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JORI Logistics is a family-owned Calgary based logistics company offering boutique customs brokerage, customs consulting and freight forwarding services. JORI specializes in the Canadian and American markets while being able to move goods anywhere in the world.

Operating since: 1992


JORI Logistics

1323 44 Ave NE

Calgary AB Canada

T2E 6L5

Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance


Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance

PHONE: 403-571-3200


What People Value Most about JORI Logistics

After conducting hundreds of detailed client interviews, Client Insight learns a lot about what people like and dislike.</

Our role is to conduct detailed interviews with JORI Logistics’ clients at every stage of their experience. The primary objective of this research is to help JORI continuously improve the customer experience.

This review offers an unbiased summary of what people share. Use the menu to navigate through the list of experience factors.

Experience Factors

JORI Logistics Overview

Client Insight has conducted over 300 customer experience interviews with JORI Logistics’ clients since 2017. Clients often share they would recommend JORI without hesitation and here are some of the reasons:

  • JORI has staff who are easy to work, responsive and care about our success.
  • They are a one stop shop for customs clearance and freight forwarding.
  • JORI has knowledgeable and proactive staff who help us get the paperwork right.
  • JORI staff work hard to save us money and minimize delays at the border.

JORI Logistics is a one stop shop. They can do the entire package, customs and freight. With just one call or email, I can get an entire shipment from the port to our yard. Michele is responsive and great to work with. She always has options for us: from ‘slow and cheap’ to ‘fast and expensive’ and everything in between. She makes it easy. Sarah is good as well and she gets back to me ASAP. JORI’s response times are great, and I find them competitive.
Steve G, Japa Machinery Group, Acheson, AB

I have been working with JORI Logistics for 10+ years. They have always taken care of our international shipments and I am happy. They always get the job done. Shadi H, Marcos Restaurants Equip, Edmonton, AB

I would recommend JORI International without hesitation. They do brokerage clearing with no issues. They get the job done right.
Hartley K, Superior Power Products, Calgary, AB

I would recommend JORI because of their customer service on both importing and exporting product. I find their staff knowledgeable, and easy to deal with. JORI gets the job done, so I don’t have to worry.
Cheryle L, Lowe Mechanical Sales, Calgary, AB

Service Experience

Clients share how pleased they are with the JORI service experience. Specifically, they appreciate that JORI takes the time to understand their needs and ensure shipments don’t end up with extra fees or delays at Customs. JORI’s staff also provide excellent service with quick response time and a personal touch. The expertise prevents costly errors that shippers may otherwise incur.

I would rate JORI at 100%. They know our business inside and out and they do a spectacular job for us. I wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere. Their quality work and ability to act on our behalf is what we need. Their Customs CSR, Sarah, goes above and beyond for us and things run smoothly. She does everything in her power to make things happen and has performed miracles for us in the past.
Brad K, Modern Tool, Calgary, AB.

I appreciate the ease of doing business with JORI. I like to have as few moving parts as possible so JORI makes my life easier. We are a busy company. With JORI Logistics, I don’t ever have to worry about my shipments getting cleared, it just happens. This makes me happy. Jill H, All things Jill Inc, Calgary, AB.

JORI is easy to work with and they get the job done. Their Freight CSR, Gary cares and wants to get our product to customers on time. We communicate very well. I give him a plan a week in advance, and he makes it happen. He lets me know if anything is missing and is available to help.
Sandy B, Aurora Cannabis Enterprises, Edmonton, AB

JORI is consistent, and their staff are accurate and know their business. We have been audited in the past and have never had an issue. Our shipments have low, tight margins; late shipments are very problematic for us. JORI makes sure our product gets cleared and forwarded. JORI is easy to access, and they get what we need done in a timely manner. Every time we have needed JORI they have been there for us. John G, Alberta Tubular Products, Calgary, AB.

I think that Alex with JORI provides amazing customer service. If I have a question, she gets back to me within an hour. If she has a question, she asks me right away and focuses on clarity, so she understands the situation. With Alex, there is no secret cost or secret about what is going on. Nothing is sugar coated, she tells me exactly what is happening.
Kimberly B, Sungold Specialty Meats Ltd, Innisfail, AB

Customer Care

Clients repeatedly tell us that JORI’s staff are pleasant, responsive, and easy to work with. We hear that they are knowledgeable and able to explain technicalities in easily understood language. We often hear about the great service JORI staff provide, going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure material crosses the border and/or is delivered on time.

JORI staff are all very professional and always there to help. Any time I leave a message or send an email, they follow-up ASAP. It supports my business as I only have to ask once and JORI makes it happen. All their staff are good at their jobs and they get things done. Zahid M, Probe Technologies, Calgary, AB.

JORI Logistics makes my job easier, and they make me look good. They get back to me in a way that gives me a clear understanding. JORI is on top of all the CBSA updates on shipping and duty, which helps us save money on duty charges. If we have a crate to ship late in the day, JORI will do what they can to make it happen. Other companies just say, “wait until tomorrow.”
Michael C, TWA Panel Systems, Edmonton, AB

We just completed a big US project. The communication was very good, and everyone was on top of things. There were no issues, and all the touch points were covered. We are very happy with JORI’s service and have had no need to look further. Andrew N, Hallmark Tubulars, Calgary, AB

JORI International is a smaller business but they give us exemplary personal service. Their Freight CSR, Gary, is hands on. This is what gives our staff the comfort to use them. Jonas C, Aurora Cannabis, Leduc, AB.


Sometimes resolving issues with Customs requires a great deal of patience and persistence. Clients share that when problems occur, JORI Logistics’ CSRs step to the plate and work on their behalf to resolve issues. We are regularly informed how easy it is to work with the staff at JORI.

JORI knows what they are doing, and they do it well. They do their best to resolve any issues that arise to expedite our materials. JORI makes things quick and easy. Jitender G, Gaba Stone, Calgary, AB

If there is inadequate paperwork in a truck, JORI takes the time to get the customs people to fix it. They don’t get mad at us. JORI will find what is needed and get the shipment delivered. They do all the work required to get the truck on the road. Other companies just say, ‘no way’.
Tanis B, Kowal Construction, Crossfield, AB

Everyone at JORI Logistics is responsive. I called yesterday because our Shipper did not supply the right paperwork. JORI worked to get it across the border and make things right. They are super easy to work with. JORI staff are friendly and responsive. Jackie M, Wash Pros Inc, Edmonton, AB

JORI does everything very well and they are easy to work with. We have used other companies; JORI was a better experience. I already have recommended people to JORI. Brett, JORI’s Freight CSR, communicates well and he is very responsive. Wes M, Heathen’s Brewing Inc, Langdon, AB


Customers routinely share that JORI Logistics is a company of professionals. We consistently hear that JORI staff are knowledgeable, caring, and professional.

We used JORI International with previous companies we owned. They are always very good, and they have never let us down. I would recommend JORI because of the level of professionalism and care they give.
Jean-Marc V, Foraco Canada, Calgary, AB

JORI is knowledgeable, prompt, and easy to deal with. They look at different solutions for my needs, they help with customs both import and export. JORI staff are all professional and understand the business. They help and look for solutions when I need them. Nicolai P, Cold Bore Technology, Calgary, AB.

JORI has come right to my shop. They have made our overseas and China shipments way easier. JORI has qualified professional staff who are quick to respond. We have had no problems with them and we are happy with their service. They follow up on things regularly and always seem to point me in the right direction. Steve P, Pressure Control Solutions, Red Deer, AB


The value that JORI Logistics provides is evidenced by their clients. They have told us that JORI is a one stop shop for customs and freight. JORI’s clients appreciate JORI’s response times, the ease of doing business and their competitive pricing.

<em>The person-to-person connections within JORI Logistics’ entire group is what I value the most. We feel everyone tries to stay connected. They are consistent with their service and price; JORI has kept their promises, it wasn’t just a sales pitch. <strong>Meri P, JORI Customer, Calgary, AB</strong></em>

<em>We switched to JORI Logistics after being unhappy with a previous provider. We discussed our needs, how we would work together and what wouldn’t work. It has been going great. JORI has been honest about their pricing and there have been no hidden or surprise charges. We have since grown our business and they have treated me fairly. JORI is there when I need them. I also appreciate there are no extra fees for low volume. <strong>Chris K, Vek Environmental, Edmonton, AB</strong></em>

<em>Recently we had parts missing from an order. It was shipped separately, and the paperwork was wrong due to the Supplier’s error. Harprit persisted and called three times to resolve the issue and ensure we had no penalties or problems. This level of follow up is indicative of their service. We are a small company and cannot afford costly errors. To have a company like JORI help us is important and it has been a good experience. <strong>Ben C, Western General Ltd, Wetaskiwin, AB.</strong></em>

<em>My experience so far with JORI Logistics has been great. They really go above and beyond. They are a local company with great service, everyone is good at their jobs and nice to deal with. They have good prices on shipping as well.</em>
<em><strong>Jennifer L, Pipecare Inspection Services, Calgary, AB</strong></em>

<em>JORI provides convenience and consistency in their service. The results I get from JORI are easy and successful. They meet my needs. JORI seems to work well with no issues. <strong>Sanaz A, Genetic Reflections, Lethbridge, AB.</strong></em>


JORI Logistics’ clients convey to us that JORI consistently ensures their shipments are delivered accurately and on time. JORI’s problem solving capabilities make their clients’ lives much easier by getting the job done right.

<em>JORI are consistent, and their staff are accurate and know their business. We have been audited in the past and have never had an issue. Our shipments have low, tight margins; late shipments are very problematic for us. JORI makes sure our product gets cleared and forwarded. JORI is easy to access, and they get what we need done in a timely manner. Every time we have needed JORI they have been there for us. <strong>John G, Alberta Tubular Products, Calgary, AB. </strong></em>

<em>Logistics in general is a nightmare and with the always changing areas such as duty. JORI’s Freight CSR, Brett, makes things easy for us, and he often advises us we have a problem before we even know we have an issue. He is extremely helpful and goes above and beyond for us. We have never had a problem with anything Brett has done for us.</em>
<em><strong>Nathaniel C, Endeavor Technologies Corp., Calgary, AB</strong></em>

<em>What I value is that JORI is prompt and provides excellent service. Our shipments are time sensitive and JORI does a very good job for us. Jackie realizes how critical things are for us and she helps JORI deliver.</em>
<em><strong>Mike M, Livingworks Education Inc, Calgary, AB. </strong></em>

<em>JORI does several things that are important: They are always making sure we get info we need and when we need it. They track our shipments and provide timely delivery of product. </em><strong><em>Glen S, Wilo Canada Inc, Calgary, AB.</em> </strong>


We hear that JORI staff take the time to explain cross border shipping processes to their clients. Customs duties and rates are continually changing but customers say that JORI staff take the time to educate, explain and provide the information they need. We also hear that JORI University seminars and training are valuable and cover relevant topics.

<em>JORI staff respond quickly and are knowledgeable. I go to them for guidance, and they dumb it down so I can understand it. Elaine is very helpful and caring.</em>
<em><strong>Janis B, Impex Solutions, Airdrie, AB. </strong></em>

<em>JORI is a good bunch to work with and they care about people. They are our one stop shop. I love the JORI university as the topics are always current.
<strong>Scott M, Classic Health Supplies, Edmonton, AB.</strong></em>

<em>JORI staff are on top of everything, they help us understand the process and they supply us with the answers we need. JORI knows their business and they are good with their response times. They make everything easier, and they do their job well. Their accuracy is what I really appreciate.</em>
<em><strong>Deidre N, Gibson Energy, Calgary, AB</strong></em>

<em>JORI gets back to us quickly and answers our questions. Harprit is thorough and helps me understand what’s going on. JORI knows our business and they are quick to execute. They are professional and I can trust they will get the job done.</em>
<em><strong>Joanne M, Raven Rescue, Smithers, BC</strong></em>

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NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Wendy R, Lite Industries Inc., Red Deer, AB - Aug 30, 2023

JORI Logistics’ staff are always ready and willing and able to give me what I need to know, and they always respond in a prompt manner. Without JORI we wouldn’t get our product across the border in a timely manner. Their staff are knowledgeable and efficient. Jackie always answers promptly, and if there’s something she can’t help me with she points me in the right direction. Everything they do helps me.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 97%

Travis M, Airborne Energy Solutions, Whitecourt, AB - Aug 10, 2023

JORI helped us expand to the US. I value Shane’s speed when we have multiple aircraft coming and going north of the border. Sometimes we only give Shane 24 hrs notice on big jobs, but he gets it done. I recommend JORI Logistics because of the ease of working with them. They handle everything.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 94%

Clayton C, Xceed Machine Works, Edmonton, AB - Aug 10, 2023

JORI Logistics replies quickly and contacts us if there’s any issue with cross-border shipments. Their staff does an excellent job of communication. Nobody is perfect but JORI is darn near. Beverly is always polite and gets straight to the point. She asks clear questions and there are no grey areas. It’s nice and easy to deal with her. JORI saves us time, and it saves time for the transport companies as well.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 94%

Kai W, HX Industrial Control Corp., Saskatoon, SK - Aug 10, 2023

JORI Logistics does its job well and provides great service. It would be good if they gave more competitive prices though.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 82%

Tory P, General Magnetic Canada, Calgary, AB - Aug 10, 2023

JORI provides great customer service at a reasonable price. Twice, however, JORI declared the wrong currency on shipments from China to Canada. JORI did fix the problems. They helped us to amend the CBSA customs form. JORI Logistics responds very quickly and staff are really professional. The price is also very reasonable. I can count on JORI Logistics.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 85%

Venus, Advanced Upstream Ltd., Calgary, AB - Jul 26, 2023

JORI Logistics is very dependable and we know we can rely on them. We are able to make our customer’s deliveries on time. When we’re doing international shipments, JORI is very good at doing follow up to let us know what’s going on. Because the requirements are not clear to us, we need more advice on international shipments. Our shipments are moved promptly by JORI to their final destination.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Susan M, Abi Mouldings Ltd., Calgary, AB - Jul 17, 2023

JORI Logistics’ services are essential for us to get our material. We started with JORI during COVID and we haven’t had any issues. They are the only company we use for customs brokerage. JORI is knowledgeable about quoting, and we’ve never had any issues with our material crossing the border.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 75%

Nick U, Delcan Products, Fort Macleod, AB - Jul 14, 2023

JORI Logistics has a great streamlined process with their brokerage service. Alex was really helpful with a shipment from Belgium via sea freight and used a lot of her knowledge that I didn’t have. Paul went out of his way to get everything that we needed to figure out the new CARM process, even before I went through the PowerPoint lecture. Having JORI meet our business needs in a more simplified way has been a great help, particularly with exporting to the US.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 67%

Warren P, American Process Group, Stony Plain, AB - Jul 13, 2023

We appreciate that JORI Logistics seems to have people on call all hours of the day. If we have customs issues, they’re usually on it right away. Margaret, Jackie and Kurt are very helpful and knowledgeable. With JORI we get prompt border crossings, and they always seem to have someone available for customer service. Overall JORI is really good. Its just that the Canadian side seems to be more organized with the customs crossings. We have more issues with freight coming into the US.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 78%

Doug S, True Canadian Energy Ltd., Nisku, AB - Jul 10, 2023

Working with JORI Logistics has been a decent experience. They phone back right away and communication has been pretty easy. JORI has looked after my international, overseas and North American shipping and I haven’t had any issues. The prices have been not too bad lately. The speed of service that JORI provides is what I value the most.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 96%

Jason K, Tidewater Midstream And Infrastructure, Calgary, AB - Jun 13, 2023

JORI Logistics was great to work with, providing good support and timely communication. There were no issues, it was all positive. On both the freight and the customs side, I’d give JORI a 5/5. There were some unforeseen issues, but JORI did everything to address them and it all came off very well. There was a lot of value in having JORI make all the arrangements.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

Brandon P, Path Environmental Technology LLC, Houston, TX - Jun 13, 2023

On the customs side, JORI Logistics’ staff are great. They know their stuff and communicate well. There are no problems with the paperwork. The staff only communicate what’s needed and that’s perfect. I just send JORI what I need and then they send confirmation that the load has crossed the border. It’s all straight forward, and the customs paperwork is spot on with JORI.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 100%

JORI Customer, Calgary, AB - Jun 12, 2023

Client prefers not to share their comments online.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 75%

Stacey F, Prop Masters Inc., Airdrie, AB - Jun 8, 2023

JORI Logistics gets 100% all of our customs clearance. We have 3 recurring shipments and they are all set up. It’s working well. JORI’s Customs CSR, Sarah, has been great. However it’s still hard to reach anyone in Accounts Receivable when I phone. We haven’t had any major issues with JORI. They are good to deal with.

NPS Rating: Promoter

Insight Score: 87%

Chantel M, Dynamic Scale Company Ltd., Edmonton, AB - May 17, 2023

We are confident that JORI Logistics will do a good job and all our shipments will cross the border with no delays. We haven’t had any issues with customs clearance. Margaret responds so quickly. Her communication has been very professional.


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