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★★★★★     Diane Drummond | Moon Valley Interiors | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2021

I have been working with Affinity Kitchens for 20 years. They have a beautiful product. Affinity’s staff are a good team. They are cooperative and collaborative. They have a  lifetime guarantee, and the Designers have a good eye to make the best use of the space. Debbie Miller was great and  is a good listener. She takes into account design choices and concepts that I am looking for.  Affinity Kitchens is very good compared to other Suppliers.  My clients get the best service. They are more expensive but they have a better quality product, and that goes hand in hand.

★★★★★     Marilyn M. | Cave Creek, AZ | Mar 2021

From the time we met Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim Huber in person, we decided that we would work with him. He was personable, he answered all of our questions, he was professional, and demonstrated integrity. We were very comfortable with him for the start. The Installer was meticulous. My husband and I were both impressed. We already have recommended Affinity Kitchens. We liked the professionalism demonstrated by everyone involved,  the high end product, and the finished look.

★★★★★     Jean B. | Tucson, AZ | Mar 2021

I had a wonderful experience with every member of the staff at Affinity Kitchens. They have quality personnel who are very skilled, professional, knowledgeable and are meticulous in their work. Affinity has great cabinet options. Tam Newell, Affinity’s Designer, is a fantastic listener and easy to talk to. She has an easy personality and we made an immediate connection. I am a Designer too, we went to the same design school. She is precise with her measurements of the space, which is crucial to a good design. I have a functional and beautiful space. 

★★★★★     Andie C. | Groovy Gardener Interior Design | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2021

I always use Affinity Kitchens. I value the ease of doing business with them. Affinity’s Designer, Debbie Miller, is very creative. She has been designing for a long time, and she knows what she is doing. I always feel confident that by the end of the design process, we are getting the very best. She goes the extra mile. I like that Affinity Kitchens is a one-stop shop. You don’t need to go around, they have everything you need. They also provide the Installers. They make it easy.  I trust Affinity Kitchens.

★★★★★     Will D. | William Diamond Development Corp | Tucson, AZ | Feb 2021

Everyone at Affinity Kitchens was professional and it was all done in a timely manner. Tam Newell, Affinity’s Designer, was very easy to work with. She handled everything for us, and always got back to me immediately if I had  any questions. The cabinets from Affinity Kitchens are great. I was impressed by the speed of the installation. Definitely, I valued the timeliness of the project. It allowed us to stay on time which is important. I would position Affinity at the top for quality and value. They are definitely nice to work with.

★★★★☆     Affinity Customer | Paradise Valley, AZ | Feb 2021


★★★★★     Marie Paule | Phoenix, AZ | Feb 2021

Affinity Kitchens is a level above their competition in their professionalism. The quality of the cabinets and the service is commendable. Their Designer, Debbie Miller, never tried to oversell. She has great problem solving skills, and she is very responsive to the Client’s needs. She is very patient. I really liked working with her. The chances of getting it a 100% percent right in a renovation is zero, but Affinity will work until they get it right. They cost more, but their service is significantly better. 

★★★★☆     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2021


★★★★★     Mark | Mark Benz Custom Building & Remodeling | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2021

Affinity Kitchens is very easy to work with. They offer several different product lines to suit all budgets. They know how to take care of my clients. I have worked with their Designer, Norman McLash, for 5 years now. He gets all my work. He is a very talented Designer and he has never led me astray.

★★★★★     Steve G. | Sun Country Renovations | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2021

Affinity Kitchens has good options, they are organized  and they are great to communicate with. Their Designer, Beth Martinec, is really easy to work with, was very patient on site and overall very communicative. Affinity had the cabinet doors style that I was specifically looking for. They are very good at scheduling their time and they are very efficient. Affinity Kitchens is definitely on the higher end for quality in comparison to other companies.

★★★★★     Carol M. | Flagstaff, AZ | Jan 2021

 I like that Affinity Kitchens have custom made cabinets made to suit me and they are not from a big box store off the rack. The uniqueness of my kitchen is what I value the most. Both Affinity’s Coordinator, Marco, and their Designer, Norman, were prompt in their follow ups and they were always courteous. I have known Norman McLash for a long time. He is always good and kind. He is responsive to my needs and great to work with. 

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Tucson, AZ | Jan 2021



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★★★★★     John B. | Bercel Builders | Fountain Hills | Dec 2020

Affinity Kitchens was professional from start to finish. I worked with their Designer,  Theresa Franklin, in the past when she was at another company. She wouldn’t work for a company that did not have integrity. She is a professional and did everything right. It is a combination of Affinity’s professionalism, honesty, and the quality of their products that I valued the most.

★★★★☆     Taylor L. | Tucson, AZ | Dec 2020

I wanted a contemporary, European style kitchen, and Affinity Kitchens was the only company that offered that. I looked everywhere. The quality of the cabinets is what I appreciated the most. Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Gerardo, was super friendly and he listened. It wasn’t their fault, but because of COVID, the cabinets were not delivered on schedule.

★★★★★     Don S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2020

I really like Affinity Kitchens’ high quality and overall service. Their Designer, Theresa Franklin, did her utmost to ensure that I would be satisfied. Affinity Kitchens did an overall good job.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Tucson, AZ | Dec 2020


★★★★★     S.C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2020

Ray Kant was very knowledgeable. He had great ideas and a wonderful approach. He was always at the job site and very responsive to any concerns I had. He was the one who kept everything running smoothly. I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because of the quality of the staff and the quality of the product.  Everyone was very experienced. 

★★★★★     Tony L. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2020

This is our third remodel with Affinity Kitchens and Debbie Miller. She is very attentive to details. She gave us exactly what we wanted – options on the features, and all the bells and whistles that we would not have any idea about. She kept the ball moving on our project and her Customer Service is outstanding. Affinity did an excellent job with the installation. We were doing our kitchen in knotty alder wood, and there was a piece that was lighter than the rest. They replaced it so that the shades matched perfectly. My home looks like a showroom. When I have people come over they are awed.

★★★★☆     Bob H. | Anthem, AZ | Nov 2020

Ray Kant was very good at showing us the different products, and he offered us different alternatives which was also very good. I appreciated his validating our color and product selections. He has also kept us updated with the schedule. I had several Installers, and they were all fabulous. I like their product. I like their staff. The material delay due to COVID I can accept. My problem is with their supplier who was contracted to do the glass behind my stove. It was measured in August and I heard that they will not deliver the glass until November 25th. Until the glass is set I can’t have my range hood installed.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 2020


★★★★★     Cathy D. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Oct 2020

Tim Huber was one of the best Designers I have encountered. He always had great ideas and listened to our suggestions. He was very good at following up, he has a good appreciation for attention to detail. He returned communication promptly. We loved the creativity and the cutting edge quality of the design. It was beautiful. If there was ever a concern, Affinity Kitchens listened and were happy to find a solution.

★★★★★     Cheryl & John A. | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2020

Beth Martinec was very good to work with, better than the Interior Designer we hired for the job. She had a good rapport with her colleagues and everyone shared their ideas. They worked well together. They made everything easy. We love the product. We show it off all the time. Not the cheapest but, you get what you pay for.

★★★★★     Ken B. | Tucson, AZ | Oct 2020

Affinity Kitchens has a good selection of product lines so you can find what you want. The cabinets came with a horizontal grain that got match-booked together. 4 of the corners were improper, the grain did not flow. On one of the lower cabinets the grain was out between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. They had to reorder them all, and Mark reinstalled them. They came out perfectly. I liked that they fixed problems without a fuss. They just came in and remedied the problem. My kitchen is beautiful.

★★★★★     Diana P. | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 2020

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because of the quality of the product. Norman McLash knows what he is doing. It was a pleasure working with him. We have used Affinity Kitchens before. I have a beautiful kitchen.

★★★★★     Gail Y. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2020

Theresa Franklin was definitely easy to work with. She was kind and patient. She went above and beyond. I had another bid for my remodel and when Theresa took a look at it, she found some huge mistakes and was able to fix it. I already have recommended Affinity Kitchens. The cabinets are well made for their price. I love their product and I love my kitchen.

★★★★★     Joel B. | Tucson, AZ | Sep 2020

Tam Newell was very professional. She had great ideas and was able to present them to be easily understood. Tam followed up and she was always there. She made herself available and made suggestions to make things better. Affinity Kitchens has good quality products. I think everyone is professional and pleasant to work with.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Tucson, AZ | Sep 2020


★★★★★     Paul R. | Tucson, AZ | Sep 2020

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tam Newell was friendly and very nice. Tam showed me something that I liked. The staff at Affinity listened. They were professional. I was not happy with Tam’s recommendation of the countertop people. I think I would have been happier with somebody else. 

★★★★☆     Tom F. | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2020

Debbie Miller was creative and helped us fit what we wanted into the space that we had. She was available and worked hard to keep the costs down to fit our budget while giving us what we wanted. She did a great job working with the builder on a support beam to make it invisible.  Affinity Kitchens’ Coordinator, Marco, was superb at identifying surprises. He caught changes in the architectural drawings and headed off a catastrophe. Affinity Kitchens was thorough, their product is high quality, but they are expensive. The end product is what we value the most.

★★★☆☆     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2020


★★★★★     Kayla W. | Gilbert, AZ | Jul 2020

Debbie Miller was great. I knew from our first interview that she would be the one to help me with my project. I am a Designer, and we just connected. Debbie listens. She is very knowledgeable and always available. Jamie and Debbie were just always available anytime. Mark is the best Cabinet Installer I have ever come across. The General Manager of Affinity Kitchens was great too. He always  made sure I was happy.

★★★★★     Sally C. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jul 2020

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens, I appreciated the design work, the cabinets were of good quality, and they were well made.

★★★★★     Svetta P. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2020

Affinity Kitchens has great customer service and everyone is professional. This is my second time working with Affinity and with Norman McLash. He knows his stuff. Any concerns I had, I took to Norman and they were taken care of. Their Coordinator, Marco, was good too. Everyone was good.

★★★★★     Nancy | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jun 2020

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens on the basis of their integrity, the quality of products and their commitment to do the job right. I have had my whole house redone with Affinity. I love their work. I feel that I got lucky with Norman McLash. He does everything, designing, choosing paint and fabrics, he does it all. Working with Norman is a great experience. He has expertise and exudes kindness. We have a long relationship as he has designed my remodels over the years. I trust him.

★★★★★     Dan S. | Scottdale, AZ | Jun 2020

We did a remodel of our kitchen. There are 3 components to a remodel. The installation, the cabinets, and the design. Affinity Kitchens has all 3 of them. Theresa Franklin was really super in the design. She was very good at using the space effectively, and we got what we wanted.

★★★★★     Paola T. | Tucson, AZ | Jun 2020

The entire experience with Tam Newell, our Designer was satisfying. I had an idea of what I wanted, and Tam was able to help me think about the functionality of the kitchen. The end result is perfect, so is the quality and the craftsmanship. Other companies took my direction, but Tam came up with better ideas, and I appreciate that. I got what I paid for. Everything is beautiful. 

★★★★★     D.C. & Monet D. |   Phoenix, AZ | May 2020

Everyone at Affinity Kitchens was incredible. I was so impressed. It is nice to work with such dedicated people. Nothing in the kitchen was 90 degrees. It is a weird space, and the job was not easy. Debbie Miller, their Designer, knocked it out of the ballpark. In the end, she gave us a beautiful kitchen. I was just shocked at how good Anthony, the Installer was. He matched everything down to a 1/32 of an inch. That is what I call craftsmanship. 

★★★★★     Ryan O. |   Phoenix, AZ | May 2020

Norman McLash was very innovative and very professional at all times. We are very happy with his designs for our kitchen. I would say that Affinity Kitchens does very nice work.

★★★★★     John W. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Apr 2020

Affinity Kitchens are more passionate about their craft, and their craftsmanship standards are very high compared to others I have worked with. For anyone who could afford them, I would say that the finished product is superb. They never leave a job unless you are completely satisfied, and Jamie, their Field Supervisor, has an eye for getting details right that most people would miss.

★★★★★     Andie C. | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2020

I recommend Affinity Kitchens all of the time. Their Designer, Debbie Miller is unbelievable to work with. She pays attention to details, she explains everything to my clients and me about the do’s and don’ts . She always gives us lots of options.  I have used Affinity since 2004. Affinity Kitchens’ people are by far the best. If there is ever a problem, you never have to chase them down. Actually, they point out things that no one else would even see. They know what they are doing, they have been there a long time, and work well together.

★★★★★     KT | KT Tamm Inc | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2020

Norman McLash has been in the industry for as long as I have, and he has a ton of experience in Interior Design. He understands design. Whether it is cabinets for a kitchen, a bathroom, or anywhere in the home, Norman is knowledgeable, and he is willing to go the extra mile as far as design or budget to satisfy. I recommend Affinity Kitchens to Clients and Contractors. I work with Affinity a lot. They are dependable in their product and their ability to deliver. 

★★★★★     Tom L. | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2020

Affinity Kitchens has a quality product and very good service. There was no question of going anywhere else when it came to remodeling our bathroom. Affinity did our kitchen a few years back. What I value the most is the quality of the cabinets. 

★★★★★     David S. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Mar 2020

Debbie Miller was a delight to work with. Debbie’s creativity, her professionalism, and her attention to detail is why I decided to use Affinity Kitchens. I value their expertise. Since I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I appreciated that they were there to guide me. I would strongly recommend Affinity Kitchens if they have the budget for it. They have a beautiful product. Their staff gave me quite an education about their products. They all exceeded my expectations.

★★★★★     Martha S. | Sedona, AZ | Mar 2020

Everything that Affinity Kitchens has done for me has been perfect. I love working with their Designer, Beth Martinec. She listens and she understands. Everything she did was wonderful.

★★★★★     Barbara H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2020

Theresa Franklin was wonderful. She came by our house to show us samples. She was extremely helpful in helping me pick out pulls, and other options. She went above and beyond, helping me choose the flooring, and she also helped to save me money on the appliances by getting me a deal. She was amazing. The people at Affinity Kitchens  are very professional, punctual, and did exactly what they said they would do. We appreciated everyone’s patience, and their professionalism.

★★★★★     Michael T. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2020

Tim Huber really took the time to get to know us, and understand the functionality and design style we were looking for. He then showed us a range of options for us to choose from. He answered all of our questions, and made himself available at every stage of the remodel. Tim was the ultimate reason for our decision to go with Affinity. The end result in the design and functionality of the kitchen is what I value the most.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Paradise Valley, AZ | Feb 2020

This is the second time we have used Affinity Kitchens and worked with Debbie Miller. The first time was such a great experience because she has a feel for what we want and like. She is always on top of things. She has been to the house a few times, and she was still very involved. I met with Affinity’s Installer, Mike, every day and he explained everything. He showed us how things worked and was very professional. Affinity Kitchens’ staff were professional, they listened, and the result was wonderful. 

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Tucson, AZ | Feb 2020

Tam  Newell spent a lot of time refining our original design. The kitchen is the most important room in the house, and we relied on her expertise. She referred our Contractor to us, and then stayed on top of the project to make sure everyone was on the same page. She was very professional, service oriented, she knows her stuff, and is a nice person to deal with.  Affinity Kitchens is reliable. They stand by their timeline, and are competent in doing this scope of work. Affinity Kitchens follows through, and it was wonderful to do business with them.

★★★★★     Gina C. | Cave Creek, AZ | Jan 2020

During the remodel there were a couple of pieces that did not fit right. Affinity Kitchens’ staff did everything they could to resolve the issue. They finished ahead of schedule. They are professional, and stand behind their product. The design process was exceptional. Theresa Franklin was professional and personable. We liked her knowledge and her ability to listen. She made changes and additions efficiently.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 2020


★★★★★     Barbara T. | Tucson, AZ | Jan 2020

I think the suggestions that Tam Newell gave were excellent. They were ideas I hadn’t thought of. She made very good suggestions, and she was there when I needed her. Everyone was very helpful. They were all professional, and made sure things were to my satisfaction.


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★★★★★     Lesley T. | Glendale, AZ | Dec 2019

When I first called Affinity Kitchens, they put me in touch with Theresa Franklin. Then I went to meet her and got a good feeling from her pleasant disposition.  I had a budget, and Theresa was respectful of that. I thought Theresa was amazing. She went above and beyond. Theresa introduced us to everyone at Affinity, even in the back office.  I value the expertise of the team, and I am delighted with my kitchen.

★★★★★     Devon E. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2019

We just clicked with Norman McLash. He had very good ideas, and was experienced enough as a Designer to know how to listen to our needs and come up with an appropriate design. The cabinets are high end, and the staff are experienced and meticulous in their work.

★★★★★     Faith M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2019

Affinity Kitchens have a good cabinet selection. Their staff are professional and knowledgeable. The cabinets are absolutely beautiful, and Theresa Franklin did an incredible design.

★★★★★     Cindy R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2019

Affinity is the best at what they do. Theresa Franklin really listened to find a way to achieve my vision. She was attentive to what my needs were, she understood what I wanted, and she guided me, to help me get the look I wanted. Theresa is very professional, and very detailed, and that is the mark of a good Designer. I have done many renovations before, and I can tell when somebody knows what they are doing. Their Installer,  Mike, demonstrates attention to detail, and he got it right the first time. He thought things through, and he involved me in the process. I appreciated his honesty. 

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2019

Debbie Miller is a very good listener. I have worked on projects with her in the past, and I like her flexibility when working with me, and my Designer. She never stops working on the project until it is right. I had done 5 bathrooms, and a full kitchen remodel, all with Debbie as the Designer. I like Affinity’s creativity and their attention to detail. I value their wonderful products.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2019


★★★★★     Mark B. | Mark Benz Custom Building and Remodelling | Paradise Valley, AZ | Oct 2019

Affinity Kitchens gets 90% of my business. I always try to go with them, unless my Clients are connected with a different Vendor. I work with Norman McLash, Tim Huber, and Beth Martinec on a regular basis. I really like their Design Service. All of the people are super easy to work with. They take the time needed to get the job done. I have seen them spend an extra 20 to 30 minutes to make sure it is done right. They always go above and beyond.

★★★★★     Susanne B. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Oct 2019

Beth Martinec is incredible, I give her a 5+ the whole way. She went above and beyond the realm of her responsibilities to make sure that we were satisfied. Overall they are professional, they really listened to what I was trying to achieve, and they did a good job. We have a beautiful kitchen.  I am doing another project, and I am using Affinity Kitchens again.

★★★★★     John S. | Tempe, AZ | Oct 2019

From the beginning to the end it was a flawless remodel. Affinity was easy to deal with, and everyone explained in detail what was going to happen and what to expect. I have done other kitchen remodels and it can be very stressful. This one wasn’t.

★★★★★     Mary K. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Oct 2019

Deborah Vinopal is very easy to work with. I have done a lot of remodels, and this was the easiest. It was a difficult job that was executed seamlessly. It was a retrofit and the cabinets had to be sourced out, and they did an excellent job at matching what was there.  I value the ease in which we got the job done, and completed without complications.

★★★★★     Rita | Fountain Hills, AZ | Oct 2019

Ray Kant actually initiated ideas that I didn’t envision. He saw my project better than I did. I am not experienced in remodels, so Ray was a great help. The Installer, Bill, was great. He even remembered doing the last project here. It is an older house and has its quirks, so it needed some custom fitting. Bill knew his job and did it well. I think the craftsmanship of the remodel is excellent.

★★★★☆     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2019


★★★★★       Steven G. | Phoenix, AZ  | Oct 2019

We have worked with Tim Huber at Affinity Kitchens on a previous project. He was very efficient with his time.  I valued the showroom and the design process. The quality of the work also stands out for me.

★★★★★     Marla M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2019

All of their employees are smart, professional, and respectful. Affinity Kitchens is my “go to” place. I would use Affinity again without hesitation. I was so impressed that they took the time, and trouble to find my original plans from 13 years ago. They have an eye for design. They are honest, and stand behind their products. Their products are of high quality, and they are well priced.

★★★★★     Emily S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2019

Theresa Franklin was amazing. She was so different from other Designers I have spoken with. She was responsive, and made me feel like a valued customer. She didn’t pressure me either. She returned emails within the hour, even if it was a weekend, or an evening. She showed good follow through. She had great design ideas, and she was easy to work with.

★★★★★     Wayne H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2019

Affinity Kitchens Coordinator, Marco, was very thorough, and easy to work with. He had great communication skills. Their Designer, Ray Kant, followed up a lot. Many times he came out to see how it was progressing. He was even here when they installed the counter tops.  What I valued the most was the end result. We have a gorgeous kitchen.

★★★★★     Kathy W. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Sep 2019

This is my second project with Norman McLash. I think Norman understood how I wanted to design my home. My other home was completely different from this one. Two different homes, two different styles, and it is important that as a Designer, Norman was able to come up with totally different ideas to suit each home. I had a great overall experience for the second time. I am very happy with the outcome. The product is gorgeous, and the responsiveness of the staff is amazing.

★★★★☆     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2019


★★★★★     Jason K. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Aug 2019

Affinity Kitchens’ Installer, Eric, did a tremendous job. He was always available to answer any comments, or concerns that I had. He was very courteous and took pride in his work. Eric did a great job, and you could see that he really cared. I value the outcome. It looks beautiful. Affinity did what they said they would do, and any issues were resolved very quickly.

★★★★★     Julie R. | Minneapolis, MN | Aug 2019

I am the kind of customer who is slow in making decisions. I appreciated everyone taking time for me. I did not know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want. Beth Martinec helped guide me through the process of choosing options and the current styles, without my feeling embarrassed. I appreciated that Beth went over and above in helping to guide me through the purchase of the hardware that will stand the test of time.

★★★★★     Kate T. | Phoenix, AZ | Aug 2019

Beth Martinec listened beyond anyone I had ever met, and she was easy to talk to. We had ideas, she listened, and made recommendations. She would stop by if we had any questions, and we communicated through texts and emails, which made it easy too, it saves so much time. I am sure she is quite busy, but you would never know it. She took the time to make us feel like we mattered. The quality, and the craftsmanship of the cabinets were gorgeous. Affinity worked with our budget, and that was appreciated. Most of all they kept their word.

★★★★☆     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2019


★★★★★     Julie G. | Tempe, AZ | Jul 2019

Affinity Kitchens did very good work. They were professional and they completed the project on time. Designer, Tim Huber, was creative, he listened, and he was the selling point. He was easy to work with, and he did an outstanding job.

★★★★★     John R. | Phoenix, AZ | Jun 2019

Everything with this project went smooth. Affinity is just as good as they were ten years ago when we did our first project. We got exactly what we wanted. Norman McLash came up with a design that we would not have imagined. I was clear with our budget and Norman delivered on schedule. I will recommend them because of that.

★★★★★     Rita M. | Phoenix, AZ | Jun 2019

I would recommend Affinity because of Debbie Miller’s creativity and helpfulness, and the staff’s workmanship and professionalism. Affinity did everything they said they would do and they did it in a professional manner.

★★★★★     Rita V. | Carefree, AZ | May 2019

Affinity staff went ‘over and above’ the call of duty. They responded promptly. The design by Norman McLash is fabulous. He was the bright spot of our project. We had a misunderstanding with Subzero and I could get nowhere with them. We called Norman and he intervened and made everything right. He just smoothed things out for us. Norman wanted to make sure we were completely happy with the result. I have a very functional kitchen and I cook a lot so that is important to me. I also have a very beautiful kitchen, it is like an art gallery. The result is fantastic.

★★★★★     Donna G. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2019

We strongly believe that you get what you pay for but Affinity’s standard exceeded our grandest expectations, we are very happy. Working with Affinity is seamless and painless. They make the process so easy. We have done a few remodels and we knew what to expect but our Affinity experience was just so easy.

★★★★★     Susan P. | Carefree, AZ | May 2019

Ray Kant is superb, he is an expert Designer! I am very, very happy with Ray because he thinks about more than just the kitchen. He considers how it will fit into the whole house. I really appreciated that about him. I have already recommended Affinity. Everyone who sees our kitchen talks about how gorgeous it is. I am most happy with the end result.

★★★★☆     Paul H. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2019

Clearly, Debbie Miller knows exactly what she was doing. She knows the product well and how it would come together and so she provides good guidance along the way. She knows potential issues and could steer us as far as appliance selection. I would recommend Affinity because the service I received was good, the design was thoughtful, the installation was professional and the timelines were met. If I were Affinity, I would want to understand their Supplier’s QC technique as it appears to need some attention.

★★★★★     Earl D. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2019

I did some research on cabinets companies in Scottsdale. We picked 5 companies to go see. After we met with Beth Martinec, it was an easy decision. Beth was the most professional, most experienced and it felt like she was the one that cared the most. Beth also has a construction background. She had great suggestions and was very helpful in the design process. She went above the call of duty with her perspective and input on design. I would definitely recommend Affinity Kitchens to others. Affinity has great Installers and the price is right.

★★☆☆☆     Affinity Customer | Scottdale, AZ | May 2019

The design was great. The project started off really well. I don’t want to take away from the Designer, but he knew when we needed to be done and he didn’t manage his time appropriately to accomplish it. Ultimately, we have a good result and it is done but the process was just too drawn out. We have done projects before, perhaps not this big, but this project just took too long.

★★★★★     Mike T. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2019

Affinity Kitchens’ showroom is ‘state of the art’. I had worked with Affinity on a project about 10 years ago. A lot of things have changed in the industry but Affinity’s customer service is as good as it was 10 years ago. Tim Huber is knowledgeable, capable and personable, and Affinity’s quality meets and exceeds your expectations.

★★★★★     Veronica M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2019

Our project was actually done early. A week after the project was done, I noticed 4 other things that needed to be repaired. I thought they would give me some grief about fixing them but they didn’t. They just came and did the work. At the end of the day, it was all good. Affinity’s staff were excellent. They are nice people with great attitudes.

★★★★★     Robin H. | Phoenix, AZ | Apr 2019

I have recommended Affinity because they are easy to deal with. They were also helpful, knowledgeable and reliable.

★★★★★     Mona N. | Phoenix, AZ | Apr 2019

I value Tim Huber’s vision the most. He was observant and came up with a design that neither I nor my architect could come up with. His work is magnificent and it was a pleasure to work with him. Tim has a lot of skill. We ended up with a great result.

★★★★★     Holly F. | Scottsdale, AB | Apr 2019

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because Affinity’s operations group has amazing customer service. I already have recommended them to a friend.

★★★★★     Jan | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2019

Tim Huber is fabulous. He really listens, is very responsive, and is a joy to work with. He is very professional, very creative and a terrific person. If someone was looking for a new kitchen, I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because I had a great experience with them and with Tim.

★★★★★     Nancy N. | Lakewood, Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2019

Norman McLash’s talent was especially appreciated because of how difficult our space was. We have an older home and so every inch mattered. Norman was able to balance the beauty and the function and work with the space to come up with a beautiful result. It is breathtaking. We couldn’t have everything but Norman wanted us to have as much as possible. He did a great job.

★★★★★     Jeff B. | Fisher Custom Homes | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2019

We have a working history with Affinity. I am happy with Affinity and we will definitely work with them and Ray Kant, their Designer, again. We were pleased with the quality of the installation.

★★★★★     Andie C. | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2019

The project was done on schedule. That is why I go back to Debbie Miller and to Affinity. They bend over backwards to get things done right. I like working with Debbie because she is complete, precise and is very creative. She can come up with a good design with any space that I give her. I do recommend them because they are so professional. All of Affinity’s staff are personable and enjoyable people to work with.

★★★★★     Barbara M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2019

I just believe their product is well finished and the quality is immediately visible. The Design that Ray Kant came up with was great. We have a quirky library/office area and there are only two 90 degree corners. Ray got creative and came up with a good design. But he also listened to my husband and worked with him to determine where the monitor, printer and TV would be. He listened and gave my husband the office he wanted. You can only do that by working with a company like Affinity Kitchens.

★★★★★     Nancy N. | North Mountain, Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2019

I think Debbie Miller as an individual is professional. She has a lot of knowledge and she took the time to listen to what I wanted. She did hand drawings that were beautiful before she handed them off to the AutoCAD people. I think anyone would be pleased with the outcome if Debbie did the design.

★★★★★     Carol C. | Phoenix, AZ | Feb 2019

Norman McLash is just an extraordinary talent. I couldn’t have ever imagined that my kitchen would look this good. He takes the time to get to know you and understand your personality and how you use the space. The cabinets are truly designed for you and how you live. He came up with a design that I wouldn’t have thought of in a million years. It is really spectacular. Norman has an ability to re-envision the space.

★★★★★     Kristine R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2019

We have an outstanding result. We have a couple of real cool features in our kitchen that are not that common. One is a 4′ tall tambour door system that facilitates an appliance garage that is just wonderful. Theresa Franklin made suggestions and gave me lots of freedom to adjust along the way. It is just perfect!

★★★★★     Charmaine D. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2019

I would recommend them because I like the quality of product and Affinity’s service. I got my original kitchen cabinets with Affinity back in 2006 and I have had no issues. I walk into my kitchen and fall in love with the cabinets every day. The design and product quality are very good, so I went back to Affinity for my bathrooms.

★★★☆☆     C.T. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2019

Affinity had the best price and I really liked Beth Martinec and her approach. My cabinets are beautiful. The sad thing was that the issue was really not Affinity’s fault. The soffit needed to be redone and that was not their doing. Affinity has great employees and I think the only thing limiting them is the matter of organization.

★★★★★     Ron C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2019

I love working with Debbie Miller. This was the second kitchen she has done for us. She is phenomenal, very personable and very thorough. Debbie is talented and exceptionally thorough. I have done custom homes worth up to $2M to $3M and I have never worked with someone who could match Debbie’s skill and talent.

★★★★★     Mark B. | Mark Benz Custom Building & Remodeling | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 2019

I will absolutely recommend Affinity because Affinity’s Designers provide drawings, they do the installation, they are moderately priced and they are good to work with. Their quality levels align with my projects.

★★★★★     Gary S. | Chandler, AZ | Jan 2019

Ray Kant was excellent. He took more than enough time, he was willing to change the design a number of times for us. Without him, we couldn’t have got it done and we don’t think we would have gotten the great result we got. Ray was completely engaged from beginning to the end. I think without Ray it wouldn’t have finished the way the project finished.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jan 2019

I would recommend both Affinity and Beth Martinec because working with Beth was easy. It took months of planning but once we got connected with Beth, she really dialed in and got us what we wanted.

★★★★★     Heather | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2019

It was an overall good collaboration with Tim Huber and I valued that. He gave us the guidelines we needed. What was most important to me was function. But I got a design that is beautiful and attractive. My kitchen has clean lines, is functional, classy and looks great. The function of it is overall outstanding. I completely trusted everything that Tim did and I looked for his recommendation and guidance on a bunch of things.

★★★★★     Sally E.   | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2019

All of Affinity’s staff are fabulous. I have never worked with a company where all their staff are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, personable and understanding of a person’s needs. I cannot say enough good things about them.

★★★★★     Mike AZ | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jan 2019

Beth Martinec was excellent. She listened to us, made drawings and gave us ideas. We viewed her schematics, she had it picture perfect and then we had more asks. We had 4 or 5 episodes like that and Beth was good about it. When we went back home in May, we gave Beth the keys and we showed up in October to look at it. It is now beautiful.

★★★★☆     Affinity Customer | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2019

I love my kitchen. The Contractor that we were referred to by Affinity was great. I am very pleased with the end result. I have a beautiful kitchen that is very functional but the path was not quite what I had hoped for.

★★★★★     Svetta P.   | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2019

Absolutely, I would recommend Affinity because I love working with Norman McLash. He is a good guy, he is creative and our personalities match. The personal side is important too. I am highly satisfied, Affinity has done an awesome job.

★★★★★     Betsy P. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2019

We had problems with a few drawers, but Affinity resolved them quickly. We are very pleased. Affinity resolved any issues that we had along the way. Our high gloss contemporary cabinets are beautiful.


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★★★★★     John J. | Chandler, AZ | Dec 2018

The contribution and expertise of Tim Huber, the Designer, and Anthony, the Installer. They were great. I would certainly work with both Tim and Anthony again. I cannot say enough about them, they are exceptional. There is nothing that I can see that they could do better.

★★★★★     Kathy B. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Dec 2018

I would recommend Affinity because pricing was fair, their product was good and they did what they said they would do in a timely manner.

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Paradise Valley, AZ | Dec 2018

Affinity’s Designer was excellent. I found him to be very creative. He totally responded to my desire to be more economical.”

★★★★★     Affinity Customer | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 2018

Beth Martinec delivered exactly what we were after, so she did a great job of the design. I dealt with Marco, their Coordinator, quite a bit. He was really good. I think he helped us build trust in Affinity after Beth made the hand-off. He was always following up before stuff was delivered or people came to site. For us, that was really good. No one came to our site without us knowing. Everything was scheduled.

★★★★★     Therese B. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Dec 2018

Theresa Franklin is wonderful. Initially, Theresa just listened and I valued that a lot. She listened to everything that we were thinking about regarding this remodel. After she understood, she made some creative suggestions with very detailed explanations that were great that we hadn’t thought about. Theresa gave us exactly what we wanted.

★★★☆☆     Affinity Customer | Paradise Valley, AZ | Dec 2018

There are some things they could have communicated better. The Coordinator only communicated by email and I found that difficult. Affinity’s product quality is good and their response is good. I would recommend Affinity but I would tell them my story. The product is good product and the delivery is on time. I now have a lovely kitchen.

★★★★★     Andrea A. | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 2018

Norman McLash knows what he is doing and he kept in touch from beginning to the end. They did a great job. Where we had issues Affinity resolved them right away. There were no complaints or push back, they just addressed them and we moved forward. I would recommend Norman because of his creativity and his professionalism. Norman is also very kind. He is a great person!

★★★★★     Mike P. | Peoria, AZ | Nov 2018

It was a smooth process. The project was on time and on budget and we ended up with good looking product. We are pleased.

★★★★★     Bunny K. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2018

I would definitely recommend Affinity because I had no issues. We made some changes during planning and Deborah Vinopal was good with that. Deborah was very patient and we ended up with a nice result.

★★★★☆     Chrissy W. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2018

Initially I got an Installer who was not very good and I was not very impressed. Stephen, the General Manager, came and talked to me and said that he would get a different Installation team. He sent Mike and Mike’s helper out and that was Affinity’s saving grace. Mike was amazing. He did a really good job. Actually everyone from Affinity did a great job after Mike was here.

★★★★★     Larry G. | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 2018

Beth Martinec was exceptional, she was professional, down to earth and friendly. She wasn’t pushy but she was comfortable telling us what she thought. We now have one of the best kitchens you can have. It is truly because of her input and knowledge. We have a showroom level kitchen and it has changed our whole house.

★★★★★     Alana M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2018

I most definitely would recommend Affinity and their Designer. In fact, I already have recommended her to friends. They had wonderful customer service, and did everything they could to get the project done right and keep the customer (me) happy. Even when stressful situations occurred, they dealt with it gracefully. Every inch of the kitchen looks wonderful – it’s rare to find a company that will go the distance they did to complete the work.

★★★★☆     Ron P. | General Contractor | Flagstaff, AZ | Oct 2018

Affinity Kitchens did a good job and their Installer was good. If I was doing a project near or in the Valley, I would connect with Affinity Kitchens and Theresa Franklin, their Designer. I am happy overall and I have no complaints.

★★★★★     Sheila Y. | Phoenix, AZ | Sep 2018

I would recommend Affinity both for the quality of product and professionalism of their service. And I would recommend Norman McLash because he was a pleasure to work with. He would offer suggestions and also listen to what we wanted. He would make a suggestion and then ask us for feedback. It was really easy to work with him.

★★★☆☆     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2018


★★★★★     Jerry O. | Glendale, AZ | Aug 2018

I have been putting this remodel off for quite a well. My challenge was finding the right people for the job. Affinity Kitchens were the right company with connections to a group of highly trained professionals. Our project turned out very well.

★★★★☆     Homeowner | Phoenix, AZ | Aug 2018

I really enjoyed working with Ray Kant as he was the glue in the whole project. I found their recommended Contractor to be unpredictable, so hopefully that feedback can get back to them.

★★★★★     Mario V. | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2018

The best part was the interaction with Affinity’s Designer, Debbie Miller. She did such a good job of listening to our requirements and translating that into a design. She went out of her way to answer our questions and provide helpful resources.

★★★★★     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2018

Everything is great. We are happy with the cabinets and Affinity’s Designer, Norman McLash is the best.

★★★★★     Valerie L. | Phoenix, AZ | Jul 2018

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens for many reasons. It was Affinity’s thoroughness, the schedule and the good job of installation. Affinity did all the service and follow-up to complete any outstanding issues. It was all done in a timely manner.

★★★★★     Julie G. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2018

We have had experience working with other Contractors before, but Affinity Kitchens is unique. They do what they say they are going to and they do it in a conscientious manner. Theresa Franklin, their Designer, had good direction and advice. She was also meticulous with her measurements and that was a good indication for me. Affinity provides good quality cabinets and we are extremely happy with the final result of our project.

★★★★★     Shane K. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2018

Our project is very unique. The Design is great and the product is just as good as if it came from Italy. The price is much lower though. I would only do another project with Affinity Kitchens.

★★★★★     David B. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2018

Affinity Kitchens made the whole process painless and most importantly, we love what we have. Norman McLash was terrific. I knew that Norman was the perfect Designer because he was low key and he was sensitive to what we wanted. We also liked that he was very willing not to go high end. He was willing to work with us and provide what we wanted.

★★★★★     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2018

I would refer Affinity Kitchens for two reasons: I liked the Design done by Ray Kant, and I love the end result. I now have a gorgeous kitchen.

★★★★★     Tom C. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2018

Affinity Kitchens delivered the products that fit with our tastes. They sold us what we wanted as opposed to selling us what they wanted to sell us. This is the reason that the Affinity experience surpasses a lot of service industries. I can call Norman McLash or Marco their Coordinator, and tell them I want X, Y or Z and they will get it for me and I don’t have to be concerned. That is what Affinity did for me and why I would recommend them.

★☆☆☆☆     Homeowner | Paradise Valley, AZ | May 2018

Yes, I believe there is value in giving feedback. It’s hard to say whether Affinity Kitchens will learn from it though. If they take the feedback to heart and react, it could help them out.

★★★★★     Shelley B. | Cave Creek, AZ | May 2018

We got so much more accomplished with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman McLash, compared to another company’s Designer we had worked with. It came together much more quickly. We had regular appointments and he helped me make choices.

★★★★★     Rita B. | Fountain Hills, AZ | May 2018

I was totally satisfied with Affinity. The quality was amazing. They looked after everything and found little issues and solved them. The things that Ray Kant found out for me were amazing.

★★★★★     Amy G. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2018

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because of quality of the installation and the quality of cabinets. Theresa developed a wonderful design and the installation team’s workmanship was great. Our cabinets are beautiful.

★★★★★     Lynn H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2018

We have been treated incredibly well by the staff of Affinity Kitchens. In the Affinity world, we are always treated with respect, and for us that is huge. Stephen, the General Manager, should be proud of his team and the culture that he has developed – to never show discrimination.

★★★☆☆     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2018

The work that was done was done very well and professionally but I am not happy with the way the new cabinets lined up with my existing cabinets.

★★★★★     Susan W. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2018

I thought that Beth Martinec was great to work with, she was excellent. She is personable, she met our timelines and I really like the design she helped us create. In the end, we have a beautiful kitchen, so I am very pleased.

★★★★★     North Scottsdale Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2018

I found Affinity staff to be easy to work with. They followed through on their commitments and they stuck to their timelines.

★★★★★     Phoenix Area Contractor | Fountain Hills, AZ | Apr 2018

As far as the treatment in the show room, the Affinity staff are friendly and their showroom is top notch. The rest of their process is good. This is the level of quality I want to deal with.

★★★★★     Connie S. | Rio Verde, AZ | Mar 2018

I valued their communication and that everything just clicked. Everyone who sees my kitchen thinks it is beautiful. I always tell them who did it and who was involved. I will be giving them more referrals.

★★★★★     Biltmore Homeowner | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2018

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because the result was good and my experience was positive as well.

★★★★☆     Fountain Hills Homeowner | Fountain Hills, AZ | Mar 2018

We had good customer service with Affinity and we have beautiful wood cabinets. To be honest though, we have a problem so if they could resolve it, it would make a big difference for us. Thanks so much for calling.

★★★★★     Tierra Bella Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2018

Everything went well with my remodel. There were a few small problems but they all got fixed. I enjoyed working with Theresa Franklin. Overall, I couldn’t be happier, it all went very well.

★★★★★     Verde Village Homeowner | Rio Verde, AZ | Mar 2018

Tim Huber was able to do more for us than just the kitchen design. He knows what is going on in today’s market and he was able to point out light fixtures and other items that helped us. It was clear that Tim cares as he wanted to help us achieve the best result we could have. He is a good guy!

★★★★★     Bob P. | Phoenix, AZ | Feb 2018

I would refer Affinity Kitchens because of their quality of service, design and product. Designer, Norman McLash is a great guy. I value his expertise tremendously. He was really creative and seemed to understand what we wanted.

★★★★★     Peter C. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Feb 2018

Beyond the materials and people, Affinity does the simple thing that no one else seems to do and that is communicate. I have a philosophy that says whether you do something right or wrong just communicate, communicate and communicate. I could pick up my phone right now and text Norman McLash, Marco, Jamie or Stephen and expect to get a response within 1/2 an hour. That is exceptional communication.

★★★☆☆     Mario of MOS Building | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2018

I would work with them, everything was good except for the timeline. Affinity’s Designer Debbie V. was wonderful, she is good at what she does.

★★★★★     Village Estates Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2018

Debbie Miller, Affinity’s Designer, was very nice and very, very helpful. I enjoyed working with her very much. She was easy to get a hold of and went out of her way to respond. She was willing to do some ‘hand holding’ and that made a huge difference for us.

★★★★★     Roger L. | Tempe, AZ | Feb 2018

I valued Theresa Franklin’s approach to offering a solution and service as opposed to making a sale. She really worked at getting us a good design solution. She was interested in us and that was significant. In our minds, Theresa is tremendously awesome.

★★★★★     Brett H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2018

I have to say that Affinity’s staff are better than others. If I go back to Mike, the Installer, for an example, he was great. I would love to have him as part of my staff. He is a craftsman and he is a good person, you just cannot find those type of people anymore. Mike is trained, he is helpful and I cannot say enough good things about him – he is very good.

★★★★★     Georgette R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2018

Yes, we are satisfied. Everything was excellent, we have no complaints and the result is top notch.

★★★★★     Nancy S. | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 2018

Beth Martinec, Affinity’s Designer, really listened and then got after things. After we told her what we were looking for she researched options and came up with solutions. One of Affinity’s cabinet displays in the showroom was similar to what we wanted, so it was good having that as a reference point.

★★★★★     Barbara S. | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 2018

Besides the fact that I would recommend Affinity because of their quality of product, they offer excellent workmanship. They set up a timeline for the project and communicate with staff and customers very well. We always knew what was happening next. That made the project much easier.


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★★★★★     Shirley S. | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 2017

I guess what I like is they are responsive, organized and they answered all my questions. I liked that they got back to me and delivered on time.

★★★★★     Lorelei S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2017

We have worked with Debbie Miller three times. She is pleasant, patient and she listens. Debbie puts together amazing designs and we work well together.

★★★★☆     Cimarron Hills Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2017

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens and I am pleased with the end result. There is one thing that I would change but that likely isn’t any problem for Affinity. Debbie Miller, their Designer was good, I would give her a 10.

★★★★☆     Mike C. | Scottsdale Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2017

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens, if we have the right customer. On a different note, Affinity’s Designer Beth Martinec is a really good listener. She is receptive to client’s thoughts and ideas but also shares her ideas. She has good insight and suggestions and she is not afraid to speak up when she believes that something is not a good idea. That is helpful for us.

★★★★★     Andie C. | Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2017

I recommend Debbie Miller because she goes the extra mile to make the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room special for the specific client she is working with. She comes up with ideas for her clients that no one else would have thought of.

★★★★★     Gina K. | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 2017

I liked the ‘one on one’ with Affinity’s Designer Beth Martinec and how in-touch she was with our project. I never felt that I was not being heard and I was pleased with that. We made a number of small changes and adjustments but that was no problem for Beth.

★★★★★     Beth P. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Nov 2017

Affinity Kitchens did a great job. I like their level of customer service and the quality of their product. Working with Debbie Miller is a wonderful experience.

★★★★★     Vicki C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2017

I have done other projects in other homes and I have never had the ease that I have had with this remodel. I was gone and that is the best way to do it. If I ever had questions, I called, and they answered. Affinity’s Designer, Debbie Vinopal had great ideas.

★★★★★     Kasia S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2017

I’d recommend Affinity because of the integrity of the company. They really strive for the best. They may have slipped but they really wanted to recover and make you happy. The quality is amazing. It’s the integrity and pride in what they do that matters a lot to me and they exceed in those things.

★★★★★     Chris L. | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 2017

Affinity’s Designer, Ray Kant was excellent. He realized where our price point was and he didn’t try to up-sell us. We didn’t want to make any many major changes. He was excellent and I really enjoyed working with him.

★★★★★     Diane B. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2017

I think my recommendation is more due to the horror stories you hear about others. Affinity has good quality and they did address any communication issues in a professional way.

★★★★★     Susan P. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Sep 2017

I valued that Affinity Kitchens wanted things to be as close to perfect as possible. Their standards are so high and they do everything to meet those standards.

★★★★★     Mark A. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Sep 2017

We couldn’t have done our remodel without Affinity’s Designer, Tim Huber and we wouldn’t have done it without him. He made it easy to decide what we wanted. He would come over whenever we needed him. He even met us at other stores to look at furniture. Tim helped us through the entire process. When people see our kitchen, they are amazed at how beautiful it is.

★★★★★     Jack R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2017

We were satisfied and Affinity Kitchens had some of the nicest people that we dealt with on the project. They are fairly expensive but that wasn’t an issue.

★★★★★     Susan P. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Sep 2017

During the design phase, I changed my mind a few times but Affinity’s Designer, Theresa Franklin was always patient. I might be different than most people because I wanted a lot of input, but Theresa listened even if it didn’t meet her design aesthetic. For Theresa, the adage of ‘the customer is always right’ was upheld.

★★★☆☆     Gainey Ranch Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2017


★★★★★     Deidra G. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2017

Affinity Kitchens is timely, professional, they have a good product and innovative ideas. All the people that I worked with were pleasant and they made sure there were no issues. If anything came up, they resolved everything immediately. Affinity’s Designer Debbie Miller was amazing. She had a lot of really good ideas and didn’t settle on just anything. She was always coming back with something better than I thought it could be.

★★★★★     Diane D. | Contractor | Phoenix, AZ | Jul 2017

We’ve done business with Affinity for 20 some years. They are thoughtful, provide good service, we really like working with Stephen K. It’s a really good business. Also, Debbie Miller is a good designer with great ideas.

★★★★★     Bob W. | Contractor | Happy Jack, AZ | Jul 2017

Professionalism. Affinity did what they said they were going to do. It’s really their professionalism that I value.

★★★★★     Karen D. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2017

I value that I got really, really good work from Affinity Kitchens. It is also the availability of their staff to answer questions along the way. I liked the ideas and suggestions that Theresa Franklin and others gave.

★★★★★     Rebecca O. | Prescott, AZ | May 2017

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens. Some of the issues that I had were just bad luck, some were weather and some were the Supplier. Working with Theresa Franklin their Designer was great and Jamie did what he could to make sure I would be happy with the end result. Theresa spent a lot of time with me and she always responded to my questions and emails immediately. I am two hours north of Scottsdale and she responded immediately.

★☆☆☆☆     Windermere Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2017


★★★★★     Karen D. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2017

Affinity’s Designer, Theresa Franklin is spectacular to work with. She is detail oriented, knowledgeable and very precise. She is a perfectionist when it comes to design.

★★★★★     Jennifer B. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2017

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because of their quality, their attention to detail and their level of customer service. They are also timely, they come when they say they will. You cannot ask for much more than that. The Affinity staff are courteous and great to work with. I am fairly easy going but a kitchen or a bathroom is a tough project to do. I was ready to start cooking again after the six weeks. Affinity made the project easy and I am very happy with the result.

★★★★★     Susan H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2017

Cabinets are a product that you can purchase in many places. But the big difference with Affinity Kitchens is their Designer’s and Installer’s level of experience, their expertise and their commitment to quality and customer service. Affinity wants their customers to be satisfied for years after. The entire experience is fantastic and that starts from the moment you walk into their showroom.

★★★★★     Homeowner | Mesa, AZ | Apr 2017

I would have no qualms recommending Norman McLash as a Designer.

★★★★★     Susan H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2017

Debbie Miller is amazing and on any future projects, I will want her on my team. She has a significant knowledge of the product; a strong commitment to design and function; significant attention to detail; good response time and she solves complex problems with space.

★★★★☆     Tempe Homeowner | Tempe, AZ | Apr 2017


★★★★★     Scottsdale Builder | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2017

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens to our upper level clients. Their product is high quality.

★★★★★     Jennifer B. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2017

It was a great result overall. I value Affinity’s attention to detail and their level of customer service. They showed up when they said they would and they were good about returning telephone calls. That is a big one for me.

★★★★★     Kurt J. | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2017

Affinity Kitchens did a very good job. It was Virginia’s recommendation, and meeting with Norman McLash, talking to him and seeing his prior results, that influenced our decision to work with Affinity.

★★★★★     Matt L. | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2017

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Debbie Miller, was awesome. She went above and beyond to meet our timeline and to help us think through this complex situation. If there were any problems, she sent people out to get it resolved. Our cabinets look great.

★★★★★     Anne G. | Mesa, AZ | Mar 2017

I’d recommend Affinity for a lot of reasons. Theresa Franklin their Designer was great and easy to get along with. She had a lot of good ideas. I get more compliments on my kitchen than any other part of my house. Affinity staff are friendly, they try to go above and beyond and the customer comes first.

★★★★★     Susan L. | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2017

Mike and Mark with Affinity Kitchens were both very helpful and creative in working with our difficult design. Mark even suggested an additional support for a hanging cabinet. It was definitely needed. Mark went above and beyond. The Affinity portions of the project were on schedule as much as they could be. There were some delays from other contractors that caused delays for Affinity. Affinity was accommodating of the delays caused by others.

★★★★★     Heidi V. | General Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2017

Affinity Kitchens says what they mean and they mean what they say, particularly timing wise. That doesn’t always happen with other trades or suppliers but Affinity meets commitments. Affinity are the best people to go to. I’ve worked with them for years.

★★★★★     LeAnne Z. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2017

Once the old cabinets were removed an issue arose. Tim Huber, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer came out immediately and helped modify the design. It was a good experience.

★★★★★     Maro V. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2017

Affinity did everything they said they would do. When we went to their competition, we immediately realized the quality difference. Affinity Kitchens has a high level of quality and their showroom is much better. For us, it was very important that we could touch and feel the product. Affinity’s showroom sold the project. We went to a lot of different Suppliers and with many of them, there were 5 different options but with Affinity, they have a least 40+ door styles. They let us bring our floor selection and casements and compare it to the colors in the showroom. It was really good.

★★★★★     Beth S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2017

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim Huber was a wonderful fit. He was a 5+++. Not only did Tim listen, he would think and then make really thoughtful suggestions based on what I had said. His ability to listen to what we were looking for was significant. He was very thoughtful and had some really good ideas, once he was in our home. He came up with some really smart solutions. He understood our complete building envelope so well that things were done that other Designers would not have thought of.

★☆☆☆☆     Scottsdale Home Owner | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2017


★★★★★     Gene D. | Gilbert, AZ | Feb 2017

Affinity Kitchens’ Service Technician, Mark, came to finish the project when the replaced cabinet arrived. Mark did a super job with finishing the project. He did all the crown molding and finishing work. He cleaned up and took cardboard with him. I can’t say enough good things about the people at Affinity.

★★★★★     General Contractor | Phoenix, AZ | Feb 2017

I am satisfied with everything at Affinity Kitchens and have been using them for 25 years.

★★★★★     Dan H. | Cactus Pine | Phoenix, AZ | Jan 2017

Affinity Kitchens did everything done that I needed done. They jumped through hoops for me. I was behind the gun to get the cabinets in and they made it work. It was my fault that we had to rush, but they made it work.

★★★★★     Tina W. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2017

Mike Simons is truly an exceptional craftsman. We had a problem getting our wine cooler to fit. Mike was able to get a solution without having to take out the cabinetry. It was an elegant solution, cost effective and brilliant. Mike is a real craftsman. He’s not just installing the boxes that are delivered. He was able to solve the problem pretty simply, with a minimum of material and time. Others don’t have that ability.

★★★★☆     Desert Mountain Contractor | Desert Mountain, AZ | Jan 2017

Affinity Kitchens delivered when they said they would and as represented.

★★★★★     Scottsdale Home Owner | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2017

The personalization that Affinity Kitchens offers is great!

★★★★★     Jan E. | Desert Mountain, AZ | Jan 2017

I thought Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Ray Kant was easy to work with. He really helped with the process and placement decisions in my kitchen. Ray was good!


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★★★★★     Andie C. | General Contractor | Paradise Valley, AZ | Dec 2016

I do recommend Affinity Kitchens. I have worked with other cabinet suppliers and their installation is really shoddy work. They scuff up the cabinets and complain a lot. With Affinity Kitchens that never happens as they almost go overboard to make sure that everything fits correctly. It is really good to have a Supplier like that.

★★★★★     John B. | Bercel Builders Inc. | Tempe, AZ | Dec 2016

The Project Manager with Affinity Kitchens, Jamie, went above and beyond. He noticed some things that we didn’t even notice, and so we had three sets of eyes inspecting it. Anytime we pointed out something to Jamie, he just acknowledged it and didn’t ask questions – he just took care of it.

★★★★★     Tom C. | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 2016

It was an extremely easy experience for us working with Affinity Kitchens. We are in Dallas, Texas and this is our ‘get away in the dessert’ place. We were not on site, so we were managing it remotely and it worked. We were traveling back and forth and there were no wasted trips. I think that they have a lot of customers who would have done bigger projects than ours but I don’t believe they would have any customers who are more satisfied than us with the end result.

★★★★★     Brian B. | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 2016

Affinity Kitchens provided what we asked for, their pricing was fair and it was exactly what we wanted. Affinity Kitchens did what they said they would do. They followed up and everyone was very friendly when they did. If a company does what they say they will do and gets the timing right, then everything usually goes really well.

★★★★★     Scottsdale Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2016

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because I am confident that they will not disappoint me or my friends. I would feel very comfortable recommending them. I know that I could stand behind it and be proud to recommend Affinity. It also comes right down to you calling me for an Interview and to get feedback. It really screams that Affinity is a top-notch company. And working with Ray Kant their Designer was great.

★★★★★     Dan & Tricia C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2016

Working with Norman was great. He was patient, he came to our place and looked at what we wanted to do. He came to examine some problems we had and he took care of everything. I felt really comfortable working with Norman and I was happy with the end result.

★★★★★     Jan H. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2016

Affinity Kitchens took care of everything and they were easy to work with. They did what they said they would do. At times they were a bit slow but maybe that is what it takes to get a quality job. They provide good quality and they are very particular about getting it done right. Craftsmanship and fast, don’t go together. They did a very good job.

★★★★★     Phoenix Suns Fan | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2016

We would recommend Affinity Kitchens because we are just very happy with the way it worked out.

★★★★★     Patty H | Troy, OH | Dec 2016

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they were professional. Their work and product are outstanding. Affinity’s Designer, Debbie Miller came over and worked with putting the mouldings in place. We were very pleased with the way she guided that. The whole project was kind of easy for us.

★★★★★     Scottsdale Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2016

Yes, I think there is value in giving feedback, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent the +40 minutes talking with you. If I was managing Affinity Kitchens, I would want to learn what I do wrong and what needs to be fixed. I am happy to give the feedback. This seems to be real and seems to be something that will get back to management and taken in the right manner.

★★★★★     Merri R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2016

It was a great experience working with Affinity Kitchens. I wanted a turn-key operation and that is what Affinity delivered.

★★★★☆     Denise C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2016

Affinity Kitchens is easy to work with – if issues come up, they just fix them. It is really the ease of working with them, that makes the difference.

★★★★★     Robert S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2016

It was the overall quality of work from Affinity Kitchens that I valued and getting what I thought I would get.

★★★★★     Diana K. | Phoenix, AZ | Nov 2016

Stephanie is what I valued the most from Affinity Kitchens. We had a complicated design and her involvement and suggestions were amazing.

★★★★☆     Denise C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2016

Norman from Affinity Kitchens always had creative ideas. We worked with him on our kitchen remodel and this project was a bathroom remodel. I would work with Norman again and again and again because he is easy to work with and comes up with very creative ideas. What works well is that he comes up with a wide range of costs so you can determine where you want to fit.

★★★★★     Steve S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2016

Yes, I’d recommend Affinity for two reasons: 1. Stephanie’s experience is very good. She has designed kitchens for 15 years and she really knows her stuff. That’s important to me. Stephanie brought up things that I would have forgotten about. 2) Their woodworking guys are really good at making things that are made of wood. My project has nothing to do with kitchen cabinets. Stephanie said that Affinity builds anything that can be built out of wood. If it were not for Bob’s recommendation, I would not have thought of Affinity. I’d recommend Affinity for any thing built of wood.

★★★☆☆     Scottsdale Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Nov 2016

We valued the design advice from Norman. Norman recommended a fabulous General Contractor and that wrapped the whole project together.

★★★★★     Hugh C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2016

I value their level of dependability. We had an issue come up and the owner of Affinity Kitchens was willing to work with us. He recognized the issue and that we were disappointed and worked with us to resolve it. We were pleased with the quality of the work and the design.

★★★★★     Phyllis K. | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2016

I’m in love with the material and the look and everyone else loves it too. It was the ability, talent and the personal interaction with everyone that made a difference. It was a marvelous experience working with Affinity. Anyone going through construction knows there are some inconveniences. These people were so reliable, responsible and pleasant. I made a couple of change orders along the way and no one ever said it would be a problem. The Affinity people were so professional and had consideration for the client’s needs and wants. Affinity people appreciate the beauty and perfection of what they do.

★★★★★     Hugh C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Oct 2016

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa Franklin came to our house to take measurements and gave us some ideas. That was helpful and her ideas were good. I would recommend Theresa. The design was good.

★★★★★     Scottsdale Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2016

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they are professional, responsible and they did what they said they were going to do.

★★★★☆     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2016

It was Affinity Kitchens’ honesty and integrity that I valued most. We had no unpleasant surprises on this project.

★★★★★     Kara P. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2016

I have referred people to Affinity Kitchens already. Working with Debbie was good and I appreciated her honesty and willingness to work with us. She gave us a functional kitchen that looks great and it didn’t break the bank in the meantime. I haven’t had a better interaction with any other Vendor.

★★★★★     Justin R. | Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2016

Affinity Kitchens’ employees take more pride in their work. They are craftsman and build more into the kitchen. They don’t just install, and that’s the reason the overall design looks so good. Jamie of Affinity Kitchens does all inspections and either myself or the Homeowner is there with him. He is good at explaining what he is looking for and why something might need to taken care of. Jamie goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers.

★★★★★     Mike H. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jun 2016

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman McLash was involved and wanted the project to succeed. It was clear that he was not just selling cabinets. Norman really got himself involved in the project.

★★★★★     Contractor | Phoenix, AZ | Jun 2016

I will say that when issues came up, Marco got involved and he was easy to work with. Affinity did the best job they could. Overall, it all worked out pretty good.

★★★★★     Carol S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2016

Affinity Kitchens’ efficiency and knowledge were really good. I had such a good experience with Affinity and my kitchen is beautiful. Everyone who sees my kitchen is amazed.

★★★★★     Helen B. | Phoenix, AZ | Jun 2016

I will say there was one panel beside the fridge that was wrong. So that had to be reordered by Affinity Kitchens and Mike was meticulous to make sure that everything was done just right.

★★★★★     Robert F. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2016

I’d recommend Affinity Kitchens because of the quality, the inspections conducted during and after installation and the customer service. There were no problems. I can’t imagine going to a Box Store and then trying to deal with seven different contractors.

★★★★★     Tina W. | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2016

The fact that Affinity Kitchens can do everything that they did made a difference. I interviewed others who just wouldn’t be able to handle the job as well as Affinity. It’s unusual to get it right the first time or make it right in the end. Affinity has a service level that sets them apart from others who provide this type of service. I think they have a warehouse where they check everything and ensure quality control.”

★★★★★     Simone G. | Bermuda Dunes, CA | May 2016

It’s the professionalism of the people we encountered at Affinity Kitchens. Also, we have the confidence that they stand behind their product.

★★★★★     Stuart M. | Phoenix, AZ | May 2016

I believe Affinity truly cared about satisfying my goals and providing the best cabinets that could be delivered. I believe that. They cared from start to finish. I’d recommend Affinity to everybody. They did a very nice job. Everybody involved did a good job. There were a couple of issues that got resolved.

★★★★★     Justin | General Contractor | Scottsdale AZ | Apr 2016

I really appreciate working with Debbie Miller at Affinity Kitchens and the vision she provides. We are really able to collaborate together, and it feels like the projects have unlimited boundaries – she knows how to design kitchens and she knows what I can accomplish – we work well together. Lots of good ideas from Debbie Miller and lots of good collaboration.

★★★★☆     Kristen R. | Scottsdale AZ | Apr 2016

I’d recommend Affinity because they stand behind their product. It’s not cheap, but when there were damaged pieces or something needed adjusting they were right there. I’d rather pay a little more and get it right.

★★★★★     Chuck W. | Scottsdale AZ | Apr 2016

There were unforeseen issues because pieces came in damaged and needed to be coordinated with existing counters. The project was more complex than Affinity could have anticipated. It wasn’t on schedule, but that didn’t matter. There were a lot of last-minute tasks due to damaged pieces. The project took longer, but I didn’t care as long it worked out perfectly in the end, which it did.

★☆☆☆☆     Home Owner | Phoenix, AZ | Apr 2016

The design is a 5 and functionality is a 3. The execution did not turn out well.

★★★★☆     AJ | General Contractor | Phoenix, AZ | Apr 2016

Yes, I have worked with Sally for the past 10 years. She is good and she listens to what I want. As a Kitchen Designer, Sally is really good at what she does.

★★★★★     Nancy N. | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2016

I would recommend Affinity just because Norman McLash, their Designer was so talented and so nice. He really was creative.

★★★★★     Jim C. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Mar 2016

I have been contracting for 40 years. Every company has issues and challenges. I am sitting here right now and everything has been resolved by Affinity. That would not be the case with every cabinet company out there.

★★★★☆     P & G | Paradise Valley, AZ | Mar 2016

We are happy with the end result. I have lived in this house for 40 years and we have done a few renovations over those years, but we have never taken it down to the studs like we did on this project. I think we spent our kids inheritance. Norman McLash is a splendid gentleman and is extremely knowledgeable.

★★★★★     Patricia S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2016

They exceeded my expectations and the result is beautiful. Yes, we are going to do another project with Affinity Kitchens.

★★★★★     JK | Cave Creek, AZ | Mar 2016

Theresa Franklin Affinity’s Designer did an excellent job for us. I really appreciate the quality work that Affinity did and we are happy with the end result.

★★★★★     Beth B. | Scottsdale AZ | Feb 2016

On the inspection, the Project Manager even noticed things that needed to be resolved that I hadn’t even seen. He had a really high standard. Anything that was not right initially was fixed up and resolved.

★★★★★     Art A. | Fountain Hills AZ | Feb 2016

Overall, we got an exquisite design. Theresa Franklin, Affinity’s Designer was responsive, very detail oriented, and insightful. We had an outstanding experience with her.

★★★★★     Cheryl N. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2016

Affinity Kitchens are honest and they are very efficient. I met with their Designer, Debbie Miller and we really clicked.

★★★★★     Nick P. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jan 2016

Affinity stands behind their product. If something is wrong on delivery or install, it is fixed and there is no question about it.

★★★★★     Bob N. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2016

It wasn’t a perfect project, but Affinity’s Coordinator is attentive to detail. When we had issues, they were dealt with.

★★★★★     Home Owner | Cave Creek, AZ | Jan 2016

We are completely satisfied with the job they did and we love the result.

★★★★★     Scottsdale General Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2016

We are completely satisfied, and we could recommend Affinity Kitchens because their Designer, Theresa Franklin is good to work with. She is fantastic.

★★★★★     Nick P. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jan 2016

The most important thing is that they resolve anything that comes up along the way. Errors and mistakes are a given in this industry – what was important to me is that Affinity acknowledged the errors and fixed them. Affinity just resolves everything.


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★★★★★     Michelle C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2015

While the cabinets were being installed, I was back in Illinois and a problem occurred. Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa got together with my Contractor and resolved the problem. It was likely a miscommunication, but the problem got fixed and there was no impact on me. Theresa took care of it and it didn’t cost us another dime.

★★★★★     Lisa C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2015

The quality of work was excellent. I felt that Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa Franklin and the rest of the staff delivered a project well above my initial expectations.

★★★★★     Jan G. | Scottsdale, AZ | Dec 2015

Affinity Kitchens has quality products and great customer service.

★★★★★     BH | Phoenix, AZ | Dec 2015

I don’t think you can give Ray Kant, Affinity’s Designer a high enough mark. He was a pro all the way through the project. We are extremely happy.

★★★★★     JK | Fountain Hills, AZ | Nov 2015

Affinity Kitchens stands behind their work. If any question or problem comes up, Affinity Kitchens is “Johnny on the spot” to get it resolved. They have done everything necessary for us and they are very concerned about quality.

★★★★★     Lucia M. | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 2015

In a nutshell, Affinity’s quality of product was good and their service was excellent. Beth was great to work with and overall it was a good experience, so that is why I would recommend them.

★★☆☆☆     Phoenix Homeowner | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 2015

In my mind, the project is not done so a score of 60 to 65% is about right. I think that the project could go to 80% quite quickly, if they can finish it up. I also want to reiterate that I don’t think that I met or found a more honest, authentic, conscientious or thoughtful businessman than Stephen their Owner.

★★★★★     Rich G. | Fountain Hills, AZ | Oct 2015

Our cabinets were modern/contemporary and they ended up being stripped – the grains of the wood were showing through the finish. Affinity Kitchens’ Manager and Field Supervisor came out to see the cabinets and agreed with us and said it all had to be replaced. Affinity stood behind it and that made the whole project go right for us.

★★★★★     Rachelle S. | Phoenix, AZ | Oct 2015

Affinity Kitchens Designer, Tim Huber is a genius and we would never work with anyone other than him. I had some challenging things I wanted to do in my laundry room. It took some ‘out of the box’ thinking but he made it work and fit together. I wanted a lot of things in a small space. Everyone who saw it (plumber, electrician), could not believe that he could make it work. He was able to accomplish a great design.

★★★★★     Lauren B. | Ernesto Garcia Interior Designs | Phoenix, AZ | Sep 2015

“We have indeed recommended Affinity Kitchens, mostly because of the staff. They made it easier for us to complete the project. That is worth a lot to us.”

★★★★★     Jan C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2015

At one point, we had a drawer malfunction and Affinity came in and got it resolved. It was easy to get that fixed with Affinity Kitchens.

★★★★★     Janet P. | Scottsdale, AZ | Sep 2015

We appreciate the quality of Affinity Kitchens’ cabinets and work.

★★★☆☆     DB | Paradise Valley, AZ | Sep 2015

I love the finished product that I have now, but I wouldn’t want to go through that experience again.

★★★★★     Mariza D. | Phoenix, AZ | Sep 2015

I will give Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim Huber is a 5++ out of 5. He came up with some really neat ideas that we never thought of. He went out of his way to look at the house and see how the kitchen could tie in with the rest of it. He was very creative and walked around the house and talked about flow from room to room.

★★★★★     Dave B. | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2015

Not only did each person do their job professionally with consideration and courtesy, but they also all had a concern for the overall vision. They wanted the final product to be exactly what we were looking for. They were all focused on that ultimate goal of satisfying us. In the end, that is what counts.

★★★★★     Paula C. | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2015

Affinity Kitchens’ Project Manager was the perfect person for the job – he was excellent at it. When there was a problem with a cabinet, he said ‘they would do whatever was required to make it right.’ That is what I wanted to hear. He took 100% responsibility, even when he found it was a problem with the countertop and not the cabinet. The end result is that Affinity got the issues resolved to my satisfaction.

★★★★★     Carla K. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Aug 2015

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Beth Martinec was very good. I would recommend her and I see her as a definite asset to the Affinity team.

★★★★★     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug 2015


★★★★★     Mary Jo | Phoenix, AZ | Aug 2015

The Service Technician was already addressing small issues before I even noticed them. It is now beautiful. He dropped a panel and had already ordered a new one before I even talked to him about it. I was impressed that he addressed the problem without hesitation.

★★★★★     Brooks V. | Brooks & Company LLC | Phoenix, AZ | Jul 2015

Affinity Kitchens is top notch. Everyone in their organization is at the top of their game. It feels good to work with a company that you can rely on and that gets you excellent results. I also found their Designer, Tim Huber to be very helpful and approachable. He is easy to be around, he is not pushy.

★★★★★     Cynthia W. | Cynthia Woody Designs | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2015

There were a few issues as a result of the General Contractor. Affinity Kitchens’ staff did an exceptional job at fixing it up. They added detailed wood paneling and got it all fixed and installed on site. Affinity had to go ‘above and beyond’ to make things work. I found that the whole team did that together. They had to reorder some panels for a tub deck because our GC didn’t build according to the plan.

★★★★★     Ginny M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2015

I am just totally happy with the kitchen as it now is. It is so much better than what we had. Now, it is just plain beautiful!

★★★★★     Shannon D. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2015

There were some issues that I had determined from the design phase that needed to be addressed. Some problem solving was required and Affinity Kitchens did a good job of fixing those things. Affinity’s Installer and staff were flexible and dealt with any issues that came up.

★★★★★     Jackie N. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jul 2015

I have to comment on Affinity Kitchens’ Designer as she was an angel. Their Designer was very inviting and welcoming. I couldn’t afford to get all wood cabinets. She came up with options and worked with me to establish a great solution. I appreciated her level of knowledge, up-to-date ideas and possibilities. She is just an amazing Designer.

★★★★★     Dan F. | Ittel Contracting | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2015

From the day we visited the showroom to the final day of service, Affinity Kitchens was a pleasure to work with. They knew what was going on and it seemed they were always prepared. Affinity Kitchens is a great company to work with. In my business, information and communication is key and Affinity did a good job of both. As a Supplier, Affinity was very adaptable to my needs and to the way we build.

★★☆☆☆     Scottsdale Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2015

I would say that we had some problems which may have been unique to our project but I am still dissatisfied with our project. I will say that Stephen, their owner really worked hard to make our project right. I am impressed that Affinity is having a third party call us for feedback. This definitely shows that Affinity cares about their reputation.

★★★★☆     Bill and Sue | Tempe, AZ | Jun 2015

There are still a few things to resolve but we had a good experience overall.

★★★★★     Dawn D | Queen Creek, AZ | Jun 2015

I really liked working with Tim Huber, Affinity’s Designer. It was the connection we made initially. I believe that you have to make some sort of connection with a Designer. Another thing is that he came out to the house and understood what I wanted. That was important for me and he did a good job.

★★★★★     Susan M | Scottsdale, AZ | Jun 2015

Yes, I would definitely work with Affinity Kitchens again. About 8 years ago we did a project with a Wood Mould dealer and the process was not near as smooth. What I value about Affinity is their follow through, their return calls and the fact that they get back to you. Many companies do not bother, and you have to call back 3 & 4 times but Affinity Kitchens did a great job and the result is beautiful.

★★★★★     Cindy B. | Tempe, AZ | Jun 2015

Our cabinets were installed, and the granite people came to install the countertop and an issue came up. The granite people said it was Affinity Kitchens’ issue and Affinity thought it was the granite supplier’s issue. I asked them both to come out and have a meeting and resolve it. Affinity accommodated us and it turned out to be a granite issue. I was so impressed that Affinity was prepared to come out and work together to figure out the problem and come up with a good solution.

★★★★★     Peter P | Phoenix, AZ | May 2015

Affinity Kitchens does a fast and precision installation and they are easy to work with. They may not be the best price but with Affinity, you know what you are going to get – good quality cabinets and precision installation.

★★★☆☆     Homeowner | Scottsdale, AZ | May 2015

We had a big problem with the Appliance Supplier for our project and their Ordering process. Affinity’s Designer, Norman McLash was amazing though. He understands his clients, where they are going and what their needs are. He offers his opinions and is sensitive to people’s budgets. He is very cooperative and

★★★★★     LF | Paradise Valley, AZ | May 2015

We think highly of their Designer, Tim Huber and also of Affinity Kitchens as an organization. We felt that if we had any problems that Affinity would take care of the issues. We also met Stephen K and had a good interaction. Not all companies will take care of things. We trust Affinity.

★★★★★     Phoenix Area Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ May 2015


★★★★★     Andy I. | Phoenix, AZ | May 2015

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa Franklin is great and really easy going. She was available, attentive, had good ideas and we went with the design she suggested. She remained engaged right to the very end and she had a good relationship with our General Contractor which makes things easier.

★★★★★     JK | Cave Creek, AZ | May 2015

I like the quality of their cabinets. Affinity’s service and follow-up are great. The Installers did an excellent job.

★★★★★     Jim C. | Phoenix, AZ | Apr 2015

When you work with a company this closely, you get a sense and feel for the employees and what they think. You also get a feeling for what the company is like. Affinity Kitchens is clearly a well-run company who respects their employees. They expect them to do well and they do. It feels like a quality organization and we were really pleased to be working with them.

★★★★★     John B. | Chandler, AZ | Apr 2015

I was thoroughly pleased with Affinity Kitchens. As I said earlier, it was refreshing when they were coming out. They worked well under pressure and adjusted when curve balls came. At one point we were at the ‘tipping point’ with our Contractor and Affinity Kitchens accommodated our request to get some things done before the weekend. It was great.

★★★★☆     Homeowner | Paradise Valley, AZ | Apr 2015

It was not a really bad experience and it seems that everyone had different expectations. We found them to be a bit more expensive than other Suppliers and we just expected a bit better service, as a result.

★★★★★     Kathy M. | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2015

We had no doubts about the quality of product and service from Affinity Kitchens. Everything was resolved and they went out of their way to accommodate us. In the end, everything worked out just fine. We are happy with the end result.

★★★★★     Tyler | General Contractor | Scottsdale, AZ | Apr 2015

We had a brainstorming meeting as we ran into some installation troubles along the way. Ray Kant, their Designer helped come up with a plan and we solved the problem.

★★★★★     Home Owner | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2015

Affinity Kitchens are easy to work with. Their Designer is very talented and they provided great quality.

★★★★★     Bonnie | Interior Designer | Phoenix, AZ | Mar 2015

There was a blip along the way, but they fixed it immediately. Affinity Kitchens makes my job as a Designer so easy, I love it. I made one phone call and they fixed it within a day or two, no questions asked.

★★★★★     Tempe Designer | Tempe, AZ | Mar 2015

I value working with Debbie Miller, Affinity’s Designer. It is about trust, if I have a complex project I know that she can handle it and will pay attention to all the details. She doesn’t miss things.

★★★★★     EB | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2015

We decided to go with Affinity Kitchens because they were as good or better than anyone else. We also liked working with Debbie Miller as she is easy to work with. She was there when we needed her and helpful when we had difficulty making decisions. She listened and then led us in the right direction. This was an area that we are not that familiar with, so having a knowledgeable person involved was very helpful.

★★★★★     Ron and Ruth | Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 2015

Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Ray Kant listened to what we wanted and he also gave us the perspective of how kitchens are currently being designed. He made suggestions and had some very positive ideas. He was on the spot for everything and was available by phone almost any time we needed him. He really knows his business and has been in it for many years. Ray was reliable in what he said he would do and what he suggested.

★★★★★     Alisha N. | Gilbert, AZ | Feb 2015

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they make the process easy and they take away a lot of the headaches you get in the construction projects. It seems that in the construction industry nothing is on time or on budget but with Affinity Kitchens the project was ‘on time’ and ‘on budget’.

★★★★★     Dannette S. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2015

When problems occurred, Affinity’s Designer Ray Kant, wasn’t interested in blame but rather he was curious about how he could help resolve the issue, even when it wasn’t his fault. That type of person is a dying breed. He provided amazing customer service and was enjoyable to work with.

★★★★★     Kathy C. | Tempe, AZ | Feb 2015

I valued Affinity Kitchens Designer’s level of knowledge and professionalism. Debbie Miller was excellent to work with. She seemed to be very in tune with what was going on. She was very knowledgeable and very helpful.

★★★★★     RM | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2015


★★★★★     Janet P. | Scottsdale, AZ | Feb 2015

Affinity Kitchen’s Designer, Tim Huber has the ability to visualize the design features that make a project stand out. He has good suggestions that improve the visual appeal and that takes a kitchen from good to great.

★★★★★     Juliet R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2015

The staff at Affinity Kitchens were even willing to help resolve issues that were not their problem. I felt that Affinity Kitchens really cared about my project and that I would be happy in the end. Now, I am pleased and happy with the result.

★★★★★     Linda T. | Paradise Valley, AZ | Jan 2015

I would recommend Affinity Kitchens because they were outstanding to work with. I have an outstanding kitchen and they did it on time.

★★★★★     Juliet R. | Scottsdale, AZ | Jan 2015

Affinity’s Designer, Debbie Miller was great. She really is a caring person and really wanted my project to turn out well. I had never done this before, but she had suggestions and she really worked with me to make it good. We have hardwood through out, so we wanted to keep the same footprint. Debbie was thoughtful on how to make the space as functional and usable as possible. It has really worked out well.