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Affinity Kitchens has retained Client Insight Inc. to interview their customers and inquire about the customer experience. These are the results from 298 interviews done since January 2015. Click the Affinity Kitchens Customer Reviews link to find out more.

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What Clients ‘Value The Most’ About Affinity Kitchens
Affinity Kitchens’ Response to Unforeseen Issues
Overall Impression of Affinity Kitchens
Why Refer Affinity Kitchens To Family & Friends
Affinity Kitchens’ Design Experience
Affinity Kitchens’ Installation Experience

Affinity Kitchens Customer Reviews

What Clients ‘Value The Most’ From Their Experience With Affinity Kitchens


Above are the top 5 factors that clients value about the purchase experience with Affinity Kitchens.


“Theresa Franklin was amazing. She was so different from other Designers I have spoken with. She was responsive, and made me feel like a valued customer. She didn’t pressure me either. She returned emails within the hour, even if it was a weekend, or an evening. She showed good follow through. She had great design ideas, and she was easy to work with.”

Emily S, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/19

“Affinity Kitchens Coordinator, Marco, was very thorough, and easy to work with. He had great communication skills. Their Designer, Ray Kant, followed up a lot. Many times he came out to see how it was progressing. He was even here when they installed the counter tops.  What I valued the most was the end result. We have a gorgeous kitchen.”

Wayne H, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/19

“Affinity Kitchens did very good work. They were professional and they completed the project on time. Designer, Tim Huber, was creative, he listened, and he was the selling point. He was easy to work with, and he did an outstanding job.”

Julie G, Tempe, AZ Jul/19

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Affinity Kitchens’ Response to Unforeseen Issues

Issues tend to come up on projects that require multi-trades and suppliers. It may not be a question of if, but rather when. Here are some of the stories that show how Affinity Kitchens responds to project issues.


“Affinity staff went ‘over and above’ the call of duty. They responded promptly. The design by Norman McLash is fabulous. He was the bright spot of our project. We had a misunderstanding with Subzero and I could get nowhere with them. We called Norman and he intervened and made everything right. He just smoothed things out for us. Norman wanted to make sure we were completely happy with the result. I have a very functional kitchen and I cook a lot so that is important to me. I also have a very beautiful kitchen, it is like an art gallery. The result is fantastic.”

Rita V, Carefree, AZ May/19

“Our project was actually done early. A week after the project was done, I noticed 4 other things that needed to be repaired. I thought they would give me some grief about fixing them but they didn’t. They just came and did the work. At the end of the day, it was all good. Affinity’s staff were excellent. They are nice people with great attitudes.”

Veronica M, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/19

“I just believe their product is well finished and the quality is immediately visible. The Design that Ray Kant came up with was great. We have a quirky library/office area and there are only two 90 degree corners. Ray got creative and came up with a good design. But he also listened to my husband and worked with him to determine where the monitor, printer and TV would be. He listened and gave my husband the office he wanted. You can only do that by working with a company like Affinity Kitchens.”

Barbara M, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/19

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Overall Impression of Affinity Kitchens


The above Chart shows the results of Overall Impression questions asked of Affinity Kitchens’ clients for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 98% of clients interviewed said they were satisfied with the quality of Affinity Kitchens’ products.


“From the beginning to the end it was a flawless remodel. Affinity was easy to deal with, and everyone explained in detail what was going to happen and what to expect. I have done other kitchen remodels and it can be very stressful. This one wasn’t.”

John S, Tempe, AZ Oct/19

“This is my second project with Norman McLash. I think Norman understood how I wanted to design my home. My other home was completely different from this one. Two different homes, two different styles, and it is important that as a Designer, Norman was able to come up with totally different ideas to suit each home. I had a great overall experience for the second time.  The product is gorgeous, and the responsiveness of the staff is amazing.”

Kathy W, Paradise Valley, AZ Sep/19

“I am the kind of customer who is slow in making decisions. I appreciated everyone taking time for me. I did not know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want. Beth Martinec helped guide me through the process of choosing options and the current styles, without my feeling embarrassed. I appreciated that Beth went over and above in helping to guide me through the purchase of the hardware that will stand the test of time.”

Julie R, Minneapolis, MN, Aug/19

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Why Clients Refer Affinity Kitchens to their Friends & Neighbors


Above are the top 5 reasons why clients recommend Affinity Kitchens to their friends and neighbors.


“All of their employees are smart, professional, and respectful. Affinity Kitchens is my “go to” place. I would use Affinity again without hesitation. I was so impressed that they took the time, and trouble to find my original plans from 13 years ago. They have an eye for design. They are honest, and stand behind their products. Their products are of high quality, and they are well priced.”

Marla M, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/19

“Beth Martinec listened beyond anyone I had ever met, and she was easy to talk to. We had ideas, she listened, and made recommendations. She would stop by if we had any questions, and we communicated through texts and emails, which made it easy too, it saves so much time. She took the time to make us feel like we mattered. The quality and the craftsmanship of the cabinets were gorgeous. Affinity worked with our budget, and that was appreciated. Most of all they kept their word.”

Kate T, Phoenix, AZ Aug/19

“I would recommend Affinity because of Debbie Miller’s creativity and helpfulness, and the staff’s workmanship and professionalism. Affinity did everything they said they would do and they did it in a professional manner.”

Rita M, Phoenix, AZ Jun/19

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Affinity Kitchens’ Design Experience


The above Chart shows the results of client’s Design experience with Affinity Kitchens for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 96% of clients felt that their Designer took time to listen and understand their needs.


“Affinity Kitchens gets 90% of my business. I always try to go with them, unless my Clients are connected with a different Vendor. I work with Norman McLash, Tim Huber, and Beth Martinec on a regular basis. I really like their Design Service. All of the people are super easy to work with. They take the time needed to get the job done. They always go above and beyond.”

Mark B, Mark Benz Custom Building and Remodelling, Paradise Valley, AZ Oct/19

“Beth Martinec is incredible, I give her a 5+ the whole way. She went above and beyond the realm of her responsibilities to make sure that we were satisfied. Overall they are professional, they really listened to what I was trying to achieve, and they did a good job. We have a beautiful kitchen.  I am doing another project, and I am using Affinity Kitchens again.”

Susanne B, Paradise Valley, AZ Oct/19

“Deborah Vinopal is very easy to work with. I have done a lot of remodels, and this was the easiest. It was a difficult job that was executed seamlessly. It was a retrofit and the cabinets had to be sourced out, and they did an excellent job at matching what was there.  I value the ease in which we got the job done, and completed without complications.”

Mary K, Fountain Hills, AZ Oct/19

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Affinity Kitchens’ Installation Experience


The above Chart shows the results of client’s Installation experience with Affinity Kitchens for the 18 months ending December 31, 2017. For example, 100% of clients felt their Installer was professional and easy to work with.


“Ray Kant actually initiated ideas that I didn’t envision. He saw my project better than I did. I am not experienced in remodels, so Ray was a great help. The Installer, Bill, was great. He even remembered doing the last project here. It is an older house and has its quirks, so it needed some custom fitting. Bill knew his job and did it well. I think the craftsmanship of the remodel is excellent.”

Rita, Fountain Hills, AZ Oct/19

“Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Eric, did a tremendous job. He was always available to answer any comments, or concerns that I had. He was very courteous and took pride in his work. Eric did a great job, and you could see that he really cared. I value the outcome. It looks beautiful. Affinity did what they said they would do, and any issues were resolved very quickly.”

Jason K, Paradise Valley, AZ Aug/19

“I did some research on cabinets companies in Scottsdale. We picked 5 companies to go see. After we met with Beth Martinec, it was an easy decision. Beth was the most professional, most experienced and it felt like she was the one that cared the most. Beth also has a construction background. She had great suggestions and was very helpful in the design process. Affinity has great Installers and the price is right.”

Earl D, Scottsdale, AZ May/19

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