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This page contains results and reviews from Affinity Kitchen’s clients about of their Cabinet Design Experience with Affinity Kitchens.

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Here are Reviews of Affinity Kitchens’ Clients:

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“I love working with Debbie Miller. This was the second kitchen she has done for us. She is phenomenal, very personable and very thorough. Debbie is talented and exceptionally thorough. I have done custom homes worth up to $2M to $3M and I have never worked with someone who could match Debbie’s skill and talent.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/19

“Ray was excellent. He took more than enough time, he was willing to change the design a number of times for us. Without him we couldn’t have got it done. And we don’t think we would have gotten the great result we got. Ray was completely engaged from beginning to the end. I think without Ray it wouldn’t have finished the way the project finished.”

Gary S, Chandler, AZ Jan/19

“Beth Martinec was excellent. She listened to us, made drawings and gave us ideas. We viewed her schematics, she had it picture perfect and then we had more asks. We had 4 or 5 episodes like that and Beth was good about it. When we went back home in May, we gave Beth the keys and we showed up in October to look at it. It is now beautiful.”

Mike, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/19

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“I want to give a 5+ or 6 out of 5 because Tim is exceptional to work with. He went above and beyond in his creativity. That really affected the outcome in a big way. Besides design, he suggested we move out the sink so there was more space. It is hard to describe but the result is just fantastic. It makes the space more clean. It also provides more space under the sink. It required extra work for the Installers but the result is amazing.”

John J, Chandler, AZ Dec/18

“Theresa is wonderful. Initially, Theresa just listened and I valued that a lot. She listened to everything that we were thinking about regarding this remodel. After she understood, she made some creative suggestions with very detailed explanations that were great that we hadn’t thought about. Theresa gave us exactly what we wanted.”

Therese B, Fountain Hills, AZ Dec/18

“Affinity’s Designer was excellent. I found him to be very creative. He totally responded to my desire to be more economical.”

Affinity Customer, Paradise Valley, AZ Dec/18

“Norman knows what he is doing and he kept in touch from beginning to the end. They did a great job. I would recommend Norman because of his creativity and his professionalism. Norman is also very kind. He is a great person!”

Andrea A, Phoenix, AZ Nov/18

“Theresa was very helpful. She listened to me and worked with us to put a plan in place. We came with some plans and she helped us accomplish a project very close to our initial plans. She helped us convert it to reality. We went in “wanting the sky” and you cannot necessarily get there. Theresa was terrific in listening to what we wanted and helping us to get close to that.”

Mike P, Peoria, AZ Nov/18

“My wife would give a 6 out of 5 for the design & functionality of our new cabinets. She is thrilled with the kitchen.”

Bunny K, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/18

“Beth was exceptional, she was professional, down to earth and friendly. She wasn’t pushy but she was comfortable telling us what she thought. We had developed a lot of creative ideas ahead of time and she has a lot of experience, so thankfully, she told us what she thought. Her guidance and direction was helpful. She had good perspective for us and that influenced some of our decisions.”

Larry G, Phoenix, AZ Oct/18

“I have already recommended Affinity Kitchens to my friends because of the wonderful customer service and how great my kitchens looks.”

Alana M, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/18

“We looked to Affinity’s Designer, Norman, for guidance and suggestions. He would give us options and we would make choices. We wanted to have minimal decisions. Norman would make 2 or 3 suggestions at a time and we would go from there. He would narrow it down based on our conversations. It was really easy to work with him. We are very pleased with the design.”

Sheila Y, Phoenix, AZ Sep/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Debbie, really went out of her way to show us the product options. She is knowledgeable and talented in working with people. I brought in a committee of 5 ladies with me to select the cabinets. She had to deal with differing opinions on design, style and budget but she managed the process very well. She gave us names, contacts and resources in other areas as well. She had some good ideas on appliances and thoughtful considerations with regards to the general decor and look. Debbie was very involved! She wanted to make sure that everything fit together and it now does.”

Mario V, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/18

“I already have referred Norman, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer. It was a good experience. He absolutely was professional and easy to work with.”

Jerry O, Glendale, AZ Aug/18

“We had worked with Theresa, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer before. Theresa is great, she is very professional, has a real eye for detail and sees what can be done with a space. She gets the measurements accurate right from the start. Theresa takes the client’s info and desires and marries them with the space to come up with a great design. She is easy to work with, responsive and creative. I enjoyed working with her and felt I could trust her. Theresa is very dependable and having all those capabilities is a big deal.”

Valerie L, Phoenix, AZ Jul/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa, helped us with the vision on our project. After the initial interaction Theresa came back with 2 drawings. I didn’t know the direction that I wanted to go, but Theresa was very patient and she helped me make the right decision. Once I could visualize the kitchen, it became easier for me.”

Julie G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim, is excellent. His measurements, his ideas, and his ways of creating custom layouts are very detailed. That is very important when you are doing a remodel. His ideas were just amazing and so our house has become a show piece. Our friends have asked “how did you do this?” Tim spent a lot of time making sure things were right. Tim is a keeper.”

Shane K, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/18

“I would say that Norman, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, is at the top of his game. I cannot think of one thing that we had problems with. I would suggest one way and he would suggest why that might not be best. He had suggestions but he didn’t press it, he let us make the decision. He kept showing us products we liked and we really appreciated that. We spoke the same language.”

David B, Scottsdale AZ Jun/18

“The great thing about Norm, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, is that he knew what we wanted. He knew it because he listened to us. His understanding and perspective were so helpful that Janice, my wife, didn’t want to make a decision without his input. Norm epitomizes great customer service and customer satisfaction. This is the second great experience with Affinity Kitchens. Affinity is a well run company and really has an incredible asset in Norm.”

Tom C, Scottsdale, AZ May/18

“We got so much more accomplished with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman, compared to another company’s Designer we had worked with. It came together much more quickly. We had regular appointments and he helped me make choices. We really appreciated his help. We will be seeking his help again when we do another project.”

Shelley B, Cave Creek, AZ May/18

“I thought that Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Beth, was great to work with – she was excellent. She is personable, she met our timelines and I really like the design. In the end, we have a beautiful kitchen, so I am very pleased.”

Susan W, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“I have been working with Ray for more than a decade and I worked with him before he was at Affinity Kitchens. We have a good relationship with Ray, Stephen, the General Manager, and Affinity Kitchens. Actually, I love that company, they are a good supplier. They provide good quality, great service and they are always prompt with call backs. Ray is a good guy, he is ‘old school’, a man who is meticulous and pays attention to the details. He returns calls, he comes to site as many times as I need. He is just an all round good person.”

Cheryl S, Sandella Custom Homes & Interiors, Fountain Hills, AZ Apr/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa, showed me what would look good in our house. She explained things in a lot of detail and she was really a joy to work with. She had good questions, she had a good way of narrowing down and helping us discover what we wanted. She was very professional and I now have a beautiful kitchen that I absolutely love. She came up with an initial design and we asked for a second design as we wanted our kitchen to sit another way. That wasn’t a problem – she did.”

Amy G, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“Ray, the Designer with Affinity Kitchens, did an amazing job. He was always there for us and always available. He answered our phone calls. I ran customer support for eBay for a bunch of years. The value of ongoing support is almost invaluable. The fact that Ray was available for us was very important.”

Lynn H, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman, was fantastic. He was there for me and that is what I found to be great.”

Homeowner, Phoenix, AZ Mar/18

“We did almost a complete remodel on our main floor and Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim, helped out with more than just the kitchen. He helped with some bathrooms and also had good ideas for lights etc. Tim went out of his way for us and we appreciated that. For example, we had a library with two openings and Tim suggested that we close the one. That ended up being a great idea and it improved the look of the room by 1,000%. It now looks great.”

John S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, is superb!  He knows what he is doing and we worked very well together. His design and architectural drawings were fantastic. We have become good friends – he is a super guy. He went into a lot of detail to show me how things would work, how doors and drawers would open and that the mechanisms would all fit my kitchen. I will give him 100/5. I had a simple kitchen and he helped me design a location for the stove, fridge and sink that just works. My new smaller kitchen now works like a big kitchen. Everything about the cabinets works really well. I have built two houses and done renos in the past, so I am a bit of a Design Girl and working with Tim was easy.”

Connie S, Rio Verde, AZ Mar/18

“Debbie with Affinity Kitchens was a wonderful Designer, she is good at what she does. I would highly recommend Debbie. We have a beautiful, very modern kitchen that looks great.”

Mario, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/18

“Truthfully, we would now consider Norman, the Designer at Affinity Kitchens, a friend. Everything he did for us was within what we asked for and wanted. He went above and beyond – he was more than a designer for us. He was good at recommending third party suppliers for appliances, flooring and a renovation contractor. We were really comfortable with our choice to use Affinity Kitchens.”

Peter C, Fountain Hills, AZ Feb/18

“Our design experience with Affinity Kitchens would be a 10 out of 5. We had gone through different stores throughout the Valley and Theresa, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, was the only person who took a genuine interest in what we were trying to accomplish. Theresa was actually interested in helping us, the client. Others just wanted to make the sale and move on. I really appreciated her approach. Theresa took the time to listen and really understand what we wanted. She then offered some excellent recommendations. In other stores, if we said “we just want to look”, they would never come back and talk with us. Theresa paid attention to Donna and me. As we were looking, she took out some color and material options for us to look at. It led to a great experience.”

Roger L, Tempe, AZ Feb/18

“When Stephanie, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, was at our house, she was looking at things and taking measurements. I mentioned something that I had seen years ago and wanted to include. She suggested doing some open shelving and it had never occurred to me. We worked well together and Stephanie had really good ideas. Affinity Kitchens’ end result is stunning.”

Barbara S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Beth, really listened and then got after things. After we told her what we were looking for she researched options and came up with solutions. One of the cabinet displays in the showroom was similar to what we wanted so it was good having that as a reference point. She really knows their product and was able to help with suggestions. Beth made suggestions that were within our budget.”

Nancy S, Phoenix, AZ Jan/18

“I was very pleased with my dealings with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Stephanie.”

Tom L, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/18

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“Affinity Kitchens Designer, Debbie, had a lot of ideas and she really thought outside of the box. She was just really helpful. I think she deserves a raise.”

Shirley S, Phoenix, AZ Dec/17

“We have worked with Debbie three times. She is pleasant, patient and she listens. Debbie puts together amazing designs and we work well together. We have done three projects with Affinity Kitchens: a master bath, a complete kitchen remodel, and this last project was a guest bathroom.”

Lorelei S, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/17

“Beth from Affinity Kitchens is a really good listener. She is receptive to clients thoughts and ideas but also shares her ideas. She has good insight and suggestions and she is not afraid to speak up when she believes that something is not a good idea. That is helpful for us. She is very knowledgeable and were are very happy with her overall layouts.”

Mike C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/17

“Working with Debbie M, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, is an wonderful experience. She is so meticulous and has a high level of expertise. Debbie is really good at what she does. The project ended up perfect.”

Beth P, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/17

“I recommend Debbie, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, because she goes the extra mile to make the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room special for the specific client she is working with. She comes up with ideas for her clients that no one else would have thought of.”

Andie C, General Contractor, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Deborah, has great ideas and came up with a great design. When someone sees our kitchen, the first thing they ask is “Who designed your kitchen? What I like is that it is different and pretty. Whatever Deborah did was perfect. As a result, we are quite happy.”

Vicki C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was excellent. Ray realized where our price point was and he didn’t try to upsell us. We didn’t want to make any many major changes. He wasn’t trying to make us spend too much money. He was good at that. The design & functionality of my new cabinets are lovely. They are great.”

Chris L, Phoenix, AZ Oct/17

“I knew what I wanted. The Designer with Affinity Kitchens, Ray, was guiding us as to what could and could not be done.”

Kasia S, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/17

“We’ve worked with Norman, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer before. We were very pleased with his contribution to the project.”

Diane B, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“We couldn’t have done it without Affinity Kitchens’ Designer Tim, and we wouldn’t have done it without Tim. He made it easy to decide what we wanted. Tim would come over whenever he was needed. He even met us at other stores to look at furniture. Tim helped us through the entire process. When people see our kitchen they are amazed at how beautiful it is.”

Mark A, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa, was very patient. I changed my mind a few times and she was always patient. I might be different than most people because I wanted a lot of input. Theresa listened even if it didn’t meet her design aesthetic. For Theresa, the adage of ‘the customer is always right’ was upheld. Affinity has a good array of products. Theresa was very professional and willing to work with us.”

Susan P, Fountain Hills, AZ Sep/17

“We love the design and functionality of the cabinets! Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, came to our house and took control of the project. He was always there as needed. We really enjoyed working with him.”

Jack R, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/17

“The Designer at Affinity Kitchens, Debbie, was amazing. She had a lot of really good ideas and didn’t settle on just anything. She was always coming back with something better than I thought it could be. I’ve already recommended Debbie to someone else.”

Deidra G, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/17

“I would recommend the Designer with Affinity Kitchens. He did a good job.”

Bob W, General Contractor, Happy Jack, AZ Jul/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Debbie, and I have worked on multiple projects together. We collaborate well together. Debbie has good ideas and she is a good designer. ”

Diane D, Moon Valley Interiors, Phoenix, AZ Jul/17

“Theresa is spectacular to work with. She is knowledgeable and a perfectionist when it comes to design, very detail oriented and very precise. At the time I got my kitchen installed, I didn’t ask for the drawer options that Affinity Kitchens has. I have talked with Theresa and she is still willing to be involved even though my project is done. I have her involved for the guidance and assistance that I need.”

Karen D, Scottsdale, AZ May/17

“Theresa from Affinity Kitchens spent a lot of time with me and she always responded to my questions and emails immediately. When Theresa came to my home in Prescott, she spent 4.5 hours with me. There were glitches along the way but she was there for me. She had creative ideas and was definitely professional.”

Rebecca O, Prescott, AZ May/17

“Debbie has worked on two homes for me. The reason I decided to work with Affinity Kitchens was because of their Designer, Debbie M. Affinity’s product is great and Debbie is amazing to work with. The experience is outstanding because of her attention to detail, her knowledge of the product, her commitment to design and function, and her response time. It was also her customer service, the fact that she solves complex problems and her incredible attitude, personality and commitment. The hours she spent was amazing, she went over and above on many things. I think that Debbie is one of the best professionals I have ever worked with.”

Susan H, Scottsdale AZ Apr/17

“Norman with Affinity Kitchens was absolutely great to work with. He was patient in working through issues with my wife, he explained the pros and cons of different lines of cabinets price-wise, and he gave an accurate budget. We will enjoy them for a long time. “Buy once, cry once” is what I say, but the cabinets are fitting for us.”

Homeowner, Mesa, AZ Apr/17

“Beth at Affinity Kitchens was patient and she balanced the Interior Designer’s ideas with my more practical ideas and needs. Beth was very helpful in suggesting options that I didn’t know were possibilities. I thought that she was very creative, helpful and practical in her suggestions for me. That’s what I liked the most. Beth’s response to us was timely, and we liked that she was honest with respect to the challenges that the design presented.”

Susan L, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“Theresa with Affinity Kitchens was great and easy to get along with. She had a lot of good ideas. I get more compliments on my kitchen than any other part of my house.”

Anne G, Mesa, AZ Mar/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Debbie Miller, was awesome. She went above and beyond to meet our timeline and to help us think through this complex situation. If there were any problems, she sent people out to get it resolved. Our cabinets look great.”

Matt L, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Debbie, is great! I’m working with her on another project right now. I have some design background and Debbie is particularly helpful and offers creative ideas if things aren’t falling into place. She is easy to deal with.”

Heidi V, General Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/17

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Tim, was a wonderful fit. He was a 5+++. Not only did Tim listen, he would think and then make really thoughtful suggestions based on what I had said. His ability to listen to what we were looking for was significant. He was very thoughtful and had some really good ideas, once he was in our home. He came up with some really smart solutions. He understood our complete building envelope so well that things were done that other Designers would not have thought of.”

Beth S, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“The Designer at Affinity Kitchens, Beth, was friendly and very knowledgeable. She gave us various options, discussed them in detail with us and considered how much we wanted to spend. Beth was very helpful and once we told her our budget range, she worked within that. Beth explained the features of various woods and the upside and downside of each. We love the design and functionality of our new cabinets.”

Gene D, Gilbert, AZ, Feb/17

“Beth at Affinity Kitchens was fantastic and the project was just amazing. It was her level of commitment to the project from start to finish. We were doing a project for my parents and they speak a different language. Beth was able to stay calm through some challenging decisions. She was calm, firm and never made us feel like we had to make a rash decision based on her timeline. She was professional and that allowed us to come to our own decisions. I really appreciated that. Some Salespeople want to lead you down their path, but Beth provided helpful guidance with no agenda. Her motivation didn’t feel like it was about the money. She seemed to be fine if we choose the least expensive cabinets or most expensive.”

Maro V, Scottsdale, AZ, Feb/17

“I thought Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Ray, was easy to work with. He really helped with the process. Affinity  helped me decide where to put things in my kitchen. Ray was good at that.”

Jan E, Desert Mountain, AZ Jan/17

“Everybody, including Tim, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, did a wonderful job. This was a hugely complex job. If it weren’t for Tim’s ability to manage the fine details of the complexity, it wouldn’t have come off without a problem.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/17

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“I would give Theresa with Affinity Kitchens a 6/5 because she is professional in the fullest sense of the term. She is honest. She provides all the proper information and she doesn’t leave anything unclear.”

John B, Bercel Builders Inc., Tempe, AZ Dec/16

“I wished there was a score of 10 as I would give Affinity Kitchens that – they are unbelievable. Debbie really knows her stuff. She is creative, she is great to work with and she helps me look good in front of my clients. Debbie is a great partner to have on these projects. She is a real team player.”

Andie, General Contractor, Paradise Valley, AZ Dec/16

“I think that Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Norman, is absolutely wonderful because he does everything. He was willing to give us his opinions and then tell us what he based them on. He has a keen ability to listen and then make appropriate suggestions based on what he has heard. Norman wants to know how you will use the space you have, and then comes up with suitable suggestions based on it. He has a good method of discovering his customer’s expectations and then managing and delivering a solution based on them.”

Tom C, Phoenix, AZ Dec/16

“I love working with Stephanie at Affinity Kitchens. She has been doing this work for 15 years. The design worked out great!”

Steve S, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“Everything that Ray did for Affinity Kitchens was really great. He was amazing from the start to the finish of our remodel. Whatever we needed, he could make happen. His ideas were great and he was available if we had any design questions or concerns.”

Merri R, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“Norman from Affinity Kitchens always had creative ideas. We worked with him on our kitchen remodel and this project was a bathroom remodel. I would work with Norman again and again and again because he is easy to work with and comes up with very creative ideas. What works well is that he comes up with a wide range of costs so you can determine where you want to fit.”

Denise C, Scottsdale, AZ Nov/16

“When Ray, Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, was here, I asked him to look at my office. I wanted to have a ‘build in’ constructed. I told him my needs, and Ray laid it out for me on a preliminary sketch. He got it right the first time. We did a few minor changes and I met with him at the showroom to select the materials. Ray gave me the price, I signed the contract and Ray got it done.”

Phyllis K, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Ray, is an expert. He knows his materials, style, and is able to lay it out quickly. I like him a lot. He didn’t do one thing wrong.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer, Theresa came to our house to take measurements and gave us some ideas. That was helpful and her ideas were good. I would recommend Theresa. The design was good.”

Hugh C, Scottsdale, AZ Oct/16

“Debbie with Affinity Kitchens was great. I would give her a 6 (out of 5) if I could. She spent more time with us than I could imagine. We liked Debbie right from the start. She listened to us and we trusted that she was getting us a quality kitchen at a price we could afford. We had a budget and she was prepared to work with that.”

Kara P, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“We are very pleased with the choices we made. We have a wonderful set of peg drawers for the china, and a great two level utensil drawer. We really like Norman, the Designer with Affinity Kitchens. We appreciate his point of view and he is a great individual.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/16

“Ray with Affinity Kitchens is very knowledgeable. He is very good at coming up with design options that not only replace existing kitchens, but provide new designs such as modifying or changing walls to get a better design and more functionality.”

Justin R, Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/16

“I am an Architect and although I don’t work in the residential area too much, Sally showed me some things that I hadn’t seen before. I liked what I saw. Affinity Kitchens had some little things and systems that were new to me. It was great.”

Helen B, Phoenix, AZ, Jun/16

“Norman went above and beyond what a typical kitchen Designer would do. Norman made multiple trips and helped the architect and builder with the kitchen concepts. Norman had the knowledge and expertise. Norman felt involved and wanted the project to succeed. It was clear that he was not just selling cabinets. Norman really got himself involved in the project.”

Mike H, Paradise Valley, AZ, Jun/16

“Stephanie at Affinity Kitchens goes above and beyond. What I liked about Stephanie is that she listens. She heard the price point that I was after and the intent that I had. When she heard my feedback she adjusted, accommodated and redesigned based on what I wanted. Stephanie took a lot of time with me and she had a lot of really good ideas.”

Carol S, Scottsdale, AZ, Jun/16

“We worked with Stephanie at Affinity Kitchens for over 2 years. Our contractor recommended Stephanie. She provided ideas and put drawings and samples together and didn’t ask for a dime during that time period. When we were ready, she came to our home again, and made further recommendations that were incorporated into the plan. All of her recommendations were fantastic. Stephanie and Affinity Kitchens provide phenomenal customer service.”

Robert F, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“Things are going so well with the Designer, Tim at Affinity Kitchens that our contractor has retained him to do other projects.”

Tina W, Scottsdale, AZ May/16

“We continue to work with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer Norman and this is our third project.”

Simone G, Bermuda Dunes, AZ May/16

“Debbie is the Designer that I have worked with the longest. I really appreciate her vision for the customer and the project. We are really able to collaborate together and it feels like the projects have unlimited boundaries – she knows how to design and she knows what I can accomplish – we work well together. Lots of good ideas from Debbie and lots of good collaboration.”

Justin, Contractor, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“Stephanie had fresh ideas and insight. She had ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of and she listened to how I wanted the kitchen to function. I’m a chef and the functionality and design of the kitchen are both very important to me. The craftsmanship at the end of the project was important. Any chip was repaired and replaced. The process was painless and I didn’t have to argue with anybody to get things right.”

Chuck W, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“The Designer, Beth, was excellent and I would use her again. I have nothing bad to say. She is a fantastic person to deal with.”

Kristen R, Scottsdale AZ, Apr/16

“I think Affinity’s Designer, Norman was very, very talented. I had a difficult design and Norman was able to come up with a solution that no one else could. He was phenomenal, I would give him a 10 (out of 5). I was extremely happy. I never met anyone as talented as Norman in the other shops.”

Nancy N, Phoenix, AZ Mar/16

“We would recommend Affinity’s Designer because Theresa did an excellent job for us.”

Homeowner, Cave Creek, AZ, Mar/16

“Norman is a splendid gentleman. I am still amazed that he could tolerate working with us but he did. He was extremely knowledgeable throughout the process.”

Homeowner, Paradise Valley, AZ Mar/16

“Overall we got an exquisite design. Affinity’s Designer was responsive, very detail oriented, and insightful. We had an outstanding experience with her.”

Art A, Fountain Hills AZ, Feb/16

“The Designer with Affinity Kitchens was excellent. She did absolutely everything she could to make us 100% happy with the project. She was helpful and accommodating and did everything she could to make it go smoothly.”

Beth B, Scottsdale AZ, Feb/16

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer is a great person to work with and she had a lot of great ideas. It was all on time and perfect.”

Cheryl N, Scottsdale AZ, Feb/16

“My wife and I think that Affinity’s Designer did a great job. His design was spot on, he listened well, and he has a good flare of modern designs. We really enjoyed dealing with him and it feels like we have become friends in the process.”

Nick P, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/16

“The Designer is a superstar at Affinity. She is attentive, personable, and knowledgeable. She cares about the client and the finished product. She also cares about the company and that sets her apart from other Designers.”

Bob N, Scottsdale, AZ Jan/16

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“The Designer with Affinity Kitchens provided us with great customer service. She kept in touch and was always on time. She had good ideas and we felt the project went well – that had a lot to do with their Designer.”

Jan G, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“Working with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was a great experience. She was a great Designer and she incorporated my ideas into the design. She also considered pictures from magazines. She made it work and brought everything together. She was concerned about a load bearing wall and considered that in the plan.”

Lisa C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was accommodating and she understood everything we wanted. I would absolutely recommend her. She was there from the beginning and the project went well.”

Michelle C, Scottsdale, AZ Dec/15

“The Designer at Affinity Kitchens had good taste in her design suggestions and advice.”

Lucia, M, Phoenix, AZ Oct/15

“Affinity Kitchens Designer is a genius and we would never work with anyone other than him. I had some challenging things I wanted to do in my laundry room. It took some ‘out of the box’ thinking but he made it work and fit together. I wanted a lot of things in a small space. Everyone who saw it (plumber, electrician), could not believe that he could make it work. He was able to accomplish a great design.”

Rachelle S, Phoenix, AZ Oct/15

“I will score the Designer with Affinity Kitchens a 6/5 because he was excellent. He was very helpful with the design but also helpful getting and dealing with third party vendors. For all intents and purposes I was the General Contractor and Norman was greatly helpful in dealing with the Suppliers. He really knew what he was looking for”

Rich G, Fountain Hills, AZ Oct/15

“I will give Affinity Kitchens’ Designer a 5++ out of 5. He came up with some really neat ideas that we never thought of. He went out of his way to look at the house and see how the kitchen could tie in with the rest of it. He was very creative and walked around the house and talked about flow from room to room.”

Mariza D, Phoenix, AZ Sep/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was excellent. We were very pleased with her throughout the experience. She was very accommodating and met with us whenever it worked for us. She went out of her way to help us. In my mind I had a vision and she was helpful creating the design.”

Jan C, Scottsdale, AZ Sep/15

“I will say 5+ (out of 5) for Affinity Kitchens’ Designer as he had some wonderful ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. He was able to think outside the box and give suggestions and guidance on the actual outcome. The outcome was wonderful. I have worked with several Designers and he is the best by far. I would absolutely use him again and will recommend him to all my friends.”

Homeowner, Paradise Valley, AZ Sep/15

“It was very helpful to have Affinity Kitchens’ Designer involved as she bounced ideas off us. She gave us good ideas for the dead space in the corners and it was good to have an expert opinion on that issue.”

Lauren B, Ernesto Garcia Interior Designs, Phoenix, AZ Sep/15

“The whole thing went really well from beginning to end. The Designer was particularly creative in coming up with solutions for some of our particular desires and needs. A lot of our decision to use Affinity Kitchens had to do with the Designer. He was easygoing and patient to explain every step of the process. He listened and understood what we wanted and gave us some good options.”

Dave B, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“Working with the Designer at Affinity Kitchens was great – I liked what she did. She found us cabinet lines that hit our price range.”

Paula C, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was very good. I would recommend her and I see her as a definite asset to the Affinity team.”

Carla K, AZ Aug/15

“I found the Designer at Affinity Kitchens exceptionally creative and excellent to work with. She came with me to see the client’s project. It really shows to me that their Designer is passionate about her clients having a good experience and that she cares about an excellent result.”

Cynthia, Cynthia Woody Designs, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer is very good. I cannot praise him enough as he was easy to work with and easy to communicate with. The project went really well. I would recommend their Designer as he is great to work with.”

Shannon D, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer is very personable and his background allows him to sketch out a lot of ideas and that allows everyone to be on the same page. He is very helpful and approachable. Affinity’s Designer is easy to be around. He is not pushy or overriding anyone’s thoughts.”

Brooks V, Brooks & Company LLC, Phoenix, AZ Jul/15

“I have to comment on Affinity Kitchens’ Designer as she was an angel. Their Designer was very inviting and welcoming. I couldn’t afford to get all wood cabinets. She came up with options and worked with me to establish a great solution. I appreciated her level of knowledge, up-to-date ideas and possibilities. She is just an amazing Designer.”

Jackie N, Scottsdale, AZ, Jul/15

“Our project worked out well. Affinity Kitchen’s Designer was very helpful and brought up ideas we hadn’t thought about. She measured everything correctly and accurately. Some of the other workers on site were amazed at how accurate her measurements were. Their Designer also had some very good ideas.”

Cindy B, Tempe, AZ Jun/15

“I absolutely love our cabinets from Affinity Kitchens. The whole design Affinity’s Designer put together is really functional and aesthetically pleasing. It is beautiful.”

Dawn D, Queen Creek, AZ Jun/15

“The whole approach that the Designer with Affinity Kitchens takes is good. He was always on the job and had lots of information to provide and suggestions to make. He came prepared and overall it was great.”

Dan F, Ittel Contracting, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was easy to work with. He understands his business and makes it easy for his customers. He also had a lot of good suggestions. He understands his product and he got us what we wanted.”

Peter P, Phoenix, AZ May/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer is great and really easy going. She was available, attentive, had good ideas and we went with the design she suggested. She remained engaged right to the very end and she had a good relationship with our General Contractor.”

Andy I, Phoenix, AZ May/15

“The Designer at Affinity Kitchens is a great Designer and I know at times she had a lot of projects on the go. She always took time to talk and listen and hear our thoughts and concerns. She was there for us and we could tell that she really wanted to understand our opinion and perspective. You don’t see that very much anymore. Sales people are usually trying to sell you product as opposed to understanding what you want. I would say that listening is a real strong point for Affinity Kitchens’ Designer.”

Jim C, Phoenix, AZ Apr/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was great to work with. He really did everything well and did a great job. We are pleased with what he did. We ran into some challenges and that made it difficult for everyone. We would recommend him to anyone doing a high end job. We already have recommended him.”

John B, Chandler, AZ Apr/15

“I would say Affinity Kitchens’ Designer rates a 5 (top marks) from my onsite experience. I was not in Affinity’s showroom. He definitely had his ears open and was listening.”

Tyler, General Contractor, Scottsdale, AZ Apr/15

“We thought Affinity Kitchens’ Designer was fabulous. She was helpful and she showed up at our house when we had questions. We thought she was great.”

Homeowner, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer listened to what we wanted and he also gave us the perspective of how kitchens are currently being designed. He made suggestions and had some very positive ideas. Their Designer was on the spot for everything and was available by phone almost any time we needed him. He really knows his business and has been in it for many years. He was reliable in what he said he would do and what he suggested.”

Ron & Ruth, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/15

“Affinity Kitchens’ Designer listened to what we wanted and he also gave us the perspective of how kitchens are currently being designed. He made suggestions and had some very positive ideas. Their Designer was on the spot for everything and was available by phone almost any time we needed him. He really knows his business and has been in it for many years. He was reliable in what he said he would do and what he suggested.”

Ron & Ruth, Scottsdale, AZ Mar/15

“I always work with Affinity Kitchens’ Designer. She always adds good value to the projects: insight into functionality, ideas, and I never have to worry about the details when she is involved. Affinity Kitchens’ Designer adds huge value and that is one of the big reasons I go there. She helps with the design and in many other shops, the Designers are really just order takers.”

Interior Designer, Tempe, AZ Mar/15

“Affinity Kitchen’s Designer has the ability to visualize the design features that make a project stand out. He has good suggestions that improve the visual appeal and that takes a kitchen from good to great.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“I love Affinity Kitchen’s Designer as she makes our job easy. We come to a project with ideas and thoughts but she doesn’t step on our toes in the process. She complements our efforts and really provides a lot of information on the technical side of cabinetry. That is a tough skill but it really comes across to our clients well.”

Alisha N, Gilbert, AZ Feb/15

“He was excellent and is one of the easiest Designers that I have ever worked with. In this Industry, you deal with a lot of different types of people. Affinity Kitchen’s Designer was willing to take accountability. He was available when I needed him and good about dealing with little issues.”

Dannette S, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“She was excellent to work with. Affinity Kitchen’s Designer seemed to be very in tune with what was going on. She was very knowledgeable and very helpful. She caught on to what I wanted very quickly.”

Kathy C, Tempe, AZ Feb/15

“Most people don’t have the ability to visualize a project but Affinity Kitchen’s Designer certainly does. It takes a kitchen from good to great.”

Janet P, Scottsdale, AZ Feb/15

“I really appreciated Affinity Kitchens Designer’s enthusiasm and professionalism.”

Kathy C, Tempe, AZ Feb/15

“I would say that my kitchen is now better than I thought it could be. Their Designer was great and I didn’t imagine that anyone could come up with such a great solution for our kitchen. I was very impressed with Affinity Kitchens.”

Linda T, Paradise Valley, AZ Jan/15

“Affinity’s Designer was great, she listened and understood what we wanted to achieve. We are doing a second project and are continuing to work with Affinity after our first project was done.”

Tempe Homeowner, Tempe, AZ, Jan/15

“She was great and really a caring person who wanted my project to turn out well. I had never done this before, but Affinity Kitchen’s Designer had suggestions and she really worked with me. She was really thoughtful on how to make the space as functional and usable as possible. It has really worked out well.”

Juliet R, Scottsdale, AZ, Jan/15

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“Affinity’s Designer is the best Designer around. He gets top score of everything, I work very well with him.”

Vicki B, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“I love working with Affinity’s Designer because she is easy to work with and an expert in her field.”

Sue L, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“I would say that everyone I deal with at Affinity Kitchens is fantastic. I find that they all work with me really well.”

Vicki B, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“He is just very knowledgeable about the industry. On this project, we had tough clients but Affinity’s Designer was patient and took a lot of time to help them make decisions. Perseverance came through.”

Al S, Scottsdale, AZ, Dec/14

“We had a really good interaction with Affinity’s Designer. She was very helpful. We were looking for someone to help us design our kitchen and she did a good job.”

Scottsdale Home Owner, AZ Nov/14

“We are big fans for Affinity’s Designer as he was innovative, he had good ideas and he had patience. We went back to Affinity several times to find the right mix of value and quality. We needed the project to align with our budget and he worked with us to find the balance. It was good.”

Jeff H, Phoenix, AZ Nov/14

“We could not be more pleased with Affinity’s Designer’s involvement. It was a very good working relationship. She had good suggestions and ideas about cabinet functionality.”

Cal C, Paradise Valley, AZ Nov/14

“Affinity’s Designer was fantastic. She showed us considerations and options but once she identified what we were looking for (style, look, design type), she really focused in on that. She remained involved and kept making suggestions and tweaks that made our original ideas so much better. She was not pushy or aggressive in any way. She was very good.”

Tony L, Scottsdale, AZ, Oct/14

“You didn’t have to talk to Affinity’s Designer for long to know that he was learned and very knowledgeable about cabinetry and design.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“Affinity’s Designer was fabulous. He always returned calls and we worked well together. I am happy with the design and functionality of our cabinets and he remained engaged till the end of the project.”

Rosalyn F, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“He was willing to think outside of the box and was willing to customize. Affinity’s Designer took some of my ideas and incorporated them into the design. I would expect that but it is surprising how often it doesn’t occur. We checked out a bunch of places.”

Noily P, Phoenix, AZ Sep/14

“I would give him a top rating for his work. It was a very pleasant and seamless experience to work with Affinity’s Designer.”

Ron C, Scottsdale, AZ, Sep/14

“I would say we are very demanding customers and we expect a lot. This was not a typical project as we did our own general contracting. Affinity’s Designer was phenomenal to work with and we are grateful that we could work with her. She helped us design the project and provided a lot of outstanding ideas. My wife had creative ideas but Affinity’s Designer really added the function that made the result much better. We were thrilled with her input.”

Chris R, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“He was fabulous. Affinity’s Designer was great to deal with as he was easy to talk to, very open and knew exactly what we wanted. He had a sense of who we were and what we were looking for. He came out to our place and after one visit came back with a design that was exactly what we wanted. It was a painless procedure.”

Louise N, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity’s Cabinet Designer was great. He was attentive to what we were trying to accomplish and he had some ideas for us to think about. Our bathroom was not easy to design and but he brought some really creative ideas.”

Jamie I, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“We found Affinity Kitchen’s Designer to be helpful with our cabinet selection (both form and function) but she also provided a lot of assistance with Interior design. That is a lot of additional value compared to Affinity’s competition.”

Chris R, Scottsdale, AZ Aug/14

“Affinity’s Installer did an awesome job. Where the walls were not straight, he made them look straight. It was an awesome job.”

Dennis S, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Cabinet Designer communicated well and she answered all our questions. She made extra trips to my house to verify the electrical setup and she came out and made sure we knew exactly where things were at. She was very knowledgeable and took care of all our needs.”

Dennis S, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“We decided to go ahead with Affinity Kitchens because of my interaction with their Designer. I liked her personality. I had talked to another kitchen company and they came out but it didn’t seem that they took me seriously. They didn’t even return my calls. I connected with Affinity’s Designer right away and she had a good attitude.”

Brad A, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“I had a very good experience with Affinity Kitchen’s Designer and I am pleased with the design and functionality. Their Designer was wonderful and I would use him again. ”

Ellie K, Phoenix, AZ Jul/14

“He was great. We talked to a few different companies but we liked our Affinity Designer’s approach right from the start. Our personalities clicked and he had a lot of knowledge.”

Mario R, Cave Creek, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Cabinet Designer was fabulous to work with as she had very creative ideas and was easy to work with. She took my very small kitchen area and made the most of the space. It is now efficient and there is no wasted space. It is not about the size of the kitchen but rather how the space is used.”

Barbara A, Scottsdale, AZ Jul/14

“He was always available via text or email. We got so I could communicate with my Affinity Kitchens Designer either day or night. It was good and it helped with collaborative decision making.”

Homeowner, Homeowner, Tempe, AZ Jul/14

“Affinity’s Designer came out to our place initially. We asked for referrals to trades and she found some. She went beyond just the scope of the cabinets – she helped so that the entire kitchen came together. We were redesigning our whole home and she gave us concepts such as backsplash, fireplace etc. She was fanatic.”

Chris H, Phoenix, AZ Jun/14

“He went out of his way for us. My husband is an engineer and so he often wanted things changed as we went along. Affinity’s Designer would find examples of what my husband was talking about. He made a real extra effort.”

Ceil E, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“I talked to Affinity’s Designer and the rest is history. I was changing the footprint of the kitchen and I needed a Designer who could handle that. I am not a creative type.”

Ceil E, Scottsdale, AZ Jun/14

“Having remodeled our kitchen with a different cabinet company a number of years ago, it is almost embarrassing to compare Affinity Kitchens to them. Affinity was so superior. Their staff listened, they heard us as a customer. Their Designer injected her own experience and creativity into the Design. The end result is a better design. She did an exemplary job of expanding our understanding. We became informed buyers after dealing with Debbie.”

David M, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“We found Affinity’s Designer so great to work with. She had great ideas and quickly tuned into what we wanted. Her ideas and suggestions took our project farther than if we had done it ourselves.”

Barbara B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“Affinity’s Designer had creative ideas and really knew her stuff. She listened to what I wanted.”

Gaby B, Scottsdale, AZ May/14

“She was very good. Affinity’s Designer listened, accommodated us and got us what we wanted. She also kept it all within our budget. I will say that she completed a complicated design and gave us exactly what we wanted.”

Frank R, Scottsdale, AZ May/14