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Why Recommend Legacy

Here are Reviews of Legacy Kitchens’ Clients:

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“The customer service was the biggest and best part of the experience. I was WOWed. Yes, my cabinets are lovely, but it was the customer service that made such a difference.”

Lorraine B, Cochrane, AB Dec/18

“When we were looking for people to help us with the redesign of the space, I was very comfortable with Bellasera and their Designer, Jennifer. I liked Jennifer’s ability to work with us and understand what we were trying to accomplish.”

Rick C, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“This is my 3rd renovation and my first with Legacy. Legacy is very approachable, very accountable, the work they did was very good, and the work of the Contractors they brought in was very good.”

Jennifer M, NW Calgary, AB Dec/18

“I recommend Legacy because they are reliable to deal with. Legacy is on time, Susan, the Designer, is lovely to work with and my Coordinator, Talisa, is excellent.”

Susanna P, Westrock Custom Homes, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“Legacy had the product we were looking for at a reasonable price. We are very happy with our kitchen. I already have recommended Jane, the Designer.”

Oksana N, NW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“I’d recommend Legacy because of the personal communication. I was able to communicate with Steve and any of my questions were answered. Overall it was a good experience. I was very happy with doing business with Legacy.”

Marilyn W, SW Calgary, AB Nov/18

“We’ve heard lots of horror stories about remodeling and the problems with scheduling and quality. Legacy’s performance was outstanding and we’d recommend them to everyone.”

Don J, SW Calgary, AB Oct/18

“Legacy had good quality control and they respected what they were doing and the people they worked for. I can’t say enough good things about them. I would recommend them.”

Teresa M, Bragg Creek, AB,  Oct/18

“I’d recommend Legacy because of the quality of the product and the friendliness of the staff. With the quality of Legacy’s cabinets, you can’t go wrong.”

Lacey B, SE Calgary, AB Oct/18

“Legacy is much better than average because of their professionalism, friendliness, and the quality of work. I use them for new builds. With some trades, I wouldn’t want them to interact with customers, but with Legacy, I’m happy if they speak directly with the customers.”

Glenn W, Calgary Builder, SW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“I’d recommend Legacy because they did such a great job. If people ask us, we would definitely tell them to use Legacy, due to the timely fashion, pleasant and informative people and for all of those reasons that I gave Legacy a 5.”

Pamela D, NW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“I have already recommended Legacy. I think it’s because Legacy can contact the majority of the trades and Contractors to do the project. I appreciated Legacy’s recommendations to go to specific stores. It feels genuine and helpful rather than referrals to business associates.”

Martha G, SW Calgary, AB Sep/18

“Because I live just outside of Sundre, I find it difficult to find good trades people in this small town rural environment. That was one of my first questions to Noel at Legacy Kitchens. The fact that they would come to this location was really important for me and influenced my decision to use Legacy Kitchens. I place value in people. I valued their Designer, Rob, who was excellent. I would highly recommend him.”

Kerry S, Sundre, AB Aug/18

“I value the cabinet quality of Legacy Kitchens, the product and the price. Our cabinets from Legacy were more cost effective than if we had gotten them at their competition. It was seamless. We got what we asked for in a uneventful, smooth process. We are very pleased.”

Dave P, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“I value the quality of the Legacy Kitchens product and that they have a warranty. Legacy won’t disappear. They have been around for a long time. Legacy Kitchens is doing an awesome job!”

Tyler A, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ quality and professionalism is above and beyond everyone else. They are friendly, welcoming and they listened. Everyone else had similar product but they tried to say why they were better which sounded almost snobby. Legacy was open and listened. With Legacy it was more about them getting to know us, rather than selling themselves to us.”

Tyler A, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“Legacy Kitchens is professional and you get what you ask for. You don’t end up with something less than what you want. There are lots of stories out there where customers ended up with less than what they hoped for. I would recommend Legacy and their Designer.”

Judy O, NW Calgary, Aug/18

“We have already recommended Legacy Kitchens. When people walk into our house they are impressed with our kitchen cabinets. They are put together well.”

Dave P, SW Calgary, Aug/18

“The is the first time we’ve done a renovation. We liked everything about Legacy Kitchens. It was perfect for us and I would happily recommend Legacy. Anybody who comes into our kitchen and admires and asks about our cabinets hears about Legacy Kitchens. They did a wonderful job.”

Mary P, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the overall experience, the price and the quality of product. Legacy’s great. They did my home about 15 years ago. Some cabinet suppliers do more custom and high end product, but you pay more. Legacy is the best quality for the price.”

Danny S, Hayati Homes, NW Calgary, Jul/18

“A lot of friends have asked us who did our kitchen and we have told them all that it was Legacy Kitchens. We have already recommended Legacy, several times. We liked the service we got, the product was great, they worked well with the other Contractors and it was an overall good experience.”

John M, SW Calgary, Jul/18

“I have already referred Legacy Kitchens. Legacy Kitchens is on time, on budget and they design a great kitchen. Their staff are excellent, they are service and client oriented. Legacy’s staff are very engaged and respond quickly. Everything that they do is timely and professional. Legacy’s staff are all awesome.”

Terry W, SW Calgary, Jun/18

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because I really like the cabinets. I really appreciate the service that Legacy offers. They are prompt, on time, they are willing to talk and explain things. I have no complaints at all.”

Marilyn S, Olds, AB Jun/18

“Because Legacy Kitchens cares, I would recommend them. You feel like you are the only customer they have and that they want to do their best for you. Legacy staff have a passion for what they are doing. They care from the start of the project right to the finish.”

Jeannette W, Southern AB, Jun/18

“I’ve recommended Legacy Kitchens to our neighbours and Legacy has already completed our neighbour’s Kitchen. I’d recommend Legacy because of the professionalism and scheduling. In our experience, they finished on schedule and when they came back after it was all done, all the issues were resolved quickly. We weren’t left waiting. We were really happy with all of the people involved. They were very professional and the quality of the work was really good.”

Karen W, SW Calgary, May/18

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality and workmanship and the all around general production. What I experienced, is what I expect other people are looking for.”

Kathy B, SE Calgary, May/18

“I’m a Realtor and I’ve already recommended Legacy Kitchens. Legacy is reasonably priced, they are not the most expensive or cheapest. The cabinets are good quality and Canadian made. Legacy services everything really well. They are willing to admit when they’re not right and they will fix and repair any issues. Legacy is very accommodating and provides lots of choice.”

Shirley E, SW Calgary, May/18

“Things went really smoothly with Legacy Kitchens. We are happy with the results and would recommend Legacy to anyone. We were completely satisfied that things were as expected. We did small modifications after the fact. I have nothing to say that was a problem.”

Lyle S, Canmore, AB Apr/18

“I have shown pictures of my kitchen and everyone asks where we got it done. I’ve told everybody about Legacy Kitchens. We’ve used Legacy before and we know what they are all about. They are well priced and faster than other options in Olds. We like what they have to offer. It’s easy to go into the showroom and to pick things. Legacy has everything all laid out and we know what we can choose from.”

April F, Olds, AB Apr/18

“I’d have no trouble recommending Legacy Kitchens to neighbours and friends. They have a good product. We hear horror stories from people who have used other companies. Legacy has a timeline and they follow it. The job that Legacy did was on budget and very good. You can’t ask for more.”

Garry S, NW Calgary, Apr/18

“I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens. We have a lot of cabinets in our home. We were quite involved in the build and when you are, you see stuff. Legacy’s response time was great. Jennean did some great design work. The cabinets are also built in Canada and that is important to me. We are planning another project, a guest house beside our present house, so we will definitely be going to Legacy for that. Legacy provided a great value for the money and they look beautiful.”

Sonja L, Chestermere, AB Mar/18

“Because Legacy Kitchens provided good quality work, we would recommend them. The staff were responsive, professional and Legacy managed the whole project for us. We didn’t want to manage the smaller details, so this was a good fit.”

Duane J, Cochrane, AB Mar/18

“We have already recommended Legacy Kitchens because it was a good experience. We didn’t have any problems and any issues have been resolved. The result is great and we are happy with our kitchen.”

John & Stacey M, SE Calgary, AB Mar/18

“Legacy Kitchens’ people know what they are doing. They didn’t discourage us from anything, but they would point to something and say, ‘You might like this better’. They took a difficult space situation and made the recommendation to move the toilet. We now have a bigger space and what a difference it makes! There are only so many things you can do in a small bathroom and they did a wonderful job.”

Jill O, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Legacy Kitchens is very professional. They have the experience; they do this all the time. It’s the way they came to the house, did all the measuring, took a look at the space and the issues and they gave personal service. I’m very happy with them and would recommend Legacy Kitchens highly to others.”

Guido B, NE Calgary, AB Feb/18

“We were really pleased with the quality of product, which was outstanding. The service and all staff were excellent. Any issues were very minor. We’ve wholeheartedly recommended Legacy Kitchens to people we speak with.”

Bill W, NW Calgary, AB Feb/18

“Without hesitation, we would recommend Legacy Kitchens to anyone interested in a renovation with this quality in mind. We went with a high end selection of pretty much everything they offered. Most of our friends would want a high quality kitchen and they should go to Legacy.”

Paul A, NW Calgary Jan/18

“We’ve built several other homes and used companies other than Legacy Kitchens. Legacy was way better than others. I just really valued the work with us by their Designer, Gavin.”

Myles O, NW Calgary Jan/18

“The biggest thing about Legacy Kitchens is how organized they were. They answered the phone right away. The scheduling was spot on. The project was done over a 6 week period and the scheduling was awesome. We added on a few things and tweaked a few things, so from a customer service perspective, Legacy was excellent.”

Dave S, SW Calgary Jan/18

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“Renovation and home construction can be a nightmare. It’s hard on the budget. It can turn a family upside down. Legacy Kitchens handled it so smoothly. They kept us up to date. There were only two times over 7 weeks that we weren’t sure if a trade was coming or not. That is unheard of. Legacy’s work is all encompassing. It included flooring and wall removal; this was a big project. Legacy handled it all.”

Chris T, Airdrie, AB Dec/17

“We’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality of the cabinets and Jeannine was awesome. She asked us a lot of questions to determine our needs and how we wanted the kitchen to function. We went into the process thinking what we knew what we wanted. When we were finished, we had learned more about what we wanted and we actually got something different than we had first planned.”

Christina V, NW Calgary Dec/17

“I have no cause for dissatisfaction. I know the quality of Legacy Kitchens’ product. Things worked very well for me and I was absent through the process. I’m sure that when someone is there they would do an equally good job. I reviewed everything when I went to the condo and to see the finished product. All of it went extremely smoothly. When I had seen everything, I wrote to Suzi, their Designer, and told her that my expectations were exceeded. I was thrilled.”

Carol H, Canmore, AB Dec/17

“The product Legacy Kitchens used is durable and very high quality. Their Designer, Jennean, was super helpful. If I develop the basement, I’ll use Legacy.”

Brian M, Millarville, AB Nov/17

“We recommend Legacy Kitchens to other people when we show them the kitchen. I like their attention to detail. They are on budget and on schedule. For example, I had to hire a flooring guy. The slot is on the schedule and it all works out. There are no surprises.”

Mike M, NW Calgary Nov/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of their professionalism and they kept to the timeline, even though there were changes. They are efficient and they do quality work.”

Monique T, SW Calgary Nov/17

“It’s tough to find Contractors to deliver what you ask for at a price you would expect. I’ve understood Legacy Kitchens is at the luxury end and they are reasonable for the service they provide. I liked that Legacy looked after the whole project.”

Heather P, Cochrane, AB Oct/17

“Legacy Kitchens have the most courteous and delightful people. They are well versed and they know how to present what they feel would be good for where we are and what we have. Their knowledge of colours and workmanship is spot on.”

Teresa M, Priddis, AB Oct/17

“The showroom is better than most. The value for money is extremely good. They have respect for me as a Contractor. Their Designer, Jennean, and the guys on site are professional. Legacy is my ‘go-to’. I tell clients that I have done my due diligence and recommend Legacy because they do everything I want them to do as project professionals.”

Dave M, Dasan Interiors Inc, SW Calgary Oct/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens for they are professional, they have a commitment to schedule and have a willingness to fix things that aren’t quite right. We were really impressed with Steve, their Designer. He didn’t try to sell us on anything else that we didn’t want. Legacy was top notch on our project.”

Dennis B, SW Calgary Sep/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ quality based on price is very competitive. It was the best quality and service level we could find. Legacy was superior to anyone we’ve come across. Our experience was amazing. We felt that Legacy would take responsibility if anything breaks down in the future.”

Kris N, SW Calgary Sep/17

“I would definitely recommend Legacy Kitchens to friends. We have already recommended them. Legacy does good quality work. There was trust. If there were any issues, Legacy would handle them.”

Tanya M, NW Calgary Sep/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because my kitchen is beautiful. They did an awesome job from start to finish. I would highly recommend Legacy Kitchens. We are now going to do the bathroom.”

Carie W, Strathmore, AB Aug/17

“I’ve already recommended Legacy Kitchens for their professionalism and their high quality employees that left us extremely satisfied. The design worked well and there was excellent installation and high quality product.”

Dave W, NW Calgary Aug/17

“Legacy Kitchens’ staff are professional, they have a creative Designer and fantastic ideas. I haven’t had any problems.They have excellent product and a fantastic Installer.”

Wanda G, Cochrane, AB Aug/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because their service team is fantastic and their Installers are good.”

Barry T, Veritas Homes & Reno, NE Calgary Jul/17

“Everything went so smoothly. Originally, we went to a big box store and that was a nightmare. We really thought we shouldn’t have gone there. Legacy Kitchens was much better.”

Ted B, Chestermere, AB Jul/17

“I’ve actually recommended Legacy Kitchens to a few people. I like that they kept to the schedule. I have a lot of friends who have renovated and they’ve always had trouble with the timeline. With Legacy, it’s great that they keep to the timeline.”

Bev B, NW Calgary Jul/17

“Overall, I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the service, care and attention provided through the whole project. All the people were just outstanding and the product is good.”

Bob B, De Winton, AB Jun/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of three things: My experience with Suzi in the development of the kitchen. The interaction was pleasant and Suzi took ideas and developed them. The professionalism of the people, and the finished product.”

Fred S, Canmore, AB Jun/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens for many reasons. I’d recommend Jennean in particular. Plus, all the design time that we got to go along with it was a bonus and I used it. The quality of the cabinets was what I expected. We had replacement through warranty which totally met my expectations. Legacy provided a good balance between listening and challenging my ideas.”

Kaitlyn E, SE Calgary, Jun/17

“Legacy Kitchens was professional. John F, their Installer, was amazing. He looked after every detail and that was over and above our expectations. We had heard horrible renovation stories, but our project with Legacy went well.”

Tara R, SW Calgary, May/17

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because I have had such a long standing relationship with Susan. The showroom helps us to sell the product because it’s easy to visualize. The communication is good at Legacy. I know who to contact and I like everyone on our job site.”

Susanna P, Westrock Custom Homes Inc., SE Calgary, May/17

“Legacy Kitchens did a really professional job. They were on time and did a great job through the whole process. We looked at 3 possible Contractors. The others wanted a few thousand dollars before we decided on what we wanted. Legacy drew up plans before we made a decision as to what we wanted. Jason not only helped us by drawing the plan, he explained options and showed us examples in the showroom. It’s sometimes hard to know and to make a decision until we could see what it could look like. We had a really good experience.”

Kim T, NW Calgary May/17

“Legacy Kitchens has a good set up for kids, with juice, videos and toys in an enclosed space. This was a big factor for us. We could drop the kids off and go through the showroom and look at the various supplies and designs. The kid’s space gave us the time to look around.”

Joel H, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the design process itself and that way that innovative features were included. Legacy was on schedule, the trades were exceptional, they suggested alternatives and the whole thing went smoothly. There were no problems all; we were never inconvenienced. The whole experience was fun and exceeded our expectations.”

Wayne B, SW Calgary, Apr/17

“Legacy Kitchens went beyond our expectations. I can’t say enough about their dedication and care; it was amazing. I almost wish we had something else to renovate! We’ve already recommended Legacy to everyone we know. I’d recommend Legacy for several reasons. They do become a part of your family. Legacy not only gives you what you want and ask for, they go beyond that. They supersede your vision of what you see in your home. They go above and beyond in every way to make sure you are happy.”

Isabella A, NW Calgary, Apr/17

“I really liked the showroom at Legacy Kitchens. They had lots of really modern choices. Legacy was easy to work with and that was great since this was our first kitchen. Legacy made it relatively painless and there were lots of nice touches along the way. The gift basket at the end was a nice surprise. They went the extra mile.”

Heather N, NW Calgary, Mar/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens for sure. They have good service and prices are reasonable.”

Gary C, NW Calgary, Mar/17

“I’ve been referring to Legacy Kitchens and I’m proud to refer. I felt the whole Legacy team from the Calgary office to Bekki and Michael in Canmore were great.”

Teresa M, Canmore, AB, Mar/17

“The overall experience with Legacy Kitchens was pleasant and timely. I’ve dealt with a lot of trades and the experience with Legacy was the smoothest of any trades on my house build.”

James H, Crossfield, AB Feb/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because I am satisfied, and I’m a picky person! I loved the way it went so smoothly. Legacy kept to their schedule, the team is awesome and the quality was good.”

Chantal G, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“I have recommended Legacy Kitchens. Their showroom is gorgeous. There are so many neat ideas and styles. There are many options and the quality is there. A friend’s parents used Legacy 25 years ago and they are still happy with it. The product has lasted. For everything that we wanted, Legacy was willing to deliver for us.”

Kate P, SE Calgary, Feb/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because their service was excellent and their quality was excellent.”

Nicole, Nido Interiors, NW Calgary, Jan/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because the whole experience was very positive, from the time we walked into the showroom, to signing on the dotted line, to commencing the renovation when they said they would. We were totally happy with the outcome. There were no surprises. Legacy cared about whether we were happy with the finished result.”

Kathy S, NW Calgary, Jan/17

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because it was so seamless. We had no second guessing about whether they understood what we were saying, or whether they would complete the project on time. Everybody on our project had been with Legacy for a long time. The continuity shows that Legacy is great to work for and they treat their employees well. That’s important.”

Ellen V, SE Calgary, Jan/17

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“I’ve already recommended Legacy Kitchens. I’d recommend Legacy because of the professionalism, quality of product and the people were great to work with.”

Linda P, Calgary, Dec/16

“I was happy with everything. We checked out a few different places and the thing I liked the most about Legacy Kitchens is that everything is included in the quoted price. At the other places, if you wanted the end of cabinet, toe kicks, handles, etc, you pay extra.”

Cheri H, Oyen, AB Dec/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of good workmanship and they are right on point with the timeline. Right from the design to the end, we were well informed.”

Joanne C, NW Calgary, Dec/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because I got what I paid for and other companies paled in comparison. Legacy was better from the selections to cost options within the selections. For example, the Plumber said you can put in a high end designer sink or go with the lower price. They were upfront and realistic and I appreciated that we could do that. Legacy does a good job and you end up with what you are told you will get.”

Sandy P, NE Calgary, Nov/16

“I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens. I’d recommend Legacy because of the Designer, Jennean. I’d done our bathrooms with another company and the finished product was nice, but not what I had envisaged. The other company had a reasonable time frame but Legacy stuck to the schedule.”

Glen H, SW Calgary, Nov/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the level of professionalism. They meant what they said and said what they meant. The followed through and the quality of the cabinets was excellent. Legacy stayed on budget. The company had to deal with a lot at that time. Legacy pulled through for us and that shows an extremely high level of professionalism.”

Annabelle S, SE Calgary, Nov/16

“Everything went so smoothly with Legacy Kitchens. I’ve heard so many horror stories about renovations. May quoted me a date and it was basically done on that day. Everything was on schedule. Legacy people were very respectful while they were basically living at our house. The Legacy people were friendly, answered my questions, kept open communications and any problems or questions were addressed immediately.”

Jana V, High River, AB, Oct/16

“The schedule and overall coordination made the renovation pain free. We didn’t just have the kitchen done. There was the coordination with other companies, the carpeting was done, and they took down the popcorn ceilings. It felt great to get up in the morning knowing that someone else was taking care of things. We paid an extra bit for the coordination and Legacy Kitchens did it so well, it was worth every penny. Even though we were moving from room to room during the renovation, it was actually a peaceful project.”

Janet H, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“Legacy Kitchens was very good compared to other trades in that they provided an indication of prices for options and alternatives. That gave me guidance for decisions and whether I thought that upgrades were worthwhile for me.”

Lara K, NW Calgary, Oct/16

“I was referred by 3 people. My friends used Legacy Kitchens and one is very picky. I knew that if she was satisfied that it would be alright for me. Legacy totally lived up to my expectations. I’d recommend Legacy because you know exactly what to expect; it all works beautifully and it looks great. I also have a friend who is a Designer and she looked at my kitchen and loved it.”

Susan W, SW Calgary, Sep/16

“Legacy Kitchens did a great job. A lot of the credit has to do with Jay-Dean, their Designer, and the quality product that Legacy provides.”

Trisha O, NW Calgary, Sep/16

“The professionalism and product knowledge are important. When you are a ‘newby’ you need to talk to people who are honest and confident in their knowledge. All those qualities were there in Legacy Kitchens.”

Marnie W, SE Calgary, Sep/16

“The quality is excellent and there is a good selection of product with high quality. Legacy Kitchens is easy to deal with, they have excellent customer service and they listened to understand what I had in mind.”

Teena B, Black Diamond, AB, Aug/16

“I loved working with Legacy Kitchens. They walked me through the decision making process, they coordinated the trades and the trades all worked well together. You pay a bit of a premium, but it’s well worth it.”

Anne H, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“Michael was really good with us. We were “flipping” the house and Michael understood what was needed. The house needed to appeal to a wide range of people, different age groups, and so forth. Michael made it appealing to a wide range of purchasers. He was good with our budget and suggested what to put in and what not to put in the kitchen.”

Glenda Z, NW Calgary, Aug/16

“I’d recommend Legacy because of the service, the quality of product and Legacy Kitchens’ Designer, Paul’s helpfulness at making something custom. Overall, Paul and Legacy were outstanding and the end product met or exceeded our expectations. There no surprises and nothing negative came out of the process. Paul had strong attention to detail, in addition to a charming and pleasant nature. When talking about an imaginary space, we wouldn’t have understood the implications of certain decisions without Paul’s guidance. Our conversations and choices were different as a result of having a better understanding.”

Margaret G, Calgary, Jul/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality cabinets, the workmanship and the people were great.”

Craig S, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because they are professional and courteous with everything from start to finish.”

Brent F, NW Calgary, Jul/16

“All the way through Legacy Kitchens is good to work with. Any touch points are strong. Any communication at lower or higher management levels is all the same. Legacy is focused on customer satisfaction. I haven’t heard of any talk of disappointments with pricing although that is not an area I know much about. As far as I am concerned, Legacy is a top notch company.”

Stephen P, Site Supervisor, Albi Jun/16

“We all have our downfalls and areas to improve. I find that Legacy Kitchens is a company that will address the mistakes and are willing to come back and fix it. That is the most important thing for me. Customer Service is the most important thing in our industry right now. The customer service goes a long way for me and our homeowners.”

Wayne D, Warranty Manager, Baywest Homes Jun/16

“I have referred Legacy Kitchens to a few people outside of Jayman. The people used Legacy and the projects went really well. I always recommend that people ask for Mark or Noreen.”

Dan M, Modus Site Supervisor, Jayman Jun/16

“Legacy Kitchens did a really good job. I am happy with the outcome. The design, quality and service that we received from Legacy was great.”

Joanne T, SE Calgary, Jun/16

“We would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of our experience with Paul. He worked with us and gave us good ideas. We showed him some pictures and he was ready to investigate and give us alternatives so we could accomplish what we wanted and still remain within our budget.”

Chioma U, NW Calgary, Jun/16

“My husband and I built this house 26 years ago from ground up. I was 8 months pregnant at the time, cutting rebar. We know this house and we took it back to the studs. I felt that I could trust Legacy and for me that is huge. I cannot count the number of times I have recommended Legacy Kitchens.”

Shannon T, Airdrie, AB, Jun/16

“From my experience, any issues we have, they are willing to listen to and try to accommodate our needs. Legacy Kitchens knows how to listen, understand and keep our current business. As a Supplier, they have a bigger view on business. There have been some savings, they have listened and they adjusted. I would give Legacy a 9 because they are a good supplier, they are listening and working with us.”

Petr P, Estimating & Purchasing Manager, Morrison Homes, Calgary, May/16

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of their immediate response, flawless systems and processes, and their quality installation, service and relationships.”

Michael E, Site Supervisor, Morrison Homes, Calgary, May/16

“I think the product at Legacy Kitchens is good. Part of my recommendation would be based on the price but there are a lot of different cabinet suppliers out there.”

Bryon, M, Site Supervisor, Baywest Homes, Calgary, May/16

“Legacy Kitchens is a well managed company. They provide quality product and have an ability to get the job done right the first time. They have fantastic follow through, if there are issues. Legacy is a very service oriented company. It is tough to find a company with competitive prices who will follow through on the service end. When you find a company like that, it is tough to let them go.”

Stewart C, Production Manager, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“I have Legacy Kitchens’ cabinetry in my own home. Three years ago, I did a reno and I was impressed with the product, the price, the installation, the options and the ideas that the Designer suggested. Now anyone who sees my home, is blown away by our kitchen. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I recommend Legacy Kitchens all day long.”

Jeff L, South Site Supervisor, Jayman, Calgary, May/16

“I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens just because I have been so happy with my own kitchen but also because of the working relationship.”

Dwight F, Site Supervisor, Jayman, Cochrane, May/16

“I already have recommended Legacy Kitchens. When people come into my kitchen and go “Oooooh and WOW”, I tell them that Legacy Kitchens did the project.”

Val L, SW Calgary, May/16

“This level of professionalism you don’t often see in manufacturing. Legacy Kitchens offers the full gamut of service from design to installation. The project was followed by Legacy’s Designer, Paul very closely. We were surprised at the amount of time taken to measure everything to the ‘nth’ degree.”

Serge P, SW Calgary, May/16

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality, care and attention. When Legacy is focused on you, they are totally focused and are very professional. They always made appointments to come back and they were always professional.”

Sheila K, SE Calgary, May/16

“Our Designer, Paul, was wonderful; we got along really well. He was fantastic, very helpful. He obviously has a lot of experience and he knows what works and what doesn’t work. Paul knows what people have liked with colours, types of finish and design.”

Cody G, Springbank AB, Apr/16

“Jennean was fabulous. She took the time to listen. It was great that she is a cook and a baker too. Jennean could see and understand what I needed. If the Designer were someone who wasn’t a cook or a baker, it would have been very different. Jennean was so good, she made a huge difference. I carry her cards in my purse and give them out all the time.”

Judy S, NE Calgary, Apr/16       

“I’d recommend Legacy because of the end result. The Legacy people have tenacity. Everyone does an excellent job. Legacy is a bit more expensive and I know that – you get what you pay for. I know people who paid a bit less but didn’t get nearly as good work.”

Coleen R, SE Calgary, Apr/16

“Legacy Kitchens made sure it was 100% right. They replaced anything that wasn’t perfect. I thought I was being too picky, but Legacy made it clear that they wanted everything to be right.”

Marina B, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“I’d recommend Legacy because everything went well. Everyone was nice to work with. At the end, everything about our new kitchen looked like it was meant to be there. I have no complaints.”

Joanna W, Chestermere, AB Mar/16

“When it comes to renovations, and we’ve done a lot of renovating, Legacy is the only company that lives up to their promises. They have amazing service.”

Elizabeth G, Calgary, Mar/16

“We’ve built a couple of houses and the kitchens were always done by Legacy. The guys were very good at making sure we had everything we needed. It was easy to hand over the money because we knew the project would be done. The Legacy product is high quality and the kitchen looks amazing!”

Jennifer D, NW Calgary, Feb/16

“Legacy is professional and the kitchen looks wonderful. It’s exactly what I wanted. It was amazing that we had two people refer us to Legacy at the same time! A colleague of my husband’s and a friend of mine both suggested Legacy the same morning, so when my husband and I talked that evening, we had both heard about Legacy.”

Michelle D, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“Legacy manages the project from beginning to end and brings expertise. If something goes wrong, you have only one place to go to resolve the issue. You pay for the service and it is worthwhile to get things done properly. Legacy does a proper plan, provides project management, and executes according to the plan. Proper project management is very important to us. Legacy has friendly, professional staff and their quality is unsurpassed.”

Carol H, SW Calgary, Feb/16

“We would recommend Legacy Kitchens because we are familiar with the product and the company. We trust them and we had a good experience from the design to the installation. Legacy has good quality.”

Chelsea R, SE Calgary, Jan/16

“Legacy was so easy to work with. They did everything I wanted. If I was over budget, they would help me to get within budget. My finishing carpenter was so impressed that he recommended Legacy to someone.”

Joleen C, Rural Alberta, Jan/16

“We have already recommended Legacy to others. I feel that the scheduling really helps. I liked having the calendar of dates with the trades. I liked that the Installer cleaned up the mess every night. It made our place more livable and we could still feel at home during the renovation. We are beyond happy with everything. There is not one thing I would have done differently.”

Tina G, NW Calgary, Jan/16

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“Legacy was easy going and they took care of us. Everything was on time. The kitchen renovation was a dream, not a pain. It was not inconvenient at all. It was nice to work with Legacy.”

Ester Z, SE Calgary, Dec/15

“The crew and the product at Legacy Kitchens are excellent. It’s a quality product and quality installation, all top notch. Their Installer is a genius. The Legacy people are the kind of people you want around when you want a job that’s done right.”

Linda W, NW Calgary, Dec/15

“We are ecstatic! The whole project turned out beyond our expectations.”

Daryle P, Chestermere, AB Dec/15

“Legacy dramatically exceeded my expectations. I’m a skeptic when it comes to renovations. Legacy gave us a schedule on the first day, for 8 weeks of work. Then they were on time for everything. I am still amazed.”

Bill W, SW Calgary, Nov/15

“We know our contractor quite well and he told us the quality of Legacy’s work was good. I’ve heard good things about Legacy from others.”

Pat B, Calgary, Nov/15

“They are all easy to work with. Legacy is honest about their commitments. When they say something, they deliver.”

Bob, Shelby Homes, Calgary, Nov/15

“The more we did research, the more we heard the word ‘Legacy’. It was the good positive comments though word of mouth that encouraged us to use Legacy.”

Ruta, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“I was really pleased with what Legacy did. They were meticulous, timely, and the resulting kitchen was what we wanted.”

Norm L, NW Calgary, Nov/15

“I’d recommend Legacy because of the efficiency of the process. They take away the worry about getting a new kitchen. It’s nice to have one core group.”

Brad M, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“Legacy listens and gives good advice. When you’ve not gone through a process like this before, this is important.”

Carole S, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“We like the quality of the product. We really like the look of the kitchen right now. The cabinets stand out and we’ve received lots of compliments.”

SW Homeowner, Calgary, Nov/15

“We like the work that Legacy did and the overall experience was good. I’ve recommended Legacy to a work associate.”

Belinda W, SE Calgary, Nov/15

“I would give Legacy Kitchens a 10. It’s the ease of the whole thing: We walk in, meet with the Designer. He makes up the plans for us, we go over them; then the Coordinator takes over and sets up everything. There are no worries and everything is put back and cleaned. You hear so many horror stories about renovations, but none with Legacy.”

Faye L, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy was very easy to deal with. When you are building a brand new house, it can be chaotic. When I arrived at Legacy, I was frazzled. Their Designer was amazing, he gave very simple, straightforward explanations that made the process smooth and easy. He picked up what I liked and he was able to work with it.”

Lacey W, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens’ staff are tops in everything. It’s the best I could imagine. They made a hard job go smoothly and well. The Legacy staff did all they could to help us out. It was painless. I have no qualms in recommending Legacy.”

Zoe B, Cochrane, AB Oct/15

“The whole experience was done right. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I did recommend Legacy to someone who did buy a kitchen from them.“

David G, GalloRia Inc, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“I’d recommend Legacy because they were very nice people, I really like the design and I love my kitchen.”

Suzi T, NW Calgary, Oct/15

“The Legacy service was very good, as was the quality of materials and installation. I’m a fan of Legacy and I would certainly use them again and recommend them to others.”

Robb H, SE Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens has good service, their product is good and they are timely with their installations. Legacy has a good business.”

Glen M, Executive Homes, Oct/15

“I decided on Legacy because of my friend’s referral since she deals with kitchens on a daily basis. Also, I have numerous friends who have used Legacy.”

Kerry C, SW Calgary, Oct/15

“Legacy Kitchens has been very good to us. I tell people that we have had a good experience.”

Biagio O, Ultima Homes, Calgary, AB Oct/15

“There were a few small things that we changed after the fact. The guys made it easy to make the changes. Legacy did an exceptional job. I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job.”

Leslie P, Okotoks, AB Sep/15

“I already have recommended Legacy. The product selections and professionalism of the office were great. It was an easy experience for me. My BC builder was happy with installing the product, so he is recommending Legacy to his customers as well. My sister is an Interior Designer and she has used Legacy for years.”

Marlene V, Wasa BC, Sep/15

“Legacy was easy to deal with. The Designer was receptive to us and easy to work with. The quality is really good. If you need Legacy to come they are there within a day or two. There is none of this ‘I can’t fit you in’ or ‘We’ll be there in two weeks’. You need trades to work together to get the build done and Legacy did it the right way.”

Gerry F, NW Calgary, Sep/15

“Legacy is so attentive and thorough and their product is good quality for the price that I paid.”

Sue K, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“Our experience was an A+ from beginning to end. For example, the granite Installers had concerns about support and Legacy went above and beyond to make sure that any support issues were resolved.”

Candice C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“I referred Legacy to a few of my friends – it’s the quality, the people, durability of the cabinets and everything overall. The cabinets are beautiful and done professionally. Legacy provided a kitchen that shows pride of ownership.”

Mila C, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“I really liked the showroom at Legacy Kitchens and their Designer. She was really nice and was good to work with. She had lots of ideas and suggestions and she also took my ideas and found a way to make it happen.”

Judy W, Didsbury, AB, Aug/15

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality of the cabinets and the helpfulness of sales personnel and their Installer. Their Service Technician did his utmost to resolve things in a timely manner and to our satisfaction. He didn’t leave me with the impression that I was being too picky.”

Heather C, NE Calgary, Aug/15

“I’d recommend Legacy particularly if you don’t want to do any leg work or to deal with the Contractors. It all went smoothly. If there was an issue, Legacy Kitchens handled it. They were very professional.”

A Moore, SW Calgary, Aug/15

“Legacy Kitchens has a good quality product and staff that know what they are doing. They know kitchens. I would recommend the Designer at Legacy.”

Chris N, Calgary, Jul/15

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because everything is well organized. They listen to what is important to you and how you like to work in the kitchen. The product is great.”

Cindy J, Calgary, Jul/15

“I went around the city looking for quality. I wasn’t happy with other suppliers. It took 9 months to find Legacy Kitchens and they met all my needs. They were very professional and had a good quality product.”

Asma S, NE Calgary, Jul/15

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because, from the initial concept through the design and installation, they demonstrated professionalism and skill. They bring in people who care, like Legacy’s Service Technician. All of the staff acknowledge and understand that this is a big investment.”

S Jones, Calgary, Jun/15

“We would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality of the work, the professionalism and they listen to what the customer wants. We went through a few variations with the design. Basically, what Legacy’s Designer came up with to start with was superb.”

G Chappelle, SW Calgary, Jun/15

“I would be happy to give a reference for Legacy. This is a big step for us. Our kitchen isn’t huge, but it’s how you use your space the best. You pay a little more for Legacy, but it’s worth it in the long term.”

T Luft, SE Calgary, Jun/15

“I love the design from Legacy Kitchens. The product is high end and the workers are very skilled. With past renovations, we have had horror stories. The Legacy staff blew us away with their skill. It’s all about the detail.”

S Fernandez, NW Calgary, May/15

“I recommend Legacy Kitchens to our clients because of the size of the showroom and the options available. The next reason would be the quality of the work. Following that, I recommend Legacy is the ‘front to back’ service offering.”

A Kolaczek, Ranger Homes, Calgary, May/15

“We would recommend Legacy because of the service. Also, when we went to the showroom, they didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Some places didn’t acknowledge us when we went in. We could have bought cabinets for less money, but the service at Legacy Kitchens was worth it.”

C Williamson, Southern, AB, May/15

“I’m in retail, I’ve dealt with other companies where people didn’t take much care in servicing the client. At Legacy, they treat the customer right. Calgary is a busy place and on the go. At Legacy, I never felt like I was rushed to make decisions. We were asked as to what we were looking for and we received the care and attention that people should expect.”

R Thomas, SE Calgary, Apr/15

“Legacy Kitchens was very organized, on time, in and out on schedule. I have used other Contractors who are not so good. Legacy was very flexible with scope changes, as we were able to get some adjustments readily done on site. Other Contractors walk off the job as they have no time to make adjustments. Legacy has a good ‘we can do it’ attitude, whereas with others, a change of scope means delays and increased costs.”

P Gagnon, SW Calgary, Apr/15

“I scored them at 100% and that is a hard standard to live up to, but Legacy Kitchens meets this. After the experience, I went to their offices and I asked to meet with the owner. To show my appreciation for the good work everyone had done, I gave everyone a gift card for Tim Hortons. My experience was positive from every single department.”

R Nielsen, NE Calgary, Mar/15

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because they are professional, they have a good product, excellent scheduling and as a result, everything moves along very well. The Legacy staff are all good at what they do.”

A Martin, SE Calgary, Mar/15

“The clients I’ve sent to Legacy always have positive things to say. It’s always nice for me as a Contractor to show that I have good companies working for me. It means a lot to me. Legacy Kitchens is a very professional company.”

B Evans, Contractor, Central AB, Mar/15


“It’s unheard of to have something done on budget, on time and well done. Legacy Kitchens did that.”

J Batycky, SW Calgary, Mar/15

“I’ve used Legacy Kitchens for years and never had a problem.”

Chad H, Calgary Contractor, Mar/15

“With Legacy Kitchens, the whole experience was much easier than I expected it to be.”

K Rubinstein, NW Calgary, Mar/15

“We would refer Legacy Kitchens because the design was wonderful and it made our space more usable. We appreciated the Coordination and Legacy brought the team of experts to the job.”

Sharon & John, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“I liked Legacy Kitchen’s overall way of doing things. They stuck to the timeline and they were always clean and professional. They did a good job.”

D Freeman, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchens did a good job. No … it was a great job! And, it was on time and on budget.”

B Leinweber, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“We were impressed with Legacy Kitchens during an earlier renovation and again this time. They say what they are going to do and then they do it.”

J Wilkinson, SW Calgary, Feb/15

“The after sale service is the most important thing. We had two inspections and whatever minor flaw was found, they fixed it with 100% professionalism.”

J O’Donnell, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchen’s showroom is beautiful. They have great Designers that come to your home, put together a 3D drawing and take you through what the kitchen will look like. The schedules are realistic and Legacy meets the schedules.”

W Siemens, NW Calgary, Feb/15

“Legacy Kitchens was highly professional, with quality cabinets and installation. I could not find anything wrong. There was overall professionalism from all their crews.”

S Crouch, Leslieville, AB Jan/15

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the professionalism. It’s not hard to deal with a company that wants to have the best products and customer satisfaction.”

A Hunter, Canmore, AB Jan/15

“I was so happy that we went with Legacy Kitchens. All aspects of the service exceeded my expectations. Everything was according to the timelines they laid out. Everyone was respectful, and the quality of the product was great.”

K Stewart, NW Calgary, Jan/15

“I’d recommend Legacy Kitchens because it was an amazing experience. This was a huge renovation. Legacy did an awesome job with the schedule and in letting us know when it was expected to be noisy or not. That way, we could arrange our own schedules.”

C Kost, SE Calgary, Jan/15

“Legacy Kitchens stuck to the schedule. The people we worked with from the Designer to the Installers, were all personable, approachable and did a great job. We were reluctant to start a renovation project as we were concerned that it could be similar to our previous renovation experiences. However, with Legacy Kitchens it was different — it was a positive experience.”

C Flanagan, NW Calgary, Jan/15

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens, because from the minute I went into showroom they were professional, friendly, and had good follow-up. The Designer was exceptional with the design and thoroughness. It was an easier process than I thought it would be because it was well coordinated. I was not hanging around waiting for people to arrive. The product itself is good.”

L Lee, SW Calgary, Jan/15

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“Legacy was extremely professional and it was a satisfying experience. I received exactly the service I wanted. The high quality of personnel sent to do the job is a reason I would recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

A Gough, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“With Legacy, you know what you are going to get. If there is a problem, they will fix it. My happiness with my new kitchen is the reason to recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

L Walls, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I liked how everything flowed well, everyone had a role and each person knew what they were doing. Each person at Legacy Kitchens communicated and connected to one another.”

I Grisaru, SW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“They represent excellent products and excellent people; all of them, right from the Designer, to the person who finishes the details at the end are good. Legacy Kitchens was very thorough, very experienced and represent good product.”

B Williamson, Calgary, AB Dec/14

“They are professional. They are attentive to detail. They are on-site when they say they will be and they finished when they said they would. They are just fantastic.”

L Eagleson, rural Calgary, AB Dec/14

“You can tell that Legacy really cares. There were no surprises. When you take away the surprise element, renovations are not so bad. I totally trust Legacy Kitchens. They really care about their work; they are professionals.”

L Cheyne, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“I love the variety of the products, the ambiance of the showroom and the Designers that helped us. We got the product and service that we wanted. We are very satisfied with Legacy Kitchens.”

Arpita H, NW Calgary, Nov/14

“Legacy Kitchens was very professional. The cabinets match the plans and there were no mistakes or do overs. I wanted to follow the same blueprint as the previous cabinets, so the measurements and cabinets had to be accurate and they were.”

F Potts, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The kitchen looks great. The timing was good and it was good value, for the money we spent. We had a good experience with Legacy Kitchens.”

C Doering, SE Calgary, Nov/14

“It is their professionalism, the accuracy of their schedule and all their people that treated me with kindness and respect. I liked dealing with Legacy Kitchens and they seemed to like dealing with me. Legacy has a great great team and it takes a team of people to do a renovation.”

D Braitenbach, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“It was the quality of product that would lead me to recommend Legacy Kitchens. Cost wise, they are competitive and I was quite happy with product.”

Teravista, Windermere, BC Oct/14

“The whole process with Legacy Kitchens was very professional and helpful. We appreciated the services of the Interior Designer and that was extremely helpful for us.”

Mt Pleasant, NW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“It was because Legacy’s quality and workmanship was flawless and their customer service was first rate. I just knew we would not have any worries and their Coordinator made sure of that.”

S Marshall, W Calgary, AB Oct/14

“The quality of product is great and we found Legacy Kitchen’s pricing to be fair. Their overall installation and workmanship was top notch.”

P Condic, SW Calgary, AB Oct/14

“We liked the 3D drawings that Legacy’s Designer provided as it helped us understand what it would look like in the end. Legacy Kitchens just took care of everything and they handled it really well.”

C Witmer, SE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“Their service is great and with Legacy you don’t have to worry. Their Designer knew how to design a kitchen. He was open, but very informative and guided me along the way. The service at the end was great, I really felt taken care of.”

M Condic, SW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“From the initial quote to the very last service task, we have received nothing but top notch service. That says it all, we got excellent service from the whole team. We have had nothing but positive interaction with the people from Legacy Kitchens.”

G Topor, NW Calgary, AB Sep/14

“You hear all the horror stories about renovation projects going bad. Legacy Kitchens was very professional and they really know what they are doing.”

R Gerlitz, NE Calgary, AB Sep/14

“A lot of the reason has to do with Legacy’s Designer, she was awesome. It was easy and she figured out what I wanted right away. The quality of product was good and I am really happy with the end result.”

S Marshall, Canmore, AB Aug/14

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because they have their own trades. Their Coordinator keeps them on a schedule and they stick to it. It is so easy from a customer’s perspective. They have really good people.”

K Rahme, SW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“I was so surprised by the level of service, organization and features that Legacy Kitchens provided. They were really helpful in dealing with all the details.”

S Clark, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Because Legacy Kitchens was so professional, on time and completely neat. I didn’t ever feel they were attempting to sell me something that I didn’t need. They listened to me and produced a product that I am proud of and so happy with.”

S Lake, NW Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Because we are happy with the product and their price was good for us. Their workmanship was great and the project went in smooth. It was a great experience.”

K Neumiller, Airdrie, AB Aug/14

“We have had people in our home and they always ask, so we refer them to Legacy Kitchens. We are happy with the end result.”

W Braun, SE Calgary, AB Aug/14

“Legacy Kitchens is the best company we have ever dealt with – hands down – they are doing it right. Whoever is running that company certainly knows how to build and maintain a good company. We have worked with them on three projects and never had issues. We recommend them regularly.”

M Seward, SW Calgary, Jul/14

“We would recommend because we had a really easy experience. We were our own General Contractor and we had lots of trades that were not as professional as Legacy. Some didn’t show up on time or get us what we wanted. Legacy’s service was great and so is their product.”

A Geortzen, Okotoks, AB Jul/14

“Definitely. Legacy’s Designer was a very busy guy but when my project came up to bat, he was there. Whenever I needed him, he was there. We often conversed at midnight (via phone or text)`. The design is phenomenal.”

S Traynor, SW Calgary, AB Jul/14

“I would recommend Legacy based on the ease of the project. Legacy puts the kitchen in and you don’t have to worry about anything involving the cabinetry. Legacy gets it done and takes care of everything.”

T Van Norman, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“The work and result speaks for itself. Legacy did everything they needed to accommodate my needs. They made suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of. Their Installer really had some good ideas. They are great.”

J Kunz, SW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“We are satisfied with the job done. I think that we have somewhat discriminating standards and we are satisfied, so yes, we will recommend Legacy.”

D Anderson, NW Calgary, AB Jun/14

“It was Legacy’s service – every step was handled well. Legacy’s service process is smooth and seamless and the quality of the product is great.”

A Nielson, NW Calgary, AB May/14

“I would recommend Legacy because of the installation/service and the final product. Legacy stuck with it until it was done properly. In the end, it was finished to a degree that I am very pleased with. My cabinets are gorgeous.”

Canyon Meadows SW, Calgary, AB May/14

“Working with Legacy seemed easy for me. They guided and helped me along the way. I didn’t have to do a lot of the research as they are experts.”

Dewinton, AB May/14

“I have worked with Legacy Kitchens for a number of years both on the company side and now a personal project. Legacy Kitchens has good product and we never have any issues with their product, service or installation. It has all been good.”

B White, Canmore, AB Apr/14

“I would recommend Legacy because they made the whole experience easy.”

L Dorherty, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“Because from the beginning it was very smooth. I didn’t know much about kitchens but Legacy was able to explain things to me. I really appreciated that, so I would recommend Legacy Kitchens.”

C Chukwu, SW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“Mostly because of Legacy’s staff. You really get to know what a company is like when you have a problem. Legacy stepped up and took care of the issues.”

K Watson SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Because Legacy made my kitchen renovation as easy as possible. A kitchen renovation can really go off the rails but they did a good job of keeping everything on track.”

R MacDougall SW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Overall, Legacy’s people are great. I was impressed with their product and the variety. Their Designer offered good solutions as we have a small kitchen, but we ended up with a bigger look. Everyone at Legacy was helpful and professional.”

V Olynik SE,Calgary, AB Mar/14

“I am very pleased with the product. I was extremely pleased with the cabinet installation and the care that Legacy’s staff took to make things fit. They care about the craftsmanship.”

A Hamel, NE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“Because our experience was good and the overall value of Legacy Kitchens offering was outstanding. Their customer service is excellent.”

D Cassie, SW Calgary, AB Feb/14

“We would recommend Legacy because of the quality of the work they did. They were very efficient with the schedule, they followed it to a T and the quality of their work is very good. The staff at Legacy Kitchens are professional.”

K Grant, SE Calgary, AB Feb/14

“My experience with Legacy’s Designer was really really good. I thought I knew what I wanted but she had some great ideas and thought of things that I wouldn’t have thought about. She came up with alternative ideas that would save us money and that made our kitchen more functional.”

L Gray, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

“I would recommend Legacy because from the start to the completion Legacy was with me the whole time. They followed their schedule and remained in contact with me. It was impeccable.”

T Neitsch, NE Calgary, AB Jan/14

“We hadn’t done a kitchen renovation before, so we didn’t know how it would work but the whole process with Legacy Kitchens was very smooth. Legacy has a nice showroom. Their staff explained things well and the installation was fantastic. It was a pleasant experience.”

G Garvey, NW Calgary, AB Jan/14

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“The product is quite good and things were handled in a professional and timely manner. Legacy’s Designer delivered the design updates on a timely basis.”

N Hug, NW Calgary, Dec/13

“It was the Design process. Legacy’s Designer was a good Designer, he listened and aligned the cabinet design with our budget.”

C Laing, SW Calgary, Dec/13

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because they are very professional, they did a good job and I trusted them.”

M Weber, NW Calgary, Dec/13

“Because of their level of professionalism, the range of product choices and the the quality of cabinetry is top notch.”

Lisa K, Airdrie, AB Nov/13

“I feel that they are very professional people and the product is high quality. Legacy’s staff are friendly and very cooperative people. It gives a person hope.”

J Pozzebone, SW Calgary, AB Nov/13

“They have a very professional process from beginning to end. It was clear that their staff cared about us as clients.”

Kelvin Grove SW, Calgary, AB Nov/13

“Their superb quality of product and the fact that the project was smooth from start to finish.”

Bridgeland NE, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“When you are building you need to trust people. When Legacy’s Inspector came and noticed things we hadn’t picked up – well you don’t really expect that. That is good to have and it shows that he was unbiased in the process. I didn’t expect an unbiased view.”

Jane H, Springbank, AB Oct/13

“Because of their attention to detail and quality. Legacy’s Designer was really strong on the design side. He had a lot of practical suggestions and didn’t shy away from our questions. Their Installers were great – we got more than what we would elsewhere.”

Panorama Hills NW, Calgary, AB Oct/13

“From the start to the finish, I never felt disappointed with anything. They delivered everything they said they would deliver. Legacy is very professional and I would definitely recommend them.”

Patricia C, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“My husband’s brother is building a new home in Cochrane and we have referred him to Legacy. We were so pleased with the craftsmanship, quality of service and attitude of their staff – we were pleased with everything. They dealt with the problems and took 100% responsibility for it, they were very professional.”

Meadowbrook, Airdrie, AB Sep/13

“From the initial meeting Legacy’s Designer showed us everything we wanted to see. He was willing to listen and help and had lots of good ideas. It is the nicest kitchen I have ever had and we have moved a dozen times over the years.”

Susan V, Dewinton, AB Sep/13

“I have referred Legacy and I will continue to do so because I am very happy with the end result. It was a 100% experience – It is the way the staff interact, they are so pleasant and are all very good.”

Hidden Valley NW Calgary, AB Aug/13

“They really want to make sure you are happy with the finished product and they will do whatever is necessary. They will not leave until you are happy. That is worth a lot. Okay, is not good enough for Legacy Kitchens.”

Sundance Resident SE, Calgary, AB Aug/13

“I am very very pleased with the cabinets, our kitchen is the best part of the renovation. Our kitchen is the part of our house we use the most, it is the most important and I am very pleased with the result. Friends did a kitchen reno with Legacy Kitchens and were pleased, Legacy has a good reputation.”

Sundance SE, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“I would recommend Legacy because of their ability to design a kitchen: they understood what we needed; they came out to check things; they had innovative ideas to resolve problems on site; they delivered when they say they would deliver. Legacy is one of the top places in Calgary to get quality cabinetry.”

Homeowner at Bragg Creek, AB Jul/13

“Legacy Kitchens has a good showroom, lots to see, lots of product choices. We had a good experience with their Designer, we really felt he was an expert – Legacy’s Designer was topnotch!”

Watermark NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“I had a great experience with Legacy Kitchens and I would want my friends to have the same level of experience. There are so many different trades and options. If I have the knowledge, I am the type who will share it.”

Bearspaw NW, Calgary, AB Jun/13

“I have a beautiful kitchen that had a deficiency that was driving me nuts. I was dissatisfied with the service, but now I feel that was listened to and everything got resolved. Stephen did an amazing job at providing a creative solution. Legacy Kitchens knows customer service. There couldn’t have been a better ending to my project.”

Mount Pleasant NW, Calgary, AB May/13

“I really appreciated the timeliness of the Legacy cabinet project, the scheduling was important to me and the way it was carried out was satisfying.”

Varsity NW, Calgary, AB May/13

“I would recommend because Legacy’s staff were patient and understanding and helped us find what we wanted. Legacy’s Designer understood our lifestyle and what we needed.”

Cochrane, AB Apr/13

“I think the whole experience, from the staff, to subs, to the quality of the cabinets was all very good. We have high quality cabinets. I have recommended them already. I’m very happy with the look of my kitchen. When I compare my kitchen to others I can see the quality of Legacy product.”

Rundle NE, Calgary, AB Apr/13

“I am sitting in my kitchen now, I love the layout, the design and all the little extras I have in it. We have had nothing but positive feedback from friends and it is a spot we spend a lot of time in. The Design is great, our Legacy Designer really knew where to put everything – as a result, we have a convenient well flowing kitchen.”

Heritage Pointe, Dewinton, AB Mar/13

“The overall experience with Legacy was very good and we had no problems. When they left the jobsite they left it clean. All the other trades (other than Legacy) left a mess – I think it’s important to clean up a job site.”

Haysboro SW, Calgary, AB Mar/13

We would recommend Legacy because of their: * top quality cabinets – all their lines are good quality. They have good quality for every price point. * Installation is done in an excellent manner – they have good installers. * Service – There is rarely a perfect job but in the end you will be happy with the end result. It doesn’t matter which price point you select. Legacy will stand behind their work and resolve any issue. Legacy will go above and beyond to make you happy. I say that because we had a friend who had a lot of trouble on her project. Legacy came back and fixed everything. Our friend was grateful for that and has said “I am not sure that other companies would do that.”

Varsity NW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“Because they really did show me that they cared about what I wanted; they were conscientious about my budget; they delivered exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with and I don’t usually give top scores. I have renovated before and have never had such a positive experience.”

Patterson Blvd SW, Calgary, AB Feb/13

“We would recommend Legacy because of the quality of the workmanship and the fact that they kept their word. I have heard so many nightmare stories about kitchen renovations but Legacy finished the job and did a good job.”

Woodside, Airdrie, AB Jan/13

“We would recommend Legacy because it was a first class experience. Every question I asked was answered. It is the craftsmanship and the experience of the people who did it. These guys were really good. They were all very helpful throughout and very knowledgeable. Legacy’s staff made for a first class experience. They didn’t just provide cabinets, they provided us with furniture.”

Spring Bank, Calgary, AB Jan/13

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“I love the variety of the products, the ambiance of the showroom and the Designers that helped us. We got the product and service that we wanted. We are very satisfied with Legacy Kitchens.”

Arpita H, NW Calgary, Nov/13

“Legacy Kitchens was very professional. The cabinets match the plans and there were no mistakes or do overs. I wanted to follow the same blueprint as the previous cabinets, so the measurements and cabinets had to be accurate and they were.”

F Potts, SE Calgary, AB Nov/14

“The kitchen looks great. The timing was good and it was good value, for the money we spent. We had a good experience with Legacy Kitchens.”

C Doering, SE Calgary, Nov/14

“I would recommend Legacy because you hear of other companies that don’t stand behind their work as readily. Legacy stands behind their work and product and therefore I don’t have any issues with recommending them.”

Deerrun SE, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“I would recommend Legacy because Legacy is as advertised – good people who do good work in a professional way. If there are problems, they will fix them and that means a lot.”

Crescent Heights NW, Calgary, AB Dec/12

“Legacy Kitchens was efficient; their scheduling was good; the quality of the product was good; their Designer did a good job of helping me pick the design and mouldings and handles. That was very helpful.”

Fairmont SE, Calgary, AB Nov/12

“Because of the quality of product, also we were very impressed with their follow up in terms of the service. Legacy’s staff were listening and made sure we were totally happy.”

Homeowner in Olds, AB Nov/12

“I would recommend due to the quality of product and Legacy’s workmanship. I got what I expected.”

Homeowner in Langdon, AB Oct/12

“We will recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the Designer interaction we had, the quality of their work and their staff’s attention to detail.”

Edgemont NW, Calgary, AB Oct/12