What Factors Influenced (WFI) the Purchase Decision from the Pinnacle Group Renovations?


What are the factors that influence Calgary Home Owners to select the Pinnacle Group Renovations Group for their home renovation projects? That’s a question that the Pinnacle Group management team have been curious about, so they hired Client Insight Inc. to have a conversation with their clients to find out. The graph below shows the top 6 factors that lead to a purchase decision with the Pinnacle Group. The reviews below capture the ‘voice of the customer’.

Timeline: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

Here are Reviews of The Pinnacle Group Renovations’ clients:

2017 ↑ Back to top

“We were driving around and looking at open houses. We saw one by Pinnacle Group in Lake Bonavista and liked what they had done so we contacted them.”

Helen S, SW Calgary, Jul/17

“Pinnacle Group came across as being professional. We liked the ideas that the Pinnacle team brought. With Pinnacle, we got a strong impression of a team whereas with a competitor, there was no sense of team at all.”

Geoff S, SW Calgary, Jul/17

“We have worked with Pinnacle Group before and we had a good end result.”

Al S, SE Calgary, May/17

“The fact of the SCC 3 Way Guarantee was big. Pinnacle Group guarantees the start and finish date and that was a big yes for me.”

Angela W, SE Calgary, May/17

“It was really good with Pinnacle Group. Paul attracted us with his warmth and his genuine personality. It was clear that he had integrity and we could tell he knew how to run a business. It was those qualities that attracted us to them. For me, they are significant values and are important. It was also the quality of work that we observed on their projects and the SCC Guarantee.”

Greig S, NW Calgary, May/17

“The way that Pinnacle Group’s Owner, Paul, presents himself and the company is what got our attention. Paul is an easy person to listen to and get along with. It turned out that we made the right decision. We wanted a Renovation Contractor who was trustworthy and reliable. We were spending a lot of time and money, so trust was very important.”

Joe L, SW Calgary, Jan/17

2016 ↑ Back to top

“The fact that we could meet with Velvet before we signed the agreement with Pinnacle Group made a difference. My wife liked Velvet and the other Contractors didn’t have a Designer involved without an upfront fee, so we decided to work with Pinnacle Group.”

Kevin T, NW Calgary, Nov/16

“We have two sets of friends who have used Pinnacle Group before. (One of) our friends did a project 10 years ago when Paul sold and built the projects himself. He couldn’t speak higher of anyone than Paul Klassen. Paul came across a foundation problem and Paul fixed it at largely his own cost. One of Paul’s subcontractors told my friend a key point, “Our standard of work isn’t measured by the Homeowner as much as it is by Paul of the Pinnacle Group. We have to make sure we are meeting his standard and that is the bigger challenge.” In my mind, that is the Contractor you want to do your Renovation. That gave me a really high level of confidence in Pinnacle Group and in Paul.”

Phil L, SE Calgary, Aug/16

“Our decision was based on 3 Pinnacle Group Reno Tours that we were involved with. What helped us decide was the quality of Pinnacle Group’s workmanship that we saw.”

Wendy & Andy G, SW Calgary, Jul/16

“My intention was to call 3 contractors and interview them and get cost estimates. I did call 3 contractors and interviewed Pinnacle Group first. Not sure I should admit this, but after talking with Paul, I didn’t call the others as I knew that I would work with Pinnacle Group. The DNA document that Pinnacle Group has is really good. That is really what sold me on using Pinnacle. That was what really engaged me in the process and interested me in working with Pinnacle Group. Paul also just gave me a sense of confidence and trust. I wanted someone truthful and honest. He is a very honest person and in my books that goes miles.”

Tracy T, NE Calgary, Jul/16

“I think that overall, Pinnacle Group is extremely organized and a very thorough company. That is what I liked about them and the reason I wanted to use them.”

Stacey Z, SW Calgary, Jun/16

“I love Paul and his team at Pinnacle Group Renovations. Paul has been amazing. He is very personable, he is very interested in what we have to say, he listens, he hears our concerns and responds to them in a professional manner.”

Tina S, SW Calgary, May/16

“Pinnacle Group Renovations’ Designer took time to listen and understand “the look” we wanted. She was very diplomatic. The ladies in the office at Pinnacle Group Renovations are great as well. I really enjoyed meeting them and working with them.”

Homeowner, SW Calgary, May/16

“The Pinnacle Group Renovations was very connected with us. We felt there was a personal connection and that really meant a lot to us. The Design DNA was really great – you fill it out before you start with them. I think that was really unique to Pinnacle.”

Satisfied Client, NW Calgary, Mar/16

“I think it was the personalities. I visited their other projects and I think it came down to instinct, intuition and chemistry. I liked Pinnacle Group Renovations’ model as they design and then do the construction. There is collaboration with the Design and the Construction staff – a dialogue and a determination of how things can be done. I like the Design Build model that Pinnacle uses.”

Linda M, NE Calgary, Mar/16

“This is our third renovation with Pinnacle Group Renovations. I used them for the same reasons that I would refer them. If I had another renovation coming, the Pinnacle Group is the only company that I would call.”

Barbara & Jeff R, AB Jan/16

2015 ↑ Back to top

“I mostly went online and looked at websites. I filled in a few response forms and the first company that responded was the first company I dealt with. I liked Pinnacle Group Renovations’ design process and I liked their fixed price approach. We likely paid a bit more but there was no risk involved and that makes it a lot easier.”

Kristina H, NE Calgary, Nov/15

“I liked the process Pinnacle Group Renovations talks about on their website. I liked Pinnacle Group Renovations’ contract and SCC guarantee. They have been around for a while and I also checked them on BBB. Maybe the thing that was most significant was that Pinnacle was interested in customer service and being sure we would be happy in the end.”

Homeowner, Calgary, Nov/15

“Our first meeting with the Renovation Consultant at Pinnacle Group Renovations was very good. We had instant rapport with him and he seemed to know what we wanted as a customer. He was great.”

Jonathan H, SW Calgary, Sep/15

“Pinnacle Group Renovations met with us and they could start the project quickly. We had limited time to deal with things as we wanted the renovation done before we moved in. Their Designer and Renovation Consultant came to the site, so it was effective as far as timing went.”

SW Calgary Homeowners, Apr/15

“We felt that the Pinnacle Group Renovations was interested in having us as Customers and I really got the sense that our vision could be realized with them. It was about what we wanted and not just what they could do.”

Priddis Homeowners, Mar/15

“We had done 2 smaller projects with the Pinnacle Group Renovations about 10 – 12 years ago and it was that experience that brought us back to the Pinnacle Group.”

Byers, SW, Calgary, Feb/15

2014 ↑ Back to top

“I liked what I saw on the Pinnacle Group Renovations’ website and the work they had done. Their Renovation Consultant took me to one of their previous jobs so I could see their work. I liked the workmanship.”

D Dane, NW Calgary, AB Dec/14

“Two things actually, our past experience with the Pinnacle Group Renovations and Pinnacle’s Renovation Consultant gave us advice while we were buying this home. They came in, took a look and provided guidance in the purchase.”

M Brown, De Winton, AB Nov/14

“A big part of it was the recommendation from the lady at work. Maybe the biggest impact was the first meeting with Paul. I immediately knew that things would be good as a sense of trust was built.”

P Budy, Calgary, AB Aug/14

“I went to Pinnacle Group Renovations’ website and noticed the positive customer feedback and that was good.”

C Hughes, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“I wanted a renovation company that had a good understanding of construction as I wanted to move some walls. Another thing I needed was flexibility and willingness to expand the project. I talked to another Renovator and it was clear to me that they wouldn’t be flexible.”

C Hughes, NW Calgary, Aug/14

“Renovation Consultant at Pinnacle Group Renovations was key in our purchase decision. It sounded like they had a systematic process for executing projects and they had the trades available to do it. It was clear that the Pinnacle Group had the commitment to satisfy us as customers.”

Hamptons NW Calgary, AB Apr/14

“The fact that the Pinnacle Group Renovations were willing to take our budget and our vision and come up with a great result. The early interaction with their Renovation Consultant was good as well.”

L McFarland, Calgary, AB Apr/14

“The Pinnacle Group Renovations was working on our neighbor’s place when we moved in. Their Site Supervisor helped us determine the heat loss problem with our house. It was his expertise that took us to Pinnacle.”

P Hart, Dewinton, AB Apr/14

“Pinnacle Group Renovations provided a clear timeline for the project and their Reno Consultant was realistic and clear about how it would work.”

B Robson, Airdrie, AB Mar/14

“It was the work that Pinnacle Group Renovations had done at our neighbors, we liked what we saw.”

B Schmidt NW, Calgary, AB Mar/14

“Pinnacle Group Renovations really talked about how they approach their projects; how the Pinnacle organization functions; how they pick their trades; who we would be interacting with and what input we would need to provide. Pinnacle covered a lot of areas that other renovators didn’t.”

Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB Jan/14

“We talked with a number of companies but once we compared our notes and listened carefully to what each had said, we selected Pinnacle Group Renovations. We had prior experience so we were being careful. The others had a lot of glossy statements that didn’t have any substance. Pinnacle didn’t sell as much as they talked about their process.”

B McGillivray SE, Calgary, AB Jan/14

2013 ↑ Back to top

“I mentioned that we were doing a renovation project to a co-worker and his parents had used the Pinnacle Group Renovations. He said “no no no, you have to talk to Pinnacle Group first”. We talked with their Reno Consultant and that made all the difference.”

Heritage Lake, Dewinton, AB Nov/13

“The SCC Guarantee played a big part in our decision. Pinnacle Group Renovations’ tour was also very influential. It was an opportunity to see their design quality and observe the attention to detail.”

Kelvin Grove, Calgary, AB Sep/13

“It was Renovation Consultant at Pinnacle Group Renovations. He had good knowledge and was very personable. He was amazing. He was fantastic throughout – he never disappeared. We could always talk to him.”

Bearspaw, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“The Pinnacle Group Renovations’ end to end service influenced us. The fact that we didn’t have to manage anything in between.”

Glendale SW, Calgary, AB Jul/13

“It was Paul’s attention to detail and timing that was significant to us choosing to renovate our home with the Pinnacle Group Renovations.”

Lake Bonavista Estates SE, Calgary, AB May/13

“Pinnacle Group Renovations’ website, it is very well done and it shows customer feedback from their customers. Pinnacle’s Reno Consultant was very professional – he was my renovation psychologist. He was awesome! Frankly everyone at Pinnacle is very professional and customer oriented.”

Springbank, AB Apr/13

“Two things sold me on the Pinnacle Group Renovations: 1. A recommendation from a friend. 2. Integrity – that we would get what they committed to. Pinnacle Group’s reputation and word means something to them. In the end it turned out to be true.”

Riverbend SE, AB Feb/13

5 SCC 3-Way Guarantee

2012 ↑ Back to top

“Three things were significant: 1) their Guarantee; 2) Pinnacle Group Renovations’ Design Process (the Showroom and ability to see the designs on a large screen); 3) Pinnacle’s Design creativity.”

Woodbine SW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“It was Pinnacle Group Renovations’ quality of work and what we had heard from other clients.”

Varsity Estates NW, Calgary, AB Jul/12

“We had a referral to the Pinnacle Group Renovations. The guarantee of project completion and their professionalism also influenced our decision.”

Springbank, AB Jul/12

“We signed with the Pinnacle Group Renovations based on a referral as well as the relationship we built with the owner. As part of an employee owned company, I was very comfortable dealing with another owner.”

Lake Bonavista, Calgary, AB Mar/12

“Besides a strong referral, two factors influenced us. First, the ‘Aging in Place’ concept was very important and Pinnacle Group Renovations was interested to make that work. Second, Pinnacle’s approach was to create a living environment that was workable for us.”

Willow Park, Calgary, AB Jan/12

“We choose the Pinnacle Group Renovations because they listened and considered the ‘touchy feely’ aspects. They weren’t as interested in renovating our home as they were in in creating a space that was right for us.”

Willow Park, Calgary, AB Jan/12