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Affinity Kitchens has retained Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience. Listed to the left, are results from 191 interviews done since January 2015. Click the Affinity Kitchens Customer Reviews link below to find out more.

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The information is compiled from more than 200 customer interviews conducted since May, 2014 by third party, Client Insight Inc.

Affinity Kitchens Customer Reviews

What Clients ‘Value The Most’ From Their Experience With Affinity Kitchens


Above are the top 5 factors that clients value about the purchase experience with Affinity Kitchens.


“Affinity listens to their clients, are easy to work with and they are highly professional. Affinity just seemed to have it together. The installation and scheduling was very good and also communication is a big thing. As the project was moving along it was good to be in contact with them. Also knowing the next steps was helpful. Affinity is just really good at what they do.”

Therese B, Fountain Hills, AZ Dec/18

“It was a smooth process. The project was on time and on budget and we ended up with a good looking product. We are pleased.”

Mike P, Peoria AZ Nov/18

“I really trusted Norman’s opinion and his knowledge and suggestions. I think we really looked to Norman for guidance and he provided it. Affinity said what they were going to do and that is what they did. They were informative, organized and got the work done.”

Sheila Y, Phoenix, AZ Oct/18

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Affinity Kitchens’ Response to Unforeseen Issues

Issues tend to come up on projects that require multi-trades and suppliers. It may not be a question of if, but rather when. Here are some of the stories that show how Affinity Kitchens responds to project issues.


“Where we had issues, Affinity resolved them right away. There were no complaints or push back, they just addressed them and we moved forward.”

Andrea A, Phoenix, AZ Nov/18

“A custom piece was coming off so my Contractor noticed it and called Affinity Kitchens to come out. Affinity resolved the service issues in a timely fashion. Affinity’s Service Tech, Mark worked hard while he was here to get it done. He was so thorough, efficient and professional and his work was excellent.”

Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ Jul/18

“Some of the cabinets that came didn’t have the same color. The errors were from the cabinet manufacturer. But Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, saw that and sent them back. I would have likely lived with it but Tim was not satisfied and I value that. I have to say that the manufacturer lived up to their standard. They said that they would make it right and they did – no questions asked.”

Shane K, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/18

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Affinity Kitchens Overall Impression


The above Chart shows the results of Overall Impression questions asked of Affinity Kitchens’ clients for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 98% of clients interviewed said they were satisfied with the quality of Affinity Kitchens’ products.


“Tim was very good to work with and had great ideas. Tim has remained available after the project and is currently helping me with some backsplash aspects. He certainly went ‘above and beyond’ in his contribution. There is nothing that I can see that Affinity could do better.”

John J, Chandler, AZ Dec/18

“From start to finish, it all went smooth. We went into the showroom and met Theresa and laid out what we wanted. Theresa had lots of positive and constructive input. She worked with us and helped us accomplish what we wanted.”

Mike P, Peoria AZ, Nov/18

“Everyone we worked with from Affinity Kitchens was very professional. Affinity Kitchens’ Project Manager, Jamie, identified all the service concerns and some that we missed. Jamie did an excellent job of the inspection. Affinity Kitchens’ staff really seemed to care about getting it right for us. We had no horror stories. In fact, it was a pleasant experience for us.”

Jerry O, Glendale, AZ Aug/18

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Why Clients Refer Affinity Kitchens to their Friends & Neighbors


Above are the top 5 reasons why clients recommend Affinity Kitchens to their friends and neighbors.


“I would recommend Affinity because pricing was fair, their product is good and they did what they said they would do in a timely manner.”

Kathy B, Paradise Valley, AZ Dec/18

“I most definitely would recommend Affinity and their Designer. In fact, I already have recommended her to friends. They had wonderful customer service, and did everything they could to get the project done right and keep me happy. Even when stressful situations occurred, they dealt with it gracefully. Every inch of the kitchen looks wonderful – it’s rare to find a company that will go the distance they did to complete the work.”

Alana M, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/18

“I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they were on schedule. I have done a lot of projects before and this was smooth. The best part was the relationship with Debbie, their Designer. She did such a good job of listening to our requirements and translating that into a design. She was the one that recommended the General Contractor to us. Debbie went out of her way to answer our questions.”

Mario V, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/18

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Affinity Kitchens Design Experience


The above Chart shows the results of client’s Design experience with Affinity Kitchens for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 96% of clients felt that their Designer took time to listen and understand their needs.


“I want to give a 5+ or 6 out of 5 because Tim is exceptional to work with. He went above and beyond in his creativity. That really affected the outcome in a big way. Besides design, he suggested we move out the sink so there was more space. It is hard to describe but the result is just fantastic. It makes the space more clean. It also provides more space under the sink. It required extra work for the Installers but the result is amazing.”

John J, Chandler, AZ Dec/18

“Norman knows what he is doing and he kept in touch from beginning to the end. They did a great job. I would recommend Norman because of his creativity and his professionalism. Norman is also very kind. He is a great person!”

Andrea A, Phoenix, AZ Nov/18

“Beth was exceptional, she was professional, down to earth and friendly. She wasn’t pushy but she was comfortable telling us what she thought. We had developed a lot of creative ideas ahead of time and she has a lot of experience, so thankfully, she told us what she thought. Her guidance and direction was helpful. She had good perspective for us and that influenced some of our decisions.”

Larry G, Phoenix, AZ Oct/18

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Affinity Kitchens Installation Experience


The above Chart shows the results of client’s Installation experience with Affinity Kitchens for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 100% of clients felt their Installer was professional and easy to work with.


“The Installer was excellent. He was very thorough and demonstrated such care and attention. He was concerned about every detail. Every day, he cleaned up before leaving. He was extremely cheerful.”

Therese B, Fountain Hills, AZ Dec/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer who finished up the installation was really good. He worked with my husband to customize the bottom of some of the cabinets. He was willing to come up with a solution for us and did a really nice job. They were one of the better trades at cleaning up the space. I appreciated that.”

Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ Jul/18

“The installation area was absolutely spotless. Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Gerardo, was pleasant – he was a nice guy. Gerardo was always smiling. He clearly enjoyed what he was doing. He is a craftsman — you don’t find craftsmen anymore. He knew what he was doing and he did it really well. We were lucky to have him. I’d give him a 10 out of 5.”

David B, Scottsdale AZ Jun/18

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