What Clients ‘Value the Most’ about Legacy Kitchens


This page contains results and reviews from what Legacy clients Value the Most about of their purchase experience with Legacy Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“All of the staff were incredibly professional. The customer service was amazing. There was no detail that they would not fix.”

Lorraine B, Cochrane, AB Dec/18

“I valued peace of mind. Legacy is a big company. There is a warranty or guarantee that they will help if someone screws up. There is someone to help you chase and follow up. All of the trades were good. I felt that the trades would do a good job for Legacy.”

Linda L, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“I valued the fact that they could accomplish my design within my price range. Legacy stayed within the budget. They were over a bit, but not much. They were very good at getting my design implemented. The service was great.”

Chantale, Heron Interior Design, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“The ability to see the showroom was helpful. We could see the cabinets in place, with colours and paints on the woods and the handles. It was very helpful.”

Jill K, Canmore, AB Nov/18

“The relationship with Legacy’s Designer, Steve was very important to us. We felt that we didn’t need to worry because we were important.”

Anne and Claire Y, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“I valued that there were no surprises. We are loving our kitchen and I was really happy with the experience.”

Oksana N, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“It was the kindness and consideration of their people and the quality of work they did that I value. What more can I say? They met everyone’s expectations.”

Teresa M., Bragg Creek, AB Oct/18

“We have a beautiful kitchen in the end. It transformed our home.”

Lisa G., SE Calgary, AB Oct/18

“We are very happy with the outcome and the design of the kitchen. The quality of the cabinets is excellent and the way it was done with the scheduling was amazing. May, Legacy’s Coordinator is a magician. I can’t imagine getting that all organized on my own.”

Don J., SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“I valued the peace of mind. It might sound corny, but having all the trades respond when they were supposed to, reduced my anxiety. I didn’t have to call the trades to follow up on the schedule. And the kitchen looks excellent!”

Deirdre, NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“I love the new cabinets and the design. I love that we went from oak to white. They changed the design from traditional and it’s now much more modern. That appeals to me more.”

Pamela D., NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“We had confidence in the reputation of Legacy Kitchens and that was proven to be true through out our experience.”

Martha G, SW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Because I live just outside of Sundre, I find it difficult to find good trades people in this small town rural environment. That was one of my first questions to Noel at Legacy Kitchens. The fact that they would come to this location was really important and influenced my decision to use Legacy. I place value in people. I valued their Designer, Rob, who was excellent.I would highly recommend him.”

Kerry S, Sundre, AB Aug/18

“I value the cabinet quality of Legacy Kitchens, the product and the price. Our cabinets from Legacy were more cost effective than if we had gotten them at their competition. It was seamless. We got what we asked for in a uneventful, smooth process. We are very pleased.”

Dave P, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“I value the quality of the Legacy Kitchens product and that they have a warranty. Legacy won’t disappear. They have been around for a long time. Legacy is doing an awesome job.”

Tyler A, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“Legacy Kitchens worked to my schedule and they gave me exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have to compromise on colour or style, I got exactly what I wanted, with a few good ideas thrown in from Allison, their Designer. The colour blue was really tricky because it was a non-standard colour. When the colour was achievable, it allowed me to have my dream kitchen.”

Shauna, S, Okotoks, AB Jul/18

“Legacy Kitchens has a strong attention to detail. Andre, their Service Tech, pointed out things that we hadn’t seen. He wasn’t trying to slip anything by us. They wanted to fix any little problems or smudges, etc. Andre was very friendly and professional.”

John M, SW Calgary, Jul/18

“We liked the Legacy Kitchens’ staff and the showroom. The whole process is perfect for me and my husband. There is no way I would go with anyone else but Legacy.”

Mary P, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“I valued dealing with Legacy Kitchens’ staff. They are a good bunch of people and now I have an upgraded kitchen and the cabinets are really good quality. This is the third kitchen I have done with Legacy. Legacy’s product and staff just keep getting better and better.”

John M, NW Calgary, Jun/18

“We valued the way it was all done by Legacy Kitchens – everything was on time. We had a number of things to arrange as well like plumbing and electrical. Annette, their Coordinator, was very accommodating and she helped to make things run smoothly. Legacy made a plan and executed it really well.”

Tricia W, SE Calgary, Jun/18

“I value Legacy Kitchens’ honesty. They were on site when they said they would be and I have no issues with them. I now have a modern kitchen that is bright and I love it. I am very happy with the result.”

Marilyn S, Olds, AB Jun/18

“I’m a big fan of Legacy Kitchens. It’s really nice to have an impartial person who knows cabinetry. I have a really good relationship with Jennean, Legacy’s Designer. I feel comfortable with the quality of what we are getting. She is very patient and spends a lot of time measuring. On this home, Legacy Kitchens scores 100% because the project was impeccable.”

Shirley E, SW Calgary, May/18

“The level of communication by Legacy Kitchens was superb. The quality of workmanship was excellent. Both Larry, the Installer, and May, their Coordinator, were absolutely wonderful.”

Dona P, SE Calgary, May/18

“I’m super impressed with the kitchen. I love it! There were a few snags along the way that we had to deal with. Legacy Kitchens was good in getting around that and offering suggestions. Everything went off well. The quality is super. I value that I have a better understanding of renovations and how smoothly they can go. I’ve had minor renovations in the past and those have not gone so smoothly. This was ‘tickety boo’.”

Kathy B, SE Calgary, May/18

“We valued Legacy Kitchens’ honesty. It seemed like they would listen to what the customer wanted and deliver what was asked for. They didn’t try to load us up on extras. I liked the ease of working with Legacy.”

Jim H, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“Because I’m going to be selling these builds, if anything comes up in the future, it’s really important to me that I have no worries that any issues will be looked after by Legacy. For me, that is the deciding factor in choosing Legacy Kitchens.”

Tony, SIXTY3 Developments Inc. SW Calgary, Apr/18

“The quality of the product and the work was great, but I think it was the people that I valued the most from working with Legacy Kitchens. James and Kim knew what we wanted and they did the work the way we wanted it done.”

Franca T, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“We valued Steve, Annette and actually all the Legacy Kitchens’ staff. They were friendly and easy to deal with. We appreciated the end result, and the fact that they tried to do the best job they could. We are enjoying our new kitchen.”

John & Stacey M, SE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“It was probably our interaction with Jennean, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, that we valued the most. She was a very big help and really easy to work with. We had similar tastes, so I think that helps.”

Sonja L, Chestermere, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens looks after all parts of the project from start to finish and we appreciated that. We are happy with the end result.”

Duane J, Cochrane, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens is a very professional company. They really addressed our needs, what we wanted and what we were looking for.”

Brad W, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“If I had to pick one thing that I valued the most about Legacy Kitchens, was that the service was fabulous, from Kim, the Designer, and right through to the service follow-up.”

Guido B, NE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“I am really pleased with our renovation by Legacy Kitchens. I look at the before pictures and it is amazing. Our kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling and before, we had a wall that was bare. We have a step down into the family room and we opened that up by 18″ and it made an incredible difference. We have a window that opens, it looks much bigger and we can see our backyard. The difference is amazing. I am so happy we went in this direction. We knew it would be good and it turned out so much better than we thought it would be.”

Jill O, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“We really liked that Legacy Kitchens was the designer, the installer, and the organizer of all the electrical and plumbing work, and moving the wall. They coordinated the flooring, backsplash and the painters as much as they could. It was a one stop shop for the entire project. There were many fingers in the pie – everything from the permits to the subtrades. They did a very good job of organizing and keeping us informed. We weren’t here, and for it to turn out as well as it did, was an excellent outcome.”

Paul A, NW Calgary Jan/18

“We valued Legacy Kitchens’ ideas and the layouts that Gavin, their Designer, did for us.”

Myles O, NW Calgary Jan/18

“I liked being treated so well and that means the world to me. The staff at Legacy Kitchens don’t get mad when you ask a questions, they just answer. I just really liked them all. I would recommend Legacy again to anybody. I have been around trades people who had a real temper. I know that if you treat people decently, they will treat you that way back. It goes both ways. Legacy treated me very well.”

Barbara H, NW Calgary Jan/18

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“Legacy Kitchens handled newbies like us very well. They were always professional. They never let it show if we had silly questions. We’ve never been through this before. They could answer any questions or concerns. I valued that very much.”

Leanne G, NW Calgary Dec/17

“Legacy Kitchens is prompt, professional, and with on time delivery.”

Leslie S, NW Calgary Dec/17

“It was my experience with Jennean and the quality of the cabinetry. I went to several places before I chose Legacy Kitchens. Because my first impression of walking through the door was very positive, I used Legacy. Once I decided to go with Legacy, Jennean was great.”

Christina V, NW Calgary Dec/17

“We got the most value from the attention to detail provided by Paul W in the design. We structured the kitchen for large parties. There is good flow in the kitchen. Recently we had a party of 30 people and the kitchen worked beautifully. Everything was in the right place.”

Taz and Richard, NW Calgary Nov/17

“Everybody is gob smacked by my brand new kitchen and family room. I have an island and 4 chairs to sit at the island. I even have a drawer that isn’t full. Both of us are extremely pleased. The project with Legacy Kitchens all stayed within budget.”

Pat L, SE Calgary Nov/17

“I liked the straightforward and honest approach by Legacy Kitchens with good information that was organized and clear. When we were in the showroom, we were ‘sold’ and we appreciated Kim’s attention to us. The price seemed reasonable as it was comparable to others. The service looked to be good and Legacy was responsive to our schedule needs.”

Nancy V, SW Calgary Nov/17

“Our kitchen was completed in a timely fashion. My brother, who lives in Winnipeg, had their kitchen done last year by another company. It took 8 months whereas ours was finished on time. I value the quality of the Legacy Kitchens showroom, the assortment of different types of kitchens in the showroom and the quality of the work.”

Wes S, NE Calgary Oct/17

“With Legacy Kitchens, it’s as easy as it gets. I have a brand new lovely kitchen. Their Designer, Paul, is very artistic and creative. He did a fabulous job with our awkward space.”

Dawn S, NW Calgary Oct/17

“One of the nice things for me is being able to use the showroom and walk to different spaces and show clients examples. Being able to walk up to an island and show how big it is and the number of options that are available, is extremely helpful. Each time Jennean walks with me and the client to show various features, pull outs and handles, the client has more excitement and understanding of the design process.”

Dave M, Dasan Interiors Inc, SW Calgary Oct/17

“I liked the ease of the process with Legacy Kitchens. We had only one meeting with Jeannine, their Designer and we picked what we wanted. The computer drawing gave us a vision of what it would look like.”

Marj F, SE Calgary Sep/17

“Legacy Kitchens did what they said they would do in the time frame that they gave us. It’s as simple as that.”

Dennis B, SW Calgary Sep/17

“We like the quality of the service, the professionalism and the responsiveness with Legacy Kitchens. You can see what you are getting into and have confidence that it will be done well.”

Kris N, SW Calgary Sep/17

“Legacy Kitchens has everything together. It’s the quality, the price and expertise of people working at Legacy. If a company doesn’t have it all, you go no where with the project. When I saw it all put together, the service and the after service, it was all agreeable. It was all aspects of Legacy, from beginning to end. It wasn’t just the kitchen, we did all our other cabinets, laundry room and bathrooms.”

Lori B, SW Calgary Aug/17

“I valued the the professionalism and the quality of cabinetry from Legacy Kitchens. They have a high standard.”

Greg H, NE Calgary Aug/17

“We appreciated the amount of up front work that Legacy Kitchen’s Designer, Paul, did. That’s what made us want to go ahead with this. It was exactly what we wanted. Paul did all of the up front work without our commitment. That is very rare. I think Paul has the confidence in himself and what he is doing. He knew that we would like it and that we would commit to the project.”

Jamie M, SW Calgary Aug/17

“I valued Legacy Kitchens’ service. The pricing was really competitive and I could go in the showroom to look at things. I went to the showroom several times.”

Cathy O, SW Calgary Jul/17

“It’s really good value for your dollar spent. I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens any day. It’s not like going to the big box stores. It’s not the same product.”

Tim A, Airdrie AB Jul/17

“I value their professionalism and taking care of the customer. Legacy Kitchens is very organized.”

Davide G, NE Calgary Jul/17

“The Designer at Legacy Kitchens, Jennean, was a huge influence to our decision to use Legacy. We liked the price point and they had a huge selection. What I wanted wasn’t available at smaller places.”

Kaitlyn E, SE Calgary, Jun/17

“I valued having Suzi with Legacy Kitchens take on my ideas about what I needed and add to it so it was an excellent end product.”

Fred S, Canmore, AB Jun/17

“The Legacy Kitchens’ staff seemed like specialists with kitchens and they seemed to know what they were doing. The showroom was a big selling feature.”

Blaine W, SE Calgary, AB Jun/17

“With Legacy Kitchens, you know where you stand and the schedule is good. The whole experience is good. There are enough decisions and hassles when you are selecting cabinets that you don’t need problems.”

Pat B, Airdrie, AB May/17

“I never have any concerns with Legacy Kitchens’ staff. I never have to think twice about what they are doing. I have a lot of confidence in Legacy.”

Susanna P, Westrock Custom Homes Inc., SE Calgary, May/17

“If you look at our house, it is unique. That’s because I worked with Rob, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer. We talked about a spice rack that pulls out, and he told me a lot of what we could do to make it look better. Others wouldn’t go into that much detail. At the end, our budget was out of control and he helped find ways to save money. He helped us to get the best of what we wanted and he had money saving tips. Rob is very good at what he does, we got along well. The last minute change was handled well.”

Naomi D, Cochrane, AB May/17

“I like the quality of the product. There are some people in the kitchen industry who really price gouge. Legacy Kitchens has a reputation of being fair.”

Fred R, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“I’d say that we valued the people. We are beyond thrilled with the quality of work in our home. The product is amazing, but the people set it apart. For us, it was the privilege of creating space with the Legacy Kitchens’ staff who enveloped the customer in support and creativeness.”

Isabella A, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“The cabinets are good quality and my experience with Legacy was great. We’ve done two kitchens with Legacy and we’ve been happy both times.”

Joel H, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“I was impressed with the initial contact from Legacy Kitchens, and they were very professional.”

Linda K, SE Calgary, Mar/17

“The people at Legacy Kitchens did a very good job in a short time frame. There were no significant delays and I really like the look of the new cabinets.”

Teresa M, Canmore, AB, Mar/17

“Legacy Kitchens had a good price for the quality of product. I loved how thorough Bekki was. All the staff were fantastic, but Bekki really listened and she was good at explaining what she needed to do to meet our needs. Nothing was a problem.”

Katherine S, Banff, AB, Mar/17

“I value the cabinets themselves. The Installer, Paul and the Service Technician, Andre, were so great that I would definitely come back and use Legacy Kitchens again.”

Jenni L, NW Calgary, Feb/17

“Legacy Kitchens has good service. The pricing was competitive. I liked the product that they offered. Legacy handled everything. We just had to make the decisions on selection. We didn’t have to do anything else.”

Trent S, NW Calgary, Feb/17

“I really was impressed with Legacy Kitchens’ after sales service. It was really good. When I called Legacy, there were no questions, they just came and did the work. It was clear that they cared.”

Nancy W, Southern AB, Feb/17

“Legacy Kitchens provides better customer service, quality and installation at the same price or a better price than other cabinet suppliers.”

Colin, Elevated Developments Inc., SW Calgary, Jan/17

“I valued the consultation time with Rob at Legacy Kitchens the most. He was able to guide us on minor and important decisions. Rob’s experience set the project up for success.”

Kathy S, NW Calgary, Jan/17

“We appreciated Legacy Kitchens knowledge, experience and the ideas they gave us.”

Lori B, SW Calgary, Jan/17

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“When people look at a house, the first impressions are important. The kitchen is the first thing they see and notice. Legacy does impressive looking kitchens. Nothing could be improved, everything went really well.”

Loris F, Pinehurst Homes, SW Calgary, Dec/16

“Legacy Kitchens was on time with everything. They have a good warranty and we knew they would stand behind their work. I didn’t know that from experience. I trusted Legacy.”

Jerad D, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“It was the schedule by Legacy Kitchens that I found most helpful. It helped us to sort things out.”

Linda P, Calgary, Dec/16

“I valued Legacy Kitchens’ professionalism and value for money, not that it was cheap. I was swayed from their competitor when I compared the cabinets and the features on cabinets that were very similar. The price differential was enormous. That made me feel that Legacy was very good value.”

Glen H, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“Legacy definitely followed the schedule. They were there if you needed them. They are a good company that does good work.”

Sandy W, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“The level of communication on that type of contract is absolutely key. We had such a good experience with Legacy Kitchens.”

Annabelle S, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“Paul, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, did a lot of things beyond what we expected, so we were happy. Extra things were built in, such as the garbage bin that was installed in the cabinet.”

Anne B, Calgary, Oct/16

“Legacy Kitchens had a good sense of what I wanted. Legacy advised me when there was an opportunity for choice, and there were some areas where I followed their recommendations. They provided a suggested layout that would satisfy me.”

Lara K, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“The end result that Legacy Kitchens achieved was what we wanted. It was challenging because we had a ’70’s kitchen that needed to be transformed. I felt there was a lot to do to achieve that and I’m happy with the result. It’s improved my lifestyle!”

Jill and Gary O, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of everything they did. I understood what they were doing, the products were good quality and the people were good people. Everyone worked well together and kept me informed. The quality was excellent.”

Don L, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“It was just the fact that the Legacy Kitchens experience was the most enjoyable part of the whole building process, and it was simple. You really get what you expect and you know what to expect.”

Andrea B, DeWinton, AB, Sep/16

“I valued the professionalism of Legacy Kitchens. Legacy came in and did the job the way it should be done.”

Kevin A, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“Michael with Legacy Kitchens came to see the house before we purchased it. Michael made it easy. We had a one hour window in the house. We had no idea as to what we could do, so Michael’s speed and his knowledge made it work. He told us what we could do and he knew his numbers.”

Glenda Z, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“I liked being able to have input on the cabinets from Legacy Kitchens, and see it in a 3 dimensional model within minutes.”

Graham D, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“Kelly, Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, was awesome! We felt so comfortable with her, she was a breath of fresh air. We’ve done several renovations and this one was much better than the others.”

Kathy R, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“We went through a major renovation, with a four year old, and had our kitchen and living room done in a week! It was fantastic and it was painless. We anticipated a lot of hardship, arguing and annoyance. It wasn’t like that. The bar is high for the next time Legacy Kitchens come in.”

Krista P, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“We appreciated the holistic ‘kid glove’ treatment that we received from the moment we walked into the showroom. The experience from A to Z was very comfortable. We were comfortable with the way that choices were presented to us and the way that our decisions were documented and shown to us. The service was incredible and Paul with Legacy Kitchens exceeded our expectations with the amount of ‘kid glove’ care.”

Margaret G, Calgary, Jul/16

“I value the end result and Thomas and his installation work. Legacy Kitchens has been around for a long time and they have a good reputation and a good name. I didn’t want to use someone who took money up front and I didn’t know well.”

Susan B, SE Calgary, Jul/16

“It is the customer service of Legacy Kitchens that I value. If something happens, they are quick to respond and get it done. They don’t argue, they just do it. If that occurs, the relationship stays strong and we sell more houses. Legacy’s cabinet quality is also strong.”

Wayne D, Warranty Manager, Baywest Homes Jun/16

“The open communication is what I value the most. If they cannot get me something, they tell me up front. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try but they don’t play around. Talisa and Mike are both honest and upfront. They often find a way when two weeks is not enough. I appreciate the two way open and honest communication.”

Grant Revak, Site Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“It is the Legacy Kitchens’ people that I value. Noreen and Mark have done everything possible to make things go well. They do not run away from their kitchens – even if the issues are trade damage. They will step to the plate and address the issue. There are no excuses, they just do it. They have a ‘get it done’ attitude and I think that is how we are all remembered. The little extras make a big difference.”

Dan M, Modus Site Supervisor, Jayman Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens is an established long term business and they are certainly well recognized in this market. Knowing that they want to make things better is important. It tells us they want to do a better job, be more efficient and more customer centric. That is a good thing to hear.”

Lewis P, Internal Operations Manager, Albi Jun/16

“I value the professionalism that each of the Legacy Kitchens’ staff exhibit. It is their willingness to make sure that customer satisfaction is number one.”

Stephen P, Site Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“The product Legacy Kitchens are installing is of the highest quality with luxury homeowners. I value the ability to speak candidly with Summer and the relationship we have. She knows the ropes and is very professional. We can talk about work matters but also family matters and it is all good. I understand that mistakes will be made and the relationship is such that we can speak candidly about it.”

Amber B, Interior Selections, Albi Jun/16

“It is the ongoing relationship that I have built and been able to maintain with Legacy Kitchens’ staff that is important to me.”

Aaron J, Field Team Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“I value the good Trade Partnership that we have with Legacy Kitchens. Tanys does a good job as she gets back to us. She is open and honest and is good to our clients. That makes business easy.”

Dawn B, Project Coordination Manager, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens were on time, professional, friendly, helpful and they cleaned up after themselves. It was a painless renovation, once the project got started. Legacy staff was just like family to me.”

Karen E, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“The service and the quality of the work of Legacy Kitchens was good. Ryan was really good and he fixed the things that needed to be fixed.”

Joanne T, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“Paul with Legacy Kitchens is really good to work with as he is very experienced. We didn’t know a lot about designing a kitchen but Paul educated us on the product and what we should consider. He helped us stay within our budget and gave us good recommendations. He helped us accomplish our vision and we really valued his expertise.”

Chioma U, NW Calgary, Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens is a good partner for us. They are very responsive to my team’s needs. Legacy has a good product line that is high quality and they are a good business partner.”

Simon S, Style Magic Consultant, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“I think for us it comes down to customer experience. We want customer touch points with our suppliers to be a very positive experience. With Legacy Kitchens, it is working well.”

Kimerie J, Sales Manager, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“When Legacy Kitchens says the product will be there, it is there. I trust them and that helps, as I don’t have to worry about it. For us, we make a schedule and we need to stay on it.”

Bryon, M, Site Supervisor, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens did what they said they would do. Legacy was professional, had good ideas and had the systems in place to make it happen. The CAD three-dimensional drawings provided a helpful visual perspective to see what the kitchen would look like. Michael took the time to work with us which was great. Legacy knew the budget and stayed within it.”

Anne E, SW Calgary, May/16

“We went to a number of cabinet and kitchen providers. The Legacy Kitchens’ staff and their showroom were outstanding. That made it a nice experience whereas not so much with the other places we went to. The finished product is excellent and very functional.”

Marlene N, SW Calgary, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens gave us time with the Interior Designer, Jeannie Sturdy, who was excellent. She helped to narrow things down a lot. We would like to use her again for another project. Jeannie helped me make decisions in a short time because she narrowed down the choices for colours, taps etc. She made a suggestion to buy an antique door and she suggested a few places for us to look. That one suggestion added a lot to the look of our kitchen.”

Sue M, SE Calgary, May/16

“Legacy didn’t waste any time. The job was done promptly. I’ve already recommended Legacy to a lot of people.”

Coleen R, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Every part of the project went well from the design and installation to the follow up. If I had any service issues, Legacy people came right away. You hear about kitchen renovation nightmares, however, my experience with Legacy was fabulous.”

Cheryl I, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Legacy has such a winning team. They made you feel good about the project. It was such a great experience. Even at the end, with the ‘oh my gosh’ of walking in the door, I could hear them say we are 95% done. My time frame and expectation was different than their time frame. I may sound overzealous about Legacy, but it was totally a pleasure working with each and every one of their staff. They are all such fine people.”

Judy S, NE Calgary, Apr/16

“I valued the service, including the installation and after the fact service, the scheduling, and Rob, Legacy’s Designer is easy going.”

Todd M, SW Calgary, Mar/16

“Everything that I needed in my kitchen was understood and followed through on. I’m short and no one tried to convince me to have tall cabinets. The kitchen was personalized for me by Legacy Kitchens.”

Elizabeth G, Calgary, Mar/16

“I’d recommend Legacy for the quality. The kitchen looks really good. They gave us a schedule and they kept to it. The people who did the installation were all good at what they do and they took the time to make adjustments, as though they were doing their own kitchen.”

Curt S, Cochrane, AB Mar/16

“Legacy Kitchens was very flexible in working with my wife’s design. They also built the schedule around our needs and made it work.”

Len D, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“It was the respect and how Legacy Kitchens treated me that I valued. Legacy listened and they were professional. When customer services is good, I value that so much.”

Kathy W, NE Calgary, Feb/16

“I valued that Legacy knew what they were doing. It was easy to let them do the project. Legacy had their calendar and did the project on time. It was nice that I didn’t have to worry about it.”

Karen L, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“I thought everyone I dealt with at Legacy was great. They were very attentive and informative. I valued the product quality and expertise.”

Andrea B, NW Calgary, Jan/16

“They are professional from start to finish, they take pride in their work, they are respectful of the house and they clean well and are properly prepared for the work. Legacy staff were genuinely concerned that we were satisfied and they would take follow-up measures to ensure our satisfaction.”

Mike & Sue C, SW Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy takes so much of the burden off of me because a lot of the decisions are easier and we had better options. The scheduling and ensuring that things stay on track is almost priceless. I don’t have to make sure everyone shows up on time. Any revisions were dealt with by their Project Manager or Coordinator.“”

Darrell L, SW Calgary, Jan/16

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“We really appreciated working with the Designer at Legacy. Her design was impressive and something we never would have thought about on our own. The professionalism of the Installers was very good and the quality of the cabinets exceeded our expectations especially at that price point. It was very economical in the end.”

Kim H, SW Calgary, Dec/15

“The cabinets are lovely. I absolutely love my kitchen and and the work that everybody did. The overall results are mind boggling – the results are absolutely stunning. Legacy provides a really good product.”

Linda W, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“We valued that we were so well taken care of considering that it wasn’t a big kitchen project.”

Ester Z, SE Calgary, Dec/15

“Legacy was organized – they kept to the schedule and they had good communication.”

Ryan, SW Calgary, Nov/15

“We valued the professionalism and the meticulousness of Legacy Kitchens. Their Installer did an incredible job. The measurements were exactly bang on and absolutely error free.”

Norm L, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“The whole experience was positive. You’d normally expect some negatives, issues, or problems, and we had none. Everything was done on time, advice was given, our questions answered, and tiny things were looked after. The price was reasonable too. It was good value. “

Ruta, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“We enjoyed Legacy Kitchens’ Designer and his personality and rapport with us. We valued the quality of the workmanship. Legacy’s Installer went over and above.”

Pat B, Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy gives you a product the way they said it would be. There are no surprises.”

Bob, Shelby Homes, Calgary, Nov/15

“I’d recommend Legacy because of the smooth process from dealing with the Designer with Legacy Kitchens, to the installation and everything else. It was all smooth and there was no grief.”

Pete S, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“I valued the quality of the workmanship. There is nowhere that I can see that could be improved on. My kitchen flows and looks bigger and brighter. It’s beautiful now. There is not one thing that I would change in this kitchen. It’s all due to Legacy’s Designer.”

Carole S, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“We really enjoyed working the with Legacy’s people. They are really conscientious, thoughtful individuals who made sure we had a kitchen that was thoughtfully designed with features that worked for us. I liked how everything was properly scheduled. We knew what to expect, we knew total costs and there were no extras after the fact.”

Belinda W, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“I value the warranty and that I can call on Legacy if there are any problems.”

Susan S, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“If I could give Legacy a 110%, I would do that. It was the exceptional quality of the work they did for us. The project and the result were beyond what I thought it would be. We had a discussion with the Designer and she came up with a great design for us. We put our trust totally in Legacy’s staff, who picked out the colours and the hardware and all the pieces.”

Zoe B, Cochrane, AB Oct/15 , Oct/15

“Legacy is very professional: it’s the way the job was started and completed, with any concerns being looked after. There is no waiting for phone calls to be returned or prodding to get the project done. There were no pitfalls. There was nothing to be redone. I can’t think of anything to be improved.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“I think Legacy is very nice for customers. Legacy made sure I was satisfied. They explained every detail and fixed everything. I appreciated that.”

Suzi T, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens did a great job. They were professional and on time. Legacy did what they said they would. The Installer, Plumber and Electrician worked like a team.”

Korina J, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“Based on our previously experience with Legacy, they were on time, helpful with the design and their products are good. When snags happened, Legacy fixed them right away. Legacy worked out solutions ahead of time and were ready to solve any issues.”

Mabel L, NW Calgary, AB Oct/15

“The Legacy people take great pride in what they do. The people seem happy. The Installer, in particular, took a lot of pride in his work. This shows they are coming from a good company.”

Cory P, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“I valued dealing with the people at Legacy Kitchens.”

Lacey W, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“It was the people at Legacy that we were dealing with that made the experience a good one. I can’t pick one person; I’d include them all.”

Terry D, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The product and quality of Legacy Kitchens are good.”

Stacy Y, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“I valued being able to converse back and forth with the Designer. It made it easy to get it done. She had really good advice as to what to do and how to do it. I trusted her because she was good at her job.”

Jessica S. Sep/15

“There were a few small things that we changed after the fact. The guys made it easy to make the changes. Legacy did an exceptional job, I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job.”’

Leslie P, Okotoks AB, Sep/15

“It’s really nice to have the cabinets come exactly when you want them and not to have to take them in the middle of the drywall stage. You get them when you need them. You can schedule their arrival.”

Dale, Dale Erikson Carpentry, AB

“The installation went very smoothly. The time frame we were provided was 6 to 8 weeks and that was bang on, other than small things that needed to be fixed. We could use the kitchen at the end of the scheduled time.”

Heather C, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ attention to detail is marvelous. Whether a person’s project is small or big, you will be pleased with the service. Legacy will make sure it turns out alright.”

Terry O, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens offers a good quality product and they keep to the schedule.”

Susanna & Brian, Westrock Custom Homes Inc, Calgary, Aug/15

“I really valued Legacy Kitchen’s honesty and accuracy about the scheduling and completing in a timely manner. Legacy was honest and tried to complete the project in the shortest time possible.”

Bernadita O, NW Calgary, Aug/15

“We walked into the showroom at Legacy Kitchens and their Designer came up to us. That was it. We didn’t try any other cabinet supplier after that. Legacy provided total quality.”

Ulrich M, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens handled everything. I have had many compliments on the kitchen. People who have seen it say that Legacy did a very good job.”

A Moore, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“I appreciated the timeliness. We have 4 kids and we lived in the basement for 3 months so I really appreciated that it was done on time. I didn’t want to wait another day, living in the basement.”

Jennifer M, SE Calgary, Jul/15

“We liked how it all turned out! It looks exactly how it was presented on paper. It was all a good experience. It went so smoothly.”

Cindy J, Calgary, Jul/15

“When we went to Legacy Kitchens’ showroom and were talking to their Designer, he came up with a quick design, and gave us a CAD print out that was really good. We could tell he knew what he was doing. It’s a really functional kitchen.”

Barry & Cheryl F, SW Calgary, Jul/15

“Legacy Kitchens is a one stop shop. All the trades were managed and scheduled. Legacy’s advantage was that meetings were scheduled and they were making sure everything was on track.”

C Nernberg, Balzac, AB, Jun/15

“I saw the care that Legacy Kitchens’ Installer and Service Technician took and how they treated our project as if it were their own home. They wanted to make sure that we understood our options with every detail, such as how the trim looked.”

S Jones, Calgary, Jun/15

“We value the quality of the final job done by Legacy Kitchens and the relationships with the people who did the job. We felt that if there was a concern, Legacy would listen and take care of it.”

G Chappelle, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens has very caring people. If we were going down the wrong path, the Designer at Legacy would direct us.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installer and Service Technician was the best. He was polite, clean, respectful and communicative.”

C Tremblay, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“The professionalism of Legacy Kitchens’ staff is what I valued most.”

M Whitmarsh, Rocky View County, AB, Jun/15

“A day doesn’t go by that we don’t comment on how happy we are with our kitchen. It’s really changed our whole main floor and family room. Our family now hangs out in the kitchen and family room, instead of going back to their rooms.”

S & T Smith, NW Calgary, May/15

“I value getting what I wanted out of my kitchen. I pictured what I wanted, and making it happen is the thing I value the most.”

M Osman, NE Calgary, May/15

“When we met with the Designer at Legacy Kitchens, we thought we might be taking too long but he never made us feel rushed. We were spending a lot of money and we appreciated that we could take the time we needed.”

C Williamson, Southern, AB, May/15

“We value Legacy Kitchens’ quality and the way the cabinets turned out.”

S Jamieson, NW Calgary, May/15

“I value the beautiful kitchen I have from Legacy Kitchens.”

S Fernandez, NW Calgary, May/15

“We liked the quality of the cabinets and that is what we valued most.”

E Taylor, Southern AB, May/15

“Legacy is very well organized, on time, they do what they say they will, and they are easy to deal with on adjustments. Legacy breezed through any trouble and found solutions. Legacy Kitchens is a ‘doer’.”

P Gagnon, SW Calgary, Apr/15

“The cabinets fit perfectly. There are no imperfections, they are well built and well put together.”

B Freer, SW Calgary, Apr/15

“I valued the fact that Legacy Kitchens’ Designer took the time to listen to our needs. The financial aspect was also a part of this.  If something had gone wrong, I know Legacy would have been there to fix it in a heartbeat. Legacy deserves the extra praise for the work that they did.”

R Thomas, SE Calgary, Apr/15

“Legacy Kitchens met the timelines and provided good quality. This was important for us because we have children and not having our kitchen during the renovation was difficult. I would highly recommend Legacy Kitchens, it was painless.”

J Batycky, SW Calgary, Mar/15

“Legacy Kitchens provided a good quality product, a great design with good functionality, and good service. Legacy stuck to the timelines and that was important to us because we have 3 children and renovations can be very stressful on families.”

K Roth, SE Calgary, Mar/15


“This is the fourth home we’ve done through Legacy Kitchens. We used Legacy because of their service, their attention to detail, good scheduling and the quality of the product.”

A Martin, NE Calgary, AB Mar/15

“I had a level of comfort with the people I was talking with at Legacy Kitchens. The project was done perfectly, I couldn’t have been happier.”

R Nielsen, NE Calgary, Mar/15

“I liked the personalities of the Legacy Kitchens’ people. They were easy to work with. The actual cabinetry was excellent as well. I liked that there was no pressure to do things a certain way.”

S Rockley, SE Calgary, Mar/15

“What I valued about my experience with Legacy Kitchens is that I got a really nice kitchen, at a good price and it was done on time.”

R Nodder, NW Calgary, AB Feb/15

“Our typical experience with Contractors is that the jobs are over budget, behind schedule and the quality is poor. But with Legacy Kitchen it was the opposite. Our kitchen renovation was on budget, on schedule and the quality was great.”

J O’Donnell, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Overall Legacy Kitchens is a very good company. From design to trades, getting work done, respecting our home and treating us with respect, it was all good.”

C Malek, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“The built-in storage from Legacy Kitchens gives an extra touch of elegance to my home. I got what I wanted.”

S Rajan, SE Calgary, Feb/15

“I knew what to expect from Legacy KItchens and they delivered accordingly. I can’t say that about the rest of our renovation.”

J Wilkinson, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“What I valued the most was Legacy Kitchen’s service, their installation and their follow-up service was great.”

A Walton, SE Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchens was the smoothest Contractor we had in our house building experience. There was no drama.”

A Shafer, NW Calgary, Jan/15

“Legacy Kitchens listened and I was treated with respect. The excellent product quality is a given and it’s nice to deal with people who are professionals.”

A Hunter, Canmore, AB Jan/15

“It was important for us to deal with Legacy Kitchens because they are big enough to resolve service issues and they can ‘make it right’ if there is a problem.”

W King, Canmore, AB Jan/15

“We looked around at a few places. We wanted someone else to take on the project management. Legacy’s offering to do the project management and their attention to our needs sold us on Legacy Kitchens.”

C Kost, SE Calgary, Jan/15

“I like the all-inclusive package. Legacy Kitchens installs and handles the project from start to finish.”

D Frid, SE Calgary, Jan/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s people are all personable and approachable. That’s what sets the Legacy people apart.”

C Flanagan, NW Calgary, Jan/15

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“I valued the fact that I was able to completely trust the relationship and the people I was working with at Legacy Kitchens.”

A Gough, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I liked that Legacy was able to connect me to other professionals. I got my Contractor and granite supplier through them. Legacy made me feel that the renovation would not end with cabinets and that they would help with the complete renovation, including communication with other professionals.”

I Grisaru, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I valued the attention to detail and the listening. Those are very important to me. Also, I didn’t have to oversee their work. I could trust that it would be done right.”

L Eagleson, rural Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I value their warranty and the fact that they stand behind their product. Legacy Kitchens is a company that has been around for a long time and there is something to be said about that.”

T. Smith, NW Calgary, AB Nov/14

“I had a level of comfort with the people I was talking with at Legacy Kitchens. The project was done perfectly, I couldn’t have been happier.”

R Nielsen, NE Calgary, Mar/15

“I liked the personalities of the Legacy Kitchens’ people. They were easy to work with. The actual cabinetry was excellent as well. I liked that there was no pressure to do things a certain way.”

S Rockley, SE Calgary, Mar/15

“Their professionalism and by that I mean, their staff were courteous and they followed-up. They provided service without question. It is clear that the customer is Number 1 with Legacy Kitchens.”

J Mabey, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“I value that we got the product that we wanted from Legacy Kitchens. We are really satisfied with the end result.”

P Condic, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“The customer service we experienced and their Designer’s expertise. Legacy Kitchens didn’t make any mistakes but if they had, I know they would have rectified them immediately.”

S Marshall, W Calgary, AB Oct/14

“You hear so many horror stories. We didn’t have any worries with Legacy Kitchens because we had faith that they would come through and resolve the issues. They did, they really listened and they worked with us to make it work. We felt confident and for us, that was a big thing.”

Mt Pleasant, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“I value that my kitchen is perfect. Both my husband and I cook a lot, so it is important to us. I have been making apple pastry all afternoon and I have stuff everywhere. While I have been doing it today, I am thankful my kitchen is this size. Who would have known it? Legacy’s Designer did! It works and I am enjoying it.”

H Crombie, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Their knowledge, Legacy knows their stuff, what works and what looks good. Their knowledge base was super important. It seemed that their Designer really knew his stuff as well. He was engaged and ready to make our kitchen work for us.”

M Condic, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy Kitchens did everything we asked them to for on our kitchen renovation, for a reasonable price.”

M Lofgren, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Legacy Kitchen’s Installer and Service Tech were both so awesome. I liked working with them and Legacy has amazing staff.”

B Costley, Canmore, AB Sep/14

“We valued the quality of product and the ‘fit and finish’. I had a vision of what I wanted and Legacy Kitchens achieved my vision.”

M Wood, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“I value Legacy Kitchen’s honesty and consistency. They have great product and we are really happy with end result.”

R Draper, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“I value the quality of my new kitchen and the craftsmanship, it will last for years. When we want to sell our house, the kitchen will add value to it. Having someone you trust in your house is very important. Legacy was trustworthy.”

S Lake, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“It was Legacy Kitchen’s customer service that really blew me away. I love my kitchen but their customer service was the biggest thing for me.”

S Clark, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Legacy’s customer service exceeds any other company that my husband or I have ever dealt with. Legacy should be training other companies in customer service. They could write the book on it. They know how to pick their people and develop the skills of their staff. Legacy Kitchens is mature, professional and skilled. I don’t own any Legacy shares so this is coming straight from the heart, not the wallet.”

M Seward, SW Calgary, Jul/14

“I valued Legacy’s attitude as it is very customer friendly. They want to do a good job and they want you to be happy with the end result. The quality of their product and workmanship is also great.”

S Traynor, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“I valued Legacy’s honesty and integrity, it goes a long way with me. They provided open and honest communication and their Designer had a lot of product knowledge which was helpful.”

D Afseth, NW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“There are three things that I value about Legacy Kitchens: the accuracy of their schedule; there were no hidden costs and the quality of the cabinet installation.”

J Kunz, SW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“What I value is the lack of stress in working with Legacy Kitchens. I knew the kitchen would be done properly, I trusted them and was confident they would do a good job. No baby sitting was required for this kitchen renovation.”

T Van Norman, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“During the whole process, Legacy’s service was excellent. Their honesty and openness to resolve issues was great. They were always willing to answer my questions and I always got an honest answer.”

M Babineau, NE Calgary, AB Jun/14

“I value my very functional, beautiful and stylish kitchen.”

South Calgary, SW Calgary, AB May/14

“Legacy really seems to care. All the staff are willing to help and make it right.”

C Beattie, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“The people at Legacy are all trustworthy and good to work with.”

B Redmond, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“It is the reliability of their product and the association/relationship I have with Legacy through work. I understand their tendency to respond, their attention to detail and the familiarity/confidence I have in their work.”

B White, Canmore, AB Apr/14

“The overall project went really really well and I am really pleased with the end result. We had no real hiccups other than what you might expect to come across. It was all handled really well.”

T Montford, Airdrie, AB Apr/14

“Everything was done in a timely fashion and all the plans were well laid out. If anything had to change, it was done immediately and done to my satisfaction, that is why I would recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

D Whitney, Banff, AB Apr/14

“I value Legacy’s professionalism. They made me feel good. They are friendly and never made me feel like I didn’t know what I was talking about.”

K Harcsa SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“I felt comfortable working with Legacy. Initially I was terrified by the project as I had never done a kitchen reno before. Once I got used to the idea it became easier. The end result is great and I am very happy with it.”

L McQuaid SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“That I have a really beautiful functional kitchen. We were trying some new ideas and I was thinking/hoping it would work and it really has. It is a pleasure to be in and has all the bells and whistles we hoped it would.”

J Heynen SE, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“What I value is the trust I had in Legacy’s Designer. I had complete confidence in her and in the installation and service staff. It was great.”

S Karkut, SW Calgary, Feb/14

“The friendship we gained with Legacy’s staff. They are human, they talked with us and were friendly. They worked with us and make good suggestions. There was a real personal attachment by the end.”

K Grant, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“I value the Legacy atmosphere, their service and their people. Legacy’s staff are friendly and they are all really nice people. There was no pressure in the showroom.”

G McQueen, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“That everyone did what they said they would do. The job was completed on schedule. We found out that not everyone tells you the truth, some people tell you what you want to hear. That was not our experience with Legacy Kitchens, everyone from their organization came through for us.”

J Day, SW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“I had a large project that extended over a few years. Legacy Kitchens never became impatient with me or the process. They were always willing to work with me. From the initial Design visit through to installation and service they were willing to customize what I wanted. Field Tech really customized a lot things for me. He had things built in their shop and made things happen. Legacy was never rigid in their approach.”

M Kalny, SW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“I value Legacy’s commitment to the product and their service, it shone through. I never felt that I wasn’t being taken care of. It felt like Legacy was always one step ahead the game.”

T Neitsch, NE Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“Legacy’s attention to detail was great. Cabinets are not cheap, so you don’t want to mess up the design. It just felt that Legacy’s Designer was there, by our side. He came to see our house after, it showed that he really cared.”

Bearspaw, AB Dec/13

“The professionalism that Legacy demonstrated, nothing was perfect but for the most part everyone was very courteous, professional and were out to do their best. Because I work out of town, I was home while some of the work was done. I observed the level of detail that Legacy’s Designer would go to. They were just excellent, everyone tried to do their best.”

Inglewood SE Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy expertise and knowledge. They have a great team.”

L Harris NW Calgary, AB Dec/13

“Legacy Kitchens was easy to do business with and they were also very cost effective.”

D Sieckman, San Diego, CA Nov/13

“The time they put into it. I never felt like a number to Legacy Kitchens. I felt important, everyone knew my name and they had time for me.”

M Vermaat, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“I felt that they were being honest with me at every stage. No one at Legacy was trying to push anything on me or pass anything by me. Their integrity was obvious. I completely trust Legacy and I would work with them again.”

D MacDougall SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Their people and their good product. There are many suppliers that have good product but it was Legacy’s staff that was the differentiator.”

Shelley Z, Canmore, AB Oct/13

“I wanted Legacy’s Design expertise. I could have hired a Designer to make a kitchen that looked good, that would be easy enough. But what I really wanted was a functional kitchen, a kitchen that would be efficient and good to work in. Legacy has the design expertise and I knew that I could trust the process.”

Kara J, Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“Legacy is not a cowboy company – I could trust them throughout the project. From the early experience with their Designer and later with their cabinet Installer. I knew we could trust them – it was all very professional. I never worried about my kitchen. You hear some horrible things on TV but I never once had that feeling.”

Caroline H, Silver Springs NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“They understood our budget and tried to keep within it. Legacy’s Designer didn’t try to upsell us or suggest that we do a project that would put our house above the market.”

Northhaven NW, Calgary AB. Sep/13

“On this project it was the service that Legacy provided that made the difference. They showed up when they said they would and for me that is huge.”

Lori S, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“Legacy was our partner throughout the whole project. I felt they were there to make sure we were happy in the end.”

Lakeview SW, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“My wife was running the project and she was really happy with the result the quality of workmanship, the follow through of Legacy’s staff and their commitment.”

Acadia SE, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“I valued Legacy’s workmanship, the product and the knowledge that their Designer had. He informed me so I could make good decisions.”

Patterson SW, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“At the end of the day, the kitchen is so much more functional than it was before. I enjoy meal preparation so much more. We put in an addition and it is now significantly bigger – it is the heart of our home is the kitchen – where we do all our entertaining.”

Sundance SE, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“I think it was the quality of installation and follow-up that I value the most. I was nervous about spending this much on one thing, but the quality is good, it was everything I could have hoped for.”

Resident in Canmore, AB Jul/13

“I think what I valued the most was the creativity and professionalism that Legacy’s Designer brought to the table. That was the most rewarding.”

Westmount NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“The professionalism of staff of Legacy Kitchens, how easy going the people were, it was really nice to come home. Legacy Kitchens were very accommodating, polite and friendly. I felt really comfortable.”

Kingsland SW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“I valued Legacy’s selection of product and their Designer who helped put it all together and the helped with the options. Legacy’s staff listen to what you want and design around how you work in your kitchen to make it functional.”

Wildwood SW, Calgary, AB May/13

“First off, I have a fabulous kitchen, the cabinets, the design, the look, the feel and the function are all great. I feel that Legacy Kitchens gave me extraordinary service.”

Mount Pleasant NW, Calgary, AB May/13

“I value Legacy’s design and service. Service is really important and they are on time. I am happy with them.”

Scenic Acres NW, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“I value the quality of Legacy’s product. Legacy’s staff represent the company very well. After seeing the showroom I had a good idea what I was dealing with.”

Homeowner in Drumheller, AB Apr/13

“The kitchen (cabinets, lighting & granite) are outstanding.”

Glen Eagles, Cochrane, AB Mar/13

“The education I got on the process of renovations. Working with Legacy taught me a lot about how companies like theirs work. It helped me understand how my home could be more functional.”

Pineridge NE, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“The end result is beautiful.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Jan/13

“The craftsmanship and quality of our cabinets. The Legacy Installer was very thorough and was a pleasure to work with.”

West Springs SW, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“The whole package. It was pretty seamless and they did the follow-up without us having to ask. They called and made sure I was happy and that things got finished. This was a big thing for us and if we hadn’t had such good service throughout, we wouldn’t have been happy at all. Legacy Kitchens lived up to our expectations.”

Hounsfield Heights NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“I think the end result. The cabinets look beautiful and are functional. It’s also peace of mind. Legacy’s Designer said if I have problems in the future, they will be there. I would say that they’ve lived up to my expectations. Legacy has a great warranty, they back you and that was probably the biggest selling feature of all”.

Renfrew NE, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“Their level of communication starting from Legacy’s Designer with through to the trades was all good. The fact that we could talk to them and they would listen and were not disrespectful was great. The Project Manager did a great job keeping us in the loop.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“The follow up was very good. You were definitely not on your own after.”

Strathcona SW, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“I value my beautiful kitchen. Legacy Kitchens stuck to the timeline and I appreciated that.”

Douglasdale SE, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“That Legacy Kitchen’s staff are reliable, that their prices were reasonable and that they had excellent service.”

Harvest Hills, Calgary, AB Oct/12

“The time and patience that Legacy’s Designer took and had to understand our vision of what we wanted to build. It was a very creative and collaborative process and I think he (the Designer) had fun. We are very happy with our new kitchen and how it turned out.”

Lakeview SW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“I would have to say Legacy’s staff – I can’t believe how supportive and how genuine they are. They took time for us and were very friendly and accommodating. Our Designer in particular was supportive, she accommodated our schedule by coming into our home when it worked for us. By going over the plans in our actual home, it gave us a different perspective and that was so valuable.”

MacEwan NW, Calgary, AB Sep/12

“Teamwork would be the word. Legacy’s staff come together as a team. The whole project flowed amazingly well. I knew the schedule and if I needed to get a hold of someone, I could. Considering it was a kitchen renovation, they were very clean and it was very stress free.”

Tuscany NW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“How easy it was to talk with Legacy’s Kitchen Designer and make changes. She was very good about solving our problems without making more problems, I really appreciated that.”

Kelvin Grove SW, Calgary, AB Aug/12

“When I came to Legacy, I was greeted immediately upon walking in the door. I went to one of the other kitchen places, walked around the showroom for 40 minutes and no one approached me to ask if I needed help. At Legacy, one of their Designers started to show me stuff right away and was very friendly. She didn’t judge me by what I was wearing and that was very good.”

Glen Eagles, Cochrane, AB Jul/12

“We are so impressed and happy with Legacy. The whole thing was a very positive experience. You hear horror stories and we didn’t experience any of that. We did an add-on renovation a few years ago and it didn’t come close to our good experience with Legacy.”

Wildwood SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“Legacy Kitchens delivered, as per promise. They managed our expectations and came through on time. I would say they lived up to their good reputation.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“I had a good feel for what I wanted and Legacy’s Designer acknowledged my ideas, worked with them and made some brilliant suggestions as well. We got better quality cabinets than what I thought we could afford and at a decent price. That is very nice.”

Parkdale SE, Calgary, AB Jun/12

“We value the overall experience. It was effortless on our part – everything was taken care of by Legacy.”

Oakridge SW, Calgary, AB May/12

“I appreciated the service that they gave in fixing things to give me better storage solutions. I also really appreciate the quality of the cabinets. They are gorgeous.”

Rosemont NW, Calgary, AB May/12

“We valued Legacy’s professionalism; we went into Legacy Kitchen’s Showroom and were impressed with what we saw … it was a good decision.”

Acreage Owner, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“The design ideas – Legacy’s Designer really helped us with some good ideas.”

Glendale SW, Calgary, AB Apr/12

“It was overall a very good experience. We had good guidance and they stayed on their timeline.”

Dalhousie NW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“The end product – we love our kitchen.”

Shawnessy SW, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“I love my kitchen.”

Eau Claire SW, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“The thing that’s so big to me is that it was painless and so easy. We had come through a painful design experience with another supplier in town and I had given up doing a kitchen renovation, then I met Legacy’s Designer she came up with a great design and it went so smoothly. The design was great in terms of functionality and it looks good too. Legacy knew what they were doing and that was evident from the designing, right through to the final service.”

Highwood Park NW, Calgary, AB. Feb/12

“We valued the professionalism of Legacy Kitchens … everyone I dealt with was very professional.”

Kilarney SW, Calgary, AB Jan/12

“It was the fact that they will schedule the whole project … Legacy’s Coordinator did a fantastic job.”

Sundance SE, Calgary, AB Jan/12

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“Our Cabinet Designer at Legacy Kitchens listened to us … she heard exactly what we were looking for … we now have the customized kitchen we needed.”

Springbank, Calgary, AB Dec/11

“Our friends referred us to Legacy Kitchens … we saw their kitchen, we changed suppliers and we went to Legacy … now, we have a nice kitchen, it’s perfect.”

Lake Bonavista SE, Calgary, AB Dec/11

“The kitchen is the hardest area to renovate but Legacy made it easy … Legacy Kitchens took care of the scheduling and made it happen, that was very nice.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB. Dec/11

“The end product – it is exactly what we wanted. We have talked to a lot of people and one huge value is Legacy’s management and scheduling of the project. Everyone was on site when they were supposed to be and there was minimal interruption to our lives during our kitchen renovation project.”

Hamptons NW, Calgary, AB Nov/11

“We have a great kitchen that works for us functionally and looks great. Legacy Kitchens is brilliant”

Glendale SW, Calgary, AB Nov/11

“I really like the end product. Legacy Kitchen’s communication was great. The kitchen renovation project was on schedule.”

Signal Ridge SW, Calgary, AB. Nov/11

“The cabinet design direction and guidance. Legacy Kitchens has an easy process.”

Cranston SE, Calgary, AB Oct/11

“We value the ‘end result’. We built a high end home and the high quality of Legacy’s cabinets match. I had a very good experience with Legacy Kitchens, you get what you pay for.”

Stanley Park SW, Calgary, AB. Oct/11

“That they treated me like I wasn’t just a customer number. It was personal service and Legacy was there to help if needed.”

Lake McKenzie SE, Calgary, AB Oct/11

“The focus on quality. I really appreciated how quality was job #1 in Legacy Kitchen’s books.”

Silver Springs NW, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“I love my kitchen. Working with the whole group at Legacy Kitchens was a very positive experience and I can’t say enough about them all.”

Huntington Hills NW, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“I love my kitchen and I get a ton of compliments on it.”

Coventry Hills NE, Calgary, AB Sep/11

“Legacy’s Kitchen’s process is efficient. You hear stories about projects dragging on forever and Legacy’s timing was spot on. We really liked that.”

McKenzie Lake SE, Calgary, AB Aug/11

“The fact that we didn’t have to organize it, Legacy took care of the complete kitchen renovation.”

Homeowner in Cochrane, AB Aug/11

“Legacy has a good process with quality control checkpoints that keep them on track. They have a wide variety of high quality product.”

Resident in Airdrie, AB Jul/11

“I love it, love it, love it. I tell everyone about my kitchen and I am so impressed with it’s functional design.”

Hillhurst NW, Calgary, AB Jul/11

“How professional the staff were. Legacy Kitchens stood behind their product and we were very impressed with them on that. It made us feel confident in the company.”

Resident in Priddis, AB Jun /11

“Legacy Kitchens is a ‘one stop shop’. All their staff were professional, we were confident they would do a good job and we would not have to micro manage anything.”

Point McKay NW, Calgary, AB Jun /11