after sales service. With Legacy Kitchens they fixed whatever minor flaw was found, it was 100% professionalism.”

J O’Donnell, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s Coordinator understood when things were going off the rails. She heard us out and understood the situation from our point of view. She was very responsive and that helped.”
A Walton, SE Calgary, Feb/15
“A cabinet door was replaced due to a dent. Legacy Kitchens did the walk through inspection quickly and attentively.”
C Pierce, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“When we noticed that the wood grain on the fridge door was vertical, Legacy found a way to make the cabinetry for the fridge door match.”

W King, Canmore, AB Jan/15

“There was a mistake with the size of the fridge. We could see that Legacy Kitchens really wanted us to be satisfied and they worked with us to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. We love our kitchen. It’s is a very nice design.”

S Badenhorst, Calgary, Jan/15

“We used Legacy Kitchens for our previous kitchen. We were very happy with the ‘after installation’ service provided. We trust that Legacy Kitchens will help us to resolve any issues that may arise.”

A Chrumka, SW Calgary, Jan/15

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“It’s not the problem that speaks, it’s how it’s resolved that makes a difference. Legacy Kitchens got onto it right away and did everything that needed to be fixed or touched up. They made sure I was happy with everything before they left.”

C Wensley, SE Calgary, AB Dec/14

“There were small issues of measurements that didn’t add up. Legacy Kitchens fixed the details right away and were agreeable to fixing whatever needed to be fixed. They worked directly with my Contractor and resolved whatever queries came up.”

L Walls, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“The Project would have been on schedule, except that the General Contractor wasn’t on time and that was no fault of Legacy Kitchen’s. Legacy was able to adjust to the changing schedule. They were my easiest Contractor we worked with.”

L Eagleson, rural Calgary, AB Dec/14

“There was some damage on a drawer below the range top that happened when the appliance shop installed the range. The Legacy Service staff knew exactly how to fix it. Legacy did their utmost to serve. Because I work during the day, Legacy’s Service staff came after hours to finish up the last pieces of work. I was impressed with their persistence and fantastic attention to detail.”

L Senko, SE Calgary, Nov/14

“There was a problem with the cooking range getting pushed into place, because a portion of the counter needed to be cut to make room. We were happy that Legacy Kitchen’s Service staff were there to do (resolved) those things.”

Arpita H, NW Calgary, Nov/14

“With Legacy Kitchens, everyone from reception to delivery and from installation to follow-up made sure things were done and done correctly. I felt we would never have to fight for what should be done. For example, there was a tiny gap that exposed the kitchen underflooring. As soon as the Legacy Kitchens Service staff saw it, they said it would be looked after. We considered this to be ‘over and above’ typical service.”

I Bodnar, NW Calgary, Nov/14

“We never had any concerns that Legacy Kitchens wouldn’t resolve any issues that came up. We had faith in them and that is because they are so professional as well as their ongoing follow-up during the project. Legacy takes pride in their work and in their name (reputation). They do a lot of projects on the basis of ‘word of mouth’ and as a result, they deliver.”

Mt Pleasant, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“We valued Legacy’s accountability. The acknowledged the problem and worked to help us get our project back on track.”

S Ward, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“My experience with Legacy’s Service Tech was great. He was professional and his demeanor immediately put me at ease. His confidence and competency ensured us that any issues would be dealt with effectively.”

G Topor, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“We are all human and mistakes happen. When mistakes occur, it is how you react and how you deal with them that matters. Legacy Kitchens came to the plate and resolved things and that is why I would definitely recommend them.”

M Wood, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Definitely, they sent people to resolve the issues. I felt that I didn’t have to worry about anything. With other suppliers I had to call and inform them of problems but Legacy knew what was wrong and what needed to be done.”

M Condic, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“I am really pleased and although renovations can be frustrating, Legacy Kitchens has a way of making a renovation a relatively enjoyable experience. There are always surprises that come up when walls come down but Legacy does an excellent job of dealing with those surprises.”

C Scott, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“We had a cabinet that we felt should be replaced. They agreed with us and there was no hesitation, Legacy Kitchens just replaced it, no questions asked. They did whatever I wanted.”

K Neumiller, Airdrie, AB Aug/14

“Legacy Kitchens did a good job. I didn’t have to worry about anything. If I had any problems, I had one person to call and it was taken care of.”

H Line, NE Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Kitchen renovations are supposed to be terrible but with Legacy Kitchens our project went smooth/y. We had a couple of issues but they were fixed right away, we are really happy.”

R Draper, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“We are really really grateful for the professionalism of Legacy’s staff and we love the result. We expected some problems and so their professionalism was important. We were confident that if we left a problem in Legacy’s hands, a workable solution would be found. Our experience is that all the issues got resolved.”

S Traynor, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Keep doing what you are doing as I c annot really think of anything else that Legacy could improve. And continue getting customer feedback. Customer feedback is very important for a company. If you don’t know where you are at with your clients, how can you improve?”

D Afseth, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“The issue isn’t that something goes wrong but rather how you address it. There were probably 1,500 people who touched these cabinets since we ordered them and only 3 baseboards that were the wrong color, big deal. Legacy is fixing things and compared to other trades, they are brilliant.”

B Jordon, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“Legacy’s Service staff are awesome. Instead of discussing issues and making excuses, their Service Tech just identified the issues and resolved them. It was Easy.”

T Van Norman, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Overall I am happy. No suppliers are perfect but when problems arose, Legacy stepped in and was great at getting the issues resolved. That is the key, issues come up and it is how they get addressed that is important. Legacy’s staff were willing to listen and get things resolved, no questions asked.”

M Solomon, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“In the end, there was an issue and Legacy’s Service Tech noticed it. They came up with a workable solution for the problem. From my perspective, Legacy went ‘above and beyond’ to make it up to me. I am happy with the end result. I really enjoy my kitchen.”

K Cerminara, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“Legacy’s Service Tech was so personal and easy to be around. He was willing to listen to any of my concerns. He would say, “no problem, I can take care of that.” He was excellent and I would recommend him in a minute.”

A Nielson, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy’s Installer was good. If a problem arose, he would get it fixed and he had no trouble calling in his supervisor if he had questions or concerns.”

A Henderson, SW Calgary, AB May/14

“It was Legacy’s professionalism and willingness to deliver on what they said they were going to do. All of Legacy’s staff were very respectful when coming into our home. It was easy to have them here (in our home).”

M Glover, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“Legacy has a lot of experience but during the project the corner by the hutch had to be redesigned. Legacy’s staff just took care of it, it was 100%.”

S Maass, Calgary, AB Apr14

“Legacy’s follow through and service was very good. When problems occurred Legacy’s staff came quickly and were happy to fix the problems. They are not problems if someone is willing to fix them right away.”

K Goodrich, NW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“I value Legacy’s desire to make sure their customers are happy. They have a quest to confirm that their customers are satisfied, that ‘we were happy and that we were satisfied’. They delivered on it.”

J Holman, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“I am extremely happy. I cannot think of any issues that were not resolved quickly and professionally. We have a beautiful kitchen that is more than I thought it could be.”

D Dezeng, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“It was Legacy’s professionalism and willingness to delivery on what they said they were going to do. All of Legacy’s staff were very respectful when coming into our home. It was easy to have them here (in our home).”

M Glover, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“In one case we changed our mind but Legacy was very accommodating for us. They were so willing to change without making us feel that we were a problem. They were happy to see the project through to completion.”

K Goodrich, NW Calgary, Apr/14

“Legacy has really good customer support. They deal with deficiencies quickly.”

C Abrey SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“”There were some issues but the resolution was seamless. It cost Legacy some labor and time but they just made it happen. Legacy deserves a pretty excellent customer service rating based on how they resolved my problem.”

K Watson SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“I appreciate that Legacy took ownership of the issues. There was never a question whether or not they were going to make things right. They are head and shoulders above their competition.”

Mount Royal SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Legacy’s Installer ran into some problems with my bookcases, but he resolved the issues and put everything together. He also had some good ideas. He was very helpful with the handicap rails in our bathroom.”

F Tower, NW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“We had an oops on our project but if I had concerns I trusted that Legacy would resolve the issues. Their customer service is great. The fact that they show up when they say they will, is almost unheard of with contractors these days.”

M Waterhouse, NW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“We had problems with a flooring contractor, but Legacy didn’t leave us hanging. They took care of us all the way through from beginning to end. The quality of work is very very good and the staff are professional.”

K Grant, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“Legacy Kitchens resolved our issues fairly, quickly and were very attentive in doing it. They didn’t hesitate to address the issues. I had the impression that Legacy would stand behind their product and workmanship. If there is a question, I felt confident that Legacy would side with the customer if anything was unclear. Legacy is very smart that way.”

K Teron, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“We ended up having a few problems through the project but it was no problem for Legacy. They just came and resolved the issues. Legacy is a very well run company and I am happy with them. It was a very pleasant experience.”

G Garvey, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“I value the level of confidence in both Legacy’s product and the fact that if I have a problem, Legacy will be there for me to fix it. I have a relationship of trust and respect with their Coordinator and Field Tech that I believe goes both ways. The fact that it is mutual, really elevates the experience.”

M Kalny, SW Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“Legacy does everything for their customers. They bring their heart to the customer. You cannot ask for anything more. Any minor mistakes or issues were resolved and I don’t hold that (the occurrence of issues) against them.”

V Phan, SE Calgary, AB Dec/13

“I value Legacy’s empathy, they acknowledged what we had been through. The project was initiated because of some water damage and that was just two weeks after may husband’s passing. It was the last thing we needed. Legacy handled our project very well and their Designer was really good. He listened and showed compassion and empathy.”

G Hallock, NE Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy’s Designer said there will often be problems (during a kitchen renovation) but Legacy’s motto is “in the end everything will be done to your satisfaction.” It was as Michael suggested, everything turned out great.”

J Legoffic, SE Calgary, AB Dec/13

“I have heard horror stories, I have a lot of friends going through renovations. It seems that with other companies, the projects drag on and suppliers don’t stick to their schedules. With Legacy coordinating the schedule, it made all the difference. If I had questions, I got response immediately (ie. less than a day). The people are knowledgeable and very friendly, I had a great experience.”

M Vermaat, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Yes, even though there were a multitude of problems, Legacy resolved everything and there was no hesitation to make things right. I absolutely love my kitchen and it was clear to me that Legacy would do everything in their power to make sure that I was happy.”

Lana W, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Actually, I would score Legacy at 110%. They went over and above on my project. There were deficiencies on the installation and they did more than they had to do to resolve them. Their cabinet Installer was a perfectionist and the whole project was a very pleasant experience.”

Lisa K, Airdrie, AB Nov/13

“When there was a problem Legacy didn’t blame anyone, they just dealt with the issues. No ‘pointing of fingers’ or ‘playing the blame game’. They listened and resolved the issues.”

West Hillhurst NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Yes, despite the issues I would still recommend Legacy. It is a challenge but once they realized the issues, someone coordinated them and they got them resolved. Legacy dealt with the issues. It was done well. It is the end result that matters to me. Legacy got it done.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Legacy always took accountability for the project challenges. They never pointed a finger, at us or anyone else. Legacy showed us a high level of accountability – it really came through.”

Bowness NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Our island was too close to the cabinets and we noticed when we came home from holidays on a Sunday. I sent our Designer an email on Monday and on Tuesday she came out with the Installer and Service Tech to figure out a solution. That was very helpful, Legacy was taking the problem very seriously. Legacy got the issues resolved quickly.”

Casey J, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“As far as I am concerned, Legacy was one of the shining stars. At one point there were a bunch of handles that were drilled wrong. They had to replace 10 or 12 doors but they did it with no questions asked.”

Heritage Point, Dewinton, AB Sep/13

“We had a design flaw and didn’t recognize it until we put the stove in. As soon as we called Legacy they sent out our Designer and their Service Tech and they solved the issue in a timely fashion. We were very pleased. We had to wait for the order to come but Legacy resolved the problem.”

Catherine K, Airdrie, AB Sep/13

“There is one issue that came to light this past weekend but I am not fussed about it. I know that Legacy will fix it, as that is the way they operate. They are very professional.”

Acadia Home Owner SE, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“Our project was done in a timely manner and it looks good. We had one awkward corner and Legacy came up with a good solution for it. They handled that well.”

MacEwan NW, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“I would recommend Legacy because of the quality of cabinets, the installation and service. There was a problem with the design of one cabinet. Their Inspector was able to identify a solution almost immediately and it was no problem.”

Homeowner at Cremona, AB Jul/13

“We were behind on all the scheduling due to my sub trades. We worked with Legacy’s Coordinator and she helped us coordinate things, it wasn’t Legacy’s fault we were behind. She explained each stage and returned calls as quick as she could.”

Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was great with organizing things and their Project Manager kept the men on track. We didn’t have to deal with any of that. We didn’t even have to coordinate the appointment with subs as the Coordinator had already done that, far in advance of the date.”

Ranchlands NW, Calgary, AB May/13

“There were 3 or 4 outstanding items after we took possession of our home. Legacy’s Coordinator provided a schedule to get them complete. What she did was done properly.”

Watermark, NW Calgary, AB May/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was absolutely pleasant and the information she provided around process was good.”

Mission SW, Calgary, AB May/13

“Legacy was very accommodating for my schedule and their Coordinator was good about following up.”

Braeside SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator was very professional and pleasant to work with. She understood the disruption to the household and made a schedule that adapted to that. She was diligent.”

Evergreen SW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“Legacy’s Coordinator did a great job.”

Sandstone Valley NW, Calgary, AB Mar/13

“We had an instant rapport with Legacy’s Coordinator. She is very very good at her job – that became apparent very quickly.”

Patterson Blvd NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“I was very happy with Legacy’s Coordinator, she always returned my calls.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“The craftsmanship and quality of our cabinets. The Legacy Installer was very thorough and was a pleasure to work with.”

West Spring SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

“Legacy scheduling was valuable, it helped me understand the timing. They let us know what was going on and that was very valuable to me.”

Beltline SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“There were some issues that came up with the trades during our project. It was good to have Legacy’s Project Manager taking care of the details and the issues as they came up. It was like having extra security in that he was looking out for us.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“Our project had some follow-up work and we were very impressed with Legacy’s follow up service. They were listening and made sure we were totally happy.”

Acreage Owner near Calgary, AB Nov/12

“We valued the professionalism of Legacy’s staff. An error was made in the order of a crown molding. Legacy’s Designer immediately accepted responsibility for the error and it was replaced as soon as they could. I appreciated that … it was another sign of Legacy’s professionalism.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“Legacy treated me like a ‘valued client’ and wanted me to be ‘happy with the end result’. There were errors on our project but Legacy Kitchens made sure that all the issues were resolved. Not all companies do that. Legacy’s service staff really came through … they resolved our issues and were enthusiast about making sure we were happy. It points to a well-run business, Legacy values their employees and I am happy to support that. I also understand that Legacy Kitchens is a locally owned company and I am happy to support local businesses as well. The issues I had with other trades really helped me understand how truly fantastic Legacy is.”

Parkdale SE, Calgary, AB Jan/12