Affinity Kitchens Coordination Experience


This page contains results and reviews from Affinity Kitchen’s clients about of their Cabinet Coordination Experience with Affinity Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Affinity Kitchens’ Clients:

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“Marco, the Coordinator at Affinity Kitchens, was great to work with. He provided the schedule, returned telephone calls and emails in a timely fashion.”

Susan W, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“I talked to Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, and he was good about communicating with my wife. He kept her in the loop.”

John S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, was great as well. He kept me updated when orders came in or if it was running a bit late. Affinity Kitchens as an organization communicates very well. They update the customer but also communicate well internally, among themselves.”

Connie S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“Marco, the Coordinator with Affinity Kitchens, was great. I always knew the who, when, where, what and how. Marco kept us totally on top of things. We knew who was coming when and that was really helpful. It became clear to me that that is part of Affinity’s culture. I own a few businesses myself and have a good number of employees. I noticed that Affinity’s staff really embrace the culture and that says a lot about their General Manager, Stephen. He is a super nice guy.”

Peter C, Fountain Hills, AZ Feb/18

“I think it was very good that Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, and the contractor had a good line of open communication. My contractor knew what was happening at all times. I dealt with him as well. We  communicated by email as opposed to by phone. I had him talk directly with our contractor and that worked well. We communicated by text, email and phone. He was great.”

Roger L, Tempe, AZ Feb/18

“Marco from Affinity Kitchens was very professional. We had to have a cabinet reordered and he was very gracious in getting it done. He was apologetic about it taking longer but he provided us with some options.”

Barbara S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

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“I had built in paper towel holders. Affinity Kitchens had to come up with an idea to keep the paper towels in the center. Marco had good ideas and provided Mark with direction. Besides that, Mark also had some ideas. What I liked is that if I had questions, Marco and the Affinity staff were receptive and open to hearing them. I didn’t feel any ‘push back’ and there are so many details to take care of.”

Shirley S, Phoenix, AZ Dec/17

“Our interaction with Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator is working well. We have no issues.”

Mike C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/17

“We were not here during the project. We worked with a Contractor that Affinity Kitchens suggested. The Contractor put together a schedule and then a while later Marco, Affinity’s Coordinator, called me to say when the cabinets would be delivered. After that, Marco just dealt directly with our Contractor. It is interesting, the Contractor put together a schedule in March and Marco called in June to say when the cabinets would delivered. I looked later and it was in exact alignment with the Contractor’s schedule. Affinity Kitchens was very timely and they got along with our Contractor very well. It was an easy process.”

Vicki C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/17

“Working with Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, was good. I wasn’t in the country during the installation but Marco really kept me in the loop all along. I got back a number of weeks after but Marco was very much available to answer my questions and address any concerns. I had a few lingering questions and he was good about getting back to me. Their ‘after service’ follow-up is really good.”

Gina K, Phoenix, AZ Nov/17

“Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, was very friendly and professional. Affinity is doing the completion on my timeline, not theirs.”

Chris L, Phoenix, AZ Oct/17

“I had one phone conversation with Marco when we were out of town. Affinity Kitchens did what they said they would. The Affinity part of the project was on schedule.”

Jack R, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“Marco, the Coordinator for Affinity Kitchens, was awesome. He stayed in contact and worked delivery dates around to meet my schedule.”

Bob W, General Contractor, Happy Jack, AZ Jul/17

“Affinity Kitchens Coordinator, Marco, was very professional and great to work with.”

Deidra G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/17

“Any time I dealt with Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, he returned my calls and was professional.”

Karen D, Scottsdale, AZ May/17

“It was good to have Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, available. If I was unable to reach Ray, I could always connect with Marco who would answer my questions. I was never left in a vacuum.”

Jennifer B, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/17

“I know my wife talked to Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, who called to confirm the schedule. He did a good job of providing a schedule that explained the timing of the project.”

Homeowner, Mesa, AZ Apr/17

“Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, set everything up. Affinity says what they mean and they mean what they say, particularly timing wise. That doesn’t always happen with other trades or suppliers. Affinity meets commitments.”

Heidi V, General Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“I mainly dealt with Marco at Affinity Kitchens through emails. He was very communicative. He was always professional and easy to work with.”

Susan L, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“I only interacted with Marco, the Coordinator with Affinity Kitchens, by email. He was very thorough.”

Anne G, Mesa, AZ Mar/17

“I would give Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, a 5/5. He kept me informed every step of the way.”

Beth S, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator would always call and let me know the schedule and delivery dates. Their Project Project Manager, Jamie, listened and answered questions. He’s a really nice guy.”

Gene D, Gilbert, AZ, Feb/17

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“We had no issues with Marco, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator. He was easy to work with. He responded to our requests quickly and he was good to work with. We have needed a few adjustments and Marco was quick to take care of it. He handled everything really well.”

Dan & Tricia C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/16

“I would say that Marco is good at his job. We have dealt with our subcontractors for a long time. I would say that Marco is as good as or better than the staff at other subcontractors. It is working well with Marco. If my subs don’t make my life easier, then I don’t use them. I bring them the work, so I want to work with the best. My subs all have to be on top of their game. Affinity Kitchens is on top of their game.”

John B, Bercel Builders Inc., Tempe, AZ Dec/16

“Marco at Affinity Kitchens was wonderful to work with. Whenever we needed to talk to him, he was available. If we needed to make schedule changes, that was no problem.”

Merri R, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“Marco is another delightful person. Every person was more than delightful. It was an exquisite experience.”

Phyllis K, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“The Coordinator with Affinity Kitchens was absolutely professional. He does a good job. Marco is responsive and gets back with complete answers in a timely manner.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“Marco at Affinity Kitchens is great with timelines, scheduling and coordinating the installation. This is important to me as the General Contractor. Marco and I work pretty closely together. We have a good rapport and text each other with updates. With Marco, I can get any problems nipped in the bud.”

Justin R, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/16

“Marco at Affinity Kitchens was very good as well. He would always double check and reconfirm appointments so there was nothing lost in translation. He was trying to move my project ahead. Marco was very accommodating.”

Carol S, Scottsdale, AZ, Jun/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, was very responsive and kept everybody informed.”

Mike H, Paradise Valley, AZ, Jun/16

“Marco at Affinity Kitchens was always professional, calm and worked on any issues and problems to get back to me quickly.”

Robert F, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“Affinity Kitchens has unwavering attention to detail. This is different from virtually every other provider in this area.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“Marco is professional and he is flexible with the scheduling. Either he will bring the cabinets ahead of time or in some cases he will delay delivery and installation.”

Justin, Contractor, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“Marco was outstanding. He was the best person out of anyone involved on the project. He was always on time and everyone he scheduled at Affinity was on time. Affinity was the best of all the Contractors involved, so kudos to them.”

Kristen R, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“I talked to Marco at Affinity Kitchens a lot. He was very helpful.”

Nancy N, Phoenix, AZ Mar/16

“The Coordinator with Affinity Kitchens was informative and helpful. I would give him 100%.”

Patricia S, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/16

“When there were issues on our project, Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator jumped right in and took corrective action. He always provided an accurate time projection. He did what he said he would do and I appreciated that.”

Art A, Fountain Hills AZ, Feb/16

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“I had my contractor deal with the Coordinator at Affinity Kitchens. He said that their Coordinator had done a great job.”

Lisa C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“The Coordinator at Affinity Kitchens did the scheduling. I had no problems or concerns; everything was smooth.”

Rachelle S, Phoenix, AZ Oct/15


“Our cabinets were modern/contemporary and they ended up being stripped – the grains of the wood were showing through the finish. Affinity Kitchens’ Manager and Field Supervisor came out to see the cabinets and agreed with us and said it all had to be replaced. Affinity stood behind it and that made the whole project go right for us.”

Rich G, Fountain Hills, AZ Oct/15

“Like the Designer, the Coordinator with Affinity Kitchens came up with some creative solutions to a couple of items that we decided during construction. He was very helpful in resolving a couple of minor issues. Everything was scheduled appropriately and the work was done according to schedule.”

Dave B, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator was really helpful to work with. We had some money juggling issues but he was really good to work with.”

Mary Jo, Phoenix, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator was great to work with. He was right on top of things.I knew where things stood and that was helpful.”

Cynthia, Cynthia Woody Designs, Scottsdale, AZ

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator and I did pretty much all our work and communication by text. It worked out really well. He was very efficient. I would recommend Affinity Kitchens to anyone.”

Jackie N, Scottsdale, AZ, Jul/15

“The Coordinator at Affinity Kitchens was professional and easy to work with.”

Shannon D, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator was easy to deal with.”

Brooks V, Brooks & Company LLC, Phoenix, AZ Jul/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator was great to work with. He called us when the cabinets were going to be late. I appreciated the call and felt that his communication was very good.”

Dan F, Ittel Contracting, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator did a good job and Affinity is a good company to deal with. On one occasion, I had to follow-up with their Coordinator to see if one of their staff was coming back the same day or the next. He took care of things.”

Tyler, General Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/15

“The Coordinator at Affinity Kitchens was phenomenal. Part of the interaction with him was when we were having challenges talking to our Contractor – it was really frustrating. Their Coordinator got back to us right away. If he had to get an answer, he did and would immediately call me or text me. It was phenomenal.”

John B, Chandler, AZ Apr/15

“I worked with Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator quite a bit and I also hired out the Subs. He was easy to deal with and respectful. When I contacted him, he was responsive and got back to me. He did his best and at one point, tried to get someone to come out on a Saturday. The interactions with him were all positive.”

Jim C, Phoenix, AZ Apr/15

“The Coordinator was a very good representative of Affinity Kitchens. The Contractor that Affinity suggested really set the stage for our schedule to be implemented smoothly. He did exactly what he said he would, he was on time and was right on budget. It was a very good experience.”

Ron & Ruth, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/15

“Affinity Kitchen’s Coordinator was amazing. He was constantly available for me and his communication was very good. I preferred to communicate with him by text and he was alright with that. He was also very patient and kind throughout.”

Dannette S, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“Affinity Kitchen’s schedule helped me understand the timing of our remodel and their Coordinator was pleasant and I had no problems with him.”

Kathy C, Tempe, AZ Feb/15

“My communication with Affinity Kitchen Coordinator was time sensitive, so I appreciated that. His response was immediate.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“My husband was happy with Affinity’s Coordinator and he felt that the Coordinator was good to work with. He contacted us when it was important to connect.”

Tempe Homeowner, Tempe, AZ, Jan/15

“I dealt with Affinity Kitchen’s Coordinator on the timeline. He was available, responsive, helpful and easy to talk to.”

Juliet R, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan/15

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“I find that Affinity’s Coordinator’s communication and diligence to get things done is really great. He returns my calls very well.”

Vicki B, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“I found Affinity’s Coordinator to be very considerate. He was good about returning emails and texts and he tried to make things as convenient as possible for me and my client.”

Sue L, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“It was very easy dealing with Affinity Kitchen’s Coordinator. He returned calls quickly. With scheduling and everything else, Marco remained true to his word.”

Al S, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was excellent to work with. As a Contractor, it was important that he get back to me – and he did. If he didn’t know the answer, he would find out and he always would get back to me.”

Cal C, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/14

“He was great to work with. Affinity’s Coordinator was available and very timely with project information. He was proactive about setting up appointments. He was also diligent about following-up with the little problems that arose during service work.”

Van R, Scottsdale, AZ, Nov/14

“I talked with Marco many times and the interaction was good, very good.”

Jeff H, Phoenix, AZ Nov/14

“I met Affinity’s Coordinator after installation. He met us at the job site to do a walk through and to make sure we were satisfied. Affinity wanted to make sure the end result was what we had envisioned.”

Tony L, Scottsdale, AZ, Oct/14

“Affinty’s Coordinator was very responsive, very accommodating and did a wonderful job for us.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“He communicated well. Affinity’s Coordinator was great to deal with.”

Gina G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“I dealt with Affinity’s Coordinator all the time. He was fabulous. I never had to pick up the phone as he was updating me and keeping me current on the progress. It was amazing.”

Ann L, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was great. He was willing to work with both myself and my Contractor and he was very accommodating. He rescheduled things to fit my schedule.”

Noily P, Phoenix, AZ Sep/14

“Whenever I had any issues I just called Affinity’s Coordinator and he took care of them. He was good to deal with.”

John O, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was very responsive, very accommodating and did a wonderful job for us.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“He communicated well. Affinity’s Coordinator was great to deal with.”

Gina G, Cave Creek, AZ Sep/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was awesome, I loved him. He was extremely responsive and he kept me in the loop and up to date. He had to reorder some material but he stayed on top of it that and worked with my schedule.”

Louse N, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was polite and returned calls to us and our subcontractors. That is all I can really ask. I was frustrated at times during this project but he handled that really well.”

Chris R, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was very good. His schedule helped and he was very flexible.”

Mario R, Cave Creek, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was excellent and good about returning calls. He scheduled the installation and service calls. It seemed that he was at the Designer’s beacon call.”

Ellie K, Phoenix, AZ Jul/14

“There were several things that Affinity’s Coordinator did that were great. He addressed issues that he was not comfortable with. He took issues and turned them into non-issues by resolving them. That was what impressed me.”

Chris H, Phoenix, AZ Jun/14

“Our project all happened when they said it would. Affinity’s Coordinator kept us informed of things, we appreciated that.”

Ceil E, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“I had a lot interaction with Affinity’s Coordinator and I cannot say enough about him and his team. They were fantastic.”

Homeowner, Tempe, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Coordinator was very professional and he keeps me abreast of what was happening.”

Gaby B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“We had a number of problems with our project but Affinity’s Coordinator made sure it was fixed to our satisfaction. We appreciated that.”

Frank R, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“Affinity Kitchen’s Coordinator was thorough and he was on point. He was very cooperative. We had another Contractor involved (besides the cabinetry). The Affinity staff went out of their way to understand and Coordinate with that other Contractor. They also gave us advice and counsel on some issues related to the other Contractor. Collaboration was required at times and Affinity could do that.”

David M, Scottsdale, AZ May/14